Sunday, November 7, 2010

Are We Already the Walking Dead?

In an economic collapse, do we all become the walking dead?
In promotions for the new AMC show The Walking Dead, the iconic shot centers around the protagonist riding horseback into the deserted city of Atlanta.

With abandoned cars littering one side of the highway (the occupants having long fled), the lone man trudges toward the skyscrapers in the distance.

What awaits him in the city? Zombies. The premise of The Walking Dead is simple: a zombie apocalypse has occurred, plunging the civilized world into undead chaos.

In only a matter of days society breaks down, overrun by the unstoppable contagion and subsequent insatiable appetite of zombie hordes.

A question Stuff Black People Don't Like will pose now is simply this: if a breakdown in government authority - whether by a zombie apocalypse, financial meltdown, terrorist attack, etc. - occurred, what would transpire next?

Before answering this question, remember that the United States is the most well-armed country in the world, as private citizens in America have a lot of firearms. Only in states with large amounts of Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white people and Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) are  lower rates of gun ownership found. Interestingly, these areas equate to the larger cities in America (Seattle, Denver, Washington DC, New York City and Los Angeles ), places that would be the worst locales to be in if the proverbial s--t hit the fan.

It is the cities that have high levels of trust and a sense of community that would survive a sudden collapse. Conversely, those that have high levels of crime would be areas that break down instantaneously (with high levels of police presence before the absence of authority, one can only imagine the swift descent into anarchy that would befall major cities).

All zombie movies (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead) or books (World War Z) fail to consider the one element that must always be measured: race.

In the proverbial end-of-the-world scenario, when all forms of government and authority have dissolved, the one thing people perpetually claim doesn't matter or exist will be accentuated to a degree unimaginable. Race is more than a social construct, much more.

The 30,000 Black people who showed up for a Section 8 housing voucher event in East Point (right outside Atlanta) showcased in a tragic beauty the fragile state of America. How many people in America depend upon the state for their very existence, functioning solely thanks to programs that now have millions of dependents?

What do you call these people in the event of a stoppage of government aide?

On the Internet you can find any number of end-of-the-world scenarios, but few that deal honestly with the situation that confronts America and what would transpire in the event of a currency collapse or a sudden end to the welfare state.

This is why the recent mid-term election was so important, with the continued polarization between SWPL whites and untouchable whites increasing and a distinct map forming of where these competing groups call home.

We have argued that the South must be abandoned, with  a demographic tidal wave washing over that region and ensuring that a cessation of the Federal government would mean high levels of discomfort for citizens there.

Again, all of this is but a hypothetical. There will never be a zombie apocalypse, but a currency collapse like the one in Iceland could trigger a much more horrifying scenario then even George Romero could conceive.

A lot of Web sites that we enjoy reading (financial Web sites) have been claiming that economic Armageddon is approaching and that this cataclysm is unavoidable. In a situation like this, are we all the walking dead?

If this is the scenario that will play out - an economic collapse - we are beginning to think that being in Boise, Cheyenne or Sioux Falls would be a much better location than Birmingham, Dallas, San Diego or Chicago.

One of the lingering questions that plagues the survivors in The Walking Dead is the agonizing wait for help to arrive and, ultimately, if government help will ever arrive.

This is the paramount question of our time: if electoral actions are insufficient to save the United States from dissolution and an economic meltdown (triggered perhaps by a collapse of California) is the lone manner in which to survive, what flag do Americans have to rally around in a period of extreme duress?

The answer should be obvious.

One thing should be obvious in dying stages of Black Run America (BRA): there is no government that will save us and waiting for one to do so will only exacerbate the current situation.


Anonymous said...

Cry me a river

Whites are refugees in their own countries. Stuck in countries they must defend. There is only so much they can take before they finally reach their breaking point. Arm and arm, they'll win the fight.

Hirsch said...

"All zombie movies (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead) or books (World War Z) fail to consider the one element that must always be measured: race."

Wrong. Please go back and watch both original versions of Romero's "Night of the Living Dead," and "Dawn."

Duan Jones, the lead in the first film, was one of the first black leads (outside of Portier) in a horror movie; Romero initially said that he cast Jones not for the extra gravitas of the racial angle, but because he was one of the only actors he knew willing to sign on for the project. But they did talk about the implications of the story and it did end up becoming a strange sort of civil rights allegory. Remember, Jones fends off the zombies and makes it to the end of the movie, only to be killed by rural whites who mistake him for a flesh eater, when he is actually the last human survivor.

On to "Dawn". The original (not the inferior remake) starts in a housing project and shows the absolute chaos that would ensue in a densely populated city. It then segues to NRA country where the national guard and well-fortified whites are holed up and taking target practice at the zombies. The racial subtext is there again, as the four leads are split between two white males, one white female, and one black male. The movie was a good extrapolation of consumer culture gone wild (locked in the mall), and even though the third and fourth entries in the franchise ("Day" and "Land") had less social commentary, there was still enough consideration given to race in the post-apocalypse.

It's touchy and difficult to try to write speculative fiction (or movies) about racial war because you end up sounding like either Charles Manson, or William Pierce, you know, the guy who wrote "The Turner Diaries," about a massive white revolution; the "Diaries" are actually well-written, but not as good as "Camp of the Saints," which I think you might find an interesting story, SBPDL, about what awaits SWPL who embrace the multicult.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Those are valid points regarding Romero's film's, though Night of the Living Dead (original) had little to do with race. Romero has always said that Jones was just the best actor for the part.

The opening of the 1970s version of Dawn of the Dead is very good.

Here is a weird essay about why racism can't be found in zombie films:

Interesting, last night's The Walking Dead introduced a racist character who appeared to be a Hollywood caricature of what they believe untouchable whites are all like.

With the setting in Atlanta, it was incredibly funny for this character to make jokes about the streets being just as unsafe now as they were BEFORE the zombie situation.

I got a good laugh at that joke, considering that Atlanta has some of the most unsafe neighborhoods in America.

For those wondering, here is the 1978 version "Dawn of the Dead" part one.

Hirsch is correct that the first portion of the film deals with a racial breakdown in Philadelphia.

From wikipedia:

Following the scenario set up in Night of the Living Dead, the United States (and possibly the entire world) has been devastated by a phenomenon which reanimates recently deceased human beings and turns them into flesh-eating zombies. The cause of this phenomenon is unknown. Despite desperate efforts by the US Government and local civil authorities to control the situation, society has effectively collapsed and the remaining survivors seek refuge. Some rural citizens and the military have been effective in fighting the zombies, but cities, with their high populations and close quarters, are essentially deathtraps. The chaos has apparently spread throughout the country, evident by infrequent television and radio broadcasts.

Confusion reigns at the WGON television studio in Philadelphia. Staff member Stephen, the pilot of the station's traffic helicopter, and his girlfriend Francine are planning to steal the helicopter to escape the zombie threat. Meanwhile, Roger and his SWAT team raid an apartment building where the residents are ignoring the martial law imposition of delivering the dead over to National Guardsmen. Some residents attack with rifles, and are slaughtered by the SWAT operatives, and by their own reanimated dead. During the raid, Roger meets Peter, part of another SWAT team. They find the basement is packed with zombies, placed there by the living residents, and kill them. Roger, who knows of Stephen's plan, suggests they desert their SWAT teams and flee the city

Anonymous said...

Those videos for the housing lines were very interesting. They are truly entitled!! The black underclass are not really poor, they just make one bad decision after another and are morally bankrupt. As long as they can get their cell phones and mindless entertainment, they are pacified. We fund the important stuff so that they can party.

This might be a bit off topic, but the black woman at the movies last night with about 6 kids and 2 men (all dressed to the nines) pulled over $90 out of her purse to pay for full priced movie tickets. Her EBT welfare card fell out of her purse onto the counter too. She did not even flinch. I made an assumption that she was housed by section8, and that those kids were all on free breakfast and lunch at school. Was that racist of me?

Where did she get that much money to pay for movie tickets when she is collecting food stamps????? Drug sales? Stolen merchandise? Turning tricks? Shouldn't someone from social services be checking in on her?

Later, 2 more blacks started copulating in the back row during my movie, Social Network. I could not figure out why they would want to see that movie anyway, turns out they just wanted a quiet dark place to do it.

Anonymous said...

Economic collapse may or may not destroy our society. However, the eventual depletion of cheap oil will. Imagine the 8 million people in greater L.A. with no gasoline, electricity, natural gas, water, food, TV, internet, radio, or any of the millions of commodities that we take for granted (tampons, aspirin). The nearest farms are 100 miles distant, with no way to produce food or get the food into the city. The end of oil, will be the end of life as we know it. Rural people, already having cows, chickens, sheep, vegetable gardens and orchards will survive. Ignorant city people will not.

Anonymous said...

"Interesting, last night's The Walking Dead introduced a racist character who appeared to be a Hollywood caricature of what they believe untouchable whites are all like."

I rolled my eyes.

Stereotyping is TERRIBLY WRONG...unless you're stereotyping a white southerner. Then it's perfectly ok to make him an evil racist.

Meanwhile, the black characters are noble and benevolent, and the epidemic of black fatherlessness does not exist.

Typical Hollywood fantasy.

To be fair, I've enjoyed the first two episodes, in spite of the political correctness.

Desiree said...

@ cry me a river bitch anonymous:

Again, I must ask: why do you continually go to bat for whitey? I thought you said your weren't white?!

How can a minority care about whitey as much as you do?

Also why begin with 'cry me a river' IF YOU AREN'T EVEN TALKING TO ANYONE who needs to be told 'cry me a river'?!

These are much more important questions than what would happen in a zombie apocalypse...

Anonymous said...

If whites can’t wake up, how bad does it have to get?

Steve said...

Both of you guys (Hirsch and SBPDL) are spot on with your assessment of the two Romero films. There is another called Diary of the Dead that sort of parallels the initial outbreak - also from Romero. It uses that horrendous shaky camera first person view that has plagued movies recently.
Walking Dead is very good, I've been enjoying the series so far but back to the main topic. We can use Katrina as a perfect example of how blacks behave during a major crisis. Lawlessness and mayhem become elevated to epic proportions. Civilized behavior is just not possible. Magnify that about 1000% when they soon realize there will be no FEMA checks coming in and no rappers blaming YT for their plight. As the old newspaper headline joke goes "Comet will destroy earth tomorrow--women and minorities to suffer the most!"
A people that refuse to act civil in a natural localized disaster can be counted on with certainty to act savagely in a major or apocalyptic disaster.

Anonymous said...


Cry me a river

"I bat for" YT because some of the best people I've ever known were white. I already said I'm not white. You said you don't care what SBPDL say's. Yet you continue to post. IF you really didn't care, you wouldn't want to share telling everyone just how you feel.

"How can a minority care about whitey as much as you do?"

Me and a lot of my white friends were tighter than bark on a tree. I like everything about whites. Food, entertainment, etc.

Cry me a river is my pseudonym. I don't say bitch anymore because it reflects badly on me.

Anonymous said...

"Again, I must ask: why do you continually go to bat for whitey?"

But of course you're not curious that Tim Wise goes to bat for the darkies?

See Deziarrhea (I'm trying to cut back on the 'dumb fucking whore' thing...SBPDL does not approve), one of the multitude of things that makes you annoying as hell is your complete inability to be objective.

If you're not curious about Tim Wise going to bat for negroes, then why are you curious about 'cry me a river' going to bat for whitey?

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps he thinks the "white way" of doing things often proves to be the best way? Or that the reason blacks occupy the bottom of the social structure is because of their rejection of white values?

Anonymous said...

"Wrong. Please go back and watch both original versions of Romero's "Night of the Living Dead," and "Dawn.""

Excellent points, Hirsch. I downloaded both of the original Romero movies last week for Halloween, and thoroughly enjoyed both. The Dawn remake was god-awful.

Desiree said...

@ Hirsch:

Interesting analysis on 'Night of the Living Dead'.

Perhaps I'm not reading into it as closely as you (or maybe it's a 'ta-may-toe'/'ta-mah-toe' thing) but I was always bothered that the only character killed in such a seemly nonsensical way was the black guy, who'd been the rational thinker, the hero, throughout the whole film.

It was...predictable, despite the fact he was the last survivor. His death was like a lynching flashback.

Or maybe he was chosen because he was the best actor for the role. And possibly his blackness, for the black viewer such as myself, made his death seem more senseless. If he was white, maybe not.

I will say, though, I was very upset he didn't listen to the police and when he died I felt like I'd been robbed and violated.

Possibly another 'Black guy can do everything right and still get killed', although I doubt that was the filmmaker's intention. But that's what I thought!

I have yet to see the other film mentioned so I'll withhold my 2 cents on it's social commentary...


I think there is something wrong in immediately assuming black people will go savage if an apocalypse occurs.

Katrina taken into account or not.

SBPDL, why is your first inclination always towards black people being the adversary?

It would seem that in an apocalyptic disaster, race should be the last item on a person's mind! (I hope you aren't think of beautiful white wimmens being taken since all 'law' and social customs have broken down, too! Free for all is the fear right? LOL!)

Katrina, I will say, was a social disaster. Bush's response was shameful. That said, I think the behavior of the New Orleans residents was not so much indicative of race but of class. Really, how would you act if your house was washed away in a hurricane?

I don't think 'When the Levees Broke' was the best documentary but there was something to said about how they kept those levees. I don't believe they were blown up but... anything is possible in America.

God forbid it was another mass black extinction project a la AIDS in Africa.

Oh yeah, as if Whitey won't become some violent trigger happy redneck come an apocalypse. For Christ's Sake, you people aren't angels from heaven!

As one of my white girlfriends used to tell me: 'Race doesn't matter!'

Reloader said...

I've argued for the same thing; The South and the West must be abandoned. I get a lot of resistance for saying that. "Why should we give up one inch of land? My ancestors built it and are buried there!". I simply say it's a strategic retreat. We'll get it back, but first things first. The Federal Government has to go and once that happens, the negros will be jumping in the Atlantic to escape the wrath of the White man. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

"I think there is something wrong in immediately assuming black people will go savage if an apocalypse occurs."

LOL Who gives a shit what you think?
There is not a single example in history of black people responding to any crisis in a rational, organized, orderly manner.
In fact, black people GO SAVAGE for idiotic things like Chick Fil-A running out of free chicken.

Anonymous said...

"Katrina, I will say, was a social disaster. Bush's response was shameful."

As expected, Deziarrhea offers the typical, predictable, mindless, black talking-points auto-response, while ignoring that the federal government is the designated THIRD RESPONDER, while local and state are first and second responders.
BTW Deziarrhea, do you also agree that Obama's response was "shameful" last year when over 40 people died in Kentucky during a snowstorm?

Hirsch said...

SBPDL, you might want to consider doing a # post on Chic-Fila (since someone brought it up). I can't stand most fast food, yet I go there at least once a month and have never, or rarely, seen a black patron. Unlike Church's, Popeye's, or KFC, it doesn't seem to be on the radar for many blacks.

Desiree said...

@ cry me a river bitch anonymous:

Okay, it is one thing to have white friends and love them. Fine. But you take it further than most coloreds I've seen. Why do you have to be racist against blacks?

If you had a negative experience, I am sorry, but that should not color all of your perceptions of my beautiful people, who are naturally inclined towards sports and music.

I don't hate Whites; I hate Whitey, the racist system that is hellbent on keeping black people in America's colon.

I learned the hard way in my relationships with white people (yes, I do currently have white friends but they are kept at a comfortable distance; familiarity breeds contempt regardless of race, really). I cannot think of a solitary interaction that did not end in flames and betrayal (outside of the ones that are currently on-going). I don't think I am to blame for any of those.

However, I objectively know that not all white people are bad and I interact with them in a completely colorblind fashion, save this fun site. Many, if not most, are average Joes. That is the same with blacks, Latinos, and Asians. My negative interactions have not turned me off of white men, which seems, oddly, to be a sort of one-track biological proclivity.

Think about this post, Cry me a river bitch. This thread.

Sure, they are talking about blacks like myself. But lets imagine if this whole SBPDL family was together and encountered an apocalyptic situation and we were all the last people on earth.

I have no reservations in saying I'd be the first to be killed, even if I was the last woman on Earth, because I am black. This is not a conjecture but reality! Hopefully I'd be snuffed in the sweetest way possible but I doubt it.

I'm sure my natural feminine fear response, coupled with my blackness (never forget that), will lead to a bullet in my dome.

Black guy will go after me once they use his labor as a black man.

You will then be next, when they decide your devotion is unimportant and trivial.

Here is a quote from your fellow commenting comrade:

"The Federal Government has to go and once that happens, the negros will be jumping in the Atlantic to escape the wrath of the White man. Count on it."

Who'll be next?! Latinos! If you think your days aren't numbered please think again; perhaps after Muslims (as our good House Negro Juan Williams reminded us), Latinos are the most hated group in this country.

The only way to fight Whitey is to band together, whites included, to fight against it.

You don't want to die like the black guy from 'Night of the Living Dead', which illustrates my point perfectly: you can be an honorable, capable minority, the smartest in a lot of whites, but you will always die in the most senseless fashion even if you go last.

Don't ever forget that.

Please post this, SBPDL; this is an important message to Cry me a river bitch. Thank you.

Desiree said...

@ Hirsch:

"SBPDL, you might want to consider doing a # post on Chic-Fila"

SBPDL already did something on Chick-Fil-A, sir:

I think there was a very funny video of a white girl being dragged by her hair in that post...

Meat eater?! Well, KFC can turn the most ardent vegan into a carnivore with just one whiff of those 11 secret herbs and spices, even after the migrant workers-stepping-on-chickens-fiasco.

How about a post to deviate from the norm, SBPDL? SWPDL #32: 'Legal labor', LOL.


@ Dezirrhea anonymous:

If Tim Wise is a self-hating white man, he needs to get it together. No one should want to be someone they will never ever be.

Even Michael Jackson wanted to be white (which kills me) but all of the bleaching cream in the world his money (or Beatles catalogue) could buy did not change the fact that underneath his wig the coroner found short, black, tightly curled hair.

I am not uniquely picking on Cry Me a river bitch. I am just a little perturbed by his devotion to Whitey, the system. He can like white values (whatever THAT is) but why does he have to be racist against blacks?

As for Obama, that you'd think his response to 40 dead people could ever be more shameful than Bush's response to KATRINA...?

Well, you accuse me of not being objective but I think you ought to look in the mirror. Some broken tree branches and power outages vs. bloated dead bodies in mosquito-infested waters, animals being abandoned, babies overheating and dying... Yeah.

Thank you for the link. I'd been there before 2 years ago when a so-called 'Christian' website had a post about Barack Obama being the next Anti-Christ. That had actually been my first brush with Internet racism (I first got Net access when I was a junior in high school, and not because I am poor). Felt like an old friend.

I loved the way he added his emphasis: 'OBAMA HATES WHITE PEOPLE' in all caps. He does not; Bush was an idiotic puppet ('W' proved this) and his response (or lack thereof) to Katrina was shameful but he's no racist.

Although, him wiping his hand on Clinton's shirt during that meet and greet in Haiti seems to make some things more clear.

Silent Running said...

I read somewhere that the rise of the castle as the dominant defensive structure in Europe was partially due to Mongol military tactics. The Mongols fielded all-cavalry armies in many cases, and were able to conquer vast swaths of land with exceptional speed, burning what villages they found and raping and murdering the inhabitants. The one area that found the Mongols lacking was siege warfare; they usually had to bring up Chinese experts.

Cities are castles; the wilderness and farmlands belong to us. Castles eventually run out of provisions.

Blacks are incapable of farming or otherwise producing their own food. SBPDL's zombie-apocalypse scenario would go down like this:

1) Collapse.

2) Maybe a month or two of rioting, raping, murdering, and general mayhem in the cities.

3) Another month of cannibalism in the cities.

4) What city-dwellers are left forced to leave the concrete jungle and venture out into the fields and forests looking for food, where there are Mongols waiting. There are enough high-powered rifle cartridges in America to kill every city dweller six or seven times, and from hundreds of yards away.

Anonymous said...


Please do not forget that blacks are first and foremost "black". They must express true blackness in every situation, and this need dominates each and every decision and action that blacks make. Being black requires you to always make the white man pay. So, when there is a crisis of some sort, normal thinking humans band together to help each other, share resources, protect each other, use common sense, and survive. Blacks, however, express their "blackness" with rioting, violence, looting, burning, and killing. Or they sit by and scream for the white man to come and save them. Blacks believe that whites have magical powers, and magical gifts to give.

Blacks are seething with hatred for whites because of slavery and their history of being oppressed. This is what helps them get out each day to continue the fight for their people. They will spend their entire lives in pursuit of sweet revenge for their black ancestors.

Since blacks are not able to act for the common good of society (maybe this is a characteristic of the lower IQ peoples), and I would bet my entire 401K that if a disaster happened in my community, there would not be one account of a black person helping anyone white, only helping themselves to big screen TVs and Wii games at the local looted Walmart.

And the reaction to their houses being flooded and washed away?

Well, just blame whitey and then demand that he provide a new one! Wait for white movie stars to come and build new eco-friendly dwellings. Whites rebuild, blacks stand in line and moan with open palms, waiting for a refund. The white neighborhoods in Mississippi and Louisiana got the worst of it, but did we hear about these people? No.

Please read more here:

and here:

"God forbid it was another mass black extinction project a la AIDS in Africa."

You are so simple, Desiree, and so very predictable. Blacks sure love their magical legends, mythology, and storytelling! Have you read "Out Of America" by Keith Richburg? This will explain why AIDS is killing blacks in Africa and in America. Blacks are destroying themselves in so many ways. Until you recognize this, the slaughter will continue.

Anonymous said...

"Really, how would you act if your house was washed away in a hurricane?"

I'm not sure. You should check with the residents of South Florida who lived through Andrew. I'm pretty sure they didn't express their misery by looting stores for flat screens and shooting at the cops. Personally, I've never been in that situation, but I'm fairly certain that wouldn't be MY response, either.

Anonymous said...

"I don't hate Whites; I hate Whitey, the racist system that is hellbent on keeping black people in America's colon."

Deziarrhea, every word that you write is predictable, black talking-points rehash (not surprising, since like most blacks, you are not capable of being original).
Like a broken record stuck on repeat...repeat...repeat...

Black people occupy the bottom of the social structure in every country of the entire planet, yet all you can do is blame whitey.


Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

The zombie-like savagery has already begun:

Four young black men stomped to death an 18 year old boy at a party....for no reason. None whatsoever. They didn't even know him before the moment they killed him. It was nothing short of pure, unadulterated, unfocused, aimless rage and anger.

An apparently honorable, decent kid's life has been snuffed out. And for what?

They took nothing from this kid but his life. They didn't take clothes...didn't take money...didn't take jewelry...just decided to stomp someone to death without the slightest provocation.

The story has been all over Nancy Grace and Headline News.

What's almost as despicable, but completely predictable, is that dozens of other black teens stood around and did nothing to help the poor kid, and then tried not to talk to the police when advised by a "local lawyer" and the NAACP.

From the article:

Witnesses of the fatal beating were taken by bus to the sheriff's office, Miller said, raising questions by the local NAACP chapter as to whether investigators followed proper procedures in questioning the partygoers.

"I had six people to interview 57 people," Miller told the AJC on Monday. "I didn't violate anybody's rights. We loaded them onto a bus, there was heat on the bus, they were allowed bathroom breaks and we interviewed 57 people between 2:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Sunday. Our goal was to find out who murdered this young man."

Miller said his investigators were somewhat hampered by a local attorney, "who came up there and advised witnesses -- not suspects, witnesses -- not to talk to us."

Anonymous said...


Cry me a river

I think in everyone's own way everyone is racist. I'm not saying anything about Blacks that everyone doesn't already know.

Unlike you, I didn't keep my white friends "at a comfortable distance". 95% percent of my experiences with Blacks were negative. IF "black is beautiful" I shit masterpieces everyday.

Your anti YT coalition is going to fall apart every time. Because Black people don't like sharing welfare and government services with other nonwhites.

I thought about this post. There's no better team than whites. Arm and arm they'll win the fight. I will side with whites every time.

Where does this devotion come from? I used to be in the Army. Some of my white friends were shocked and fascinated that a nonwhite could think like them. I act more white than most whites. And that drives you crazy.

I don't like Latinos or Muslim savages neither.

Plus, I find it sad & comical that Mexicans, who still persecute the Natives of their own homelands of Mexico & Central America, want to destroy the US & replace it with a corrupt oligarchy of elites like Mexico. Developing under control of the elites FOR the elites with little, if ANY, regard for the citizens.

Go get 'em, YT!!!

Your post isn't important. White societies are the best. That's why the 3rd world is flooding to USA, Europe, and Australia.

Desiree said...

@ cry me a river bitch anonymous:

"I don't like Latinos or Muslim savages neither."

I just wanted you to admit it, that's all. Thank you.

The lemming has been killed.

But I have to say that I am more than a little bit sickened. No it does not drive me crazy; I am just sad for you, that's all.

To be so delusional...

Everything you said just amplifies the spot on prediction of my previous comment to you. I know you don't want to take heed now but your time will come.

Watch, and you will surely learn the error of your ways...

laz said...

@ cry me a river

If you really did serve, thank you.

@ Desiree

I seriously have no qualms about someones skin color, sex, or anything for that matter as long as they stand beside me.

BTW: Cry me a river and all our military personnel would die for you and the freedom you have to spread your hate. Would you do the same?

Silent Running said...

Cry me a river and all our military personnel would die for you and the freedom you have to spread your hate. Would you do the same?

The last time an American regular soldier fought for American freedom was in the War of 1812 when we were invaded by the British. The modern American regular does not fight for anyone's freedom by any stretch of the imagination. The Army is the belligerent arm of a federal government which is increasingly hostile to the American people.

To date, the Army has not admitted that the Fort Hood Massacre was a jihadist attack. The Army's attitude reflects that of society, and in this case, the attitude is See No Islam.

Personally, I look forward to the day when good people are not willing to die so that a 5th column can undermine their country.