Monday, April 26, 2010

#42. Immigration Reform

Black people have been in America since 1619, brought to this nation involuntarily and against their collective will:
The first recorded Africans in British North America (including most of the future United States) arrived in 1619 as indentured servants who settled in Jamestown, Virginia. As English settlers died from harsh conditions more and more Africans were brought to work as laborers. Africans for many years were similar in legal position to poor English indenturees, who traded several years labor in exchange for passage to America.
Just how were these Black people from Africa introduced to the future landmass that became the United States? Easy - Africans sold Africans to the white man:
While we are all familiar with the role played by the United States and the European colonial powers like Britain, France, Holland, Portugal and Spain, there is very little discussion of the role Africans themselves played. And that role, it turns out, was a considerable one, especially for the slave-trading kingdoms of western and central Africa. These included the Akan of the kingdom of Asante in what is now Ghana, the Fon of Dahomey (now Benin), the Mbundu of Ndongo in modern Angola and the Kongo of today’s Congo, among several others.

For centuries, Europeans in Africa kept close to their military and trading posts on the coast. Exploration of the interior, home to the bulk of Africans sold into bondage at the height of the slave trade, came only during the colonial conquests, which is why Henry Morton Stanley’s pursuit of Dr. David Livingstone in 1871 made for such compelling press: he was going where no (white) man had gone before.

How did slaves make it to these coastal forts? The historians John Thornton and Linda Heywood of Boston University estimate that 90 percent of those shipped to the New World were enslaved by Africans and then sold to European traders. The sad truth is that without complex business partnerships between African elites and European traders and commercial agents, the slave trade to the New World would have been impossible, at least on the scale it occurred.

Black people in Africa got rid of their unwanted and undesirable population by selling them to Europeans, a strategy replicated by Mexico today as that nation gets ride of its unwanted population by encouraging illegal immigration to the United States, a country grossly negligent of protecting its border.

Throughout the history of the United States,the conflict between white and Black people has been the predominate narrative (in 1964, the United States was 90 percent white and roughly 10 percent Black).

Only recently has the nation undergone a radical transformation to its racial balance, creating a great imbalance that threatens to disintegrate the country into permanent violence and yet Black people remain firmly on the side of the invaders (even as they supplant Black people as the nations most dominant minority group).

Mexicans have decided to embark on the peaceful conquest of the western states (and by extension, every state) through massive illegal immigration. So much in fact that they know outnumber Black people, whereas in the 1960s those of Hispanic origin where a statistical oddity:

Hispanics outnumber blacks as the largest minority group in the USA for the first time since the government began counting the nation's population more than two centuries ago.

The U.S. Census Bureau's announcement Wednesday confirmed what many have treated as fact for some time. Even so, it's a symbolic milestone for a nation whose history has been dominated by black-white racial dynamics. Increased racial and ethnic diversity is adding a new dimension to everything from product marketing to political campaigning.

There are 38.8 million Hispanics in the USA, according to the latest Census Bureau estimates released Wednesday. The figures, as of July 1, show a 9.8% increase since the Census was taken in April 2000.

The U.S. population grew 2.5% to 288.4 million in the same period. Hispanics accounted for half of the national increase. Non-Hispanic blacks, including people who say they're black and another race, grew at a much slower rate than Hispanics, up 3.1%, to 36.6 million. Hispanics make up 13% of the nation's population. The number of Asians also surged. They're up 9% to 13.1 million..

Black and Hispanic groups were quick to emphasize common ground rather than differences.

"They keep trying to pit the African-American community against Hispanics when indeed we have a lot more in common than we have in disagreement," Hilary Shelton of the NAACP says. "The Hispanic community is made up of very many different racial groups. African-Americans are still the largest racial minority group.
Notice the key comment in this article from USA Today, that Black and Hispanic groups have commonality in their grievances with the white people of the United States. Oddly, Black people fail to understand the importance of their group interests and the rise of the Hispanic minority group represent one of the main impediments to the hegemony of Black Run America (BRA).

No one can positively estimate how many illegal immigrants are in this nation, but their mere presence poses a grave threat to Black people and the hope of building a successful Black middle class. Instead, that middle-class is being effectively eroded and stamped out as the two groups fight for menial jobs and lower paying vocations, with Hispanics driving down wages and forcing unemployed Black people to turn to a life of crime:
LSU Sociology Professor Edward Shihadeh and Ph.D. candidate Raymond Barranco have published a study titled "Latino Employment and Black Violence: The Unintended Consequence of U.S. Immigration Policy," in the March 2010 issue of Social Forces, the field's preeminent journal.

The study confirms that Latino immigration and dominance of low skill jobs have displaced blacks from low-skill labor markets, which in turn led to more violence in urban black communities. According to their analysis, this is traceable to U.S. immigration policies over the last several decades...

Sociological theory has linked black urban decline to poverty, the loss of manufacturing jobs and racial segregation. This study introduces another factor in the dense cluster of black disadvantage – immigration policy, which inadvertently flooded low skill markets with Latino labor, displaced blacks and, as a result, raised the rates of black murder.
Yes, two groups with diametrically opposed interests unite due to both factions motivation to supplant Pre-Obama America and the white majority. The coalition the Disingenuous White Liberals elite has built includes groups united under a leaky of umbrella of hatred of all things white.

Homosexual groups, Black people, Hispanics, animal-rights activists, global warming fanatics and human rights warrior (like Amanda Kijera) unite in opposition to Pre-Obama America, and the nation the greatest generation helped defend.

Black people (who don't like gay marriage) have no problem working with groups they might detest, because that same group also detests the majority population for its oppressive nature and thus, must be constantly bombarded and attacked by a united rainbow coalition.

Yet, Black people are the real losers of the racial displacement brought on by high levels of legal and illegal Hispanic immigration. Consider the state of California and the undeclared racial war festering in Los Angeles between the last vestiges of the Black population and the emerging Hispanic majority:

Since the 1990s, the changes described by Anderson have intensified. The demographic statistics are startling. The two high schools nearest the Los Angeles Coliseum—presumably the schools Anderson’s children would have attended—are Jefferson, two miles to the east, and Manual Arts, a half mile to the southwest. During the 1960s and ’70s, the schools were nearly 100 percent black—and Jefferson had been since the 1940s. Today Jefferson is 7 percent black and 92 percent Hispanic, and Manual Arts 20 percent black and 79.5 percent Hispanic.

The story is similar for the rest of South Central. Fremont High School, virtually 100 percent black during the 1960s and ’70s, is now 12 percent black and 88 percent Hispanic. Crenshaw and Locke, two high schools built after the Watts riots and nearly all black during their first 20 years, are now 32 percent and 63 percent Hispanic. Dorsey and Washington high schools, which went from white to black during the ’50s and early ’60s, are each now 45 percent Hispanic. Unchecked illegal immigration will ensure Hispanic majorities at the two schools within a few years.
In light of the citizens of Arizona (curiously the last state to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day) passing a law that will Black citizens get higher paying jobs by cracking down on illegal immigration, Mein Obama is rallying the colored coalition for a might war against those who still believe laws and Constitution matter:

The Democratic National Committee this morning released this clip of the president rallying the troops, if rather coolly, for 2010. Obama's express goal: "reconnecting" with the voters who voted for the first time in 2008, but who may not plan to vote in the lower-profile Congressional elections this year.

Obama speaks with unusual demographic frankness about his coalition in his appeal to "young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again."

Turning out those so-called "surge" voters -- who turned out for the first time to back Obama, but who sat out gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia last year -- has become the Democrats' central pre-occupation for the midterm elections, and the new Democratic effort to nationalize the election around Obama and his agenda mark an attempt to energize those voters

Black people are being displaced and yet they align themselves with a future enemy for momentary gains against the white majority. It makes absolutely no sense, save for the hatred Black people cling to when it comes to the memory of how white people treated their ancestors.

Never mind that it was Black people who willingly sold those Black ancestors to Europeans for a profit so many centuries ago.

Traditional Black cities such as Harlem and Compton have become casualties in the invasion by illegal immigrants that Black people dare not criticize, unless they wish to be expelled from the coalition:

Race relations in Los Angeles County inner city neighborhoods may best be described in the opening line in the Charles Dickens' classic "A Tale of two Cities" — "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times."

In 1965, it was the "best of times" for me when I arrived in Los Angeles from Washington D.C. ("Chocolate City") to attend Pepperdine College. Pepperdine was then located in South Central L.A. in the midst of a predominantly African American residential community. Living on campus in an academic environment, there was peace and harmony between whites, African Americans and Hispanic students attending Pepperdine.

In my view, the demographic and population shifts played a major factor in the rise of crime and the racial conflicts in Los Angeles County. For example, the Racial and Ethnic Composition of Cities as recorded by Percentages in the Los Angeles County 2000 Census revealed that in the city of Compton the total population was more than 93,000. An estimated, 56.84% of residents were Hispanic and 40.31% were African Americans. Other white and ethnic groups made up the remaining percentages. I believe the reason for the shift from the former majority African American population to a majority Hispanic population was the flight of African American homeowners due to the rise in crime and the inability for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's inability to end the gang turf conflicts.

As African American homeowners and renters began moving out, mostly Hispanic immigrants from Mexico and Central America moved into cheap vacant housing. At the same time the Hispanic population continued to increase by leaps and bounds as birth rates increased dramatically. At the same time, the "great escape" of white folks from inner city communities continued resulting in the election of numerous African American and a small number of Hispanic city, county, state and congressional officials.

In the HBO comedy The Second Civil War, Hispanics control Los Angeles and only speak Spanish. The few remaining Black people in city wage a constant guerrilla war on those who have conquered them through mass Black apathy and indifference. We aren't far away from reality replicating fiction.

2010... A post-racial world was what we all thought was coming when we elected Mein Obama. Instead, the fault lines within the fragile minority coalition are growing evident and a strange movement from MARs is growing as enraged white party have taken to Tea Parties in an effort to show Washington who is boss.

South Africa will host the World Cup for all to see that nations 'progress' under the esteemed leadership of Black people. Arizona has decided to save middle-class jobs by uniting (70 percent favor the bill) to arrest illegal immigrants.

Black people might understand that they are being displaced by a more malleable racial group, but they will march with so-called leaders to show their solidarity with the coalition:

The Rev. Al Sharpton says he's ready to travel to Arizona and march in the streets to protest the state's new immigration law.

Sharpton joined Lillian Rodriguez Lopez from the Hispanic Federation in New York City on Sunday to speak out against the law. They say activists are prepared to commit civil disobedience to fight it.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill Friday. It requires police to question people about their immigration status - including asking for identification - if they suspect someone is in the country illegally.

The law will take effect in late July or early August.

President Barack Obama has called the new law "misguided" and has instructed the Justice Department to examine it to see if it's legal.

Immigration Reform is a sad inclusion in the ranks of Stuff Black People Don't Like. Though Black people are being displaced in a land and nation they have resided (against their will) for centuries, they take the side of the invading population that will have little use for them once they have accomplished their Reconquista.

The hatred of Pre-Obama America within the hearts of Black people outweighs the desire for long-term survival.


Hirsch said...

I think it's time for white people to start acting as a gestalt, no matter what kind of accusations are flung at them when they try to unify. This is one thing black people have gotten right. Black people have proved time and again that they will coalesce behind an individual, provided they meet two criteria:

1. He or she is black
2. He or she is resented (or perceived as being resented)by white America .

It doesn't matter whether the individual in question has decapitated two people (O.J.) been accused multiple times of child molestation (Michael Jackson) and been seen on film endangering their child; or if the individual in question documented himself urinating on an underage girl (R. Kelly).

I voted for Obama in 2008 in the hopes that he would make good on his anti-war rhetoric. He did not. Now, I will take a page from the book of my cynical black brethren and vote, in 2010 and 2012 for any white person in sight (irrespective of their politics).

There will be no parity until 97% percent of white people vote for a white candidate. And I promise to vote for said white candidate while learning nothing of his or her platform.

Thank you, black people. If it wasn't for the inspiration you've provided, I wouldn't be pre-ordering David Duke's biography from as a birthday present to myself.

Jared Taylor or Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder for president! P.S. Yes, I am aware the latter two are black men, but they incur the ire of many black people. Anyone regarded as an Uncle Tom also has my support, both political and financial. 2012 here we come!

Anonymous said...

Recently, I've been reading quite a few articles on the new Arizona law and the protests regarding it. One article had a picture that struck me as particularly odd. The image was of mestizo protesters holding various signs; in it a man was holding a sign that said, "Stop the Hate". That man intended to brand Whites as hateful because we are against his people's invasion of our lands.

The word "hate" along with many others have been hijacked from our language and are being used to manipulate "white guilt". There is nothing hateful about preserving America for Americans. In fact, there is nothing hateful about stating that the "American race" is indeed, White people. What is so wrong with an America populated by Americans? Please, explain if you can.

This whole "white guilt" scam don't work on me. I'm not alone either. Regrettably, they have hijacked other words to describe people like me. You know what they are.


Anonymous said...


I have many questions regarding a few of the points stated in this post.

1. Why should anyone care about an American citizen that is stupid enough to be "displaced" by someone fresh off the banana boat?

2.How can we call people that are being sponsored by American companies and in some cases the U.S. government "invaders"? Usually and invasion is met with resistance not a welcome mat.

3. When did Mexican go from being a nationality to a race? There are many Mexican Americans that self identify as white. About 47% according to the U.S. census. Where do black latinos fit in this "New America" you are foreseeing?

4. Are you aware of the millions of Latinos that are American citizens and despise illegals?

"Black people are being displaced and yet they align themselves with a future enemy for momentary gains against the white majority. It makes absolutely no sense, save for the hatred Black people cling to when it comes to the memory of how white people treated their ancestors."

This idea of being "displaced" is just projection of racial fears historically held by whites. A person different from yourself moving on your block is a potential "take over". It is nothing more than the normal process of one person moving out and another moving in.

Latinos are black people's future enemy? What are you basing that on? If your example is gang or prison culture then you are only half right. Street gangs are often divided on racial lines. That is more the rule than the exception here in Los Angeles. Therefore any conflict between the two would be interracial. That hostility doesn't cross over to "normal" people.

Lets not be naive any connections formed outside of our close circle of family and friends are for monetary gains.

As far as "hatred" for white people. All of the black people I know tend to be like all people in the sense that they dislike, love, or hate people for concrete real world reasons. The race of the individual matters not.

You have to look at the big picture. The real war isn't going to be fought in the jails, the street corners , or in some "ghetto". The war will be fought in the schools, corporate boardrooms, and the halls of power.

No one travels thousands of miles away from everything they know and love for foodstamps, welfare, low wage jobs, etc..They can get that and more in their own countries. They sure as hell didn't come to get into retarded pissing matches with other poor people, because lets face facts anyone that is a citizen of this nation and is in competition with fresh off the boat people is a total retard.

The bottom line is this is a capitalist nation. We need people at the bottom to keep this machine running. There will never be true immigration reform in our lifetimes.

-Black guy

Critical Thinker said...

Well SBPDL, that's what you get when you have this whole "people of color" ideology.

It doesn't matter how often blacks and Hispanics clash, or what their interests really are. All that matters to leftist elites is that they band together to vote against whites.

Even though flesh and blood blacks don't exactly love flesh and blood Hispanics, black and Hispanic elites will continue to maintain the whole illusion of this "people of color" unity.

So why do many blacks really tolerate this? It can be summed up by a classic saying: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Regardless of the overall negative impact illegals are having on blacks, the more they weaken and displace whites, the better. That's why activists present a united front for everyone to see. They may have their issues, but the white race is their greatest enemy.

And yes, DWL's certainly play a role in this. They don't care how much they betray their own people, so long as they benefit from kissing brown ass. Why do they support illegal immigration so passionately? Well, illegals named Pedro are future votes for them.

What they need to take into account is the fact that when Hispanics and other non-whites completely displace whites, they won't exactly be voted into office anymore. What they need to realize is that as much as they suck up to these people, while they may receive some votes, the favor won't be returned in the long run.

By the way, that's a great image at the top. These Mexicans claim that they're as American as us, yet they go around waving the Mexican flag at every opportunity. Yeah, good way to win over those nasty nativists! Way to show that U.S. patriotism!

In conclusion, every nation has the right to determine who can enter this nation, and who should be shown the door. And no, Desiree, don't give me this self-righteous crap about how we stole this land from the Native Americans, stole the Southwest from Mexico, and how we're the true illegal immigrants. Don't give me this crap about how we're a "nation of immigrants" either.

If you come here illegally and we don't want you to be here, then we have every right and reason to show you the door. There may be temporary economic problems, but it's worth it in the long run. If we whites really are so dominant and powerful, I say it's time we start putting that power to good use. Let's start by getting rid of these illegals. I don't care if their conquest is a peaceful conquest. It's conquest nonetheless, and I for one will not stand for it.

You know, even though blacks and whites for the most part despise one another (and rightfully so), it seems as if flesh and blood blacks and whites, who are not talking heads, can find common ground here. Heck, in "A Conversation About Race," (note: I don't necessarily agree with everything Bodeker says. I think he too often falls into anti-racist traps) blacks being interviewed were more likely to oppose illegal Hispanic immigration than whites.

All I know is that while the Arizona law won't actually do much to expel illegal immigrants and that laws targeting employers who hire illegals will be more effective, this is at least a step in the right direction.

Porter said...

I have pondered this conundrum ever since the hispanic invasion became manifest in all its MS-13 glory. Why would blacks so readily align themselves with a movement and a people who detest them so obviously and passionately that in comparison to whites it makes Nathan Bedford Forrest look like Tim Wise?

The answer is, of course, no more knowable than why an aboreal orangutan climbs this tree over that one. Though to idly speculate I imagine that the proximate equation is: Bad for whitey = Good for us.

What's odd about this formulation is that even the tiny ganglion which serves as the mind of a tick seems to be dimly aware that a live host body is preferable to a dead one. Not so with blacks. They work (so to speak) feverishly to destroy white society so that they can subsequently live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland being cleansed by their better organized, more intelligent, and equally vicious brown replacements.

From a logical black perspective, maintaining a healthy sustainable black parasite to white host body ratio should be priority number one. In stasis, they could live fat and happy for the next millennia needing only to readjust the bit and bridle periodically as the "racist" canard is finally depleted and replaced with another white-controlling perpetual guilt term.

But if the black mind were logical there wouldn't be this site.

Anonymous said...

This should be interesting. Will blacks continue to blindly support their half breed president, or will they act like patriots and vociferously reject granting U.S. citizenship to the ravenous Mexican hordes? My hunch is that, like most things black, blood's thicker than water, and race-bait profiteers like Sharpton and Jackson will convince their flock of black sheep that legalizing all of the illegals is good for the black community.

XD .45

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black guy,

As usual, you bring good points to the table. I'm busy at the moment, but I wanted to make something perfectly clear.

CONTINUED MASS IMMIGRATION is not the best interests of BLACK PEOPLE! Yet, Black people remain wedded to a policy that portends for their collective displacement.

Everyone should watch the film "The Second Civil War" that was made for HBO (Came out in 1997 I think).

We aren't far from that future. My best guess.... 4 months. That might sound extreme, but watch the film.

This doesn't mean I believe Civil War is imminent, I just believe the world that that film depicts is almost upon us.

The Arizona situation is William Travis "line in the sand" moment from the Alamo.

Hirsch said...

@ Porter, MS-13 is Salvadoran, not Mexican. But Critical Thinker did bring up a good point. The liberal power-point bullet on this is always that the alien "other," eventually becomes us, through assimilation.

That may be historically true. But if you look at previous waves of immigration, the Italian or the Irish flag was usually accompanied by an American flag. That is not the case, here.

In defense of the Mexicans, though, if you find yourself losing your job to an illegal, then you have yourself, and not them to blame. If your job requires no English skills, and you can be outsourced by someone who does not even speak the language, then what the hell were you doing with your life in this country, anyway?

You have an obligation to make yourself indispensable, through at least some form of education. You don't see a bunch of Accountants bellied up to the bar grousing, "Damn illegals are taking all the good accounting jobs."

Anonymous said...

In actuality im a tool and pretend to be a paragon of reason but am really just a dispenser of half truths and lies, did I mention I get all my news from CNN? Also i'm a pretentious hack.

-Black Guy

Anonymous said...

I think Hirsch nailed it. Assimilation is the the key but absolutely not the reality. This hyphenated America is disturbing to say the least. The term invasion is actually quite accurate.
"No one travels thousands of miles away from things they know and love for foodstamps, welfare, low wage jobs etc. They can get that in their own country." Black guy
Unless you live in Mexico! Mexicans are literally dying to leave their homeland to get to our country. No need to assimilate, best healthcare in the world, anchor babies, welfare, gringo hotties, and 5 dollar footlongs! As I type, Latinos are calling whites racists and marching under Mexican flags. Unreal. A white liberals dream. Unless you're that DWL getting maimed by another illegal drunk driver, or gang raped, or has their home invaded!

Just a reminder. Mexico City 2004...USA vs. Mexico, Olympic soccer qualifyer. Mexicans chanted "Osama, Osama" and threw beer bottles and batteries at team USA. After spending many years in the 700 level in Philly (we cheered when the cart came out for Michael Irvin), that Mexican chant is just pure hate. --the Man.

Anonymous said...

1. Why should anyone care about an American citizen that is stupid enough to be "displaced" by someone fresh off the banana boat?
We should all care about our fellow Americans. The fact you have this everyone for himself attitude is a clear symptom of the disease multiculturalism. There was once a cohesive bond between Americans but, that was before you would have been considered an American, BG.

2.How can we call people that are being sponsored by American companies and in some cases the U.S. government "invaders"? Usually and invasion is met with resistance not a welcome mat.
I live in Texas and have talked with more than one of them. They are clearly invaders. They have no respect for our laws or people. They think this land belongs to them.

3. When did Mexican go from being a nationality to a race? There are many Mexican Americans that self identify as white. About 47% according to the U.S. census. Where do black latinos fit in this "New America" you are foreseeing?
These people have been called mestizo for a long time now. Mestizo is mostly native blood sometimes with Spaniard mixed in. Sure, some call themselves white; most all Iranians call themselves white too. In reality, Whites are rare in Iran.

4. Are you aware of the millions of Latinos that are American citizens and despise illegals?
Ahh, the old their not all like that argument. Well, your people aren't all like OJ Simpson but, they did/do support him in overwhelming numbers.


Anonymous said...

Multicultural/multilingual countries disintegrate or erupt into wars. There are many examples of this throughout history. Perhaps the first example would be when God himself dispersed the people of Babylon by confusing their tongues.


Porter said...

"Porter, MS-13 is Salvadoran, not Mexican"

Yes I know that Hirsch. It's for that very reason that I never mentioned the word Mexican.

Though since we're chatting I have to disagree on one point where you say: "if you find yourself losing your job to an illegal, then you have yourself, and not them to blame"

I blame the venal politicians. There are in fact legitimate blue-collar jobs in America. There are also legitimate Americans willing and able to do those jobs who do not possess the skills, intellect, or cunning to be accountants, engineers, or community organizers. I do not fault these people for nature's omission.

In a rational nation there would be available occupations for those in all layers of the socio-economic strata. Not because they are entitled to them but because the need exists. We now deny these jobs to our own lower rung citizens and instead provide them to illegal aliens which have zero stake in this country. And we assuage our natural cognitive dissonance at this insane act by murmuring to ourselves the bedtime lie that they are here doing the "Jobs Americans Won't Do."

Anonymous said...

Black Guy,

"No one travels thousands of miles away from everything they know and love for foodstamps, welfare, low wage jobs, etc.."

Actually millions of people do. They're called illegal immigrants and most of them are from Mexico.

Do you live in Sweden or something?

Because in North Carolina where I live there are illegals all over the place and they do exactly what you apparently think no one will do.

I think I know what your problem is.

You have a mentality that finds it incomprehensible for anyone to make the sacrifices that millions of Mexicans do in order to receive the paltry rewards that they receive.

Try to step out of your spoiled black person mentality for a moment and certainly don't project that mentality onto people that you obviously know nothing about.

Illegal immigrants commit a ridiculous amount of crime, siphon off expensive public services and don't pay taxes (except sales tax).

In what way are they not competing with black Americans?

Anonymous said...

All should keep in mind that though most illegals that cross the border are Mexican that doesn't mean they all are. For instance, those from El Salvador (also mestizo) don't sneak across the Canadian border, they cross the Rio Grand just like their ilk the Mexicans.

These people do more than pick fruit and mow lawns here. They are heavily employed in the construction industry among others. Can anyone tell me with a strait face that White people don't want construction jobs. Seriously, some of these argument points are laughable. I hate listening to people use the argument points they have been supplied by the MSM.

A good writer does not a good thinker make.


Anonymous said...

I already told you, I have no idea what i'm talking about because i'm just a lonely tool who stays up late at night watching CNN and jacking off to anderson cooper. Also...I lied about my wife. Im a humble bachelor and also still a virgin. Anyways the point is, don't bother arguing with me because i am obviously inane and full of shit. That is all.

-Black guy

Hirsch said...

@ Porter, the "Make yourself indispensable" argument that I'm putting forth is not the same as the liberal argument that "they do the jobs that we don't want to do" argument. This is more of a social Darwinism point. And it didn't originate with me. Here's a good link to show you what I mean, since he says it better than I could.

Re: MS-13... When I was stationed in El Paso, Texas, at Fort Hood, I used to routinely border hop to Juarez, Mexico, the MOST fucked up city in the world (excepting maybe Mogadishu and Baghdad)where fifty-percent of the drugs that enter the US are staged. Nothing good comes out of that city, and plenty of our friendly immigrants originate from there.

Hirsch said...

@ Anon 2:19 PM

"We should all care about our fellow Americans. The fact you have this everyone for himself attitude is a clear symptom of the disease multiculturalism. There was once a cohesive bond between Americans but, that was before you would have been considered an American"

You can't have your cake and eat it, too. There was actually a time when there were genuine safety nets (re: Pre-Hoffa unions) in place to protect people, and the workers had their own newspapers and champions, like Eugene Debbs.

These people were violently suppressed by Pinkerton guards, and if this kind of "Americanism" that you advocate were to come back, my guess is you would be one of the first to scream "communism." So enjoy the fruits of free enterprise and NAFTA, and kiss a few thousand, or million, jobs goodbye from fruit picking to the IT sector.

If Obama can't get through a program like Universal Healthcare without someone shouting "Hitler," the sort of "American Solidarity" of which you speak has no chance.

Anonymous said...

What part of the country is the poorest, the most violent, the most disease ridden in the United States? How 'bout the 24 counties on our southern border with Mexico. Our fellow Americans in this "51st" state are living a nightmare.

Let's call this state Amexica, it's about the size of Nebraska and it's capital is San Diego. 50% of its population is Hispanic, it's the 2nd youngest state. Maricopa County (not a part of Amexica) ranks 2nd in the world in kidnappings next to Mexico City. It would suck to be kidnapped in Mexico City, flee to Amexica, continue to Maricopa County only to be re-kidnapped!

Amexica ranks #2 in the US in recipients of food stamps and welfare goodies. It also brings disease. Leprosy is back, TB runs rampant. Amexica ranks 50th in health care coverage and 51st in health care professionals. Where's the most polluted river in North America? Amexica. Move over Detroit, Amexica ranks dead last in the percentage of high school dropouts vs. graduates.

Lord Barry (the guiding light of all things liberal) is a mestizo hero. Votes, votes, votes baby! Divide and conquer. No worries, Napolitano has the Canadian border covered (this is where the terrorists enter). Ugh. --the Man.

Anonymous said...

I lived in El Salvador as a child. My parents dragged me all over the world when I was young. These MS-13 members are the remnants of child warriors from a civil war there. I clearly remember these kids riding in the back of beat up pickups toting AK-47's.

Mestizos are not American material. They need to fix their own effed up countries instead of bring their barbarism here. We can not fix them. America is for Americans. Any other argument is moot.

BTW, Fort Hood is hundreds of miles from El Paso.


Silent Running said...

What we recognize as the modern Left in America is a loose coalition of disparate groups who are temporarily united by their hatred of whites in general and white males in particular. As more and more whites are driven from certain areas and replaced, these groups will begin to tear at each other like hyenas; one could argue that they've already begun. Hispanics hate Blacks, Blacks hate Hispanics, and they both despise Homosexuals. (The gays are by far the most amusing part of this coalition, because they have no idea how good they have it under "white patriarchal" rule. They'll be sent to the bottom of the ladder but quick.) Eventually one group or another (my bet is on Hispanics) will grow to such power as be slip beyond the control of DWL's. At that point we'll simply see open war.

It's probable in this scenario that whites will become more or less united against the coalition purely through outside pressure, having been derided as Nazi-like, raped, murdered, and displaced without regard for their progressive bona fides. Eventually there will be nowhere left to run to. The thing about Hispanics and Blacks is that it will be impossible for them to conquer without violence. They simply can't help themselves. And history has a way of providing a spark (The Boston Massacre) to ignite widespread rage. And unlike South Africa where whites currently face outright genocide, this country is swimming in guns and ammo.

I respect the visceral reaction that people in the Tea Party movement feel, but mostly ignore the movement itself. They want to put a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.

P.S. Hirsch, Fort Bliss is in El Paso, not Fort Hood. Hood is in Killeen.

Phalluster said...

even if you "make yourself indispensable", you will see your taxes increase, your neighborhood crime rate increase, and the quality of your children's public schools decrease.

affirmative action quotas WILL rise to represent the ethnic population, and "indispensability" will become more and more elusive.

regarding blacks, i don't think they'll mind immigration very much, other than its driving the "atlas shrugged" effect forward. hispanics love big government, but blacks will always have the ultimate trump card of victimhood, slavery, to ensure they get the most hearty of the social policies.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

This topic of immigration reform is of particular importance to every American, regardless of race. We live in a country with finite resources, where Thomas Malthus and his predictions would be correct save for the ingenuity of a certain people.

The coming years will be plagued by struggles for finite resources, and the addition of millions of racial cohesive people from Mexico spells trouble.

Black people should energetically support immigration reform, but to do so would cause the "Colored Coalition" to implode. It eventually will, but that time is not yet upon us.

However, Silent Running made an extremely interesting point about Hyenas tearing each other apart, and it caused me to recall a movie from my childhood, "The Lion King".

In that film the strong, powerful lions are defeated by the cunning, conniving Scar - the evil brother of the head lion - and a truce is declared between Lion and Hyena.

This of course upsets the natural balance of nature. Two competing interests uniting (to form a monopoly) disrupts the natural order of life and nearly brings about the ruin of "The Pride Land" (what the Lions called their home).

Interesting that a backstabbing Lion - Scar - would align with the enemy to further his interests.

I think I need to go pick up "The Lion King" on DVD, perhaps Disney's best cartoon-feature of the last 30 years.

Anonymous said...

It's always funny how white people who claim they hate blacks (or, alternately, 'love') want to cling to us when it comes to the issue of mexican immigration. I always figured our dark skin kept us at the bottom of the racial totem pole but, apparently, language is a factor? Wow, whitey sure is picky!

The hatred of blacks by Hispanics and Hispanics by blacks is completely manufactured by the white power structure. Once again, whites, knowing that they represent a pathetically small segment of the global population, will go to any lengths to keep us separated, even if it means poisoning groups against each other. Keeping us disunited will allow whites to continue their ridiculous amount of control, which also includes spoiling non-Western lands in their greedy, capitalist ventures. It's a conspiracy, but none of you would recognize it because you are implicitly a part of the whole machine (ie. blinding privilege, not to mention straight up stupidity!).

No, Hispanic immigrants should learn English; their are those in the white power structure (political and corporate) who want to keep the Mexicans as ignorant as possible so they continue to profit on these immigrants' exploitation.

Whites want us to wage war against each other so they can get this country back (LOL, not your country, guys!). It's already been prepared; you all are just waiting for it to happen, in the same way your ancestors divided and conquered the Native Americans.

Really, this is straight up war and it should not involve PoC against each other, but PoC against the Man. (Whites, you can have your homosexuals back, though. That has nothing to do with racism, and I don't want them piggybacking on our civil rights struggles and complicating shit.)

Anonymous said...


The "hatred" mestizos have for blacks may be manufactured but, if so, the "hatred" you have for us silver spoon bearing nation builders is as well. You never stopped to think that way though did you. It would be impossible for you to reconcile reality with the "victim" propaganda you have absorbed all your life. Wouldn't it?

Unlike you however, I know who "The Man" is. I dislike him just as much as you do. He is not White.


Porter said...

If one were to translate Desiree's "eek eek, ooga booga" into something resembling English those five paragraphs of gibberish might more forthrightly say...

White people hope blacks will protect them from the Mexicans. Who will protect the blacks is a consideration my mind is unable to grasp.

Blacks and Hispanics actually like each other very much. The only reason neither side realizes this is because the evil whites have convinced us otherwise. Also, despite the fact that whites are a tiny percentage of the world's population they have been able to amass great power and achieve enormous accomplishments because they are very stupid.

Hispanic aliens should be forced to learn English. That whites insist on this is merely their devious use of reverse psychology to tempt the hispanics to eschew English in hopes that white prosperity may be furthered through the introduction of millions of illiterate societal parasites. I am on to this ruse.

Whites want blacks and hispanics to fall into internecine warfare so that they can have back the country they founded and built. You will not succeed! However, even though you are quite stupid, you are able to manipulate us like puppets. We are now primed to execute our programming to form battle lines much as the Indians did before us.

We have declared war. We seek your extermination. We hope that other non-whites will flock to our banner as we are quite incapable of either defeating you or of feeding ourselves. Also we hate fags as they confuse us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

Please do not be coy. Just come out and say the word: Jew!

To everyone else: study your history & wise up!

Anonymous said...

"Porter said...
If one were to translate Desiree's "eek eek, ooga booga" into something resembling English those five paragraphs of gibberish might more forthrightly say..." LFMAO

Porter, I got it hand it to you. You have a certain flair for the English language and decunstructing Desiree's ape speak.

CWN said...


What keeps blacks at the bottom of the totem poll is not their skin color, but behavior. Their culture, that is immoral, disruptive, and racist. That is really what it is ultimately about. Altho it is easier to blame whitey and play the PC game.

Also, try some logic for me. You said that whites represent a small percentage of the global population. But you could divide any race, let it stand alone, and say the same thing about them too. But, apparently whites are the universal bad guys, and stand alone against all of the innocent races of the world, who live in harmony and struggle against the white man's opression.

What a racist thing to say, that because a group is non white then they are allies, but all whites stand alone. Interesting. See, you provide great insight into the mind of the liberal militant black. Whitey bad, all other races good.

Also, considering that whites founded America, fought for it in majority, set up the constitution and declaration of independence, and have always been a majority in the country. Why is white control ridiculous? To me it is common sense. Why wouldn't whites control? Plus, whites do everything. Who invents everything?

I guess by your own logic, you find Blacks runing africa into the ground ridiculous, since they have a ridiculous amount of control. And we see what happens when blacks have control. Nothing good comes of it.

Whites don't want to keep mexicans ignorant. I just want to keep the illegal ones out and expect the legal ones to assimilate. Instead of waving mexican flags, speaking spanish, and talking about taking back parts of America for mexico. Or dealing with racist groups like LA RAZA.

Also, I hate to break it to you. But the "Native Americans" were not one big happy family before whitey came along. They fought one another and did nothing with their land. Whites "conquered" indians because we were superior.

I don't know who this "man" is you refer to. But there seems to be a black guy in the white house right now. Is this that man? Do POC stand up against this man?

Anonymous said...

I don't hate all white people; hate is a strong word that belies too much energy spent; 'annoyance', 'pity', and 'sadness' are more accurate words to describe how I feel about certain whites. Seriously, you are the self-proclaimed racist, not me. I love *all* people because I can separate individuals from a generalized whole, something the majority of white racists cannot do. The so-called 'hatred' that I 'have' wouldn't be manufactured, either, even my alleged 'victimhood' (you guys are the ones who whine about being victims, anyway); my feelings against the white establishment are based on experiences. These experiences involve white individuals born into privilege and socialized into the notions of white superiority.
The white establishment (the 'Man') manufactured everything that has to do with race, so, by extension, it doesn't surprise me that he'd pit 'inferior' races against each other. Lots of blacks don't like immigration from Mexico, and I think that 'fear' is manufactured by whites; fear is your lifeblood and you know it! This site wouldn't be here if it wasn't!

I make PoC a collective unit outside of whites because PoC all around the world share one thing in common besides melanin: we've all been victims of white greed and violence. We've all been 'conquered', both physically and psychologically. Seriously, why do you think white is seen as 'most beautiful' in Asia when there are no whites be found? It's the legacy of global white supremacy! And, LOL, whites aren't 'superior' (explanation of *how* they are, please, because I don't see it, CWN); they are just damned sneaky and clever (sounds like a certain reptilian from the Old Testament, hmmm...), always tricking naturally kind PoC for their own 'immoral, disruptive, and racist' purposes. Exploiting the feuds between Native Americans for their own advantage? Well, that was just fine and dandy, wasn't it? NOT. DEVILISH. AT. ALL!
Really, what is your version of 'assimilate'? Acting white and Tomming for the Establishment? Like many Asians do? Don't lie, now; I know a lot more about how you guys think than you'd realize. (Don't call PoC 'racist', either; it just makes you look hypocritical and, frankly, stupid...)

And the 'Man' is not black. Are you kidding me? Damn--some of you are more paranoid than I thought! A President (of today, as opposed to the dominant, commanding ones generations ago) has no power and I would never consider him the 'Man'; he is just a mascot, so to speak, for the government. That's Political Science 101, folks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Porter, do you want a cookie for that attempt? Hate to break it to you, guy, but that wasn't a very good translation. In fact, you minced my points completely! But that doesn't surprise me; you are more concerned with searching for big, 20-dollar words in your sweaty, little thesaurus (seriously, unclench that thing before it files for sexual harassment!) than 'getting it'. Awww, boy boo! I never said we PoC are starting war against whites, nor seeking their extermination; the war has been and continues to be against the collective PoC. (LOL, was that too difficult to understand?) And, no, *homosexuals* (fags is not a word to use in public discourse, you know) don't confuse me, sadden maybe, but not *confuse*. Apparently, you approve of the homosexual lifestyle; once again, Porter, that doesn't *surprise* me, seeing that homosexuality tends to run rampant in the White Nationalist/Neo-Nazi movements. Like I said, you may keep them; they are more concerned with getting straight whites approval over gay rights for gay PoC anyway... I think its about time you take the whole 'eek, eek, ooga, booga' bullshit and eat it. You feeling me? You need a black friend (no, I'm not offering) who can hold your hand and take you through the real world instead of you sitting in a dark, dank place somewhere reading racist propaganda. That *can't* be healthy (the Sun is an excellent stimulant for releasing our skin's own Vitamin D, you know)!

Anonymous said...

There is no right to land ever...there is only force.

Anonymous said...

The negress that keeps commenting here is a typical example of the brainwashed black that the propaganda intends her to be. For instance, the idea that she can not be "racist" because she is negroid. She also reeks of the "victim mentality" that she both confirmed and denied in the same comment at 11:42AM (DOUBLETHINK?). She could do well to study cognitive dissonance. However, I doubt she has the ability to understand it.

I appreciate her coming here to bless us with the fruits of her blinding brilliance. It gives us another peek into the driving force of BRA, as you call it here. I suspect the more that read her edicts the more will realize the importance of our struggle as White man.


Anonymous said...

'Negress'? No, my name is Desiree! Dee-Eee-Ess-Igh-Are-Eee-Eee. I just thought I'd spell it for you since you have a problem with it. (Especially since that big, complex white brain is filled with so many big, complex thoughts! Remembering my name might distract you from all of your future inventions!)

'Struggle as White Man'? Aww, you're cute, Dave. Really cute! What are you struggling for, besides trying to keep any type of racial diversity out of government? It seems to me, your 'struggle' has resulted in lots of deaths of PoC all around the world, seeing that we are *always* in the way of the white man! Always occupying lands that are disgustingly natural and pristine and full of resources just *waiting* to be used up by the good ol' white man, since we never no what the hell to do with anything! Always trying to get accepted as equals! Always trying to mate with white women (oh no!)! Always, always, *always* taking everything from the great white man!

Shoot, all of that sounds terrible. Makes me feel bad that I'm not a white man and down with the struggle! But--*sigh*--I'm just a stupid negress. Dammit, God, why?! (Maybe I'll get a sex change and bleach my skin and marry a white woman! How does that sound, Dave? Can I be a part of your struggle? Pretty please?)

CWN said...


You say some pretty illogical things. Saying that POC have all been victims of the white man's greed and violence. But what about when non white races attack one another? Or when those races attack whites? I guess that doesn't count?

Are you saying that greed and violence were invented by the white man? I thought blacks were the first people? Not That I agree or buy into evolution, but isn't that the PC version of human history? So by that PC version, perhaps violence and greed were brought on by the black man.

Next, you double speak. You said that whites conquered all the non whites of the world physically and psychologically. Even saying that whites are considered to be more attractive by asians. Then you change your tune and ask about white superiority. Asking how, because you don't see it. But, you yourself gave examples of how right before you asked how. Don't be so willfully dense.

But thanks for comparing whites to Satan, that sure is touching. The whole white devil thing.

Also, why ask me a question I already answered? To assimilate means to put down your foreign flag, learn english and become a legal and loyal American. It really is not that hard.

I also find it amusing that you say that the president has no power. So by that logic, I assume you do not vote and did not vote for Obama. That is good to know. You probably should not be voting, it could be dangerous. But, you won't ever vote since the president has no power. I feel better. Thank the Drinking Gourd for that.

CWN said...

You know, I was thinking. It is pretty disgusting that we live in a time period and place, where upholding the law and protecting your country from invaders is seen as a bad thing.

The Gov. of Arizona is a hero. She ignored the PC bullshit, ignored race, and ignored the hysteria over this common sense law.

I mean, you even got Mike Steel who finds it to be racial profiling, which puts him in the same boat as Sharpton and gives another good reason as to why blacks should never be in charge of anything.You have gutless Rick Perry of Texas who said that the law would be too harsh for Texas, what!?!?!? Too Harsh for Texas!?!?!

How beyond belief is it, that a law which would keep ILLEGALS out of a state is considered wrong? Talk about the freaking twilight zone. It is enough to drive you to drink. It is beyond common sense and logic. And then to have whites who oppose it is even more illogical. Since it is whites who will lose the most if illegal immigration continues.

And let's talk about racial profiling. So what? Who is it that is entering this country illegally? Mexicans are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what other race of people would you target? Chinese, white, black, indians? You go after the source. If some hispanic guy is speaking proper english , I doubt that he will be bothered.

When whites are targeted as serial killers is that racial profiling? Who gives a shit? Just end the crime.

Same thing with Arabs on planes. God forbid you might racially profile them, and avoid checking an 80 year old ,white grandmother, for bombs.

We live in a PC, illogical, immoral, degenerate time. America is over people.

Anonymous said...


You don't believe in evolution? Why? Have you ever taken a biology course? Most people who don't believe in evolution are those who don't know anything about it. There is no reason not to believe that all people 'evolved' from those in Africa. And, yes, I do think--given history--that whites tend to air on the side of greed more so than *most* PoC.

I'm not being willfully dense. Whites being seen as 'more attractive' by Asians is not an example of inherent superiority. Are you kidding? You are the one who's dense, CWN, not me. That is one of the most tragic outcomes of conquering a group of people. But you wouldn't understand that, would you?

As for assimilation, no, I'm pretty sure our definitions are different. While I agree with what you laid out there, whites tend to want to go further. They want to whitewash these Mexican immigrants so much so that they wouldn't have to deal with the Mexicans culture differences, so they can't impede of the white Man's ability to do 'things', or whatever mess he's getting himself into. I don't agree with that. I don't agree with all PoC becoming colored versions of white people. Exploitation always comes after, as well as using PoC against their own.

Re: Racial Profiling. Sure it works out beautifully in theory but in reality it does not. (No one ever targeted whites in racial profiling; please. Don't even go there!) Of course, *you* have no problem with racial profiling, seeing that you have the complexion for the protection. White people don't have to worry about being stopped over anything at all, unles a specific person is being looked for. Have you ever been racial profiled, CWN? I doubt it. I had a busted taillight a few months ago and I was on my way to school. I was pulled over by a cop who told me it was out and gave me a warning to fix it. I thought we were done with the whole thing but then he asked for my social security number? He then spent over five minutes radioing it back to headquarters. Like, WTF; why? If you saw me that day, or any day for that matter, you'd see that I'm a pretty innocent looking individual, short, small, looks like they have money, etc. But he thought I could've been a criminal! Just because I was black! My stepdad has been followed while riding a bike from a 7-eleven all the way back to his house. Sure, to you it may seem 'logical' to assume blacks are criminals because you have some sort of irrational hatred/fear/whatever. But also, it never hurts whites because it isn't them. Just have a heart and consider the real victims of racial profiling: people like me (that probably doesn't convince, does it?), my stepdad, innocent Hispanics, etc. You say if they speak proper English they won't be hasseled. But wouldn't they be stopped *before* they are even spoken to?

I don't think people oppose stopping illegal immigration; I just think many people get why you'd leave Mexico! I'd leave, too. We shouldn't oppose the people.

(Jeez, you sound like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and all those other conservative yahoos! It's all so based upon fear!)

Anonymous said...

I see the Negress Desiree is back. If I were a black woman I wouldn't come on this site, I'd have better things to do. Like helping my own black community ie helping the homeless, single mom empowerment and other things for her tribe.

Yet she comes on here and spouts her dribble. Keep posting negress. You're showing the world how most of you have a chip on your shoulder. The chip that is begging to be knocked off. No matter what the white man does you'll always find something to bitch and hate on whitey.

BTW - I don't think the dude Black guy who posts on here is actually black. I think he's a Jew who thinks he's actually smart. He's a legend in his own mind.

I'm thrilled AZ enacted this legislation. I'm sick of the illegal squatters. I'm sick of looking at their stupid mexican flags, their disgusting mariachi music and their brood of ill-mannered cretans all babbling in a mix of illiterate spanish that only a caveman could understand.

Phalluster said...

Porter said it best:

You can speak to a bonobo at the zoo, and it will shriek and hurl feces at you, but do you really think you are having a conversation?

Anonymous said...

Look here is Desiree on one of her many dealings with "racist" police:

Desiree your lack of knowledge in regards to lawful detention by law enforcement is only matched by your apparent lack of knowledge of world history. You were stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation, he verified your identity, checked you for any outstanding warrants and once he was done he released you with a freaking WARNING and you cry RACISM!!!! I guess in Desiree's world if you are black and operating a motor vehicle police better just look the other way and forget about making traffic stops and enforcing the law, otherwise THEY RACISSSS! Desiree, your inherent blackness must weigh as heavily on your shoulders as the world does on Atlas. I almost pity you.


CWN said...


I don't believe in evolution precisely because I do understand how biology works. Altho alot of people tend to confuse natural selection or mutations with evolution. I am a creationist. I understand the difference between goo to you evolution and natural selection. Natural selection by the way was around before Darwin. It was founded by a creationist named Edward Blyth. Also, Darwin was a racist, who felt that blacks were less evolved. It is amazing that you support this founder of evolution.

Plus, I don't remember exactly when whites conquered asians. Doesn't America owe tons of cash to China? What asian country is conquered by whites? What a joke.

Don't bitch and moan about racial profiling. It is not a white person's fault that blacks do the crimes. It is also not a white person's fault that mexcians are latinoes coming into this country illegally. You go where the source is. And yes they do profile whites when looking for serial killers. They generally assume it's a white male. That is profiling. And I don't care if they profile all day long, and I don't care who it offends. It is ignorant to not profile a certain group, when it is that group that the issue is coming from.

As far as the cop checking your social security number. How exactly can you prove he would not have done that to a white person? Did he say anything racist to you? I assume not. And if he did , and you had an issue, then you should have reported him and filed a complaint. It is really that simple. You could have even asked why he wanted your social security number. But you knows when to keeps quiet, when the massa is around.

People may want to leave mexico, sure. It is a cess pool, and it is corrupt. But America cannot and does not have an obligation to take the worlds lost people. We simply cannot do it. The economy is bad, welfare is over used, and Americans have to look out for Americans. We have our own poor and our own problems. We are not the police of the world. Let mexicans fight for their country. Fix it on their own, like Americans fought for ours.

And ofcourse there is fear and anger. What do you think started the revolutionary war?

Unknown said...


If you new enough black people you would know that they despise illegal immigration just like everyone else.

But what to expect you always pitt black people together and insist on grouping all of us together.

I have to congratulate the Arizona bill, we need to regulate immigration if for anything for the sake of national security!

again some black men do crimes but the last time I checked so do white men, asian men and Latino male.
And at one time Whites had conquered china.

CWN said...


You should check again. Because blacks commit crimes that are disproportinate with their population. Black on black crime being the highest. And black on white crime being higher than white on black crime.

Between 1976-2005, blacks made up 13% of the US population, but committed 59% of felony murders. Overall, blacks are 9 times more likely to commit murder than whites.
Source: US DOJ

Unknown said...

CW:"You should check again. Because blacks commit crimes that are disproportinate with their population. Black on black crime being the highest. And black on white crime being higher than white on black crime"

No one is denying that but then again Latinos are taking over as crime lots in the country. So the question is why?

You people are making it seem that BM are criminals and its in their DNA you forget that in every country the poor population have a higher presentation of criminals than the rest. Poor people commit crimes, middle class blacks are law abiding citizens poor BM commit crimes just like trailer trash/hillibilies commit crimes more than middle and rich class white folks.

Its called socio-economic environment anybody with any knowledge of sociology could explain that!

CWN said...


You are full of it. Poor white areas have less crime than poor black areas. So there goes that theory. Being poor does not make one commit murder,rape,and other violence. That is kind of insulting to poor people.

It is the black culture that makes the crime happen, not DNA. Blacks do not take responsibility for their actions. Having no father doesn't help. Gansta rap and blaming whitey for everything. No, that will not help.

Unknown said...

Right am fulll of it yet you refuse to answer the question why the number of latinos in prison is rising.

Socio-economic disparity is not a reason for people to commit crimes but most crimes are committed in places where poor live.

White people and especially trailer trash commit majority of rape in America. Do we have bad apples in a our community yes, I never said otherwise.

And black culture is not responsible for the bad apples you know nothing about black culture, its the hip-hop gangster culture that is responsible and your beloved jews are busy marketing it across America and young blacks and white kids from barbs think its cool to be hard(carry guns)

Read what I wrote earlier

CWN said...


If there are more wetbacks in prison it is because they are commiting more crimes, including the illegals coming over.

Maybe poor people need more morality.

Whites commit the majority of rapes in America? According to who? Blacks are more impulsive than whites and have less morality. This goes back the culture. Blacks commit rapes at a higher amout than other races.

Hip hop gangsta culture is black culture. So is the fatherless home. So is blaming whitey.