Monday, July 27, 2009

#9. Passing on Seconds

Food. Without it, humans couldn't live. For Black people, being denied food is nowhere near as bad as criticizing Mein Obama, but heaping portions of food is a staple of Black peoples life.

Black people love food so much, they have actually made Coca Cola market Sprite specifically toward only Black people, as it is the No. 1 beverage that Black people chose to accompany their meals.

Black people love food so much, that in Detroit, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Kentucky Fried Chicken for the companies failure to provide free grilled chicken to non-paying customers:
"In May, KFC sought to promote its new grilled chicken by offering free meals to the public through the highly popular 'Oprah' show. However, according to the lawsuit, KFC subsequently sent out letters to its stores telling them not to honor the offer. News stories reported that the grilled chicken was available only to paying customers, but people seeking to redeem coupons were turned away or asked to provide personal information for a “raincheck” coupon.... News stories reported that millions of people were turned away by KFC, at times leading to violence."
Thomas Malthus was famous for his dire predictions of population increases met with a decrease in food production and supply and the consequences that would bring. Malthus would be hard pressed to ascertain the world we live in now, as the global population is rising at unprecedented levels, yet waist lines are getting bigger at an even more alarming rate - especially for Black people and Black women.

The widespread availability of Sprite and buffets for Black people have contributed to more than a third of Black people being deemed obese in the United States, by the Center for Disease and Control (CDC):

"Nearly 36 percent of black Americans are obese — much more than other major racial or ethnic groups — and that gap exists in most states, a new federal study finds.
"About 29 percent of Hispanics and 24 percent of whites are obese, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.But generally, obesity was most common for both blacks and whites in the South and Midwest...
The study also broke down the groups by gender, and found black women were the heaviest, with 39 percent counted as obese. Black men were next, at 32 percent...
Obesity is based on the body mass index, a calculation using height and weight. A 5-foot-7-inch adult who weighs 190 pounds would have a BMI of 30, which is considered the threshold for obesity...
For blacks, the highest obesity rate was in Maine, where 45 percent were obese."
Obviously, Coca Cola marketing Spirte primarily to Black people has had devestating effects on their overall health, and been the primary catalyst for triggering the rapid growth of Black peoples waist lines throughout America:
"Blacks have a 51 percent greater prevalence of obesity than whites...according to researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The researchers found that, in 40 states, the prevalence of obesity was 30 percent or more among blacks. In Alabama, Maine, Mississippi, Ohio and Oregon, the obesity rate among blacks was 40 percent or more."
Once again, the marketing techniques of Coca Cola and its product Sprite have devastated the health of Black people, prompting millions of Black people to lose the ability to pass on seconds. It might be "cool" and "hip" to drink Sprite, but consumed in large consumptions, as Black people have, you will join the ranks of the corpulent.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes passing on seconds, because the dinner table is usually full of delicious food and plenty of Sprite, a lethal combination for Black people.

Black people love food so much, that they have taken KFC to court because of that companies denying millions of Black people free grilled chicken. Worse, KFC features Pepsi products, which disqualifies Sprite from being available at soft drink fountains across the country.

Passing on seconds is one of the hardest things in life for a Black person to do and the high level of obesity among Black people only confirms that Stuff Black People Don't like will include only one serving of food, Malthus be damned!


Anonymous said...

This blog used to be pretty funny, but now it just seems like you're reaching for ideas.

Anonymous said...

i disagree black people consume lots of sodas and fried chicken constantly. i work with which them which probably explains all the fat black asses i see everyday! can i get an amen!

Anonymous said...

wow never noticed about the sprite.

Anonymous said...

But I always see black people downing massive quantities of grape soda!
They just can't seem to get enough of the stuff...

Anonymous said...

George Lopez says its "Esprite!"

Anonymous said...

i work for fast food and i will say this black people will order 1 of 3 drinks Hi-C or Sprite its RARE i see one order a coke or a Dr.Pepper so u tell me why they always oder it... i dont even ask if they would like a coke with there meal i ask if they would like a sprite why waste the time asking when u know what there gonna oder lol

Anonymous said...

"Population is rising at unprecedented levels" - No. Population is actually slowing down. Birth rates have dropped 50% in the past 30 years.

The population will peak at 8 billion in 2040, no more, no less. After that, the population will decline, never to double again.

Black birthrates have been declining. Even in America, the Black birthrate is down to below replacement.