Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Party of the CEO Strikes Back: Alex Jones De-Platformed From Facebook, Apple, Google, Spotify, Pinterest, MailChimp, and LinkedIn

Alex Jones faces the wrath of The Party of the CEO over Info Wars exposing Building 7. 

Err... exposing Bohemian Grove. 

Or was it Sandy Hook?

 David Hogg, the purported crisis actor?
No? Oh, it was about violation of "hate speech." [Alex Jones' Infowars removed from LinkedIn and MailChimp, still up on Instagram and Twitter: Alex Jones's Infowars app is also still available on iOS App Store and Google Play store., CNET.com, August 7, 2018]:
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is quickly disappearing from the internet, though some accesses to his site Infowars is still available on the web.
After we inquired this afternoon about the Infowars company page, LinkedIn responded that it has removed the page from its platform. 
"We have removed the InfoWars company page for violating our terms of service. 
We value the professional community on LinkedIn and strive to create a platform where the exchange of ideas by professionals can happen without harmful misinformation, bullying, harassment or hate. 
We encourage our members to report any inappropriate content or behavior. We investigate and if it is in violation take action, which could include removing the content or suspending the account." 
Pinterest took down Infowars' page on Monday after multiple people flagged the conspiracy theory account to the company. Mashable first reported on the news. 
"Consistent with our existing policies, we take action against accounts that repeatedly save content that could lead to harm," a Pinterest spokesperson said in an email statement. "People come to Pinterest to discover ideas for their lives, and we continue to enforce our principles to maintain a safe, useful and inspiring experience for our users." 
Earlier four tech giants -- Apple, Facebook, Google's YouTube and Spotify -- cracked down on Jones's notorious conspiracy media empire Infowars. Apple confirmed on Sunday that it had removed five of the six podcasts that Infowars created. Spotify removed podcasts linked to Jones on Monday.
Alex Jones helped Donald Trump secure the Presidency in 2016, by taking civic nationalism as far as it can go.

The Party of the CEO strikes back.


Anonymous said...

While I consider Jones a bit of a nut, this deplatforming of anyone and everyone (Jones is actually late to the suppressed speech party) who doesn’t toe the Marxist/Progressive line is intolerable and has to stop.

We were warned about this: when you accept the notion of “hate speech” and the validity of restricting it, then everything you say that your enemies disagree with will be labeled as such and subsequently banned. The UK is already there, and we are headed that way. Here in the US at least, it’s only being done privately...but that won’t last unless we do something to stop it.

(With a tip of the hat to Sir Winston:) We must “arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time”.

Anonymous said...

Alex "Cuck" Jones! While I believe in free speech, his branding of Sandy Hook as fake was pretty damned low. For years his stupid voice, like Rush Limbaugh, would annoy me, his blatant drumming up the passions of idiots who don't read books and coming off like a Republi-Cucked Coast to Coast AM.

He is not a good salesman and comes off like the "Charles Atlas" of conspiracy. His fans are part of a lowbrow cult of personality who seem to think asking questions, no matter how stupid, is on the same level as prescient analysis by someone who has taken the time to build depth in an area which interests them.

Having said all that, I find the deplatforming of this Texas asshat to be what's now par for the course from our overlords. The internet can be "turned off" should be no surprise. They act like Russian election meddling is something new, we've done it to others for decades but we act like it doesn't happen. Stranger still is that all of the intelligent, sane, rational people who know the truth of Africans-in-America yet our government has deplatformed the citizenry by having our vocabulary reduced like in 1984 and our society all under the influence of "soma" in its varied forms.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

I'm not able to load the Disqus comments on Infowars. Did they shut that down too? Sad day for free speech.

Anonymous said...

OT: Indianapolis: "As bullets keep flying, east-side teens fight for peace in their city."

Aww! The are SO precious!


Anonymous said...

censorship is on its way, its already started

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why people think they have a "right" to post whatever they want on someone else's platform. If I owned and maintained a web site, and some goofball kept popping off about diversity and global warming, I would run that idiot off ... isn't that my right? Doesn't PK have a right to delete idiots from his website? Why shouldn't facebook and the rest ... ?

The Engineer

Kram said...

Why can't the conservatives develop their own platforms and get the hell off Facebook, Twitter, etc.?
Stop feeding these leftist propaganda machines.

Anonymous said...

We will see what effect this has on Alex Jones and InfoWars,

Remember, they aren't taking down his website. They are only 'un-finding' him within their individual platforms.

Alex's loyal followers will still visit him daily and I'm sure many new people will rush the site just to see what all the hub-bub is about.

This could serve as a boon for Alex. The extra traffic plus the inevitable lawsuit is bound to bring him even more money.

So, the question is.... can a private company effectively decide what you can and can't say? Can a private entity decide what is approved language? Moreover, can private companies band together and target 'non-approved' users making the internet a juried talent show?

A bigger problem is that people are too stupid to do even the simplest thing about it. Simplest being....stop using their services. I've been off Google for quite a while now. Haven't had CNN as a homepage for the same while. No longer have Twitter accounts or Pinterest or LinkedIn.... Why give them the stick to beat you with?

DuckDuckGo works just fine. Breitbart is my homepage.

If you want to take it farther, contact the individual companies and tell them of your decision and the why's. Then contact their advertisers and do the same. Inform them that the actual people with the money will no longer buy their products or services.

It's fun to be on the side of the bully who runs around yelling and swinging his dick because when you're friends, they no longer target you. They also tend not to buy anything and chase away your customers. Same as if you had a corner store with unruly kids hanging out.

Maybe when they lose enough business, they will come to heel or disappear. Either is fine.

I won't be led by social media.

That's why I'm here.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Did you watch the Sandy Hook video of all the inconsistencies? Perhaps you should.

Anonymous said...

Same here. Disqus will no longer load on InfoWars

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why people think they have a "right" to post whatever they want on someone else's platform. If I owned and maintained a web site, and some goofball kept popping off about diversity and global warming, I would run that idiot off ... isn't that my right? Doesn't PK have a right to delete idiots from his website? Why shouldn't facebook and the rest ... ?

The Engineer

The problem is that for all intents and purposes social media is how people interact in the modern world. It is the "commons." It is a utility at this point and must be regulated as such, subject to the same 1st amendment protections that government must comply with.

If you give a "private company" sole, monopoly control over a facet of life they forfeit some level of discretion in the ability to limit their service to the public. These kinds of battles were fought in the late 1800's with rail companies and other industries. History shows that kind of power is ALWAYS ABUSED without a single case of it being benevolent. We don't want to return to that era, only now with our ability to communicate ideas.

The phone company cannot refuse to give you service for you political views.
The power company cannot refuse to give you service for you political views.

The taxpaying public constructed the infrastructure that these companies use when it was mandated that all homes had to be wired for phone service. They are effectively subsidized in that manner.

Even if you say, "well there are other options out there" --- but not with a large enough pool of users with which to share ideas. Which is the entire point, each major tech firm colluding to prevent the spread of ideas, exercising monopoly powers in the arena of speech. Boycotting them is not a realistic option - facebook now has over 2 billion users, youtube has almost as many, etc... Even if 20 million Americans decided to stop using those things, it wouldn't make a dent.

The specifics of what Jones says is immaterial. A person can spend hours watching and sharing videos hosted by these companies about: UFOS, the moon landing, WE WUZ KANGZ, Yakub and the Annunaki, chemtrails, flat earth theory, and any number of odd obsessions. No one cares because those things don't pose a threat to the establishment if those ideas were to take root in the population. He was allowed to be the zany clown of infotainment until he began covering things that drew attention to the global racial replacement of whites project. That is the real threat --- the public being made aware of and rising to resist their erasure.

A robust, open society can handle challenging ideas and be secure that they will be defeated by reason and facts. A frightened, closed, irrational society committed to falsehoods has to limit ideas and debate. The whole purpose of censorship and labeling things "fake news" is to keep discourse contained into the existing corporate media mind prison so that the only options are those that have blessing of the the power structure and will create outcomes that they desire - i.e. - the kosher sandwich.

This is how theocracies in their death throes operate when public opinion has shifted. They assign themselves a moral highground and then prosecute heresy.

Everyone, everyone, everyone has to fight this regardless of what one thinks of the infowars brand of media.

- Gwoob

Anonymous said...

He has also been dumped by Disqus (which provides the comments section on his site) and by his mail host, MailChimp. Basically they are airbrushing him off the web Stalin-style.

It won't stop there. They already did a test run on what comes next: his DNS provider will yank him, and then his hosting provider will deny IP-level access to his servers. They did it to Stormfront..it was all a test run.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins III said...

To answer the question, "Can private companies deplatform someone". Sure they can. But these entities arent run like provite companies. They are government surveillance programs. They are so in bed with government from their very conception that to call them Provate Companies is practically a misnomer. They have defacto monopoly control over the world's information with barriers to entry provided by the same government they sell you out to.

So, technically yes, they can deplatorm anyone they one. The problem is they are fostering and promoting a CULTURE of anti-free speech. And whats downsteam from culture? Politics. Its only a matter of time when the culture of speech restriction and doubleplusgood Newspeak is transformed into legislation.

That is why I think this deplatforming shit isnt just walking a fine line, it's the typical marxist tactic. Change the culture amd the politics will follow. Thats whats really the issue.

Anonymous said...

Here's our next stop on the Trump Train. Black Conservatism.

The savior you've all been waiting for...BASED. Veteran. Black. Gay. Conservative. All aboard, whitey... Woot Woot!!


And since these vibrant POC are speaking for white conservatism now, the GOP can finally play the IDENTITY POLITICS game.


Mr. Rational said...

Why can't the conservatives develop their own platforms and get the hell off Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Because they are all money-losers, and the only way to stay in that game is with deep-pocketed backers (with the possible exception of TWTR; Gab seems to be doing well and growing).

The Deep State has more than just deep pockets.  It has the printing presses.

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't see the video but I do believe there are people stupid enough to take their brain damaged children who are drugged to the gills to shooting ranges and give them all the fantasy violence that will keep them calm until the day they explode.

Having been around enough stupid liberals and their "special needs" children let me know what I need to know. If this didn't happen what about all the annoying parents belly aching about their cloddish, well bred, fancy boys and girls!

Just take a look at their community statistics. While they are 95% white, they are about as wimpy as any liberal dump you may find bit these people are morally better Yankees. Hell, Bruce Jenner graduated high school from that district! What would make the fittest and most athletic man in the world become a "woman"? Try growing up in Dipshitville.

Anonymous said...

A peace walk is far more effective in getting the message across than reporting violent criminals, dangerous situations, drug dealing on the corner... ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You know ALL of his fans? That’s amazing.

Seriously, I’d expect better from a race realist. Pulling the “anyone that may like something *I* personally dislike/don’t agree with, is STUPID and low class” is exactly what the “liberals” do. What do you actually know about Jones? Why do you waste your energy denigrating your fellow white people, for being interested in something you don’t approve of?

People like you are the problem. Not people who listen to a radio show, or look at a website. This may also come as a shock, but a person can consume media that they don’t 100% agree with. But from what I’ve seen, people that listen to Alex Jones DO question things. If they didn’t, they’d be sticking to the approved, mainstream media outlets.

Anonymous said...

The Rothschilds will not be denied.

Let's call it what it is.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Being able to hear the view point of everyone is what freedom of tne press is all about. We sure have the antiwhite man liberal screed forced on us pretty much 24/7, in the print, on tv, in the movies, even the music. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

OP here...

I am not so much against Alex Jones as I am the concept of someone who talks far too much without giving facts, just assertions. His assertions are simply there to cause a stir and MAKE HIM MONEY. His thing is entertainment/selling products.

I'd bet if we had a chance meeting and conversation you'd find I'm willing to listen and communicate ideas in a way to allow two-way conversation. "Media personalities" are not there to facilitate two-way communication, they are there to make money. I didn't mean to offend (though it should've been obvious to me I'd raise someone's ire) but if you knew how much I distrust cultural media operatives on telescreens you might understand.

That he is on the ADL's shit list is great, that he rapid fire talks out of his butt and doesn't use his "indoor voice" isn't so good. I feel he is just another charlatan. He may speak truths on matters but he only wants your money as much as the average TV preacher.

Californian said...

Look at the use of labels:

"... the exchange of ideas by professionals can happen without harmful misinformation, bullying, harassment" or "hate". 

"... content that could lead to harm," ... enforce our principles to maintain a safe, useful and inspiring experience for our users." 

... Jones's notorious conspiracy media empire Infowars.

"Notorious" especially is a smear label used these days, along with "controversial" and "infamous."

These labels are applied to demonize the target without any rational argument. The labels are repeated endlessly, chants to displace thinking. For example, what exactly does "notorious" mean? Alex Jones has not violated any law, nor even any code of ethics. (Unlike the IT giants, which are today censoring speech, a pretty "notorious" activity when you think about it.)

There's no due process here in these de-platformings, not even the facade of a political show trial. Instead, some faceless corporate drone chants the litany of error, pushes a button, and...zap...there goes the First Amendment.

Bear in mind this is not going to stop with IT corporations censoring the opposition. Freedom of Speech is a culture. When major industrial monopolies push censorship, the government will not be far behind.

We have to fight this thing now, while we still have some freedom of action. In an odd sort of way, the IT companies have handed the Alt Right the perfect issue. The Alt Right is now in the position to become the proponent for Free Speech, and rally a wider sector of the American people. This can be turned into a struggle for freedom of all White peoples against a globalist establishment.

Non PC Infidel said...

I'm reminded of the conversations I had with refugees from communist China back in the 70's when I lived in Hong Kong. As they said, you always had to watch what you said lest someone overhear and run to the authorities to rat you out for politically incorrect speech. Then you would face loss of employment, social ostracism, "re-education" and possibly prison. Of course, the rat would get a reward.

Europe is farther along the road to having that same system than America but America is on that road as well. People can already lose their jobs or livelihoods for "politically incorrect speech." If we don't watch out, the next thing will be imprisonment for "unacceptable speech, opinions or viewpoints." The powers that be won't just be satisfied with silencing voices or "de-platforming." That's just an initial step. Everything that's being done is to gradually whittle away your rights bit by bit, step by step so that you gradually "get used to" each stage of the "new normal."

Frog meet pot. It's getting hotter day by day.

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

@Blue Eyes Matter:

Disqus has banned Infowars.


Orc punches, kills Florida tourist in Queens who was looking for his Uber ("ride").



Anonymous said...

Non PC Infidel:

I lived in Hong Kong from 1956 to 1960

Bruce County said...

Many may not agree with Jonesy has to say or what he promotes but is it reason to pull his content of the internet and skew your search results.. I would rather see the disease that is rap and all their white hating channels come down.. The NAACP SPLC BLM Atlanta Black Star etc...

PB said...

"Did you watch the Sandy Hook video of all the inconsistencies? Perhaps you should."

Its not just Alex. The Sandy Hook narrative does not stack up well at all.

Anonymous said...

So what? Hes not any better or any worse than anyone else in the media. I am not really a fan of his (but I would occasionally listen to his show), but I do appreciate him bringing up things that the MSM never will. Every single person in the public eye is there to separate fools from their money. That’s their raison d’etre! NONE of them get my money. I don’t have cable, don’t buy shilled and sponsored products, so whatever Jones (or any of them) thinks he’s going to get from me, he’s wrong.

And who decides what is, or isn’t, factual? Do you think you’re getting facts from CNN or Fox or any other media outlet? Come on now.

You may be willing to listen, but many, many people nowadays aren’t willing to listen to anything that doesn’t fit into their world view. This type of thing only pushes those types further into their echo chambers. Not that many people want to seek out alternative viewpoints. It’s frustrated me for years, as a person who does and will, almost compulsively, seek out things that “they” want to ban. But then again, here I am. Once the scales fall from your eyes, you can’t go back to being a normie. Maybe that’s part of why it’s resisted so strongly?

Anonymous said...

White people will read Derbyshire's 'Letter To My Kids' so that these tragic encounters between civilisation and the cannibal's pot/

Taki Mag--'The talk' is what I think that you are referring to.
That article cost him his job at some rag.

Anonymous said...

Here is something practical you can do: Make a monetary contribution to any of the alternative right, race realist or white nationalist websites out there. They usually provide a mailing address for money orders and cash if you do not want to go the electronic currency route. Attach a note saying this is to support their free speech rights. Contributions quickly add up, and this is a real vote of support.

Anonymous said...

Th comments here show what is wrong with white people, we cannot even get behind that it was wrong to deplatform this guy and his organization simply because you don't agree with everything he says. If it had of been a negro thrown off Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc, 99% of the negro's would have been behind him. So many of you are truly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I looked at that story on several sites. Most described the perp as "a bald male, in jeans and s long sleeved shirt, one described him as "a bald, dark-skinned male, etc." I think that was a police description but the media suppresses that he is a negro as was seen on the police surveillance camera.

Don't forget that these same tech companies de-platformed Colin Flaherty, who was one the few sources documenting the extent of negro crime and violence.

Most people get their news from TV and newspapers so have no awareness of what is going on.

Anonymous said...

That article cost him his job at some rag.

Yup. National Review dropped him like a hot potato after that.

Derb was one of my favorites at NRO. I remember emailing him congratulations when he got his US citizenship, and I actually received a personal reply from him. When he was sacked, I knew NRO was veering hard to “cuckboard”... 😐

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I really don't understand why people think they have a "right" to post whatever they want on someone else's platform. If I owned and maintained a web site, and some goofball kept popping off about diversity and global warming, I would run that idiot off ... isn't that my right? Doesn't PK have a right to delete idiots from his website? Why shouldn't facebook and the rest ... ?

The Engineer

You don't understand it because you're a moron or because you're one of them yourself?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Th comments here show what is wrong with white people, we cannot even get behind that it was wrong to deplatform this guy and his organization simply because you don't agree with everything he says. If it had of been a negro thrown off Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc, 99% of the negro's would have been behind him. So many of you are truly pathetic.

August 8, 2018 at 4:52 PM

I have to agree, considering as well how it's the white man's fault to begin with that the world is now infested with blacks. The greatest enemy lies closer than you think.

Anonymous said...

A guy I've listened to on the radio wrote a column about this exact thing last year. Incredibly prescient.


Seemed far-fetched at the time. But here we are. I wonder how much longer this site can remain up. I hope PK has his site up and safely hosted at a well-secured off-shore server.

Anonymous said...

At work I am required to participate in diversity celebrations.
Every single group, except white heterosexual males and Christians.
It is a two-way Street, discrimination due to sexual orientation.

Sick n Tired said...

I've never been an Alex Jones fan, but to cut off what he has built in effort to censor/blacklist him is completely against everything America was founded on. As someone earlier pointed out, this is the test phase of internet censorship. They are using the "crazy conspiracy guy" as a guinea pig, because people can laugh at his theories. What happens when they start expanding to everyone else that doesn't think the same way as whoever is in control sees fit?

tradcon said...

Hard to believe that, on a race-realist site such as this, a commenter using the nom-de-plume (or perhaps more appropriately, in these extremely trying times, the nom-de-guerre) "The Engineer" would post such an utterly obtuse and thoroughly erroneous comment as he (presumably a white man) posted above on 8/8/18 @ 4:16 am. One can only hope that "The Engineer" reads the rest of these comments, because the fatally flawed nature of his argument (i.e., these are private companies who have the right to do as they please on their platforms) was conclusively demonstrated, just two hours later, at 6:49 am, by the comment posted by "Anonymous" using the post-script nom-de-guerre "Gwoob" (presumably the great commenter "Gwoobus Harmon").

These platform companies have plainly become so thoroughly dominant in their respective lines-of-commerce that they are monopolies or quasi-monopolies that should either be broken up under the anti-trust laws (like Ma Bell (AT&T) was a few decades ago -- Facebook is far more dominant in its line-of-commerce than AT&T ever was) or regulated as utilities to be required to be operated in a politically neutral manner.

That this has to even be explained to a white man apparently intelligent enough to be in the engineering field is most disheartening. The abject lack of racial solidarity, decried in subsequent comments, is even worse. I fear for the future of my white grandchildren and the white grandchildren of every other commenter on this site.

Anonymous said...

The more I thought about this event, the more I realize that this is actually an attack on the dissident right. There are a number of flowcharts and maps that show the "intersectionality" of various flavors of alt-right and alt-lite and where they overlap or lead to one another.

Infowars is a point of entry into this sphere of thought. Many, many of our guys come from that crowd. There is a reason why most of us started out as libertarians and were not satisfied with the baby boomer era of Republican vs. Democrat limited dialogue. Guys operating in that space today are the fertile grounds of tomorrow and our enemies know it.

This is a guy with an enormous daily audience between his radio show and website, rivaling and surpassing many mass media personalities and cable shows. Much of his POV is weak sauce by our standards and tainted with lunacy, but a significant chunk of his audience eventually comes to realize that too and then finds us. They want to shut that giant front door to us.

This is an attempt to cut off the point of entry, to eliminate "the gateway drug." The goal is to have the limits of discussion on the right stop at Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson level discourse.

- Gwoob

Anonymous said...


Who is/are "THEY"?

But, you are correct. They have done this to AM & FM radio talk shows since NON of them will discuss the Income Tax, Federal Reserve or Race Realism. Not a single one. They are all "Paint Job, We need Job" fools.

They want our Race Realism sites to go silent so on the internet the ONLY discussion is whether a Democratic policy will achieve Equality, or the Republican policy will achieve Equality.

Discussion of Race, Income Tax and Federal Reserve will, and must, be censored out. Don't believe me? Try discussing a particular people and see what happens on some "Pro White" blogs. You can insult and trash the entire Black race and get posted, but you can't talk about the serious situation behind it. THEY know the negro is but a club but just ask WHO is holding the club.

Archie bunker said...

We all need to support this site also

Anonymous said...

Beautifully and powerfully said, Gwoob !!!