Friday, January 18, 2013

A Preview of the Paul Kersey speech tomorrow at the VDare Webinar

It took some time to come up with a subject matter for my talk at the VDare Webinar tomorrow (be sure check it out). I'll be joining Steve Sailer and James Kirpatrick for what should be a highly entertaining and provocative panel discussion on the types of topics Conservatism Inc. would - quite literally - fall over themselves running away from.

Be sure to join others in watching the Webinar live from the comfort of your own home.

I was having trouble coming up with a topic, because I wanted to talk about something new and fresh. So no Atlanta, Chicago, Birmingham, or Detroit.

No comparison of the "Great Migration" of blacks to northern cities of yesterday (poetic justice for the Civil War in the form of "Manifest Destruction"?) to the waves of legal and illegal immigrants of today...

No sports; no movies. No pop culture.

But then, on the flight to the location of the Webinar, it dawned on me: a quick search of YouTube provided the ultimate inspiration.

So, until tomorrow, I leave you with a tease...


Anonymous said...

In the future, they'll probably edit out that scene of the racist aliens destroying Lord Obama's house.

I mean, how come the aliens don't want a black man to have nice things? Wut up wit dat?


hey paul, off topic but worth it. did you see that new orleans old black mayor(katrina-days) is in some hot, hot water! funny the lib-turd media went after g.w. bush and this black mayor was piling it on that man too! and the whole time that black thief was going into the cash box and calling george w. bush the bad guy. has georgie boy been indited for stealing money out of that katrina cash? again the lib-turd media will be sent to hell for what they are doing to white america. F-U lib-tards forever! godspeed whites!

Anonymous said...

Will this reveal you as being secretly black? :P

Please, for God's sake, don't have a good ol' boy accent. Try to sound like John Derbyshire.

Anonymous said...


Given the obvious intelligence of Paul Kersey, the fact that he was even invited to the webinar, why in the world would you think he would have a Southern accent?

We Southerners are just happy that the rest of the Whites finally figured this thing out about race. Good job.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more powerful than a man with a deep southern accent and intelligence.
Signed, Amelia from St. Paul

Anonymous said...

WDC is infiltrated with retards celebrating Obumma's election. The masses of asses. I look at these people and I want to vomit. So much stupidity in the American public.

I remind my kids daily that we are getting out. I have cash piled up. I work everyday and I am seeing the light.

The Examiner the other day had an article about traffic cameras raking in 20 million dollars in the month of December. All the dummies migrating to DC are stepping on a turd painted gold. Sure there are gubbiement jobs BUT it is a police state. You are being watched and stripped of any money you might make, just do it is kicked back to the coffers of the elite.

Poor blacks get squeezed out, so they kill middle class whitey. Publuc schools and charter schools are closing do if you are white, you better pay 25K a year in private school. Hey but if you are black and can rub two brain cells together, you can get a scholarship. Middle class whites need not apply.

DC is a mirror image of Amurkistan. America the beautiful died awhile ago. Most are still in the haze if denial and there will be more Ms. Elfman's.

I just need a few more months and then I am out.

Being on the Hill yesterday, I by chance talked to 2 Repugnants. I told them that the Republicans are losing their base. These two dudes don't care. People with money, the elite, are all who matter. Fuck them.

White Mom in Turdville aka DC

Jay Santos said...

White Mom in Turdville aka DC

I feel your pain, the DC metro area is a awful place at any time. But now with Obama in full African king mode, I imagine it is intolerable.

You need to get out. It's generally not as bad out west, even if you're in a progressive area, it's more balanced. I'd avoid Chicago, in case you think that's "out west".

Or think of the positives, you don't live in Philadelphia. I don't think a negro has yet beaten and thrown a person onto the DC metro tracks yet.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, I know, but it looks like you were right about the Django action figures. You said they were gonna be collector's items. So I instantly went and bought a Candie on Ebay. The next day I began to have buyer's remorse, but too late, I'd already paid. Of course, today, now that it's been announced that the figures are being discontinued, I could get 10x the amount I paid for it just a few days ago. I wish I'd bought a few cases instead of just one figure.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a way to access the speeches given at the vdare webinar if we missed them?