Friday, December 8, 2017

White Privilege? White man gets 15 years in prison for placing bacon in Mosque; Black woman who tortured white male - and live-streamed it on Facebook - gets four years probation

Previously on SBPDL: Broadcasting Live on Facebook, Four Blacks Kidnap, Torture White Male in Chicago

Shot. [Vandal who left bacon inside mosque gets 15 years in prison, Orlando Sun-Sentinel, 12-6-17]:
A man who vandalized a Central Florida mosque by smashing windows and lights with a machete and leaving bacon at the scene pleaded guilty to criminal mischief to a place of worship. 
She, along with three other black people, participated in the torture of a white male (broadcasting it  live on Facebook). For her hate crime, she received four years probation
The state attorney's office serving Brevard and Seminole counties said Michael Wolfe was sentenced to 15 years in prison followed by 15 years of probation after he pleaded guilty Tuesday. The sentence had a hate crime enhancement. 
The 37-year-old was sentenced as a habitual offender. Titusville police arrested Wolfe in January 2016 after the New Year's Day vandalism. A surveillance video showed him smashing lights, cameras and windows with a machete. 
Bacon was left by the front door. Consumption of pork and pork products made from pork is forbidden in Islam.
Chaser. [Woman pleads guilty to hate crime in beating of disabled teen live on Facebook, Chicago Tribune, 12-8-17]: 
A Chicago woman who live-streamed video of the racially charged beating of a teen with mental disabilities pleaded guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to four years of probation. 
Brittany Covington, 19, has been in custody since her arrest in January. 
Calling the incident “horrific,” Cook County Circuit Judge William Hooks banned Covington from social media over the four years, prohibited her from contact with two of her co-defendants and ordered her to do 200 hours of community service. 
Hooks told Covington he could have imposed a prison sentence but added, “I’m not sure if I did that you’d be coming out any better.” 
Hooks said he hoped the strict terms of probation would put Covington on a more productive life path, but he warned she would face prison time if she violated any of the restrictions. 
“Do not mess this up,” Hooks told Covington, who stood quietly in a blue jail uniform with her hands clasped behind her back. 
The 19-year-old also pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and intimidation charges.  
As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped additional charges, including kidnapping. 
The video, which sparked national outrage, focuses often on Covington’s face. She smokes what appears to be a blunt — a cigar stuffed with marijuana — while narrating some of the action. 
Three others were charged in the incident: alleged ringleader Jordan Hill, 19, as well as Tesfaye Cooper, 19, and Covington’s sister, Tanishia, 25. Their cases are still pending. 
The video, posted in January, shows the four — who are all African-American — cutting the 18-year-old white victim's scalp with a knife, punching and kicking him and laughing as he was bound and gagged in an apartment on Chicago's West Side. 
Among the abuse seen on the Facebook video, prosecutors have said, is one of the women laughing as she punches the teen; a male foot on the victim's head; the teen groaning in pain as a male pulls a cord around his neck; and the victim screaming in fear when a male approaches with a knife, saying, "Should I shank his a--?" 
At one point, prosecutors said, Hill and Cooper ordered the victim into a bathroom and forced him to drink water from the toilet. 
The teen was bound and gagged, a sock placed in his mouth and his lips taped shut. 
With the knife, Hill then cut a chunk of the victim's hair, cutting his head, and stabbed him in the left forearm, prosecutors have said. 
The victim, who prosecutors said has schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, was able to flee the building when the four co-defendants left the apartment to confront neighbors who had complained about the noise, prosecutors have said. 
He was treated at a hospital for cuts to his head, face and body as well as a stab wound to his left arm, authorities said.
Who is ready for another lecture on how white privilege is not only pervasive, but a permanent form of structural inequality in America? Implicit bias, right?


Anarcho-tyranny and a glimpse of a legal system seeking to show Black Lives Matter and white men are to be made an example of whenever they commit a so-called 'hate crime' (considering how often non-whites have to fake them on white people's behalf).


It's All So Tiresome said...

Is there anyway the case for anti-white racialism can be brought to the Supreme Court with these cases side by side?

FOUR YEARS? I think they would have killed Austin Hillborn if it weren't for luck, luck that they weren't in the middle of nowhere, that there was a neighbour complaining about them, and that Hillborn still had enough strength to dash out while the four teenapers were busy kicking down the complaining neighbour's door.

Vandalism is a crime, especially when he used an axe, but 15 years is excessive, and the bacon should not be considered at all unless bacon actually kills Muslims the way garlic kills vampires, or the way fans kills sleeping Koreans.

...and even looking at the Koran, they are only forbidden from eating pork (and actually, they can eat pork if they were starving, or in some cases, if they were guests). They are allowed to touch it.

Hooks told Covington he could have imposed a prison sentence but added, “I’m not sure if I did that you’d be coming out any better.” The point of caging these animals is that they won't have a chance to harm humans, well, civilian humans who haven't had training in negrowrangling, whilst they were behind bars. If she was put away for ten years, that's ten years of victims safe, and hopefully she'll be less energetic when she comes out, and that's ten years when she won't have the opportunity to be a felon factory.

200 hours of community service. ...and what kind of services will these be? I volunteered even BEFORE Mike Harris made it a mandatory for highschool kids to volunteer (good intentions, bad results: it made more work for the community to weed out the lazy and hasty AND it devalued the moral value of me VOLUNTEERING without coercion in the first place) - pretty much everything I did have some form of background check (exception being sorting cans at the Food Bank, then), and they probably went easier on me because I was a tween. Charities don't need criminals stealing from them or getting in contact with the vulnerable populations they serve, e.g. SENIORS served by Meals on Wheels, Seniors Apartments (Carefirst uses a lot of volunteers), children's program

...even if the community service doesn't require direct interaction with humans at all, e.g., gardening for a community center, it will still put these soulless ghouls on site, gives them an excuse to be in a neighbourhood, casing it for further victims. Plus in the gardening example, they could steal plants or damage it, or use the gardening tools to injure people intentionally or by being stupid, or steal the lawnmower, or attack someone with an electric string trimmer / edger - the last thing is basically a fast rotating blade, don't need morons to be anywhere near it. I've worked with blacks and they don't keep their hands to their own stuff, even if they weren't the one operating it they'll mess around with, and locks are meant to be broken. Then there is the machete, the working purpose is to cut hack back vegetation, but ever since humans invented the machete (pre-contact Africa didn't have metalwork, or brickwork) and blackie black black got their hands on it, they have been terrorizing each other and humans with what was meant to be a gardening tool.

I wouldn't trust any of these teenapers to shovel crap, they'll just fling it and track it everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Wolfe got 15 years in part for being a habitual offender (felony burglary convictions in 2006 and 2011, served time for both). That said, the 'hate crime enhancement' is BS..still, don't shed a tear for this asshole, he is where he belongs. Regardless of whether or not it seems like we may have some common interests.

Relevant Fla statute here:

Regarding sweet little Brittany Covington, yeah... the black SJW judge, William Hooks, gave her a slap on the wrist, but I'd be very surprised if part of her deal didn't also consist of her testifying against the other three animals. Besides, only a fool would bet against this lowlife violating her probation. Justice will be served in her case, just delayed.

Bobby PGH said...

This country is doomed.

Anonymous said...

OT: Do something most black "people" won't like. In the spirit of The Yule Season, perhaps you can find it in your heart to wish a 5 yr old White boy a Merry Christmas with a simple card. He is one to survive the recent church shooting in Texas, where he likely witnessed his mother and siblings killed by a crazed madman. We are doing this not just because it's the right thing to do, but also because it's the White thing to do. Details and address at the link.

Act White. Be White.

And Merry Christmas, my fellow Caucasian brothers and sisters...

Mike K said...

Probation? They deserve the death penalty. Here's something I wrote about the incident, the media coverage of it, and the cowardly Chicago Police Department:

Barbara said...

Another judicial slap on the wrist--all to common. She'll repeat.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another judicial outrage. Who cares? Not white people, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the only good thing out of this is that you posted it, again revealing the deep, swamp-driven, deep-state evil our country is being strangled by. I personally applaud your fortitude which enables you to wade through this endless parade of (sub)human debris, and then report on it back to us.

As for the "anon" post above, talking about the white fellow being a repeat offender: it simply does not matter. The guy vandalized a muslim area (which really should be encouraged), and received 15 years. He did not direct violence to anyone. If Barack Obama's children had done this, they would have been given a desk appearance ticket and then a press conference praising his courage and social activism.

Affirmative Action has entered our justice system, which means there is no longer justice in the system.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Could you imagine the evening news on the networks covering stories like this? It will never happen, but by God it's exactly what must happen if there is to a true dialog on race in this country. Those talking heads should be up there, their voices​ choked with emotion talking about this, the censored side of black behavior. Liberals don't even know about the horrific black on white violence that occurs every day in this country. The only approved narrative is blacks are the victims, always, all the time.

Anonymous said...

Many people incarcerated because of marijuana happen to be people who violated the conditions of their parole or probation.

A fact few consider.

Anonymous said...

If I'm to be a second-class citizen because I'm white and male--what do I owe such a society? Taxes? Loyalty? Any sort of service? Help me out here....

Paintjob Theory said...

"The 37-year-old was sentenced as a habitual offender."

Doesn't sound like a pillar of the community. While I appreciate his sentiment and would say that these desert people have their own homelands free of bacon where they belong.... Good riddance. We white folks don't have first world civilizations for coddling career criminals.

"Hooks told Covington he could have imposed a prison sentence but added, “I’m not sure if I did that you’d be coming out any better.”

This is true. Put a monkey in a cage for a few years and it'll come out a monkey.

“Do not mess this up,”

Yeah, I'm sure Latampon will fly straight and true for 4 years and not violate probation. Likely they gave that negress a huge suspended sentence with long probation in exchange for testifying against her fellow tribesmen. Doe anybody in the world except for her think this coon is getting one over here? Imagine 4 years of a negro acting civilized? Never going to happen. It's likely she will be in prison serving her full suspended bid before the others even get to trial.

Honestly I don't see either of these as bad.

Anonymous said...

It's hard in Shitcago, Crook County, Killinois to get anything remotely related to "justice" if you're of the proper skin tone. Just this week 4 "youths" were arrested by a suburban Shitcago department after "funnin" (weaving in and out of traffic while firing weapons after a fooneral) and between them they had 160 arrests. How in the FUCK is that even possible you ask? Why aren't they in prison? The only thing l can think of is Black Privilege. No wonder murder, carjackings, and the rest of the urban excitement is through the roof here.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the CPD is that all of their "leaders" are there because of clout, political connections, etc. and there isn't a conservative in the entire STATE worth a damn so guess who's running the show? Couple that with a county "prosecutor" who's sole mission is to keep people's of color out of jail and this is what you get. Detroit 2.0.

Wide Awake said...

Good coverage Mike but what you're missing is the fact that they are genetically incompatible to live in and function in a modern society. Especially a society created by white Europeans. They evolved to succeed on the continent of Africa. This is their natural state because of this.

Anonymous said...

It's crook county. Not really surprised.

They view all the youff as victims of society.

You see without Whites holding them back they would be free to flourish like in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Probation? For a *kidnapping*? Kidnapping with physical harm (which certainly happened to that disabled White man) used to be punished by death.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the CPD is that all of their "leaders" are there because of clout, political connections, etc. and there isn't a conservative in the entire STATE worth a damn so guess who's running the show? Couple that with a county "prosecutor" who's sole mission is to keep people's of color out of jail and this is what you get. Detroit 2.0.

You got that right friend. 33 yrs CPD and the clout, nepotism, cheating and bribery that takes place to get promoted is epic. The entire upper echelon of the dept has been appointed because of political clout, not for ability. I would take an educated guess that less than 10% of all supervisory ranks, sergeant, lieutenant, are earned thru the exam process. The remainder get promoted because of who they know. The CPD and Chicago are in a death spiral. Retired, left Shittown and never look back. Stay fetal boys in blue, let the savages kill each other.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative Action has entered our justice system, which means there is no longer justice in the system.

This is the other part of living in BRA. Unless you are killed the perpetrator most likely won't do much time.

The libs and Black leaders in these areas fret about how many Blacks are in the justice system. It offends the delicate sensibilities of the White egalitarian.

Since welfare is dysgenic this problem will only get worse. Welfare ensures that responsible Blacks are outbred by welfare leeches that procreate with street criminals. Psychopathy is a known genetic trait while liberalism still tries to believe a childish fantasy where everyone has equal potential for good. Welfare encourages the proliferation of psychopaths as they are more likely to engage in unprotected sex at earlier ages. This dysgenic side of welfare has been kept hidden from public view through lenient sentences and advancements in medical technologies. The mid 90s murder peak would have been eclipsed years ago in these cities if not for White medical advancements in treating gunshot wounds.

If liberals really wanted to help Blacks then they would end the welfare system and subsidize employment instead. But most liberals are hopelessly stuck in reality denial and then there are the liberals leaders that flat out hate Whites and simply don't care.

It also might be too late at this point. It might have been possible to put Blacks on a stable eugenic plan in the 60s but we could be at a point of no return. Some of these cities might simply collapse to crime.

Anonymous said...

I answered that question quite some time ago you owe the system nothing... right now you're going to have to go along with paying taxes and obeying the law but when the balloon goes up from anything from a zombie apocalypse to Red Dawn the only people you're responsible for is yourself and your loved ones who knows maybe they can provide a better way of life but in the meantime during the disaster defend your family Circle that is all and watch with Glee the country burn

Anonymous said...

O/T: Yet another incident in which a dindu staged a supposedly racist incident but instead he was the perp:

Sailor Punished for Vandalizing His Own Bunk With Racist Graffiti

A Navy seaman assigned to the carrier USS George H.W. Bush has been disciplined and counseled by his unit after officials determined he staged the vandalism of his own bunk with racist graffiti and then posted about it on Facebook.

Having spent a great deal of time in the military myself, I wonder how useless this slug was before he pulled off this "I iz a victim of whitey" act? People don't typically go bad very suddenly, but rather they're slugs, they get themselves into trouble, and then they try to bail themselves out with a diversion such as this one.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that they were most likely going to MURDER this young white boy if things had gone a bit differently and he had not escaped.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm not a constitutional lawyer but it seems to me that punishing a man for his use of bacon is against the first Amendment's ban on the establishment of religion.

We probably know why Jews and Muslim don't eat pork. The Jews for example were a migratory desert tribe after the Exodus. Their enemies were various townspeople like the Canaanites and Philistines. People who live in settled communities keep pigs but the Jews and other unsettled peoples ate goats and sheep. So it came to pass that after A time the Jews transferred their hatred of townspeople to their domestic animals. There are other fanciful supernatural explanation for the Jewish and Muslim abhorrence for pork but this is the one accepted by most secular historians.

Years ago I read the mystery novel "Monday the Rabbi Took Off". It is one of a series and it was an OK mystery, but I never read another one. In this book the eponymous rabbi explains why the Jews don't eat pork. It's because pigs are only raised for their flesh whereas most other farm animals are raised for their milk or eggs or fur. Pigs all die and this - the rabbi tells us - offends the very moral Jews. This explanation struck me as preposterous.

I was raised to not eat pork or any other meat on Friday. When we were kids we thought it was because the apostles were all fishermen and Jesus was trying to just boost the market for fish. The Hindus don't eat beef for some reason or other. I'm looking for a religion that bans the consumption of Okra (I don't like Okra). What don't Mormons eat?

To a secular American putting bacon in a church or synagogue or mosque is impolite but it cannot be a religious sin. Not if you believe in the American constitution.


Anonymous said...

Never step into a courtroom expecting justice.
The only thing you will find is law.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle, you are a national treasure. Does anyone know when Ambrose Kane is coming back?

Johnny See said...

Gwoobus Harmon recently pointed out a similarly difficult problem... court and common law dont function well with multicultural juries since no one has much in common.

Anonymous said...

Your editorial only shows the hypocrisy of our judicial system. There is a two tier system of justice now: a black gets off the hook for far worse crimes than a man placing bacon at a busted window.

I think I read the judge warned the criminal that she was being given a chance. she willing to give everyone a chance? If not, then justice is not blind. It would be justice according to the whims of the judge. This would be the justice of a judge like Sotomayor. She rules by the color of one's skin. In her view, race does matter.

Our system of justice is broken because the left and blacks have usurped the process. Bad is good, and good is bad!


Jim in Jersey: above 9:26 AM

You won't find even "Law".

You will find only the opinion of the Jury or Judge.

I remember clearly my own attorney, telling me when I was contemplating signing a contract: "A contract only means what a Judge says it means".

I signed the contract.

(As for the content of this post by PK. Well, you have finally left me speechless. I can't/won't comment since I am so disgusted/angry/sickened that I have nothing to add....)


Go straight to the words of the cops on the beat in Chicago concerning this post and hear it directly from those who have to deal with this every day, the Chicago cops:

I'm not a cop, never have been, but I admire one of their current slogans:

For Survival
It is Vital
To Remain Idle.

Brian in Ohio said...

Having spent a great deal of time in the military myself, I wonder how useless this slug was before he pulled off this "I iz a victim of whitey" act? People don't typically go bad very suddenly, but rather they're slugs, they get themselves into trouble, and then they try to bail themselves out with a diversion such as this one.

Guaranteed he was a well known shithead aboard and it took them all of 5 seconds to figure out this genius trashed his own rack.

For those of you unfamiliar with the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice), when you are aboard ship, the Captain is God. They can actually put you on bread and water rations in the brig if your a real discipline problem.

This sailor is going to have a very long, miserable deployment...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

White man gets an exorbitant sentence while hurting no one while black female gets probation for beating and holding someone against their will. Unbelievable! But typical.

Anonymous said...

" . . . Anonymous said...
If I'm to be a second-class citizen because I'm white and male--what do I owe such a society? Taxes? Loyalty? Any sort of service? Help me out here...."

You owe BRA nothing, nothing. Avoid the Government as much as possible, prepare for a general societal breakdown and take care of you and yours. Pay taxes only when you can't get out of paying, use cash as much as possible especially with YT merchants. Don't break the law and get on the government's radar especially for trivial things. Don't volunteer for the military, you will only serve (((foreign))) interests. If the U.S. Military weren't a diversity cesspool and actually defended every yard of the U.S./Mexican border, airspace and coastline there would be a different answer.

Always have your car inspected, working, insured, Don't participate in any studies, surveys, census taking etc. Don't give to any professional charities e.g. Red Cross, United Way, Save the Children etc. They are anti-white, pro Third World and working towards our displacement. Give charity privately to those you have vetted and know they are worthy. Charity is an excellent thing but charities that are really left wing businesses aren't genuine charities.

Avoid public (government run) schools if possible, limit severely as to time and content All TV watching for children and adults; it's mental poison. Encourage children and adults to develop useful skills/hobbies with their time such as carpentry, cooking, repair skills and reading with PK's books top on the list. Develop as much self sufficiency and preps as you can, you will need them.

Lost in California

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

It is ironic that a man can get into so much trouble just for leaving some bacon in a mosque. If I recall correctly, muslims go around leaving bombs behind them wherever they go, so much so that you would think that it is some kind of islamic sacrament.

AnalogMan said...

Lost in California,

Lost you may be, but I think you have your bearings, and your head screwed on right. Good advice.

If I may add one observation: since I suddenly got old (how the hell did that happen?), I've realised the truth of what I always regarded as a cliché. Namely, that your memories are an important consolation. Teach your children.

When you're old, you won't remember a single video game you played, precious little of the movies you watched, but a sunset may stay with you a lifetime. Do memorable things. Use your physical capacities - you won't always have them. Walk in a forest with your dog. Swim in an ice-cold mountain stream. Skip over the rocks on its bank.

I fear for the modern generation. Many of them don't even have a dog, and never have. They don't hike, don't camp, their entire lives are spent indoors. Walls make lousy memories.

Ex New Yorker said...

What I find amazing is the stupidity of most black criminals. Who in their right mind would film themselves beating up and killing someone. I cannot even count the times a CELL PHONE VIDEO was used as evidence against some stupid fuck in a courtroom.

Also these dumb bastards refuse to throw away a gun they used in killing someone. They like to hide the gun under the mattress or in a shoe box in the basement. I remember one case where the brain dead fucker hide the gun at his "girlfriends house". Another one where the gun was hid at his mama's place.

Can you imagine a professional hit man filming himself as he "rubs out the competition" and then hiding the gun under the kitchen sink.

In the old days I did know some repeat offenders (aka...jailbirds). They ALWAYS broke probation and ended up back in the slammer. ALWAYS. I would bet money that this little lady will end up doing time.

AS far as the moron with the machete. No comment. Not worth my time.

Anonymous said...

There indeed is "institutional racism" in the US. Universities, news media, Hollywood, corporations, governments, and courts are anti-white and coddle and favor blacks at every turn.

D is for depressing said...

"What I find amazing is the stupidity of most black criminals. Who in their right mind would film themselves beating up and killing someone. I cannot even count the times a CELL PHONE VIDEO was used as evidence against some stupid fuck in a courtroom."

The thing with criminals is, if they were smart they wouldn't be committing crimes to begin with. As with blacks, don't expect their subhuman brains to understand White logic. It's really that simple. It's kind of like when you accept that a dog will sniff another dog's butt, it's what it does.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

Well, Pat, I’ve had it explained to me that the Hebrew/Muslim aversion to pork is a case of making a virtue out of a necessity. In an arid environment water is a precious commodity and raising pigs requires lots of water. Add to that the fact that you can’t put a saddle on a pig and ride off to battle or hitch a yoke of pigs to your wagon or your plow or milk a pig or shear a pig and you have a huge disincentive for raising pigs. Sort of like the church’s feast and fast days in the Middle Ages.

juvenal said...

Black queenz involved in a violent crime? Color me surprised. With her double minority status, I'm surprised she didn't try to file charges against the white guy.

SKIP said...

"What I find amazing is the stupidity of most black criminals. Who in their right mind would film themselves beating up and killing someone"

Blacks do this because they know little or nothing will happen to them. The worse they envision is some family time in prison with their family. Sadly, they are right.

Unknown said...

The silver lining to this injustice... Politically correct BS (such as this) is what helped Trump get elected. (Hell, just days ago they let an illegal off without even a reckless endangerment charge after shooting a woman dead on a pier in San Francisco.) People have access to alternate media, they are aware of the gross injustices carried out against them. This will help Trump (or his successor) get reelected.

Negro Antidote said...

Here again is yet another example where there will be no collective, organized show of white outrage.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

The city of Chimpcongo coddles these sub-Saharan sub-humans and then wonders why they have had over 1400 homicides in the last two years. These animals ruin everything. Every neighborhood they inhabit turns into a sewer. It's all that Yakubian "tricknology" I suppose.

The USA is doomed, folks. The sad thing is we allowed it to happen because we're too scared to be called racist.

Anonymous said...

Michael Wolfe is a political prisoner.

Pat Boyle said...


The Oakland fire of 1991 killed 25 people and destroyed over 3,000 homes. The current LA fires have so far only killed one person and destroyed only 150 homes. But the LA fires (note the plural) have covered well over a million acres while the Oakland fire was only about 1,500 acres.

Ask any old timer in San Francisco and he will tell you - "It wasn't the quake it was the fire". The 1906 quake and fire only covered about 500 acres but killed more than three thousand people. No one knows for sure because so many transients were in flop houses that were totally obliterated.

There were five separate fires in Napa in October of this year. They killed 44 people. What does all this mean? Well first of all it means that Jerry Brown (Governor Moon Beam) is even crazier than we thought. He thinks the fires are the result of Global Warming.

We have been having fires in the Bay Area in October since before the Indians came over the Bering Strait. The climate in California cycles between wet years and dry years. When we have a wet year the brush grows up. Then when it gets dry again it burns off. In Southern California they have Santa Ana winds in Northern California we have Diablo winds. These are the seasonal katabatic winds that flow down the mountains and become drier and hotter as they descend.

Why doesn't Jerry Brown know this? He's lived here all his life and his father was the governor before him?

He has become enchanted by the story of Global Warming. Just as he is enchanted by the idea of racial equality. It makes you wonder how long it will take to get these limousine liberals to look at the world in front of their faces and discard the myths and 'just stories' that the liberals use to explain reality.

BTW Global Warming is real and we will need to do something about it - but not soon. Racial equality is not real but we need to get on that problem ASAP.


Johnny See said...

Love your comments, Pat... but we are much more likely to experience global cooling at this point. As crops fail and famine rises I think it likely that political correctness and the resultant virtue signaling coddle fest will stop.

Pat Boyle said...

Johnny See said...but we are much more likely to experience global cooling at this point.

I didn't say we were going to see actual Global Warming. It could get colder. I made a video a few years ago about that. Some people think that my speculation that we would have to kill all the black people was a bit over the top.

The mechanism for Global Warming - the so called Greenhouse Effect - I real and it does contribute to a certain warming. We have been dumping a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere and we should - in an abundance of caution - cut back on our use of carbon based compounds for energy. But CO2 is a trace element, CO2 has been much more prevalent in the atmosphere in the past then it is now, and of course a warmer world with more carbon dioxide is a greener world so there will be more food grown. For the foreseeable future Global Warming just isn't a problem. By the time it becomes a problem we will be richer and smarter. Maybe we will use thorium for power.

If CO2 tends to make the world warmer other factors make the world cooler. We are right now in the midst of an ice age but within that we are also in a warm period called an interglacial. The interglacial will end sometime and the world will revert to its normal state - damn cold. The ice ages are believed to be caused by Milankovitch cycles and have nothing to do with CO2. Worrying about the earth getting too warm when we are possibly on the precipice of a hundred thousand year ice age, seems a little silly.

But Jerry Brown has always been silly.


Brian in Ohio said...

Johnny See said...
Love your comments, Pat... but we are much more likely to experience global cooling at this point. As crops fail and famine rises I think it likely that political correctness and the resultant virtue signaling coddle fest will stop.

Both symptoms of a very wealthy and spoiled nation like the United States.

We`re one serious financial or oil crisis away from liberals carefully crafted fantasy world crashing down on them.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

The justice system is failing to dispense justice correctly. In the case of the kidnapper, I would not shed a tear if a group of "concerned citizens" were to take the law into their own hands.


Pat Boyle:

There are THOUSANDS of Scientist and research article, and numerous web-sites, that can explain why:

C02 is meaningless,
is NOT the cause of any global warming,
follows changes in global temp,
and has nothing to do with man.

Their arguments are as good if not better than the Globalist Warming crowd.

In addition, the world, and the oceans have been cooling for a while. The "predicted" mini-Ice Age (by the wacky Right) has begun already. Just do a "google" search for the evidence, and this is the year/winter that the Vest Deplorable Racist Right Wing Climate Deniers are claiming to be The Winter in which this mini-Ice Age can not be denied.

Climate is controlled by only 2 factors: The Sun and the variations in the Earth's orbit. Mankind has no effect but man is just so damn conceited and arrogant to recognize this. On numerous occasions the Earth has been far colder, and warmer, without our pathetic little hominid existence. One such "Vast Racist Right Wing Climate Denial" web site is this one:

Remember back in the 70's, when it served the purpose of the Elite, we were all being warned of the COMING ICE AGE.

We were also warned about the POPULATION BOMB and American and European women were brainwashed into NOT having children, abort the ones they might have......while this message never seemed to get to the Mexicans, Arabs, Asian, Africans who are now INVADING, White girls are to kill their White sons and daughters while the Turd World reproduces like rats so as to invade Europe, Australia and America.....pretty damn clever of the Elite. They have been working on this for over 200 years. Some say over 2,000 years.

We, here, are Race Realists. We don't buy the lies of the Elite and One World Government.

I encourage all of us to also become Academic Realists and Factual Realists as well. We aren't going to get the truth from the (((MEDIA))), or the Corporate Fascist Media. We have to search it out (as we ALL did in finding SBPDL). This site is mocked, hated, and disregarded by the Media, but all of us,, here, know, this is the TRUTH.

"Man Made Global Warming" is as valid as Racial Equality. It is a lie.

Man Made Globalist Warming is a lie.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm switch on!
Lets see: kidnapping, false imprisonment, torture, a Racist based attack, Ag-Assault, etc... It should be good for 30+ years. But liberals who understand other liberals and minorities better than anyone. Feel all this is behind them now and it should not be held against them for the rest of their lives.
Sarcasm switch off!

It is simple, let the DOJ use the trick repeatedly used but liberals to circumvent local judges and juries. Charge the thugs with Federal Civils Rights Violations and a Hate Crime.