Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#99. Cooperating with Police

Black people don't like to be told what to do. This is a fact and an irrefutable one. They were told to sit in the back of the bus, and refused. They were told to not eat at the same restaurants as others, and they refused.

They were told not violate the anti-miscegenation laws of states and they refused. They have been told not to violate the laws of the United States of America, and yet, they refuse steadfastly.

More so, Black people have been told to cooperate with the police, the only protection that law abiding citizens have from the miscreants of society, and yet Black people retain that stubborn streak and refuse to comply with police demands.

Rodney King, the man who started one of the biggest riots in the past thirty years, could have avoided his fate - and absolved Los Angeles from over $1 billion worth of damage - but he failed to cooperate with police:

"The truth is more complicated. There were three people in King's car that night. After the 8-mile high-speed chase on which King led the California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles police, a CHP officer demanded that everyone get out of the car with his hands on his head. King's passengers did as they were told. King, for reasons that remain mysterious, refused to comply and did not speak intelligibly to the officer. An ex-con on probation, King certainly knew the arrest drill. He says he smoked dope and drank malt liquor that night. The police were convinced that he was high on PCP.

The whole world thinks that the police next engaged in an orgy of violence. But that is because the first 13 seconds of the tape -- which showed King charging at Officer Laurence Powell -- were edited out. The first jury saw the whole tape.

King simply would not get down. The police accordingly escalated their violence. They attempted a maneuver called the swarm, in which four officers would overcome King. He was able to throw them off. Sgt. Stacey Koon, the officer in charge, next attempted to subdue King with a Taser. It had no effect. Frightened now of this large and seemingly preternaturally strong suspect, the officers began to hit him with their batons, all the while shouting for him to get down on the ground. King continued to stay up on all fours. Powell told the first jury that he feared King was going to wrest his gun away from him, leading to a shooting."

Had Rodney King just acknowledged the police officers with a simple 'yes sir', instead of being obstinate, he wouldn't have been beaten, sent to jail and then directly caused a massive riot that left many devoid of their lives.

Another recent example of a Black person failing to cooperate with the police is Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, a Black man who is perpetually incapable of dealing with any situation without finding the acrid scent of racism attached to it. He is a vital part of the Black community in America and respected for his strong stances in defense of his people, and yet, in a recent incident with police, he showed himself to be yet another SBPDL example of not cooperating with police.

Gates was trying to enter his home, and to his neighbors it appeared a Black person was breaking into his home. They called the police. What follows is a great example of why you should cooperate with the police and also why you should not berate them, regardless of your skin color or your stance in the professional race racketeering industry:

"As soon as Officer Crowley arrived and got to the front door, he encountered, standing inside the door, none other than Gates, who instantly began yelling at him in an extremely loud voice that he was a "racist police officer." Instead of defusing the situation by cooperating with the officer, who was, after all, only doing his job, instead of simply explaining politely that he lived in the house and that his house had not been broken into (though it's still not clear who the two young men were), Gates continued his "tumultuous," threatening ("you don't know who I am, you'll be sorry for messing with me"), and extremely insulting behavior for a long time, first inside the house, where his voice was so loud that the officer could not conduct a conversation over his police radio, then outside the house, alarming passersby, until, after warning Gates twice that he was behaving disorderly, Crowley arrested him. And during the whole time Gates kept bellowing that Crowley was a "racist police officer."

Also, from early on in the incident, Officer Crowley repeatedly began to leave Gates' house, but Gates stopped him, insisting that Crowley first tell him his name. But each time Crowley gave his name, Gates kept shouting so loudly that he couldn't hear the officer's answer. And when Crowley would again start to leave the house, Gates would again demand his name."

Gates was of course arrested, sparking national coverage of the victim hood of Mr. Gates at the hands of the racist police. In a world run by evil white supremacists - as so many Black people believe America is run by - Mr. Gates would have had a black bag put over head and shot for his insolence. Instead, the truth of Gates' uncooperative attitude with the police has been silenced and the supposed racial angle of the profiling of a Black man - even more so one who is a 'respected' Black scholar - has been the focal point of the story.

Black people do not yet understand that in Post-Obama America, they run the show and call the shots and have a complicit media prepared to cover up any negative portrayal of Black people. The media will showcase only positive images of Black people, even when a prominent Black person does not cooperate with the police. White racism will always be the culcript, not a Black person failing to cooperate with the police and yelling at him and calling him a racist for daring to arrest a great Black scholar.

They can in turn make the story one of racial profiling, instead of yet another example of Stuff Black People Don't Like; cooperating with the police. Even in Pre-Obama America, as evidenced by the Rodney King affair, the truth of any crime and not cooperating with the police was made to look like another example of white racism, not Black people failing to cooperate with the police.


James O'Meara said...

I think that this:
"Also, from early on in the incident, Officer Crowley repeatedly began to leave Gates' house, but Gates stopped him, insisting that Crowley first tell him his name. But each time Crowley gave his name, Gates kept shouting so loudly that he couldn't hear the officer's answer. And when Crowley would again start to leave the house, Gates would again demand his name."

perfectly sums up the black/white experience in America.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. The police in the US today are generally arrogant, bullying scum who take pleasure in escalating conflicts and inflicting violence on those weaker than themselves. More than a few cops are psychopaths. Having the courage to refuse to grovel before them like a spineless worm is a virtue, not a vice.

2. The pigs are NOT "the only protection that law-abiding citizens have from the miscreants of society." I can protect myself just fine with one of my guns, thanks. Unfortunately, many people live in areas where the pigs enforce weapons laws that leave law-abiding people disarmed and defenseless against violent criminals. Perhaps being law-abiding isn't all it's cracked up to be?

erinzdad said...

Hey anonymous. You said, "The police in the US today are generally arrogant, bullying scum..."

Did you even read the article? Were the police arrogant towards or bullying Mr. Gates?

You do not have to grovel to the police, but you should comply when you are in the wrong. Clearly Mr. Gates WAS in the wrong here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 1:12 pm

A woman called police because she saw what appeared to be a man breaking into a house.
If the police had NOT responded, and it had been a real break-in Gates would have howled racism even louder.

This is another example of how diversity is a strength!

Anonymous said...

Difference between a white guy and a black guy in this situation.

White Guy shows his ID and proves it is his house and then thanks the cops for coming out to protect his property. Also, maybe try and find out which neighbor called to thank them for watching out for his house.

Black Guy yells racism

Anonymous said...

Gates did not show an ID with this house as his address.

Anonymous said...

Mr. President, how about saying “Well the professor overreacted and should have been grateful that the police responded to his house thinking that someone was breaking in. Once Proper ID was displayed he should have thanked them, shook their hands and kept his RACIST mouth shut!”

El Caudillo said...

Hello sir,

Why do you capitalize "Black" but not show the same courtesy and capitalize "White" when speaking about people?

Anonymous said...

None of you fools were there so why even comment on it at all. Police tend to overdue their so called responsibilities and why should someone let another all over them? It's ridiculous how much we have been focussing on this foolishness when they are much bigger things to worry about like the coming World War 3 or the New World Order. And lastly this site is so stupid. Dont you havr anything better to discussd other than what black people dont like? This site is borderline racist.

Anonymous said...

Anon above:
The MARs protesters never attacked anyone while giving their right by cooperating with the police. NO violence. Didn't Martin Luther King give a peaceful protest the same way showing that the cops were arrogent back then, but today black people are becoming more violent and are not doing following the law, which is why most cops should were not as arrogant as back then.

Anonymous said...

All of you who gave a comment are white and prejustice.

joybetainak said...

God I hate the cops

Anonymous said...

Is Pre Justice David Justice's brother?