Saturday, June 18, 2011

Milwaukee's Best: Every City with more than 20 percent Black population is Fair Game

I'm in a bad mood right now. First Thomas Jane gets removed from a movie for being 'too white'; now The Green Lantern and comic book movies in general - the last refuge for white actors to star in action vehicles - are being attacked for being 'too white' as well.

It should be stated that Black people hated Super 8 because all the Black characters died.

So I'm going to see it right now (saw it in 3D, I'll write something about it later today).  And I've decided to write a quick book about comic books and Black people. You should write about what you know and I know comics, football and movies. I know Black people.

But first, know that Milwaukee is another city that could explode at any second:

 Roger MacBride says that he's used to looking out for trouble in his old Northeast neighborhood. But usually the problems involve prostitutes or drug addicts, and he says that he wasn't ready for what he calls a mob of young troublemakers who threatened his home and family.
Witnesses say that a group of 25 to 30 young teens terrorized the neighborhood on Wednesday. MacBride says that the teens kicked in the door to a neighboring home and broke windows inside. He says when he yelled at the group to get out, they turned on him.
"All of a sudden, this one kid with corn rows comes out and he's like yakety yak, (expletive), da, da, da. He's like we'll kick your (expletive) too you don't (expletive) own this neighborhood, and they are like, literally, 12 of them, start running over here," said MacBride.
MacBride says the teens surrounded his house, picking up rocks and throwing them at him. That's when he says in his eyes, the mob stopped being a bunch of kids and became a big threat. He says the teens were reaching for his door handle when the the sight of his Soviet rifle had an instant reaction.
"I grabbed this and literally just came straight out the porch, came out just like this, and was like now, get the (expletive) out of here," said MacBride. "I literally come out that side door, and these two kids are like, hey, he's got a gun. And then everybody just woosh, they just dispersed totally."
MacBride shudders to think what would have happened if he didn't have his gun. He says an elderly neighbor told him the mob terrorized her as she walked home. And MacBride claims a passing vehicle had a window smashed by the rowdy group.
MacBride says police told him the teens had come from a nearby school, which dismissed early Wednesday, the last day of classes. Security apparently chased the mob off school property when they were causing problems there.
Neighbors were quick to credit the military veteran for taking action to scare the kids away.
"Anymore, that's probably the only solution we have. In order to protect our property and our families. These kids don't realize the tyranny they're bringing on the community. Instead of being a good productive citizen to this country, they want to be thugs," said neighbor Rick Juarez.

Read the Free Republic here for another take on the story.

I'm not joking when I say this summer is going to be one for the ages. The first time a person defends themselves and shoots a Black teen participating in random Mahogany Mobs, Knockout King or Polar Bear Hunting, one can only picture the Jena 6 style outrage that will instantly erupt.

The blame will fall directly on those who take action against an increasingly out-of-control segment of the population just having fun. Though the media doesn't like mentioning the race of the participants in the Mahogany Mobs, they'll have a field day writing about (and castigating) the race of the first person who dares defend themselves from a Black Mob Attack.



missbosslady said...

Each time I read one of these stories MY temperature elevates and I know that I am not alone.

Those who can see are growing in numbers that far exceed those who currently speak out, which is to say one shouldn't be fooled into thinking, that the back lash that is surely coming, will not be significant.

People are angry, disgusted and reaching the end of their tethers. Folks like Desiree will soon be singing a very different tune pleading not to be associated with that which she currently defends. Desiree's smugness will soon turn to a desperate attempt to disassociate with her negro bretheren, but her cries of "Stanford", "racism" and "LOL" will do her no good whatsoever, as we all will know that she was always part of the problem.

So, Desiree enjoy your time in the sun for it is setting on you and your ilk. The veil is lifting and the shackles are falling away. You and yours have abused the word racism to such a degree, that the word no longer holds any meaning or commands any fear. Your multitude of attempts, to convince anyone here, that you provide any value in society have all failed, to the contrary you wasted much of your time proving our arguments over and over again. Face it 'gurl' your days are numbered, just around the corner it will be you that has to whisper her discontent. No longer will you and your tribe be allowed to trample the rights of the majority of Americans with your pathetic viticmhood. Your utter and complete failure as a group will be your burden to bear, as it should be.

So, Desiree, in the interim have your fun here. It is no skin off my nose that you waste your time posting the indefensible rather than preparing for what is to come, it is just another example of your shortcomings. If you really cared about your people you'd get out there and warn them that they have gone too far, but this would require an understanding that is beyond your grasp. Despite your repeated assurances that you are intelligent your postings belie that fact. You are nothing but an automaton regurgitating the crap that you have been spoon fed since birth. If you truly had any brains you would have figured this out by now.

Don't bother with one of your usual dissections of my post under the name Desiree, Dree, Dreko, et al. I have long since stopped reading your incessant drivel.

RobertB said...

Umm--that guy is wearing a skirt.

Anonymous said...

I had actually embedded this vid a few days ago, this is actually Kansas City where this happened. The "youths" were let out early from Northeast High School (75% or more black).

"These kids don't realize the tyranny they're bringing to the community". Really? They "realize" that they have been given immunity of sorts to wild out at any given moment.

Buckeye Copperhead said...

Roger MacBride = WIN

WIN x 100 if he'd actually planted some of those turds.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't let the cretins into his house and empty the clip into them. That's what I would have done

Anonymous said...

I just watched Super 8. It was mildly entertaining at best, but mostly I was underwhelmed.

Although the cast is 99% white, the brilliant doctor who sacrifices his life in opposition to the evil government/military conspiracy is black.


Anonymous said...

It's time to have school year-round, at least for those who are getting by with a C average. Keep these thugs contained.

Dissident said...

Paul, it's too bad someone didn't film that righteously indignant white man run those ghetto goblins off. Dang, that would've been extremely entertaining. The guy better watch his back though, because we all know how vindictive these punk-@$$ cowards can be. I wouldn't be surprised if they pack-up and attack the poor guy in the middle of the night.

Hope the guy has some big dogs for early warning systems.

Kind of reminds me of the movie Falling Down, with Micheal Douglas.

Dissident said...

"Umm--that guy is wearing a skirt."

In the same vein as the Scottish Highlanders aka. Brave Heart! Now, if he had painted his face Blue and lifted his skirt to expose his arse to those fleeing mahogany mobsters and someone could have caught that on video?

My sides are splitting just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I white man did defend himself in Oklahoma City... An upstanding pillar of society, a citizen soldier and professional (pharmacist) and he just got life in prison. I know he reloaded and shot the thug dead, but life in prison?!? How about manslaughter with community time. I've personally arrested individuals for DUI who have already "murdered while DUI" and got no jail time. BRA is here to stay despite your hope for a change this summer. Did you see where the supreme court just decided yuts need even more rights than an adult while being questioned for a crime? The perp who started the case was a serial home invader. -OEFvet

PercyKittensReloaded said...

"Diverse" as a word has become so worn out and overused that it is now a cliché. It's code-word for social-engineering and thought-control.

Quite frankly, there's plenty of "diversity" in the movies, and black people are probably being over-represented in major motion pictures now relative to their overall numbers of the American population. We have Denzel Washington in the action flick UNSTOPPABLE, we have The Rock, Vin Diesel, Tyrese and Ludacris in Fast Five, Bokeem Woodbine costarring in the TOTAL RECALL remake, Samuel Jackson starring in THE AVENGERS, Will Smith in MEN IN BLACK III, and the list could go on.
The truth is, this isn't about raising the amount of diversity to include more blacks and Asians and Latinos; it's about trying to lower the productivity and the esteem, while raising the guilt level, of white males.

I'm so fed up with this "diversity" push that I already boycotted THOR this summer, and I'll do it with any other film that keeps peddling this "diversity" nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why that guy is wearing a skirt. Everything else makes sense.

PercyKittensReloaded said...

The diversity push is not meant to make sure that films come out with the exact amount of black people percentage-wise as there are in the U.S. population. The diversity push is meant to lower standards so that blacks and browns don't feel bad about themselves. Can't pass a test to become a fire-fighter captain? Simply sue on the basis that the test has built-in discrimination and bias and get your county to throw out all the promotions of white men who studied and passed the test. Can't control crime and keep property values high in a predominantly black neighbourhood? Sue predominantly white, successful cities on the basis of discrimination and racism (

Complaining about how Green Lantern is a white male in 2011 is symbolic of all of the problems that have plagued the black community for years: namely, an obsession with making sure that white people don't make too much money, or feel too good about their lives, or are too successful, or have too much pride in their individual accomplishments. always worried about the wrong things when they should be worried about what is going on in their own lives and their children's lives.

White Devil said...

Anonymous said...

Missbosslady, are you threatening a race war? I though that was forbidden here?

BTW, I only post because I truly find SBPDL's articles entertaining and easily refutable. I am not trying to convince anyone here of my viewpoint.

To think otherwise would be flattering yourself that I actually care what you think. No, I comment because I find SBPDL amusing and not-so-bright in an intriguing way; I also enjoy poking holes in his logic. Why he has a problem with my posts is beyond me; I'm simply a patron of this website.

Looking at his followers, it seems he has a number of blacks reading. What's the issue if this is not a white nationalist site, as he claims?

You are in the minority of thought amongst white people simply because most white people don't live near black people.

I can understand the fear-slash-rage if one lives in the ghetto, though...

You're right: I could do a line-by-line refutation of your post.

Claire said...

"I'm not joking when I say this summer is going to be one for the ages."

How right you are. Now that the "free" minority summer programs are gone, you can bet that there will much more of this aimless, destructive behavior to come.

Anonymous said...

"To think otherwise would be flattering yourself that I actually care what you think. No, I comment because I find SBPDL amusing and not-so-bright in an intriguing way; I also enjoy poking holes in his logic."

But you do care since you post here every day under several different names.

You have not refuted one thing said on SBPDL and only succeed in providing an example of the typically racist, ignorant and stupid beliefs of most blacks.

White Devil said...

" I only post because I truly find SBPDL's articles entertaining and easily refutable. I am not trying to convince anyone here of my viewpoint."

We all know this is bullshit - the question is: Do you believe your own bullshit, or, is it just the usual vomit that flows like a lahar from your tortured logic? If the former, as I suspect, then you are pathological, i.e., you believe your drivel, if the later, then compulsive, i.e., you can't stop.

You are a special case, I suppose both apply.

Anonymous said...

Let me ask a question. Why did this man not just start randomly firing into the mob? Such an action would have resulted several dead law breakers and make it very unlikely a mob would ever come back to his neighborhood.

The answer of course is he didn't fire because other white people would arrest, try, and send him to jail. Fixing bad black behavior is easy. The problem is with the white elites who prevent people from fixing the problem.

Now I know a lot of people think the white elites simply don't understand what's going on. But if you really examine the evidence I think you would find they know exactly what large groups of feral blacks do to a community. They know it and they use them very effectively against their enemies. Your own white elites are at war with you. Feral blacks are merely one of the many weapons they use.

It's good to know that the propaganda we are fed about blacks is bullshit, but the solution is not rage about blacks but to fight back against our elites. Remove the elites from power and solving problems created by feral blacks will quickly follow.

Anonymous said...

You're right: I could do a line-by-line refutation of your post. But I am just too lazy?

Finished that for you!

Anonymous said...

To all of you:
Diarrhea is an attention whore, the best way to get rid of her, is to ignore her completely. I will exhort every sensible person on this blog to dismiss her by not feeding her insatiable thirst for recognition.
We all know that appealing to her with reason, logic and undisputed facts is anathema to Teflon-coated Diarrhea.
In her case, it's akin to an infected wound; when we stop picking at it, the scab will heal itself naturally.

Hirsch said...

It's really mind-boggling. All of the best comic-book artists, from Basil Wolverton, to Robert Crumb, to Harvey Kurtzman, to Chester Gould were white men. The best animators, from John K. to Ralph Bakshi were white guys. I'll admit that while I don't watch The Boondocks it doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that Aaron McGruder's draftsmanship is better than say Seth McFarlane, but that is a very low bar to jump.

Do yourself a favor and go back and look at some Will Eisner, some Carl Barks, and Jack Kirby artwork. The detail on their work puts all present artists to shame.

Whiskey said...

Flash mob technology has been around since around 2003 or so. I recall CSI: Miami of all shows doing an episode on it (a Flash mob of yuppie White kids is mobilized to destroy evidence unknowingly). Why now?

IMHO because rising food/clothing/other prices means that for the first time, welfare -- off the books work is not paying for Ipads and big screens and so on. Thus the need to rob/loot, and also see ones self on TV, social media as a bad-ass (sexual advantage).

Yes, at least one and probably several White folks will shoot back, and be lynched in response, either a real, actual lynching ala Jim Crow/KKK, with much media "explanation' and excuse-making, or the legal system convicting them for self-defense.

Legally, culturally, socially, and morally in today's society, no White person ever has any right whatsoever to defense against a Black or Hispanic or Asian person. Whites are (unless they are rich, famous, and connected) the lowest on the status totem pole.

Elites retain the ability (and we are talking about White elites who hate ordinary White people as much as the Shabazz fellow from the New Black Panthers in Philly) to "shove your nose in it" and maintain power. But that's not a way to win votes. I can see the reaction by Whites as a boycott of pretty much anything and anyone Black. And a desperate attempt to with-hold any and all money from a system that only "pushes their nose in it." Legitimacy runs on more than brute force, and Katie Couric and the View. The entire K-12, University, Welfare, and other systems of government serving the anti-White agenda can collapse quickly under Italian-levels of tax and regulatory evasion.

Anonymous said...

"The answer of course is he didn't fire because other white people would arrest, try, and send him to jail."

Ah, to live in Texas, where 99% of the time you'll be released from jail that day (with no charges) AND get the gun back. A man's castle is also his vehicle and place of employment (gotta love a CHL friendly employer).

On a side note: I can't smoke on property but, can carry a weapon. How PC is that? lol

Anonymous said...

"Your own white elites are at war with you."

Indeed. The California communities that vote Democrat and liberal by the most extreme margins are often the most heavily white (and wealthy) and the most heavily self-segregated from other ethnic groups. Marin County, San Francisco, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Barbara - they vote to destroy "white privilege" in California and America from the sanctuary of their insulated, mono-racial, white and wealthy communities.

The Republicans are not perfect by any means but the Democratic Party is an anti-white hate party. Any white person voting Democrat is either a SWPL/DWL or a total lunatic. The Democrats use demonization of whites to gain and control power.

White liberals are elitists who see themselves as a sort of genetic aristocracy of the white race. They're extremely egotistical so they have no problem seeing themselves as the top 5 percent of white people and they consider the many whites not in their "club" to be almost subhuman. They are fully on board with the media demonization of whites. They rationalize this confused worldview by thinking of themselves as white superheroes of enlightened liberal consciousness. They're all about "inclusiveness" and stamping out white racists at the same time that they choose to live as far away from blacks and hispanics as they can possibly get.

I think part of this is to reduce competition. They know that the biggest threat to their jobs and income is other intelligent, capable whites. They're happy, therefore, to undercut and disadvantage whites at the same time that they dump money into black and hispanic programs that they know damn well are far less likely to produce competition that will put them out of business.

Dissident said...

"Your own white elites are at war with you. Feral blacks are merely one of the many weapons they use."

I have to completely agree with that statement in totality. That is well stated and is evidenced by the media. I don't know of any blacks that really have any control of the media, but there are many whites that use the media to fill our minds with PC subterfuge, and they obfuscate the truth on a minute-by-minute basis; they are the main enemy as I see it.

These people are the head of the beast, the enablers of black-dysfunction. Cut the beasts head off and you would see the beast quickly perish. Eliminate the opiate and the addict will die!

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. Everyone, check your local laws with regards to self defense and whether or not you can legally carry a concealed firearm. Some states have laws where, in defense of your HOME, you must retreat as your attacker advances on you in your HOME. Other states have a "castle doctrine" where you are free to use deadly force if you honestly (and this is what you must articulate to the cops when they show up after a shooting) use a firearm in defense of your home.

As for concealed carry, if it is an option, I would seriously look into it. Know the legalities and liabilities of doing so but your safety is paramount.

If you choose to adopt a self defense philosophy of both self and of home, remember that a zealous district attorney may want to make an example of you no matter how favorable a police report may be to you. Some assistant DA may be angling for the top spot and he/she may see a self defense situation as one of wanton disregard for human life and that you just wanted the thrill of killing someone. A hapless burglar looking for something to snatch from you so he could pawn it for food money had his tragic life needlessly ended by your desire for blood lust. It can happen and it has, sadly.

For home defense I recommend a handgun, not a shotgun. Yes, when you hear a pump action shotgun being racked it will stop people cold in their tracks. But it is not advisable by me because I have seen what they can do in close quarters. Overpenetration of walls, sheer destruction of anything in the path of the pellets or slug, hard recoil, and being unwieldy in confined spaces, all leads me to recommend a handgun. If you do choose a long gun, the only one I would recommend is the M1 carbine. It has the same ballistics properties as a .357 magnum, is small and compact, and because of its historic role in the American military, even the most ardent gun haters don't usually have a problem with it. A shotgun will infer "overkill/blood lust" to a jury, so will a large caliber rifle. The .30 carbine and a handgun are more, dare I say "acceptable" to a jury and harder for the DA to convict. Believe it or not, they type of gun you use in self defense adds to your image. You want to convey to the cops, DA, jury, the media, that you just wanted to protect yourself and the gun you used will be a subject of scrutiny.

Know your surroundings, know your laws, get gun training if available. Learn to shoot even if it's just for fun/recreation. It's a skill that may save your life someday and with what we are seeing increasingly in society, there's never been a more necessary time to CYA.

Anonymous said...

LAPD (ret) said "If you choose to adopt a self defense philosophy of both self and of home, remember that a zealous district attorney may want to make an example of you no matter how favorable a police report may be to you. Some assistant DA may be angling for the top spot and he/she may see a self defense situation as one of wanton disregard for human life and that you just wanted the thrill of killing someone."

My own brother defended his own property in 1968. Two problems: he did it in an election year, and he shot two members of a protected class. The sheriff point-blank told him "if this were 6 or 8 weeks ago, there'd be hardly a ripple. But the election is in 3 months and the DA wants the [minority goes here] vote. Son, you're screwed."

The story was page-one for several days, and it got very ugly. The DA even tried for Murder One.

My brother's mistake? He hit two. One died. Had two died, there'd have been no witnesses.

Heed what LAPD says: there are a lot of land-mines you can end up stepping on. And while this is not a reflection LAPD (ret) himself, just remember that the police are NOT your friend. When they get there, SHUT UP except to ask for a lawyer.

I normally post with a moniker, but choose to post anonymously this time. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I respect your opinion Ret' but I went shotgun shopping today. I want a small light shotgun for home defense something the wife can learn to use and not miss the target even if stressed and disoriented.

I understand and appreciate your posts but the right weapon is a personal choices and the shotgun for home defense seems the right choice for me.

Next we get out CCPs.


Discard said...

LAPD (ret): Agreed. I also would suggest a revolver for home defense, nothing more powerful than a .38+p. It's not so easily demonised as an auto, a 38 is perfectly adequate at indoor distances, and you shouldn't need more than six shots anyway if they're inside your house. If you go to court, you want to give every indication that you were acting entirely defensively. Overly powerful weapons make you look too much like a predator, not the cornered prey who fought back that you want to appear as.

Discard said...

Anon at 3:49 PM: At indoor distances, shotgun pellets don't spread very much at all, so you are just as likely to miss as with a rifle. Shoot a target at ten feet with a 12 gauge and you'll get maybe a 1.25 inch hole in the paper. You're better off using a lighter, more easily controlled weapon and hitting your target squarely. And, you'll not look so bloodthirsty to a jury.

bob said...

I tell you what Paul, (love the Death wish moniker), I went to Gompers in Southeast San Diego; I was 13 when I first had an attempt on my life by a negro. Luckily they found the kid with the gun before he got to me. I since went on to be a Marine between the bullshit wars and now fight for the American way of freedom and liberty.

It has been a long struggle to overcome racism, and it is one that I continue to struggle with. I want to accept other races into my community. I love ethnic restaurants, especially Indian and Thai currently, besides the trusty taco shop. But, friggin' blacks never cease to amaze me with the outrageous behavior.

I've read the old writings of Whites who document Africa and Africans, and thos emm-effers are tantamount to cavemen! They violently destroy each other to this day over tribal BS. The rapes, FGM, destruction of forests for charcaol, bushmeat, the murder of White farmers who try to help out of the kindness of their hearts...

What is wrong with blacks? Why are they violent creatures? No matter how much money you give them, how much you placate them, you will see a wild beast when you say "nigger".

To top this off: I'm an aerospace machinist. Very experienced and knowledgeable about manufacturing. I am on my feet 9 hours a day, running a department. I get A LOT done!!! Eff the chinese, they can't do what I do and work as hard as me. So, I am finally able to afford a condo in my SoCal hometown, and the next thing I know a friggin' section 8 housing vougher recipient is moving in next ddot to me into the nicer place with a yard ( I have a schnauzer & Jack russel), which I do not have, and a fresh remodel with a shower that I want to put into my own place & learn how to do it so that I don't have to fork over more $$$ that I need for my friggin' mortgage. I'm trying to pay at least an extra $200 towards principal, but I get taxed t opay for this single negro mom to raise her fatherless shitstain? I struggle to pay my bills and to be able to have a beer on the weekend at home! Fuck this handout taking cunt!!!!

Thank you Paul for Listening and doing what you do. I get my co-workers and friends to read your commentary.

Try Paul vs. the man.

R said...

@Anonymous June 19, 2011 12:53 PM

Damn and that was more than 40 years ago, so what happen with the trial and your brother?


You need to embrace your racism aka natural tribalism and aversion to genetically different peoples who don't have your best interest at heart. It is a natural self defence mechanism.