Sunday, May 20, 2018

National Media Silent About Racial Hate Crime in New Jersey Where Black Male Viciously Assaults Jerry Wolkowitz Because He's White, Steals His Car and Then Runs Him Over

Did you hear about this story? 

What, no national media highlighting this heinous racial assault with wall-to-wall coverage as the two black males who refused to leave a Starbucks were given? 

No marches from civil rights organizations demanding justice and an end to [insert made-up sociological babble]?
Complete media blackout of this vicious racial assault

Just good, old fashioned anti-white hate come to real life in a story not only downplayed by the local media, but entirely ignored by everyone else within the field of journalism. After all, if you are in the vocation of journalism, it's an avocation of every employed individual to ignore anti-white violence. [Sayreville man charged in brutal, race-based beating of Asbury Park Press freelancer,, May 14, 2018]:

Authorities have charged a Sayreville man with beating a longtime Asbury Park Press freelance photographer May 1 in Freehold Towship then running the man over with his vehicle.
Jamil S. Hubbard, 25, is charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose — the motor vehicle — and first-degree bias intimidation. The attack on Jerry Wolkowitz, 55, of the township took place in the parking lot of the Harding Road apartment complex where Wolkowitz lives.
Authorities said Hubbard did not know Wolkowitz. Hubbard targeted Wolkowitz because of his race, authorities said.
Hubbard is black and Wolkowitz is white.
At 7:15 a.m. in May 1, police found Wolkowitz lying in the parking lot area with injuries to his head and body. Medics rushed him to an undisclosed hospital where he remains in critical condition. Wolkowitz has worked as a freelancer for the Press for more than 30 years.
Freehold Township police officers and investigators from the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office found that Hubbard attacked Wolkowitz from behind, punching him in the head and face then dragging him into the parking lot.  Hubbard drove his gray Chevy Malibu over Wolkowitz then stole Wolkowitz's blue Kia Forte, authorities said.
The Forte was later found abandoned on Bordentown Avenue in Sayreville.  Sayreville police officers arrested Hubbard, a manager at an Advance Auto Parts store, at his Winding Wood Drive home later the day of the attack.
Hubbard is being held at the Monmouth County jail.The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office has filed a motion to keep Hubbard incarcerated until trial.
This detention hearing is scheduled for July 10 before Superior Court Judge Paul X. Escandon.
The journalist who wrote this piece buried the lede, namely the black on white hate crime taking place in New Jersey. 

Two black males refused to leave a Starbucks when asked by the manager and then refused to cooperate with police and they became the heroes of the day in Black-Run America (BRA) for courageously standing down hate and showing bravery when Shopping While Black in the USA. 

A white male was attacked by a black man, beaten and then run over by his own car the black male in question was stealing. He was singled out for the racial assault because of the color of his skin. 

And not a soul outside of his family seems to know about this ordeal. 

Welcome to Black-Run America (BRA) -- deny black males the right to loiter in Starbucks, watch as corporate America bows to black racial supremacy; a black male attacks a white male (because he's white), steals his car and then runs him over with it, and complete silence occurs from a media complicit in censoring anti-white crimes from mass consumption. 


trapped in chicongo said...

Concealed carry along with situational awareness yields a whole different outcome... Stay alert, stay aware, stay armed guys.

AJAX said...

major major white guilt and even white self hate campaign coming to starbucks and then all of corporate america , shulz says he felt "ashamed" and that is what the blax are going to force upon white america this summer

europeasant said...

Letz let Jerry Wolkowitz and Tom Magee weigh in on this. If they read this site or others like it let them respond as to what was going on in their minds when they were confronted at a Lot or Spot somewhere in the USS of A.

First we'll give them a reading list starting with
1. The Bell Curve
2. The color of crime
3. anything by Latrop Stoddard.
4 any suggestions?

I'll be awaiting a response from Mr's Jerry Wolkowitz and Tom Magee.

Anonymous said...

teach your children... because media and public schools are teaching them contrary by straight forward indoctrination. or in this case, obscene obmission. teach your children about the dangers of wild animals and proper awareness of, and defense from, said animals. i have taught my kids from day one... do not approach an unknown animal. ever. that's not racism, it is parenting.

Anonymous said...

"Authorities have charged a Sayreville man with beating a longtime Asbury Park Press freelance photographer May 1 in Freehold Towship then running the man over with his vehicle.

Hubbard is black and Wolkowitz is white.

At 7:15 a.m. in May 1... Wolkowitz has worked as a freelancer for the Press for more than 30 years".

I don't know how anyone else feels about this, but at first he is an employee, but we find out he was a "freelancer" for 30 years. He wasn't an amployee, he was a 1099 employee I'm guessing. How many whites do not have the luxuries that blacks do, that illegals do? The freedom to spend time with children, family and loved ones.

They let minorities live the lives you desire, in fact, YOU pay the welfare they need to live like your ancestors do, whitey. What will you do?

"Which Way, Western Man?"

Drew458 said...

Quick, call up the NAAWP, the CWC, the WLM folks, and all the professional Whiteness agitators. Call up the New White Panthers! We’ll have massive marches and protests, wear white knit hats, and every media outlet in the country will cover this story 24-7 until the next school shooting. It’s Cracka Time! End The Hate!!!

Wait, what? None of those organizations are even allowed to exist? There are no professional pro-White agitators? The press ignores these stories worse than Typhoid Mary at a kissing booth?

Well, to be fair, the story did get covered at quite a number of small-beans local NJ news sites. But when NYC's ABC News covered it, they buried the leade all the way to the last sentence, and downplayed it to "racially motivated".

Wolkowitz is still in critical condition and may never walk again.

- Drew458 in NJ

Anonymous said...

This situation occurs constantly. Violent crimes towards white people by black people are kicked under the rug. Relatively minor incidents are blown out of all proportion when it comes to the brothers.

Ken said...

If the races were reversed, this episode would've been the biggest news story on the planet. But the sad reality is, the white Guy's life had little or no value to anyone except his family and friends. Unless we offer resistence to those in power, atrocities against us will continue. Dear readers, he is your project of the week: print this story. Send it to a local politician - a state legislator or councilperson - and unequivocal demand law-and-order. If you get a political fundraising letter, return this piece demanding with a no holds bar note demanding the eli,I nation of the black criminal cancer. Get to the voting booth in November.

Anonymous said...

What's conveniently missing from the article is the obvious criminal background Jamil had before this.

The Jamils, Deshawns and Dontes like this don't escalate to this level of violence first time out. They get to this point by a non-fear of a judicial system that refuses to put them away solely on the color of the skin or just a SJW judge making a point.

When there's no consequences for a violent, sub-species actions, they're are going to keep doing it again, and again, again...

susan smith said...

when nothing about this unfathomable crime was brought to light, finally local nj1 and nj12 did a bit piece, but those who are livid that this happened to jerry, who is only 5'1" and unassuming, inundated abc7 to do a story. they finally did. I sent links from and to sean Hannity and Michael savage hoping they would share what happened to jerry on their subsequent radio and tv programs. I didn't get a response from either, but this story should go viral. the whole world should know. whatever it takes, I am working on this and could use a lot of help. I am so sick and tired of hearing "I don't want one of my brothers to die." what about our brothers? what about when ferekan gets up in front of millions and tells them to kill as many white people as they can? the black man making the earlier statement never once said that he didn't want his brothers to quit murdering raping, molesting, killing, beating up, persecuting, stealing, robbing, stealing money from taxpayers and all the rest. and of course, he cares nothing for all the white police officers who are killed by blacks. b4 this was released, I just knew it was racially motivated. its the world we live in, but I don't accept it. when are we going to protest, march on Washington, get our rights back to live in a non-violent society etc. are we going 2 continue 2 sit back and let this happen over and over again? the state of nj, the usa and the world need a victory for the prosecution (life imprisonment without parole - family and friends dont need to have to worry about going to parole hearings; we've all been hurt enough, we've all been through hell enough, we've all known injustice enough), especially for the first degree hate crime charge. in the past, we have been too passive and that's got to end. almost all of our rights are gone while everyone else's are gaining exponentially. where was jerry's right to come home from work, get his mail, pull into his parking space, get out, hear the birds chirping, look up at a beautiful blue (his fav color) sky, walk up the pathway, open the door and greet his adorable misu sitting on the ledge just waiting to be petted and to play with "dad?" like one of jerry's favorite songs, is it forever "dust in the wind?" if we want to illicit change, if our rights are important enough to us, we must set aside our smartphones, our reality shows, our sporting events, etc. and take a stand. PLEASE DO IT FOR JERRY.

Full Metal Realist said...

I fortunately now live in an almost exclusive white city (Most of the crimes are committed by illegal hispanics.) A few days ago I was in my gym and there was a negro kid around 10 with a bunch of white kids. I could tell just by observing the negro that it was stupid and obnoxious and that it is probably nothing but trouble where ever it goes. The other white kids probably think he is really cool because he is much bigger and louder then they are. About 30 minutes later I saw a white male who I assumed was his adoptive or foster father, lecturing him about his behavior. The negro was being mouthy to his obviously frustrated father and replied, I'm not making this up, "I dindu nuthin" This negro brat is going to end up in juvenile detention by the tine he is 12. He is surrounded by white people and obviously a good father, but he still acts like a ghetto thug. Why anyone would adopt a negro child is beyond me.

Nomad said...

This is New Jersey we're talking about - Gov. Murphy's "California of the East Coast".

Concealed carry by anybody who isn't a liberal judge or Demoncratic politician is strictly verboten. Hell, this state will toss you into prison for merely possessing a hollow-point bullet (sans casing, powder, or even a means to fire it).

Kevin said...

It is no news to anyone here, but there has been at least a two decade policy to change perception of blacks in media. We see this in the use of language like "teens" and "youths" or eliminating racial descriptions entirely in crime reporting. On the flip side, there is the casting in films and commercials where unassuming, non-threatening blacks wear turtlenecks, vests, and glasses while selling you retirement packages. There is a full on effort to counter reality.

It is strange to go back and watch slightly older films from the 1980's where there was more of an interest in making believable characters and settings. The opening scenes of Beverly Hills Cop are set in Detroit and follow the character Axel Foley, the black policeman working the grimy local drug beat. It is a montage of street scenes, using real footage of the city. To no one's surprise, it is basically exclusively black, playing dice games in the street, standing up against walls of burnt up buildings, police tape all around, trash everywhere, hookers, abandoned vehicles, people break dancing on cardboard mats, etc... There is no way something like that would be included in a modern film, because it does not depict blacks in a glowing fashion.

A film like Bonfire of the Vanities? Forget about it.

But back to this incident - it doesn't matter what color the victim is, black violence must be concealed from view, just like the Bay Area transit board refusing to release footage of attacks "to prevent stereotyping."

The color of crime is the elephant in the room of this society. If there were honest depictions and reporting, the eyes might commit heresy, so the media makes it its duty to apply the electronic blindfold.


I'm not stupid. I'm not.

BUT, for some reason, there are those who write comments that are incomprehensible.

I don't know if it is the new "texting" way, but as hard as I try, the comment is a complete mess composed of gibberish, abbreviations, "misspelling". etc.

If that is the way the future generations are going to "write", then I really wan't off this Planet.

If I was really an arrogant old fart, I would ask PK to deny comments that are not written in "normal" English grammar and structure, but I am sure there are some cool, hip, groovy cats here who think I am being old-fashioned and intolerant to the way "young people" communicate.........ok..........ok................

Anonymous said...

The media (National) will also be silent about a negro DOCTOR dancing and cavorting during surgery over unconscious patients.

PK this story needs a blog post please!

Anonymous said...

full metal--what city-county are you in?

Paintjob Theory said...

I guess my original comment on this was too heartless.

Anyway, in other chickens coming home to roost news:

These creatures are a laugh a minute.

Anonymous said...

later I saw a white male who I assumed was his adoptive or foster father, lecturing him about his behavior.

/ yawn..lots of dumb whites who believe in equality and helping the less--uh--fortunate...the dummies dont factor DNA into the 'less fortunate, victim of circumstance' thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm in NJ and I hadn't heard about it either....
But then, I've tuned out of the MSM quite a while ago. I get my news here.

Jim in Jersey

Sam said...

I seldom watch TV, but last night I did for awhile. The ads on TV, and radio, are repulsive, and have been a long time. During a commercial break a Tide ad came on, with a nerdy, wimpy, libtard-looking white guy and his black wife, with their halfro daughter. I mute commercials, so I didn't catch the dialog. Do YOU use Tide? I don't, and for sure will NOT after seeing this ad. One way to have an impact on this is to not support any products that run ads such as this. Keep it in mind.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t share that info with anyone Full Metal, why let the enemy know about your safe haven.
I live in a safe city and don’t want the undertow coming around at all, there are a few that work and live here but that’s enough, don’t wanna ruin a good thing.

Anonymous said...

In the Atlanta area the TV stations could as well be radio stations. The so called reporters call rapists "guys", a talking head on TV said "We got to get this guy." The heads will describe a murder or rape scene and never once show a video or describe the perp. "A man" robbed a so and so in broad daylight gets away with victims and witnesses and the talking head never mentions race or description of the perp and will say, "If anyone sees anything suspicious call the police". The "news" reporting in Atlanta is so weird its laughable. The black tv talking heads talking about the unbelievable amount of crime in Atlanta without ever mentioning race or giving descriptions of the criminals unless they are White is just hilarious.


Paint Job Theory, above.

The reason Zimbabwe wants to "return" to the Commonwealth is for access, by the millions, into England. There is some type of "right of return" for the people of the previous commonwealth system, I believe. Disgusting.

I am sure they get White man's money as well.

I have very little knowledge on this "commonwealth" status, even though I lived, way back, in British "colonies" of Hong Kong and South Africa. Perhaps some of our British readers can explain how it works.

The negro obviously wants money, and for the White man to feed them. They are starving, you know.

Anonymous said...

I’m puzzled that they authorities are actually acknowledging it was a racially motivated crime. Typically, unless the black perp is wearing an “I Hate YT and I Target Him” t-shirt, the crime will be described as “random”. Conversely, any white on black crimes are automatically presumed to have a racial motivation.

Anonymous said...

LMAO. Zimbabwe’s new president is no dummy, apparently. He knows that no group of whites in the world is more thoroughly cucked than the British. His people are starving, and he suspects that no matter how many white farmers he and his kind have murdered, harassed or driven off in the past, the guilt-ridden denizens of Cuck Island will once again feed them, clothe them and nurture them...until they are strong enough to start the entire cycle over again.

This will be interesting to watch... ;-)

Blue Eyes Matter said...

The blacks are being used as a biological weapon against the white race. Just like a bacteria, or a virus, they have no guilt, no remorse, no conscious awareness of what they are doing. All they know is a relentless drive to eat, and breed. Their loyalty to their own race is a myth, they prey on each other as readily as they prey on whitey. If a negro sees another negro that has something he wants, he'll try to take it if he thinks the other is weaker than him. That's why africa is, and always has been a shithole. Once they destroy our society, they will not be able to survive, and will succumb to starvation, disease, and cold.

Augustus said...

Use a gun in self defense!?! How frightening! Let's just feel better about ourselves, virtue signalling, and bring light where there was darkness by planting a gorilla garden.

PB said...

"I don't know if it is the new "texting" way, but as hard as I try, the comment is a complete mess composed of gibberish, abbreviations, "misspelling". etc."

Spellcheckers, predictive text....they need to be disabled. Managing them interferes with the thought process that goes into what is to be said.

Anonymous said...

“A film like Bonfire of the Vanities? Forget about it.”

RIP Tom Wolfe...

AR in Illinois said...

Tide is produced by Procter and Gamble. You know, the ones that gave us "The Talk" commercial, which explained how blacks are always being picked on by white people. I make it a point to NOT but their products after watching that nauseating ad. Crest is also one of theirs.

Brian in Ohio said...

Situational awareness people...

Someone above said Wolkowitz was only 5`1" and very unassuming. In other words, an easy mark.

My guess is, rather than stalk Mr. Wolkowitz like a wolf would a hapless sheep, this sub 80IQ dindu gave his crime all of 10 seconds of planning.

Had Wolkowitz been alert, maybe he could have made it to the safety of his car. I dunno, but what I do know is he wasn't and ate some pavement, and damn near ended up on a slab at the morgue.

There is absolutely NO reason any of you should be the victim of blacks. Your smarter than they are. MUCH smarter. Everything you see around you, the entire modern world, came from the minds of white men. You`ve got one too. Use it.

And when all else fails, they`re color coded for your safety. Just remember, "If it`s black, it might attack."

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

When shopping, I am definitely selective on what companies I will purchase products from. I absolutely detest the DWLs who are the executives of these companies. However, I am also a novice equities trader who will gladly take seize opportunities in the market whenever they present themselves (there have been tons lately). Many times, companies like P&G, Kellogg, Starbucks, Netflix and especially Apple are simply money presses when it comes to buying/selling equities and options on these equities. It’s my way of “taking back” from them and having them pay for me and my family. I’m not sure if I’m feeding the beast by doing this, but I certainly feel great when I’m doing it.

Anonymous said...

White hate? White hate? This story ain't nothing.

Read where this could be going.
--> Brought to you by One America News, (the BEST DAILY NEWS SERVICE on the planet)

WATCH: Afrikaners Aim to Counter Gov’t Land Grabs, White Genocide:

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 11:51 AM PT — Mon. May 21, 2018

Controversial land reforms in South Africa are raising tensions as the nation’s white minority arm themselves to defend their farms against government seizures.

One America’s Kristian Rouz has the story...OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 11:51 AM PT — Mon. May 21, 2018

Anonymous said...

The opening scenes of Beverly Hills Cop are set in Detroit and follow the character Axel Foley, the black policeman working the grimy local drug beat. It is a montage of street scenes, using real footage of the city. To no one's surprise, it is basically exclusively black, playing dice games in the street, standing up against walls of burnt up buildings, police tape all around, trash everywhere, hookers, abandoned vehicles, people break dancing on cardboard mats, etc... There is no way something like that would be included in a modern film, because it does not depict blacks in a glowing fashion.

The difference is that Hollywood liberals then truly believed in paint theory. They believed that cities like Detroit were in a temporary state. They could make jokes about Black poverty because they truly believed liberals would find the magic formula and eliminate it.

Now their lack of confidence can be seen in their films. They feel a need to constantly convince themselves and the public that race doesn't affect cities like Detroit. Who knows what they actually believe privately. But nothing says lack of confidence like exaggerated extremes in fiction. If they truly believed that race didn't exist then they would find movies like Black Panther to be silly and childish.

Awakened white said...

trapped in chicongo said...
Concealed carry along with situational awareness yields a whole different outcome... Stay alert, stay aware, stay armed guys.
Yeah right good luck! Evil YT defending him herself from Dindu nuffins turning their life around. Hope you have a good lawyer. And boat load of money.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that us English/Irish/Scottish descended Americans can flood into the UK? I bet they would make up some BS excuse for us being excluded

Traveller said...

From personal experience, I can tell everybody who's white, you better watch out whenever you are at malls or parking lots. I'm a petite, blond, older woman who looks Nordic.

This past July, I was targeted 3 times by "yutes" in these types of areas. One incident was in the parking lot of a Home Depot. I had just parked my car and was walking towards the entrance when I heard the sound of a large hard object, like a rock or chunk of asphalt, hitting the ground very close to me. I quickly looked all around, and saw two black males also headed for the store, on the other side of the aisle of parked cars I was alongside of. I had previously noticed them when I got out of my car and did my basic scan of the surroundings, but they were both at a car and seemingly had their attention on the car, so they didn't look like trouble. I would have raised a big fuss had I actually been struck by the rock, but since I wasn't, I didn't do or say anything. The second incident happened at the mall, where a teenage male and female headed straight for me and got in my face, saying, "What she looking at? Yeah, what she LOOKIN at?". Of course I hadn't been looking at them at all, and I just kept walking. The third incident happened at the same mall in the parking lot, where I spotted a bunch of three black and one white yutes headed my way. I looked at them pointedly, and they veered off in another direction, grinning and chuckling to each other. This mall does have one or two security guards on duty, and they do seem to be looking around in an alert manner when I see them. I suppose this mall will go the way of the Salem Mall which was the center of our community when I was young, but which became a hangout for increasingly large mobs of feral blacks and was finally razed to the ground a few years ago.

Also in July, I was driving down the busy main street of my town, and suddenly heard someone loudly say, "Do you have a problem?", and I quickly turned my head to see a young black male in the act of turning away from a tall white guy, who was standing in a defensive posture. So it looked like the black had just been trying to randomly provoke this white man.

So far this summer, I was tailgated at speed by a car being driven by a young black female with a rat's nest hairdo and an angry snarl on her face. I hadn't done anything to offend another driver; maybe she didn't like my American flag bumper sticker!

In fairness, I must also report that in a number of public situations in the past year or so, I have had blacks speak to me with more kindliness or friendliness than was necessary, and I think that was because they were decent people who are aware of the aggressive attitudes of so many of the others, and wanted to compensate for that.

But anyway, wherever out in public, be sure your head's on a swivel! We're living in interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Policy indeed. It's nothing short of a herculean effort by Orwell's Ministry of Truth.

Great White North said...

Imagine how much trouble he would be if he WASN'T surrounded by white people, and raised by a white father who actually attempts to correct his behavior. I shudder to think.

Great White North said...

No there is no "right of return" for Commonwealth status. However in the past they may have looked favourably at 3rd world countries for immigration. Definitely not Canada or Australia, if you catch my drift. I believe you can however claim British citizenship if your grandparents were British.