Friday, May 12, 2017

In 2016 New York City, a 33% white city and President Trump's hometown, Non-Whites were responsible for 92.3% of homicides and 97.7% of nonfatal shootings

So the year Donald J. Trump was winning Republican primary after Republican primary, ultimately culminating with winning the presidency, black and brown people in his hometown of New York City were busy committing almost all of the violent crime in the 33 percent white city. 

For homicide suspects, 92.3 percent were black, Hispanic, or Asian in New York City. These statistics come courtesy of the 2016 Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City:

Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter victims are most frequently Black (57.5%) or Hispanic (28.4%). 
A look at homicide suspects in our president's hometown for 2016. New York City is 33 percent white, yet 92.3 percent of known homicide suspects were non-white
White victims account for (9.3%) of all Murder and NonNegligent Manslaughter victims while Asian /Pacific Islanders account for (4.8%) of all Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter victims. The race/ethnicity of known Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects mirrors the victim population with Black (56.4%) and Hispanic (35.0%) suspects accounting for the majority of suspects.  
White suspects account for (6.8%) of all Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects while Asian/Pacific Islanders accounted for (1.7%) of the known Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects. The Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter arrest population is similarly distributed.  
Black arrestees (52.4%) and Hispanic arrestees (35.9%) account for the majority of Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter arrestees while White arrestees (7.1%) and Asian/Pacific Islander (4.0%) arrestees account for the remaining portions of the Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter arrest population. 
94.2 percent of robbery suspects in 2016 New York City were non-white.

92.7 percent of rape suspects in 2016 New York City were non-white.

97.7 percent of shooting suspects in 2016 New York City were non-white.

Make America Great Again? To do this, it means being honest about which racial groups are responsible for violent crime in America (and the explosive growth in the police/prison-industrial complex). In New York City, President Donald J. Trump's hometown, black and brown people (Hispanics) are responsible for nearly all the violent crime. 

One of Donald Trump's favorite movies is Death Wish, and there's no doubt he took notice of the famed scene where white liberals are at a dinner party discussing the vigilantes crimes. The anti-hero (Paul Kersey) overhears the following conversation:
The guy's a racist. 
He kills more blacks than whites. 
More blacks are muggers. 
You want to up the proportion of white
muggers to have racial equality? 
What? Racial equality among muggers? 
I love it.
There is no racial equality among violent criminals in 33 percent white New York City. It's worth noting that when Death Wish was made in the early 1970s, the city was still 63 percent white. Even then, almost all violent crime was committed by non-whites.

Make America Great Again?

Make America White Again.


Anonymous said...

Three manor things come to mind about this scenario. Being armed , gathering family, getting off Manhattan. YOU HAVE ASK YOURSELF HOW WILL I GET OFF MANHATTAN.

If i lived there iwould not wait for the cops to come rescue me. They won't. My friend who is an ex NYPD cop said this about shtf.

In today's world 16 years after 9-11, 40 years after the 77 blackout and riots. WHAT is your plan to get out. KEEP the van gassed up. Obtain ammo and gun, count how many blocks to the marina to a boat. Gassed up ready to go. Too many ifs. Roll every riot in US history and drop it on the city. Let that marinate your brain for a second. FCUK. 70% of the diversity vs. YOU. YT. DOUBLE FCUK.

The cops will not be coming to save you. Cops have in no way forgotten what De Blasio, Holder, Lynch, Obama, and Blm have done. All the snowflakes who expect to be rescued for "when" not "if" shtf will be shhiitting themselves.

Cops will be in a bunker. My family that used to live on Staten Island all got out. After the cluser fcuk of Sandy they moved three hours away.

Countryside living and loving it. Those of you who can get out. Go. You whites who still have your head use it. Keep your car packed if you are single. First sign of trouble. Outta there. Pc culture is our death wish. All of the culturally diverse dindus and the rest will turn Manhattan to ash. It is coming. Waaaakkke uuuupppp. PAGING BERNIE GOETZ ?!

Anonymous said...

"Make America White Again."

Not a task likely to be accomplished by the self-described "least racist person you've ever seen".

Anonymous said...

Here's Reverend Doctor Archangel Field Marshal Grand Marshal Viscount Saint Martin Loofah King, speaking in 1957, nearly 10 years before the Great Society programs started:

"Let us be honest with ourselves, and say that we, our standards have lagged behind at many points."

"Negroes constitute ten percent of the population of New York City, and yet they commit thirty-five percent of the crime."

"St. Louis, Missouri: the Negroes constitute twenty-six percent of the population, and yet seventy-six percent of the persons on the list for aid to dependent children are Negroes".

"We have eight times more illegitimacy than white persons."

Ex New Yorker said...

There is a huge chain of corruption that has a total and complete control over the United States. That chain is wrapped around the entire country and it's home base is New York City. New York is corruption central and has been that way for over a hundred years. New York is home of the beast.

The head of the beast is Wall Street. The belly of the beast is Madison Avenue. The asshole of the beast is Times Square. Wall Street is the heart beat and pulse of the global economic system which has turned all of us into whores who will sell ourselves for the Yankee Dollar. The multi-miiionaire CEO's and the tax paying working class are all part of this economic dynasty. It has turned us into slaves. The Wall Street crowd are the biggest slaves because their bondage is based on greed. Taxation is bondage for the working class.

Madison Avenue is the headquarters for the media that tells us what to do, what to think and what to buy. Billions of dollars are spent annually to brain wash the masses so they won't ever figure out that they are all getting screwed. The media and entertainment whores are there to keep the peoples heads filled with mindless rot and fairy tales. Anybody smart enough to see through the bullshit are the enemy. We are now called Nazis and Racist. The beast does not like people who think for themselves.

The New York Beast is the true government. Washington is where the bribes and payoffs take place. This great Washington political palace is home of the carpetbaggers and their bags of money which are used to feed the pimps that rule over us. We are owned. We have become property.

I was riding around uptown on my bike one night. Way up in the night sky I saw the number 666. It was in big bright red numbers. So I rode on my bike the see what building it was. I ended up in Rockefeller Center. 666 Sixth Avenue. Guess who lives there.

New York in swimming in heroin again. Downtown you can buy a bag of smack for $3.00. Uptown if you want a nice high class whore it only cost you $2,000.00 a night. New York, New York. The town of dreams and nightmares.

The whole city is a crime infested cesspool. There is no difference between some scum bag turd living in his penthouse on Fifth Avenue or some mugger prowling the streets.

Anonymous said...

New York City aka The Lost City Of America. Consumed by the sea of misery.

Paintjob Theory said...

For those that missed it last time. Don't even accept the 2-3% of serious violent crime attributed to whites as honest. We white Europeans have been culling undesirables from our societies for a long time.

Off topic, but not really, I was brainstorming what would happen in a SHTF scenario and by my reckoning before day 3 of the chimpocalypse most of our cities will be leveled.

Consider, right now, will full bellies and all their needs catered to, out dusky pets will attack first responders. Now picture a full scale cat 5 bongo party. What do black Africans do after they loot a store or disable a few cars? Here's a hint, think "The Jungle Book". Yes, white man's powerful juju of fire. Left to their own devices their kin hadn't tamed this mystical power in their own lands and their fellow tribesmen today have as little understanding of it.

Picture a dozen flaming cop cars and liquor & weave emporiums and police and fire unable to approach. I predict in a sufficiently large scale chimpouts most negro infested areas will be swept clean by firestorms in the first night of festivities. Even barring violence, something as stupid as them trying to cook over an open flame inside (happens often) could be the spark and without YT around to take care of things you can bet the locals won't.

How close do you live to black Africans? Is there a sufficient fire break between your home and their nests? How are you fixed for food and water? What will set this off? EBT system crash? Economic collapse? Solar flare generated EMP knocking out electricity? Get prepared, arm up; our job is to survive.

Anonymous said...

The liberal Democratic stench that still permeates the city of New York after 100 years. Worse than 911 . A damn good read for those who want the truth.

Anonymous said...

Well since it 2016 NYC 🗽 maybe crime went up do to Trump election 😂 so my sources say

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine living in a 33% white city in America much less one where guns and other self defensive weapons are outlawed and the citizens are left to the tender mercies of the dusky hordes. I'm glad that in 2014 my state became an open carry state. I can carry a gun without a permit (open carry) or any size knife (open or concealed) I want and due to the Preemption rule, no metropolitan area, city or county can regulate ownership or carrying in violation of the state law. It upset the libtards who objected and squealed but they were slapped down hard as the state said self defense is basically a God given right. Snowflakes were melting all over the place in droves.

In any case, I've already told the story of how a black guy was rushing up from behind me in a store to punch me in the back of the head only to have me turn, pull my vest back and expose my knife thus causing him to bounce in the opposite direction as fast as he could. That knife was a simple folding knife in a case on my belt. Since then, I've switched over to a 10" fixed blade that's much more obvious as that visual is quiet a deterrent. Interestingly, I've noticed that regular people don't mind it one bit and respond in a casual manner to my carrying the knife. Negroes, however, seem to have an unpleasant reaction to it- staring in alarm and staying at or moving off to quite some distance away. Good. I'm not a "soft" target even at the age of 60 and they realize it. I'll never be like that one friend of mine who (in the past) was mugged three times by negroes until he learned to stay out of areas they frequent and to avoid them as much as possible.

It's sad that in my own country (thanks to negroes) I feel a need to carry a defensive weapon. I never felt that way when I lived in Japan, Thailand or even in Hong Kong, China. I could go anywhere I wanted any time night or day and feel perfectly safe.

Brian in Ohio said...

Same as it ever was.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

The curious things about statistics, no matter what they are recording, is that positive things are directly proportional to percentage of whites and negative are directly proportional to percentage of blacks.

This doesn't matter what is being measured.

HS Graduation rates?
STD rates?
Homicide rates?
Literacy rates?
Welfare usage?
Uninsured motorists?
Average annual income?

Cities and States with large black populations will always lag way behind. Even if a city has comparatively few blacks, those that are present act as a damping force any prevent higher quality of life for the non-blacks. So many resources are squandered to address the core dysfunction, to seemingly no effect.

Take a city like New York, one of the most dynamic economies in the world, with the largest taxation base in the world, with massive and well funded infrastructure - can barely cope with a mere 25% black population.

Does a city with a less dynamic economy, a smaller tax base, less infrastructure, and a 40% or higher black population stand any chance at all of delivering a quality of life for its citizens?


How many cities does that describe?

Anonymous said...

With all the city statistics you've been posting lately it astounds me that more whites are not "woke" to the fact that diversity is not our strength. We need to be sharing these stories on social media!

Anonymous said...

No people just call it a city of diversity

Anonymous said...

Even though my city is only 10% black, I wish they could be removed and the areas they've ruined could be recovered and restored. It would be a blessing. It wouldn't bother me one bit to never have to see or interact with a black ever again. It would be no loss at all as every negative measurement/statistic related to their presence would be deleted. As is, I would be ashamed to belong to a race whose removal would result in city wide improvement on every level.

Just imagine cities like New York, Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis and others devoid of their black populations. Those cities would experience an absolute renaissance!

Anonymous said...

As anon at 5:32am said, it really is amazing when you read all these facts. We have to spread this around. The Stone Cold truth will wake anyone up. In the previous post about our esteemed professor down in Texas A&M, there was a comment from a guy who used to be a "shitlib". He and many others like him are smart and once they see through the BS they get it. It's frustrating to know you've been lied to this whole time. The truth is out there!

Hey Centurion, good to see you posting and agree with what you said about that beautiful music. My dad listens to the 5:30 waltz every night on the radio, it's his favorite part of the day. I've been reading this site since practically day 1, when posters like Zenster and PDK were frequent. You've been here a long time as well, and frankly are one of my favorite posters. You're success in life isn't by accident. Hang in there brother.

God Bless to all, and stay locked n loaded the Long Hot Summer is nearly here.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

We do not have a gun problem in this country. What we have is a social disease, and it has nothing to do with guns.

Anonymous said...

How soon until "ransome malware" hits the EBT system?

Anonymous said...

Just think, the NWO (new world order) or OWO (one world order) mandates we all move to a city, use public transportation and live in diverse housing units. All of us together, in one peace and loving community. I don’t friggin’ think so!

I’ve lived where the negro make up the majority. I have no delusions about how they act and what they’re capable of. I got out. Not my cup of tea folks!

The concept of "equality" is fine when one is speaking of "Justice under the Law" or Voting Rights. But when "equality" is “forced” on people in the Social and Public realm, it is tyranny leading towards totalitarianism

Anonymous said...

I read over and over that New Work City is supposedly so expensive to live.

Then how do all these (70%) Non-Whites find a place to live, pay the rent, ?

Anonymous said...

"Gwoobus Harmon said...
The curious things about statistics, no matter what they are recording, is that positive things are directly proportional to percentage of whites and negative are directly proportional to percentage of blacks. "

Of course, it's OK to use statistics to cast the country as a whole in a bad light. We've all heard that the US lags behind most of the Asian (non-Muslim) countries and several European countries in math, reading, and science.

What isn't being said is that this makes perfect sense! The "hidden figures" are the utterly absymal scores our black (and hispanic) population which significantly deflate the overall average. If we excluded these scores, the scores put up by the rest of the population would be similar to slightly better than the top scoring countries, who have a homogeneous population, by the way.

What you're not supposed to notice is that "diversity" (which is now taken to mean exclusively the inclusion of blacks and hispanics into anything), in addition to all the other problems it causes, leads to lower national test scores.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a bit of propaganda brainwashing in the form of a Subaru commercial. On it's face, it's a humorous bit showing a bunch of kids walking out of the house with inappropriate objects (a boy going to school with a pair of numchucks, a little girl going outside with hair clippers to shave her sister's head) only to have their parents stop them and say, "you're not taking that". The final kid they show asks his mom to take the Subaru out, and she says OK.

What you're not supposed to consciously notice is that all the kids who were stopped from behaving inappropriately were lily white, while the "good" child asking to use the Subaru was the only black kid shown in the commercial.

Unknown said...

Those stats are clearly fake. Anyway whites are responsible for ALL crime. Because racism. Because colonialism. Because slavery. Because transphobia. Because whatever else I was told.

-Typical brain dead SJW

Anonymous said...

This article is a bald-faced lie. I just watched several cop shows that take place in New York. Everyone knows that most of the murders are committed by evil white stockbroker​s who frame black men because they go to college with their daughters. Come on Paul, get with the program.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
How soon until "ransome malware" hits the EBT system?
May 13, 2017 at 8:43 AM

I think the fact that these ransom attacks originate from overseas is the reason we haven't seen the EBT system hit before.

You have to live here to understand just what a powder keg Americas cities are. To someone in another country, who`s only knowledge of the USA was what they saw on our MSM, they would think our blacks were a poor, oppressed minority who dindu nuffin. And the mean `ol white cops just shoot them for sport, instead of the coddled, low IQ beasts they are.

If they knew that they could set every major metropolitan area in the US ablaze by shutting down ONE program, they would have done it long ago. Of course it could be that Uncle Sam knows this and encrypts the entitlement programs like they were nuclear launch codes...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous well depends what part of nyc

Mr. Rational said...

I read over and over that New Work City is supposedly so expensive to live.

Then how do all these (70%) Non-Whites find a place to live, pay the rent, ?

You need to ask?

That's also the solution.  Just cut their housing subsidies down to high third-world levels, and offer them free rides to where they came from where that actually buys housing.  Back to Liberia, Ghana, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador.  Hey, we're hurting too, you can't get blood from a stone!  Go Make Colombia Great Again.  Its people are your greatest asset, and vaya con dios!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you could read and comprehend, you would have noticed the stats referred to in this article are 2016 numbers. Are your sources as dumb as you?

Anonymous said...

". . . Of course, it's OK to use statistics to cast the country as a whole in a bad light. We've all heard that the US lags behind most of the Asian (non-Muslim) countries and several European countries in math, reading, and science. . . "

The U.S. lags behind much of Europe and northeast Asia in PISA scores which test mostly for math/science/language competency based upon students' age. However when the PISA scores for the U.S. are broken down by race the U.S. does as well as other high scoring parts of the world. The U.S. PISA data is not directly reported by race so scores must be compared to other data that gives the racial breakdown of particular schools where the PISA tests are administered.

The fact that whites in the U.S. do as well as whites in other parts of the world, northeast Asians in Asia do as well as northeast Asians in other parts of the world, negroes/hispanics do as poorly in the U.S. as negroes/hispanics in other parts of the world etc. indicates that the 'blank slate' argument i.e. "All men are created equal" is false. The 'magic dirt' theory that low performing minorities will magically be transformed into whites-with-a-tan by living in the U.S. is also shown to be false. What is shown to be true is that race is real, it's not a "social construct" (whatever that means) and that genetics is the driving force behind success and failure.

Another factor behind PISA scores is that in most countries the tests are only administered to students who have already tested well in school. This is especially true in Asia where cheating for academic (and other) success is part of the culture and a level playing field is considered to be a foolish white thing. National prestige is associated with academic success and high international rankings are a point of national honor in Asia and achieving success by any means is demanded. There is no belief in racial equality in Asia, they believe in racial superiority.

Sick n' Tired said...

I go to NYC for work every year and think the same thing, if any type of crisis hit where supplies weren't delivered to the city for a week, it would turn ugly REAL FAST. Millions of people with no more than 2 days worth of groceries, not many firearms owners due to NY gun restrictions, and a healthy dose of liberal smugness, lack of car ownership (so they are stuck there), plus only a 33% white population, makes it the perfect recipe for savagery if there is ever a Katrina type disaster, or situation that cuts off the city. At that point I think the residents will have a different opinion about the benefits of diversity.

Sick n' Tired said...

I've said on here before, if any country wants to harm America, all they have to do is hack/disable the EBT system for more than 2 weeks. They wouldn't even have to send troops or bomb cities, the EBT collectors would do it for them. The cyber extortion attack the other day is a good example of what I'm talking about. All a hacker group has to do is crash one town/county's EBT database,wait a few days, and say "Pay us $1billion, or we crash the whole system". Countries would be lining up to pay them just to avoid the riots, destruction, lives lost, and bad press.

Robin Naybors said...

What I find remarkable is the lengths that whites will go to in order to accommodate blacks. The single, quickest way to get rid of negroes in this country would be to hold them to the same standards that we whites hold each other to.
Do you accept substandard work from your white employees? Do you cut your white employees or coworkers slack if they are constantly late, have daily “appointments” or need to leave to pick up dey keeits err day before work is over? No, of course you do not.

Every day across this country blacks are coddled and catered to by whites who either don’t want to deal with a histrionic groid, or who lack the balls necessary to. Imagine if you will, a workplace where every employee was held to the same, high standards of ethics and performance that you are; every day without exception. Would this hypothetical workplace be superior to the one you work at now? Would there be a single fuc*^#g negro in the entire place?

The next time that you are forced to deal with an incompetent black person try the following:

Speak to the negro in what I refer to as the “High Speech”. The high speech sounds a bit fancier than it is, that of course being simple English without a dumbing-down of the vernacular or cadence in order to accommodate the low IQ minority. I like to see how quickly I can make the moron disappear as a result of its’ trying to comprehend the words that come out of my mouth.

-Robin Naybors

Anonymous said...

Are there any posters here that currently live in NYC. I would just like to hear someone there admit the truth. NOT to say that I don't believe ExNYR , just a current perspective.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Sam pays a lot of subsides, and in a lot of places like NYC, any developers who want to build a new building and sell multi-million dollar 2 bedroom apartments, must also designate a certain percentage of apartments (if the building has 100 apartments, 20% has to be "affordable housing"). The people that are lucky enough to get one of the affordable housing ($1500 a month) apartments in one of these high end buildings are already complaining, because they have a separate address, have a seperate entrance, don't have river views, or access to the same amenities in the building like concierge, gym, pool, rooftop pool, etc, like the people who paid $1+ million for an apartment, plus monthly maintenance fees that run into the thousands.

cecilhenry said...

Why can't we just live in ethnically homogeneous communities and nations??

IT resolves all these issues. ITs real freedom of choice. Freedom of association.

Diversity means chasing DOWN the last White Person.

The West is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans everywhere have the self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without regard to the claims others make upon it.

Anonymous said...

Whites are the working people of New York City. The non-white races are the mostly food stamp welfare recipients. These lower class people do commit crimes at a higher percentage than educated whites. I think if you do a study in any other city, you will find similar results. A leopard cannot change its stripes.

Bill in St Louis said...

"The next time that you are forced to deal with an incompetent black person try the following:

Speak to the negro in what I refer to as the “High Speech”. The high speech sounds a bit fancier than it is, that of course being simple English without a dumbing-down of the vernacular or cadence in order to accommodate the low IQ minority. I like to see how quickly I can make the moron disappear as a result of its’ trying to comprehend the words that come out of my mouth."

-Robin Naybors
May 13, 2017 at 3:28 PM

Thank You for the idea! I can't wait to try it out!

rent slave said...

I saw Death Wish at a Midtown theater in 1974-and lived to tell about it.

Anonymous said...


Jeff Morse
Jeff Morse3 weeks ago
Of course all the kids getting in trouble doing something they shouldn't are white (all half dozen of them). The good boy is black.
stephenn773 weeks ago
Jeff Morse, my thought was is he even legal to drive?? Looks like he's 12.
Chupa Cabra
Chupa Cabra2 weeks ago
Jeff Morse and stephenn77: You beat me to it! I came here specifically to address the same problem with this commercial. This just goes to show how some are trying to manipulate certain libtard and SJW memes in the population. They used to flash in subliminal photos that was meant to induce people to buy things. I think that they are still using subliminal manipulations to express political suggestions. And no, that "boy" didn't look old enough to drive. Not only did all of the white kids show how irresponsible they were but the commercial suggests that a too-young-to-drive black kid was responsible enough to trust with driving the family car.
Chupa Cabra
Chupa Cabra2 weeks ago
Could be that Subaru is trying to boost their car sales to blacks, and of course, to the clueless libtard SJWs. I doubt they are winning any hearts and minds from the majority (72% whites) population who are all, most likely, driving something other than Subarud. Subaru needs to wake up if they want to target the majority population. (blacks are only 13% of the US population). Maybe they hoped that whites weren't paying attention?
simon60712 weeks ago
It is deplorable that Subaru, the automobile company that has been trying to convince people to believe that Subaru represents love, has finally succumb to the devious trend of being obsequious to black people while hating white people insidiously.

If this commercial had shown all the trouble-making kids to be black and the only good kid to be white, I'm sure many black people would

Anonymous said...

Communism is a creation of the saturday people--- the lazy ones a place and they want a palace.

gibs me dat

Anonymous said...

I took a look at that apartment building the article mentions. The penthouse is 17 million dollars. They probably pay per month in fees what the Affordable housing does in total.


New to Market! Last full floor residence available at Extells newest luxury development, One Riverside Park! This expansive 6168 square foot, 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom condominium with panoramic exposures features grand entertaining spaces and spectacular, unobstructed views of the River. Enjoy sunsets from the palatial Living Room, Formal Dining Room, and Eat-in Kitchen, with 10 foot ceilings and 70 feet of glass facing the water. Featuring a Private Elevator Landing, separate Service Entrance, Library, and Media Room, this magnificent home has it all. Elegant interiors by Shamir Shah Design include wide plank oak floors, Dornbracht fixtures, and multi-zoned central air conditioning. The immense Eat-in Kitchen includes custom cabinetry and Miele appliances (2 dishwashers, 5 burner stove with vented hood, oven and speed oven), 48 inch Sub-Zero refrigerator, wine fridge, and Basaltino stone countertops. The corner Master Suite offers two spa Bathrooms with deep soaking tub, rainfall showerhead, and radiant heat floors. Two massive walk-in closets plus a Study/Home Office complete this luxurious suite. There are five additional Bedrooms with en-suite Bathrooms, and a Laundry room with vented washer/dryer. One Riverside Park is a full service luxury condominium with 24 hour doormen and concierge, featuring over 50,000 square feet of amenities, including LA PALESTRA- a 40,000-square-foot athletic club/ spa, a 75-foot pool, 38-foot rock-climbing wall, basketball and squash courts, bowling alley, golf simulator, sauna and steam rooms, private treatment rooms, indoor playground, resident's lounge with catering kitchen, private screening room, game room, and onsite parking. There is a 20-year tax abatement now in effect that expires in 2035! The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from Sponsor. File No. CD13-0089. Sponsor: 50 Riverside Blvd LLC. 805 Third Avenue, Seventh Floor, New York, NY 10022. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to post the fees per month. The penthouse I posted is over $7000.00 per month in fees. I do not see affordable housing paying that. Plus in the article, they were saying they want to get rid of the clause that allows separate entrances for people and to give them full access to what the more affluent are paying for to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

" . . .
Every day across this country blacks are coddled and catered to by whites who either don’t want to deal with a histrionic groid, or who lack the balls necessary to. Imagine if you will, a workplace where every employee was held to the same, high standards of ethics and performance that you are; every day without exception. . . ."

Easier said than done. In the real world a plague of lawyers and 'activists' would descend upon your company backed by the full force of the Federal Government and probably the State Government too. You would also have the "Rev." (sic) Al Sharpton and his retinue howling outside your company harassing everyone coming and going.
All of this would be shown on TV 24/7 by the scumbags in the MSM comparing you personally, your family, employees and associates to Hitler and the KKK.

As a simple financial matter no company can withstand that sort of treatment, that's why the professional Left uses those tactics. The Cultural Marxists changed the law in the U.S. in the 1960s through various so called "Civil Rights" laws to allow just this sort of treatment against white people. They can and will bring the full force of the Government with its inexhaustible resources down upon you until you are ruined.

The Constitution is mostly a dead letter, the U.S. is called BRA for a reason and equal rights don't apply to YT anyway.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are having tons of children on welfare, but whites can't 'afford' to have children.

I think whites, especially young white people, should look into what welfare and benefits are they are qualify for. It's good to be self-reliant as an individual, but think in terms of /GROUP/ benefit, it benefits the White Group for there to be more white children raised in loving homes instead of daycares (or not born at all).

Obviously white people should avoid doing things that make y'all LIFELONG dependents on welfare, but what I'm suggesting is that instead of working long hours and earning little in income AND upward mobility, that white people should just go ahead and have 3 to 5 children, spacing them out in a way to ensure continuous benefits. With enough children, Section 8 might give you own house. Again, STUDY before you do - see if you can receive welfare out in the country - what I read about why people move to the city is that there are little jobs in the country even though it's cheaper there, well, welfare can be the answer.

Take the welfare, have the kids, but unlike blacks, don't blow welfare on drugs and bling, spend the benefits and your time on making your kids super competitive - skilled and well-rounded. Musical instrument and classes. Computer coding. Trades. Improve your own upward mobility as well, take the training classes.

Blacks game the system to stay in, whites, you need to put down your pride and think, game the system to get OUT in way that lets you hit the ground running. Blacks spend their welfare all at once partly because they have no future time orientation, and partly because welfare rules discourage saving with asset limit (and discourage marriage, it really made blacks worse). YOU need to learn to budget and spend your benefits on items of lasting benefits: workboots, dress shoes, work clothes, and /certifications/. All of you should get a First Aid certificate because there are workplaces that require a certain number of persons to have it - big companies have in-house training, but in a small one, this could be the thing that tips it in your favour. Learn French, Learn Mandarin. The economy is diverse and rapidly changing so take your 'down-time' on the welfare rolls to not only raise your children but make yourself super competitive for when you come off it. Training and learning stuff could fulfill a looking-for-work requirement in a welfare program, and for volunteering, go for senior homes - you'll meet more white people there probably.

Don't children used to work in the Victorian Times? Now they have childhoods, now there are teenagers, now there are college kids. A lot of 20 to 30 year olds aren't financially independent these days. So marriage delays and fertility declines. That's not a problem in the oriental countries where orientals don't have to compete with blacks, but it IS a problem in the western countries where whites have to compete with blacks, and unlike us orientals, don't have the extended family to back them up. So please, find out what you are entitled to, and if you can raise a family on that, take it and do it, think of the money you take as investment money for your country's future. Unlike the blacks, you would be producing children that are high in IQ, high in empathy, and with good community values, because just because you aren't working at a paying job (rare are those that could feed and accommodate a young family), you will probably still be volunteering.

PS: White people who are rich - take on godchildren from poor families and HELP THEM! You might think you have little in common with poor whites, but blacks don't see it that way, and when the country is majority black with a black government, nothing will protect you.

- A Chinese In Canada

Anonymous said...

//The people that are lucky enough to get one of the affordable housing ($1500 a month) apartments in one of these high end buildings are already complaining, because they have a separate address, have a seperate entrance,

May 13, 2017 at 4:17 PM//

"financial apartheid", are you kidding me?

I support affordable housing, especially since I probably qualify...but I don't see a problem with a separate entrance, WHY would there be a problem? I would probably prefer a separate entrance because it would be less socially awkward then running into people who had to paid more to get in. Affordable housing needs to be mandated because they aren't being built, because they aren't as lucrative as luxury condos (which are also brought as an investment and left empty which is why there is such a big market)...since the North American government refuse to get involved, and probably can't do it as competently as Singapore's Housing and Development Board (both because NA governments are dumber AND because NA has more blacks) - mandating that private companies built some affordable housing as a condition of granting them permission to develop at all make senses - but it doesn't have to be the same address, it doesn't even have to be the same building or even the same neighbourhood!

Forcing it to be the same building is a bad idea on several fronts: 1. The affordable units will decrease the market value of the market rate buildings. 2. Poor and rich have different needs: food preferences and costs, schools, transport to work. 3. Rich people can crowd into a giant cruise with little problem, they can crowd into a giant condo built on hot real estate that share common facilities - poor people can not - poor people are more 'diverse' than rich people. It's better that developers built a series of smaller mid-rises on 'undesirable real estate' than to cram EVERYONE into one building on deirable estate. Put the black buildings around the fastfood joints / YMCA and put the asian buildings next to the library and everyone is happy. Leave some space next to the asian building for a grocery store to be build and the grocery store will be built.

- A Chinese In Canada

Anonymous said...

"Is there a sufficient fire break between your home and their nests" haha...."nests" first time i ever saw that. funny stuff. i lived in NYC and currently in a close suburb. honestly the savages are mostly tame here compared to newark or phil

Anonymous said...

//Anonymous Sick n' Tired said...
I've said on here before, if any country wants to harm America, all they have to do is hack/disable the EBT system for more than 2 weeks.
May 13, 2017 at 3:24 PM//

Mr. or Ms. Sick n' Tired, are you trying for reverse psychology on the hackers? Because I think disabling the EBT system would actually save America, sure, the short-term civil unrest would result in mass casualty, but it would be eye-opening! How long do you think the current state of affairs can continue? It's not substainable, 長痛不如短痛. "It is better to suffer short-term pain so that one will not have to suffer long-term pain; It is better to just get it over with, rather than prolong the agony.

I don't get the people who only have 2 days worth of groceries. It's cheaper to buy in bulk every time non-perishable staples goes on sales, then you just keep rotating out your stock. If the electricity goes out, I won't be able to cook rice or pasta, but I can eat cereal with water, I have that and enough canned fish, canned tomatoes, and canned soup to last me two weeks. If you live in a small apartment, you can avoid wasting space with couches and giant TV, just get one of those storage benches from IKEA.

Now for some lighthearted entertainment, I present to you, Ghetto Safari from the safety of your home courtesy of Obamaphones and Facebook Live:

The shocking moment a man was shot at an Arkansas gas station as he live-streamed two girls fighting to Facebook
PUBLISHED: 05:08 BST, 13 May 2017
- The footage begins with two black females prepared to fight whilst the rest of the mahogany mob eggs them on
- 00:17 landwhale begins to waddle into the fightring
- 00:23 landwhales shows us her back torso which has its own curves, it looks like she has a set of droppy breasts and a buddha belly on her back...
- 00:30 landwhales's pants slip off because she has no waist, thankfully her shirt is long enough so I don't have to commit senpuku
- 00:58 "What's up? What's up bro?" I notice that this isn't the first gas station / parking lot fight club where there is a black female screeching "what's up"
- 02:30 After a short break, a fight resumes in the lane where people need to drive through to get gas - this appears to be what these black teens do when they are bored...
- 02:50 Looks like a grabby zombie horde.
- 04:23 Black buck /turns on rap music/ BEFORE he starts driving away from the gun
shots. I've always wondered how police know to pull over black drivers - you can't see the driver from the back - well, the loud rap music is a clue.
-- Buck also pauses in the middle of driving to talk to the obamaphone, my god, its face is so ugly! If I had a face like that I wouldn't draw attention to it with bling earring and bearing of teeth, I would just wear a paperplate mask till I could afford a korean surgeon.
- 07:18 Picking its nose, why is it shirtless? It must reek in that car, I feel like vomiting.
- Early on, the crowd includes lowdown brother in a drooping pair of long red shorts, and this buck in a blue shirt actually grabbing its crotch. Basically, monkeys dressed in clothes that humans made.

- A Chinese In Canada

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul if you want write on crime please do Allentown and Reading PA both cities are shit holes because of the blue collar whites got chase out town by all Latinos and diversity

Brian in Ohio said...

rent slave said...
I saw Death Wish at a Midtown theater in 1974-and lived to tell about it.
May 13, 2017 at 7:20 PM

I heard people were cheering whenever Bronson offed a mugger. Any truth to that?

Stay alert, stay alive.

poco said...

I've noticed that the percentage of dindus in commercials is way up. Seems the idea that is being put forward is that blacks can act civilized and worthy of respect. The problem with that is every Ferguson proves the opposite.

Anonymous said...

A group of these people should be moved into every liberal enclave in North America. Maybe a dose of vibrancy will cure their mental illness.

Great White North