Tuesday, July 7, 2009

#73. Crusading White Pedagogues

There a comes a time in every Black persons life when they are confronted with one; the overbearing, self-absorbed, holier-than-thou crusading white pedagogue whose mission in life is to eradicate Black failure in schools and close the racial gap in learning.

The white teacher - an obvious liberal, therefore steeped in white guilt and false in sincerity to Black persons eye - majors in English or Comparative Literature in college and then joins Teach For America or applies to majority Black school districts filled with underachieving Black students. Of course, the only reason they are underachieving is because the crusading white pedagogue has yet to bequeath the Black students with the limitless knowledge the teacher can bestow upon them, thereby closing the racial gap in learning that trillions of dollars have failed to do.

The racial gap in learning, which resembles the Grand Canyon in the difference between white and Black people achievement, is but a racist ploy to undermine and bring down the confidence of Black students by white people, in the eyes of the crusading white pedagogue, and only through the tutelage of white teachers can Black people build a bridge to eradicate the standard deviation difference between themselves and white students.

Black people don't like to be treated like animals, and white crusading pedagogues look at them as such and believe that with the proper work they can turn Black people into Pavlov's Dog and, consequently, they will all be Nobel Laureates in due time.

Crusading white pedagogues, when they fail to build the bridge and finally help extirpate the Black/white gap in achievement, still feel good about themselves and morally superior to other for, as Steve Sailer has written:
"Of course, in reality, "white guilt" turns out to be all about the individual white person's interests and needs to preen morally in order to demonstrate his superior social status over other white people. After all, when it comes to social-climbing, other white people are the competition."
However, the social experiment has still been attempted and white crusading pedagogues (demagogues in the eyes of their Black pupils) will have failed miserably in trying to throw nature out with a pitchfork.

Black people find it interesting that these same white crusading pedagogue's, who do everything in their power uplift their Black pupils, do not send their own white children to all-Black schools:

"The researchers found that regardless of income, more-educated whites in their data set also lived in “whiter” neighborhoods than less-educated whites..."

Even more interesting is the number of movies and television shows that have been made to glorify the crusading white pedagogue (a partial list is available here). Hollywood has attempted to glorify the white teacher to perpetuate the cycle: white person feels sorry for minority failure and blames it on his parents and his races evil past; majors in English or Comparative Literature; joins Teach for America or goes into all-Black school district to right the wrongs of Black failure in education; scores and graduation rates of Black students remains the same; crusading white pedagogue still feels morally superior to other whites, despite failing miserably at his/her task of helping out Black people.

Black people, regardless of test scores, graduation rates and drop-out rates in college, are smart. They can sense the disconnect between the legitimacy of a teacher who actually cares and a crusading white pedagogue. Stuff Black People Don't Like includes crusading white pedagogues, because Black people can smell the disingenuous odor of white paternalism, even under the masking perfume of white liberalism any day of the week.


Anonymous said...

Freaking white liberal aholes

Anonymous said...

As a teacher, one can't "save" your kids. You have your duty to teach them, to present the info they need to know and to focus on it until it finally sticks. Acting like you're "saving" them from there life is just stupid and insulting to your students.

Anonymous said...

I realize the list is only partial, but the list omitted two of the most notorious crusading teacher films, "Blackboard Jungle" and "Conrack".

Anonymous said...

We had a film over here in the sixties. It was a British film, and other than Sidney Poiter, was all British and white cast. Its premise a progressive school in London's rough tough east end, and Sidney Poiter was playing a black teacher from the commonwealth only taken on because this 'rough tough' school had such a bad reputation it was unable to retain any but the most trying. Needless to say, Sidney Poiter succeeds with all these tough angry students where all others had failed.

Btw, to anyone interested, the film is called 'To Sir with Love.'

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