Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To the Victor Goes the Spoils: The Story of Judge Carnella Greene Norman

 Judge Carnella Greene Norman
A long time ago, in a country, far, far away, a man named Bull Connor gave a speech in Selma, Alabama. He was discussing the fight to break the resistance to desegregation, and, as Bobby Wilson relates in his book "Race and Place in Birmingham: The Civil Rights and the Neighborhood Movements" said:
...unless the South united to "fight this plague," black would dominate. Using a metaphor that seemed appropriate for Birmingham, once considered the football capital of the South, he went on to state, "We are on the one-yard line. Our backs are to the Wall. Do we let them go over for a touchdown, or do we raise the Confederate Flag as did our forefathers and tell them... 'you shall not pass'?" (p.33)

Flash forward to January 8, 2013 and the footprint squarely on the face of white America is still just as fresh as when it was made so long ago.

And it is Birmingham where that footprint was made, with the winning score being blared across the world; the ramifications of this victory still reverberating around the halls of government and academia today.

But it is in the halls of City Hall in Birmingham that the smell of victory still lingers [Birmingham City Council staffers flee strong industrial odor at City Hall offices, Birmingham News, 10-18-12]:
Several Birmingham City Council staff members remained at home Thursday following complaints of a mysterious industrial odor from an adjoining conference room as renovation occurs in the office.
Some workers complained the smell emitting from the closed-off conference room just feet away was making them sick -- literally.
Employees were absent Thursday and are expected to remain away from the City Hall again Friday as work continues in the conference room.
The smell of victory in Birmingham doesn't smell like napalm, but it does come in industrial strength. What was going on in that City Hall conference room you ask? Why, a huge mural being painted commemorating victory over Bull Connor and the society he dared to represent and defend[With fumes gone, Birmingham City Hall conference room now a shrine to 1963 civil rights history, Birmingham News, 10-31-12]:

 Construction of a civil rights-themed conference room on the third floor of City Hall is now complete, but not before sickening some city employees, and sending at least one woman to the hospital complaining about strong fumes.
The renovation of the small conference room near the City Council offices was blamed for emitting industrial odors so intense that office workers were sent home for several days.
At least one council employee went to the hospital and other complaints about the fumes compelled Council President Roderick Royal to send workers home until the alleged hazardous condition had ended.
The renovated room is now finished and features a wallpaper collage of familiar black and white 1960's civil rights images, a glossy, freshly painted black floor and an accent wall with quotations in red from both Mayor William Bell and President Barack Obama paying homage to hard-won civil rights gains of the past. The office also has a new gray glass tinted door and repainted conference table.
The work was ordered by Bell's staff and the door was closed and locked until now.
"The first time I was made aware of the repainting of the conference room was when the council administrator notified me that employees had to leave because of fumes from the paint," Royal said.
The room which had been shared by both the Council and the mayor's staff, and was renovated as part of the city's upcoming 50th anniversary of 1963 civil rights activities, said Bell's chief of staff Chuck Faush.
 Victory hasn't smelled so sweet (or so toxic, but isn't that irony?) then the delectable aroma of cocooning a City Hall meeting room in Birmingham with images of 1963. 

But what does true victory smell like in 2013 Birmingham? What happens when black people come to dominate the city, the very city, that once served as the source of resistance to the nationwide implementation of Black-Run America (BRA)?

Her name is Carnella Greene Norman [Carnella Greene Norman wins Jefferson County District Court Judge Place 3 race, Birmingham News, 11-6-12]:
Carnella Greene Norman, who had resigned her job as a Birmingham municipal court judge a decade ago as part of a settlement in a racial discrimination lawsuit, won the race for Jefferson County District Court Judge Place 3 in today's general election.
Norman, a Democrat, defeated W. Davis Lawley, a former Birmingham drug court judge.
With nearly 98 percent of the votes counted, Norman had 143,531 votes or 52.5 percent, and Lawley had 129,977 votes, or 47.5 percent.

Norman was a Birmingham Municipal Court judge from 1991 to 2002, but resigned as part of a legal settlement in a racial discrimination lawsuit brought against her by a white employee. 
 And you wonder why black people keep flocking to theaters to see "Django Unchained"? You wonder why Victor Hill won re-election as sheriff of Clayton County (Ga.), the same man who once fired all white officers and had black police point sniper rifles at them as they were led from the station in 2006, despite being under indictment....

The power of "racial democracy" was on display on November 6, 2012 in Jefferson County (Alabama), home to 75 percent black Birmingham [After vote, Alabama needs serious soul searching, 10-6-12, Birmingham News]:
But while Republican soul-searching might be wise in light of what happened Tuesday, the bluing of Jefferson County is not as simple as race.
Blacks make up 42 percent of the county's population, according to the U.S. Census. Victories Tuesday night were far higher than that.

Six of every 10 voters - 174,498 people in Jefferson County - simply pulled a straight ticket ballot. Some 35 percent of all ballots cast were Democratic straight tickets, while 24 percent of all ballots were straight Republican tickets. 

Carnella Greene-Norman, who was forced out of her Birmingham Municipal Court job years ago as part of a settlement in a lawsuit that outlined a pattern of racial discrimination in her court, will now decide real issues for real people in a decimated family court.
 So wait.. why was Judge Greene-Norman forced out to begin with? [Black Judge Sued For Reverse Discrimination, Birmingham News, 1-10-2002]:
Birmingham Municipal Judge Carnella Norman accused of ignoring a legal settlement requiring her to quit, has stepped down, according to a letter from her attorney included in federal court records. "Judge Norman has now retired and she is in compliance." Birmingham lawyer Howard M. Miles wrote to plaintiff lawyer Susan Reeves in a letter dated Tuesday.
"As of January 7,2002, Judge Norman's employment with the City of Birmingham ceased, effective December 28, 2001," Miles wrote.
Efforts to reach Miles for an explanation of the chronology were unsuccessful.
Ms. Reeves, who represents Joyce Franklin, a former senior legal secretary who sued the judge and the city, took issue with Miles in a Tuesday response letter:
"Retirement is not what is called for by the terms of the mediated settlement."

Ms. Reeves wrote that the judge has not resigned but simply submitted a request for early retirement in an "outrageous grab for additional benefits to which she is not entitled for any reason."

Efforts to reach Ms.Reeves for comment were unsuccessful Wednesday.

Judge Norman was accused in federal court filings of not complying with a confidential settlement she reached with the city and Ms. Franklin. Ms. Franklin claimed the judge, who is black, discrimanated against her because she is white.

The settlement reached last February in private mediation called for the judge to resign by Dec. 28 according to court findings. The settlement also required the city to pay Ms. Franklin $250,000, according to former city council members.

Court filings also say that Judge Norman has accused the city of not complying with the settlement. She is seeking reimbursement for legal fees and sanctions against the city, according to the filings.
In a court hearing last week, Judge Norman said she had been reporting to work every day but there were no cases on the docket until Monday, and a city lawyer said she remained on the payroll. A special judge has been appointed by the city to hear cases in the courtroom where Judge Norman normally sits.
U.S. District Judge H. Dean Buttram Jr. last week set a Friday hearing to consider a request by lawyers from the city and Ms.Franklin to enforce the settlement. It is unclear whether Judge Norman's retirement would satisfy the guidelines of the original settlement, which has never been released even though the City Council had to approve it.
  And now, Judge Norman is back as a Jefferson County Court Judge.

Victory has never smelled sweeter, right?

An article appearing in the Birmingham Post-Herald back in 2000 by Elaine Witt detailed the racism Judge Norman exercised against whitey in her courtroom [Council ignores claims against judge]:

 And some people in the Birmingham legal trade will tell you that unprofessionalism is the order of the day in the courtroom of Birmingham Municipal Judge Carnella Greene Norman.
For weeks now, listeners to a local talk radio show have been hearing allegations that this judge hardly ever shows up for her $103,000 job. But citizens concerned about the efficient administration of justice might be just as worried about what happens when this judge does come to court.
I went to see Judge Norman on the bench on Thursday. She wasn't there. A bailiff, who once was fired by the judge but was reinstated by the Jefferson County Personnel Board, told me the judge hadn't shown up regularly since August. Another court employee countered that the judge did come in two or three weeks ago to handle a handful of cases.
Judge Norman's dockets, I was told, are slim to non-existent most days, meaning that the court's two other downtown judges, David Barnes and Raymond Chambliss, may have to handle hundreds of traffic and misdemeanor cases per day. Defendants thus have to wait even longer than usual to see a judge. And if you've ever been to city court, you know the wait never has been short.
But documents filed in a pending race discrimination lawsuit against the judge, who is one of three black judges at the downtown court, tell a more chilling story.
In a sworn statement, one black court employee, the bailiff mentioned above, said Judge Norman made it clear to him that she did not like white people and did not want white employees working near her. He said he feared to be friendly toward white employees in Norman's presence, for fear of turning the judge against him.
A white lawyer stated under oath that she knows other white lawyers who charge their clients extra if they have to appear before Judge Norman, "because of her abusiveness."
An attorney who in 1981 helped establish a mediation program in municipal court stated under oath that the program disintegrated after Norman became presiding judge, because the mediators and their clients would show up at the appointed time but could no longer get access to their case files.
One black employee stated under oath that when she went to work for Norman, she was required to style the judge's hair before each court session. 

The bias complaint has dragged on since 1996, mainly at city expense. Presumably, it will be resolved in court.
But Norman's judicial career is in the hands of the Birmingham City Council, which already has cast its vote. A majority on the council recently named Norman to another four years as a municipal judge. And after Mayor Bernard Kincaid took the title of presiding judge away from Norman and gave it to Judge Barnes, the council passed a resolution praising Norman for "ensuring the dignity of the administration of justice."
Judge Norman is the face of victory that Bull Connor warned about; while the Birmingham City Council celebrates the events of 1963 (hilariously painting a mural that emitted toxic fumes in a City Hall conference room that necessitated an evacuation of the building), the now 3/4 black city of Birmingham is on the verge of complete collapse.

But don't worry --- Judge Norman is back.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. I truly don't understand how people can't admit how destructive it is to give blacks any amount of control in any position that requires social responsibility and an even hand.

Anonymous said...

They used to keep judges in check with some form of citizen justice. I wonder how long until that returns......

Stephen said...

Judge Norman looks like a halfrican. She hates Whitey even though she more than likely has a White parent. Let that be a lesson for potential race-mixers. Your offspring is likely to hate your guts. Hell, I'd hate both my parents too if I was born a nigger.

MuayTyson said...

Power corrupts it corrupts more easily those of the weak mind. Blacks are the absolute worse people to have in an position of authority.
If you talk about statistics I would love to see the statistics on black police officers, school teachers, judges, and politicians and the levels of corruption compared to a White model.

My wife who is Asian but fluent in both languages was made fun of by two big fat Laquisha's at LAX because of a slight accent. They even embarassed her more by yelling to other "officers" what she said. Can you imagine the scene. In an international airport people charged with your safety abusing a forgien passanger in there simian ebonics. I have been in airports in Cambodia and Viet Nam and the security acted with more decorum.

Anonymous said...

She shouldn't be so wary of white people; fact is, there will always be TONS of white people who would be more than happy to grovel to her and cater to her childlike whims, 24/7. Probably even do her hair.

White people WORSHIP blacks, dontcha know.

10mm AUTO said...

Oh My God.

Americans know that they might not get Justice in Court. Life is unfair and things can go wrong, but America was always about the hope of Justice, getting away from the corrupt Royal Courts and endless petitions to the King, the inside deals to the Aristocracy and the seizure of land and the horror of the Debtors prison.

But here we have a negro Judge hides the files of the plaintiffs, that forces her workers to be hate-filled to Whites, this despite that fact that her race is setting upon Whites like hyenas. If she was just lazy, you would say, "Well she is just a lazy negro, typical." But instead she is evil on top of it. This while the city council praises her and uplifts her status, where a White would be driven out in shame, his license to practice law revoked.

The pattern is clear.

Once the negro is stuffed into the legal profession Whites will be cut off from that recourse. The black police will not protect White rights in fact in many cases they perpetrate the crimes themselves, the Government will not protect White rights (Holder shaking down banks and not filing hate crimes against blacks) and in the final hope, the Courts will not protect White rights. Oh we have won a few cases, like the New Haven Firefighters, only to have these decisions reversed again by a higher Court. How many have the money and time to fight the Federal Government, the EEOC, the Justice Dept AND corrupt Judges? What is your life going to be like after? The Duke lacrosse players? Zimmerman? The victims of the Jenna 6? The victims of the New York Wilding Rapists? Autumn? Anne Pressly?

What we have is fat and happy negros and piles of broken victims. This will not end well.

Jefferson said...

Birmingham is a very blue city that is located in a very red state.

Birmingham votes more like California, than they do like the rest of Alabama.

PDK said...

Judge Norman makes lucid and manifest the need for non-liberal whites to secede from the socialist democracy and multi-sub-species culture of what once was, but is no more, the United States of America.

It is time for a non-liberal, white nationalism with its own nation-state. It is time to leave white liberals, blacks, browns and Islamics to their own philosophy and country. We simply cannot afford them or their particular brands of destruction any longer. America that once was, is dead, time to move on into our own mutually exclusive country.

America has become a microcosm of the coming new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, America has been lost to the illusions of liberal ideology and its constituent allies, the sub-species of blacks and browns.

The republican states, Dixie, the breadbasket mid-west and others offer a bounty of natural resources from which a wealthy country could emerge.

Our own country could have a new Constitution, outlawing lower sub-species of humans and liberal ideologies. If liberals or their allies don`t like it they will have to lump it, it would be our white nationalist country, and they would have no say.

I do not believe in America any more. Thank you.

DR zhivago said...

Typical black DNA, as soon as it has perceived power, the chieftain complex raises its head, with kwanzaa chief it was ordering his sex slaves to strip before his glorious presence, this sherilla orders the secretary to style her hair everyday.

It doesn't mattet if its a male chief or a female chief, if they black the same dysfunction arises

That's why you cannot work with them, they arrogant, enititled, an on a previous post someone said it so well.

Its not that blacks hate injustice, discrimination, unfairness, corruption, they hate that they can't do those things to others and its always been like that.

No need to worry, some analyst said that the current president will become the most hated of all of the US's presidents ever, because of the financial meltdown that is on its way

I'm surprised the black marxist hasn't put up numerous statues of himself to his own honour.

Like in mandelaland, the new notes of money have his face plasted on every single one, looks like oprah's O magazine.Blacks are narcicistic, DNA once again.

In mandelaland we have bridges, squares, avenues, bays, cities, roads, streets, highways, named after mandela, the evil apartheid king pins were never as arrogant to name things after themselves or their comrades.

Blacks on the otherhand, will claim everything, and shower their corrupt comrades with the priveldge of having land marks named after them.

Seriously doesn't oprah get tired of seeing her face on every single issue of her magazine, pure utter narcicism, she has an oprah factory in mandelaland, where she is trying to clone herself. Google oprah's academy, a racist hellhole like no other. Only black proto oprah's can go there, and as long as its black it gets a job teaching there, even if its a lesbian molesting machine, their keep it black keeps on blowing up in their own arrogance.

I love DNA, and how predictable it is.

And because of our DNA, whites have the weakness which can turn to liberalism.

Jay Santos said...

For weeks now, listeners to a local talk radio show have been hearing allegations that this judge [Carnella Greene Norman] hardly ever shows up for her $103,000 job.

Negroes hate the cultural expectations established by whites. Therefore, they hate work. In a perfect and painful social irony, negroes are vastly over represented in government jobs. It's quite difficult to fire them, if any honest manager was interested in doing so. And now they are represented by civil service unions, harder still to fire an incompetent worker.

You, the tax payer, are forced by the figurative gun to your head, to pay for these people. Taxes are a form of servitude. Twenty or thirty percent of your time at work is taken in taxes to the government. That's twenty or thirty percent of your waking hours, a really significant percent of your time on the planet.

Whether this arrangement was carefully planned by the political decision makers, or just kind of fell into place, you are at least a part-time slave to negroes enjoying a state or federal pay check. Either way, they don't do a damn bit of work.

Welcome to America in 2013.

Bogolyubski said...

It's just one more example of scores - if not hundreds - which could be cited. Take a look at the illustrious career of Alcee Hastings. Hastings was so completely corrupt and incompetent as a Federal blackrobe that he was caught taking bribes in his chamber. He is one of the few blackrobes whose behavior was so utterly over the tope that the spineless Congress actually impeached him and removed him from the bench.

Know what he did after that? That's right - he ran for Congress!, winning hugely in a groid district. So there he sits, just another fine example. But the Red Princes of YTdom just can't get enough TNB, so on and on they go.

Anonymous said...

Classic! Blacks never shut up about how white people supposedly fail to accord them the respect that they deserve, but when blacks have any power at all, they abuse it in ways that whites never would.

Judge Carnella Norman made a city employee style her hair before each court appearance??? UNBELIEVABLE!

Anonymous said...

I do not what it is with Black women in many of these positions. When I first glanced at this article,I looked at Norman's picture and I shuddered as she resembled some female groid principal who I worked under when I was a counselor in the Philadelphia School System. Adrienne Wooden was her name. Same diva mentality it appears.

Ms. Wooden was large and in charge. She would begin the day eating chicken and whatever else in her office. When she would call me in the am, and I would go to her office....and there she was in all her affirmative action glory lumped behind her desk in nice suits with her big, pudgy fingers covered in grease and food bits. Truly a ghetto turd painted gold.

Wooden was apallingly rude to staff. She made once Vice Principal miss her only son's birthday party by keeping way past her work time on purpose. She would screech over the loud speaker. One female staff member, a very good math teacher, was continuously harangued by Wooden...this teacher was loved by everyone and on top of all of her work responsibilities, she had to take care of her own mother with schizophrenia.

I have to say black women in general are the pits. You can get your toes done daily and wear the best fake hair grrrrrrl, but underneath that painted facade is alot of wickedness in many of them. They seem to lack basic class.

I read an article once on Jackie Kennedy Onassis. There is a story mentioned in the article where she gets her clothes laundered and when she calls in her order, she spells out her name politely....She was not presuming or assuming that anyone would just automatically "know" her.

Generally, Black women have this notion when they enter the room they, the divas, have "arrived". Um, no one cares grrrrrls.

Blacks love murals too. Don't know what the deal is with that, but very school I worked at the was more on the urban side so to speak always had some damn mural project going on...hell if everyone there could read or do a job, but hey, we have a got a mural here!

Turds painted gold...everyone last one of them!

White Mom in Turdville aka DC

Anonymous said...

Oh here is a new gem showing off how the Mahogany race really acts in public:


Over a cable bill. That is how normal citizens that have to work around these degenerates witness on a daily basis. That is how a whole mob of them will react on the day EBT runs out.
Besides valid threats of weapons being banned most law abiding whites are buying firearms / ammunition in record quantities to protect themselves against this sort of behavior.

Mr. Clean said...

Curious... is there an older picture of this judge? Did she always look Hispanic or otherwise semi-white?

rjp said...

At least one council employee went to the hospital and other complaints about the fumes compelled Council President Roderick Royal to send workers home until the alleged hazardous condition had ended.

Playin' da ghetto lottery. Dat what I be talkin bout!

Sounds like Judge Carnella Greene Norman been playing and winning the ghetto lottery her entire life.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Oh here is a new gem showing off how the Mahogany race really acts in public:

The link didn't work for me, I just typed in "Black goes crazy over cable bill" Found it then. Might help others.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody cares about a white b---- in Over-the-Rhine," Black told her, court documents note.

Black Serial Rapist says He is Not a Violent Person:

He a good boy. He din't do nuthin'.

Anonymous said...

At a large shipping company, it has been found that the professional black affirmative action hires in the business department were been meeting regularly for luncheons at expensive restaurants in a secret black grievance club, and charging the cost of the meals on their corporate credit cards. An email was intercepted and exposed, and it tuns out they had been meeting regularly for over a year. The blacks did not see any problem with this.

All black people carry a racial grievance, feel entitled to these reparations payments, and will steal money to enrich themselves if given the opportunity.

It was also found out that black shipping managers at this company were assisting the black drivers in re-routing packages with expensive electronics for the purpose of theft. The blacks were splitting up the loot amongst themselves.

These blacks are all Union or affirmative action employees, and can not be fired. The shipping company is committed to diversity.

This is why companies don't want to hire black people. This is why we had Jim Crow laws. This is why whites fought for segregation.

Anonymous said...

My list of the biggest oxymoron:

Black Law enforcement officer.
Black policeman
Black cop
Black police woman.
Black judge.
Black Representative (unless he's representing him or herself)
Black Congressional representative (ditto)

Anonymous said...

The cable bill chimpout is what happens when social controls are removed and chimps get the idea that they can misbehave to their hearts content and show their asses with impunity.
Such behavior was not tolerated in previous generations and would have had an immediate and quiet unpleasant consequence for the chimping ape. They knew it and were forced to behave accordingly.
This ape should have been arrested for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, forcibly removed and hauled off to jail for a day or two instead of being allowed to inflict his TNB on everyone.
Of course, he was just expressing himself and his culture and putting a stop to it (with all dem whitey rules about civilized conduct and behavior in public) be rayciss! I gots a right to be loud, obnoxious, disruptive and a complete asshole cause I be black and special!
People need to stop tolerating this crap. The more tolerance shown, the worse it gets.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a very loud incongruous announcement when I open your blog, followed by a radio broadcast? I have to close your blog right away, though I have enjoyed it in the past.

PDK said...

Someone in a days earlier post or so, mentioned melanin, and that the more melanin the more aggressive the individual. I saw that piece back in September, 2012 or so in one of the online news services. I did not buy it, not for a moment.

It is important to realize that non-liberal science targets the truth of reality, while liberal science targets the preferred illusions of liberal ideology. Last spring, scientist from CERN announced the finding of a particle that moves faster than the speed of light, thereby destroying Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity. I did not buy that either.

I figured they made a mistake somewhere and sure enough a few months later they found and corrected their error, and Einstein`s theories of relativity were restored to their proper position of correctness. However, they got their big splash and false excitement, and anyone who saw their first, big splash news release, but not their subsequent correcting of their error would be walking around thinking Einstein was wrong, what a travesty of science.

Liberals cherry pick facts that logically deduce their targeted conclusion of illusion, or worse simply make up the facts needed from the whole cloth of the liberal ideology agenda. Unfortunately, liberals will destroy a good and proper science if it leads to a conclusion of the truth of reality, and further a false science if it leads to a conclusion supporting its illusion.

In fact liberals have been targeting the science of r and k selective strategies of gene pools because it leads one to conclude the truth of the differences in human sub-species for 15 years or so now. Liberals will go after the individual, or the science to prevent the truth of reality from usurping their illusion they have worked long and hard to enforce upon our white cultures as the truth.

I just read an article over at Frontpagemagazine about the cheating scandal of blacks in our PS system. Part was the same story of the Atlanta PS system Paul talks about here at SBPDL. Further it talked about black adults paying a sum of money to have others take their test for them that they can then become a teacher. Therefore, ultimately the blind leads the blind or rather the incapable of teaching, teach the incapable of learning.

In my opinion, blacks are incapable because their gene pool produces an organism of smaller cerebrum size and lower IQ, that would be perfect for a lower form of culture such as tribalism, but not sufficient for a higher culture and the qualities of said higher culture, for example math and language skills.

Whenever anyone or anything has a limited resource it can only be spent once. Choices can be made to spend it this way or that, and in terms of gene pools and reproduction, it can be divided between quantity and quality, and for humans this basic difference means numbers reproduced versus higher IQed individuals reproduced.

Neoteny is the process of slowing down the maturation of developing humans. By slowing down the development, the brain and its cerebrum can grow more and therefore become larger, increasing IQ. Those who slow down development less, mature faster and are ready to reproduce earlier, this is precisely what blacks do. Further, they have more polyzygote twins than whites. The black gene pool prefers to spend its resources more on quantity than quality when compared to the white gene pool.

Unfortunately, our white gene pool is under assault by blacks and liberal ideology. Kim K. is just one example of taking from whitey genes and giving to blackie genes, so wrong and so guiling of whites and nature.

I believe our best white hope for our gene pool and culture is a white nationalist, mutually exclusive country forged out of republican states, and further an outlawing of liberal ideology, blacks, browns and Islamics.

It is, and does seem an unreachable goal, but one also that offers hope for our future gene pool and culture. Thank you.

PDK said...

By the way, Judge Norman appears to have some Oriental genes in her, just guessing by looking.

Jay Santos said...

White Mom said...

...female groid principal who I worked under when I was a counselor in the Philadelphia School System. Adrienne Wooden was her name.

Ms. Wooden was large and in charge. She would begin the day eating chicken... and there she was in all her affirmative action glory lumped behind her desk in nice suits with her big, pudgy fingers covered in grease and food bits.

Now that's a funny visual right there. And negroes do love murals. Huge murals depicting various day to day activities are real third world. Just a slightly more advanced version of cave paintings.

Silent Running said...

They used to keep judges in check with some form of citizen justice. I wonder how long until that returns......

Not long now, especially if this passion for gun control keeps up. And it might this time around. It will be judges like Carnella signing the no-knock warrants on behalf of the Badge Gang when the 2nd Amendment is finally shredded.

The enemy has become fey with the last massacre. If they think they're going to confiscate the trillion or so 30rd magazines floating around this country, the nation is done, regardless of which way it goes. And now they have some whiff of the repercussions, since newspaper editors and journalists can be tracked down as easily as gun owners.

Once the negro is stuffed into the legal profession Whites will be cut off from that recourse.

Just as we saw during Reconstruction. This has happened before.

Anonymous said...

PDK said... "By the way, Judge Norman appears to have some Oriental genes in her, just guessing by looking."

Maybe or maybe she had a bad face lift. Look at her eyebrows, could they be any further from her eyes? She is such a white wannabee - she straightens her hair and lightens the color. She's just plain gross.

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous said...
She shouldn't be so wary of white people; fact is, there will always be TONS of white people who would be more than happy to grovel to her and cater to her childlike whims, 24/7. Probably even do her hair.

White people WORSHIP blacks, dontcha know.

Your post seems to be sarcastic, but the hard fact of the matter is that many millions of whites DO worship blacks. Would crap "music" and propaganda films like Tarantino's latest be making billions for their TWMNBN funders and producers if whites were staying away from it in droves? Hell no. As Cicero points out on the latest obscenity on the Oxygen channel All my Babies Mamas, who do you think this show is directed at? Groids, with a illegitimacy rate of 70% and northward, are already quite familiar and accepting of such behavior. The Oxygen channel was started as a channel for younger white females. The purpose of the program, along with the sensationalism (keep in mind that such behavior is "sensational" only among white females) is to foster acceptance and toleration of such behavior from white females' increasingly black "life partners".

There isn't much groid worship in this blog, but this blog is "lunatic fringe" to the average moronic craven white coward, who just can't wait to lick the boots of the next groid they see.

Anonymous said...

$103,000 a year ... hoowee. That sure buys a lot of skin-lightening lotion and hair-straightening potion.

Girlfriend almost looks like Beyonce!

Jefferson said...

[QUOTE]$103,000 a year .[/QUOTE]

If you are financially responsible with your money, than you can live pretty damn comfortably with $103,000 a year in Alabama.

Especially since the cost of living in Alabama is not as high as it is in New York and California for example.

Anonymous said...

the latest obscenity on the Oxygen channel All my Babies Mamas

This is from...


(yes, I know, Rush Limbaugh...)

"All My Babies' Mamas follows a rapper -- his name is Shawty Lo -- and the 11 children that he has fathered with ten different women."

It's funny that blacks can blame the CIA for epidemics of crack cocaine and even AIDS. Yet we have behaviors being glorified which are far more socially destructive.

Here's a question: what kind of impact does this kind of breeding have on a population? Are we seeing the spread of the most irresponsible genetic heritage in a de facto program of dysgenics? Will we see even more generations of Shawty Los and the females who line up for him?

Oh joy.

I needn't comment on how this reproduction pattern will result in more poverty, more school dropouts, more gangbanging, more welfare demands, more taxes laid on responsible citizens, and more Americans furrowing their brows and asking, "How come blacks are getting further behind in America?"

You also have to ask what decent black men think of all this. The women they might have married are being swept up in harems for rappers, gangbangers, and thug lovin' conjugal visitors.

The downward spiral continues, aka BRA...

Anonymous said...

56 years of living in the Deep South among blacks has opened my eyes up to an interesting truth. Negroes with light colored skin tend to have a deeper hatred of Whitey... The lighter the hue, the deeper the hatred.Can anyone out there offer a possible explanation?

rjp said...

Anonymous said...
Why is there a very loud incongruous announcement when I open your blog, followed by a radio broadcast? I have to close your blog right away, though I have enjoyed it in the past.

There is a video on the page that auto-plays as soon as the page is opened. You can scroll down and pause it. When it finally gets bumped off the front page, the noise will stop.

MuayTyson said...

To anon @3:48 pm,

I can only give you my own opinion but it is based on experience. Lighter skinned blacks have a higher percentage of White genes. This means they get a bump in IQ this can be good and be bad.

In my younger more liberal days I dated blacks not many because my rule was they had to act White. This resulted in me dating 2 blacks in my life. One of these young ladies was mixed her mother was White. She was very confused and had a very hard time socially. She was very pretty and looked a bit like J LO most people thaught she was Latina and not mixed race.

When she was in high school and college she tried to indentify as black she yearned for her father who surpirise! was absent and cared little for his multiple children. In university she dated black football player and joined a black sorority. The males treated her like shit they wanted her but cheated on her and abused her. The girls in her sorority were worse. She was much lighter than a paper bag(an important test in the black community) so the fully black girls treated her like shit. If she made good grades she was acting White. If their boyfriends hit on her it was her fault and she was a slut. She couldn't win she wanted to be black but was too pretty and human acting to actually be black.

Eventually she switched and had a White best friend and started to only date White guys, I was the second the first was a cop. She was never fully comfortable in either society but at least Whites didn't abuse her.

If lighter skin blacks or mixed blacks identify as black they must be Blacker than full blooded blacks.The confusion of where they belong creates resentment some internalize other externalize.

It is total over compensation.

PDK said...


I`m of the same, basic opinion as Mauy.

Though I never dated blacks, it is obvious to me that those blacks who have either white genes or Oriental genes in them have the benefit of a higher IQ than full blooded blacks, and can therefore use their more intelligent brain better than blacks with only a black gene pool created black brain to further the black, anti-white cause.

An example would be one BHO, born half white, half black, therefore he posses a black brain suped up by white genes that produce a higher IQ than black genes alone.

However, those half breed blacks identify to the black people, and use the brain power their stolen white or Oriental genes thus empower them with.

This is the fate our posterity will have to deal with if we whites of today do not nip this phenomenon in the bud.

However white liberals and blacks have forced an illusion upon us all, we are bad, they are victims.

We whites must endeavor to perservere in this obvious abrogation of nature herself. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

White people WORSHIP blacks, dontcha know.


lightbearer said...

Stumbled upon communitarianism, a secret agenda with a purpose in mind.

Google it- communitarianism

SKIP said...

"My list of the biggest oxymoron:

I know you had this on the list but must have missed it

Tyrone N said...

I'm sure all eighteen decent blacks men are really bothered by it!