Friday, July 24, 2009

#113. Waiting Until Graduation to Start Stripping

High school in the United States is an exciting time for members of every race. Football games, the first parties with alcohol and prom season all leave lasting memories and impressions that will last a lifetime.

John Hughes, the incredible director of 1980s movies, chronicled life for white people in high school in many of his films, from The Breakfast Club to Sixteen Candles. However, his talents and artistic mind would be incapable of creating the video and story you are about learn about, once again coming to you live from Clayton County, Georgia.

The county that is quickly becoming the blueprint for all other majority Black, government controlled by Black people for the benefit of only Black people, Post-Obama America, is also the home to yet another inclusion in Stuff Black People Don't Like: waiting until graduation to start stripping.

Jonesboro High School, that crown jewel of Georgia educational system - and one of the schools of the only county in the last 40 years to lose its accreditation - is roughly 65 percent Black and 42 percent of its students are eligible for free lunches. It boasts a graduation of 64 percent.

In 2008, the Jonesboro High School dance team made national news when a video of their halftime performance made it on Youtube and reminded some that the Gold Club might have shut down in Atlanta, but it had found permanent residence in the Jonesboro High Basketball Arena:

"A provocative dance performed at a basketball game has forced Jonesboro High School to shut down the dance team for the rest of the season...From the beginning, some parents say they noticed the uniform -- the short shorts, the tight shirts, the thigh-high socks -- and then, the moves.

The girls pulled six boys from the bleachers -- who sat back and watch from orange chairs, while the dancers bounced, shook and squatted around them.Trailed by parent complaints, the eight-member dance team was suspended -- banned from practicing and performing for the rest of the season.

Their dance advisor was removed from the team."I told my husband they look like the future hookers of America," said one parent, Joanne Holt. "It's terrible! And it's the teachers that's teaching 'em!"
Black people gyrating to music and dancing provocatively is nothing new, as any rap video will display misogynistic behavior toward females. High school students doing this, though, is a step in a direction that will provide a new generation of voracious advocates of the practice of "Making it Rain".

Stuff Black People Don't Like will include waiting until graduation to start stripping, for rap videos glorify the debasement of women and thus, the trickle-down theory of the pervision of morality has affected even the fine citizens of Clayton County, the county that epitomizes the coming Black rule in America.


macon d said...

Hello! We obviously have our differences, but I just wanted to say thanks for all the recs and links and such sending folks over to my blog. It's really upping my hit count!

Peace, free speech, love and dreams, etc.,

macon d

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

You are welcome. I find you site interesting, because it speaks primarily to the audience that refuses to acknowledge race as a biological reality, something all other races do, except for white people.

Indra said...

My lord, they couldn't even dance. Seriously, that was just really bad.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Indra. The dance routie was horrific. The fact that it was morally bankrupt is to be expected.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I find you site interesting, because it speaks primarily to the audience that refuses to acknowledge race as a biological reality, something all other races do, except for white people."

Huh? I thought your site is about BLACK people. Or excuse me, as you and your fans would call them, "black animals." Who the hell are you to talk about white people like that????

And since, given your title, you are a self-declared expert about black people, surely you can provide evidence that they, as a people, believe that race is a biological reality.


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

If you were paying attention to the first comment, from the author of a website that is linked to on my blog roll, I commented that his site discusses race from an angle that doesn't treat it as a biological reality.

I can not help what people write in comments. I moderate them and found that that comment wasn't demeaning. Watch the video again that is above.

The behavior is animalistic to me as well. Watch the crowd and how they react to young girls dancing. No sane person would allow their daughters to dance like that.

Evidence that race is a biological reality to Black people??

Search this blog and find links that take you to how Black people voted almost 99 percent in favor for Barack Obama.

That type of racial cohesion is admirable, not lamentable.

Black people understand that they are a distinct race, not some abstraction.

Go around and enjoy this site. Read what has been written and you will see that Black people view themselves as a distinct race.

Thanks for visiting! Tell your friends!

Anonymous said...

STBPDL, i LOVE this site, but I think this post was lackluster in humor and content. Maybe it has to do with the rate at which you post. Nobody expects you to churn out quality as fast and as consistently as you do.

Anonymous said...

If black people vote for someone in large numbers because he "looks like me". I guess that could go a bit to prove that they view themselves as a distict race. He has dark skin, negroid hair and brown eyes.
White people however can have black, brown, blond and red hair, curly or strait. They can have brown, blue, green, grey eyes. So sometimes other whites don't "look like me". Perhaps that could be the root issue. Just a thought.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This video confirms what I've always known, namely that cheerleading is burlesque, NOT a sport. The only reason why some may think cheerleading is a sport is that it takes place in a sporting venue.

The only difference between a cheerleader and a stripper is that the cheerleader keeps her clothes on, at the end of her dance routine.

Anonymous said...

Hey! What's all the fuss? The girls are getting some exercise and entertaining the crowd. The guys on the basketball court are getting some exercise and entertaining the crowd. Ask any black man -- Booties are made to be shaken. Lighten up a little and enjoy the scenery.