Wednesday, July 8, 2009

#287. People Locking Their Car Doors When They Approach

Black people know that white people look on them with suspicious eyes. Black people know that when they enter a store, the employees and owner cast numerous glances in their direction, in fear they might abscond with something since Black peoples favorite percentage off is 100 %.

Each day, Black people are faced with cautious indifference at shopping malls, grocery stores and other venues that do business, largely due to the perceived rate of crime that Black people commit. This ingrained attitude and prejudicial thoughts among white people have left them vulnerable to one of the most debilitating acts that can be done in front of a Black person: locking the car door when they approach.

Whenever a peddler, vagrant, vagabond or window washer approaches an idle car of white people at a stop light or stop sign, the first move that is made is to ensure that they are properly ensconced in said vehicle by checking the locks.

Black people who approach a car of white people will be rebuked seemingly effortless and with a "click" of the power locks, denied entry and access to those white people.

Black people hate this and many have wondered if it had been a Black actor in those early 1990s Grey Poupon commercials if they would have even had the chance to ask "Pardon me?"

Worse though, is that many Black people perform the exact same locking of the door when they see other Black people approach, for precautionary measures.

Black people do not enjoy having the car door locked on them when they approach an occupied vehicle and view this practice as demeaning, dehumanizing and superfluous. Yet this practice will continue and will be done by suburban and urban dwelling white people and Black people who feel unsafe when they see a Black person approaching their car.


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a black female and due to my size and natural textured hair I'm often treated like a threat at first site.

I think it's a good idea to avoid those people whose language and behaviour indicates those types of 'pre-conceptions'.

I just can't see myself telling people - "Hey don't lock your door when you see me because that's not right." It's his/her door - the person does as they see fit.

I can't stand when people tell me to change my passive behaviours to their liking so I've got to let them have this one.

Same with the woman who clutches her purse on the elevator. I wouldn't be comfortable getting on an elevator with said woman ever again and would avoid doing so.

Anonymous said...

Whitey should unlock that door. How else can I jack that car? If I has to bust the window, the Po Po might know if they drive by. Much easier to just surrender whatever ever is axed to whatever nigga axes.

Bob Fairlane said...

They really get their feelings hurt when they "just axe you" for a cigarette, and you hold on to your gun too.

Anonymous said...

This blog is funny as hell. I was riding through the "bad part of town" when my wife immediately reached over and clicked the automatic locks that are LOUD AS HELL. You just know the black people can hear it and probably get pissed off by it. It got me thinking... do black people lock their car doors when they see another black person approaching??? While I understand there are good and bad people of ALL color, black males have ruined the blacks rep as a whole. So much crime... such a high percentage of black males in jail. Black males make up 12% of the U.S. population, yet they make up 90% or more of the jail population. Coincidence??? While it's fair to say blacks are more likely to be arrested for certain crimes because the perception is there ALWAYS there, they on the whole are more aggressive. Even still... there is no way anyone can come up with excuses that can explain why black males make up such a ridiculously high jail population. Face facts... you do it to yourself.. just ask Bill Cosby.. who I think is GREAT (and of course, I'm white). Bill tells you like it is... and I'm sure you don't like it.

Why do we lock the car doors? To give us a chance to get the hell outta dodge in case you try and rob us. Sure, if someone has a gun, that may end up being the end. But I sure as hell don't want to be sitting at a light when some brother jumps in my car and holds the gun an inch away from my head. No thanks... I'll my chances with the gun being four feet away, having to go through a window, while I'm stomping on the gas.

Adrian said...

I've had two incidents where having my doors locked and the will to crush the perp prevailed. First happened on 30th and broadway, second took place on first and broadway in Louisville KY. Driving back from a friend's place I stopped at a light, a black male walked in front of my car and then attacked. Coming up alongside the driver's window, pounding, screaming. "Get out of the fucking car! You hear me you cracker piece of shit!" I heard him alright, dropped the car into neutral got it to over 3k rpm and shifted into second gear as the feral bastard tried to get in front of my vehicle. I will never see that piece of excrement again. The second occured much the same, I was coming home from work and was pulling into a gas station. Same situation, same example of Negro behavior. Outcome Car1/Negro 0.