Thursday, July 16, 2009

#162. Being "Black in America"

Black people have a number of reasons to celebrate life in 21st century America. A president has been elected - receiving more than 96 percent of the national Black vote - that looks like them (although he doesn't sound like the majority of Black people).

Black people have countless organizations that work to support and augment Black people in their pursuit of happiness, from the NAACP, the United Negro Fund, 100 Black Men, and well, this entire list here is dedicated to Black peoples advancement in the United States.

Since Pre-Obama America was repudiated in the 2008 election, Black people now exert control over the United States in ways unimaginable to their ancestors:

"News Corp. is forming an external diversity council in response to pressure over a New York Post cartoon that critics said compared President Barack Obama to a dead chimpanzee.

The cartoon appeared in February. News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch published an apology in the Post, but civil rights and community organizations demanded further action.

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous said Wednesday that News Corp. had agreed to form a “diversity community council” that will meet semiannually with company executives."

Black people will never be happy with just being the "diversity gatekeeper" over FOXnews, or even President of the United States. They want to be in charge of everything, not just the United States Post Office, Department of Labor, NASA and the Surgeon General, Attorney General, etc., etc., of the United States (all of the those mentioned are run by Black people).

Until every Fortune 500 company CEO, every major Division 1(Football Championship Series) College Football program head coach, every NASCAR driver and every Academy Award winner is Black, then and only then will Black people stop being angry about being "Black in America".

I'm sure you have heard of this CNN program, "Black in America":
"Black in America is a multi-part series of documentaries hosted by reporter Soledad O'Brien on CNN. The series is about various issues regarding African-Americans which includes panel discussions on issues facing the African-American community, and a look at the culture of African-American families, men and women.

It featured exclusive commentary by music mogul Russell Simmons, Grammy Award-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco, comedian D.L. Hughley, award-winning filmmaker Spike Lee, and actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg."

Black people live in nation that gives them everything; has created a system of racial preferences to promote Black people over other racial groups; they live in a nation that does not tolerate discrimination in any form - from hiring practices, to firing practices; and how government contracts are awarded.

Black people get preferential treatment in applying to colleges and even have a program dedicated only to enhancing developmental talent in highly Black people populated areas for bringing more Black people in baseball - called Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities or RBI:
"Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) presented by KPMG is a youth outreach program designed to:
1) Increase participation and interest in baseball
2) Encourage academic participation and achievement
3) Increase number of talented athletes prepared to play in college and minor leagues
4) Promote greater inclusion of minorities into the mainstream of the game
5) Teach the value of teamwork"
It has been said that we live in a "post-racial" world, thanks to the election of Barack Hussein Obama, but recent events withstanding, it is apparent we live what Black people stated as they helped home a white family in Akron, Ohio:
"Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family."
A "Black world" is a good moniker for describing the United States of America in 2009, and yet Black people don't have enough to even satiate their wildest demands and dreams, thus the need for "Black in America 2".

Two different programs revolving around the same theme: the continued suppression of Black people at the hands of white people. CNN doesn't like to utilize empirical evidence too much, as the basis of its show is rested on false premises: Black people in America live a wonderous life that their fellow racial comrades in Africa could only dream of and yet, Black people will always be resentful of being "Black in America".

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes, ironically, being"Black in America", for until everyone is black in America, Black people will find something wrong with this country.


uwi said...

Is it a coincidence that the growing obsession with minorities in the media and academia, and the growing demands for special preferences for minorities, has occurred at the same time as the widespread destruction of America's (mostly) white middle-class? I don't think so. As that great chronicler of race in America, Jim Goad, has long argued, our rulers want us to be obsessed with race in order to divert our attention from the massive plundering of (white) Americans' wealth by our treacherous ruling elites - who, of course, control our media and educational institutions.

CNN_Scam_Sham said...

CNN has video footage of minority cops beating a white man with clubs while the commentators laugh and say he deserved it. I asked them for an apology. Never got it. I asked them to replay the tape to a prime-time audience. They probably have it hiding in the vaults somewhere. They made a mistake in their assault on whites. Don't let it happen again CNN.

Anonymous said...

Reginald Denny was beaten to an inch of his life in the Los Angeles riots of 1992. The police watched his beating, as did a helicopter over head recording the event. There is nothing left to say, at the stupidness of the European American public. They are clueless, lost, and will suffer their apathy in not demanding their rights.

CatOnARoof said...

When "everyone is black in America" then blacks will REALLY have something to dislike about America: it won't BE America anymore. America is what it is because white Europeans made it that way. European-Americans keep the country successful. Without European-Americans, there will be no one to tax to give blacks all their government entitlements, no one to cater to their demands, no one to build, invent, THINK the lofty thoughts needed to keep a first-class nation going. But European-Americans won't be needed because when African-Americans run everything in this country, it will be a Third World Country. I hope the blacks will be very happy in it.

Anonymous said...

Outside of America, blacks have it so much worse. So it's not being black in America that blacks hate. They simply hate being black.

Anonymous said...

"Black In America"--I watched a little bit of this crapfest recently. The hostess, Soledad O' Brien (who I'm assuming is married to a White man), was doing her best to sound black and "wid 'it"--only to make a complete fool of herself.

Anonymous said...

"European-Americans keep the country successful"


we have an incredible unemployment rate, hundreds of thousands of americans engaged in conflict all over the world, a systematic dissolution of our civil liberties, etc, etc.

was it black men in power that greedily lead our country to the economic state that it is in? no..those were white men.

was it black men in power who systematically stripped the world of its resources and engaged america in foreign disputes that come down to an attempt at controlling those resources? no...again, white men.

was it black men in power that dissolved jobs by opening markets for free trade or outsourcing to foreign countries where labor and commodities can be acquired for for far less? was, you guessed it! white men.

it was white men that trained the taliban in an attempt to fight the soviet union at their borders. that turned out to be a real "success"

the list goes on and on.

i think the only people who dislike black people being black are you.

being a wretched human is not limited to a specific pigmentation or culture. this blog proves that.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say this. As a strong, black woman I can honestly say racism is still alive and well today. No matter how much everyone says we are all equal, we will never be equal. My daughter's school, which is a white catholic school, only allows five blacks per team. Now tell me racism doesn't exist. There are still jobs given to whites over blacks and there are still blacks who can't be promoted due to the fact that a white man refuses to be in a postion under a black man. THIS IS STILL WHITE AMERICA. So no, we are not satisfied that the president is black, that is only the beginning.

Anonymous said...


Power 2 the People said...

Strong black woman, take your black daughter to an all black school. Why do you want to around all those racist white people. They are just holding you and your daughter down.
There are plenty of all black schools, why do you choose to put your daughter in a white catholic school?
Hmm. I know why because all black schools are crime infested dens of underachievement. You want the benefits of living with whites and the benefits of a white civilized school, but feel the need to whine and cry racism while you do it. Thats why there is racism because of black people like you.

Anonymous said...

White schools are crime infested also. Thats the problem with whites they think blacks are trying to be like them. we are not trying to be WHITE, we just would like for our childeren to learn different cultures of life, or maybe that strong black woman just wants her daughter to go to a catholic school. Whatever the reason, blacks is not, have not, will not, ever want to be WHITE. But, WHITE kids damn sure wants to be BLACK and thats a fact.

kuiop verwsa said...

It's impossible to satisfy a give them a free steak, and they'll whine about not being provided steak sauce. The black race are simply leeches upon White society. We've given them everything from Civil Rights, Welfare, Food Stamps, Section Ape, AA / EEOC and THOUSANDS of other special rules, policies and laws that "Whitey" MUST abide by and what happens? More failure, More cries of racism, More hand-outs and More "programs."

They're certainly NOT going anywhere - they simply can't survive without their host to feed from...that's been proven in Haiti and many other "all black" countries, towns and cities especially here in America.

What we can do (as White people) is come together and boycott black ran enterprises, stay far away from black 'hoods. If you're in a managerial / director position (or even a common working position) do whatever you can to sabotage the black plague. Accidently lose their welfare applications, shred that black paperwork, call the police when you see blacks roving around, drop notes to your boss, make calls to corporate HQ and complain about them.

NO other group of people on earth has Whitey catered to so much and seen so much failure as we've seen with the black race. They're simply unable to achieve. Even with Whitey's compassionate Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (forced hires), when placed in positions of authority, they fail, or foot drag, barely hobbling along.

I've been in marketing for over 36 years and seen them come, and seen them go. It's always the same, we are forced to hire one, and within one year, they're caught doing drugs, alcohol, embezzling, shirking responsibility, or crying "dats rayciss" to all that turn ear to their idiotic claims.

Blacks are a curse upon mankind.