Thursday, January 3, 2013

"They Shot Me in the Back": The Murder of Michael Kozel and the Saturation of Homicides in Black Communities in Chicago

Moral of the story: Don't live around black people in Chicago
The citizens of Chicago are hard at work in the early stages of 2013 to replicate the crime rate of 2012 (where a reported 532 people were murdered), with 15 shot and three fatalities on New Year's Day alone. 

By January 3rd, two more were dead. One of those dead, Michael Kozel, was a business owner in the 97 percent black community of Englewood. He was working at his auto parts shop, Independent Mufflers Inc., in the 5600 block of South Western Avenue and fell prey to two "as-of-yet-undescribed" felons. 
His last words to his son, whom he called as he bleed out, were "they shot me in the back." [Family of slain auto shop owner: 'We are lost', Chicago Tribune, 1-3-13]:

After Michael Kozel was shot in a hold-up robbery at his Gage Park muffler shop Wednesday, he reached out to his son, just hours before his death. 
"'They shot me in the back,'" Michael Kozel Jr., recalled his father's last words to him. 
Kozel said he believes his dad reached out to him at about 5:30 p.m. even before he had an ambulance called. When the man's only son got the call, he raced over from his job and found his father being treated by paramedics inside an ambulance.
Kozel, 57, was pronounced dead at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County at 9:09 p.m. 
Thursday, Kozel's family remembered him as a compassionate man who turned his love for cars into a living that supported his tight-knit family. 
Two men entered Kozel's business, Independent Mufflers Inc. in the 5600 block of South Western Avenue, about 5:20 p.m. and demanded money, police said. Kozel tried to flee but was shot in the back once as he tried to run away, authorities said.
Kozel's family gathered at their South Side residence on the 2700 block of West Siepp Street in the Wrightwood neighborhood Thursday morning, tearful and visibly shaken by the loss of their patriarch. 
His daughter, Amber Kozel, 30, said her father owned the muffler shop for more than 20 years. He had owned other various businesses in the automotive industry throughout his career, she said. 
"He's been in the business for 35 years -- it all started with a love for cars," Amber Kozel said. 
"He was in the business because he was a people person," said Kozel's wife, Antonia Kozel, 55. 
Kozel grew up off of 26th Street and lived his whole life in Chicago, family said.
Amber Kozel said her father was often mistaken for Santa Claus by children because of his "big belly and big beard." 
"Kids would stare at him awestruck," she said. "As in 'What should I say to Santa?'" 
Antonia Kozel said her husband was a loving and giving family man. 
"He would give anyone the shirt off his back," she said. "He didn't deserve this."
"Everything was taken care of for us as kids," Amber Kozel said.  
Kozel's family said he was hard-working and spent long hours at the muffler shop -- usually 10-hour days, Monday through Saturday.
All we know about the suspects at this point is this:
Police said they are searching for two men, one of whom appeared to be in his 20s and was wearing a light-blue windbreaker with a white stripe. The man was also wearing a black stocking cap and black pants. 
Moral of the story II: Really... don't live around black people in Chicago
 I placed a call to his muffler shop today, and heard the voicemail for his business -- eerily, the voicemail played "you've reached Mike"... I'm not sure why, but hearing the voice of a man cut down by 'random' violence was not only haunting, but a reminder of just how delicate the line separating civilization from barbarism truly is. 

The New York Times reported that crime in Chicago, especially murder, tends to happen in areas devoid of white people (by all appearances, Mr. Kozel was a white man, though if he is Hispanic his murder isn't any less touching) [In a Soaring Homicide Rate, a Divide in Chicago, 1-3-3]:
But the overall rise in killings here blurs another truth: the homicides, most of which the authorities described as gang-against-gang shootings, have not been spread evenly across this city. Instead, they have mostly taken place in neighborhoods west and south of Chicago’s gleaming downtown towers.
Already, 2013 began with three gun homicides on New Year’s Day, two of them on the South Side. Like other cities, Chicago has long been a segregated place, richer and whiter on the North Side, and the city’s troubling increase in killings has accentuated a longstanding divide.

“It’s two different Chicagos,” said the Rev. Corey B. Brooks Sr., the pastor of New Beginnings Church on the South Side, who had led the funeral service for Mr. Holman the day shots rang out, then found himself leading Mr. Miller’s funeral service a week later. The authorities here have described both shootings as gang related. “If something like that had happened at the big cathedral in downtown Chicago or up north at a predominantly white church, it would still be on the news right now, it would be such a major thing going on.”
More than 80 percent of the city’s homicides took place last year in only about half of Chicago’s 23 police districts, largely on the city’s South and West Sides. The police district that includes parts of the business district downtown reported no killings at all. And while at least one police district on the city’s northern edge saw a significant increase in the rate of killings, the total number there still was dwarfed by deaths in districts on the other sides of town, and particularly in certain neighborhoods.
Along the streets downtown and in neighborhoods on the North Side not far from Lake Michigan, some residents acknowledged that they had heard about a rise in the city’s homicide rate, but said it had not affected their own sense of safety. “This area is a bit of a Garden of Eden,” said Gwen Sylvain, as she walked dogs along a residential street not far from the Loop.
Others said they rarely had reason to go to the Chicago’s South or West Sides, only a few miles away, and some longtime residents said they had never once ventured to such neighborhoods. Police business on the North Side rarely seems to rise beyond an overly enthusiastic Cubs fan or a parking quibble, said Kyong Lee, who said that in the past he had, without consequence, forgotten to lock up his family’s shoe repair business.
The health of a community, positive or negative, is merely a reflection of the individual contributions of the citizens who live there in creating an environment where either commerce and social capital thrive or chaos and thuggery are the norm.

That same New York Times article would report:

A New York Times analysis of homicides and census data in Chicago compared areas near murders to those that were not. Residents living near homicides in the last 12 years were much more likely to be black, earn less money and lack a college degree.
So white people have gone to college to earn more money, which affords their family (or themselves) the opportunity to live in communities with few black people... what's the big deal, New York Times?

One of the more violent communities in Chicago, Austin, is 85 percent black and only four percent white; conversely, Lincoln Park is 82 percent white and four percent black and one of the safest.

Do you begin to understand why white people in Chicago in the 20th century fought so hard to keep their neighborhoods segregated (not only for property value reasons, but for maintaining the safety of their families)?
 In the book "The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How it Changed America" by Nicholas Lesmann, we learn that our old friend Saul Alinksy got his start ruining the quality of neighborhoods, communities, and cities, by trying to integrate Chicago (p.97):

One of the few important white people in Chicago who were deeply interested in finding a way to integrate the black migrants into the economic and social life of the city was Saul Alinksy, the intellectual turned labor organizer turned neighborhood activist who ran the Industrial  Areas Foundation. Alinsky was very close to Cardinal Stritch, who was a Southerner by upbringing and understood as most Northerners then didn't the extent to which racial prejudice could come to dominate the texture of a city's life. The Archdiocese of Chicago was Alinsky's main ally among the institutions that ran Chicago. It helped fund his operations, and it provided organizational support through a network of sympathetic parish priests. 

Until the late 1950s, Alinsky had operated only in working-class white neighborhoods. Now he began to think about using organizing techniques to create a racially integrated neighborhood in Chicago. His idea was that this could be done without having to undertake the fool's errand of trying to persuade people to move to a racial utopia. So many neighborhoods on the South Side were in flux racially anyway that you could pick one in the process of transition and try to stabilize it by persuading everyone there to abide by a racial quota system. 

The key to making it work was to pick exactly the right neighborhood, one in which the whites could be reassured that they wouldn't be surrounded by blacks for miles in every direction and that their black neighbors were stable people with families, houses, and good jobs. 
Today, white people pay a premium penny to ensure they don't live anywhere near those miles and miles of black people; in Chicago, the closer one is to a saturation of black people, the closer one is to the killing fields of the Second City.

Courtesy of black people.

The Great Black Migration is the biggest misnomer ever; Manifest Destruction is the apt historical title for what happened to Northern cities that welcomed large numbers of black people from the south in the 20th century.

Michael Kozel, RIP. 


PDK said...

I got a fair amount of my education by reading on my own back in the 70`s and 80`s. I did get in 1.5 years of college and learned some there as well.

On my own I read Carl Jung, Carl Sagan and others including Steven J. Gould. I consider myself a Jungian, but I also read others including Freud and Adler.

The other day I was thinking how our liberal, non-liberal dichotomy here in our American culture can be seen, at least in part, as a reflection of Freud`s model of the psyche, of Ego, ID and Superego, where if one thinks of the Id as representing reality and the superego representing the idealistic, and both competing for control of the Ego, the individual. For those who remember Laugh-in, Flip Wilson had the joke that the devil made me do it. Further, back in that same day was the commercial of the devil on one side and the angel on the other, each trying to influence the man being spoken to.

As I`ve come to understand liberals and their democrat party, I see their leaders, the God complexed, narcissistic few who endeavor to control all, via their ideology as a mind control enterprise, whereby their ideology is the superego, that which should and therefore must become reality. For example, the only difference between whites and blacks is the color of the skin, nice illusion, but one`s eye of reality sees something different and conflict ensues, eventuating with one or the other to be accepted as reality.

Our democrats chose that name because they want the rule of the law of our culture to be chosen by majority vote, democracy, and here in American ours is a fully enfranchised democracy. Unfortunately, the democrat constituency is comprised of blacks and browns; they are of lower IQ, Islamics, insane people, and white liberals, the immature, where cowardice, sloth and envy course their psyche deeply.

The republicans represent our non-liberals, those who have matured and further, intend the law of our culture be a written law in the form of a Constitution, and a Republic is just that, a culture ruled by a Constitution. Our written law is our Constitution and its addendum, the Bill of Rights.

There is a fair amount of truth in this model as far as the competition between our two dominant groups of liberals and non-liberals. Further how our future and therefore posterity will live is dependent on who out competes the other, and most unfortunately liberals are allowed to cheat, cheating being the prerogative of the immature.

One venue of the liberal ideology is the accomplishment of conjoining the gene pools, creating a half breed, single gene pool. This is good for the lower IQ blacks and browns, but further is an abrogation of the white evolution of 10`s of 1000s of years and is to me, horrifying.

That someone such as Kim K. should set an example to our young, impressionable white girls, circa 12 to 18 years of age, just before their age of reproducing adult hood dawns, is one example of this sick liberal ideology becoming both materialized and manifest.

I have gleaned and garnered this information over the course of my life, and further, have processed it over my 58 years. This is what I see and it scares me.

It not only scares me for us of today, both for older and younger, but also for our posterity who shall inherit from us what we leave behind for them.

Our white gene pool and our Founding Fathers culture of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness genuinely hang in the balance. Both these realities are our white way in which we live in harmony with our nature. Hopefully, with this fuller understanding, we may arm ourselves better, and do battle with the liberals in a more winning way.

May God speed our endeavor. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Someone please post this man's address. We need to send the family something. It's a **** shame this man's death will go unnoticed by pretty much everyone other than the family and those of us on this site. As PK has said several times before, this could be someone in our family. RIP Mr. Kozel.

Californian said...

I'm not sure why, but hearing the voice of a man cut down by 'random' violence was not only haunting, but a reminder of just how delicate the line separating civilization from barbarism truly is.

Disturbing because it is so true...

Anonymous said...

For those who remember Laugh-in, Flip Wilson had the joke that the devil made me do it.

Here's the funny thing. In those days, Flip's "the devil made me do it" routine was considered funny, a satire on people who blame their own misdeeds on other forces. And that such people were often adults acting like children.

Today, that is national policy, at least for designated victim groups. The DWL agitprop machine will justify any amount of black illegitimacy, school failure, violent crime, terrorism, and city destruction on the "devil" of slavery-segregation-racism.

It shows, once again, the moral regression under BRA.

Anonymous said...

God knows why he had a business in Englewood, of all places. That place has been a ghetto hellhole for two generations.

City resident said...

The media leaves out the race of the murderers, as usual, just giving out clothing, height, weight, etc. Perhaps it's just automatically known that they're black and so need not even be mentioned, much as it wouldn't be necessary to state the robbers were bi-pedal, breathed air, had one head, two arms, etc.
They shot a middle-aged man in the back. That's real macho. The wimps who think blacks are such tremendous athletes can see their manliness in it's full glory. They couldn't even handle an overweight, older guy with their fists. It's typical rat-brain behavior.

Anonymous said...

I read the NYT article when it came out thinking that it would be a perfect discussion point for SBPDL. I always try to read the comments sent in by readers. I actually learn more from the comments than the news articles themselves since I KNOW how the media spins stories. This is why comments sections are disappearing or locked down if too many do off the reservation boundaries established by DWL orthodoxy.

One comment in particular stood out. It was from Pat (I think) from Berkley, CA.After despairing of all the poverty and violence, the last line of his/her comment was "All I can do is pray and pay my taxes."

This is the DWL viewpoint in a ntshell.

Independent Accountant said...

Were any of Kozel's killers sons of Obama? Think about this. This killing happened in Chicago. Has Obama asked the FBI to investigate this crime? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Clueless dwls cleaning up after lazy groids 7 years after katrina. I never got any help in 2005. Sickening. If these folks dared venture into the god forsaken 9th ward ghetto after dark theyd be killed.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Yet again, the same hand-wringing from the NY Times. Most murders are in black neighborhoods, but not the fault of those who live threre.

Most of the comments on the article are classic DWL.

Jay Santos said...

I've said this here many times, nothing will wake up the masses of non-blacks more effectively than the repeated chronicling of the savage nature of negro crime. The average American can understand that a large part of negro crime, is not crime in the sense of simply holding up a liquor store and running off with money. The patterns of negro criminality are vicious, pointless and savage. It goes on across this country, day after day, with numbing regularity. It is not driven by poverty and usually involves no money at all. It is driven by their nature and their intense hatred of white society.

I live in an area of the country with very few negroes. I'm fortunate in that respect. Yet just the other week, in a really good neighborhood close to me, a 26 year old negro raped an 80 year old white woman. He raped an 80 year old woman. That is not a human being, it is something else.

We can highlight cities that are decaying under negro rule. We can talk about football players. Nothing will wake up America as well as revealing their violent behavior, that behavior driven by their very nature. This was the source of Jim Crow controls.

Dewey said...

If you really want to take a trip down the rabbit hole, take a look at some of the New York Times comments to the article.

There is a massive amount of programming in people's minds to unravel here! Check out this nugget of fool's gold by "Mark Weinstein:
The complexity is daunting.
So let's try to do something about root causes.
If the United States of America had universal health care - including mental health care - and if the United States of America provided available education and training for it's citizens, and if the war on drugs were ended, our trajectory toward chaos and violence would diminish.
Americans would be a healthier, smarter, and less terrified people.
Young people feel inadequate and overwhelmed in the face of technology and a world that's passing them by. Higher education is for those who can afford it. Training is not readily available without jumping through bureaucratic hoops and limitations.
The young who are disenfranchised and poor cannot readily identify with the entrepreneurial ethic. Drug money, along with the excitement and fellowship of gangs is what is before them. Those things are a tragic salve to deep alienation and powerlessness. Arrest and incarceration are imminent - especially concurrent with America's for-profit prison system.
There are many examples of positive directions taken by young people in inner cities when creative and productive opportunities are present.
Massive energy and resources sustain the failed drug-war. Rechanneling to provide positive and supportive alternatives would be a healthy and realistic beginning.
The gun is used because of fear.
Let's focus on providing hope."

The "complexity is daunting"? Listen to this fallen type of logic. Complex, eh? The number one consequence of the resolution of the cognitive dissonance caused by entrenched Negroid disfunction has been illogical sequence thinking!

"Agent confusion disorder": is what I call this disease of logic. It is a misdiagnosis of dis-ease cause, a confusion of the agent. The worst consequence of "Manifest Destruction" has been the secondary growth of MANIFEST ILLOGIC.

When Americans are trained to turn away from simple, true causes of events, to "complex", convoluted illogic trains, the entire thought process of Americans suffers . Business suffers as a result.

Our brains of our most brilliant minds are being warped into thinking in "complex", instead of in useful ways. (This is part of the downturn of our economy into an anarchic freeze.)
The way we treat social problems now, is like when doctors never had to wash their hands before operating or delivering babies.

This belief in "environment" is like the early belief in "miasmas" coming from the air to cause disease. (See Miasma theory

Paul Kersey, you are like the Ignaz Semmelweiss of modern America!


Bogolyubski said...

Yes, but he dumbass white voters of Soviet Rahmistan (aka Illinois) voted in a gang of criminals who are about to outlaw all weapons except pea-shooters (naturally exempting themselves, fellow criminals with JDs, criminals who wear badges - the badge gang, etc.). They vote for the same crooks year in and year out. The patterns are nearly as laughable as those for Jesse Jr.'s house district. Note there's no mention in any of the accounts that Chicago's gun laws (some of the most draconian in the nation) effectively foreclosed any hope of self-defense for the hapless Mr. Kozel, who is described as being the victim of a "random" act of "gun" violence by the lying communist "journalists".

I'm getting to the point where have have decreasing sympathy for whites who continue to hold onto the lies despite the overwhelming evidence right in front of their faces. As someone pointed out to me in a recent discussion of the shooting in CT, the incident stands as stark proof that the government and its badge gang cannot protect anyone - not even elementary school children. Yet, despite this very obvious truth, what have we heard from most of the parents in the wake of this? Calls for more and more government, more gun control, etc. - parroting the message being broadcast 24 x 7 x 365 on the jujubox.

Anonymous said...

"The wimps who think blacks are such tremendous athletes can see their manliness in it's full glory."

Whether you like it or not, in addition to committing more than half of all murders and rapes and other violent crimes, negroes do indeed dominate sprinting events.

cdw said...

In Toronto Canada we have the same problems. The 'hoods filled with jamaicans provide no shortage of dead bodies for the liberal toronto star newspaper to cry about. A 15 year old girl was killed in the downtown by random gunfire, and the judge in the case allowed a get out of jail free defense for the black perpetrator. So here in Canada no one goes to prison for murder. In the summer of the gun, the Toronto Star printed 54 pictures of the dead black folks who had been killed. The first comment on local talk radio was that 48 of them had it coming. Twas ever thus.

Anonymous said...

Latest groid crime from Atlanta:
(Follow up story to the New Year’s day murder I posted about earlier, in which Chloris talks about all the great things her allegedly bi-polar, learning-disabled son was going to accomplish. He was going to be an HVAC tech! He had yet to actually START any schooling (probably needed to get his GED first), but he was GOING to! He talked about it a few different times! For a black person, the mere idea of pursuing a goal is just as good as a white person achieving a goal. Maybe better! All I know is that it would be a pleasure to have had this quality black youf inside MY house…)
(A CLASSIC example of the perfectly sanitized description of black crime by youfs perpetrated against white victims. The youfs are referred to as “people,” a “young man,” “four teens,” a “group” and “young men.” No race or descriptions are provided per liberal journalism SOP. Of course, as all races of humans are exactly the same in all ways, with no discernible differences or tendencies, no description is necessary. The fact that crime in Atlanta is almost 100% black is just the legacy of slavery and institutional racism. Poor Shitavious and D’Antonee…

Not that, although commenting used to be allowed on WSB’s website (Atlanta’s ABC affiliate), they have long since been banned due to “racist” comments, which were actually just race realist, and fact-based.

What worthless, savage cowards in Chicago. I wonder who will die there today due to the lack of sufficient “gun control.” RIP Mr. Kozel

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

My white mechanic Randy has a business located in a "multicultural" immigrant hood on the west side. Blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans.

When he opened the shop may years earlier, it was a mostly white suburban area with brick ranch homes and a nice mall. Now it is a filthy international bazaar on the bus line. He stays because it would be difficult to move and his wife is ill.

A hookah bar just opened up next door to his place, and the African and Middle-Easterner thugs are bullying him and trespassing on his property. He has been robbed already. He has to move all of his customer's cars into the garage at night to keep them safe.

He is just like the guy in the story, a white, late 50s clueless Christian man with a large family who loves his "customers" and the "community" (more than himself, apparently) and installs spinning rims, and services low riders and hoopties. I have seen black men with sagging pants in his shop, and I am sure they are gang members.

I like Randy, but I think he is asking for it. I may send him this story.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...
"The wimps who think blacks are such tremendous athletes can see their manliness in it's full glory."

Whether you like it or not, in addition to committing more than half of all murders and rapes and other violent crimes, negroes do indeed dominate sprinting events.

January 4, 2013 4:07 AM

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you start posting to call out Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakhan, along with his midget clone Quannel X to start speaking out on the violence in the inner cities instead of appearing on TV to call for banning knives and stupid shit like that. Proof these so-called black "leaders" are nothing more than opportunists who could give two shits about their fellow man.

Melanie said...

Well that just makes everything okey-dokey. Since negros run fast, just like cheetahs and panthers, we need them roaming free in our society along with all their other attributes-just like any savage animal from the jungle. Hyennas can crush bones with their teeth, tear a creature from limb to limb with their bare paws-what a skill! We should have a population of hyenas contributing to our "die-versity" also! I mean, what would white civilisation be without a soupcon of the spice which only dangerous (but speedy and powerful) wild untamed beasts be?

Melanie said...

If negros want to kill each other off, that's their decision, if I may so dignify an impulse by calling it a decision. The business of whites, especially at this point, is to figure out how to remain segregated from negro dysfunction, in light of a government which is determined to force that dysfunction into our lives, against all God-given rights.

Anonymous said...

"I'm getting to the point where have have decreasing sympathy for whites who continue to hold onto the lies despite the overwhelming evidence right in front of their faces."

Amen! Two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

i used to live 2 blocks from there as a kid when it was irish and lithuanian. it was a great neighborhood. it looks like fuckin mogadishu now

Anonymous said...

I hate to go anti- Semetic but why is it that the most obnoxious DWLs are Jews? This wouldn't be such a big deal if they didn't wield disproportionate influence in our media and economy.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a couple of comments on the policies of some newspapers censoring the comments of readers who don`t by into the msm`s contention that the black crime is directly or indirectly caused by white indifference to the poor black plight. I have experienced this in my local newspaper, it is a small town but a state unuversity makes it seem larger than it is and it brings a huge liberal viewpoint into the mix.I keep my comments pretty tame and just report facts and back them up with links to prove that I am correct, but because the information doesn`t with the liberal utopia I am immiediately set upon by angry threatening replies accusing me of being the racist antchrist,and I never use racist language I just use gov statistics and historical facts to make my point. At first I thought it was funny that these people would get so angry when they couldn`t refute any of my claims. Then I started getting threats e-mailed to me, how did these people get my e-mail address? I e-mailed the paper and they replied by cancelling my account, stating that they dont accept commentary that is intended to cause unrest in the community. Any one who uses an account powered by Disqus be wary.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why this wasn't in the mainstream news, or why the killers pictures can't be found anywhere?

Anonymous said...

This happened a day after the sandy hook shooting but never seen it mentioned, I guess we can only talk about white people shooting. This guy was also an illegal.

Anonymous said...

The press tried to make drunk driver Josh Brent out to be a hero even though his irresponsible actions caused the death of his teammate Jerry Brown Jr by saying how he rshe had to risked his own life to save his friend from the burning wreckage. Now the truth comes out via a wittness on the scene who said that she had to continually prod him to help get his friend out of the car. All he wanted was out of there and if there wouldn`t have been a witness he would have left the scene, in fact thats what he did after getting his friend out of the car.

Anonymous said...

People should be aware of what the inner city scools are teaching the inner city blacks. Who built the pyramids? Blacks Who produced the first written language? Blacks. Blacks were the first people to use chemistry. A black man invented the first light bulb. Jesus was black and thats why he was killed.Blacks came up with the first monetarey system and minted the first coins. Black africans discovered America centuries before the vikings. We now have a whole new set of history books that will be legitimized if BRA has its way.

Bogolyubski said...

I hate to go anti- Semetic but why is it that the most obnoxious DWLs are Jews? This wouldn't be such a big deal if they didn't wield disproportionate influence in our media and economy.

It's not the time or place for a long discussion about the tribe, but the bottom line is that TWMNBN are at most 3 percent of the population. The reason they wield such dis-proportionate power has much to do with the legions of dumbass whites who continue to watch TV, go to movies, read their newspapers, and otherwise do business with them.

On the other thread, someone remarked how their son recently subscribed to ESPN and was aghast at what an orgy of groid-worship it is. That's a perfect example of what I'm talking about. The revolution will not start with guns, but with cancellation of cable TV, magazines, etc. Stop digging your own graves! Make the squids pay for their own grave-digging. Stop cooperating.

Anonymous said...

"Who cares?"

What difference does it make?

Anonymous said...

Comrades I thought chimpcongo was a glorious socialist utopia that comrade chairman hussein the immaculate had improvamentated with those super successful marxist polices that have been so wonderful everywhere they have been tried? You mean it isn't true?! But the media said we had a glorious rainbows and unicorns mommygov utopia.

Swamp Fox said...

I am sure this is going to be referred to in the press as a "robbery gone wrong".This is the common parlance when talking about negroids who kill white people for money.
You will never see it called exactly what it is,a nigger murder gone right.
My best to the Kozol family;past,extant and extended.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:07: "We don't accept commentary that is intended to cause unrest in the commmunity."
Translation: "We (and many of our subscribers) live in a delusional fanstasy land and can't deal with or handle the truth and find it horribly upsetting. Therefore, since you persist in telling the truth and backing it up with irrefutable facts and figures against which we have no defense, we can't stand it and find it unbearable. However, instead of facing up to reality and realizing that our delusions and our irrational emotional reactions are the problem (and subsequently seeking professional help in dealing with our mental and emotional problems), we will instead simply resort to blaming you for all of it (while demonizing you) and cancel your subscription."

SwampThizzle said...

Even though the victim, Mr. Kozol, was black as were his murderers, I would still characterize this as a hate crime. The "robbers" couldn't have expected to get much money (after all, who the fuck pays for car repairs with cash?), in fact it appears they didn't even really try to get money. Those shiftless, weak, chimpy nigger thugs hated the fact that Kozol worked hard and owned his own [relatively, by human standards] successful business in "their hood." Why, he practically rubbed their [quite broad, lol] noses in it! Kozol knew he was living in a part of town that would have made even badass hardened combat soldiers crap their pants and that he should have moved, that the "community" he so wanted to serve didn't give a flying fuck about his livelihood or even his life for that matter. I feel sorry for the guy and his fam(b)ly, but he signed his own death warrant. Even the mere appearance of success in the ghetto is rewarded with hot flying lead. And you can be sure that they'll never ever catch the nigger punks who killed Kozol, no snitchin' and all that. American society needs to forcefully and unequivocally wash our hands of these problem "humans" posthaste.

Anonymous said...

I hate to gripe, great site overall, but is there any way you can disable autoplay on videos you put up here? I can't tell you how many times I've been surprised by unexpected sound blasting out of my speakers and then had to scroll past miles of text to find the box and shut it down. Very annoying bug in an otherwise informative website.

Anonymous said...

He was a white guy with a white beard.

Miss Carnivorous said...

Article in the san francisco paper, yesterday, said a woman (white) was driving through the tenderloin (black) neighborhood in San Franciso when she dropped her cell phone on the car floor. She pulled over and got out to rummage around and wonder of wonders a big black man came up and robbed her then grabbed her dog through the car window and slammed it down onto the ground as hard as he could. It had to be put to sleep. A white guy stopped to help her and remarked that about 12 people witnessed the attack and did nothing, also they did not cooperate with police. Can white people not see the hate? Blacks are not content to take everything, they want to hurt us bad. When they rape us or rob us they torture, beat and scar us forever. My ex said that people are only worked up over and reporting the incident cuz the guy killed a dog. Had he slammed her down and raped and killed her no one would give a shit. He 's right. I bet this woman whose dog was killed has just become a racist neocon.

This incident begs the question, though, why are blacks in ultra liberal San Francisco so filled with rage toward whites. Shouldn't San Francisco be a multicultural utopia by now? I mean, what's stopping them?

JB said...


I heard this story the night it happened. I was heartbroken.

And this post is one of your most heartbreaking, yet.

Ah, hell, they're all heartbreaking.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 4:00 PM said:

I can't tell you how many times I've been surprised by unexpected sound blasting out of my speakers and then had to scroll past miles of text to find the box and shut it down. Very annoying bug...

Hear, hear! Just one question, anon: How do you shut the damned thing down? The best I can manage is to pause playback, which doesn't stop the download. Living in third-world Africa, I resent the wasted bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

"I use government statistics and historical facts to make my point"

Silly wabbit, facts are RACISS!

J. Frank Parnell said...

I hate to gripe, great site overall, but is there any way you can disable autoplay on videos you put up here? I can't tell you how many times I've been surprised by unexpected sound blasting out of my speakers and then had to scroll past miles of text to find the box and shut it down. Very annoying bug in an otherwise informative website.

Use Firefox with NoScript. It will stop any video content from playing without your explicit permission, and it will make your computer much safer to boot.

Discard said...

Miss Carnivorous: Most Blacks I've seen in Frisco are wandering about like pitiful lost dogs. The locals simply ignore them. I have no doubt that the Blacks know that they are no more than empty paper bags blowing down the street to most non-Whites, and it infuriates them. Were a Black to get too far out of line in the parts of Frisco that I would go to, they'd be set straight. But in the ever-shrinking ghetto, they can count on the "no snitchin'" rule to confound the cops.

Californian said...

The revolution will not start with guns, but with cancellation of cable TV, magazines, etc.


I believe it was Hunter Wallace who observed that the rise of BRA was paralleled by the rise of television and that both represented fads of a particularly insidious nature by their brainlock on the great mass of Americans.

Hunter--if you're reading this, I'd like to see you do a more extensive analysis. I don't mean simply the political content of television, but the tendency for it to create mass hysterias.

Anyway, the only thing more absurd than having the other side's agitprop piped into your house is paying for it!

AnalogMan said...

J. Frank Parnell: Use Firefox with NoScript.


ubuntu my ass said...

When they were pounding amy biehl with bricks the black bitch ho's laughed, instead of helping amybiehl, those black bitch females laughed, that's the level of hate.

They laughed at the destruction of a beautiful white woman, since amy's beauty was a reminder of what they would never be, ie beautiful and pretty, when the black bastards were killing her, the black ghetto hos laughed.

Mind boggling, then they speak of ubuntu.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kozel was in Gage Park. For years Western Ave. was a "dividing line", in the late 70's there were even 2 White Castle restaurants, one on the East side of Western for blacks and one on the West side for whites. It was safer fir everyone that way and kept them out of a very busy street of which they love to walk slow in the street in Chicago.
Oddly after the killing some 40 or so employees and neighbors spray painted a memorial at the garage and spoke on camera. So where were they when he was killed?
Some neighborhoods like Beverly w thier BAPA try to keep sec. 8 from clustering and encourage whites to make non-traditional moves into minority dense areas and Beverly has remained more stable than Morgan Park but every year the undertow sucks in another mile or so where it starts to become to hard, too scarey hang on to your purse and watch out at stop signs and red lights to live there. They bring thier reckless lifestyles to the streets as well as the sidwalks. Running stop signs, tailing cars and cutting white people off for fun. Even running up on the sidewalk to scare people. It's so sad to see such hate in them, hate they accuse us of, hate that I don't have time to muster for orhers as I am too busy working etc. but it seems when you live cradle to grave on YT dime you have all day to hate YT scheme to irritate YT rob YT rape YT and it's so funny to them.
YT is not the hateful racist anymore