Thursday, July 23, 2009

#112. The Reality of Clayton County

Clayton County, a thriving majority Black suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, has already been covered here at Stuff Black People Don't Like. It is home to one of the shining examples of No Child Left Behind, as the Clayton County School System is the first system in the United States in the last 40 years to lose its accreditation.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the main paper in Atlanta that is losing thousands of subscribers each month, wrote this about Clayton County:

"In recent years, Clayton County has been. The school system lost its accreditation because of a “dysfunctional” board. Home foreclosures skyrocketed. And the African-American sheriff fired a large group of deputies, mostly white, after coming to office and marched them off with snipers on the roof.

Since then, Bell feuded incessantly with Sheriff Victor Hill and District Attorney Jewel Scott, both of whom defeated longtime incumbents who are white. The 2004 victories came after the county’s once majority-white voter pool grew to nearly 70 percent African-American."

For those incapable of reading those last paragraphs clearly, in Pre-Obama America - a country that Black people repudiated on November 4, 2008 by a margin of 96-1 - Black people were able to have snipers put on a roof and point their weapons at recently fired white police officers.

This is not a joke. Black people, led by Sheriff Victor Hill in 2005, celebrated the "liberation" of Clayton County from white rule and into the worthy hands of Black people dominion:

"Driven by an influx of African-American professionals to a suburb long steeped in Civil War history and legend, Clayton County opened the year with its first black-majority government, including the County Commission, district attorney, solicitor general, magistrate and sheriff.

''It's a time of great excitement for the county,'' said Wole Ralph, a black 27-year-old financial consultant whose first try for public office landed him a seat on the five-member commission.

But the celebratory moment in the land of Tara where Margaret Mitchell set her 1936 novel, ''Gone With the Wind,'' has been all but eclipsed by the uproar over the new sheriff's mass firing of 27 supervisors, deputies and correction officers, many of them white. They had been summoned by their new boss, Sheriff Victor Hill, to the Clayton County Jail on Monday under the pretext of being sworn in. Instead, they were relieved of their weapons, badges and official cars by armed colleagues and offered rides home in prisoner vans under the eyes of snipers posted on the roof."

Since this wonderful moment for Black people, which preceded the election of Barack Obama by three years, Clayton County has lost its accreditation for its School System; had to pay $7 million in suits made by those white police officers who were illegally fired; and more importantly, rated second in the nation for subprime mortgages and highest for foreclosures in metro Atlanta:
"The national housing market meltdown was particularly cruel to Clayton residents. In June 2007, the county had the highest foreclosure rate in the metro region. It also ranked second in the nation for homes purchased with subprime mortgages, an astonishing 38.9 percent. By this May, one in 10 homes faced the risk of foreclosure."
Worse - if it could be worse - is the crime wave that is plaguing Clayton County:

"The FBI’s report of a double-digit rise in violent crime in Clayton County stings a community already reeling from lost school accreditation and a staggering foreclosure rate.

It also foreshadows a possible spiraling out of economic control.

Violent crime in Clayton rose by 21 percent in 2007 to 1,366 reports, up from 1,126 in 2006, according to the federal report.

To the head of Clayton County’s Chamber of Commerce, the crime statistics are the final blow."

Post-Obama America is marked by the most triumphant moment in mankind's history - the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the Black version of Alexander the Great.

However, cities run by Black people, such as Detroit, Baltimore, Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis and the Clayton County, Georgia, work to eradicate the notion that a post-racial era will ever occur in America.

If, as the scores of Black kids who attacked the white family in Akron, Ohio and yelled, "This is a Black world," are correct in their assertion, then the example of Clayton County doesn't bode well for that future.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes the reality of Clayton County, Georgia, because years of white flight from and Black migration into the county have made it a test case for Black rule in America.

The results, as discussed above, aren't pretty.


Anonymous said...

Very sad. It goes without saying that blacks, in any town or city to which they move, cause nothing but destruction. Think about it: what do blacks actually MAKE that is useful to society? No, no...playing sports and singing/dancing does not count as MAKING something. Who builds their houses, designs their cars, gives them health care, provides them with jobs, foods, schools, etc. White society, that is who. Without us, they would be living in dung huts like in Africa, or live in filth like in Haiti. Time to totally segregate from them. Yes, there are 10-20% that are good, but no one has time to try and sort them out from the bad, and there is no guarantee that their children will be they all need to keep away from us. White culture (without the pathetic liberal trash, and greedy money-hungry SOBs) rules!!

Anonymous said...

Whites remaining in Clayton County should trade their houses to Blacks living in other, Whiter counties, so Clayton County can be a totally Black County, and other counties in Georgia can enjoy White, or Whiter, rule.

Anonymous said...

You know, that's sad that people think like that- I'm referencing to white people and others who thnik higher of theselves than black people and other natives. Second, the white race does not provide for blacks, God does. And just like God provides for the blacks he provdes for all. Third, blacks where very instumental to a lot of things whites utilize. So, before you open your mouth to speak be sure you know your history, as we all have to be accountable for our selves. With that is mind you are just another bug on the tree! Thanks and Be Blessed

Anonymous said...

"You know, that's sad that people think like that"
I have multiple responses to this comment listed below.

"black people and other natives":
Natives? LOL! I love that one!

"God provides for the blacks":
That's why He's on foodstamps.

"blacks where very instumental [sic]":
In making license plates for our cars.

"Know your history":
We walked on the moon. They ate other people.

"be accountable":
Blacks go to prison for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person who wants to know what blacks have made or invented. Here is a short list.....

* air conditioning unit: Frederick M. Jones; July 12, 1949
* almanac: Benjamin Banneker; Approx 1791
* auto cut-off switch: Granville T. Woods; January 1,1839
* auto fishing devise: G. Cook; May 30, 1899
* automatic gear shift: Richard Spikes; February 28, 1932
* baby buggy: W.H. Richardson; June 18, 1899
* bicycle frame: L.R. Johnson; Octber 10, 1899
* biscuit cutter: A.P. Ashbourne; November 30, 1875
* blood plasma bag: Charles Drew; Approx. 1945
* cellular phone: Henry T. Sampson; July 6, 1971
* chamber commode: T. Elkins; January 3, 1897
* clothes dryer: G. T. Sampson; June 6, 1862
* curtain rod: S. R. Scratton; November 30, 1889
* curtain rod support: William S. Grant; August 4, 1896
* door knob: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878
* door stop: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878
* dust pan: Lawrence P. Ray; August 3, 1897
* egg beater: Willie Johnson; February 5, 1884
* electric lampbulb: Lewis Latimer; March 21, 1882
* elevator: Alexander Miles; October 11, 1867
* eye protector: P. Johnson; November 2, 1880
* fire escape ladder: J. W. Winters; May 7, 1878
* fire extinguisher: T. Marshall; October 26, 1872
* folding bed: L. C. Bailey; July 18, 1899
* folding chair: Brody & Surgwar; June 11, 1889
* fountain pen: W. B. Purvis; January 7, 1890
* furniture caster: O. A. Fisher; 1878
* gas mask: Garrett Morgan; October 13, 1914
* golf tee: T. Grant; December 12, 1899
* guitar: Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886
* hair brush: Lydia O. Newman; November 15,18--
* hand stamp: Walter B. Purvis; February 27, 1883
* horse shoe: J. Ricks; March 30, 1885
* ice cream scooper: A. L. Cralle; February 2, 1897
* improv. sugar making: Norbet Rillieux; December 10, 1846
* insect-destroyer gun: A. C. Richard; February 28, 1899
* ironing board: Sarah Boone; December 30, 1887
* key chain: F. J. Loudin; January 9, 1894
* lantern: Michael C. Harvey; August 19, 1884
* lawn mower: L. A. Burr; May 19, 1889
* lawn sprinkler: J. W. Smith; May 4, 1897
* lemon squeezer: J. Thomas White; December 8, 1893
* lock: W. A. Martin; July 23, 18--
* lubricating cup: Ellijah McCoy; November 15, 1895
* lunch pail: James Robinson; 1887
* mail box: Paul L. Downing; October 27, 1891
* mop: Thomas W. Stewart; June 11, 1893
* motor: Frederick M. Jones; June 27, 1939
* peanut butter: George Washington Carver; 1896
* pencil sharpener: J. L. Love; November 23, 1897
* record player arm: Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819
* refrigerator: J. Standard; June 14, 1891
* riding saddles: W. D. Davis; October 6, 1895
* rolling pin: John W. Reed; 1864
* shampoo headrest: C. O. Bailiff; October 11, 1898
* spark plug: Edmond Berger; February 2, 1839
* stethoscope: Imhotep; Ancient Egypt
* stove: T. A. Carrington; July 25, 1876
* straightening comb: Madam C. J. Walker; Approx 1905
* street sweeper: Charles B. Brooks; March 17, 1890
* phone transmitter: Granville T. Woods; December 2, 1884
* thermostat control: Frederick M. Jones; February 23, 1960
* traffic light: Garrett Morgan; November 20, 1923
* tricycle: M. A. Cherry; May 6, 1886
* typewriter: Burridge & Marshman; April 7, 1885

Anonymous said...

I hate to do this to following poster, but most of these so called inventions aren't actually true.

Google "Black Inventions Myths" sorry to rain on your parade.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Actually, this is the link you are looking for...

I hate to burst the anonymous poster, but Black people haven't invented much

Anonymous said...

The air conditioner was invented by W. H. Carrier.

For good measure, the NAACP is not the oldest civil rights organization in the USA. The National Rifle Association (founded November 17, 1871)is.

NAACP was not founded until 1909.

Anonymous said...

Horse shoes were invented long before 1885.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm white and live in Atlanta and work in Clayton county...

Whenever I get out of the car to get gas, the black people stop what they are doing(which is usually just sitting around loitering), and stare at me. There has been quite a bit of black on white crime in these areas which is usually a group of black people beating and robbing one or two white people. They are pretty much hostile towards white people in this area and you can feel it when you are around them.

Once, when I was filling up with gas, four black guys walked over and one of them looked me up and down and yelled "cracka" with a pissed look on his face...

I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't get a beating was because I looked him dead in the eye for a few seconds and then spit on the ground.

If I hadn't had my pistol on me, I would've tried to get in the car immediately. Then they likely would have rushed, beaten, and robbed me. However, since I had my pistol, I had the balls to stand there and not run for the cardoor...barely.

Needless to say, I don't go out unarmed near Atlanta anymore.

rhondajo said...

I'm white, and I live in CC. I have been here for 24 years. I'm stubborn. I'm not leaving. I have an acre and a pond with fish, ducks and geese. The criminals are not going to drive me away from my home. All of my kids moved to Henry County, but it will be the same as Clayton County in 20 years or less. Everyone keeps running, but soon there will be no place to run to. Running away from problems doesn't solve them. I'm staying, and I'm going to vote for intelligence and integrity, unlike the black voters who only voted for skin color, and got what they voted for. CC is the pits right now, but it is a beautiful county, and we have one of the best water systems in the world, thanks to the foresight of the people who were running it in the 60's and 70's. And no, Eldrin Bell had NOTHING to do with it. I'm staying, and I'm going to do my part to make it a better place to live. It might take awhile, and I might not even see it in my lifetime, but I believe that one day Clayton County will be a great county again.

Anonymous said...

You racists bastards are hilarious. We are going to do to you, what you did to Africans, Hispanics, and Native Americans for the past 400 years. Fucking Idiots.

Anonymous said...

ha what 'you' did. Always with the victim complex. And the 'we' that you're referring to revenge-wise is doing a top-notch job of killing eachother off...

Anonymous said...

And they want to change the name of Old Dixie to Rosa Parks Blvd.? Isnt this hallowed ground? Was there not a battle fought there on the same dirt that 19/41 is built on?Wasn't enough blood shed there to secure permanance in history? WTF?

Anonymous said...

C'mon over and try stealing or messing with me or mine Buckwheat. You'll be making a big mistake

Anonymous said...

WOW its 2009 folks... I cannot belive this is still going on. You have bad people in ALL Races. Every race is in prison not just blacks. I know this because. Im in Law Enforcement. I have to pursue white men for crimes and leaving father less children. As well as black, hispanics in this country. Whites are the majority for meth labs in united states, while blacks sale the most crack. All races are gulity and we are all equal! So if you think whites are perfect guess again. Im sure you know of one white brother that you do not trust! People are people. And we need to stop this hate for skin color. What about building a strong economy, finding a cure for aids, feeding the hungry in america. So if you have time to sit here and write how much you hate blacks, latinos or whatever.. YOUR THE TRASH IN YOUR RACE! Now you can write whatever you want about me. But you know your trash!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Wow, it's 2009 folks...

I can't believe Clayton County is still a solvent county. The crime rate, bungling politicians and horribly bigoted public servants - who fired all white cops and had snipers watch them out - have turned that county into an absolute joke.

White people had nothing to do with Clayton County losing its accredidation, nor Black people having the highest foreclosure rate in the nation.

Nor did White people teach the Jonesboro High School how to dance like strippers.

Finding a cure for AIDS? AIDS is largely a dead disease in the white community, save for homosexuals, yet is thriving in the Black community. Why is that?

People are people. No one hates anyone on this website, save for you. We deploy facts and logic to show that Clayton County is but a small glimpse of life under Black rule in America.

Trash for reporting facts as they are? White people didn't turn Clayton County into the laughing stock of the nation... Black people did.

Clayton County was once the envy of Georgia...,_Georgia#Demographics

"The last quarter-century has seen significant change in the racial composition of the county's population. In 1980, Clayton county's population was 150,357 — 91% white and 9% minority, while in 2006 the population was approximately 271,240 — 20% white and 80% minority.

Many of these minority groups lived in Clayton County's housing projects that were built around the time these minority groups moved to Clayton County; since then many of the housing projects have been redeveloped due to high crime."

Don't lecture me on hate. Black people hate a thriving Clayton County and turned it into a nightmarish county worthy of inclusion in MAD MAX IV.

Whites aren't perfect. They moved out of Clayton County because they wanted nothing to do with Black people and this pattern repeats itself in suburbs across the country.

Interesting that you are in law enforcement. Keep up the solid work, especially if you are in Clayton County.

Is this the kind of people you help?

Trash? No sir. SBPDL is about true dialogue. You have shown is it impossible, because "Hate Facts" can never be used when discussing reality with Black people.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon that posted those "black invention" myths. You're completely full of bullshit.

Complete with patent numbers and dates. Thanks, bye.

Anonymous said...

Attention all ignorant racist White People..GO back to Europe where you belong (Christopher Columbus) and stop robbing people of their own land (Africans, and Native Americans)...The Caucasian era in the USA is coming to an end..Trust me on this!

Anonymous said...

I think what needs to be addressed here is that most of that list above was NOT created/invented by black people but blacks improved the function of the device and hold the patents... Look at this site for patents held by black inventors:

Please be sure to investigate the people before posting the accomplishments... LOTS of errors are made this way and it makes you look like a parrot. Tons of info on the web.... use it first post 2nd.

and yes the patent to the guitar is held by Robert F. Flemming Jr. patent #338,727 date 3/30/1886

Anonymous said...

Why be racist when there are stupid people out there? I hate Clayton County because there is not a single intelligent person living there. I hate Macon, Georgia for the same reason. To fix the majority of these problems listed, there has to be a cultural shift toward appreciating education. It is offered to us for free in order to increase tax revenue. I'd like to be used by the government if I'm able to help my society and better myself. Education is the key and bettering education and people's perception of it, the world would be better. This may take a few decades to achieve but in the long run, its the best thing.

Anonymous said...

You racist folks are DISGUSTING and an embarassment to the rest of us...and by the way, I AM WHITE!!!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Anon on March 12,

Education has been attempted for quite sometime to uplift all people (Black people included). Trillions of dollars have been spent to bridge the racial gap, to no avail.

I'm sorry, you are wrong in saying it will take a few more decades.

We have been saying that for not just decades, but scores of years now. It is too late. Clayton County is the future of the United States.

If you refuse to believe this, well, then reality is a place you do not belong.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Anon on March 26,

Nothing that was said in this post is racist. It is merely fact. Clayton County is all-Black. It was once all-white and a shining example of a strong school system (like Fayette County once was, but it too is succumbing to the same vices that plague Clayton).

I'm sorry you refuse to live in the real world, where Clayton County is a hell-hole that coincidentally happens to be run by Black people and whose citizens are 80 percent Black.

Perhaps you'd rather live in Dekalb County, another county Black people have run into the ground?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here's another success story for Clayton County.

"ALL CTRAN Services ended March 31, 2010"


Anonymous said...

What the hell wrong with you people. Will you ever let it go? You act as if blacks came to this county on their own free will. We were forced to this country, and without the blacks America would't be what it is today. So, everyone who has any negative thoughts or feeling for blacks or any other native, needs to suck it up and learn to live together. We dont have many days left on this earth, and this is how you want to enjoy it?

Anonymous said...

WHITES rode CTRAN also!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CTRAN didn't close because of its riders. It close because of its management! Clayton County rocks, not! I used to say Viva USA, not anymore! I think I go home now!

Hernando Juarez.
Morrow, GA

Tre' said...

It is difficult to believe that we in the United States are the most technically advanced country in the world. Here in the United States, there are many problems. These include education, crime, poverty, unemployment, housing, disease and other health issues, and many more things. And, truthfully, we are all affected whether we are black, white, European, or Asian. There are many reasons for the problems that we see. Most of the reasons are socioeconomic.
In areas where the there are problems in education, these are unable to obtain qualified teachers because the salaries are so low. The citizens in these areas cannot afford to put their children in private school or to move. As a result, many children receive a below par education. This problem has existed for centuries. Education has historically been the privilege of the elite. Similarly, jobs, access to health care, employment, housing, crime and more issues all have existed since the founding of the U.S. and exist in all other countries. Clearly, these are not white issues or black issues. These are global issues and socioeconomic issues.
It would be nice to see everyone realize that underneath the skin, we all are the same. And who cares, who invented what product! In fact, there is probably not one person on this page that has invented a product themselves. So whether Alexander Graham Bell or George Washington Carver invented this or that, what does it matter. They invented, not us. However, what they invented changed the world for the better. Now we have greater access to technology that makes us more interconnected and better suited to tackle the problems that we see.
In the historic election of President Obama, the people of this country proved one thing. And for this point, remove from your mind the historic, unprecedented election of a black man. During that election, people stood together for one common goal. Nearly, the entire country was united together and working for a common goal. And look what was accomplished. Monies used in the campaigns of all involved where the greatest in history. Why? It was not because of organizations that lobby or because the wealthy. Rather, it was because of all of you people. If you can accomplish all of that, imagine what you could accomplish if you just stand together and fight poverty, problems in education, unemployment, housing problems, crime, health & health care issues, etc.
Again, this fighting and bickering is sad to see. I hope this post makes all of you think about what is most important. In my opinion, the most important thing is realizing we are all in this together and that we work together.

Anonymous said...

Tre', you're a disingenuous, pretentious hack. Do you moonlight as a parrot? Did you learn all that in college? Do you believe everything you're taught? Are you unable to see through bias? Perhaps you should step off your soap box every once in a while and take a look at reality. No we are not all equally affected by social problems, black people seem to represent a disproportionate amount of social pathologies amongst their ranks. And no, underneath our different skin colors we are not the same. Sorry buddy but life just ain't that clean cut. About all I can agree on, is that we are humans, and that all of us are different, and that we should celebrate, or at least acknowledge said differences as opposed to trying to cover them up and make everyone the same. But i'll concede this, Tre', you do a terrific job of being a useful idiot. Its a shame that you are unable to see the bigger picture through your holier than thou lens.

Anonymous said...

Im blonde and white. I live in Clayton County and have most of my life. I hate to move, but the Blacks are driving me out. My husband built this house in the 60's and we love it. Sadly we are leaving. Blacks cannot run a County, they ruin it

Anonymous said...

You know there is good and bad in all races but history speakes for itself. The whites run clayton county money in the bank and people had jobs. Blacks run the county no money in the bank and no jobs because of no money. If truth known 75% of the black race voted for a black president and didn't even understand what they were voting for. Put a black in office and he'll steal you blind. Tell me now if i'm lying, wow you can't. Open your eyes african-americans oh that's right you don't understand

Anonymous said...

Everybody hates everybody, good fucking deal. Your black I hate you. Your white I hate you. Your different than me and I hate you. None of you have any problem solving skills. This country is fucked because everyone thinks they are entitled to something. Nobody will stop whining long enough to try and communicate like adults.

Anonymous said...

The government needs to stop pumping money into the black communities through welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, and other freebies. Let natural selection thin them out. YT always interferes with nature.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Eradicate all the blacks and it will be a better America. This problem didn't start with the blacks taking over Clayton County. It starts with human greed on both sides. Mistrust distrust. Why when the whites were in power didn't they share their knowledge and ambitions with their black counterparts to ensure smooth running and equal access to a shared future. The guy is right where are you all running too. the world is approx 85% non whites. When will people share knowledge for the betterment of the world? We all want a good life. We all need to make sure we are part of the bigger picture. Whites need blacks blacks need whites. It is about a common goal that we all can share an benefit. Lord wouldn't we all like to get rid of the ignorant greedy murderous offenders on every side. But what to do. More times it is a small minority on every side that causes the chaos.

Anonymous said...

white or cacasian black or african american mexican or latinos we are all the same so why waste time about being racest when there is fresh air and beautiful surroundings

Anonymous said...

"Tre', you're a disingenuous, pretentious hack. Do you moonlight as a parrot? Did you learn all that in college? Do you believe everything you're taught? Are you unable to see through bias? Perhaps you should step off your soap box every once in a while and take a look at reality. No we are not all equally affected by social problems, black people seem to represent a disproportionate amount of social pathologies amongst their ranks. And no, underneath our different skin colors we are not the same. Sorry buddy but life just ain't that clean cut. About all I can agree on, is that we are humans, and that all of us are different, and that we should celebrate, or at least acknowledge said differences as opposed to trying to cover them up and make everyone the same. But i'll concede this, Tre', you do a terrific job of being a useful idiot. Its a shame that you are unable to see the bigger picture through your holier than thou lens."

She's not necessarily being disingenuous. :)

Anonymous said...

I thwarted a robbery at a gas station by squirting the perp with gas and then threatening him with a lighter. He took off running.
This should work at any gas station. Just BE AWARE of your surroundings. Look the perp in the eyes and be ready to squirt gas on him. Works every time!

Anonymous said...

The o'bama is not our first "post racial" president. Blacks voted as a "bloc" only because he is black. Many of us saw through his deception and outright disdain for MY country. Call me a "birther"--WHY would a person spend millions of dollars to keep his records sealed??

Anonymous said...

This site is actually hilarious. Stumbled upon it looking for real research. For the record, there are more White people on welfare than Black people by about 3-5% on any given year.

I don't know anything about Clayton County, but I'm betting that I have more brain power than the combination of you back woods jack asses. What a f$##$ing joke. Here's something Black People Don't Like. Stupid ass white people!

Anonymous said...

What's really funny is that people don't seem t realize that the war is over. Sorry, but the south is not going to rise again. HAHA. Genetically all humans are so similar some of you bigots would cry (maybe even commit suicide) just knowing that you are so genetically similar to anyone of darker (or lighter) skin... and it's fucking hilarious. Everyone eats with teeth and a tongue. Then we swallow our food with an esophagus which leads to a stomach, instestine, and finally comes out the other end. We all sleep when we are tired. We bathe when we are dirty. We shiver when we are cold. We all laugh, cry, sweat, sneeze, cough, smile, frown, blink, and breathe in and out with lungs. We all BLEED. We feel pain, joy, saddness, fear, anger,success, defeat, etc. We all protect our children and their innoncence. Our children all whine when we don't get them that toy they want, they may ask for a cookie or ice-cream, or need help tying their shoe laces for the first time. The last I checked, we all have sex too (some better than others).

I think you should make a second blog that chronicles "Stuff White People Don't Like" if your so-called "goal" is to educate people on what reality is.

Anonymous said...

The day Whites lose control of America is the day it turns into a ghetto.

Whites will retreat into "fly over" country while the military is needed to keep piece in the cities.

The excrement will really hit the fan when whites refuse to allow blacks and Mexicans into the last peaceful communities in America, and the American government tries to use the majority white army against it's own race.

That will be an historic event.

Anonymous said...

When white people lose control of the country, America will revert into a ghetto.

White people will move further into "fly over country" and the cities will require the military to keep the peace.

The excrement will truly hit the fan when the government wishes to move black and mexicans into the last remaining peaceful communities, and the white population refuses.

Anonymous said...

... Clayton County, Ga. is a prime example of the internal workings & mechanics of The Democrat Slave Plantation....I have been living in Clayton County for over 45 years and It's a living nightmare, to say the least....Whites cannot even attend movies anymore, without being disturbed and distracted during the movie....TOTAL UNCONTROLLED CHAOS !!!

Oscar Knight said...

Quote : "For good measure, the NAACP is not the oldest civil rights organization in the USA. The National Rifle Association (founded November 17, 1871)is."

...The Role of The National Rifle Association is to protect our Second Amendment Rights; The role of NAACP is to oppose your individual rights under our Second Amendment.

....I live in Clayton County, Ga. and I know all about The NAACP and their Democrat Slave Plantation....The Look Up :



...If it was up to The NAACP, We would have lost our Individual Rights to owned firearms, or any kind of ARMS. The NAACP is nothing but a organization that profits from race; "Race Profiteers".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous idiot above""We all protect our children..." Nonot ALL...and we are NOTHING like niggerz!

Anonymous said...

Giving power to 90 % complete mental cripples, is putting a silk hat on a pig.

PK rocks the casbah.

Anonymous said...

lol...smh....this shit is crazy! So when a white person robs, rapes, or kills one of you racist fucks or a racist fuck you know ......what are you going to say then? Happens everyday. Niggers steal , crackers steal, spicks,chinks and wetbacks too and the towel heads keep your ....stop the sensitive nonsense and grow the fuck up...spend all day thinking about black people enough to have a fucking blog...and do all this "research" ....hahaha IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon August 28,2011 7:27 AM

We wouldn't have to have a blog if we were PERMITTED to criticize Negro's pathologies in the MSM. Unfortunately for us we're stuck with Affirmative Action delinquents that have way too much power for their own good.
If you don't like this blog, we invite to take a hike, you're obviously too dense to contribute anything positive to this blog.

Anonymous said...

God is no respector of persons and sin knows no color. I live in clayton county across the street from a subdivision which is 99% asian. I can tell you that Martin Luther King hit the nail on the head when he said it is the content of a person's heart and not the color of a person's skin. I am white and proud of it.That is how God made me and not because of the outside but because one day Jesus took my black heart washed it with His red blood and made it white as snow.

Sohn von Odin said...

"blacks where very instumental [sic] to a lot of things whites utilize"

I do not see how any of those things required cotton to be invented.

On a more serious note, that is a bogus list that credits blacks with "inventing" things that had already been invented by white men. That list is of blacks who slightly modified the designs of whites and filed patents, and virtually none of their "inventions" mattered at all since it was white designs that lasted.

Andrew Shontz said...

I can not believe some people are so racist, I am white and I love it here, I have a beautiful home, and I feel very safe here, if anyone does not take care of there yard, or is a nuisance the neighbors get on them, and tell them to clean up there act, we all want to live in a nice neighborhood, it does not matter about what color you are, I have told many people in life, and I will tell you all now on here, color does not matter, assholes come in every color.

Anonymous said...

Oh ho ho, I'm reading this in year 2017 and I google Sheriff Victor

Clayton Sheriff Victor Hill indicted, victim seeks job in his...
Nov 12, 2015 - UPDATE: Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill has been indicted by a Gwinnett Grand Jury on charges related to the May accidental shooting of Gwenevere McCord. ... Last month, McCord applied for a $25,855-a-year job as a clerk in the Clayton sheriff’s department. ... ORIGINAL STORY: Clayton ...

UPDATE: Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill's police certification put on ...
6 days ago - Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill's Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification has been placed on two-year probation ...

If Hill was white, he would have been fired. Blacks have no shame and they never learn, why you white people keep giving them chance after chance after chance?