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Great Moments in Black History -- Birmingham Mayor Richard Arrington's 1992 March in Chains

Birmingham Mayor Richard Arrington marches with 700 people, in chains, to symbolize oppression and persecution -- all because he refused to comply with a request by a Federal District judge
Imagine you're the first black mayor of perhaps the most important city - symbolically - in the world, whose recent history literally represents the destruction of one civilization and the creation of another. 

What do you do when you are tasked by a Federal District judge to turn over appointment records to a Federal grand jury investigating you over  charges of corruption at the City Hall you are tasked to run? 

Cry racism, of course, while draping chains around you and walking - with 700 supporters - from one of the holiest of holy "Civil Rights" sites in America to turn yourself in to those same Federal authorities. 

Birmingham, Alabama is that city and in span of twenty years (1963-1983), the formerly "Magic City" has completely flipped from being 60 percent white/40 percent black to the exact opposite. 

By 1979, the demographics had switched to ensure - with almost monolithic black support - a black man was elected mayor of the city. 

That black man was Richard Arrington. And, yes, he wrapped himself in chains and marched from the 16th Street Baptist Church - bombed in 1963 - to conjure up sympathetic images in the minds of the nation, and arouse suspicion of just another racist government witch-hunt against an angelic, innocent black man [Mayor of Birmingham Is Sent to Prison : Courts: The city's first black chief executive will serve time on weekends for contempt. He claims the citation is racially motivated, Los Angeles Times, 1-24-1992]:

Richard Arrington, the first black mayor of this city that became a symbol of the civil rights battles of the 1960s, went to prison for contempt of court Thursday amid emotional charges that he was railroaded because of his race.
The contempt citation stems from Arrington's refusal to obey a federal grand jury subpoena for his appointment records, which are being sought as part of an investigation into allegations that he took $5,000 in kickbacks involving city contract work--a charge Arrington denies.

With about 45 minutes to spare before a 5 p.m. deadline, the 50-year-old mayor, surrounded by hundreds of supporters--some wearing symbolic chains--marched under leaden skies from a rally and turned himself in to federal authorities, who were to take him to a federal prison in Montgomery, Ala.

He is scheduled to serve time from 5 p.m. each Thursday until 8 a.m. the following Monday, leaving him most of the week to run the city. Also, he is being fined $1,000 a day for each day he ignores the subpoena. Attorneys say the sentence will last until May, when the grand jury session ends.
The rally was held at the 16th Street Baptist Church, where in the 1960s, a racist bombing killed four black girls and where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. organized powerful protests. Several speakers praised Arrington and assailed the judicial system that was about to lock him up because of its "klan mentality."
"We're tired of white folks acting like black folks don't have no sense," thundered the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a noted civil rights activist.
A message urging the U.S. Justice Department to "intervene in the Birmingham controversy" because it has "severely polarized" the city was sent by John E. Jacob, president of the National Urban League.
A white downtown office worker, who asked not to be named, worried that the controversy will set the city back racially.
"Things have improved over the years," he said. "I feel like he's using the racial thing the same way white officials did back in the '60s."
In choosing confinement instead of complying with the subpoena, Arrington hopes to gain attention for his contention that black officials nationwide have been victims of racist investigations.
He told the church rally: "We have a history of taking adversity and turning it into advantage. That is what we hope to do here."
However, some political commentators questioned the effectiveness of playing the race card, pointing out that it reminds people that former Washington Mayor Marion Barry was convicted of cocaine use despite asserting that the charges against him were racist.

"This tactic is not as potent as it once was," said William Boone, chairman of the political science department at Clark Atlanta University. "There is a strong strand of people who are beginning to say: 'Look, you can't use the race issue.' They say: 'The question is not whether you were targeted, but did you do it?' "
Thursday's events were the latest skirmish in a seven-year war between Arrington and U.S. Atty. Frank Donaldson. Donaldson has launched about a dozen investigations of Arrington but has not succeeded in getting him indicted.
Tarlee Brown, an Atlanta architect and former partner of Arrington, has accused Arrington of accepting $5,000 in bribes on two occasions. Additionally, according to Brown, the mayor was to receive 25% of whatever Brown's city contracts were worth.
The Los Angeles Times story doesn't quite do the march justice in the same manner as The Old Grey Lady does -- The New York Times goes right to the heart of they symbolic march in chains from the start, employing the old inverted pyramid strategy to illustrate the most important news at the top of the story 
[With 700 Supporters Rallying Round, Birmingham Mayor Goes to Prison, New York Times, 1-24-1992]:
After leading hundreds of his supporters, some of them draped in chains, from the 16th Street Baptist Church to the Federal courthouse in a scene evocative of the civil rights marches of the 1960's, Mayor Richard Arrington Jr. surrendered to United States marshals today under a contempt of court citation.
Mr. Arrington, the first black Mayor of this city, submitted himself to the order of a Federal court after an emotional send-off by more than 700 of his supporters that started at the church. It was where a bomb exploded on Sept. 15, 1963, taking the lives of four black children attending Sunday school.

Some of the Mayor's supporters draped themselves in chains to symbolize what marchers said were the chains of oppression that still bind black Americans.

Rejects Court Order
The rally at the church and the march to the courthouse, three blocks away, seemed calculated to arouse memories of the civil rights movement in Birmingham when similar marches set out from the church to protest racial segregation. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and hundreds of other demonstrators were arrested during protests in the spring of 1963, and supporters of Mayor Arrington say he is following in Dr. King's footsteps by going to jail on a matter of principle.
Mayor Arrington, before he began the walk to the Federal courthouse and the 90-mile drive with marshals to the Federal prison in Montgomery, said, "We have a history of taking adversity and turning it into triumph." He arrived at the prison this evening without speaking to reporters, The Associated Press quoted a prison spokesman as saying.
At the rally, the Rev. Abraham Woods, of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, made a defiant reference to Birmingham's past. He said, "We didn't let the dogs turn us around, the hoses, the jails, the Ku Klux Klan. We wouldn't let Eugene Bull Connor turn us around!" And he led the crowd in the singing of protest songs from the 1960's, when Mr. Connor headed the city's police force.
The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a central figure in the civil rights movement in Birmingham in that period, said: "We're tired of white folks acting like black folks don't have any sense. We're going put an end to this harassment. Hallelujah!"
Draping oneself in chains, marching with 700 of your closest friends (a dramatic showcase of the power of Organized Blackness), and using the sympathetic media to broadcast your story to a nationwide audience - all with the backdrop of the great "civil rights" victories and monuments in the background of the story - is exactly what the first black mayor of Birmingham did in 1992 when 
 tasked by a Federal District judge to turn over appointment records to a Federal grand jury.

This has been another great moment in black history.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the part where he walked on water on the way there.

Jay Santos said...

They do have that single trick, don't they? Chains. I reckon those negroes transported from Africa to Alabama in 1730 led far better lives than their brethren in the African paradise. Hell, their chances of being eaten by a lion were pretty slim in Alabama.

I get a kick out of Michael Berry's reporting on Sheila Jackson Lee's nonsense about being a freed slave. Speaking of Berry, pick up his podcast from 01/23, late in 5PM hour and 6PM hour from iTunes. It's hilarious satire of a couple of thug rappers/pimps and their YT ho. Trust me, it's worth the effort.

So CAL Snowman said...

This just shows how utterly unfit the african is for European based civilization and society. I have no doubt that this guy Richard Arrington believed that he had the god given "right" to take bribes and kickbacks. Doubtless he just saw it as being part and parcel of the job of being the "big chief." After all that's how they do things in Africa, and the africans have been assured by the DWLs and the media that they are the paragons of morality and virtue. Any attempt by the White man to apply OUR laws and codes of morality to the african are seen as an unconscionable affront to black dignity and a racist attack on a morally principled individual. This type of intellectually limited thinking begets what I will dub "Black Spectacle." As many have noted, africans in America really behave like spoiled little kids who throw tantrums when the do not get their way. You can't really blame the little kid, it's the only way he knows how to get attention. Similarly "Black Spectacle" is the only way the africans know how to get attention from the White man. Only the africans or little kids would engage in such a spectacle of walking down the streets in freaking chains! Only an african would equate following the laws of the White man with slavery. They are nothing but spectacle and image. All sizzle, no steak.

Melanie said...

But the important thing is, was he, after all the grandstanding and self-martyrdom, found guilty of anything?

Anonymous said...

He din do nuffin of epic proportions. If these ' blacks are innocent' ideologies weren't proliferating and the ideological sympathizers weren't gaining ground and racking up victories it would be funny.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile back in Ctown:,0,7789444.story?track=rss

Jim said...

Did you notice this march happened 21 years ago?

The black folk are still using the same excuses, i.e.,racism, institutional racism, slavery, discrimination, chains, lynching, white cops, CIA dumping drugs, KKK, etc., today to cover up their inequities. How long can they hang onto this defense?

Notice the quote from Hizzoner "We have a history of taking adversity and turning it into triumph". There is certainly truth in that statement. To prove it, just click onto SBPDL and read about the formally great US cities.

Have you ever noticed that most black political figures display a certain dignified, almost dapper, appearance?

I attended the Reagan-Anderson-Carter Presidential debate in Baltimore. (yeah, I'm old, but I consider myself an expert in ni**er trivia). Oh yeah, Carter never showed up.

Anyway, I noticed a black Baltimore police major strutting about. This guy had slicked-black gray hair, neatly trimmed mustache, looked terrific in his uniform, the whole 9 yards. I mentioned to my boss how distinguished this guy looked, that he must be a pretty squared-away cop. My boss replied "yeah, but wait 'till you hear him talk".

I did, and he was just another dressed up idiot. What's term about lipstick on a pig?

Anyway, end of rant, I'm going to get another beer.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone bring up slavery like it was a bad thing?
During those bad ol' slave days, people were willing to fork over $1000 gold dollars for one prime-aged Trayvon. That amounts to over $75,000 in today's money.

During slavery, blacks were actually WORTH SOMETHING. Unlike today, where they are worthless. When you subtract the value of the welfare EBTs, public housing, police and incarceration costs, they have NEGATIVE value.

PDk said...

In the open market everyone exploits something, usually some particular personal talent or trait they possess. Athletically talented youth become professional athletes, pulchritudinous people sell their looks, high IQ people sell their superior thought processes, and I remember the story of Jesse James’ mother selling the pebble rocks atop Jesses’ grave for a dime to the tourist, and after the tourist passed she went back down to the brook, gathered up more pebbles and refreshed Jesses grave for the next set of tourist lured in to the fascination of the great Jesse James.

When I saw the picture of the blacks with an interlooping chain I just could not help but think the best black leaders can do is sell the revisionist history of slavery. Obviously this is a charlatan’s con game, not only do they not sell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, they sell a hugely modified version of slavery and do so to cover their incompetence of leadership, which itself is born out of their “incapable of creating or maintaining”, a higher culture, Negro cerebrum. All the blacks buy into the illusion because they all suffer from the same problem, a lower, less intelligent, form of human brain.

Besides being of low IQ, the blacks are low on maturity and would rather blame others for their inferior traits than admit their own shortcomings. Every time their failings are about to show, they whip out that self-created persecution illusion that blames whitey for blackie’s failure.

Unfortunately for America, this cheat through social chess is backed by the liberal/democrat alliance. Yes, for kowtowing to the liberal democrat party, blacks have their self-created persecution illusion backed up by the alliance.

Further, the white liberals of the alliance need that phony baloney, black illusion to help them maintain their zeitgeist and it’s strangle hold on the American citizenry. Should any, non-liberal white, try to speak the whole truth the alliance pounces upon said speaker with intent to commit character assassination. No one is allowed to speak the truth if it threatens the alliances illusion.

With the numbers now favoring the alliance, republicans and America herself are doomed. The liberal ideology that is the alliances zeitgeist has been forged over a long period of time. Further, all Americans are indoctrinated into their “proper way of thinking” from elementary school and on up. Free thinking is dead; truth thinking is dead, only the liberal/democrat ideological way of thinking is permitted.

I am for walking away from the alliance, white liberals, blacks, browns, Islamics, Amerindians and any other group that votes and or supports the liberal/democrat party.

What is needed is a Founding Fathers spirit and courage, to gather together in republican states and secede via a declaration of independence.

It will not be easy, for we are the host organism, and the alliance is the parasite and further because the parasite is in control and calling the shots. I wonder how bad does it have to get before we secede, or even worse, shall decide to remain a Union, let the liberal/democrats drive America into ruination, from whence we shall all go down to Davy Jones locker.

The Chinese must be laughing heartily. Thank you.

PDK said...

The next thing I noticed on Paul's post was the similarity of what Richard Arrington did with what Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy,"Chappy" for short, used to do.

Whenever Ted got himself into trouble, usually drinking, sometimes ending in death or murder, such as with Mary Jo Kopeckne, good old Teddy boy invoked his 3 brothers, who all died while in service to America, that he might cheat justice for his crime. What a schmuck and a schlemazel.

Both Chappy and Richard, two peas in the liberal democrat pod, one a drunk the other a Negro, both with an impaired cerebrum.

They may have passed now, but their damage to both America and humanity will live on forever.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I see the glorious BRA jewel Birmingham on the First 48 crime program while serfing around on the teevee. It looks like a shithole to be avoided at all costs.

Anonymous said...

The First 48 has everything you need to know about Alabammy and Detroit and Miami and .......

juandos said...

Damn! Everytime I see that picture I can't help but remember that old joke about chains and bicycles...

Jim said...


Very well written.

However, I had to look up "pulchritudinous" and "schlemazel".

Nick O'Siggers said...

Chains you can believe in!

Silly negro... culture is what you make of it.


Anonymous said...

"We're tired of white folks acting like black folks don't have no sense," thundered the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a noted civil rights activist.

For the most part, they don't.

Anonymous said...

OT: Black men are on the Down Low (DL).

What is happening here? CL? This is just crazy.
(Warning: Graphic)

"Rejecting a gay culture they perceive as white and effeminate, many black men have settled on a new identity, with its own vocabulary and customs and its own name: Down Low. There have always been men -- black and white -- who have had secret sexual lives with men. But the creation of an organized, underground subculture largely made up of black men who otherwise live straight lives is a phenomenon of the last decade. "

nordic caucasoid said...

hey p.k., hell of a job again pointing out the retarded-ness that's called being black in America! how about the rev. abe woods saying that they didn't let the dogs turn us around, the hoses, the jails, and the k.k.k. but their is one group that the good old rev. forgets to say is THE DEMOCRATS with their poll taxes and their jimmy crow laws! and what about this? speaking of thieves mr. and mrs. Jessie Jackson jr. little mini-me version of his lying fucked up dad. how about 31yrs. old and he had never held a private job in his fucking life and he was holding some 1.1million dollars in bonds. and did I say the ngr never had a job outside of politics? and lastly the congressional investigations going on in d.c. right now of the 6 people 5 of them are from the black caucus. oh yea the police chief of the Pittsburgh police dept. is being looked at by the fbi! so the black police man had to be fired as usual. just like what's reported @ sbpdl all the time, just put a blackie in charge and watch the downfall of society, work area's, and public resources! we owe this race not one thin dime! GODSPEED WHITES and segregate us now!

YIH said...

"We're tired of white folks acting like black folks don't have no sense," thundered the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a noted civil rights activist.
Translation: We're tired of the sun rising in the east and setting in the west and we're tired of 2+2 equaling 4.

Anonymous said...

When Arlington complains that white people act like blacks dont have any sense,they prove this daily by continually voting these con men into office. Black people look out for number one first. The vast majority get nothing in return for thier vote except the the opportunity to watch their city waste away while the con men pocket all of the public funds they can. The amount of money that is involved in afimitive action policies in gov attracts alot of shadey activists. Have you ever seen a poor activst, they all seem to be doiing very well with fur coats, gold jewelry, new cadilacs, and bodyguards

Mr. Ken said...

"We're tired of white folks acting like black folks don't have any sense." It's not an act. It's a FACT.

Anonymous said...

Racist attacks against asians and others not being labeled as such. Minneapolis on its way to being the next philly?

I encourage all of you out there to call your local journalists when they write in such a cowardly manner and refuse to call a spade a spade. I'll be calling today to enlighten this reporter about the danger of his ignorance and how it hurts civilization. Mpls gets more fuxxated by the day.

Muskegon Avenger said...

Great Moments in Black History: Muskegon Edition

Dubbed “the Hugh Hefner of Muskegon”, a man had his “priceless collection” of porn stolen from his house (located in an all-black neighborhood of Muskegon).

He states the collection was worth, “straight up $7,500”.

Question #1: when did Hugh Hefner purchase porn rather than produce it?

Question #2: when did $7,500 become priceless?

-Muskegon Avenger

Anonymous said...

Why is Birmingham's post civil rights era political elite class so corrupt and yet so untouchable?


In 1956, the Hanson family sold the News to S.I. Newhouse Sr.'s Advance Publications in New York for $18 million, the largest sum that had been paid at the time for a daily newspaper. The privately held Advance continues to own the News as well as The Huntsville Times and Mobile's Press-Register, the three largest newspapers in Alabama, as well as their shared website,

In the great analysis of left-wing media bias "Coloring The News" by William McGowan, it talks about since the earliest days of the civil rights movement it became acceptable for non opinion journalists to see themselves as not impartial reporters of the events, but as advocates for the movement itself. Journalists were frequently seen holding hands and singing "We shall Overcome" with civil rights activists.

As soon as ambitious journalists realized such behavior was approved of by editors, publishers and senior management any pretense to objectivity went out the window. With rampant media bias, black politicians have nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are some of the biggest drama queens you'll ever encounter.
I see them as overgrown adult babies in diapers walking down the street sobbing uncontrollably as they pull a toy wagon behind themselves that is loaded to over flowing with all their eternal grievances.
The babies just want attention and to be soothed, pampered and have a pacifier stuck in their mouths as people coo over the poor mistreated darlings and sympathetically croon, "There, there. It'll be ok. Mommy chased the big bad monsters away."
Of course, the government is mommy and the pacifiers are welfare, section 8, ebt cards, affirmative action and so on.
The big bad monsters are the ones who recognized that they were out of control undisciplined brats prone to destructive tantrums and attempted to keep them under some semblance of control.
Government mommy has clutched them to her breast and you couldn't pry them loose with a crowbar.

Anonymous said...

These people are just a royal pain. The fact is that they imprison themselves through their generally sucky attitude and sort of "you owe me, gibsmedat" mentality.

The black race is a black hole that will hoover you or suck you in. This is why I keep reiterating the importance of not paying into it period. I have worked as a teacher, a counselor, a school psychologist, and clinician and I can tell you that the programs that are out there for these stupid people to access are ENDLESS; however, they just cannot get it together. They are always externalizing blame on the invisisble hand of of "the man" holding them back. It is time that they are cut off. End of story....well, not really because the Feds won't allow it.

In DC yesterday it was all over the news how hundreds of thousands of military jobs would be cut. I seriously do not care. There are alot of useless blacks in the military and in the government. I had a client, a "records technician" with the feds making 115 k a year....WTF is a records technician? These people have made the Feds their career while backstabbing others, mainly whites, along the way. I feel no empathy or compassion for them. They were given many chances and screwed them up. The bottom line here is that stabbing people in the back bites you in the ass in the end, and the blacks are seeing it now....they have been biting the white hand that has been feeding them for decades.

I worked as a school counselor in North Philadelphia at a high school. Back then Paul Vallas was superintendent, a dirty white libtard rat from Chitcongo. Anyway, the principal there was the former wife of the NAACP president. It was known and spoken of openly by all school staff and STUDENTS that this woman would hand out answers to students taking standardized tests. All of the other high schools in the city crapped out, but not ours...gee, I wonder why? Vallas was going to fire this woman, but her ex-hubby Mr. NAACP came to her rescue. I hated the biache. She would send me harassing memos via her cronies which I would take, open, and place on the back of my arce while making a flatulence sound. Yes cocky, rude, and disrespectful but this woman was a crooked idiot groid, who, if she just would be nice and polite to people instead a mean witch, well, people would just look the other way.

In a nutshell, groids are just mean turdheads. They crap on each other. That principal and her idiot ex were poverty pimps, along with Vallas, who I think has since been to New Orleans top wreck that school system. They put the chains on themselves.

Starve the beast SBPDL readers, it is the only way we can free ourselves from the chains of these wicked people, and they truly are wicked people.

White Mom in Turdberg aka WDC

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way SBPDL readers, the Washington Post had a front and center page article about a gun activist wanting to spread the word about gun control to North Dakota. Just can't have armed white people away from the fray doing well from the oil boon can we DC libturds eh?

So Ex- New Yorker, I know that the people in the Midwest watch alot of TV, but they better had wake up because the libturds are coming for them!

White Mom / District of Craptopia

Jay Santos said...

The Weekly Standard: "Barack Obama met with Al Sharpton and other "African American leaders" to discuss the president's "plan to strengthen the economy for the middle class and continue to build ladders of opportunity for those striving to get there," according to the White House. "

There is virtually nothing about this society that makes sense any longer. Las Vegas rappers shot while driving their Masseratis, Al Sharpton has a TV program and Barack Obama was elected President of the U.S. It's a nightmare.

Tom said...

"This tactic is not as potent as it once was," said William Boone, chairman of the political science department at Clark Atlanta University. "There is a strong strand of people who are beginning to say: 'Look, you can't use the race issue.' They say: 'The question is not whether you were targeted, but did you do it?' "

Translation- "That old race card just ain't workin like it used too, bro. What we gonna do now?"

Anonymous said...

OT: Bloods gang member found with 100 bags of drugs in his anus. Guess who?

josh said...

I love White Mom in Turdsville!

Dissident said...

Aspiring Rapper "Kenny Clutch" killed if deadly Las Vegas car crash.

He died early Thursday morning when bullets fired from a black Range Rover peppered his Maserati, authorities said. .

These thugs prance around the urban jungles living out their gangsta' fantasy's and this is the result of their bloodlust. Cue Another One Bites The Dust.

Crime Scene photo's.

Pat Boyle said...

"So CAL Snowman" is on to something.

I am reading Jared Diamond's latest book and like his previous books he tries to explain away race differences. But he does write well and is intelligent.

He cites the typology of Elman Service. Service said all human societies are at one of four stages: band, tribe, chiefdom or state.

Our Snowman commenter says that Richard Arrington behaves like an African chief. Indeed. A chief thinks exactly this way. He has arbitrary powers and essentially answers to no one. This is an earlier more primitive form of social organization. A modern state is much more complex. It's not surprising that a simpler more primitive people like blacks have a taste for simpler more primitive social structures like a chiefdom.


Pat Boyle said...

I am beginning to sense a change coming. I live in Oakland and I often read Steve Sailer who lives in LA. That four hundred mile distance makes for different concerns.

I tend to worry about black people. Sailer worries about Mexicans. Now it seems his Mexicans are attacking my blacks.

If this is indeed a trend - I'm divided. Who should I root for?

LA will not go the way of Detroit. It may very well be destroyed also, but it will be with a Latin flavor. It's sort of like in that scene from "Ghostbusters" where the boys got to choose their destroyer (The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man).

If black people had any foresight they would be aligned behind the Republicans who oppose illegal immigration. But they seem to think that white society can support any number of parasitic populations.

Blacks have lost out to other fiercer immigrants before. My people - the Irish - beat out the free blacks and the black slave for the jobs on the Mississippi. Everywhere the Irish settled the only work available was that done by blacks. So they ran the blacks out. The blacks only got those jobs back after the Irish moved up into more normal white society.

The Irish who came here after the Potato Famine started at the very bottom. Today they have the same IQs, income and social position as the native English and German descended Americans. Today Irish descended kids do just as well in school as the French or Dutch descended kids. But the blacks who did miserably in school in the nineteenth century are today still lousy students. Blacks are the great exception to the American melting pot success. Every other group prospered in the land of opportunity.

It looks like it's going to happen again. The main black problem is that the society simply doesn't need them. Given a choice, in the future, employers will prefer a Mexican over a black. Ask yourself who would you prefer to come into your house to clean your toilet? Today everyone I know prefers a Mexican.

Blacks are doomed.


Anonymous said...

The thing is, Hispanics are coming voluntarily to be our slaves and do the jobs that we won't do.

Can't you imagine that blacks would have happily come here back in the time of slavery and gladly done the work of picking cotton rather than lettuce just so they could eat and have a roof over their heads.

Anonymous said...

Another prime example of rampant sycophantic media bias enabling political corruption of Black Civil Rights era connected elite.

This is f'ing hilarious now that Jesse Jackson Jr's copped a plea deal to avoid long jail term.

Chicago media: Jesse Jackson Jr. 'still has a lot of potential'

Read more:

CHICAGO, November 23, 2012 — Jesse Jackson, Jr., is the number one son of Chicago’s political ruling elite. Being part of the political ruling elite is all that matters.

In the Chicago caste system, the worst sin you can commit isn’t being corrupt; it’s being working or middle class and politically powerless.

Or a Republican.

Classism is acceptable - even fashionable - as a form of bigotry and discrimination; never mind the outcries of outrage against Mitt Romney and the rest of his 1 percent during Election 2012. That was just political expediency.

The Chicago Way’s unspoken rule is, “You are either in or you are out.”

This explains Chicago media’s stunning reaction to the resignation of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. earlier this week.

Veteran political reporter Carol Marin, Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington, and Madeleine Doubek, CEO of Reboot Illinois, which is funded by Anne Griffin, a top donor to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, joined news anchor Phil Ponce of PBS-owned ‘Chicago Tonight’ to offer their reactions.

For the full interview, visit here.

In the interview, Marin and Washington acknowledge that they have been aware of Jackson’s mental issues for some time.

So why didn’t they report on it when Jackson first announced a leave of absence five months ago?

The media panel’s puzzling explanations ranged from almost tearfully blaming the stress of Jackson family expectations, the “shadow and intense pressure of the federal probe,” and Jackson Sr. himself for his son’s “illness” to rather premature speculations about the now former congressman’s political comeback.

So here’s the current spin: Jackson, the heir to the Jackson Chicago political dynasty, collapsed under the weight of family expectation and the disappointment of not being the first black President of the United States.

Add to that the federal probe into his finances, and as Washington remarked, “coming from that very, very high place, no wonder he’s ill.”

PDK said...

1:14, if I remember correctly, Jesse Jackson said back in the spring of 2008, as Barac was looking like the eventual democratic nominee for President, something like, "I'd like to cut that "niggers" penis or dick off".

Makes sense if Jesse had designs and hopes for his offspring being the first black President as you stated. Thanks.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

I was going to declare my love for White Mom, but Josh got there first.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but another "aspring rapper" has been taken from us. Try not to get tears all over your keyboard.

Anonymous said...

The bill, called the Internet Posting Removal Act, is sponsored by Illinois state Sen. Ira Silverstein. It states that a “web site administrator upon request shall remove any comments posted on his or her web site by an anonymous poster unless the anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate.”

Read more:

Anonymous said...


Rep Jesse Jackson Jr, Obama's closest adviser Valerie Jarret and Rep. Louis Gutierrez all should be in jail with ex-Gov Rod Blagojevich over deal making concerning who got Obama's Senate seat.

What is sickening is no one in the Chicago media thought there was any thing wrong with these clowns haggling over a mere thing like a Senate seat. The Chicago media was as speculating on who would get the prize like it was who was going to get picked number one in the NFL draft.

whisker child said...

OK Pat, here's your problem:

You don't want ANY black OR Mexican cleaning your toilet, ok?


Black numbers are not pouring over the border in the millions like the Mexicans are, OK??

We are going to be overrun with MEXICANS, NOT blacks.

Hire a white, American maid, or do it yourself. YES, there are white maids out there.

Don M said...

"The bill, called the Internet Posting Removal Act, is sponsored by Illinois state Sen. IRA SILVERSTEIN..."

Can't make this shit up folks...

Anonymous said...

Amen. Bend over and scrub it yourself Albertosaurus.

Cleaning one's own home burns hundreds of calories. Obese Americans should be made to clean their own homes. Our American obesity epidemic would be solved.

White Mom in District of Craptopia

Discard said...

Al at 12:57 PM: Just what is this work that "we" won't do? Who picked the crops before the Brown tide washed over us? Who did the maid work? And do you really imagine that the 35 or 40 million Latinos, half of them illegals, are all picking lettuce or cleaning houses? Including the two million in Los Angeles? No, they've actually established a whole new Mexico, with the added benefit of massive subsidies from us Gringos.

PDK said...

For what it is worth, I cleaned toilets as part of my job as janitor for 5 years, it got me my 1 and ½ years of college. Some people, I realized, wondered, how do they get those toilets so clean, white and sparkling. Well they got that way, in part, because someone was willing to do the disgusting work of cleaning them. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a central figure in the civil rights movement in Birmingham in that period, said: 'We're tired of white folks acting like black folks don't have any sense. We're going put an end to this harassment. Hallelujah!'"

As long as "black folks" behave as they do, they have no need to worry about "white folks" causing them to look as though they don't have any sense

Discard said...

If you can't clean your own house, your house is too big for you. Or you're a dirty pig.
Excepting, of course, the elderly and disabled.
How can those who recognize that importing Africans to pick cotton was a bad idea, not see that importing Mexicans to do housework is equally bad?

Anonymous said...

It took some time to coalesce.

Shorter Arrington: Blacks are corrupt and innocent and all whites are to blame.

SKIP said...

"If this is indeed a trend - I'm divided. Who should I root for?

The Mexicans fool! they have much prettier women and you don't read much about Mexicans doing the sort of brutal rapes and murders that blacks do. I like the idea of Mexicans warring against the niggers, been around both all my life and overall, intensly dislike blacks and their pathological violence.

Anonymous said...


I write with concern. As you know, I read your site daily, try to read the vast majority of your commentators, etc...

So, lately, I've seen a certain...trend, in one of your particular commentators.

She's relatively recent, and prolific here, and has divulged quite a bit about herself.

I think perhaps this person is insane.

Best to you and yours.

Dan said...

Counter thesis to Guns Germs and Steel.

Clockwork, Galleons and Guttenburg

Guns? Others had guns! Germs? What about the fecking plague? Steel? It's a tautology. Guns are made from steel. Other groups made steel--especially the Japanese.

Clockwork-- a practical application for math and mechanics. Unique to YT. Precursor to the computer.

Galleons--massive ships for war trade and exploration. No one else made them. Sugar, coffee, pepper, silk, slaves and transport of livestock. All impossible without Galleon class shipping.

Guttenberg--mass dissemination of information. Without it techniological revolution was impossible.