Friday, February 1, 2013

Overgrown Children: The Seeds of 'Manifest Destruction' in Chicago were Planted in the Early Stages of the "Great Migration"

There's a quote in Richard Wright's Native Son that cuts to the heart of why urban, inner-cities are "no-go" areas for whites in 2013 America and why segregation is still such a pronounced part of life. On p.14, the main character of Wright's story, Bigger Thomas, is contemplating robbing a white guys store with some of his black buddies.

Set in the south side of Chicago in the 1930s (as wave after wave of black migrants remake the city in their image), Bigger Thomas thinks to himself:

Holding up Blum ought not take more than two minutes, at the most. And it would be their last job. But it would be the toughest one that they had ever pulled. All the other times they had raided newsstands, fruit stands, and apartments. And, too, they had never held up a white man before. They had always robbed Negroes. They felt that it was much easier and safer to rob their own people, for they knew that white policemen never really searched diligently for Negroes who committed crimes against other Negroes. For months they had talked of robbing Blum’s, but had not been able to bring themselves to do it. They had the feeling that the robbing of Blum’s would be a violation of ultimate taboo; it would be a trespassing into territory where the full wrath of an alien white world would be turned loose upon them; in short, it would be a symbolic challenge of the white world’s rule over them; a challenge which they yearned to make, but were afraid to. 
 And the Chicago Reader once asked why white people feared black people... a lot of people today believe that the 'disintegration of the black family' is at the root of the dysfunction, violence, and breakdown in the black community, but they'd be wrong; the "violation of the ultimate taboo" Wright wrote about in Native Son is the reason cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Detroit are in such dire situations.

Blacks no longer fear white people, or reprisals from the white-controlled government ("the state"), because the 'full wrath of an alien white world' was usurped in the 1960s; there is no symbolic challenge of the white world's rule to challenge anymore, because black people burned the white man's cities in the 1960s and then democratically took over places like Detroit and Birmingham.

Completely remaking each city over in their own image, going as so far to put a symbolic black fist statue in Detroit and peppering Birmingham with statutes glorifying the black victory over white civilization in the 1960s.

Remember though, The Huffington Post recently attacked the residents of Chicago for maintaining high levels of segregation. After all, it is 2013... and we can't be bothered by the HuffPo mentioning anything about differences in property value in black communities and white communities that could be the economic reason behind this segregation.


Why might white people (and Hispanic/Latinos) not want to live around black people in 2013? Probably the same reason they didn't want to live around black people in 1933. From The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How it Changed America, we learn of what life was like in Chicago 80 years ago:
The fine nightclubs were outnumbered by little taverns where the music was provided by nickelodeons or three-piece blues bands and where Saturday night shootings and stabbings were a regular occurrence. Prostitution was a minor industry, and gambling, in the form of substantial numbers games called "policy wheels," a major one, probably the biggest independent business in black Chicago. Law enforcement was causal because the Chicago police didn't consider black-on-black crime to be a problem worth solving. The sexual mores of the poor, and the concomitant problem of out-of-wedlock childbearing, were by the 1940s already a well-established subject of concern among the forces of respectability on the South Side. In migrant folklore, every poor person who moved North had one great advantage and one great disadvantage: the advantage was that there were plenty of jobs for people who knew how to work hard, which all the migrants did; the disadvantage was the constant temptation to fall into the wild life that was there on the South Side for those who wanted it. (p. 65)
Freedom. Just the early tastes of freedom for black people in 1930s Chicago were reminiscent of teenagers having access to the car keys, liquor, and the house for the weekend while mom and dad were on vacation. The only problem? Black people in Chicago never stopped acting like mom and dad were on vacation.

They did have the fear of white society (The State) coming down on them, but then in 1948 we saw Shelley v. Kraemer pass; Black-Run America (BRA) was slowly coming to power.

But the problems that black people brought with them to Chicagoland from the Jim Crow South, where their vices were kept in check by a white government power, were liberated and allowed to flourish. Even in the 1930s, black dysfunction was on full display in Chicago and a reminder why white people fought to keep them out of their neighborhood; their communities.

But why are the communities white people create so different from the ones black people create? As you've seen, even in the 1930s (when the Thomas Sowell created mythical "Great black Family" existed) black people in Chicago had created conditions in their community where short-term failure and long-term disaster were obvious.

It's in the vile leftists Jonathan Kozol's book Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools that we learn a reality of racial differences Mr. Kozol would have you believe is some form of white oppression; instead, it's just another example of the Visible Black Hand of Economics:
Cities like Chicago face the added problem that an overly large portion of their limited tax revenues must be diverted to meet nonschool costs that wealthy suburbs do not face, or only on a far more modest scale. Police expenditures are higher in crime-ridden cities than in most suburban towns. Fire department costs are also higher where dilapidated housing, often with substandard wiring, and arson-for-profit are familiar problems. Public health expenditures are also higher where poor people cannot pay for private hospitals. All of these expenditures compete with those for public schools. So the districts that face the toughest challenges are also likely  to be those that have fewest funds to meet their children's needs. (p. 68)
Mr. Kozol is excused -- he's a true-believer in egalitarianism and thus can't blame black people for creating the conditions that plague their community and drive white people (and all other non-black people) away; he cannot dare blame black people for being more criminal prone than their suburban counterparts; he can't blame black people for failing to maintain the infrastructure they inherit when white flight happens; he can't blame black people for failing to take care of themselves and failing to pay their hospital bills, for doing so would invalidate the whole concept of BRA, which ensures to place all blame for black failure and dysfunction on... anyone but black people themselves.

What you have in Chicagoland is a black population of children, some overgrown children, some elderly children, but all children nonetheless -- free of the burden of " trespassing into territory where the full wrath of an alien white world would be turned loose upon them; in short, it would be a symbolic challenge of the white world’s rule over them; a challenge which they yearned to make, but were afraid to."

Freedom Failed in Chicagoland; it started during the early stages of "The Great Migration," when the seeds of 'Manifest Destruction' were planted. Today, the black violence in Chicago is protected underneath the shade of the very trees that have grown from those seeds.


Remnant said...

Megan Mcardle calls Detroit "the most underrated city in America".


MuayTyson said...

Yes Over grown children, blacks cities are all like Lord of the Flies.

Californian said...

They had the feeling that the robbing of Blum’s would be a violation of ultimate taboo; it would be a trespassing into territory where the full wrath of an alien white world would be turned loose upon them; in short, it would be a symbolic challenge of the white world’s rule over them; a challenge which they yearned to make, but were afraid to.

Again, it's political, political, political. Whether it's robbing a store, or flash mobbing a state fair, or torture murders of SA farmers, or burning down a city: it's the political component which is paramount. Each crime is a guerrilla raid whose goal is not simply to ambush a column but to spread the propaganda of terror.

Please note that today all the segregation era laws, taboos, de factos, and etcetera of the 1930s are long since gone. Yet these crimes still continue, and continue with a vengeance. And why not? Like any insurgent army, the guerrillas do not give up the initiative when they are winning, they intensify their assaults.

For an idea where all this leads: look at Rhodesia now Zimbabwe.

And then the government asks why Americans are arming.

PDK said...

I both loathe and fear all members of the American “Alliance”. The members of said alliance stand out loud and clear as they are “card carrying” members and adherents to, the American democrat party. The democrat party is the party whose intent is to destroy America’s, Founding Fathers, free enterprise Republic, and further to mutate it into their socialist democracy.

The members of the alliance share one common characteristic, immaturity, and the loser mentality immaturity always imbues its victims with.

Nature charges all animal species with the act of maturing. Likewise every human is charged with his or her own personal responsibility to mature. We are all born totally helpless and exist in a “black hole center of the universe” condition, where everything goes in, but nothing comes out; where our parents must care for our every need whilst we, the infant, do nothing for ourselves and give nothing to them in return. It is from here, this totally selfish existence, that our journey begins.

This phenomenon of maturation ultimates into two forms of physically grown individuals, both adulterated, however one is adulterated and matured, the other is adulterated and immature.

All those of the alliance are adulterated and immature. Whatever their personal or group problems may be, they all share the same adulterated, immature character trait of loser, and further propagate the negativity of their loser mentality upon the collective of their culture.

It should now be clear why those of the alliance back the democrat party and its pursuit of a socialist democracy, the individual does not have to mature. The card carrying members of the alliance are; white liberals, and the vast majority, if not all of, blacks, browns, Islamics and Amerindians. If you listen closely during a democrat rally you will hear their mantra being chanted, “Take from matured whitey and give to us”.

That a black is born of a more r selective, and therefore less neotenous gene pool, which produces a physically smaller, lower IQ cerebrum and a more animalistic, tribal being, is not whitey’s fault. All blacks, just like all animal species, are charged by nature to mature. If blacks fulfill their obligation to mature, but still cannot cut the muster of the white man’s culture, then blacks simply do not belong in the white man’s world. This is true for the other minored members of the alliance as well. The white liberals of course are the whites who skirt their personal responsibility to mature and are, not only the immature, but also the ruffian rabble rousers who lead their fellow loser, immature comrades, in pursuit of the destruction of America.

In my mind there is nothing lower than a white liberal, the Tim Wises of our race, all of them lower than the proverbial “belly of a snake”.

Whatever burden life, or nature, has bequeath unto a given individual, it is the responsibility of that individual to deal with it appropriately and fairly. For those whose burden is too great for them to bear personally, there is always charity from one’s own kind. And by the way, for those not in the know, charity comes first and foremost from the heart, not from the wallet.

Americas Founding Fathers culture of a free enterprise Republic is being destroyed and transmogrified into a socialist democracy. The former culture was created by non-liberal whites, for the mature humans who can negotiate with propriety, their place and way in that culture. The latter is for the losers and the incapables, who would first, parasitize the fruits of those who have worked and endeavored to become prosperous, and second, then blame their host they parasitize, rather than to mature and become the best their nature allows them to be.

At this point in time, I both see and believe the only hope for Americas Founding Fathers culture is via a white nationalist state carved out of what remains both white and mature in America, the red or republican states. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Large, stupid, selfish, violent children.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....I was born in Chicago during World War Two. My mother was a farm girl that moved to Chicago in 1919 and was there during the roaring 20's. She told me how in the 20's and 30's if some black guy was pissed at a white store owner he would get a bunch of his buddies together and they would show up across the street with rocks. When enough had gathered they would throw the rocks and smash out the windows of the store. Then run down the street before the cops could get there.

We moved to California when I was 8. My aunt came out to visit one Summer. I was sitting with her in the car one day when 3 black guys came down the street. She freaked out and started locking the doors and rolling up the windows. She was scared shitless of blacks and told me how they always carried knives and straight razors.

Of course I never lived around blacks as a kid so when I went to New York in 1960 on my 18th birthday I was kind of naive about the world of the jungle man. After a few years on the New York/Frisco beat scene I had my awakening. The difference between me and other white people is I never took any shit from a black guy. They were more talk than walk. When I stood my ground they would back off. I always enjoyed seeing some loud mouth jig telling me how he was going to "kick my ass" as he walked backwards down the street to get away from. So glad to be living out here in Whityville.

Jay Santos said...

Californian said...

Each crime is a guerrilla raid whose goal is not simply to ambush a column but to spread the propaganda of terror...

For an idea where all this leads: look at Rhodesia now Zimbabwe.

And then the government asks why Americans are arming.

It's a perfect analogy. Negro crime, it's not organized in the sense that we might be familiar with organization. Rather, it's a tidal flow. With each atrocity, they recognize that their violence is possible, it's unaddressed, unpunished. At an individual level, they learn that they can take it further. And they soon do. An occasional prison sentence is not a deterrent. They escalate, not as an organized force, but as a sense of movement, maybe not unlike a school of fish. It's not calculated, but an emotional force that builds, communicated through the community, building as more violence occurs and those violent acts are essentially unaddressed by society. Or in the worst case their violence is celebrated within the negro community and excused in the larger white media.

Consider Vanessa Coleman, this is a negro female that participated in the murder and rape of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. How did she reach the state where this kind of atrocity was so normal for her, that after the rape and murder of these young people, she cooked a breakfast for herself and the other negroes the morning after their killing spree? She learned over the years to hate white people of course, but she also learned that this was not abnormal behavior. It was normal and positive behavior among blacks.

Negro violence is terrorism. But because it originates at a purely animal level and not centrally planned, it will not be recognized as such. Our society doesn't recognize it as terrorism. It's simply hyenas behaving like hyenas behave. The hyenas have no organized principle other than to eat, survive and reproduce. We all share these innate motivations, though we reach them without killing and raping humans.

Any chance the University of Berkeley would provide $230K to look into this question further?

Bogolyubski said...

I both loathe and fear all members of the American “Alliance”. The members of said alliance stand out loud and clear as they are “card carrying” members and adherents to, the American democrat party. The democrat party is the party whose intent is to destroy America’s, Founding Fathers, free enterprise Republic, and further to mutate it into their socialist democracy.

While there is nothing untrue in your post, there is an important oversight. The D-jerseys of the single ruling party are indeed just as you say. They clearly aim to destroy whatever remains standing of the old order - and they carry their red flags more-or-less openly. What you're missing are those who don the R-jerseys. They stand for exactly the same thing as the D-jerseys do, but they have a different role to play. While the D-jerseys break down the walls, the R-jerseys stand beside us, slipping knives into backs, plant bombs and otherwise carry out the function of a fifth column. They're part of the unholy alliance you speak of just as much as those who are pounding at the walls.

But even this does not offer a sufficient explanation for our very dire circumstance. The entire construct of America - the propositional nation - is fatally flawed and may well have been so from the beginning - though I think it might be reasonably argued that the founding has been redefined by the unholy alliance you speak of - "The Possessed" - into something alien which it was never intended to be. However, irrespective of whether the founding was itself fatally flawed or whether the masses here - even of the founding stock - now believe a total fabrication, the disease is more widespread than the ruling oligarchy.

Bogolyubski said...

Meanwhile, over in the UK-okrug of the EUSSR's prison-of-nations, it looks like the it's the followers of The Religion of Love and Peace who are keeping busy doing the work the native whites are too lazy to do. The oligarchs and their assorted parrots, shills and nomenklatura continue to repeatedly crow the Orwellian phrase "Diversity is our strength!" They've never quite bothered to explain who, exactly, the word "our" refers to. It would appear that they aren't actually lying when they repeat this slogan over and over, ironically, for diversity is indeed their strength. The Sons of Mohammed apparently aren't too keen on their womenfolk imitating the Daughters of Babylon over there in Merry Olde England. Guess the Parliament of Whores over there needs to enact some acid control quick before the yobs come to.

Anonymous said...

I met a black guy at work tonight. We talked for a minute, he was nice. Didn't seem at all "niggerish".

Therefore, all your arguments are invalid. ALL black people are nice, smart and friendly. You are a bunch of stinking racists. This isn't your country anymore - get out.

Rubio 2016!

Anonymous said...

Wherever blacks exist in great numbers, they will create a third world cesspit of an existence. They need no other race to "hold them down."
Manifest Destruction is a good name for what they will do when infesting a higher culture and parasitizing it while blaming their own destructiveness and failures on others. They'll do that whether they're in America or China- it's due to white privilege or yellow privilege-any excuse will do as long as they have someone else to blame.
IF they had never been brought to and exposed to those higher cultures, they could be back in Africa blaming everything wrong with themselves on evil spirits, demons, witches and on other members of the tribe suspected of being in league with the same or possibly blaming it upon some unsuspecting errant baboon that happened to wander too close to the village.
Now, they have every other race in the world to blame their problems on while their witch doctors in America(Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton etc) dance around and scream about da white demons and whip the tribal retards into a frenzy.
Black failure, criminality, dysfunction etc have nothing to do with racism, bigotry or any other excuse popular among the retards and the DWl's who support them. Such conditions would exist even if black people were the only race on the planet. However, now that they've found other races to blame for everything wrong with themselves they'll never let that scapegoat go as it makes them feel better about themselves when confronted with the glaring differences between what they can create and what other races create.
Every other race knows this about black people, recognize the reality of it and take steps to prevent blacks from dragging everyone else down into a cesspit existence. However, that too is something blacks can't comprehend or understand as they're too stupid to do so and are in denial as to their own responsibility in relationship to their failures as a species. They will contine to flail about looking for explanations and someone to blame as long as they infest other cultures and racial groups while demanding to be compensated for their failures.
Segregation IS the only answer. Let them go be niggers somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

The author of Native Son, Richard Wright, was an ardent communist. Only after writing Native Son, Wright began moving away from the communist party during WWII when it briefly concerned itself with helping Russia win the war against Hitler. Then after WWII the communists started moving away from old school proletariat, "Class" struggle Marxism towards post war upper class "New Left" Racial, Cultural and Gender Marxism which left Wright disillusioned with the CPA. It is pretty obvious that Wright wrote Native Son as communist propaganda. Wright benefited from the Party's touting his "social protest novel" in left-wing circles in order to find a wider audience among DWLs.

Native Son is a fictionalized take on the real life horrific black rapist serial killer Robert Nixon aka "Brick Moron"


As Richard Wright wrote his novel Native Son in Chicago, the local papers were full of the Brick Moron story. In his essay, "How Bigger Was Born", Wright admitted to copying details from press stories of the Robert Nixon case.[13]

Any Negro who has lived in the North or the South knows that times without number he has heard of some Negro boy being picked up on the streets and carted off to jail and charged with "rape." This thing happens so often that to my mind it had become a representative symbol of the Negro's uncertain position in America. Never for a second was I in doubt as to what kind of social reality or dramatic situation I'd put Bigger in, what kind of test-tube life I'd set up to evoke his deepest reactions. Life had made the plot over and over again, to the extent that I knew it by heart. So frequently do these acts recur that when I was halfway through the first draft of Native Son a case paralleling Bigger's flared forth in the newspapers of Chicago. (Many of the newspaper items and some of the incidents in Native Son are but fictionalized versions of the Robert Nixon case and rewrites of news stories from the Chicago Tribune.)[14]

Several generations of DWL's and lefty black activists have been raised on "Native Son" without being informed of Richard Wright's Communist background or the blatant propaganda elements of Native Son, fictionalizing what at the time was a notorious black rapist/serial killer.

Native Son is similar to "To Kill a Mockingbird", a novel targeted to preteens, not yet informed of life's realities, so they can be indoctrinated in a heavily fictionalized account of Harper Lee's real life father and family in a manner calculated to please upper class DWLs. For generations Native Son has been mandatory reading at "Liberal Arts" colleges cranking out an assembly line of mush headed DWLs.

Anonymous said...

"Law enforcement was causal because the Chicago police didn't consider black-on-black crime to be a problem worth solving."

And that might be where it went wrong. Society *must* provide justice and protection. If it doesn't then people will protect themselves - gangs, guns.

The history of the US might be very different if the police, the courts, and all the rest of the apparatus of a law-abiding society hadn't left america's blacks to twist in the wind, prey of their own worst elements.

Anonymous said...

More ATL security guard footage. I bet if you asked him, he would blame the plight of blacks on the white man, and say that he loves his black people.

Anonymous said...

He is going to get fired or sued but notice how the thugs scatter when confronted.

City resident said...

"Chicago police didn't consider black-on-black crime a problem worth solving." It's blacks who don't want anything solved, just look at their 'don't snitch' culture. That's another example of blacks thinking that someone else needs to come in and solve their problems for them. Blacks always protest against the police; they do not want police protection.
It's typical black thinking: whites are to magically do something to change blacks themselves, make them all brain surgeons.


just like that song years back "it wasn't me" and the peanut gallery hustlers like big al, and jivin jesse get rewarded nicely for telling them to say "it wasn't me." and now throw that honkey privilege in there and out pops king louie farrakan! but these 3 men can't last forever! father time is a catching up with these thorns in our sides. soon they'll be in that big chicken basket in the sky! and that will be our time to take back what is ours. AMERICA! founded by whites for whites and yard help! GODSPEED WHITES,and SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Is conservative leaning indiana about to have a black run capitol city? Oh dear. Look at all of the black "leaders" in the photo.
Indianapolis will now have more helicopter patrols over downtown, more metal detectors, mounted cops on the Canal, and escorts to the bus lines for blacks after the mall closes. Just for the blacks. A police state, in other words.

Just to curb the black teen violence? How much does BRA cost? Who the hell would want to shop in this environment????? These people just don't get it.

josh said...

Re "hold them down". We never have held them down,nor held them back. We have only held them at bay.

Anonymous said...

"It's a big country and we can always run away." This is a the true motto of America. I need to get a picture of a cartoon snake fleeing and put it on a yellow flag with this motto.

Is emotional thinking the opposite to rational thinking?

When we act based on emotion we forget about consequences and so much thinking today is emotional. From the blacks who behave like a pack wild dogs taking down a large herd animal to the people who see poor blacks and immediately demand that they be helped regardless of cost, we are swimming in emotional thought. Of course in the first case Blacks aren't going to stop being emotional, but the people who think they can help in the second case might have rational thoughts sometimes.

When an adult woman sees a gazelle taken down by a predator she winces and says its makes her sad, but being an adult she understands that there is nothing she can do about it since that is just how predators behave. She knows that passing laws and taxing people will not fix that situation.

Somehow we need to convince women and men that there is no fixing Blacks. The poor Black is not a temporary thing. We need to emphasize this. They need to understand that Blacks won't change. The internet and history are on our side on this, but popular culture is doing everything it can to keep people dumb as hell.

Eventually they are going to have to start airbrushing Lyndon Johnson out of history to claim that wasting money on Blacks is a new thing. Jesus, just think about it. Liberals calling people racists for talking about Liberalism. Liberals will be claiming that "Liberals were never helping Blacks until recently!"

10mm AUTO said...

Your most brilliant post yet Paul!

Here you supply the final brick, what is going on inside the negros mind, behind the "We want Justice!" and the megaphones. At one time negros feared the White man and concentrated its evil on its own. The violence was ALWAYS there, the cops knew about it, but they knew it was inherent in the negro and all that could be done was to make sure it was confined to negro areas. The violence was fenced, restrained through fear placed there by the Southerners and the examples of lynchings that had happened when negro crime touched Whites. Once the fence of fear was open, the restraints were gone, negros went for the throat.

Here is another example:
"I started out practicing on black girls in the ghetto where dark and vicious deeds appear not as aberrations or deviations from the norm, but as part of the sufficiency of the evil of a day.

When i considered myself smooth enough, i crossed the tracks and sought out white prey. I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically.” “rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that i was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that i was defiling his women…i felt i was getting revenge. From the site of
the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric circles.
I wanted to send waves of consternation throughout the white race.” “i know that the black man’s sick attitude toward the white woman is a revolutionary sickness: It keeps him perpetually out of harmony with the system that is oppressing him. Many whites flatter themselves with the idea that the negro male’s lust and desire for the white dream girl is purely an esthetic attraction, but nothing could be further from the truth. His motivation is often of such a bloody, hateful, bitter, and malignant nature that whites would really be hard pressed to find it flattering.”

Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver

I would disagree with the comparison that these are rambunctious teenagers however. They are evil, hate filled animals, not human. People shaped animals.

10mm AUTO

Where there is one Orc, there is another or two trying to ease up on your Six.

Anonymous said...

It's a no-win situation for whites. If whites don't police black areas they are accused of not caring about blacks and, in black minds, that is racist.

Yet, if whites do police black areas they are accused of profiling and police brutality. The high black arrest ratess are the chalked up to over-policing in black areas. All of the above, of course, is then chalked up to racism.

Plus, proper policing can only be accomplished with assistance from the community being policed. Blacks view the police as the enemy, an extension of the white msn's government attempting to control them. They implement a "no snitching" policy where most people refuse to talk to the police, and many are openly confrontational to the police.

God forbid a white policeman should shoot a black criminal in a black neighborhood.

It truly is a no-win situation for the police.


Californian said...

Anon said...Indianapolis will now have more helicopter patrols over downtown, more metal detectors, mounted cops on the Canal, and escorts to the bus lines for blacks after the mall closes. Just for the blacks. A police state, in other words.

The thing that gets me is the business about escorts on the buses. Back when Rhodesia was white run and under attack by a couple of guerrilla movements, if you took the bus from Beitbridge on the SA border to Salisbury you were escorted by police. They rode in gun trucks and carried assault rifles. Most stores would have a security guard to check for bombs carried by terrorists. And you'd see the occasional family man walking about with a submachinegun slung over his shoulder.

Having said all that, blacks seemed to be generally well behaved and I never really felt much threat from the "terrs," though perhaps that was my youth at the time! There was a sense of order that you do not see in America today.

The thing is, people need to ask why in America in 2013 we need measures worthy of a counterinsurgency to maintain order just in a shopping mall. Just as we need the equivalent of an infantry battalion to maintain order at black street fairs. Just as funerals have become scenes of shooting. And, again, after a war on poverty, war on drugs, and the implementation of BRA. A state of quasi-war is being accepted as the new normal.

A big difference with Rhodesia is that at least there, people understood a war was in progress.

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous appears to comprehend the edumacation system here in Amurika:

Native Son is similar to To Kill a Mockingbird, a novel targeted to preteens, not yet informed of life's realities, so they can be indoctrinated in a heavily fictionalized account of Harper Lee's real life father and family in a manner calculated to please upper class DWLs. For generations Native Son has been mandatory reading at "Liberal Arts" colleges cranking out an assembly line of mush headed DWLs.

Nevertheless, white parents - even "conservatives" continue to go into debt to send their offspring to the archipelago of Marxist indoctrination centers which stretch from sea to sea. Also of interest is the disparity in treatment between communists (totalitarians responsible for at least 150 million civilian murders) and Nazis (totalitarians who killed around 21 million). Nazis are held up 24 x 7 x 365 as the very epitome of evil itself, while communist mass murders are stuffed down the memory hole. If communists are mentioned at all, they are cited only as important allies of the Banksta Banana Repiblick in bringing down the most evilest evil in world history. Why would that be? Inquiring minds want to know.

Middle class white folks have been warned about all of this for decades now. Even the pathetic James Dobson told Evangelical parents to remove their kids from the indoctrination centers - 2 decades ago. How many followed his advice? Even with the homeschooled, the Marxist professorate can undo 12 years of careful education in the space of 4 years - especially with the females - while parents go into debt to pay for it. It's almost as if the squids have cast a magic spell upon whites in general - even those who aren't active DWL kommissars and paid nomenklatura.

Anonymous said...

"Law enforcement was causal because the Chicago police didn't consider black-on-black crime to be a problem worth solving."

Is black-on-black crime a problem worth solving? I'm not being facetious. I'm asking a serious question.

Any law enforcement organization has resources that are finite,and which should be disposed of in as efficient and rational a manner as possible. Those resources,after all,come from taxpayers,and are extracted by force. And the taxpayers know this,and usually aren't happy about writing out a check to the current Big Brother in Residence.

Having said that,as long as the taxpayers get something in return for that check ( unpotholed streets,safe neighborhoods,vermin free living spaces, ),the checks will keep being written.

Throw a large enough black population into the equation and things change. Fast.

The taxpayer sees that the streets are no longer safe. And that the local cops have no time to look for whoever it was that stole his lawnmower. Because the cops are all engaged trying to keep the blacks from doing a lot worse things than stealing lawnmowers.

The blacks seem to do very little in the way of paying taxes themselves,and even the ones who are employed tend to be "working" at various public agencies. Which are,of course,supported by tax dollars,so that's just trading money,more than anything else.

But the blacks do consume a great deal of tax money. Not just the policing required to keep them from killing each other off,and everyone else that they can get a shot at. They also get sewed back together at the ER on the taxpayer's nickel. They get delivered,clothed,fed,schooled on the back of the taxpayer,and then if they don't get killed off young,they get arrested,convicted,and sent off to prison. Paid for,again,by the ever suffering taxpayer.

And when a black does manage to get arrested for a black-on-black crime,what happens?

The witnesses either shut the hell up out of good sense,or go stay someplace else for a while. And the ones that can be found With an IQ of maybe 75,and on a good day they're capable of figuring out how indoor plumbing works. Not to mention that they're liable to be just as criminal as the one that got arrested,so who the hell do you believe when trying to sort out the various stories? So a lot of them wind up getting set back loose due to western jurisprudence procedures that simply do not work when applied to a black population.

And yes,the long suffering taxpayer sees this. If he or she is my age,he or she has seen two generations of this. ( Three or four generations,if one takes into account the irrepressible nature of black reproduction. Most especially when it's getting financed by someone besides themselves. )

So,as one of the long suffering taxpayers,my answer is a resounding,"No,it is not." My taxes would be better expended building concrete walls topped with razor wire,and establishing very carefully monitored checkpoints for entry and exit than they would be spent trying to solve the unsolvable and scrub the unscrubbable.

Fence them in,throw them some food every so often,and let them make of themselves what they can and what they will. Just quit forcing the likes of me to pay for anything more than that.

PDK said...


The zeitgeist of liberal ideology has the republicans by the testicles just as much as they do everyone else in this country.

Liberalism was and is an invasive organism, that, much like a virus, has invaded our cultural body and is transmogrifying said body into their beloved socialist democracy.

This is what Sam Donaldson ment, a month or so back, when he said, "we are in control now". This is what Cherilyn Sarksian, Cher, meant last summer when she said, "I wish old white male republicans would just die". Both of these anti-American, socialist sympathizing, immature dolts are to old to live to see the great destruction of America they have seeded. It will be our posterity who shall bear witness to, and subsequently and necessarily slog through the slough of tyranny, misery and poverty.

Both socialism and fully enfranchised democracies have a poor track records, they ultimate in tyranny, poverty and misery for the masses, whilst rendering great power, fame and fortune to the few in control. Thanks.

PS; I hate liberals and all those of the alliance, I wish they would all go back to the dump they oozed out of.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

James Dobson is hardly pathetic.

Anonymous said...


via daily beast....

So my candidate is Detroit: cheap hotels, a lovely, convenient airport, and plenty of great food. Also decent music, museums, and (in the summer) waterfront strolling. A long weekend there is my idea of a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

darien Long

Anonymous said...

daily beast

I could not find the comments

also..if you email her
ask her to have dinner in EAST SAINT

Moondoggie said...

"Liberalism" is the ONE word defination of the destruction of western civilization. The root cause of all evil in America and the rest of the world is lberalism. Once the root cause of the problem is fixed, the rest of the problems can be solved. When the time comes, remember liberals come are first in line, even if they are friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Is black-on-black crime a problem worth solving? I'm not being facetious. I'm asking a serious question.

If you want killers roaming, emboldened.

Bogolyubski said...

James Dobson is hardly pathetic.

I disagree. He ended up endorsing someone he earlier claimed he would never vote for (Juan McAmnesty). He was on board with the having the anti-racist (code-word for anti-white) Jim Daly, who stated that "Amercian needs more families that look like President Obama's" - take the reigns of the organization he founded. Betcha FOF will be all in favor of the coming amnesty to reward lawlessness. Considering that the most of what passes for Christianity is just enemy-controlled territory, the kindest thing I can say about him at this stage is that he has failed in his stated objectives.

Anonymous said...

People have asked him and no he does not blame Anything on the White Man. He blames things squarely on the thugs. This incident was not his first. There were many. He is a threatened man and has to wear a kevlar vest but he keeps at his job. The cops do nothing - at least he does something.

jetsgiants said...

Ok move in with him and enjoy his neighborhood

Anonymous said...

I think there is a lot of talk between prisoners as this seems to be a common alibi