Wednesday, July 22, 2009

#402. Being Dragged From Meetings

Black people in 21st century America have it pretty well. The media is completely on their side in every issue and will do whatever possible to try and agitate Black people against white people when given the chance.

Take for instance the case of two stories, separated by days. Black children were denied the right to swim at a private club, because they couldn't swim and represented a hazard to the pool. Black people screamed about the trauma that would be inflicted upon these kids in the future for seeing racism up close.

Then, in Akron, Ohio on July 4th, a family of white people were attacked by scores of Black people, who chanted, "This is a Black world". The father was hospitalized.

Now, try and ascertain which family or group of people will actually be traumatized by the experiences. Being denied swimming or being attacked and injured by scores of people who hated them?

Still though, the media's handling of the stories listed above should alleviate any notion of the media being pro-white: as the Henry Louis Gates episode has shown all Black people, the media is firmly the friend of Black people in Post-Obama America.

However, one thing that Black people are not fond of is being accused of something and then having to be held responsible for that in a subsequent meeting:

"Leland Alderwoman Mala Brooks was dragged screaming for a Board of Aldermen meeting last week.

Last year, former Leland Mayor Barbara Brooks and her daughter, Mala Brooks, wrote several checks totaling nearly $12,000 without approval from the Board of Aldermen, current Leland Mayor James Lowe said. The two went to the Mississippi Coast and stayed at the Beau Rivage Casino and Resort for a conference, but the Board of Aldermen hadn’t given approval to the trip, Lowe said.

Two weeks ago, the city asked the two to pay the nearly $12,000 back. Mala Brooks said the checks involved payments for legitimate expenses."
Brooks, who is Black, refused to cooperate with the police and instead carried on like a child denied chicken wings and caused a major scene. She even called the people - all are Black - who were responsible for her undoing:

"racists evil Black ni**ers in here"

Once again, had Brooks visited Stuff Black People Don't Like, she could have followed the advice that Rodney King, Henry Gates and countless other Black people have failed to do: cooperate with the police.

Instead, Brooks has been another example of Stuff Black People Don't Like: being dragged from meetings.


Anonymous said...

they should have given her a chance to s'plain.

Anonymous said...

Such a child like species

Anonymous said...

"Half devil, half child"....R.Kypling

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I guess Mala Brooks is used to getting her own way!

Anonymous said...

Tell me, does the race card work on fellow blacks too? Do these people even understand what the word "racist" means, or is it just something they say when things don't go their way? This just makes me sick. Hiding under the table! WTF!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it: is this a racist website or not? Why don't you just come out with it and say "I don't like black people." Calling your blog "I don't like black people" would be most accurate, instead of dancing around with your backhanded comments and snark.