Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween From SBPDL

No new posts today (a lack of sleep and a lack of time equals new posts coming tomorrow), but we will wrap up the Halloween week at SBPDL in style tomorrow on All Saints Day.

In the meantime, Happy Halloween to one and all. It is our hope at SBPDL that you and your family enjoy this day, as you go forth into your community and trick or treat or attend parties.

Just be careful not to wear sheets, attend fraternity parties or bring up that McDonald's once executed marketing campaigns that weren't 365Black. Pop in a good Halloween movie, instead.

So go ahead and set back your clocks and prepare for Halloween week being wrapped (four posts to go). Read through the archives if you need more SBPDL, because tonight, the ultimate European holiday is being celebrated.

Stuff Black People Don't Like will return soon, for no mere mortal can resist the evil of the SBPDL.


Kevin said...

There is a site which celebrates coonery and buffoonery that you will be interested in. It's

There is a video of black girls booty shaking on graves! It was posted on October 26, 2009.

Anonymous said...

promises, promises, promises.........

eagerly awaiting the posts

Akbar in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Who gives a damm? black, white, yellow brown we are all human beings, a c**t is a c**t whether hes black white or whatever, stop judging people on the colour of the skin rather than their personal merits, the funny thing is that it all comes from the top, tramps and bums generally arent racist theyll f**k with anyone because they are at the bottom of the barrell where there are have important things to worry about like wheres my next meal coming from, but you will find racisim at the top of society amongst those that have the most money and have been to the best schools who really should know better, pure evil because the devil wants to divide and conquor all mankind...and those that propogate hate and predjudice are just his agents doing his work, shame on all of you

Steve said...

waaaay behind schedule..........

Anonymous said...

"stop judging people on the colour of the skin"

The colour [sic] of their skin serves only as an identifier here. Their merits are what is under discusion in every post on this blog. Indeed, morals and ethics are also a part of the discusion here.

Now scurry back to your 'Shitish Isles'. We'll save you when we are done here.