Tuesday, July 14, 2009

#30. Living in US News and World Report and CNNMoney.com's Best Places to Live

Every year, US News and World Report unveils its list of Top Places to Live in the United States. Since everyone loves lists, CNNMoney.com has gotten in on the act and decided to name the best 100 small towns to live and raise a family.

Something is wrong with the list though, as the editors of both magazines have picked cities that look a lot like a Norman Rockwell painting and worse, Pre-Obama America that Black people hate so much. The cities are almost all comprised of white people - not the kind discussed in Stuff White People Like - but middle class and upper middle class white Americans, who have families, love their country and almost no crime rate: for most of these white people have fled larger metropolis' to escape... the crime.

One writer has labeled it the "Affordable Family Formation" plan, but Black people know better than to call these "enclaves of whiteness" by that name; they call it escapism from the reality of Post-Obama America.

For decades now, Black people know that white people have been moving farther and farther outside of major cities, like Detroit and Atlanta and turning vast wildernesses into bucolic suburban paradises for white people.

Black people know that white people claim the reason they move is to avoid the crime, congestion, and corruption of major cities, but the real reason can be ascertained using Occam's Razor: Black people know they are leaving to avoid being around Black people.

Conversely, a list that Black people do see their cities - of which they comprise a majority of the population - is the most dangerous cities in America:
"Whether perception or reality, crime has become a major concern for Atlantans, and it’s emerged as the leading issue in the upcoming mayoral election...After Memphis, with an 18 percent crime rate, Atlanta, San Antonio, Detroit and Milwaukee ranked as America’s least safe cities, according to the Real Clear Politics analysis."
US News and World Reports best places to live in 2009 include Boise, Idaho; Auburn, Al.; Austin, Tx; Durham, NC; Loveland, CO; La Crosse, Wis; San Luis Obispo, Calif; and Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania.

CNNMoney.com has an even whiter list than US News and World Report, naming Louisville, Colorado the best place to live in America:
"The racial makeup of the city was 91.17% white."
Black people look at these lists of white people living in veritable paradises without their presence and wonder how they could be listed as the best places to live? No diversity, just boring banal whiteness is awarded as the best places to live in America.

Stuff Black People Don't Like will always be the US News and World Report and CNNMoney.com's list of best places to live, because the only lists majority Black cities ever make are those that have the Federal Bureau of Investigation seal of approval upon it.


Anonymous said...

Man this blog rocks!

ARaceAgainstTime said...

CNNMoney's list arbitrarily excluded all towns that are >95% white from consideration.