Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Enjoy the Silence

Hurricane Katrina is the great, forgotten example of the massive racial reality in our midsts that, in our private actions, almost all sane people understand and take into consideration when buying property and planning for the future. 

Conversely, in our public actions, the exact opposite holds true. 
You know about Hurricane Katrina... do you know about the Road Home program?

Few people dare speak on the reality of racial differences, though Hurricane Katrina blew away years of a carefully crafted marketing strategy to create a false image of the black population in America, exposing something once widely-accepted (which helped influence our laws) by all sane people. 

The image of the Huxtable family conditioned into the mind of white America was flooded with the reality of a population completely incapable of taking care of themselves only one day removed from the majority of their fellow citizens evacuating the city and the storm touching ground. 

Civilization collapsed that quickly in New Orleans back in 2005. 

Watching Spike Lee's documentary on Hurricane Katrina recently, I was floored by the videos of completely helpless black people who remained behind in the city (failing to evacuate) and the equally helpless black elected/appointed/hired public officials tasked with governing the city. 

After finishing the documentary, I came up with a few conclusions:

  1.  If the levees were blown, who cares (causing the flooding of the 9th Ward)?
  1. If Blackwater/XE was used to restore order, who cares (just as is the case with Chicago, a natural/unnatural disaster requires extraordinary solutions to overcome: the black population in both New Orleans and Chicago require the XE/Blackwater solution... right Bobby Rush)?
  1. Katrina shows five things: 
    1. In a natural disaster, black citizens of a city revert to their natural state
    2. Black elected officials are utterly incompetent and incapable of not only dealing with the aftermath of a major disaster, but accepting any responsibility for their decisions
    3. Both black citizens and black elected/appointed government officials will rely on outside help – demand outside help as the only way to salvation to the situation. 
    4. The white minority in this city will ban together to defend their families and property, relying on each other (in the absence of law and order) to survive. 
    5. Once order has been restored, the government of Black-Run America (BRA) will confiscate the weapons from the white minority that they used to protect their property and families.  
The great tragedy of our time is that World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) didn't exist yet, and Obama Phones or iPhones weren't wildly available in the black community - the iPhone wasn't out yet, nor was the Flip Cam or other cheap filming devices - or else the primary source video we would have from the Convention Center and SuperDome would be... priceless. 

But there is something... priceless that happened after Katrina in New Orleans, which needs addressing. 

Elisa Joy White, writing in the book “Modernity, Freedom, and the African Diaspora: Dublin, New Orleans, Paris,” had this to say about the allocation of federal money to help homeowners rebuild: 

During interviews in the Lower Ninth Ward, I was told of instances in which individuals who were residing in homes that had been unofficially passed down from deceased relatives before Katrina could not receive aid or compensation after Katrina because they did not have documents to prove ownership of their homes. While such circumstances obviously prohibit a return to a property and rebuilding, individuals who are able to produce papers and qualify for assistance also have had difficulty reconstructing their American Dreams. As a real estate lender who serves African American communities noted in a Times-Picayune interview, “This is discrimination based on the pre-storm value of a house… Someone in Pontchartrain Park can’t rebuild, but you take the same property in Lakeview and you’d get a lot more money” (Hammer 2008). Though individuals in low-income communities, which are predominantly African American, qualify for Road Home grants, the full utilization of the grant does not facilitate return.

 The difficulties are primarily a result of the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA0 and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) classification of the grants as compensation based on the lower amount of either one’s pre-Katrina home value or replacement costs at $130 per square foot for homes more than 51 damaged, with a cap of total compensation at $150,000 (Hammer 2008). Aware of the potential problem that some individuals would have raising capital in spite of receiving a Road Home grant, HUD also provided up to $50,000 in additional compensation for families making less than 80% of the median income. In a hypothetical comparison between a home in the predominantly white area of the Lakeview and a home in the predominantly black area, the Lower Ninth Ward, the following example by Times-Picayune reporter David Hammer offers a useful indication of the way prior economic disparities in housing options and home value placed homeowners in predominantly black areas at a greater disadvantage in comparison to homeowners in similarly damaged areas that are predominantly white:
A 1,500-square-foot house totaled by storm waters in Lakeview, for example, might have been worth $250,000 before Katrina. In the Lower 9th Ward, a home of the same size may have been worth $70,000. But while the Lakeview owner’s grant would be calculated on the basis of a $195,000 replacement cost, the 9th Ward owner’s would be based on the much lower pre-storm property value. 
If both homes had been covered by $40,000 in insurance, the Lakeview home would have qualified for the full $150,000 Road Home grant and the 9th Ward applicant would have been left with $30,000. The 9th Ward homeowner would have been fully compensated for the pre-storm value of the property, while the Lakeview resident would be short $60,000.      
Both likely would need more money to rebuild, but the fully compensated 9th Ward homeowner would need more. Lower-income families can apply for loans to close the gap, but they typically face more difficulty qualifying. (Hammer 2008) p. 199- 200

Guess what? The courts got involved over the Road Home grant calculations, based on the pre-Katrina values of both black and white homeowners:
It's been nearly two years since the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center and the national Fair Housing Alliance alleged that the Road Home's use of pre-storm home values to calculate rebuilding grants was discriminatory against African-Americans.

This was in 2010.
The Road Home program, described as the largest home rebuilding effort in American history, has paid around $8.8 billion to 128,278 Louisianans whose homes were damaged or destroyed by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, but apparently it's not enough.
On Wednesday, the Obama administration announced that 1,300 homeowners in four parishes will receive $62 million in additional compensation as the result of a racial discrimination lawsuit.
Civil rights groups, including the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, National Fair Housing Alliance and several African-American homeowners, sued HUD and the State of Louisiana, arguing that African-Americans were more likely than whites to have their Road Home grants based on the lower pre-storm value of their homes, rather than on the estimated cost to repair their homes.
The National Fair Housing Alliance offered the example of one African-American plaintiff whose rebuilding grant was based on the pre-storm value of her home. She received a $1,400 grant to rebuild; but the Alliance says she would have received a grant of $150,000 if her rebuilding grant had been based on the estimated cost of damage to the home.
What can we learn from this?

Hurricane Katrina exposed the reality of race for all the world to see. For a brief moment in time, the image of Cliff Huxtable and the Cosby Show washed away...

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the federal government came in to remind those paying attention to the reality of Black-Run America (BRA). How dare grant money be awarded on the basis of pre-Katrina home value appraisals?

Still, it's such a shame World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) wasn't around in 2005....




Poverty causes black people

Slums cause black people

Violence causes black people

White flight causes black people

Dropping out of school causes black people

italian guy said...

This is an hard truth to swallow for some people, i know that many people want to live in an ideal world where everyone is the same and care for each other (propaganda does wonders really)... but it's not possible, this is reality and we should only rely on facts and truths in life such as this: white people own non-whites nothing, it's actually the other way around since they just live in the modern world, because of the generosity of our ancestors and that is sharing with non-whites knowledge and technology they will never be able to create.
Us Europeans (all white people in the world) should just think about our own interests as a group and be side by side against our enemies that prosper as parasites in our countries, we should just separate and we will be happy again! it's really that easy, as much as unfortunate it may sound to "anti-racists" wich we all know are just anti-whites of course.

Anonymous said...

Havent wee already established this? The fact that niggers fall apart without constant state supervision can be brought back to the turrible, turrible, lebacy ub da slabery. And you can quote me on that.

Dr Shlomo Goldberg, Director African American Studies

Anonymous said...

Outside of running fast, jumping high with a ball or creating a rhyming scheme, black people are never responsible for their own behavior.

Anonymous said...

gibs me dat!

Unknown said...

Cliff who?

Ray Scissom said...

My son "graduated" kindergarten today. My displeasure for the "everybody wins" event vanished when I realized that out of four classes of Kindergartners represented there, there was only one black kid (a girl, and she looked to be mixed).

You can't ruin my day with facts and figures today, PK. I'm floating on clouds. WHITE ones. :)

Unknown said...

Americans have the "Disney Syndrome". This is the syndrome where they can not believe reality, because it is too scary for them, so they choose to believe in media contrived versions of reality. Dangerous animals are made into cutesy beings with human emotions. The same thing carried over to race. Too many white people are too afraid to acknowledge the reality of what the black race is, and what the world it creates is. No they cling to their beliefs of fictionalize, humanized, cute versions of them that are harmless. The violent emotional reaction many liberals have when they confront someone who tells the truth is motivated out of fear. They are clinging to their world view, it is safe for them, it is comfortable for them, and as long as they can stay away from black people, in their all white neighborhoods, they can preserve it.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I remember a few news clips from the time, one showed some big fat black mama sitting on her rump, and her skinny little 7 year old or so girl walks up to the camera/cameraman and says, "send us some food and water', "we need help".

Next memory is of some Negro buck carrying off a large flat screen TV. No wonder the black females needed help for white tax dollar paid, food, water and government service from Uncle Sam, as their Negro bucks were busy at work, stealing while the stealing was good.

The last memory I have was a news clip that showed white people just north of NOs who were out in their streets with chain saws and people pulling away the debris left in Katrina's wake, without government services, and without asking or demanding someone else bear their burden.

That is the difference between physically smaller, lower IQed Negro cerebrums, and physically larger, higher IQed white cerebrums.

It is nature much more than nurture made manifest here. Thank you.

rjp said...

My and some family members laiid around all week-end and watched the Katrina festivities.

And yes, it exposed many people to the truth about black people for the first time. Three feet of water, no power, and they were stealing flat-screens and 40s. Katrina was a gift from god, a wake-up call.

I calculated the average grant to be $68,601 bases on the $8.8 billion figure. Nice chunk of change for being flooded. Nobody ever got a grant where I grew up along the Ohio River for being flooded. If you were in certain areas it was expected, and before the flood was due they moved their furnace and other appliances to higher floors so they wouldn't be ruined. I tried to look up flood zones but they no longer use Level 1, 2, and 3. In FZ1 building was not allowed. In FZ2 flood insurance was required. FZ3 was considered no risk of danger.

The National Fair Housing Alliance offered the example of one African-American plaintiff whose rebuilding grant was based on the pre-storm value of her home. She received a $1,400 grant to rebuild; but the Alliance says she would have received a grant of $150,000 if her rebuilding grant had been based on the estimated cost of damage to the home.

How can a fucking rundown 100 year old shack worth $1,400 incur $150,000 in damage? Wonder what they would have been paid for their mud and stick huts. blacks beein' cheated. This is nothing more than another shakedown of white tax payers. This makes me think of the albino-ish blacks that lived a few miles down the dirt road I grew up on, something like 10 to 14 family members living in a two room house without running water.

OT: One daughter was rather hot though, with perfect staight blonde hair, I think she might have had a different father. She and girl who came from an equally trashy family down the road from her offered to help break some ponies someone had given us. Riding behind those two girls with my arms wrapped around them was the highlight of a 10yo boys summer.

Anonymous said...

I live just 250 miles north of New Orleans. I have visited there a few times before and after Katrina. I will be going back this summer with my grandkids for the Aquarium, WWII museum and the Zoo.
All excellent facilities. I know the situation there and am very aware of the no-go zones (which are always increasing) and now includes parts of the French Quarter. Pre-Katrina my daughter and I got on the wrong bus and toured all of the 9th ward and then some. Quite an excellent adventure.
When Katrina hit I was shocked at what happened. Our Governor got into a pissing match with the Feds and FEMA and would not allow any relief into the City.
Our area mobilized into action immediately know that as always we would be receiving a huge influx of people. I am very proud of the actions of our people here.
But then the fatigue started to settle in after a few weeks of TNB.
A short time later after most had returned home, Rita came and a mandatory evacuation was ordered for that area. We here said please, please do not send them here again!

The Other North

Anonymous said...


Speaking of silence, in the days after Katrina, other than helicopters, the city was silent. No birds chirped, even mosquitos and houseflies were absent for a time as though they knew the sludge was toxic. For months the streets of the chitty were silent and devoid of the groid. No cars, no foot traffic. Nothing. Those who could see held out hope that they would stay wherever the hell they had been bussed and never return. Many of them had more gibs than ever before and stayed away so they could gets mo fwee stuff. Nig nog Nagin and his chocolate city speech changed all that. He and jesse jackson bussed them back to vote for a bucket of fried chicken and twenty dollars. I got enough stories to write a book, but too little time.

One gem: groid bseide me in 2007 overheard telling a sheboon friend that " fema still be payin mah rents"
I knew she had not lost a shingle and was making 45k so I ratted her out to an annonymous fema fraud hotline! She got canned before I could find out if thet busted her!

I had fourteen feet of water and fema never gave me a dime and I lived a mile from the biggest breech in 70124 zip

Oh the stories I could tell, but I prefer not to dwell on the personal misery it caused me and my family and many thousands of whites msnigbc will never tell you about, in st bernard parish and lakeview

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would have happened in New Orleans if all the white people had gotten out and left the blacks to fend for themselves? Would the fat black sows have ever gotten up and done something or would they have sat in the Dome and died of dehydration during a flood?

Lorraine said...

Right on.

I was having a conversation a few days back with a neighbor of mine who claims to be a nationalist, but not a WHITE nationalist. This guy went through the Army and has since retired. He is 51, stuck in the idea that all races can integrate and America is simply undergoing divide and conquer.

Well who did the divide and conquer? MLK et al. Except they did it under the cloak of integration, which really brought about the innate communistic covetousness of the groids.

This guy is holding on to the illusion that if all races unite, we can rebel against the government and its crackpot policies. Well WHO is the gov.? Libtards, groids, gays, other turds given jobs. If you are a white who can 'see', forget about working for the government.

I told this dude straight out that I suffer from serious negroe fatigue. Section 8 sistahs, turd harassment on the metro, nearly getting jumped at parks, psych black female bosses in ghetto Ed.... Dude get real.

Look, the reality here is a hard pill to swallow for people. Denial runs this country. Scandals abound and everyone is reading about Kim K's coal burning. The masses of asses.

People want to believe in the American dream. I want to as well, but my dream does not include groids, Latinos, and other diversities. These folks have caused me night mares. No more thank you.

Disney has brainwashed many .... Black princesses and magic negroes. This is why I have not been to a movie theatre since 1999.

One thing about VA, I have not seen any coal burners in these parts, but I see other turd varieties that I really wish would go home.

The WHITE west still beckons... Maybe I should just go Mormon have have like eight more white kids. Go full on octomom... But then I would be labeled a domestic terrorist

White Mom in VA


I was mailing out a few letters by snail mail and noticed the stamps say FOREVER.

Yeah, right......most of us here agree we have, at best, 10 years before the SHTF moment arrives.

FOREVER, yeah. Sad, huh. This once great White nation being reduced to an African dump.

Anonymous said...


Thought the shtf this morning reading headline of print edition of newmorleans morning advocate, which has since been changed online, but it read : "apes" take over cbd (central business district)

Perhaps a sign of things to come?


I remember, after Katrina flushed the toilet bowl of N.O., that blacks were actually complaining of the slowness of the rebuilding.......I remarked, on the blog I was reading, the following comment:

"The Mexicans are re-building your housing as fast as they can!!!".

Needless to say, my comment was soon deleted.

There is nothing Liberals hate more than free speech and the truth.

Anonymous said...

I remember my dad freaking out over the Cosby show and saying watch they will be on every channel, every commercial and every show within five years.

rjp said...


Many of them had more gibs than ever before and stayed away so they could gets mo fwee stuff. ... I got enough stories to write a book, but too little time.

One gem: groid bseide me in 2007 overheard telling a sheboon friend that " fema still be payin mah rents"
I knew she had not lost a shingle and was making 45k so I ratted her out to an annonymous fema fraud hotline! She got canned before I could find out if they busted her!

Nice job!


I was mailing out a few letters by snail mail and noticed the stamps say FOREVER.

They say FOREVER now so that you don't realize the cost of the stamp has increased when you pay the slug-like negroes at the post office for them.

Anonymous said...

OK, what is "TNB?"

Don M said...

Here's my Katrina story:

In 2007 I was a divorced, lonely two tour Iraq vet just home from the sandbox. I had decided to try to find solace in something other than a bottle and started going to church.

On about the third or fourth Sunday I had shown up there the Pastor announced that instead of a regular service we were going to see a slide show and hear a presentation from the church's Katrina rebuilding mission.

I was a little confused since Katrina had been almost two years ago. All the displaced people had gotten FEMA trailers. In an era where entire subdivisions are completed in mere weeks, hadn't all the reconstruction of houses been done?

Evidently not. But a common thread ran through all the stories: blacks sitting around watching the church people repair their dwellings while not lifting a hand.

In one instance, a lay pastor relayed that they had been working on one black lady's house for days and never suspected that an able bodied male lived there until one day at noon, a 20 something black man emerged from a room, glared at the Churchers and then left the house. Turned out he was her son. He repeated the process: waking at noon, glaring at the Churchers, then leaving, for the entire 2 weeks they were there.

The Churchers were somewhat hurt by this, but didn't let it interfere with their Christian duty to "help the poor."

I had a good chuckle, and never set foot in the place again.

Anonymous said...

'totally biased' at youtube

Published on Feb 22, 2013

As we celebrate Black History Month, a bunch of idiots on Twitter have decided to call for a "White History Month," but those of us who actually went to school might remember that there are already 11 White History Months—Kamau helps enlighten us.

"Totally Biased" returns all new this Spring, only on FX!

Lorraine said...

You need to write a piece for Amren

Anonymous said...

The American Dream WAS that if you worked hard, and kept your nose clean, that you could improve your station in life.

Too many God damned people think that the American Dream is that there are no cats in America, and the streets are filled with cheese.

italian guy said...

You guys should read this:
One has to wonder what kind of mental sickness the people in the comment section have.

Anonymous said...


Rjp, thanks! My next target is a former coworker affirmitive action hire who is shacking up wif his non working "wife" and three chillens and living high on the hog far beyond what the job was paying. I am convinced her mailing address differs from the new cookie cutter home he brags about. Groids are experts at gaming for gumbint checks. Common katrina era refrain: "where ma check" gibbs me mo fwema monies for 22 inch rimz, etc.

Don M I've heard tales of able bodied groid bucks jus chilenz on dey porch playing dice and drinkin forties while the yankee white church folk dwls rebuilt dey aunties crib dey was be stayin at befo de storrum

Also they mugged and murdered many of the beaners who came down here to do the heavy lifting after Katrina., walking atms is what the nags called them

Anonymous said...

Typical Nigger Behavior. Also known as "Spontaneous Blackness" or "Cat(egory) 5 Chimp-Out."

It helps to have Urban Dictionary open in another window when you read this site.

Professor Jonah Applebaum, wearing his cutest little bowtie said...


The evil racists who use this term believe that only blacks misbehave, which is of course patently absurd.

Anonymous said...

I've read many stories of blacks just sitting on their asses after a disaster and screaming, "Why ain't sumbody heppin' us!? Why ain't sumbody doin' sumthin'!?" while doing absolutely nothing to help themselves.
Ditto for sitting on their asses doing nothing when fools do rush in to help them.
Remember back in high school science class when you'd be assigned a group project and had the misfortune to have a groid assigned to your group? Same result. No activity, no effort, no input~ Just along for the ride and expecting everyone else to do the work but always expecting to share in the rewards.
Only a fool will help niggers. I can think of no greater waste of time, effort and energy especially when you won't get any thanks for any of it as it's expected and they're "entitled" to it.
If I ever see a groid drowning in a river, I'll help by throwing him a 200 pound rock to hold on to.

Anonymous said...

taki mag / latest article has link to:
The media tells us that smoking is hazardous to our health, but miscegenation, especially white female/black male pairings, is glamorous.

The July 2003 issue of the American Journal of Public Health published a massive study of spousal homicide. It was conducted by 18 experts in the medical field. The study states “Femicide, the homicide of women, is the leading cause of death in the United States among young African American women aged 15 to 45 years.” Most women are murdered by a male partner.

A previous issue of the journal published a study showing blacks males are even 33% more likely to kill their spouse if she is white instead of black.

According to the study, white females married to black males are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their husbands than white females married to white males. The same study shows that white men married to black women are 21.4 times more likely to be murdered by their wife than white men married to white women. The study shows that white women married to black men have the single highest risk of death by femicide of any married women in the US.
Source: J A Mercy and L E Saltzman. Fatal violence among spouses in the United States, 1976-85.. American Journal of Public Health: May 1989, Vol. 79, No. 5, pp. 595-599.

Discard said...

My wife went to build houses for the Katrina Negroes, along with a dozen other 60+ year old middle class Whites without any building experience. Fat Blacks sitting in the shade watching Whites old enough to be their parents doing all the work. Blacks are as useless as foolish Whites allow them to be.


to hell with the bullshit discrimination laws on the books. if the gov't wants to give extra money to their best friends, then it shall be. almost to hell with the laws i'm the king and you are the surfs! "my peeps" are more important to my democratic party than any fool who pays taxes and is a LAW abiding citizen. basically, you mr. white man you are the devil with blue eyes. this is just like the health care bill. if you don't want insurance and pay your white person only fine then you can still show up at the E.R. and get treated. or you can have a pre-condition and still the insurance co. has to help you. so before some storm hits your house (is a piece of shit in the 9th ward) it is worth 25,000 bucks but after the storm the gov't now says it's worth 125,000.00 how is that? there is no that! it's all bullshit and smoke&mirrors! this just like everything else in our new United States of democratic voters is all about PAYBACK and SKIN COLOR! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

You do not dissss da black man!

Man kills 3 co-workers, shoots them in the head, because they teased him. Story spins it to call for strict gun control.

Anonymous said...

Readers! I know I'm preaching to the choir with this, but for an example of civic behavior that stands in complete contrast to that of black mobs post Katrina, just go the the German magazine site Der Spiegel. There you will see photo galleries depicting citizens struggling to cope with today's historically unprecedented flooding of the Danube River. No looting, just volunteers filling sandbags and aid workers methodically going about their business. The contrast couldn't be more telling.

Anonymous said...

I wish those good religious people would read their Bible a little more because Matthew 7:6 would tell them what they're doing isn't right.

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

I can't think of a more applicable Bible verse for Christians to memorize and practice. It is such an apt description of what blacks do to anything given to them.

Anonymous said...

Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina
by Jared Taylor

To be sure, the story of Hurricane Katrina does have a moral for anyone not deliberately blind. The races are different. Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization, any kind of civilization, disappears.

And in a crisis, civilization disappears overnight.

Mutant Swarm said...

This story on American Renaissance is probably the best account of what went on in the days after Hurricane Katrina:

Africa In Our Midst

Bookmark it. And know that good ol' Rush Limbaugh tried to claim that it was all lies.

When White people get our own country back, we won't have to put up with this sh..

Anonymous said...

Uppity six figure blacks don't want to live around ghetto blacks buying foreclosures in Detroilet suburbs.



It's a black thang, you wouldn't understand.

Anonymous said...

OT: Interview: Black man calls his 22 kids by 14 women his "siblings". Wants to be "fixed". Can't name them all. Wears expensive braids.!


I remember reading an article in which Katrina Koons were unpset that so many of the volunteers handing our food and water, etc., were WHITE.

I am not joking. These pieces of shit were upset that there weren't Negroes as part of the volunteers.

Negroes don't volunteer. Ever see one working on "Habitat for Humanity"? Ever see a "black" civic group picking up trash on the side of the road? They create the trash.

Ever see Mr. and Mrs. Uppity Niger adopt a chines or mehican child? They don't adopt children....they produce them.

They don't foster children. They crate foster children and dump them on the White race to feed, clothe and raise.

This can not last.

whitefeather said...

Broad labels and generalizations are just for pitting one group against another, namely whites against each other while the rich people sit back and watch us struggle with the black americans.
The saddling of the lower and then the middle class with blacks (by law!) is the craziest most radical thing ever proposed by our Govt.
They had to know the consequences of forcing one race group into another no matter which races.
We have to dig deep to see what the 1960's govt. motive was. It wasnt anything to do with fairness or some good heartedness.
I think that it took simple black people and set them up to be hated and feared.
If you give the dominant population laws that unfairly favor and protect a minority
you make people feel unequal .
If you cant make jokes about them , show them as criminals on tv,or report a persons race when a crime is committed, I know it sounds crazy but its true
... its racist!
The race riots made people really despise blacks.
The police allowed them to happen (fearing lowering the black population by opening fire?)
These things added up to make the divide deep, and they were all enabled by our govt.Most of the presidents and congress at the time johnson, nixon were disparaging of blacks, but they didnt have any reason to hate them.
Because of their actions blacks are actually in the bad position of the govt.'s "pet student" and are actually despised by non blacks because of this.

10mm AUTO said...

When Rush called that report "Lies" he lost credibility with me. The Daily Mail and the Times of Sidney did extensive interviews of the tourists mentioned in that article and if anything, they were minimizing some of the stuff that went on.

Also the Japanese papers, very often pro-american, were appalled, wondering what the hell we were doing allowing our animals out to wander around free (Japanese are extremely xenophobic and only think of Americans as White, just as we only think of the Middle East as Islamic). I remember during the cleanup of the Tsunami in Japan, one of the Government Official said that "they were careful not to look like the "barbarity" then he stopped and changed the word to "disorganization" of Katrina in the USA."

The world got the idea.

Same with the floods and hurricanes in White areas, where you see Whites cutting down trees with gas chainsaws and helping neighbors make food. Three things survive these disasters; White charity, canned food, gun safes.

Ms.Sippy said...

Contrast the Miss. Gulf Coast to NOLA. MS is prepared, same drill in place since Camille in 1969, most people evacuate, NG called up and stationed at Camp Shelby 50 miles north of the coast along with supplies, medical teams, electric companies etc. Once the storm winds drop to below 50 mph. they head for the coast. I watched in horror the day before Katrina all those people going to the Super Dome, I knew if the storm turned out as bad as predicted this would not turn out well.TNB big time! Having lived in the area all my life I was in no way shocked at the looting, begging, and helplessness of the negros. My God all they had to do was walk toward Metairie or the West Bank, yet they just sat there. Half a million of those animals have no trouble gathering on Canal St. to catch beads and cause trouble every Mardi Gras. Many stayed for the purpose of looting, a whole Cadillac dealership downtown was robbed of it's fine cars by the groids and POLICE!

Anonymous said...

@Don M: But a common thread ran through all the stories: blacks sitting around watching the church people repair their dwellings while not lifting a hand.

Church people are still the only ones fixing things up in the Lower 9th. Well. Church people and White people who come to buy themselves some nice, cheap land. There aren't many of those yet. I believe there will be more, as the paperwork gets straightened out. right now a lot of this BS is still being held up in court, aka the "we have to give those people a chance to get they homes back!" It's been 8 years, they're not coming back, they have no interest in fixing up their flooded, blighted shacks. As soon as the paperwork finally is done, the houses can go on the market. A lot of land, empty, typically is about 10-12K right now. Developers are also working on a major site in the lower 9th and finalizing their plans for a huge enclave on the site of an old school, with a high rise and everything else. It will be interesting to see how this all works out.

-- Bitter ExLiberal

Pat Boyle said...

Katrina is literally yesterday's news. Tomorrow's news is Oakland.

Oklahoma City as we recently have learned is subject to tornadoes. New Orleans was always vulnerable to a hurricane breaking the levies. And the whole Atlantic seaboard gets hurricanes.

Here is California we have no hurricanes. We have no tornadoes and we only occasionally have flooding. What we do have are fires and earthquakes.

The conditions are not right for big fires. We get the mega-fires after several years of drought. We will have another giant urban forest fire in California but not for a while yet. In Oakland and Berkeley they tend to reappear about every thirty years.

Earthquakes are also cyclic. The San Andreas however is in a dormant phase. The Heyward Fault is due to slip any time now.

San Francisco lies between two faults. The San Andreas runs off shore under the ocean and the Hayward Fault runs through Oakland. The last time the Hayward Fault slipped it was called the Great San Francisco Quake of 1868. When the San Andreas slipped it was called the Great San Francisco Quake of 1906.

There were not very many black people in the Bay Area in either 1906 or 1868 - but there are now. That's why the next quake will likely be associated with a race riot.

Oakland is about one third black, one third white and one third Hispanic. Because of local geology almost all of the quake damage will be under the black sections.

White people in Oakland live in the hills which means that most of their houses are built on rock. But the black areas are built on poorly consolidated 'Bay Fill'.

In the last big quake at Loma Prieta most of the damage was done the soft soil areas of Oakland and San Francisco. The epicenter was fifty miles away but The San Francisco Marina and the Oakland tidal flats sustained the major damage. Hundreds of square miles of solid land closer to the epicenter went undamaged.

So when the quake hits in the next few years almost all of Oakland's black population will suffer destruction of their housing units.

We will likely see patterns similar to those after Katrina - no electricity, no water and no police. The Oakland police live mostly outside of Oakland. The local black community routinely refer to our cops as living in Napa - the semi-rural wine region to the north. Napa will have damage also. It seems likely that many cops will stay home for a couple days to attend to their own families. Others will be reluctant to drive south into the Oakland race riot where they are likely to be met with snipers.

Just about every white home owner in the hills has these items to prepare for a big quake: water, food, an electric lamp, an emergency radio, and a gun. Very few blacks in the subsidized housing units in the flatlands have made these preparations. This means that there will be a lot of hungry, thirsty black people climbing up the hills to loot the white areas.

We have an incredibly inept mayor but maybe not as inept as Nagin was in Katrina. She can be probably be counted on to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. I expect that Governor Brown
will get the National Guard in downtown Oakland within two weeks. There will be competition for the Guard's presence from San Francisco and other Bay Area cities that have also sustained damage.

All of this means that there is s good chance that the biggest race riot in US history will soon play out in Oakland.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Sad, funny and typical, all at once. On behalf of those of us who still give a damn, thank you for your service and I hope you've climbed out of the bottle. We need you, and you can't shoot straight if you aren't sober! :-)

Anonymous said...

Discard, did she learn anything from that? If not, maybe you need to send her to Detroilet for a few days.

Anonymous said...

"Africa in Our Midst" was a chilling read and is exactly what we have to look forward to when the shtf. Anyone unfortunate enough to be near a high density groid infestation is going to be doomed unless extremely well prepared with arms/ammo and supplies to hold off the violent feral monkey mobs.
Allowing these feral monkeys to remain on these shores and breed out of control at the taxpayer's expense is an act of insanity so profound that it defies description.
Truly this is the Age of Madness and the insane policies both here in the USA and in Europe will have devastating consequences of which the full impact has yet to be felt.
The west is committing suicide by groid and squandering vast resources on a worthless to humanity population that should (by rights) be back in Africa basking in the sunshine outside their cow shit huts where they can harm only themselves. Or the flies buzzing in clouds about their faces. We should only be seeing them in documentaries about "Darkest Africa" while recoiling in disbelief that such people and conditions could actually exist on this planet.
In any case, when the shtf, I say "Kill them all and let God sort them out."

Anonymous said...

When I first registered to vote, I was 18 and registered as a Dem. I honestly thought we had an obligation to help our fellow human beings. A few years later, in the workforce and seeing that workload was basically distributed by skin color, I came to the same conclusions as you. Any shooting on the 11 O'clock News showed a black male mug shot, every tragedy in the 'hood showed a mother and more chilluns than could fit in a camera shot (and no father to be found). Every good deed was performed by someone with a white face on behalf of someone with a black face, who seemed to dimly know she was supposed to publicly offer thanks--but you could tell she really felt she was entitled to what was given her. When it finally dawned on me I NEVER, EVER saw black people helping white people in their time of need, I started to be a little more strategic in my charity.

Mutant Swarm said...

@ Albertosaurus -

During the 1989 earthquake, they damned near had to declare martial law in Oakland, because of the TNB and random shooting (I refuse to call some idiot emptying a pistol out of a window a "sniper;" although there probably was some aimed fire going on).

No electricity, police forces stretched to the breaking point...yep, it's gonna be interesting. And for those who think they'll be safe because they live east of I-580 or SR-13, they're in for a surprise. A friend just called and asked if I knew where he could get a good German Shepherd, because he lives up in the hills and there's been break-ins.

Anonymous said...

Negroes don't volunteer.

Yes, I have noticed the lack of
married black men who raise children.

Black men produce more blacks and taxpayers pay for their upbringing.

The lack of COMPASSION and ability to
create community may have to do w low IQ? eh?

Anonymous said...

PAUL...I just shared ben Warners piece at Salon....maybe write him up.

Anonymous said...

paul...maybe you could interview or write up...
“This morning, a girl spit on me. When you said hello, it really turned my day around.”

“I’m sorry,” I said to him. “You shouldn’t have to go through that.”

What should he have to go through? I still had no idea.

Ben Warner lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.
He teaches college writing.

Silver Spring, MD - CNN Money‎
FULL LIST. Silver Spring, MD ... Compare Silver Spring to Top 10 Best Places · Subscribe to Money ... Silver Spring. Median home price, $370,450, $239,391

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Anon: @9:04:

Sir Winston Churchill said, "To be young and not a liberal, (democrat), is to have no heart, to be older and not be a conservative, (Republican), is to have no brain.

Liberals, and therefore democrats, remind me of the scarecrow man from the Wizard of Oz. The scarecrow man sang a song about being able to do anything, if he only had a brain. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nature n Nurture.

Laziness in the DNA [nature]
Learned Helplessness, the 'legacy' of liberals to blacks. ['nurtured']

they learned to be helpless and wait for some 'gibs me dat'.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Anon: @5:04:

I would venture to guess those Germans working voluntarily were the native, Euro-white Germans, and not the many, any or one, Islamic invader, who like blacks parasitize whitey for everything they can. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here, here! Excellent read. "Facts is fact," and this article does nothing more than point out factual truth. The Negro in utterly incapable of creating and sustaining successful, prosperous societies.

Anonymous said...

Here is something for the various trolls on this website: can you give us examples of blacks spontaneously coming together to restore civilization following a disaster? In the USA or the Caribbean or Africa?

We can be fair here, just provide us with some examples.

And in a crisis, civilization disappears overnight.

If it ever existed ...

The conditions of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina were not unlike those in Haiti or any number of black majority rule countries in Africa. i.e., remove the civilized props and things quickly revert to their state of equilibrium for the race involved: poverty, lots of violent crime, collapse of infrastructure. Underneath it all, there is a lack of the ability to take the initiative to make things better.

Contrast--following World War II, quite a few cities in Europe lay in ruins. Yet within a decade they were all up and running better than ever. And I'd venture to say that the amount of money spent via the Marshal Plan was only a fraction of that which America has invested in "urban renewal" and the war on poverty. The difference? The composition of the dominant race.

Similarly, look how quickly a Rhodesia can turn into a Zimbabwe by a simple change of the race of the ruling elite. And the perennial example of Detroit. Can one claim there is a difference from Katrina New Orleans and Detroit or Port au Prince or etc?

Californian said...

White Mom in VA said ... I was having a conversation a few days back with a neighbor of mine who claims to be a nationalist, but not a WHITE nationalist. This guy went through the Army and has since retired. He is 51, stuck in the idea that all races can integrate and America is simply undergoing divide and conquer.

His sentiments are not ignoble. Perhaps there was a time when the ideal of all Americans coming together as a single nation made sense. But what is making such an ideal increasingly impossible is that various demographics do not believe in it.

90+% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012. This was purely a racial thing. (One can perhaps understand a high black turnout for Obama in 2008 given the novelty of the thing, but twice?) There is little evidence that blacks are going to give up affirmative action, guilt tripping, race hustling, and the rest of the rackets. As long as blacks support the hustles, it becomes them-against-us, with whites taking second fiddle. And the high black rates of illegitimacy and violent crime make integration very difficult in practice.

You also have to look at the insidious effects of DWL ideologies such as multicultism. If every other civilization is to be celebrated while that of whites is put down, it's a formula for national disintegration. Your Army neighbor may have a point in that multicultism is a divide-and-conquer tactic, though I imagine DWLs see it in flowery utopian terms. In any event, blacks largely do exploit it to gain advantages at the expense of whites.

So what is this American nation?

A common theme in American war movies has been the infantry squad with the kid from Brooklyn, the driller from Texas, the snob from Boston, the guy off the boat from Europe, and the tough (white) sergeant bringing them all together. This was the ideal, but it was a white ideal.

Do other races have this ideal?

As long as white people were the overwhelming majority in America, other races might be expected to live up to white standards. You could have the occasional non-white as a squad member who proved he too could be a disciplined troop fighting for the nation. But as the demographics change, and other races assert their own interests, can America hold together? Black dominated cities (again, Detroit) do not celebrate a common Americanism with, say, their white suburbs let alone Idaho.

Anyway, be interesting to see how your Army neighbor will react as the country continues to disintegrate.

Anonymous said...

While the looting was going on, wasn't there a town adjacent to the flood which was made up of well trained whites? I remember reading that this twon shot at a few rioters as they were crossing the bridge to enter their area. If anyone remembers this, please shed a little light. I'm in a mood for a happy story.

Anonymous said...

OT: I had strong suspicions that blacks were behind the building collapse in Philadelphia. Both the contractor and the crane operator were blacks with criminal records.

whitefeather said...

I keep hearing that blacks were enabled and continue to be enabled to be in their "offensive to civilized peoples" position by democrats and liberals which are supposedly the same.liberal about what?
conservative about what?
you cant paint people with one brush, its a lie.
Look at the supreme court make up and the congress etc. at the time when enforced bussing and other insane laws were passed then get back to me.After that point there was nothing left to do but stop the law or forget it, they win. It was never stopped and continues to echo into our time.

The GOP had many years to make strides in correcting unjust laws etc. but they did worse than nothing.
Fear of the PC media is so great they might lose their jobs or their lives if they dared to change anything.
All media is absolutely politically correct* and will stoop to any level to make sure they dont get targeted by black groups.Look at the coverage of katrina not a negative word regarding the 99% percent race of the looters
and shooters.
The fear is used against companies and individuals by sharpton jackson and blacks in everyday life.
* never indicate any truth about prevalence of crime in the black 12% or any other negative thing about blacks without qualifying it with some phony "they couldnt help it" story...
no conclusions can ever be drawn from facts and figures or even their own eyes!

Big Bear said...

An ex's brother went down to assist in rebuilding after Katrina. From scratch, he gathered a group of workers in the Pass Christian area, which took a direct hit. Pass Christian is mostly White. While demographics show it as 28% Negro, when I visited that December I didn't see too many. Then again, Josh was a master at "avoid the groid" for obvious reasons.

He said they only worked with White clientele, and stayed away from New Orleans because of the futility of dealing with government bureaucrats. He wanted to be paid for his work, and paid right away. White insurance policy holders did just that. He had no blacks working for him, since he couldn't find any to take the jobs. Hispanics took the bus cross-country to have an opportunity to work, and the rest of his crew was Southern country boys. He did have a foreman from India (subcontinent) and hearing his contempt for Negroes was eye-opening.

He instructed his crew to avoid black areas. They had an incident where a few of the Hispanics were jumped and robbed by a gang of niggers. The stupid niggers stole the truck and then drove to the nearest bar to spend the money they stole. Some local Southern sheriff deputies dealt with them.

I see questions as to what would have happened to the Blacks had the ebil Whitey not have come to their rescue (yes, again!) The answer is simple and stark. After about a week, a major outbreak of cholera and assorted other diseases stemming from a lack of clean water would have ravaged the population. The rest would have starved or died of a lack of insulin. Any who straggled too far out of town would have run into country folk who hunt and have zero White guilt.

Anyone who lives within 20 miles of a large concentration of Blacks is likely doomed when TSHTF. Have a bug-out plan. I am so thankful to live in the American Redoubt. We take care of our own up here. I remember a year or two after Katrina when Grand Forks flooded and burned. No looting, no shooting. And the White population there tried their damnedest, as a community, to stop the water. The difference between Grand Forks and NO is that no Blacks volunteered to help rebuild Grand Forks (suprise!) White folk who assist lazy Blacks are only enabling them. Best to let nature take its course.

Big Bear said...

Albertosaurus--Your premise on the Oakland rioting following the next big earthquake is quite spot on. The only thing missing was potential damage to the bridges, which will further gum up the works by isolating the Bay Area.

The difference between Oakland and New Orleans, as Paul pointed out is World Star HipHop. These will be the Streaming Riots: citizen journalists, instant downloads, and no media spin. The chaos and carnage won't be reported about afterward, it will be live and in the faces of a shocked nation.

Jay Santos said...

Californian said...

Anyway, be interesting to see how your Army neighbor will react as the country continues to disintegrate.

I had a former neighbor, a very bright and solid guy. He was in his mid-eighties, served in New Guinea during WWII and went on to a career as an electrical engineer. I never knew his politics specifically. I was always interested in getting his perspective on what is happening today to this country. I'm far from his age, but I see so much that has changed in a significantly bad way; politics, financial picture, national sovereignty, the race situation and multiculturalism, centralized federal power. In short everything.

I have a lot of respect for this guy, not limited just to his age, but he doesn't seem to see any of this. Maybe you've got the standard normalcy bias canceling out what would otherwise be seen as hugely negative changes to the country he's known for so long. It's just anecdotal, based on one individual, but it puzzles me. Fact is, as destructive as the baby boomers have been, this crap happening today was put in motion by the baby boomer's parents; LBJ, Immigration Act of 1965 etc. I don't think the oldest generation really sees what we see.. Of course as far as negroes were concerned, they weren't nearly as destructively deadly in the old days as they are today. The old people still see the generally polite negro from the '40's and '50's.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Gentilly when the storm rolled through. I didn't evacuate. The levees broke, the sun went down and anybody with half a brain got the hell out of there at first light.

Good times.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

Actually, some of them have their own grandchildren as "foster children"--but only because they get bigger gubmint checks for doing what civilized people would do free.

Ms.Sippy said...

To A at 1134, some groids did attempt to walk across the Greater NO Bridge toward the West Bank- Algeirs and yes they were shot at. As I have said before there is NO PC down here. People in the deep South are armed and the groids know they will shoot, gladly and eagerly. They are loathed and despised here. I know it's hard to understand but many people love NO. Several years ago I complained to my nephew (who lives in NOLA) about how every time I rode my bike I had to watch out for elderly drivers not seeing me and forcing me off the road etc. He laughed and said "that's nothing, in NOLA you don't DARE ride a bike if you're black!"

Anonymous said...

Paul often says that Freedom Failed. But in a wider sense, Democracy Failed. Democracy essentially grants power to the group that has the least responsible reproductive behavior - a pretty shitty way to rule a country. Democracy decays into tyranny, which could be totalitarianism, fascism, or plutocracy.

We didn't start out as a Democracy, but as a Republic. Unfortunately, we now see that a Republic is unstable and decays into a Democracy after a fairly short time. It's like a decay chain in particle physics:

Republic -> Democracy -> Tyranny

Tyranny may be the only stable form of government, provided no outside force intervenes to change it.

It's difficult to say what more desirable form of government is stable against decay into tyranny, because the US has gone around the world intervening in virtually every country and upsetting the natural state of affairs. We have no undisturbed examples.

This simple picture is complicated by effects from the intrusion of foreign ideas (e.g., Marxism), foreign people (immigration and the invasion from Mexico), and the disproportionate influence of small, determined groups (Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Gays, Feminists, Communists, etc.)

Perhaps a pure ethno-state like Iceland is the only form that really works and can be governed in a more popular way than tyranny. If we are to rebuild after the collapse, we may have to re-form into smaller ethno-states, which means no big "white" nation, but smaller Polish, German, Norwegian, English, Irish, etc. regions that band together into multiple confederations to perform certain tasks they cannot perform independently. People of mixed ancestry or marriage will have to go where they are welcome.

I don't know. I could be wrong. Just some rambling thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
OK, what is "TNB?"

It's a new all-black cable channel.

Anonymous said...

"I've read many stories of blacks just sitting on their asses after a disaster and screaming, "Why ain't sumbody heppin' us!? Why ain't sumbody doin' sumthin'!?" while doing absolutely nothing to help themselves."

I read all this (about New Orleans) with mingled agreement and frustration.
I grew up here in hurricane zone. I'm white. I come from a family of fishers and boaters. We know what to do when hurricanes come. There's a way to ride it out, and you know when to not ride one out, when it's time to actually leave.

Katrina was one to actually leave for. I actually wasn't living in the city at the time. When I looked at the hurricane map on Saturday (two days before the storm made landfall) I almost had a heart attack. I knew then, having grown up in the area, that this was the proverbial big one. Everyone who had half a brain and had grown up here should have known by then there was no escaping. Saturday morning was the time to leave by any means possible or at least get to higher ground.
The narratives of my friends who did stay were very different from every narrative of every black person who stayed. Every black who stayed cries about "racism" and "why dint no wun heellllp us". They all took full advantage of government services, stayed in shelters, etc. No white person I know did that, they escaped government help if they accidentally received any, they went to friends and relatives houses and returned to clean up their own house as soon as they could. According the the news, you'd think no white people were flooded out at all. This couldn't be further from the truth and aggravates me no end. No, white people were flooded out and lost everything too - they just didn't congregate in a mob and scream and cry "why won't sum wun HALP US! WE DYIN!"

It kind of makes you think - one reasoning behind slavery was that black folks weren't able to take care of themselves. It's supposed to be a very racist thought to agree to that. but here they are, repeatedly asking us to take care of them. The difference is that now we aren't supposed to make them do any work in return.

Anonymous said...

"Ever see a "black" civic group picking up trash on the side of the road?"

Yes! They're called "chain gangs".

Anonymous said...

Did you see Celine Dion on Larry King Live after Katrina? She gave the Red Cross a million bucks for New Orleans, and went on to bitch out people who had a problem with Negroes stealing jeans and TV's:

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Did you see Celine Dion on Larry King Live after Katrina? She gave the Red Cross a million bucks for New Orleans, and went on to bitch out people who had a problem with Negroes stealing jeans and TV's:

June 6, 2013 at 5:21 PM

And let's not forget Sean Penn boating around helping the poor, downtrodden Negroes...while wearing a bulletproof vest.

Melanie said...

Fuck Celine Dion, let her move down there and live with the negro mobs next time a hurricane is due to hit. Fuck her twice, three times over, with a syphillis-infested penis. I can't articulate the depths of my contempt for someone like her, pontificating from the distance of her clean safe isolation, about the moral "dereliction" of whites who have to live near the animals.

Y'all know how I feel about cussin', so that should tell you how deep my contempt for Dion and her like goes.

Constructive Feedback said...

Dear Mr Kersey:

I know that you have several indictments against Black people layered in your post but I have a few questions for you:

1) When you see massive Forest Fires on the West Coast where people lose everything but then depend upon FEDERALLY SUBSIDIZED INSURANCE - as well as the FEDERAL FOREST FIRE TROOPS - to save them................Do you ever see these GOVERNMENT DEPENDENTS that live in high risk areas as you do the NEGROS that live below Sea Level and surrounded by levees?

1A) Can you recall "VDare" or any other White Nationalist organization making a public announcement that these forest conditions are just TOO RISKY TO BE INHABITED BY WHITE FOLKS and the superior genes and intelligence that they carry?

2) If I show you POOR WHITE PEOPLE who were encamped with "The Blacks" at the Super Dome - would you give me a copyright free quote of your opinion of these dependent people?

3) If the upper class Huxtables are a perversion of BLACK REALITY - do you believe that "Married With Children" and "Rosanne" were distortions of "White reality"?

4) Over the last 10 years when the 'G-8', 'IMF' and 'NATO' have held conferences on the shores of America and required MILITARY-STYLE forces to keep the DWL Anarchists in line DID YOU see a "Police/Protester" relationship between them as you see with the NEGRO?

5) The London Riots Of 2011.

THE AUSTERITY CUTS BY THE UK GOVERNMENT that mandated the University Students PAY MORE for their SUBSIDIZED TUITION triggered says of violent protests that caused MILLIONS IN PROPERTY DAMAGE AND ARRESTS.

5a) NY Cooper Union Students conduct a sit-in inside of the university president's office PROTESTING the school's plan to CHARGE TUITION for the first time in its history.

Surely you are not this 'niggardly' with your logic and reasoning, Mr Kersey?

You appear to know the CONCLUSION that you have in advance of your research and then you article is merely the "interior decorating" for the skeleton straw man that you have erected.

Your blog is GREAT because we always know: 'THE NINJA DID IT' before we even read the first line in every article.

YOU watch "World All-Star Hip Hop" while OTHER LEARNED WHITE MEN are:

* Reading the stock market ticker tape on their video terminals

* Reading the graphical representation of their radio telescope that is exploring the furthest region of the universe

* Exploring the Human Genome via their computer display

* Are recalculating the "Flood Plains" based upon new hydrological data.


You are INDEED a great man, sir.

You remains as the closest White person that I had the pleasure to be in the company of.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Never heard of Celine Dion, however after reading a number of comments on her, I would have suggested that rather than b-tch out people complaining about Negro looting during a catastrophe, perhaps she could have offered to pay the looting debt.

As far as Sean Penn goes, that anti-American, Hollywood, liberal elitist and hypocrite, was a chip of the old blockhead. His father, a red scare days, and McCarthy era cameraman in Hollywood, was a socialist liberal just like jr..

There are many liberal ideologists in Hollywood. They blow the liberal ideology blow, but then never personally walk the liberal ideology blow they blow.

Many of those HL had parents and other forebears in Hollywood during the red scare days, circa, 1918-1960, who were in fact, card carrying members of the communist party, and or were socialist sympathizers.

Liberals, and liberal ideology is the cancer of the white race, and the iceberg targeting the Titanic that is both the white gene pool and the white culture.

Secessionary thoughts anyone? Thank you.

Aequitas said...

I remember watching the footage from our farm here. As unbelievable as it was, I figured there were three types that would have stayed.

1. Those negroes who planned on looting after the hurricane was passed.

2. Those negroes too stupid to leave.

3. Those whites with a stubborn streak. Literally, "I ain't movin' for nothin'". Probably a lot like that old guy who lived near Mt. Saint Helens back before it blew up.

The funny thing is that the media chose to show the negroes in all their ugliness. We all know "Lootie" with his load of Heinekin beer.

Why it is funny is that they showed, very briefly, a white family that I think falls under #3. On some street, there were about a dozen whites working furiously with chainsaws, clearing a downed tree that had hit a house. There was a generator humming in the background, I think. Pickup trucks were in evidence.

When questioned about what they were doing, one of the whites said that they were all family. All their houses had been either flooded or destroyed and that the home they were working on was the home of the family matriarch. "Mama's House" in other words. The thing was, they were all working together to square away that one house so they would all have a dry place to stay while they worked on their own houses. They pooled resources, got some power back up, pulled security, etc.

They didn't rely on Da Gubmint to help them at all.

That one scene was branded on my memory, and I contrasted it with how the negroes were behaving. Just freaking pathetic.

And by the way, I saw that footage once, and only once. I think it went down the memory hole along with all the other stuff that makes negroes look bad.

If anyone knows where to find it, or actually has it, I would be much obliged.

Aequitas said...

Big Bear said this:

"Anyone who lives within 20 miles of a large concentration of Blacks is likely doomed when TSHTF. Have a bug-out plan."

Absolutely 100% agreed.

I am happy to have at least persuaded a friend of mine who lived just outside of NYC to relocate. He saw which was the wind was blowing and decided to GTFO of Dodge while the getting was good. Moved out West, up in the mountains. He says him and his family are blissfully happy and it's like another world, a different country...

Me and mine, we're planning on bugging in. We're way off the beaten path. You have to actually know we're here to find us. If you try to find our place using mapping technology online, you'll end up in a cowfield far from here. See, they renamed our road and renumbered all the houses. It confuses the hell out of GPS systems...

Nearest infestation is about 2 hours away at highway speeds.

Even if The Golden Horde happens to get anywhere near here, we're still 5 miles back on a road that dead ends at a river. One way in, one way out. They'd have to navigate a tangle of barbed wire fences, woods and touchy Southerners to get this far. EVERYONE around here hunts, and we all believe very strongly in the 2nd Amendment. Ours is a very, very gun friendly place and, once outside anything resembling a "city", you find almost zero negroes.

Lorraine said...

They don't want to see.

Look, do you really want to ponder what is going to be in store for your kids as our society declines? I think about it. You think about. The geezers do not.

I live in a building in NOVA with older (50s, 60s) government, military retirees. Hey, beats the section 8 sistahs all to hell.

These people see me running around with my kids and my stroller. I'm in flip flops and my hair is in a bandana. They look at me as if I have two heads. They cannot relate.

I am 40 and I know I will never retire. My parents are in their late 60s and they are retired. I have to be honest here in saying I have alot if contempt the boomers and geezers because they were all about immigration and kumbaya. Thanks you old white marshmallow heads.

These people just don't have a clue and will be dead when the slide speeds up. Hey, I guess it just sucks for us to live now in the present.

I see these retirees in the building and they are so 'soft' and entitled. Many if the men are bachelors and never had kids. Now they lounge by the pool will their big hairy mole covered bellies. Meanwhile I am running around making sure my kids don't drown.

The generations before us sold us out. They did not have a 'white identity'. They were popping pills and stoning out to Joan Baez. These people were the couples you'd see on that stupid a 80 s how Thirty Something.

Screw them.

For them to acknowledge that their self centeredness sold the future if white people for generations to come down the river would be an unpleasant thing. Would not want to poop on the boomer and geezer parade now would we?

I try to talk to my parents about race realism. Forget it mang. I think Annie Oakley brought up the phrase about killing six million Jews... My parents like actually said that to me last week.

So just like my attitude with my CHASE mortgage and other assorted banksteins, my approach is that I am going to pace myself. I am not busting g my butt to make cash to support Mr Hairymolebelly at poolside enjoying his retirement from the State Department. I let my kids get rowdy in the pool and splish splash so the geezes can get a spay now and then. Oh well, my kids will be the indentured servants whose taxes will pay for groid care and your stay in the home as you bask in Depends you Feds! Suck it up!

Look, I know I sound like a bitter bitch here, but after the last so many years of 'compassionate conservatism' coupled with the tyrannical reign of the King of the Ghetto Turds, wouldn't you be?

White Mom in VA

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Thank you! I've said for years that if I was dirt poor and without any possible transportation in that situation, I simply would have started walkin north along the highway, and not stopped for a day or more. But that's independent YT thinking, so that was probably rayciss to even mention. My sincerest apologies...


Anonymous said...

vs :…/lets_hope_the_boston_marathon_bomber_is…‎
by David Sirota – in 750 Google+ circles
Apr 16, 2013 – Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American. There is a … However, white male privilege means white men are not collectively …

Anonymous said...

@rjp: "How can a fucking rundown 100 year old shack worth $1,400 incur $150,000 in damage?"

You're looking at it all wrong. It was a $150,000 property all along. Pre-Katrina, however, it was only worth $1400 because it contained hundreds of pounds of vermin. After Katrina flushed them out, the property was valuable, once again.

I eagerly await the near future, when the Katrinoids, and the sons and daughters of the Katrinoids, return to NO to reclaim the homes that were swindled and bamboozled away from them by greedy profiteers. It'll be the American version of the old "My grandfather used to own that painting" game.

Anonymous said...

@Anonomous at 3:53

I have a hypothesis that in any mixed society, be it ethnic, religious or racial, the only stable form of government is either decentralized (for example Switzerland where the Cantons are ethnically distinct) or autocratic (USSR, China, Yugoslavia, Singapore). Without one ethnic group having total dominance you need either something close to anarchy where the groups can self-segregate or a dictatorship that forces different groups together.

Chuck said...


Can someone explain such a disproportion to me?

The Washington Post --> The black/white marijuana arrest gap, in nine charts

Cops are racists?

Ex Atlantan said...

A 33-year-old Nashville man is called to court to pay up after fathering 22 kids with 14 women. WTVF reports.

Orlando Shaw: Making sure the inept negro legacy lives on.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to be off topic, but PJ Media posted a ridiculous video on their YouTube page titled "TRIFECTA -- Detroit in Ruins: Fifty Years of Liberalism Has Destroyed the Motor City". It would be a nice stepping off point to further document Conservatism Inc. ignoring the race reality starring them in the face. In the video, Michelle Fields incredibly stated with a straight face:

"What Detroit did is they taxed everyone so that they left. They basically kicked everyone out by taxing them too much so now they don't have a tax base, they don't have revenue."

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] I can't articulate the depths of my contempt for someone like her, pontificating from the distance of her clean safe isolation, about the moral "dereliction" of whites who have to live near the animals.[/quote]

Wow Melanie - I'd swear that if we were living in the 1950's YOU'D be caller Celine Dion a "Ninja Lover".

MY QUESTION TO YOU is - If we look at the BLACK PEOPLE who were terrorized by SAVAGE WHITE MEN per the historical record - how should they have KEEP THE ANIMALS away as they entered into the Black community to enforce their brand of JUSTICE - "Terror"?

Johnny See said...

Yup, yup, yup, and...Yup.
This thread has had more comments I admire and agree with than any other... and I have been here a while,
Katrina passed over Florida as a Cat 1. The next day my girlfriend and I cleaned up a few branches in her yard and headed north on our already-planned trip to help her relatives with some stuff. The whole way north we passed convoy after convoy of power company trucks headed south.. 50 or more in a group. We thought.. Wow.. this is gonna be bad. Sure enough, when we got to our destination we were able to watch the whole sorry spectacle of Katrina and NOLA, real time. What a mess.
Hurricanes are nothing to mess with, and I always prepare. Even if we get a miss, I always figure "well, putting away the prep is easier than cleanup after a bad one, so, so what?"
This brings me to my point that came after reading so many "When the SHTF" comments...
People, I love you, so please pay attention. I study a LOT of diverse topics (and this is the only diversity I want or need) One is economics. I can tell you the following:
The shit has hit the fan. Period, paragraph.
The shit hit the fan in 2008.
The shit was fully in contact with the leading edge of the fan blade throughout 2009.
Somewhere between 2009 and 2010, the shit slid across the blade and began to leave it.
The shit continued to leave the fan during all of 2011.
Remember the "slow motion train wreck" analogies?
The shit completely left the fan in 2012, and now resides in the White House for a second term.
Just kidding. Obama is a mere tool, and a fool.... but I will not belabor that point.
My point is that now, in 2013, the shit has not only hit, but has completely LEFT (lol) the fan.
Yes. The fan is completely shit-free. It has all passed and is airborne.
All that remains is to calculate the caliber of the shit, the velocity of the shit, and the range to target.
May I respectfully suggest you consider the best way to duck?
Lorraine seems to have a very solid clue. (Thanks so much for sharing your perspectives on the shitstorm approaching and the possible solutions you foresee)
It seems to me that the fan is very large, as is the caliber of the shit.
I am practicing ducking moves now.
Do you hear the tornado sirens?
I think you do.
Good luck, all.
Thanks for all the great input. I really appreciate knowing that I am not alone in seeing this!

Discard said...

Anon at 8:36 AM: My wife does not like to think ill of people, not even layabouts who sit and watched her labor on their behalf. But I talked her out of going to Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Australian Katrina Experiences continued

Family and friends gathered at the Brisbane home of Mr McNeil's parents,
Peter and Mary, where they were joined by Mr Hopes's sister, Debbie Browne.

Mrs McNeil broke down when she saw images of her son leaving New Orleans.

"There have been times during this past week when we didn't know if we would
see him again," she said.

Mr McNeil said he could see a change in his son.

"They've been traumatised," he said. "I think they've witnessed several

The other Australians on the bus were Emma Hardwick, of Sydney; Simon Wood,
of Wyalkatchem, WA; Michael Ryan, of Lithgow, NSW; Yasmin Bright, of
Newcastle; Michelle and Lisa van Grinsven, of Sydney; and Elise Sims, Tea
Tree Gully, Adelaide.

Meanwhile, three Australian couples were safe in Los Angeles, awaiting
flights home after being rescued from New Orleans by a Channel 7 news crew.

Tim and Joanne Miller, of Rockhampton, Garry and Cynthia Jones, of Brisbane,
and Jack and Gloria Slinger, of Perth, crammed into a four-wheel-drive
vehicle with reporter Mike Amor and two colleagues for the early morning

The crew had arranged to pick up two couples from the building where they
were holed up and found the Slingers on the streets.

"They were very wary about about coming out of the building. It was a pretty
frightening scene -- bodies, shootings, looters," Amor said.

A phone call in the middle of the night gave hope to relatives of Brisbane's
Fiona Seidel and her sister-in-law, Katie Maclean.

Mrs Maclean's husband, Andrew, was contacted by a New Orleans police officer
who said he had seen the pair get on a bus.

Anonymous said...

Stupid White people indeed.

For the last several years,gangs,work gangs that is,of Irish people have been travelling to South Africa to build houses for the kaffirs.

They do this voluntarily,staying for a few months,working in an African sun while the kaffirs sit around watching and,no doubt,reflecting,as far as they are capable of reflection,on how incredibly stupid White people are.

A DWL cousin of mine went on one of these trips,lasted two weeks,got so disgusted that he told the organizers to "Go fuck yourself and every nigger in africa" and came back home.

At least one idiot got the cure and he now readily admits that he was indeed an idiot.

Anonymous said...

OT: Hard to enjoy the silence when these dirt packers are squatting in England, laughing at the mourners after the beheading of a white British soldier. Every white Christian needs to watch this.

Some MAJOR shit is about to go down, I can feel it in my bones...

Anonymous said...

People should recite this until memorized

Anonymous said...

The video on youtube of muslims laughing at the death of the soldier in England has been removed.
Can't make those peaceful muslims (who don't support terrorism) look bad now, can we?

rjp said...

Anonymous said ....

It'll be the American version of the old "My grandfather used to own that painting" game.

Do you think NOLA will create a special "pension" for them too which the media will be hush-hush regarding and that the surviving non-socialist country will be required to foot the bill?

Anonymous said...

When I do tours for friends in dc, as some may know, there are all these ethnic history museums. I refer to the NASM as the white history museum. Not a fkin thing in there not built by a white man.

A good juxtaposition is the injun history museum across the street. Full of wooden canoes and wood fish hooks circa like 1908. Across the street, is the first airplane ever built....same country, 5 yrs earlier. I had a Hindu gf who was into the antiwhite sentiment. Even she "got it" when we went to them back to back.

There is an immense, vast, chasm between the capabilities of groups of smart whites and those of other populations. Like dugout canoe versus jet aircraft large.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:55 AM: "video has been removed"

rjp said...

Anonymous said...

OT: Hard to enjoy the silence when these dirt packers are squatting in England, laughing at the mourners after the beheading of a white British soldier. Every white Christian needs to watch this.

Some MAJOR shit is about to go down, I can feel it in my bones...

Video gone. Nobody is allowed know to know the truth about how the parasites feel about thir hosts.

SKIP said...

To Loraine, not all of us baby boomers are lying around the pool honey, quite a lot of us are military trained and advocate racial genocide, myself included! Also, I am not fat nor am I mole covered LOL in fact, I would not be embarrassed for you to see me naked!

Anonymous said...

CF, our resident Beacon of Niggerbabble.

Don M said...

"Look, I know I sound like a bitter bitch here, but after the last so many years of 'compassionate conservatism' coupled with the tyrannical reign of the King of the Ghetto Turds, wouldn't you be?"

Loraine's delightful rascality is the precise reason Senator Schumer (TWMNBN-New York) and his buddies want to replace us with a dumber, more docile population of serfs...

Anonymous said...

Whites smoke Mary Jane at home inside. Blacks smoke it outside, in cars, on the porch, walking down the street.
Also in Chicago cops regularly patrol black neighborhoods. The complaint about gang killings is there arent any cops, the cops need to do more. So more cops in black hoods, therefore more arrests. You scarcely find a cop in most white hoods so they could be smoking herb all day on thier porch and no ine would see it. Also whites are at work half the day. Blacks in the hood home all day with double the amount of cops patroling has to add up to more arrests.

Anonymous said...

Hoods want more cops to patrol for safety then they are going to find crime more often. Everybody is home or on the corner. Easy pickins.

Anonymous said...

In some of the looting footage I noticed black women stealing diapers, food, formula. I can forgive that. But the men running with other goods? Your kids cant eat a water soaked tv you moron.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

I think I fell in love with Lorraine, the White Mom in VA. Just brilliant!

Unknown said...

Maybe the REAL reason why the gray gay reporter sobbed on camera was that he knew how the mask of deception had just slipped, and that it could most likely never be replaced

Anonymous said...

It would appear that Katrina was the most racially biased hurcane in history. I really didnt know that the government had our backs in the event of natural disasters, that they would rebuild peoples homes in a flood, thats interesting to know.
I think that the mojority of the black people in New Orleans came out ahead of the game, because they didn't have much to begin with after the money was passed out to people I heard stories of people getting checks over one hundred thousand and they never even owned property.

Anonymous said...

The reason the stamps say forever is to let you know that it will always be able to be used as a postage for first class mail even if they raise the rate you wont have to buy additional two or five cent stamps to send a letter. Or did you already know that?

Anonymous said...

In the area I live in the court system is big on community service as a sentence for some misdomeanors. My problem is that blacks are the majority of the offenders, yet I have never seen one picking up trash on the side of the road, working at the soup kitchen, or any other community service. I just wonder WTF?

Mich Mike

A Geezer said...

@Anon June 7, 2013 at 4:55 AM.
That video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on violence? Are you surprised ?

Anonymous said...


1972, whites in new orleans attempted to flee to new orleans to escape groid NAGGISM, THEIR EFFORTS FAILED SADLY
New orleans easts is nig town, never stop between canal st and slidell when eastbound on I 10

Anonymous said...

They refused to evacuate. They refused the amtrak out of town. Racist to remove them?

Anonymous said...

The police and citizens of that town blocked bridge access as 9th ward folks tried to cross over.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] I can't articulate the depths of my contempt for someone like her, pontificating from the distance of her clean safe isolation, about the moral "dereliction" of whites who have to live near the animals.[/quote]

Wow Melanie - I'd swear that if we were living in the 1950's YOU'D be caller Celine Dion a "Ninja Lover".

MY QUESTION TO YOU is - If we look at the BLACK PEOPLE who were terrorized by SAVAGE WHITE MEN per the historical record - how should they have KEEP THE ANIMALS away as they entered into the Black community to enforce their brand of JUSTICE - "Terror"?

The reason White men were forced to enter the "Black Community" and dole out rough justice is that Negroes are not future oriented, they only think in the short term, today, tomorrow and maybe until their check comes or the EBT card is reloaded. The concept that present actions will have future ramifications does not exist for most of them, a jury trial and punishment sometime in the future will have no bearing on what they do now. But the sight of a group of angry townsfolk dragging out a rapist or murderer and hang him from a tree or burning him at the stake on the same day as he perpetrated his atrocity puts the fear of God into his low IQ compadres in a way that the possibility of prison time never could.

Melanie said...

At Anonymous June 7, 2013 at 11:49 AM-

No different from the Pigford give-away of taxpayer money to black "farmers" who were supposedly discriminated against in the past. There are blacks applying for, and receiving, money from this particular wealth redistribution program who never grew so much as a petunia in a window box.

At the same time, small farmers are being pushed to the wall by regulations, the EPA, etc.

Anonymous said...

NPR was talking about 'a better chance foundation'..
I assume it gets $ from Whites to help blacks.

Anonymous said...

I am amused that the media refers to an excavator as a crane.

Anonymous said...

You have basicelly answered your own question. America as a democratic socialist country, foounded on capitalism is coming to its logical conclusion. It works fine when those who create the wealth have a say in what it is used for. Today there are too many who have no dog in the fight controling other peoples wealth. Politics should not be the major route for uncreative people to become wealthy. This sort of wealth or money for nothing is only sustainable if the haves continue to pay for it. Any idiot can see that open borders and free welfare for the world cannot be sustained. Once the havenots begin to out number the haves it is downhill all the way.

Melanie said...


Are we keeping score here? If so, I'd say that blacks have more than evened any score they thought needed to be settled, as they murder more whites in a year than were ever lynched in the entire history of the historical era of lynching. Don't forget, many of those who received "rough justice" were other whites.

Now-tell me when the score will be evened regarding blacks volunteering to help others after disasters, or even help themselves, or at least not hinder the volunteers who try to help them. Name for me one instance of a group of black volunteers going to a town devastated by tornadoes to help the white victims of natural disaster. They don't even volunteer to help other black victims after natural disasters. They immediately revert to their default position of demanding-not asking, demanding-that people-almost always entirely white-appear at the blink of the eye and do the work of feeding and housing, cleaning, restoration, and rebuilding. At best, they sit back on their azzes and watch as the white volunteers do the work. At worst, they hinder the white volunteers by attacking them or stealing the supplies. What they never do is express any gratitude-they bitch that that help isn't enough, quick enough. The usual mentality of entitlement, by people who have done nothing to be entitled.

A thousand years from now, if humanity still exists, if whites still exist, and nothing has changed, it will be the same. Whites doing the work, volunteering to help the poor blacks. And the blacks being completely unhelpful and entitled, and still excusing their laziness and entitlement by talking about some lynchings over a thousand years ago. Even though by that time, if whites still exist, blacks will have preyed upon and murdered exponentially more whites than were ever lynched during the period of lynchings (don't forget, all the lynched weren't black-whites didn't tolerate heinous crimes by other whites either). When are blacks going to show us some of that "equality" by holding their own criminals equally culpable, and repugnant to them, as whites do to our criminals?

When are they going to be the first to volunteer in proportionate numbers to do the dirty work necessary after disasters? Not merely have their "spokespeople" blame and demand that whitey isn't doing enough, fast enough, and call that "activism"?

Tell me, do you think that a hundred years from now blacks will still be excusing their lack of altruism-doing the real dirty work, not extorting money from whites for their spokespeople to line their pockets and calling that "activism"-by talking about lynching victims from some hundreds of years ago?

What if, after natural disasters, whites finally got a clue and only volunteered to do what will help fellow white victims and left it to the black leaders to form black volunteer forces to help the black victims? I wonder how that would work out?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how this entire site is dedicated to "The Stuff Black People Don't Like" but it's all about the stuff white people don't like. I agree that the black population has its problems but let's get to the root problem. Blacks were taken and enslaved; they didn't ask to be here. For 400 years there families were torn apart (sold like cattle) their men were murdered, and they didn't receive education. Plus much more I don't want to name. And who did all this to them; white people. Then, when they were freed, they were given no means of supports, no education, nothing. Then when quality education, jobs, etc. came along everyone expected them to somehow become gold ol' citizens with wealth and education like their white counterparts. You cannot undo hundreds of years of damage to a race overnight. But white people have to be responsible for their actions that caused all of this black "mayhem". Everyone is so sympathetic to the Jews who were persecuted for a couple of years but blacks should get over being enslaved, killed, raped, sold, lynched, discriminated against? Seriously?

Discard said...

Anon on June 19: My grandfather went to work in a coal mine at age 13. Chinese in this country lived under Mao Zedong's slaughters in the 1950's and '60's. No Black alive today lived under slavery. Time for Blacks to stop sniveling about their history and get to work, like other people's have.