Friday, July 22, 2011

"It looked like the government had declared martial law" -- How Black events stay peaceful

Black Columnist for Indy Star claims Black Expo was basically a "martial law" event
Remember the Indiana Black Expo? It couldn't be canceled because in Black Run America -BRA- no Black event can be canceled. Instead, massive amounts of resources went into keeping the peace and making sure a Black Behaving Badly (BBB) event didn't transpire.

After the violence at the 2010 Black Expo, the peace that ensued in 2011 was cause for massive celebration in the Indy Star.

Today, we learn this from Erika Smith:
It was only a year ago that Tanya Bell, president and CEO of Indiana Black Expo, stood grimly in front of a bank of TV cameras, trying to somehow explain the bursts of gunfire that left 10 teens injured during the nonprofit group's annual Summer Celebration.

On Monday, she faced the cameras again, but this time with an air of pride.
"This is a victory," Bell declared.

No one got shot.

No one got beat up in a brawl.

There weren't gangs of teenagers running around unsupervised.

The free concert went off without a hitch Friday night at the American Legion Mall. So did the youth concert Saturday night at the Indiana Convention Center.

Indeed, Summer Celebration was safe. Black Expo passed the public's test to put on a violence-free event.
But at what cost?

It looked like the government had declared martial law after the sun went down Friday.

Police were dozens deep on Pennsylvania Street across from the American Legion Mall. They were on foot, on bikes and in cars. On Meridian Street, there were even more cops, plus civilians who had vowed to help keep the peace.

Even people in the audience were peering through the dark, watching for trouble -- while, of course, singing along to old-school R&B.

On Saturday, the police presence wasn't quite as heavy, but officers were definitely around -- inside the convention center and on the streets nearby.

I kept thinking: All of this so people can have fun? Long term, how is this going to affect the mood of an event that's supposed to be a "celebration"?

Bell admits opinions were varied.

Some thought the police presence was too much. Some said they liked it because they felt safe. Others stayed away altogether.

Overall, Black Expo officials predicted attendance would be up from last year. Several events pulled in more people than ever before, including the education conference and corporate luncheon.
"I think the numbers look pretty impressive," Bell said.

At the same time, only about 40 people were arrested Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- not too far off from an average weekend Downtown.

I understand why a heavy police presence was necessary at this year's Summer Celebration.

But the fact that it was necessary still strikes me as extremely sad and slightly ridiculous -- like watching a Transportation Security Administration agent pat down an old woman with a walker or look suspiciously at a baby in a stroller.
How long will the need for safety trump everything else?

What will happen if three years pass without incident at Summer Celebration? Will attendees be so welcoming of the heavy police presence then?

I doubt it.

Bell says Black Expo and police will examine their security plans in the coming weeks. Based on what worked and didn't work this year, things could change next year.

Going forward, I hope there's consideration given not only to the safety of the attendees but also to their ability to feel comfortable enough to have fun.

It's a delicate balance, one that will have to be tweaked constantly over the next few years if Black Expo wants to keep meeting the needs and wants of blacks in Indianapolis.

Otherwise, the "victory" will be short-lived.
Cities like Newark, Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago, Columbia, Cleveland and Philadelphia have all declared curfews this summer in a move to offset Black criminal activity. Curfews are only needed [for white people] in times of martial law when a natural disaster or war make them necessary.

This is how a peaceful, successful all-Black event transpires: an overwhelming presence of law enforcement agents with guns locked and police ready to strike without hesitation is paid for by [primarily] white taxpayers who do everything possible to stay away from these 'cultural' events when they occur.

It's time to start judging by character folks. That a massive police presence is needed to keep the peace among upper and middle-class Black people at their own cultural events and that veritable martial law must be declared to keep them safe from each other is an indicator that the character of the bulk of the participants has been found wanting.


White Skin, White Guilt, White Right! said...

BBB = TNB = BWP (Blame White Privilege)

“White prejudice and discrimination keep the Negro low in standards of living, health, education, manners, and morals. This, in turn, gives support to white prejudice. White prejudice and negro standards thus mutually ‘cause’ each other.”

The American Dilemma, Myrdal, 1944

Anonymous said...

Any time Blacks gather together in large numbers and no one gets shot, beaten, raped or robbed, that is a victory in the eyes of Black people and DWLs. This is what America has come to. Now we are expected to be proud of Black people for managing to do something that Whites, Asians and even Mexicans do on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

They are just like children. They are always either laughing or quarrelling. They are good-natured and passionate, indolent, but will work hard for a time; clever up to a certain point, densely stupid beyond. The intelligence of an average negro is about equal to that of a European child of ten years old. A few, a very few, go beyond this, but these are exceptions, just as Shakespeare was an exception to the ordinary intellect of an Englishman. They are fluent talkers, but their ideas are borrowed. They are absolutely without originality, absolutely without inventive power. Living among white men, their imitative facilities enable them to attain a considerable amount of civilisation. Left alone to their own devices they retrograde into a state little above their native savagery.

Anonymous said...

I guess they deserve a cookie for not rioting and killing each other.

Ryu said...

I love that song! Fits the situation very well.

It's kind of crazy. You shouldn't have to have hundreds of cops to keep an event that small safe. But there it is, BRA.

Anonymous said...

@ Ryu

Agreed with you on the song. The situation is worse than any "Twilight Zone" zone episode I've ever watched, it's not fiction anymore, it's reality and our world is utterly INSANE.
What's going to happen when MAJOR civil unrest takes place?

Anonymous said...

Kidnapped teen is tortured, mouth glued shut

MANCHESTER, NH (WMUR/CNN) - Two people are accused of allegedly holding a 15-year-old boy at knife point and burning him inside a Manchester, NH, apartment.

Police found a naked young man with his mouth glued shut suffering from a variety of wounds.

Ismael Bangs, 19, and Yvens Luclaise, 25, were arrested on several charges that include kidnapping.

"When the officers arrived, they surrounded the residence, located the two suspects coming out of the back door, found the victim actually inside the apartment hiding," Lt. Scott Legasse said.

According to reports, Bangs lit a latex glove and dripped melted rubber on the teen's body, stuffed burning pieces of paper up his nose and burned his shoulder with a heated knife blade.

This is what the Black Misery Beings are like in their "private moments". Cruel, merciless, jovial psychopaths, and narcissistic. The surviving offspring hundreds of thousands of generations of opportunistic moronic sociopathic amoral back-stabbing rapist cannibals. Merely transplanting the physical location of genetically-psychopathic offspring of demented cannibals does not remove the psychopathic-genes or eliminate the core genetically-driven psychopathic drives of these unkind Misery Beings.

Zul, go home! said...

Looks like Indiana is a "genetic hot spot" for dangerous Afro-Zul genes.

Lots of Indiana Federal troops are buried in the red clay of Georgia in the National cemeteries. These brave Americans were killed "to save the union and free a race"?

Now their pet Afro-Zul race is destroying their home state of Indiana, making it unsafe for their White descendents, if not fatal.

How much White taxpayer money is diverted to public safety because of BBB-TNB-BWP dangers?.

White Southerners find it hard to feel sorry for anybody up there. We warned you.

6 — Anonymous wrote at 9:31 PM on July 21:
Don’t you wonder if they will ever discover the genetic hotspot from where sprung the idea in Africans that they could get rich selling their cousins to the blue-eyed Dutch?

If they ever get the Slavery Museum built, will they highlight that gene code?

“The museum owes more than $215,000 in property taxes and fees, dating back to 2008. This month the city announced it is putting the land on the auction block.”

Oh no! Not enough Whiteys ponied up their shake-down restoration justice down payments to make it a reality!

Somebody forgot to play the race card often enough to “bring this vital cultural resource into fruition so that we could frog-march generations of Whitey children through it and demand they worship Afro-Zul who will command the Whites to date only blacks, and who will then wipe out racism by refusing to make White babies, which everyone knows are living hate crimes against global dignity.”

“Under Mr. Wilder’s plan an estimated two million visitors a year were expected at the museum.”

How many of those were to be unwilling White girls who were told they wouldn’t graduate unless they paid religious homage to the suffering Afro diasporains?

In 2004, speaking at a gala here for the museum, Mr. Cosby said the museum would allow African-American children “to see the strength of their ancestors.”

Will they be taught that their ancestors were too weak to fight off their cousin tribes, who then enslaved them and sold them to an alien race?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon, July 22, 2011 5:50 PM

I read your post and feel really shaken by such gratuitous violence. I can't believe such cruelty & sadism can exist, these people are primitive beasts totally driven by their lowest impulses.

Galf said...

Anonymous said...

It's time to start organizing. Download Unamusement Park's flyers on black criminality and start distribution. Start by taping them up in public places, putting them in you neighbor's mailbox, and faxing them to your local congressman. Put them on your neighbor's doors at night. Let more people know about this site and others like them. We need to work behind the scenes and then attack BRA in an all out media blitz hitting them with every hard fact we have at our disposal. We need to shove the facts down their throats until they are thoroughly discredited. When critical mass is built, we can use every non black resource who has been harmed by black criminality to encircle them and attack them on every level. It begins with you SBPDL reader, so what are you going to do about it?


Edwood said...


Please don't put them in the mailboxes. You will be in big trouble. Otherwise, good idea.

Anonymous said...

A big "thank you" to Zul, go home! for the link and commentary on the hilarious story of Douglas Wilder and his grandiose slave museum! It's a classic tale of blacks being unable to create anything---other than mayhem--- on their own. But, it would not surprise me at all if the NY Times piece helps Wilder generate new monies from wealthy DWLs and self loathing white guilters. SBPDL, you may want to highlight this story. It is just begging for Paul's words and magnificent sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Mulatto-looking Yoof Busted For Invading White Iowa Congressman's Home

MrGJG said...

Theoderic, as much as I like your Knute Rockne imitation, I don't much feel like getting arrested for handing out "hate" flyers, especially on such a hot day.

Jack said...


I haven't mentioned it in any of my previous comments because it was irrelevant to any of my previous comments. It was all too relevant to your comment.

owing to the fact that I have had five strokes,two of them trivial, three of them had major impact on me. How major? I now need a motorized wheelchair to get around and I am now more or less permanently wearing a catheter.

There are two things that made your comment all too relevant:
You won't be surprised to learn that, things being what they are in my household, I'm strapped for ready cash; but even I was able to make a modest donation to Paul Kersey. This particular remark is not directed at you as it's directed at those who read this comment and haven't anted up.

Worst of all,I now have only one hand, my right, that I can use to type.

Here's the main point I've been working toward. My immediate reaction on reading your comment was, "Great! somebody has finally come up with which I can help those who can see! In spite of my debilities!"

Over and out.

Jack from OKC said...


Unfortunately, I was logged into my Google account when I made my last lengthy comment. Normally, I comment as Jack from OKC.

Anonymous said...

You can get arrested for putting flyers in mailboxes??

The Senior Engineer

D J said...

Senior Engineer: postal regulations (federal) state that if it doesn't have postage affixed, it can't go in a mail box. Even something as innocent as a school bake sale flyer is a no-no. I doubt most postal carriers would get too bent out of shape over most flyers, but ones like Un's might heighten their politically correct dudgeon, especially postal carriers who happen to be negroes.

My mother lives in a development where all the mailbox stands have both the mailboxes, and flyer tubes. It is a retirement community where there is always something going on, and flyers a big thing. The tubes are there for such things, saving fines or jail for the old-folks.

Anonymous said...

So this is what America has come to in the 21st Century... a nation whose taxpayers must fund a police army to keep law and order for congregated Negroes so that they don't kill each other.

Dissident said...

America is a laboratory for the elite DWL's and the moneyed interests, we are the lab-rats, the specimens in the putrid, petri dish.

We're being psycho-civilized and experimented upon daily. Every day of our lives these wicked manipulators use their control of the media to inflict their system of values upon us.

They tell us to relax and to even "celebrate" our demise. Just enjoy the fact that by 2020 you'll be in the minority white man-they say!

This sick experiment in social control, is wreaking havoc on our civilization, and ruining our posterity.

What are we to do, except wage war using the truth? That's why this blog is so important and that's why SBPDL exists. To out the truth about life America today....warts and all.

Let the chips fall where they may?

MrGJG said...

"You can get arrested for putting flyers in mailboxes??"

It's federal property.
Normally, you'd just get a warning from the postmaster, but in Theodorics proposal, they'd use you as an example of what could happen if you run afoul BRA.

Anonymous said...

The police also deliberately did not arrest for a lot of small offenses that they normally do. Weird how Indy can have 200-300K see the Indy 500 and the Brickyard, and no one applauds when they have a 'shooting free' event.

that weekend in Indy was the weekend to rob every bank in town as the entire police force was downtown. where is commenter 'midwestern'? he is based in Indy. i stayed far away from downtown.