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Agent Smith Was Right: Quantifies the cost of the Black Undertow

Back in October 2012, we published a quick look at the cost of black crime to the city of Chicago.

Remember, the 'Great Migration' = 'Manifest Destruction', and the kind folks at decided to fill in the gaps of our article (I still like our title better -- Shot Through the Heart and You're to Blame: The Cost to Taxpayers of Black Crime in Chicago) and provide a stunning exclamation point to the analysis we provided late last year [Chicago Killings Cost $2.5 Billion as Murders Top N.Y.’s,, May 23, 2013]:
A lot of truth in this scene from The Matrix
When Gregory Glinsey was fatally shot while buying ice for his mother’s 80th birthday party, the emotional toll on his family was incalculable. The immediate price to the public was $800 for his autopsy. 
His slaying and 505 others in Chicago last year scarred it with a rising homicide rate as most cities saw declines. Another 2,000 non-fatal shootings in Chicago added costs measured in shuttered businesses, lost wages, disability checks and depopulation. In Glinsey’s case, the price of his random killing mounted before his mother knew her 54-year-old son wouldn’t return from a convenience store in the South Shore neighborhood.
Graphic: Measuring the Cost of Gun Violence
More than three dozen police swarmed the scene of the Feb. 19, 2012, shooting, which also killed a 19-year-old and injured five other teenagers. After $1,000 ambulance rides to hospitals for each survivor, the combined trauma-care bill would, on average, top $250,000. Gunfire outside Budget Food & Liquors cost its owner a tenant and $1,000 in monthly rent: A tax preparer next door bolted after a bullet from another shooting ripped past a secretary’s head.
“Violence hurts the economy, and sooner or later it permeates everything,” said Teyonda Wertz, head of South Shore’s chamber of commerce. “Unless we change our crime situation, it’ll kill us.”
All told, shootings cost Chicago $2.5 billion a year, or about $2,500 per household, according to Jens Ludwig, director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab. Many of those costs are intangibles, Ludwig said, like keeping people from going outside or letting their children walk to school. Reducing even a fraction of the carnage, though, would free up more money than the city expects to save each year from the closing of 49 elementary schools approved yesterday by the school board.

Chicago Bleeding

Nationwide, the crime lab estimates, gun violence costs $100 billion, roughly the salaries of 2 million police officers.
Chicago, the third-largest U.S. city, last year recorded a homicide rate more than three times New York City’s and double that of Los Angeles. It also had about 900 more non-fatal shootings than New York despite having a third as many residents. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is co-founder of Bloomberg LP, parent company of Bloomberg News.
In a nation beset by handgun deaths and injuries, Chicago is a big city that bleeds more than almost any other.
The bloodshed last year prompted Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat who is President Barack Obama’s former chief of staff, to reverse a money-saving decision that let police ranks drop to the lowest in at least five years.

Burning Overtime

Citywide through May 12, homicides were down 39 percent and shootings 28 percent. To help accomplish that, though, the police in just three months burned through almost two-thirds of the entire year’s overtime-pay budget, which the department said is $38 million.
“It’s a shell game,” said Pat Camden, a spokesman for Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police. “We are shifting things back and forth trying to appease the aldermen and the public.”
In South Shore, the price of such violence can be gauged in its grim decline, from a vibrant redoubt among neighborhoods that have long been synonymous with urban mayhem to one on the verge of joining their ranks.
The community of 50,000 people on the south side of the city of 2.7 million is the childhood home of first lady Michelle Obama, who grew up on the second floor of a bungalow on Euclid Avenue. There she befriended the children of the city’s black elite, including civil rights leader Jesse Jackson Sr. It’s where software pioneer Larry Ellison, co-founder and chief executive of Oracle Corp. (ORCL), was raised and where health-care consultant Dr. Eric Whitaker, one of the Obamas’ closest friends, lives.

Population Drain

The neighborhood is racially homogenous, 95 percent black after most white residents fled integration decades ago. Yet South Shore is economically divided, with homes selling for anywhere from $10,000 to more than $1 million.
Amid the violence, it’s losing its human and commercial lifeblood. While Chicago’s population fell 6.9 percent from 2000 to 2010, the neighborhood’s sank 19.2 percent, according to the city and Census Bureau.
The number of businesses dropped by a third from 2005 through 2012 in the postal zone that covers the neighborhood, according to Chicago licensing data compiled by Bloomberg. During that period, the citywide total grew by 1.3 percent. The merchants who remain find it tougher to compete.

‘Real Costs’

“In higher-crime neighborhoods it’s more costly to run a business, both in terms of attracting customers and workers,” said Robert Greenbaum, a professor at Ohio State University who has studied the subject. The loss of nighttime business hours robs the U.S. gross national product of as much as $7.4 billion a year, according to research by Ludwig and Philip Cook, authors of “Gun Violence: The Real Costs.”
Some studies suggest it contributes directly to people leaving cities. University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt, co-author of the book “Freakonomics,” found that each homicide leads to the departure of 70 people.
South Shore is providing ample motivation to flee. Last year, 19 homicides occurred within its three square miles. Residents dubbed one particularly violent stretch Terror Town, where Glinsey was hit in the chest after a burst of gunfire from a car that pulled in front of the convenience store. The 19-year-old who was killed was shot in the back while running inside.
On April 30, hours before police officials announced another drop in homicides, the temperature hit 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius) for the first time in almost eight months. South Shore erupted: Three people were shot and one killed in six hours.

Society’s Tab

“There is no safe time of day to go out anymore,” said Arthur Lyles, an assistant pastor of Christ Bible Church of Chicago, which sits in the middle of Terror Town. Lyles has a grandson and nephew wounded by gunfire. “You can be shot at 10 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon or 9 at night.''
The tab for taxpayers and society starts running as soon as a bullet strikes someone, from detectives on the street and trauma surgeons at the city’s public hospital to months of rehab for victims and years of court proceedings for the accused.
The first to arrive at the Budget Food & Liquors crime scene that February evening was the “paper car,” police slang for the unit charged with completing a preliminary report.
Detectives and evidence technicians soon converged on the corner of 79th Street and Essex Avenue. Lower-priority calls were pushed aside. Suspicion of gang involvement brought more, including patrolmen to discourage retaliation. With Glinsey dead on the sidewalk, a homicide team consisting of a sergeant and a handful of investigators were dispatched, said Joseph Salemme, commander of detectives for the South Side.

Body Bags

The initial response cost as much as $6,000 in salary alone for the roughly five hours that officers spent gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.
Then there were the incidentals: The medical examiner’s office paid $4.58 for the body bag, including the plastic sheets and tape used to seal Glinsey’s remains for the trip to the morgue.
No one’s been charged in the slaying of the unemployed former steelworker who lived with his mother. If suspects are arrested, police must charge or release them within 48 hours, so officers often put in night and weekend duty to meet the deadline.
“Every murder incurs overtime,” Salemme said, with extreme cases consuming 1,000 to 1,500 hours of “premium pay.”
It can take years to develop tips from reluctant witnesses, and that doesn’t come cheap -- detective pay ranges from $63,642 to $96,444.

Fewer Police

Buffeted by the worst recession since the Great Depression, the city has tried to make its force leaner. Emanuel’s predecessor, Mayor Richard M. Daley, started the trend in 2008 by not filling vacant police positions.
Emanuel continued the reductions after taking office in May 2011. Last year’s homicide spike came after the number of rank-and-file officers dropped to 12,236 in 2011 from 13,749 in 2006, according to pension-fund records.
There weren’t enough cadets to replace those retiring, and Emanuel in October pushed for hiring more than 450 cops as part of his $8.3 billion spending plan for 2013. Last week, the police academy graduated 105, its largest class since 2005.
“I’ve been saying for two years we have the number of officers we need,” Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said in a statement. “Today Chicago has more officers per capita than any of the five major police departments in the country.”
He attributed this year’s gains to giving district commanders more authority and accountability as well as “a return to community policing, a comprehensive gang violence reduction initiative, a more holistic approach to narcotics enforcement.” 

Trauma Bills

On a recent Saturday night, five of eight occupied intensive-care beds in the unit had shooting victims. One man had 10 bullet holes, including one through his jaw that would require a feeding tube for at least six weeks and nursing-home care. Another had a spinal-cord wound that would leave him a quadriplegic and a “significant burden on the taxpayer,” said Dr. Andrew Dennis, 43, a trauma surgeon.
This wasn’t an extraordinary night. Last year, the hospital treated 846 shooting victims at a total cost of about $44 million, with trauma care averaging $52,000 per case, according to the county. Seventy percent of the victims treated at what’s formally called John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital have no insurance, so their bills are part of the annual $500 million taxpayer tab for the county health system.
During the heat of the summer, Dennis said, he’s seen as many as 20 gunshot victims in one 24-hour shift. Several times a month, he’ll see repeat customers. Often, doctors leave the bullets inside because taking them out surgically is more risky.
“Most people who leave, leave with their bullets in them forever,” said Dennis, who exhibits a police officer’s toughness. In fact, he’s a medical director for the Cook County Sheriff’s office and carries a gun when not at the hospital.

Brain Damage

For the 98 percent of gunshot victims who depart alive, their next stop is often the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.
Gunshot wounds represent about one in 20 of the institute’s patients, said Dr. Elliot Roth, its medical director. More of its gunshot victims have multiple wounds than those from a decade ago, the result of increasing use of semi-automatic weapons. That can mean exponentially greater neurological damage that is more expensive to treat, Roth said.
Care can cost $100,000 or more -- covered by taxpayers if the patient is indigent -- with the average about $35,000 and inpatient stays lasting about six weeks. Once a victim goes home, making it wheelchair accessible often costs tens of thousands of dollars.
As victims recover, the cost of prosecuting attackers mounts. Police earn overtime for court appearances outside normal shifts, much of it wasted because it’s not uncommon for murder trials to be delayed as many as 20 times. Six to eight officers and detectives may testify.

Squandered Hopes

Other costs are less tangible: lost wages and squandered hopes.
Kelley Boyd, who has lived in South Shore for the past decade, became a harbinger for the neighborhood when he was shot at age 16 while walking down a street several miles away. Costs associated with his wounds have been accumulating for two decades.
He spends days in a wheelchair in his three-room apartment, watching TV and collecting his $700 monthly disability check and $100 in food stamps.
He points with an index finger to a spot left of his nose where a bullet entered, leaving him partially paralyzed on his right side. He struggles for vocal clarity, occasionally snapping the fingers of his left hand in search of words.

Lost Wages

As a teenager, Boyd planned to become an accountant. That’s roughly $600,000 in lost wages for South Shore, assuming a starting salary for a tax preparer of about $40,000.
“I’m not through,” he says, showing a flash of anger. “I’m too smart to be doing this. It’s not what I want for myself.”
Beyond Boyd’s broken venetian blinds, hundreds of people were attacked on South Shore’s streets in recent years. The 420 shootings in 2011 and 2012 in the police district that includes most of the neighborhood represented a two-year increase of 20 percent, four times as large as the city as a whole, police data show. So far this year, shootings in the district are down 55 percent from the same period in 2012 and 15 percent from 2011.
The socioeconomic opposite of Terror Town, where Glinsey was killed, is a 12-block section of South Shore called Jackson Park Highlands. It’s distinctive for its architecture, affluence and isolation.

Dead Bodies

The Highlands’ well-educated professionals represent a vital component of the neighborhood’s future that the violence threatens to drive away.
“If you’re making $100,000 or $200,000, you’re not going to want to continue to step over bodies,” said Henry English, president and chief executive officer of the Black United Fund of Illinois, a South Shore-based community development group, who has seen gunshot victims lying dead outside his office and on his block at home.
The commercial heart of the neighborhood sits less than three blocks from the Highlands home of James Norris, yet he said he feels he has to “be on guard” when he’s on 71st Street. “I would usually prefer to avoid the area,” he said.
Violence has prompted the South Shore chamber of commerce to discourage businesses from staying open at night and to seek fines -- and even shutter -- stores that tolerate loitering. Merchants struggle with people selling individual cigarettes called “loosies” and illegal drugs.

Fleeing Violence

Two months after Glinsey was fatally shot outside Budget Food & Liquors, the tax preparer next door fled. The Jackson Hewitt branch moved eight blocks north to 71st Street, near a shopping center anchored by franchise drug, electronics, grocery and sandwich outlets.
That wasn’t far enough. On the evening of April 30, three men were shot near the stores. The next morning, a 27-year-old man was killed about three blocks away.
Wertz, the executive director of the South Shore Chamber Inc., has a different challenge than her peers in most suburbs or more stable city neighborhoods.
The South Shore commercial strips she touts are defined mostly by beauty salons, wig shops, liquor stores, check cashing operations and tax preparation outlets. Wertz’s wish list: auto parts, shoes, a pancake house, a Marshalls and a T.J. Maxx.

Crime Consultant

Wertz, whose organization employs its own crime consultant, is pushing the city to open a police substation on 71st Street, a year and a half after Emanuel closed three district stations to help plug a $636 million deficit left by Daley.
“We need to get rid of the impression that there’s always going to be a gun fight,” Wertz said.
Death, it turns out, is death on business.
Sandy Neal, a fashion designer, would like to open a vintage clothing store in his native South Shore.
“I don’t see a lot of foot traffic,” said Neal, 48. “You don’t see people going out to stroll and stop to have coffee.”
Or get supplies for their mother’s birthday party. More than a year after her son’s killing, Bertha Glinsey can’t quite fathom just how far her neighborhood has fallen.
“To think that you could go to the store and not come back alive,” she said, grimacing as she sat at her dining room table. “You can’t do what normal people do.”
Just down Saginaw Street from the two-story brick home where she and her husband reared seven children, a welcome sign still boasts: “A Great Place to Raise a Family.”

Gun violence (especially murder offenders) does have a color in Chicago -- and it ain't white. But it's the remaining white taxpayers in Chicago who pick up the tab and pay for the gun violence perpetrated by black (and brown) people. 

And this simple illustration of Chicago serves as a microcosm for the macro-problem of gun violence in America -- it isn't a problem caused by white people, but it's a problem white people must pay for (in terms of escaping neighborhood/communities/school systems that go black, higher property taxes, and lost times with family due to longer commutes, not to mention the redistribution of tax dollars to the Diversity-Industrial Complex to care for black/brown victims of black/brown crime).

What is the net benefit of having a black population? Can anyone answer this question?

Yes, individual black people can be an asset to a community, but as a collective, black people are the greatest liability for a community: a community can recover from a natural disaster, but as we have seen with Detroit, a community cannot recover from an influx of black people and an out-migration of whites.

This article describes nothing more than the costs of caring for the Black Undertow (a 95 percent black community whose greatest hope for economic vitality is described as such: "The South Shore commercial strips she touts are defined mostly by beauty salons, wig shops, liquor stores, check cashing operations and tax preparation outlets. Wertz’s wish list: auto parts, shoes, a pancake house, a Marshalls and a T.J. Maxx.")

I've been reading "American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation's Drive to End Welfare" by Jason DeParle, and it tells the horrifying story of what the Great Migration Manifest Destruction did to Chicago and how blacks then fled the destruction they imported to the Second City and traveled 90 miles to Milwaukee to leech of their generous welfare state.

Milwaukee now teeters on the edge of death, with a future resembling that of 2013 Detroit almost a certainty. 

Can someone please articulate for me the net benefit of the black population in America?


A number of industries exist solely because of - and a vast amount of money is extorted from the tax-payers to pay for - the misery black people imported to Chicago (and the type of conditions they create in other 'urban' environments).

What's the return on investment?


fulgerjo said...

When are you going to address that Ghetto tours has been canceled? Actual BRA cannot be displayed of course.

Anonymous said... can't put a price tag on all this enrichment. How much is it worth to dwl conscience to be absolved of all that guilt?

Mr.Ken said...

'would like to open a vintage clothing store in his native South Shore.'...Great, start out with Kevlar helmets, Individual body armor, bodybags and do it yourself surgical supplies. Then you can move up to selling used armored cars, so you can drive to the store to get more bananas without getting shot, or hacked to death by machete. Asshat.

Bogolyubski said...

Money is irrelevant to squids. They will not be paying one cent for this. Squids get to lend fictional money - created by adding zeros to their account - to the regime (which they also own) who then extracts the real money from YT cattle to pay them interest (after keeping some for themselves).

Very few of the YT zeks understand this, which is why they just keep on watching the groid-sports, reality teeevee, running up the credit cards, etc. Meanwhile, the squids - who literally have more money than God - get to fund things like Zuckerberg's latest Save the billionaires with amnesty! fund, which is presently running ads on Limbaugh's program. The Bloomberg article is really sort of a financial prospectus for squids. Chicago offers another opportunity in the BRA economy of "creative destruction".

City resident said...

Add in public education, Operation Head Start, Midnight Basketball, police, judges, social workers, jail guards and all the rest and it really adds up. There's a huge part of the budget and population dedicated to babysitting blacks.

Anonymous said...


Articles like this have a serious impact on my imagination and my predictions of our future.

It is a lost cause. Think seriously about this. Not only do the Negroes take from us (housing, welfare, food, schools) but they DESTROY the process we White use to produce all this. THEN, they add to this by shooting each other and driving up the costs of police and health care. Every conceivable aspect of this is a Loss.

So, not only do the nigers take from us the basic necessities of life, but they have to pile on costs WAY ABOVE what we, the producers, do ourselves.

We don't increase the costs of police. We don't increase the costs of health care by gunning each other down at such a rate. We don't shoot each other in front of a 7-11 thereby increasing the costs for the 7-11 to operate.

This is serious. This is a serious problem that CAN NOT BE SOLVED. As I once stated way back, the presence of ANY Negro increases ALL pathologies in a society. All of them. And there is never a decrease and in addition, the Negro can't fund this additional costs.

Remember, the Negro can not feed himself and can not create a functioning modern society. They can scratch out a "living" in the mud and, if lucky, can avoid starvation now and then. BUT, they can not produce a productive society. They have to steal it from the White race.

Negros had value when they were our slaves and we were their masters. They produced in excess of what they consumed ONLY because of the guidance and training and Jim Crow/segregation laws of the White Man. We, the White Man, enabled the Negro to be more than a parasite. Leave the Negro to their own devises, and they even consume themselves.

We need to either deport them, re-enslave them, or find a solution that will be final. It can't continue as it is. Soon, a day or reckoning will arrive where the price to be paid by us Whites will be high, and the price they will pay will be horrific.

Soon, Chicago will be requesting aid from the State. And since this is Too Black To Fail, the State will pay. Disgusting "White guilt" strikes again.

The future is going to be awful. That prediction is 100% and all of us here know it.

Anonymous said...

From the Age Of Reason (Segregation) to the Age of Madness (BRA) in just a few short decades. Amazing, isn't it?
As for any comment on some black people not being like the rest and actually contributing to society, it's the IKAGO fallacy in action. As I've often said, you have to look beyond that one "good one" and see all the hoodrat relatives following in their wake. That one "good one" is the harbinger of death for your community, a typhoid Mary spreading black dysfunction and destruction in the form of his family members, relatives and "associates" whom he will support and defend (the tribe) against you regardless of right or wrong.
None of them are "good ones."

Anonymous said...

Mel here,
Bertha Glinsey says: “To think that you could go to the store and not come back alive,” she said, grimacing as she sat at her dining room table. “You can’t do what normal people do.”
What she meant to say was; We can’t do what White people do, which means, Whites have civilized areas to live in devoid of troublemakers and thugs=blacks. Someone once wrote, know blacks – know crime, No blacks – No crime, so true. I read somewhere where the CPD clears only about 25% of their homicide cases so with the No Snitch Policy firmly in place in the black quarters these gang bangers and drug dealers are free to spray any area they feel dissed in. Whitey also gets to pick up the check to get those future accountants, brain surgeons, etc. back on their feet to play hide and seek in the ghetto. I feel the lights are slowly going out and these zombies are just warming up for the big game.


something to consider for any soon to be business operator in charge. the dark cost of blackie. I wonder if those well funded lib-rat schools tell little liberal/progressive johnny that bye opening a store or business even close to the "hood" will cost you so much more in insurance, security, and lost product. I mean i'm 1/2 sure that the lib-turd teacher would point that out! or they would spike a young adult's life bye with holding this kind of information all in the name of diversity/fairness! and even if this is taught, I bet they try to push shame on the kids that don't agree with the lib-queer professor! everything in/around the blacks will cost you more money and man hours! we here that read SBPDL already f-ing know don't waste your life by trying to make a profit around blacks. just ain't going to happen. just ask micky d's in the projects before they close anyway. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I noticed in the Bloomberg story the B-word was never use. The new taboo is you can not use the word BLACK.

If these URBAN FOLKS did not have guns they would be killing each other with knifes and baseball bats.

Anonymous said...


I love this blog.

Who says HATE can't be love......

Anonymous said...


They have a talented 10%

We have a talented 90%

SwampThizzle said...

Let's look at this as an economist would. Murders don't just cost money from someone (like taxpayers), they also generates money for someone else (courts; kinda-also the taxpayers). Those ridiculous outsize black funerals make mostly black people a lot of money. Without the steady supply of black murder victims, all of those famously crooked black mortuaries would close down. Without a steady supply of tacky gangsta funerals, black florists would go under (pun unavoidable). Ditto for the barbers and whoever makes those silly bright zoot suits they're always wearing. And let's not forget whoever the unlucky caterer is. In other words, without an insanely high murder rate, the entrepreneurial component of the economy of black America would collapse. This is worth noting.

Anonymous said...

I would advocate for giving the nigs more guns, more bullets, and more drugs...then stand back and let nature take its course. The more they delete each other, the less work for us. MauiMan

Anonymous said...

Shooting victims are always "going" to be something but they never "are" something. I only hope the bullet that put the budding accountant in a wheelchair also put him out of commission for breeding. In most cases I favor pulling the police back and letting nature take its course. Police the boundaries so the animals don't get out of the zoo.

Anonymous said...


Mel, you speak of the "lights slowly going out"

Ayn Rand in her masterpiece ATLAS SHRUGGED uses the same analogy. But, in her book, the lights of New York City go out when the producers (all of her characters were White European, even her token Francisco D'Aconia, the copper guy) stop producing.

I don't know why she kept out of race. She lived and wrote in the 40's and 50's, back when America was 95% White, so she didn't see the need to include Negros? They wouldn't understand her book at all, anyway, so perhaps to her they were a non-entity.

Back in the 40 and 50's the Negro was a non-entity since Segregation kept them, and their pathology, in their own areas. They were happier and healthier when we forced them to live with each other.

Interesting, but FORCE has to be used with Negroes anytime you deal with Negroes. You have to use FORCE to keep them away from us Whites and you have to use FORCE to make blacks live with blacks since NOBODY likes blacks. Not even themselves.

Today, we have the producers (conservative Whites) being devoured by the takers (Liberals) just like in her book, but race is now a major factor.

By the way, if any of you have seen the first 2 movies made from her book (been out about 3 years now), then you will notice the Movie Producers had to have a black actor (or your production is "shut down"). They used the character, in the book, called Eddie Willers, who in the book is described as BLONDE WITH BLUE EYES on 3 occasions. In the movies (both) they used a 99% Niger as his character.

When, on the official Atlas Shrugged Facebook, I pointed this out to the producers/director I was banned.

We need to abandon these "people". It is time to tell them,they are free. Free at last, free at last, thank your God, Niger, you are free at lest. Take care of your own wounded. Set up your own police. Train your own trauma doctors.

WE WHITES DID IT OURSELVES. We set up our schools. No Asian, Arab or African showed us how to do it. We did it all by ourselves and ANY White group, worldwide, would spontaneously build schools, set up a fire control group, create a police system and teach ourselves health care.

Why can't you nigers do it? You are so equal, right?

Time for all Whites to refuse to go into Nigerville. Let them create their own civilization.

They can't.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please articulate for me the net benefit of the black population in America?
they are here b/c of slavery.

how does matrix tie into this?

HaroldC said...

Without a doubt the greatest losses suffered by Whites is caused when White Flight occurs. Whites for safety sake must abandon large areas once a tipping point is reached. Housing and commercial property values plummet. Property is often sold at a loss. Then there is also the social capital of infrastructure that must be abandoned to the Blacks and the cost of building new communities elsewhere.

Why hasn't there been a large increase in real income and wealth since 1970. In large part it is caused by White Flight.

Anonymous said...


"Can someone please articulate for me the net benefit of the black population in America?"

Think what it was like around 1650 to 1750. Huge amounts of land that grew huge amounts of tobacco. Then in the 1800's you find out your fertile land can grow the finest cotton in the world.

But it can't be harvested. No internal combustion engine, yet miles and miles of tobacco, cotton, etc. So the step of using slaves was not that impractical and slavery was worldwide.

There had been slavery in every part of the World since agriculture. The Bible spoke well of slavery and said to treat your slaves well. Christ never spoke against slavery and even Aristotle and Plato were pro slavery.

Slavery was the way. Blacks make ideal slaves and they work very well in the sun. In fact, if I was religious, I would believe that God made blacks so we Whites would have excellent farm equipment. Blacks make perfect farm slaves.

Anyway. Whites do have a certain flaw. We don't like physical work and we love cheap labor. This is our curse. So with all that farm land, it was a no-brainer to give primitive starving blacks the opportunity to thrive in American Slavery. And, thrive they did.

Well fed, well clothed, well housed and protected from animals and each other. Slavery was extremely beneficial to the White master class and the black farm equipment class.

BUT then came the gasoline engine and there was no more use for them. Plus, Lincolns hatred of the Southern economic system and the threat to the tariffs paid by the south, to the Northern Manufactures, led Lincoln to wage war against the free, independent Nation of the Confederacy.

Lincoln committed crimes against humanity.

The Negro should have been immediately deported to Africa right after the Un-Civil War. THAT WAS OUR TURNING POINT.

Now, it is too late for a peaceful resolution.

Dan said...

Rand ain't your friend. Different era son. She brought the plague just like Freud.

Bogolyubski said...


Certain folks have benefitted massively from the groid population being brought here. They made money delivering them to these shores and now they're making money via BRA. At the end of the day, they never stop making money. They now basically control the planet.

Nobody was holding a gun to the Englishman's head when he agreed to buy slaves - probably on time with a loan from the "Portuguese" sellers - off the first slave ship in 1619. It was cheap labor. The purchaser thought he could have something for nothing, but that's always a lie - for there is no such thing as something for nothing. Oddly, some of the New England puritans of the 1600s predicted that such cheap labor would end up being very costly in the long term. They turned out to be right. It has been a massive net loss, with no end in sight - apart from our own extermination.

It never ends. The squids invented BRA and run it for their benefit (see my earlier post). But, YT, clueless as ever, utterly fails to comprehend the big picture. If you mention some aspect of the big picture, or something about how the racket works, you're denounced as a "conspiracy theorist". Ol' YT continues to pay the squids willingly out of his sense of fair play - which is simply being used against him. He refuses to turn off the TV, to stop borrowing money for that new car, house or (worst of all) his kids' edumacation at Karl Marx U. He senses something has gone terribly wrong - especially when confronted with the type of reality on display in South London the other day - but cannot bring himself to admit the hideous truth of it. The utopian lie looks so nice that he just has to believe in it, despite the fact that it is literally destroying him. YT needs a really serious 12-step program - or a King Edward I.

Bogolyubski said...

Slavery was the way. Blacks make ideal slaves and they work very well in the sun. In fact, if I was religious, I would believe that God made blacks so we Whites would have excellent farm equipment. Blacks make perfect farm slaves.

On the contrary, they were a serious problem even as slaves. The long term costs of dealing with them were far greater than any labor they could have produced. The fact that they were slaves and under strict control in the antebellum south presents a false picture of the overall problem. They should have been left in Africa to develop or not develop as they wished. The Muslims were more successful in dealing with them as slaves, but even in the Islamic world there is a massive dysgenic problem created by leaving the females fertile as toys for Arab boys.

Anonymous said...

Violence costs 2.5 billion dollars a year? You can hire a lot of cops for that much.

But, they won't be able to do anything about the problem. We had safe streets a hundred years ago.

Unless and until the cops can get a mandate from the political arms of government to clean up the streets of nigger crime, they won't be able to do anything but watch the city fall apart.

And that mandate would cost much more than 2.5 billion dollars.

Anonymous said...

Black Beach Week May 30. Police state erected...

Anonymous said...

OT: Paul, Indianapolis Land Bank official and senior project manager indicted for fraud, kickbacks, wire fraud, conspiracy, housing fraud, ghetto funding, bribery. Obamabucks stimulus, community development, black non profits, etc.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I call Bloomberg, Dumbberg.

Bloomberg, a multi-billionaire, may have a Jewish name but he committed apostasy to his faith of Judaism and embraced the religion of liberal ideology, this undoubtedly, for among other reasons, because of his megalomaniacal, narcissistic, God-complexed personality.

White liberals need the lower IQed, immature peoples of the world to achieve, through a fully enfranchised democracy, a liberal nation-state, with themselves in charge, living the highlife of power, fame and fortune, and this at the expense of our white race and Founding Fathers culture.

The Negro sub-species will never abandon the white liberal cause as they, being of the lowest IQ of all human sub-species, can only enjoy and experience the white man's created "Life of happiness" by parasitizing our white world and further, can only hope to survive as a sub-species by melding their loser gene pool to our winner gene pool.

That is good for them, but bad for us.

White liberals and Negros, now there's a real salt and pepper, dynamic duo of ruination and destruction. Thank you.

So CAL Snowman said...

In the legendary words of the Bloodhound Gang :

"The roof the roof the roof is on fire
The roof the roof the roof is on fire
The roof the roof the roof is on fire
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
Burn motherfucker burn"

Anonymous said : how does matrix tie into this?

"Agent Smith: I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species (blacks) and I realized that you're not actually humans*. Every human* on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you blacks** do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Black** beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague and we are the cure."

-Edited from the original
* - replaced "mammal"
** - replaced "human"

"Humans" Are A Virus

Very fitting that agent Smith gives this speech to the very black morpheus.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Dan @12:42:

I never read Ann, however I did check her story out, quite a story, and on the surface, as regards her book, I would think she was probably in the right book, and perhaps on the right page.

As far as Freud goes, and I should say I'm a Jungian, not professionally, but in spirit anyway, that Freud had a good point, but more importantly, he was the first to suggest that there was an autonomy called the unconscious, and further that dreams have inherit, important meanings.

His first book, "The Interpretation of Dreams", was actually published in 1899, but Freud had it published as 1900, because he wanted it to be seen as the beginning of the new, not the ending of the old.

Believe it or not, there are people who suffer from a Freudian problem, and in fact, we all, to some extent, go through his theories.

Most of us just ace those transitions with such ease, we never notice that they were in play. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Finally found an interactive map of Manifest Destruction:

Anonymous said...

"Bloomberg, a multi-billionaire, may have a Jewish name but he committed apostasy to his faith of Judaism and embraced the religion of liberal ideology..."

What's the difference?????

Californian said...

I don't know why she [Ayn Rand] kept out of race. She lived and wrote in the 40's and 50's, back when America was 95% White, so she didn't see the need to include Negros?

Probably because at that time America pretty much was a white ethno-state. The country was run for white people, and white people seemed to be America. An epic future was within grasp--prosperity for all citizens, cities full of skyscrapers, expeditions to the Moon.

Insofar as race was a consideration, it was then common for people to believe that were segregation to be ended, blacks would live up to white standards. After all, look at the great things that white people had achieved, from the Empire State Building to splitting the atom. Freed of discrimination, blacks would rise to the occasion.

To be sure, there were diehards who claimed that were segregation to be scrapped, then blacks would drag down the country through crime and corrupt politics. But the naysayers were madmen, right?

The thing is, most people believed that it was white civilization which set the standards. They did not contemplate that blacks would be unable to maintain those standards--or for that matter, be openly hostile to them. Rand, of course, was for minimal government. But blacks have shown an insatiable lust for the power of the state to use force to get their way: affirmative action, the welfare state, forced busing, diversity indoctrination, Section 9, EO bureaucracies, shakedown lawsuits, and the rest of the rackets. And on top of the state sponsored violence have come the waves of rioting, flash mobs, and gangbanging. (I see Miami Beach is preparing for the holiday weekend with the usual police state array which seems to be de rigueur when certain demographics gather to party.)

There is a clear difference in visions. Consider PK's frequent observation that BRA has diverted the resources that might otherwise have put Americans on Mars. Rand glorified the Men of the Mind. Well, maybe that is going to work with a high IQ populace, or at least a society which respects education. But such things are not very evident in today's inner cities. Those skyscrapers built by the Howard Roarks have become slums or the rotting towers of Detroit and Johannesburg.

Similarly, one might note Rand's contempt for altruism. Yet what is BRA other than government enforced altruism?

But what of Rand's heroes?

We have seen in the last half century white elites turn against their own people. Whether from ideology or the most craven greed, white elites use the underclass as muscle against the middle. And to make it worse, they import the third world as extras. Why they have chosen to betray their own people is a matter for analysis--and political action.

Perhaps we have gone beyond the heroic age of great industrialists, pioneers and scientists. Perhaps the Men of the Mind have been displaced by the collectivists and the altruists and the just plain short sighted and treasonous.

Perhaps it is time for a new wave of leadership.

SKIP said...

"If these URBAN FOLKS did not have guns they would be killing each other with knifes and baseball bats."

HA! they do that anyway and with a multitude of other things too.

rjp said...

Here's the cost of BRA:

I do not leave my apartment when certain events are going on in Chicago.

I will not go to those events either.

I cross the street a lot.

I rarely take public transportation. When I do take the L, I use specific entrances and exits to avoid negroes who prefer certain corner.

I will avoid public transportation if the bus stop that goes to my destination is littered with chicken wing bones.

If a bunch of negro mammies and their “chidren” get on a bus at a certain attraction I ride past on a weekly basis, I get off and walk the last 1.5 miles.

I order cards in my pocket based on what my activity will be. If I am going to take a bus, my CTA card will be the first card in my pocket so I don’t even have to look for it. Just pull it, and only it out. If I am going to the store: store card, ID, credit card.

I do not go to the store on the last day of the month or the first two days of the month. I also prefer to go at odd hours when more white people are working. I will not buy any “fresh” items from a regularly black staffed supermarket department: deli, meat, fish, bakery.

If there are too many negroes in the supermarket when I am there, I will just wander around for a while to avoid having to stand in line with the people -- that are responsible for the ridiculous prices because of theft.

I do not pull out a pack of cigarettes if I can see a negro. Also I will not let a negro cigarette butt scavenger use my lighter. If I see one coming at me, it’s time to walk --“leave me alone dirty ass”.

I do not pull out cash if I can see a negro.

I use LLBean Boat and Tote bags as shopping bags so that negroes can't see that I may have purchased alcohol.

I try to avoid negro cab drivers - they love the new count-down crosswalks because they effectively tell them how slow they have to go to hit the red light.

I will delay seeking assistance with an issue if only a negro is available as I know the outcome will only be resolved when I deal with a non-negro, LaTrina won’t do shit.

I do not eat at at blacked restaurants. Ever.

Anonymous said...

To 4:49 pm there is no freaking difference between them at all. Regards, VPB

Jim said...

Could someone explain to me the definition of "squid", which is used in many posts?


Anonymous said...


rjp: Loved your list of things we Whites have to put up with due to nigers among us. Your comment about not bothering to ask a Negro for any type of assistance is correct. Not only are they useless, but Hispanics are just as bad. Here is my story:

I go to Orlando's theme parks a lot since I still have children. (2nd marriage. First wife became a born again Christian and divorced me for the guy she met at church....I'm not kidding).

Anyway, I rent many hotel rooms and have learned NEVER to check-in when a Latino is working, especially a woman. They are unhappy, unpleasant and do not like White people. I've learned that Hispanics and Blacks are so damn envious of us that is shows by their refusal to do one damn thing more for any of us. I can't blame them. I hate them too.

Asians are fine. They are proud of who they are, are happy and treat me like an equal member of a superior race.

When I first walk into the lobby, I begin scanning the Check-In staff. I look for a White woman, preferably in her early 20's. They always seem to be pleasant. If a line has formed at the Check in, I will wait for the White woman/girl by letting people go in front of me if the next available clerk is not "her". My kids don't care since they spend all their time running around making the Hispanic and Negro staff unhappy............

I've been mistreated and snarled at too many times by these proud minority bitches.

I also have it down on how to ask for upgrades or "special" requests. My kids and I love to be up high in the hotel for the view and to get a room on the end of the hall. Sure, it is a longer walk but you have no elevator noise and one less room next to you. Also being on the very end keeps you away from constant foot traffic and people talking in the hall as they go to and from the elevator. And, it keeps you away from the Ice-Machine which ALWAYS MAKES F'n NOISE.

Thus, I have learned that these kinds of request (IF DONE EXTREMELY POLITELY) works most time with a young White Girl, but NEVER work with LaTina or LaTrina.

When in the restaurant I wait a bit to see which area has a White woman as server. Avoid any Negro or Latina. They are slow, mean, nasty and lazy as shit.

I use Priceline to book hotels and ONLY bid on 4 to 5 star hotel. I usually start with 5 stars only, bid low. If I get it, I'm done. If not I then bid on the 5 and 4. I never bid on a 3, etc. since the staff at the 5 stars are usually White, or mostly white. The lower the stars, the more People of Color and I wan't nothing to do with them. Also, today, a 5 star is really a 4 and a 4 is really a 3. Nothing is what it appears to be.

Oh, Priceline says you can get a good price and "stay in a 5 star hotel", true, but the ROOM may not be 5 star. They don't say you are bidding on a 5-star room, just the hotel and every hotel has their unpleasant and cheaper rooms which are the ones they offer to Priceline. So, be prepared to "upgrade" by doing what I do.

Staying at a 5 star is one of the ways to minimize contact with the aliens, reduce the chances of beg-bugs (extremely common now in the cheap hotel where the Haitians, Mexican, Jamaicans stay. Thank god the People of Color are f'n cheap and won't stay at the Whiter Hotels).

Never order room service. I've had too many conversations with ex-Hotel employees who tell me how much the staff resents the Rich people who order room service. There is way too much time for some Liberal Democrat Unemployed "student" (waiting for his first job with Mother Earth mag) to play games with your food on the way to your room. They also eat some of your food that you are over-paying for.

Have a pleasant Memorial Day weekend, and for those of you going to Miami for the Black Beach's been nice knowing you........don't forget your KOOL's and Malt Liquor and Afro-sheen and condoms.............

Anonymous said...

The ghetto tour that was run by a black woman?

Anonymous said...

No snitch and the fact that even the family stands at the scene falling out demanding the body be mived or covered etc. evidence techs can't process scenes trampled by the literally hundreds of people that show up to every scene. They are so ignorant if every normal lifefunction. How can cops solve crimes w tainted evidence? When 300 pound wigged women are trampling and screaming at the scene? Maybe teaching your baby that education is actually good or stay out of the streets would have kept him alive? No a march in the streets yelling on tv and calling cops emts and first responders racist is a better plan

Anonymous said...

The custom tshirt budiness thrives in a black community. Memorial tees, reunions, vacations. They announce everything on tshirts

Anonymous said...

"Could someone explain to me the definition of "squid", which is used in many posts?"

The term "squid" refers to the elite, particularly in finance but also business, government, media and academia that guide events behind the scenes for their own benefit. They also set the narrative for the rest of us to accept what happens as either "sh!t happens" or to misdirect us to focus blame or attention on a red herring.

Anonymous said...

So true if how most all if us Chicagoans have to live. A constant state of high alert avoidence. I particularly hate the young girls who ask you "you got a cellphone" at every turn. The beggars in front of the AI are the worst as they get indignent w tourists and try to scare them

Anonymous said...

How do you get anything done at city or county ir court buildings? It's all blacks

Anonymous said...

"(2nd marriage. First wife became a born again Christian and divorced me for the guy she met at church....I'm not kidding)."

Gotta love them "family values." Bedrock of our nation. Don't you see how gay marriage has destroyed the institution of marriage?

Bogolyubski said...

Jim asks:
Could someone explain to me the definition of "squid", which is used in many posts?

It refers to the banking cartel who owns the entire country - actually all western countries. The folks who were deemed "too big to fail" by their lackeys in the government. These criminals were called "vampire squids" (an oblique reference to the Lovelace character Cthulhu) by Matt Taibbi in a 2008 article on the financial crisis.

whisker child said...


squid means a Jew. That's their codeword for it.

Anonymous said...

Elaborating on my definition of "squid", the ocean dwelling squid has numerous tentacles for grasping or immobilizing prey. Likewise, the human "squid" has several tentacles of power and control (debt, media propaganda, government, academic or "think tank" studies etc.) to control and mobilize its prey (that would be us).

rjp said...

CENTURION said .....

some Liberal Democrat Unemployed "student" (waiting for his first job with Mother Earth mag)

Is Mother Earth really liberal now? It used to be, at least when my parents subscribed, as about living "off the grid".

Your story about the LaTina and LaTrina reminds me of my last rental car experience. I go down to Midway to pick up a car and the girl working (pleasant for a black girl) take me outside to show me the car she is suggesting .... a Dodge Cruze .... I am standing there looking at a fleet of Chevrolets .... Dodge Cruze?

Anonymous said...

Freued fancied himself a ladies man. In a letter to his young lady He warned of great sexueuall prowhess he atains when he is on the miracle drug cocaine.He te,lls her to be ready or hide becauce hes going ro tear that up when he catches her...I hope she escaped.

Anonymous said...

verizons shit

Published on May 14, 2013

Note how the black men flirt, touch and advance on the pretty white women? Why does the ad agency use this approach? What is the purpose? Where are the black women? Can you figure out what the agenda might be here beyond selling phone service and why?

Verizon has black men popping up everywhere. Where are the black women? .

Anonymous said...

Priceless! They are so braindead! If you ever want to listen to some funny stuff, listen to WVON. They misspronounce everything and thier news and financial coverage is for preschoolers.
The local ads are truely the best. Then there is the 24/7 bitching about white people, racism, etc. and the braindead callers are not to be missed.

Anonymous said...

"Note how the black men flirt, touch and advance on the pretty white women? Why does the ad agency use this approach? What is the purpose? Where are the black women? Can you figure out what the agenda might be here beyond selling phone service and why?"

You've identified a common theme in advertising, the ubiquitous and oh so very able negro. It is so commonplace that it cannot be attributed to chance. I'm sure some can be explained as copycatting. But the reason for this in the first place? To tap into the riches of the exploding wealth of the negro demographic? I doubt it.

The particular ad you cited (and your link is incorrect - it points to some music video) markets cell phone service. Since negroes communicate primarily (and very loudly) on their sail fones, the purpose may be intended to appeal to them as well as showing the younger Whites how "hip" they are. But they risk pissing off negresses and older Whites.

These ads do provoke a visceral response in those that are aware. Is this directed toward changing our attitudes, pissing off YT or simply maximizing revenue? Given the tribe that runs most ad agencies, it's probably all of the above. I can't believe the negro purchasing power accounts for it.

I wonder if this is some marketing technique presented in college marketing programs.

Discard said...

Bobo: I think it's H.P. Lovecraft, not Lovelace, just in case anybody wants to read him.