Friday, July 10, 2009

#508. Staying Awake While Operating a Washington DC Metro Train

Admit it. We have all fallen asleep on the job before. Perhaps after a delicious lunch and upon returning to the office our eyes just happen to slowly close and before you know it, 5 p.m. has rolled around and its time to go home.

Black people and white people both fall asleep at work. However, white people rarely have a chance to fall asleep while on one job, because of the incredible few white people who are employed by the Washington DC Metro Authority:
"Metro employees are recruited and hired in a way that reflects racial favoritism towards African Americans rather than merit-based hiring. The percentage of white employees at Metro is so shockingly low as to provide powerful statistical evidence of discrimination, since it is much smaller than their percentage of both the qualified labor pool and the general population, both in the District of Columbia, and in the Washington, D.C. region as a whole. The racial breakdown of Metro’s workforce in and of itself easily qualifies as proof of a prima facie case of pattern-or-practice racial discrimination under the Supreme Court’s Teamsters decision."
Not only that, but the Metro system in Washington DC has no problem hiring Black criminals, an honorable thing to do to those who have paid their debt to society, until they get killed in a fight with an off-duty cop:

"The Metrobus driver slain in an encounter with an off-duty D.C. police officer had a violent past that included being charged with two killings and a 10-year prison term for armed robbery.

Just two months after Jelani Khalid Slay was released from federal prison on robbery and gun charges, he was hired by Metro to drive a city bus."

Recently, a teen from Maryland caught a Black person - who was the conductor of the metro train - asleep at the wheel:
"A 14-year-old Metro passenger captured stunning footage on the Green Line in Maryland. Gregory Thomas said he was riding the line June 18 and witnessed the train operator asleep at the controls..."At first he's dozing off then, he's not in a full sleep. I see him start to doze off and his head going limp," Thomas said."
Fallen asleep on the job normally means the potential of your face smashing into your keyboard, or you falling out of your chair. Maybe some drool on your tie. In the case of this DC Metro Train operator, it could possibly mean a fatal crash that could take the lives of everyone on board the train.

Word those traveling in Washington DC; Stuff Black People Don't Like includes staying awake while operating a Washington DC metro train and since the DC metro is overwhelmingly staffed by Black people, it might be safe to just walk. Or not, according to the homicide rate for DC in 2008:
"Murders, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults increased 6.5 percent in the first six months of last year, according to an internal D.C. police report obtained this week by The Examiner. The department has not publicly released the statistics."
It might be best to steer clear of Washington DC all together, judging by the sleep patterns of Black metro conductors, the hiring practices that ensure more sleep deprived Black people will man the trains and the rising homicide rate in our nations capitol.


Anonymiss said...

What is the aim of this blog?? When I first heard of it, I thought it was supposed to be humorous and similar to the "Stuff Black People Hate" blog however your blog is clearly racist towards blacks and you clearly do not like black people.

Anonymous said...

I find "Stuff Black People Don't like" to be very informative & helpful. I think the first commenter has a real "chip" on his or her shoulder about something!

Anonymous said...

I always get a good laugh out of reading the blogs on "Stuff Black People Like". Obviously, 'Anonymiss' has not spent much time around black people, or she would understand that what is written in these blogs is based on how most black people behave in REALITY. I would challange 'Anonymiss' to move to an area that is highly populated by low to middle income blacks and live among them for six months. I doubt she could last 6 days.

Anonymous said...

I live in an economically challenged area of Oakland in California. Lots of pie-eyed young people move here thinking that there will be a big love fest between themselves & the indigenous population. The youngsters that learn learn quickly (most of them, thankfully.), but some of them will never learn.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. "Merit-based hiring" for a job that requires driving? Shut the hell up and go to college if you want to get a job based on your merits. Otherwise don't complain about black people taking all those LUCRATIVE train driving jobs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymiss is probably black herself and is living in la-la land where the truth is irrelevant

Nicholas Stix said...

Anonymous: "I'm sorry. 'Merit-based hiring' for a job that requires driving? Shut the hell up and go to college if you want to get a job based on your merits. Otherwise don't complain about black people taking all those LUCRATIVE train driving jobs."

Anonymous--no, not that Anonymous, or that Anonymous, or that Anonymous, or that Anonymous; I mean Anonymous!--how does going to college ensure that one will get a merit-based job?

BTW, Anon--may I call you "Anon," for short, I feel like we have such a meaningful, intimate relationship?--those train-driving jobs pay middle-class salaries, plus great bennies, which is not only fantastic for high school dropouts, some of whom are felons and ex-felons, respectively, but much better than what a lot of us GEDs and college grads are earning. Plus, being able to sleep on the job at MA means also being able to sleep on a second job, when you're off-duty! The only time you'd ever need to be awake would be when driving to and from sleep jobs.

To: SBPDL. I like your site, and salute you. The number of potential topics is, of course, infinite, since the proper answer to the question, "What don't black people like?" is, "Everything." They even hate black people!

When I went to this page (from American Renaissance, I believe), I thought it was the first time I'd been here, but then I remembered the (Jolson?) picture.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I thought the crime rate in DC has been declining as of late, as a longterm trend. Perhaps this year just represents a small spike in it?

Anonymous said...

The 2009 homicide rate for DC has shown a significant decline, in fact...

I don't mean to trash your site, I find it quite hilarious. But the impression that crime is rising in DC is a false one, at least according to police stats.

DC Observer said...

OK if you really want to talk about issues, then talk about issues. Black people have issues as you try to point out but somehow you leave out the issues that white people have. You know, bankrupting the country, robbing citizens blind, taking bailout money and paying their rich friends multi-million dollar bonuses with your money and then the make you believe that you will be rich too because your white so you continue to defend their actions while you are still unemployed (because they laid you off) and they are about to foreclose on your trailer next month.

So if you want to talk about issues then go to where intellectual people discuss topics not simply create hate or slander.