Friday, July 17, 2009

#47. Disingenuous White Liberals

"Keeping it real" is an important saying in the Black community, as Black people do not like those who give false impressions of what they are truly after.

Black people value authenticity above almost everything else in their daily lives and when someone in their community strays from being authentically Black, they will be excommunicated (at least until that persons death, like Michael Jackson).

However, what Black people really find unbecoming is the disingenuous white liberal: that rare breed of white person who speaks a big game about hating whiteness; saving Dafur and every non-white person on the planet; helping destroy the achievement gap between Blacks and whites by becoming a crusading white pedagogue; and by being a champion of diversity.

Incidentally, these disingenuous white liberals do everything in their power to live as far away from Black people as possible and in some cases, through the practice of gentrification, actually act like pioneers and the white settlers that stole America from the "indigenous people" that disingenuous white liberals so hate, by moving into blighted areas that Black people once lived and trying to make it into a "hip" environment.

Disingenuous white liberals suffer from a chronic case of white guilt:
"refers to the concept of individual or collective guilt often said to be felt by some White people for the racist treatment of people of color by Whites both historically and presently."
These white liberals are what Black people find despicable, as they do everything in their power to send their white kids to elite private schools, socialize with and only live in neighborhoods full of other disingenuous white people.

A whole website and subsequent best selling book was created by a token disingenuous white liberal and it bares the name Stuff White People Like. When Black people read this book and when they visit the website, they are shocked and mortified to find the blue print as to how disingenuous white liberals have been living all these years and how they will continue to live.

Take for instance the cities that have huge populations of disingenuous white people, like Portland. With over 74 percent of the core of the city being white, Black people it an oasis of whiteness, or as Steve Sailer wrote:
"Portland, Oregon is, of course, near the top of any list of Stuff White People Like. It has it all: environmental restrictions on suburban development, trams, liberal social attitudes, bicycle trails, awareness, an upscale population, microbreweries, sterility, and so much more. Not surprisingly, white people like Portland."
The most important entry that has been logged by the creator of Stuff White People Like is #8. Barack Hussein Obama:
"Because white people are afraid that if they don’t like him that they will be called racist."
Black people are only 13 percent of the United States population and though they voted 96 percent for Obama in 2008, they needed allies: and they found them willingly in the self-loathing, self-segregating disingenuous white liberals.

However, there is no room in Post-Obama for any remnant of Pre-Obama America, so soon even these disingenuous white liberal allies will be pushed out to make room for the eventual "this is a Black world" that was discussed by a mob of Black people as they attacked a white family in Akron, Ohio recently.

Black people look at disingenuous white liberals as a major nuisance, because they always are self-congratulating around Black people by trying to show off how anti-racist they are and how much they care about them.

Black people know that they must "tolerate" these people, who remain blissfully ignorant at how they are being used and manipulated. No monuments will be built to the Bill Clinton's nor the Jimmy Carter's of the world who have helped make the coming "Black world" possible, for they will be remembered for having been just another disingenuous white liberal.

Take for instance some famous disingenuous white liberals. Amy Biehl was a college student who hated apartheid and South Africa. She was visiting South Africa to volunteer to help out Black people and involuntarily lost her life at their hands:
"When 26-year-old Biehl drove a friend home to the township of Guguletu, outside Cape Town, on August 25, 1993, a black mob pelted her car with stones and smashed its windows while shouting racial epithets. Biehl was struck in the head with a brick, then dragged from her car. She was surrounded as she tried to escape and was stoned and stabbed to death. Four of the men complicit in Biehl's murder were convicted for it; however, all four were pardoned in 1998, several years after the end of Apartheid."
Biehl was killed by the very people she wanted to help emancipate - which is interesting considering that in post-apartheid South Africa it has been admitted that 25 percent of the Black people there have committed a rape. The men who killed were then pardoned, her disingenuous white liberal life meaningless in the eyes of the post-apartheid South Africa court system.

The sad case of the University of North Carolina class president Eve Marie Carson - who was killed by two Black people for no reason at all - is just as tragic.
"Eve Carson was shot four other times, according to the report from the Office of the State Medical Examiner that simply lists her cause of death as “multiple gunshot wounds.” The 22-year-old from Athens, Ga., was found March 5 lying on a street not far from the university’s campus.

Prosecutors have charged two Durham men—Laurence Lovette, 17, and Demario Atwater, 22—with first-degree murder in her death. Lovette and another man are also charged with the January murder of Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato."
She was killed for $1400, the amount her two Black killers got using her ATM card. Sadly, Carson viewed the world through the same prism of Biehl and her last image of life mirrored the poor girl who was killed in South Africa - a Black person:
"A premed student, she majored in political science and biology, taught science at a Chapel Hill elementary school, studied abroad in Cuba and spent summers volunteering in Ecuador, Egypt and Ghana as part of a school program."
Black people know that white people look at them with suspicious eyes. High crime rates in the Black community and a rash of Black-on-White violence has made many people fearful of Black people, but disingenuous white liberals remain blissfully ignorant to this reality.

Disingenuous white liberals would rather die than be called a racist or even to consider harboring thoughts, culled from "hate facts" that might be construed as prejudicial.

Consider the case of a girl who was raped by three Black people in back in 2007:

"The alleged victim in a gang rape last year testified Friday that she didn’t report the incident at first because she didn’t want to be seen as a racist.

Three African-American 17- year-olds—Nicholas M. Smith and Dontre R. Woods, both of Lockport, and Dartaine M. Ubiles of Niagara Falls—are on trial in Niagara County Court, charged with raping the girl in Woods’ home. The girl is white."

This girl was so afraid of reporting a horrifying rape by three Black men - because she was afraid of being seen as a racist - that these men almost got off, like the killers of Amy Biehl.

Black people look at disingenuous white liberals scornfully, but also with a sense of pity. They were useful idiots in helping elect Barack Obama to the Oval Office, but now they are just another example of Stuff Black People Don't Like.


Jonne Austin said...

Oh the irony! I will be sure to check this blog regularly. Racist white male writes/blogs about Stuff Black People don't like. That's rich! :)

I can see that we are going to be friends :)

CatOnARoof said...

All of those white liberals referenced above got exactly what they deserved. This is TRULY what I would call JUSTICE!! You reach out to the lowly creature, and you will surely get your hand chomped off. It couldn't have happened to more deserving people. As you said, they are "self loathing" and as such they got what they wished: annihilation. And they got it at the hand of their most beloved pets: bottom of the barrel humanity.

Steve said...

Brilliant I love this site. Truth with a healthy dose of humor!

Laura said...

Wow. I don't know any black people who are okay with devaluing human lives, so I guess I must be living in a disingenous white liberal bubble. Thanks for opening my ignorant lives-- I'll try to remember to be more heartless and selfish.

Anonymous said...

laura, what planet do you live on because it cant possibly be earth? The vast majority of black males devalue life 24/7 and many black females are right there with them! Heard any rap songs lately? They devalue and degrade women, they condone killing cops, they promote crime and violence as well as promote drug dealing/use! they claim its their "culture" lol! You are much more likely to be a victim of a crime committed by a black than a non-black! You sound like you would be like the girl mentioned in this blog that was raped and didnt report it for fear of being accused of being racist! Its a shame that white eyes are basically "eyes wide shut"! I guarantee that by the end of these four years they will be "eyes wide open" but it will be too late! Get rid of that white guilt and save yourself and your family!

Anonymous said...

You gotta love posts like Laura's.

Full of pretense and denial.

Will Cobbett said...

Laura said...

Wow. I don't know any black people who are okay with devaluing human lives, so I guess I must be living in a disingenous white liberal bubble. Thanks for opening my ignorant lives-- I'll try to remember to be more heartless and selfish.

See? Completely easy. Now fuck off to the kitchen and russle me up some grub. There's a good girl

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura. Anti-racist is code for anti-white. South Africa beckons. Or East St. Louis. I'm sure ALL of those people would love to 'have' you.

Anonymous said...

"...I'll try to remember to be more heartless and selfish."

Just as you would love your own children more than you would your neighbor's children (because they are more closely related to you than your neighbors kids) you should show more loving kindness and selflessness to your fellow White people. Your "Folk".

Like it or not, blacks see themselves as extended family and over many decades Whites have been discouraged from seeing themselves in like manner. Why? Divide and conquer.

It is up to you whether or not you will break free of the politically-correct chains which bind your mind.

Here's hoping you make the right choice!

Anonymous said...

You've gotta love it when disingenuous white liberals get themselves raped and killed because they chose to stubbornly refuse to accept facts of life that any sane white person understands intuitively.

I like that the author touches on how self-serving white liberals really are. Despite how much they insist they want to help blacks and other non-whites what really motivates them deep down is the need to assuage their own feelings of guilt over being born white.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I too once used to be a disingenuous white liberal, but luckily I snapped out of it before it could put me in harm's way.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the last thought that went through Amy Biehl's mind as she was being murdered by the savages. She probably blamed herself and her ancestors for inventing the steamship and landing on the moon. We showed the hunter-gatherers up, and we had to pay!

Blacks respect race awareness. They are always racially aware. Walk down a street in a black neighborhood. Observe how you are observed. Be you White, Hispanic, Asian, you will be followed until you exit or are attacked. I make it clear that Blacks are to get out of my way, and my hand is on my weapon at all times when I am in a Black environment. Saved my life once when I made it clear to a group of young bucks that they might take my life, but some of them would come with me to meet the Lord Jesus. They scattered like kids at recess. The hipster doofus who tries to "whazzupmynizza" declares himself a target, and is prey for the predator. When Whites carry themselves as they should, Blacks still loathe them, but fear them also. It is a race memory and it does not leave them easily.

Ketzer said...

I just stumbled uppon this site via American Renaissance. Hilariously, sadly true. I've bookmarked your site and will check back daily.

BW Sam said...

Laura wrote:

"Wow. I don't know any black people who are okay with devaluing human lives..."

Nevermind, hon. Tell you what: let's you and I take a ride to my old hometown of Baltimore. I'll drop you off at the corner of Hilton Parkway and North Avenue, and you start walking east. I promise it won't take you long to find some.

Anonymous said...

Laura must be as self-delusional, as the wind is wild. She might try jogging through Detroit, or Gary, IN and see if the simians there will value her.

Anonymous said...

You're losers. After reading the posts from you slobbering retards, I'm not sad that the right-wing is buckling under it's sheer stupidity and from a negative reproductive rate. And I don't regret living, earning and spending my hard-earned Black dollars (much more than probably all of you) outside of this country. Look around you. It's a sinking ship; China, the Arab world, and yes even South Africa have a huge demand for uppity American niggers like me. Who knew? But, don't worry; I'll be back to retire in a few years after the non-whites have reclaimed this country. The cities for the Blacks, the Sunshine Belt for the Hispanics, the Northwest for the Asians. We'll make a reservation in Utah for your few remaining white grandchildren. And give them a few token positions in the Malia Obama administration. HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

The only problem is the blacks be working as maids and gardeners to the Asians. Hope you like ramen.

Anonymous said...

When the US trade deficit hits, WHITE PEOPLE will be working as maids and gardeners for the People's Republic of China. Will that be one order of Ramen for you, as well? As for me, I will still be teaching Asians how to take the SAT test.

Anonymous said...

anon said: I'm not sad that the right-wing is buckling under it's sheer stupidity and from a negative reproductive rate/

The native born white replacement rate is 1.4
The native born black replacement rate is 1.3
(mostly due to premature death, imprisonment and abortion) these are both negative reproductive rates....

However, the black population is growing in America due to native African immigration. Including from places like Liberia (a country set up and funded by white men, furnished with white mens naval ships, It's seas patrolled by white men(and black) to enforce the end of the slave trade and where no white men were allowed to own property or hold political office save for advisory roles).

Is it white mens fault that they can not run their own affairs? When Liberians stuck with christianty it was extremely successful with a lucrative export trade, when succeeding generations abandoned the biblical foundations instilled in them by the evil white men...things quickly took their natural course. (this is by no means meant to be a knock against those valiant ex slaves who gave it their best shot, for white men are now in the same boat biblically)

Whites are no longer allowed to immigrate to the US without very good reason and skillful jumping of hoops. Citizens contol nothing, The Romans and their papal court zionists control everything policywise. There is always a price to be paid for sin...even if it's your father's sin, and that price is a third wave of Roman cult mestizos and the culmination of the counter-reformation in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I am from Canada. I see a Conservative trend taking place all over the white world- US, Canada, US, Australia, France, Europe, Russia, etc.

I blame it on fear of a non-white Planet. White people have a low birth rate- due to lack of family values, gays/lesbians, women focusing on career, intermarraige with non-whites, etc. As such, whites are seeing more and more nonwhites around them and reacting like frightened children. Academically, East Indians and Orientals can kick their ass. Athletically, blacks really dominate. Jews run the financial power in America.

What is a White Person to do?
Imagine conspiracies with a Communist Muslim President (Obama, of course) trying to impose a black militant agenda that will destroy the USA by turning it into a pro-gay Socialist state. Black criminals- as they apparently all are- (just as all whites are members of the KKK) are just part of this process.

Man, as whites become less and less, they become crazier and crazier!

Anonymous said...

I'm White and I live in a predominantly Black Caribbean island. The Black majority here are RACIST against Whites and the Native Indians--yet these same Blacks would throw a fit if they were treated the same way by any other race. The Blacks here are a bunch of lazy, stupid people that would be living in the Stone Age if it were not for the few Whites and Asians that have modernized the island. Blacks are just as racist as the KKK so they just need to shut the fuck up and stop playing the perpetual victim.

Anonymous said...

i just happened to stumble upon this site and i am certainly appalled by the garbage that i have read on here so far. Where does anyone get off thinking their race is any better than anyone else's. There are so many poor white trash neighborhoods in this country, where there is just as much crime, racism and poverty in these neighborhoods. It's all about the opportunities people have available to them and and the choices they make. It has absolutely nothing to do with race. You ignorant people on here are talking about crimes committed by blacks. Let's talk about how those white guys in florida drug a black man to death in texas. Why is it that most serial killers are white. How about all these white kids shooting up schools and killing teachers and classmates. Are they any better then anyone else. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

To last anon,

Really? That's it? Show the statstics for crime in poor white neighborhoods? Show it!

Wait, I'll do it for you.

West Virginia is almost 97 percent white, and has a high amount of poverty, yet one of the lowest crime rates in the nation.

Yes, crime committed by anyone is bad, I agree. But Black's commmit a vastly disproportinate amount of crime, and horrible crimes at that. Just watch the nightly news.

It takes a real sick white person to commit a nasty crime that garners big time news coverage.

How can you drag someone to death in two states at the same time?

White kids shooting up schools? Wait, back in 1999 you mean? Columbine? That was a horrible event, but that was 11 years ago. Look at the school violence in Chicago this year alone.

You are a DWL. Good bye!

dorothyblueyes said...

A lot of this is true;Liberal whites act like they love black people,and then live as far away from them as they can.Young white guys play rap music,but none of them would want to live in the ghetto.Yes,unfortunately,most of this is true;I lived in San Francisco,and because of my money-situation,I had to be around a lot of black people,take the bus,and go thru bad,black neighborhoods that were blighted.And you got treated real badly on the bus,if it went thru black areas,and you were white.The other thing was,I got harrassed,on and off,for years,from black men in the city,cause I was a very pale,white woman.with red hair.It did not matter if I got fat,or if I was middleaged,I still got too much (bad)attention from black men.Young ones,fat ones,bus drivers,riders,and old black guys trying to buy me a drink,at a poetry reading.They just did not seem to get,that I did not want to be bothered by them.To be frank,black men are very sexually agressive;they literally chase after white women,much more so than white guys.And,they don;t care if you're fat,old,frumpy,middleaged,or very disinterested,hostile.One of the main reasons I moved out of San Francisco,was to get away from bad neighborhoods with lots of agressive black guys.No,I'm not racist,I just do not like black guys chasing me all the time,and I'm not even young!!They must have MORE testosterone than white guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Years ago someone told me this:

If you never been a Liberal before the age of 25, you got no heart.

But if you are still a Liberal AFTER the age of 25, you got no brain !

Anonymous said...

When I read posts like that of Dorothy and the other ignorant and stereotyping bigots like her on this post it makes me nauseated. As a black man , Dorothy, I have been racially harrassed , set up, falsely accused and perpetually annoyed by white women galore,but you would never know that because you and your cohorts are so busy bashing blacks (especially black men). I get it--O J Simpson got off for murder, but Robert Blake (Beretta) who got off for murdering his wife Bonnie was no big deal. Blacks who live in a run down project-apartment in a ghetto are low-life, but the poor white trash who live in a garbage trailer park or in a log cabin in the back-woods as hillbillies are OKAY. Yeah right !! Get real ! A black gang member can do a drive by shooting, then all blacks are criminals, but the white mafia and white organized crime syndicate members can engage in "hits" or bombings of rivals and its NO BIG DEAL. A black can speak (Ebonics) " wutup dog" and thats awfull, but a white can speak (Ivronics) "git-r-done" or " it good fer ya" or "go fetch muh shootin iron" and thats no problem. What a bunch of hate-mongering, bigoted, racist hypocritical and double-standard a**holes !!! Racial prejudice and mis-behavior is in all ethnic groups .I could go on for days about my experiences and many other blacks but I wouldn't waste my time with ignorant and bigoted scum like you nut-cases !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm puerto rican and I hate niggers, kikes, crackers and chincks all at once and i can't wait for all of them to hurry up and kill each other.

Anonymous said...

After reading the above post by the Puerto Rican hate-mongering bigot , I can see that this post is not much different than that the web site- and the like IMHO. When people make stereotypical attacks upon an entire group of people , no matter what the race ,they are nothing but out and out racist bigots plain and simple. I have always found that the real racists are the real losers in society and they blame all other ethnic people for their failures. They have no life, nothing to contribute to the betterment of anyone but simply attack anyone unlike themselves as a cop out excuse for their own failures in life. These people want to get credit for what other successful people in their ethnic group have achieved but they themselves have accomplished NOTHING. They are losers through and through. So what we have is worthless people calling other people worthless. A case of " Bigots-r-Us" . How sad !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I'm puerto rican and I hate niggers, kikes, crackers and chincks all at once and i can't wait for all of them to hurry up and kill each other."

You look like a long-legged, pissed-off puerto rican.

Stewart X said...

The Pan-African Church of Satan. Antoine LuhVay presiding and shit....

John said...

I'm tired of negroids right now. I live in Europe and the negroids here are short, weak and ugly and live like parasites. They are easy victims to get robbed because of their small body size but sadly they have no money.

I'm 2.01 and I've never seen a negroid above 1.90, they are racists (just as myself after reading all their racist junk that came out from their degenerated brain).

First of all, Whites are supreme in any way. We are the tallest of any groups in terms of height, all the strongest men are white, almost all winners of heavy weight championshit after the 21th century are white and we have the leading nations in the world, we look the best and we have invented almost everything.

The only reason china has a economic "growth" is because Europe and USA feeds them by moving their factories and hiring them for production, China is a nation which will fail due to the fact that their population will demand higher wages and health care in proportional with their growth.

Blacks are the failures of the world, arabs, iranians, japanese, europeans, south americans, indians hates you and the only reason you are still alive is because of pity.

Anyways, I might have came off more extreme than I am in terms of the viewer but I'm literally tired of pseudo-claims done by blacks talking about how they will take over the U.S, if a ethnicity will take over the US it will be south americans and iirc they don't like you.

USA sucks by the way, it has spread retarded views to Europe and it has been feeding this racist junk towards white people since the end of the 20th century.

Anonymous said...

those long-winded posts from the ''black guy'' is probably some basement dwelling autist from 4chan, just so you know