Monday, April 12, 2010

Flash Mobs in Bleeding Kansas City

We have seen Flash Mobs in Philadelphia. We have even seen ‘Smash and Grab’ tactics of Black shoplifters cause damage to Atlanta-area stores.

Now, we have Bleeding Kansas… City. Yes, Missouri is now home to the next generation of Black theme riots, as ‘youth’ of Kansas City have been inspired by the exploits of comrades in Philadelphia and Atlanta realizing that through a sustained group effort that they too could create havoc with a toxic combination of aplomb and radicalized insanity:

Kansas City Police Chief Jim Corwin received a briefing Monday after a large disturbance on the Country Club Plaza Saturday night.

Corwin said on his blog that it was estimated that between 700 and 900 juveniles were on the Plaza by 9 p.m. that night. The gathering was posted through the social network Web site Facebook.

Witnesses said the trouble started when several brawls broke out between young people as moviegoers left a theatre.

"I was leaving the movies and there were so many kids out there," witness Starr Hackett told KMBC's Marcus Moore.

Hackett said tension seemed to rise when police arrived and used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.
"When they called in the helicopter and more police out there, that's when it really got crazy," Hackett said.

"I feel like that's unfortunate because I feel like the Plaza is a place where everybody should be able to come and enjoy a good time and be safe," resident Lynita Jones said.

"In absolutely no neighborhood should that occur. People should be respectful of property of each other, and welcome everyone," Haake said. Haake said that she hopes what happened Saturday night won't happen again. "I'm very worried about that because we want it to be a happy place," Haake said. Moore said that some people he spoke to criticized the police response to the incident, saying it went too far. Corwin detailed the incident on his blog. Click here to read the blog. "Crowds began to gather in front of businesses, blocking the entrances and exit, and would not move," according to a police memorandum. The report also noted:"Citizens were continually stopping officers and complaining of the crowds, that they were being pushed and shoved, and that the kids were trying to intimidate them.By 10:30 p.m., the crowds left the Plaza and gathered in Mill Creek Park and in the Winstead's parking lot. One young person was found in the parking lot with head injuries. Police said he was hit on the head and his jaw was broken. The police memo said that earlier in the year, Cinemark Theatre lowered its age requirement and young people began increasingly to hang out around the theatre. "We learned this past week that the crowds were growing due to area high schools organizing gatherings through the use of Twitter and Facebook. The report also noted that on the previous Saturday -- April 3 -- police were called about a large disturbance involving 300 to 500 juveniles at J.C. Nichols Parkway and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Notice the article points out that one week prior, the throng of Black participants in the first riot was 50 percent less than the subsequent week (April 10). One can only speculate that this weekend, 1800 – 2000 Black youth will show up to take part in the Bleeding Kansas…City riots.

A police report of the event can be found here, which oddly fails to delineate the participants by race, although the term ‘Flash Mob’ is analogous to ‘Black Mob’ and requires precious little waste of energy to define the group further.

Kansas City is 30 percent Black, and yet is home to one of the shining examples of the government of the United States incompetence at utilizing the invaluable resource of Crusading White Pedagogues to uplift Black students from the doldrums of Mother Nature’s cruel –unintentional – gift:

Kansas City was held up as a national example of bold thinking when it tried to integrate its schools by making them better than the suburban districts where many kids were moving. The result was one school with an Olympic-sized swimming pool and another with recording studios.

Now it’s on the brink of bankruptcy and considering another bold move: closing nearly half its schools to stay afloat.

Schools officials say the cuts are necessary to keep the district from plowing through what little is left of the $2 billion it received as part of a groundbreaking desegregation case.

Buffeted for years by declining enrollment, political squabbling and a revolving door of leadership, the district’s fortunes are so bleak that Superintendent John Covington has said diplomas given to many graduates “aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.”

Kansas City is among the most striking examples of the challenges of saving urban school districts. The city used gobs of cash to improve facilities, but boosting lagging test scores and stemming the exodus of students were more elusive. Like other big-city districts, it finds itself struggling to become more than just the last resort for large pockets of poverty in the urban core.

The latest possible solution for Kansas City is the plan Covington submitted to the school board last week that called for closing 29 out of 61 schools to eliminate a projected $50 million budget shortfall. Covington also has said he wants to cut about 700 of the district’s 3,000 jobs, including 285 teachers. The school board vote is Wednesday.

This year alone officials expect to overspend the $316 million budget by $15 million and if nothing changes, the district will be in the red by 2011.

Kansas City appeared headed for a recovery when a federal judge in 1985 declared the district was unconstitutionally segregated. To boost test scores, integrate the schools and repair decrepit classrooms, the state was ordered to spend about $2 billion to address the problems.

The district went on a buying spree that included a six-lane indoor track and a mock court complete with a judge’s chamber and jury deliberation room. But student achievement remained low, and the anticipated flood of students from the suburbs turned out to be more like a trickle.

And to this day, the district continues to lose students. In the late 1960s enrollment peaked at 75,000, dropped to 35,000 a decade ago and now sits at just under 18,000.

Only about half of Kansas City’s elementary school students and about 40 percent of middle and high school students now attend the city’s public schools. Many of the other students have left for publicly funded charter schools, private and parochial schools and the suburbs.

At the height of spending in 1991-92, Kansas City invested more than $11,700 per student—more than double that year’s national average of $5,001, according to U.S. Census figures. Today, the district spends an average of $15,158 on each student, compared to a national average of $9,666 in 2006-07, the latest figures available.

Yes, an effort through the vast reallocation of resources to help Black students perform on average just as highly as their white counterparts failed, just the hope of scores upon scores of Black children refraining from engaging in ‘Flash Mobs’ is but a dream.

Like a virus, 'Flash Mobs' are manifesting across the nation.

One can only recall ‘The Course of Empire’ painting series by Thomas Cole when presented with the growing body of information regarding the proliferation of ‘Flash Mobs’ across the nation.

Black unemployment is rising. New Black college graduates are having a difficult time locating jobs, and many have given up looking altogether. An entirely new people from Mexico have been imported to America to do jobs that Black people seem uninspired to perform.

Instead, loitering in the company of friends and mindlessly romping through congested business areas is the type of avocation those Black youth who participate in ‘Flash Mobs’ would rather partake in, while immigrants do the jobs they just won’t do!

Any town, USA, with a Black population will soon have the 21st century’s version of Hoover’s “Bonus Army” marauding and rampaging through its streets.

We live in the waning days of the Empire. There is no turning back now. Through the beauty of social networking sites, Black people can mass congregate with the speed usually reserved for Wal-Mart’s shelves being restocked with hot-selling items.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like has enjoyed the journey of covering Black Run America (BRA) in all its glory, and finds the media’s reticence to report of the 700 – 900 youth who participated in the Bleeding Kansas… City riot a sign of its enormously dreadful influence.

White criminals do exist, of course (watch the Lifetime Network and you’ll think that’s the only type out there). Yet Hate Facts help establish the reality of criminality in America and stories of ‘Flash Mobs’ only punctuate that veracity clearly.

Bleeding Kansas… City. What city is next?Thankfully, the police will be working with a reputable group at helping out Black people to put an end to these flights of youthful fun:

Police Chief Jim Corwin promises strict enforcement on the Plaza this weekend and said he's meeting with Plaza merchants, the NAACP and others to develop a plan to keep the kids from causing problems.

There is no solution to the madness of 'Flash Mobs'. Not anymore. Just sit back and laugh. That's all you can do.

Video of the event is available here.

More footage of the riot.

Video of a brawl at the Bleeding Kansas City event.

Click here for another version of the story from


TAS said...

The Plaza exists by attracting large numbers of suburban whites. This incident could kill it - already suburban whites are talking about avoiding the Plaza. Diversity and the "civil rights" movement have claimed yet another victim.

Also, a couple was robbed and attacked in the Plaza - the husband was beaten badly by 15 "youths." Only the Kansas City Star provides any details. The rest of the MSM sources don't say anything about it and even the police department just mentions an "attack" without detailing it.

"At Pennsylvania Avenue and Nichols Road, the Grandview couple, in their 20s, said a group of 15 young males accosted them and knocked a cup of coffee from the woman’s hand. The juveniles hit the woman, knocking her to the ground. They stole her purse and kicked and punched the man until the woman threw herself on top of his body to protect him. The man suffered minor cuts and swelling, police said."

Anonymous said...

So, how many months or years will this mall survive before it declines into abandoned anchor stores, closed storefronts, abandoned kiosks, then dollar stores, seasonal merchandise outlets, and then, finally, the wrecking ball?

Anonymous said...

flash mob? Are you sure that's the right name for a riot that is planned?

Anonymous said...

The only whites I saw in the video were cops.

hirschmonsta said...

Don't worry. If any one of the black rioters are injured in the act of looting, the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will arrive on the scene to ensure that the police who had the audacity to attack a black youth for stealing and destroying will be dealt with for being the racist white fascist he is.

White people should be ashamed of themselves for the acts committed by young black males. It is not their fault; they are the victims.

CWN said...

How many neighborhoods, malls, hospitals, fastfood joints, walmarts, and anything else, are going to be ruined by black savages; before they negro proof these areas and face the truth?

These black bastards will coninue to tear down America one city at a time, until America turns into a third world african sess pool, or a mexican sess pool, whichever comes first.

And you know what, the filthy white liberals who turn their heads and kiss ass deserve it. They all need to be sent to Africa to kiss black ass all day long. Sing Kum by ya, and bend over to get their liberal guilt filled in.

Decent whites have to put up with blacks, and the white, ass kissing liberals.

It is all NUCKING FUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is what a Flash Mob is suposed to look like........
look how they cant even copy being nice and civil. They even f**k that up.

B Herder said...

Seems to me, that the KCPD ought to be stocking up on dogs...

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many black folks on the Members List? Is this site a deceptive plant to identify white "racists"?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

ANON at 8:30:

Go read the "Michael Oher" entry...

Steve said...

It is nuts CWN. Its painful and disgusting to see our cities being destroyed by free roaming feral animals. The law is useless, jail is no punishment-they actually enjoy it. So what do we do to stop it?
The most peaceful and benign of the solutions would be a return to the pre-civil rights era with enforced segregation.
We all know that will never happen. Little by little we whites are being displaced in our own lands by savages. Eventually the gated communities will be overrun and the US will shatter into little Zimbabwes and South Africas.
I was in London recently and that once great city is turning into a third world hellhole looking much like the worst parts of New York. All sub-saharan africans not looking for work but for the freebies from the welfare state.
The end game is getting close we need to wake up soon.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I think you are correct in many of your points. Again, not ALL BLACKS are bad people. Many are law-abiding citizens.

However, stories that detail the exploits of Flash Mobs paint a depressing picture for the future.

For fear of being labeled racists, the police are basically incapable of enforcing the law (read the entry on cooperating with police).

The Henry Gates situation shows that even elite Black people will always play the victim-card and demand special treatment.

There is no reforming this broken system. Once you understand that important fact, you can stop getting overly upset at the situation and just sit back and laugh.

The United States is already a third-world hellhole. China owns us; many parts of the nation are no go areas (for members of all races).

I live in a major city and see defeat in every humanoids eyes I meet on the train when I ride it.

For all intents and purposes, the United States of America exists for economic transactions between citizens who no longer have long-term vested interests in the nation.

The "Flash Mob" situation in Philly, Kansas City, Atlanta (and other places) show that this nation built primarily for commerce is ending.

Retail stores and restaurants will find it increasingly difficult to turn a profit and stay in the black when resources are spent on extra-guards, security cameras, fixing broken windows and in charging extra for the merchandise.

I guess that is the beauty of Amazon... you don't have to worry about being caught in a "Flash Mob" when you shop online.

Again though, once you understand that the police are incapable of stopping this madness due to the power of Black Run America (BRA), you'll stop worrying and might muster a smile.

After all, as the Comedian said in "Watchmen"... the American Dream did come true.

Anonymous said...

Damn racist white people, it's all their fault...again!

Anonymous said...

I am just confused as to how this entire event has turned into a racist cause. I do think that many whites have an unfair advantage due to being called racist for things that are so very "un-racist" but this "flash mob", whether or not most of the participants were black or not, shouldn't just be about race. Is no one worried about the things happening on facebook now? Or how with the economy as bad as it is already, that this event might have just made the Kansas City economy spiral down even further? Goodness.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about you SBPDL, your site is humorous but i believe you know blacks are not coming up with some master scheme. Just youths reverting back to the law of the jungle. Maybe you should change your format and report on the real culprits.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

Your confusion is dully noted, however this 'Flash Mob' is entirely about race. Wishing, praying and hoping it wasn't won't change the fact that 1000 youth of monochromatic color went wild in Kansas City.

They weren't Asian youth. They weren't white youth. They were Black youth.

Please, include links to show us what is happening on Facebook. I know this is where the ideas for the Black 'Flash Mob' had its genesis, but I'd love to see the links!

Yes, the economy is bad. But again, it is not white youth that are keeping consumers and shoppers away from the stores and restaurants, thus negating important transactions.

No, it is BLACK youth causing damage and forcing store owners to close early, lest 'Smash and Grab' tactics come into play.

I know... I know... we shouldn't point out what unpleasant facts, such as the 100 percent Black 'Flash Mob' that is further perpetuating economic decline in the Kansas City area.

Let's pretend they were all white loiters! That doesn't stop the stores from leaving, resulting in Foot Locker, Finish Line and other 'Urban' stores from being all that is left.

So yes, pretend race has nothing to do with it.

Me, I'll just keep laughing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is happening elsewhere, as the story below describes:

For those not from the area, Cleveland Heights constantly boasts of being the most integrated suburb of Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL's analysis is correct, but I don't think it is something to laugh about.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Anon at 12:04 pm.

What is the other alternative? Tea Party participants run from any accusation of racist. Conservatives and/or Republicans run even faster.

Every institution in the United States bends over backwards to accommodate the bad behavior that is frequently discussed at this site.

All you can do is laugh at this point. Perhaps no scene from a novel, short story or movie captures this truth more powerfully than the one below from Zack Synder's masterful adaption of 'Watchmen':

There is no other solution. All you can do is laugh, or else you'll go crazy.

Steve said...

I served 20 years in Army in defense of this country and God it pains me to laugh at the current situation not just here in the US but in the western world as a whole. Maybe Im too serious but laughing at the destruction of modern civilization seems abhorrent to me.
To come so far in our civilization and technology to watch it shatter all around me is gun in mouth depressing. At the moment I live in a whitopia I have a decent life and can pretty much afford to do whatever I want within reason of course. So I guess Ill pour another scotch sit by the pool and remember the good old days.
The house next to me has gone up for sale, cant help but hope I dont get any diversity moving in sad to say but its a real concern nowadays.

Anonymous said...

The flash mobs organize through, not Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock once said, "There are two kinds of malls in America. Once that white people go to and one that white people used to go to."

I guess Country Club Plaza is about to be the latter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SBPDL, I wouldn't have known about this violent black riot if not for this blog. However, the lib media was sure to alert me about two 14 year olds and the PA system incident at Whole Foods. Here's a quote from a victim... "my fiancee suffered badly after aproximately 10 thugs beat him to the ground and nearly kicked him to death." Attempts to rip a ring off her finger failed. -- the Man.

Anonymous said...

Please remember to spay and neuter your pets, as it will help to curb incidents like this from happening again in the future.

Fat Black Mammy said...

Iffin you WHITE DEBBILS jus be givin us da REPAYASHUNS dat we deserv, den we be leavin you whitey white shoppin areas alone

Anonymous said...

Funny how your post turned out to be wrong. I live near the Plaza and there haven't been any repeat incidents in a long while.

Anonymous said...

White flash mob = CREATIVITY

Black flash mob = VIOLENCE

Anonymous said...

DC Handgun called it first. I like my American-made Ruger SR9c and COR-BON rounds for social work. Winning.

Anonymous said...

this happen last yearrrrrr.... and its still a topic.... get a life ..