Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Orleans Times Picayune: City's Greatest Liability is Really its Greatest Asset

 Up is down. Left is right. Black is white. And in New Orleans, the population that collectively makes the city one of the world's most dangerous is actually the key to its resurrection [African-American men in New Orleans are an untapped workforce, new report says, New Orleans Times Picayune, June 12, 2013]:
The answer to New Orleans problems? Increasing the white proportion of the overall population in the city
Beleaguered by high unemployment and an economy drifting away from blue-collar jobs that had kept many African-American men employed in past decades, New Orleans needs to do a better job of educating and advancing the careers of black men, according to a report that Loyola University released Wednesday.

The report, published by the Lindy Boggs National Center for Community Literacy, describes black men, who account for 26 percent of the city's population that is able to work, as an untapped resource as the city's growing construction and manufacturing businesses place more and more value on education beyond a high school diploma.

"If New Orleans is to substantially reverse decades of economic decline, high crime rates, and a shrinking city tax base, then greater educational attainment and economic progress for African-American men will be critical," the report's conclusion states.
The report, coupled with another from the New Orleans Fatherhood Consortium that advocates for better data to be collected on men as parents, came about from patterns that Boggs Center Director Petrice Sams-Abiodun noticed in her research as a family demographer.
"Our primary goal was to think about the recovery and rebuilding of New Orleans," she said, and in doing that, to be "sure to be very vocal that poor or marginalized men, and in particular African-American men, had access to opportunities."

New Orleans' job market has been in decline for 30 years, but the changes have hit the African-American community especially hard. The city lost almost 47,000 jobs between 1980 and 2004, according to the Boggs Center report, which was based on data compiled by the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center. And from 1980 to 2011, the employment rate for black men fell from 63 percent to 48 percent, leaving the majority unemployed or having given up looking for work entirely.

By contrast, white men in New Orleans saw their employment rate drop only from 80 percent in 1980 to 74 percent in 2011, meaning that they fared better through the oil bust of the 1980s and the economic downturn in the first decade of the new century.
The report suggests that higher levels of education within the white community accounted for a resiliency the black community didn't have.

As the value of education rose in many industries, black men were once again left behind, according to the report. Though the number of black men in New Orleans with high school degrees has grown by leaps and bounds, the number of those with associate degrees -- typically awarded by a community or technical college after two years of study -- hasn't changed since 1980: 15 percent. By contrast, 66 percent of white men in the city have at least an associate degree -- up 20 percent in the last 30 years and leaving whites in better position to stay employed as the job market changes.

And for those African-American men in New Orleans who have held onto jobs, they continue to take a hit on wages compared with their white counterparts, the report states. Annual salaries for black men have fallen 11 percent since 2000, down to $31,018. In a striking disparity, white men have seen their wages rise 9 percent during that period, to an average of $60,075.

The job market has always been especially tough for black men who spent time in prison, and it continues to be so. The report says that 84 percent of the 3,300 men over age 18 in New Orleans jails are African-American. On top of that, blacks spend almost twice as long awaiting trial in the troubled Orleans Parish Prison, further undercutting their ability to hold onto any job they may have had.

John Thompson, founder of Resurrection After Exoneration, a nonprofit group geared toward helping exonerated former felons to find employment, said that need is more fundamental than providing higher education for former or convicted felons leaving prison.

"Give me a trade over education any time," he said. "It's what a man needs now to feed his family."

Thompson also called for ending the stigma that comes with the label "convicted felon" on job applications. "We tell (ex-cons) they need to be a productive member of society, but society is not giving them an opportunity," he said.

After laying out one grim statistic after another, the Loyola report turns to conclusions that echo Thompson's firsthand take. It says more must be done to feed African-American men into jobs in burgeoning industries. It calls for programs to recruit high school graduates into the petrochemical industry, and for providing better job-skills training to the poor, to convicts and to black men working low-wage jobs.

"If we could address the inequalities and disparities of black men, we'd have a stronger New Orleans," Sams-Abiodun said.
 Meanwhile, a renaissance of sorts is happening in New Orleans.

And it's called gentrification. [Gentrification and its Discontents: Notes from New Orleans, New Geography, 3-1-13]:
One Storm, Two Waves
Everything changed after August-September 2005, when the Hurricane Katrina deluge, amid all the tragedy, unexpectedly positioned New Orleans as a cause célèbre for a generation of idealistic millennials. A few thousand urbanists, environmentalists, and social workers—we called them “the brain gain;” they called themselves YURPS, or Young Urban Rebuilding Professionals—took leave from their graduate studies and nascent careers and headed South to be a part of something important.
Many landed positions in planning and recovery efforts, or in an alphabet soup of new nonprofits; some parlayed their experiences into Ph.D. dissertations, many of which are coming out now in book form. This cohort, which I estimate in the low- to mid-four digits, largely moved on around 2008-2009, as recovery moneys petered out. Then a second wave began arriving, enticed by the relatively robust regional economy compared to the rest of the nation. These newcomers were greater in number (I estimate 15,000-20,000 and continuing), more specially skilled, and serious about planting domestic and economic roots here. Some today are new-media entrepreneurs; others work with Teach for America or within the highly charterized public school system (infused recently with a billion federal dollars), or in the booming tax-incentivized Louisiana film industry and other cultural-economy niches.
Brushing shoulders with them are a fair number of newly arrived artists, musicians, and creative types who turned their backs on the Great Recession woes and resettled in what they perceived to be an undiscovered bohemia in the lower faubourgs of New Orleans—just as their predecessors did in the French Quarter 80 years prior. It is primarily these second-wave transplants who have accelerated gentrification patterns.
Those people 'gentrifying' New Orleans, and helping turn around a once moribund city - courtesy of a population that was 70 percent black prior to Hurricane Katrina - are the greatest asset Orleans Parrish has right now.

And the greatest liability to the salvation of the city is the population the New Orleans Times Picayune claims is its greatest untapped resource.

Up is down. Left is right. Black is white


Anonymous said...

C'mon, we all know how famous black men are for their hard work..lol

D-FENS said...

New Orleans Fatherhood Consortium? WTF is that? An organization of "city fathers" trying to improve local government, business, industry and quality of life? No, not quite.

"...our objective of lifting up fathers as an asset for growing communities and strengthening families."


What other racial group is so dysfunctional that it requires such an organization?

Anonymous said...

Coming soon: Southern New Detroilet. C'mon, everyone, sing it with me. You know the words!

1. Idealistic NE liberal college kids move down to make NOLA a better place by "teaching for America."
2. They learn the hard way what we already know: you can't make people who are lazy and incapable of understanding the concept of delayed gratification learn anything.
3. After having moved to NOLA and fixing up whole communities of houses, they get disgusted and move home.
4. Broods move into the rehabbed homes and destroy them in a week.
5. Levees break again. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Lorraine said...

The young social workers and other 'non profit' industry types are really just glorified poverty pimps. There has been a whole cottage industry built around the 'disabled' and unemployable groid 'youfs'. All the mamas that worked the system to get their groidlets labeled with a disability so 'dat da fambly cud git dez check' have in fact just continued the lineage of dysfunctional turdheads.

Oh well, at least some white middle class college graduates can make some money and pay off their student loans. Something good always comes out if something bad.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

We gibs them opportunities to become productive, and they don't take them. It's far easier to live off the gubmint chesse tit and whine about those ebil whiteys...and rob, rape, and murder because dey oppressed and da legacy ob slavery.

Anonymous said...

Da legocy ob de slabery. Please get eubonics right!

Unknown said...

"Up is down. Left is right. Black is white."

-Paul Kersey

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

-George Orwell

I think it's interesting that even the black guy admits the futility of education in this demographic: "Give me a trade over education any time," he said. "It's what a man needs now to feed his family."

There's really very little hope for this country, but it can't be saved by waving a wand and giving all the blacks PhD's. (waving a wand is essentially what we do to give them HS diplomas, and even that has had disastrous consequences.)

"Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time, and annoys the pig."

-Attributed to Robert Heinlein

Saving the country would require:
- mandatory birth control for anyone on welfare or on public works jobs
- close the borders. Make illegal aliens felons, and put all felons to work on chain gangs
- Massive pubic works programs to build high-speed rail and better roads, paid for with gas taxes and welfare cuts
- end birthright citizenship
- offer job to anyone who can work; deny welfare to anyone who won't work
- begin skills-based legal immigration rather than random or worse-than-random (i.e. pick the dumbest, not the smartest) selection process
- reduce military spending, and/or charge other NATO countries for our protection services
- raise gas taxes to make new energy sources more attractive, and make Arabia irrelevant within one generation
- legalize drugs to make black gangs irrelevant, and limit their ability to buy government officials

10mm AUTO said...

Reverend Bacon, I agree on all points, except that it will never happen. I mean no disrespect, your points are valid, but again we are discussing how to bell the cat, when half the mice are spies for the cat and the other half are afraid.

For example: Lindsy Graham, can't wait for passage of the Amnesty bill and gleefully says that the GOP (meaning Whites) are in a demographic "death spiral" (his words) and he is the Republican from South Carolina! Also, the new Senator from Virginia is going to address the Senate in Spanish, a first.

These are our "leaders" watching the death of our dreams with insane mirth.

We are not voting ourselves our of this problem. We can retrench, form a homeland where we can achieve our goals and let the insanity of the FUSA screw itself or sit by while everything dies and we are left as a isolated people in our own land.

I joined NorthwestFront not because I believe I can do anything about the problems of Detroit or Arizona (where now you don't even have to be a citizen to vote) but because I believe the end is very close, certainly within a decade. The White must secure a land for himself in the terrible breakup of the FUSA or fall into Darkness with all that is left of our Kin.

Here are two Whites discussing both White flight and the need for the White man to rise up and face his fears and not hide in the shadows (or in our case, behind computer screens) and face this situation. (See: http://youtu.be/JYzUvfAqkuc?t=1m39s )

It is horrifying, awful and inspiring all at the same time, but there really is no other cure, unless you want your children to learn ebonics and Spanglish as their native language. Orc language.

P.S. I watched my sons graduation from High School. His best friend is going to Stanford as pre-med. To be accepted, he was required to take a year of Spanish, not because he needed a foreign language, but because his work in Residency will require Spanish to communicate with the patients; in San Francisco.

Unknown said...

10mm Auto: I completely agree. Never will happen. Time to find a new frontier. "Galt's Gulch," essentially. Any ideas?

Big Bill said...

Waitasec! Why are they leaving out Mexicans? The liberals tell us we need to legalize 11 million wetbacks because they "do the work Americans [read: "blacks"] wont do". Then they talk out of the other side of their lying mouths and say "white oppression! Blacks need jobs!"

Both of these things can't be true at the same time.

How are white folks, who are dying out, supposed to feed, clothe, medicate and house all the poor wetbacks AND magically produce wonderful, satisfying, self-actualizing jobs for the Negro Community? Not to mention provide all the additional jobs for the estimated 22 million Mexicans who are going to chain-migrate in the 1-5 years after the Big Mexican Amnesty coming up?

Anonymous said...

we've given opportunities galore to da black man for 40+ yrs... look at what they've achieved so far- not a damn thing.

We've created dependents on welfare... it you want change, you have to start there. hard limits then cut off - no whining, no extensions, no second chance.

dropping out of hs shouldnt be allowed. Graduate or get nothing. Ever.

If you want a trade, fine - but you also must graduate hs.

The sooner this liberal welfare nonsense is recognized for the failed experiment that it is, the better.

Anonymous said...

I thought everything was going to be hunky dory for vibrant diversities with the selection of dear leader messiah. Silly libturds no amount of money throwing, midnight bakkaball or youf job programs are going to work.

josh said...

The greatest asset is a bunch of Teach For America assholes? The danger is that white men will bear the brunt of even more ass-firmative action,pushing dumb as dirt,lazy,indolent criminal---remember how BMW got clobbered for checking criminal reports of prospective hires??Unfair to blacketty blacks!--blacks into jobs taken away from whites,where everyone loses. Society pays an extraordinary price for affirmative action;as per Steve Sailer( and me) if the Prez would simply author an Emancipation Proclimation and declare that ALL discrimimation against white men will immediately cease and be declared illegal,the benefit to society would be so overwhelming that we would be growing again and increasing prosperity to such a degree that even some raggedy ass negroes would be able to find honest work!

Anonymous said...

Recently infused with a billion funny money fed dollars? What about the sequester?

Anonymous said...

The only thing these fools are good for is killing each other off, and, idiots that we are, we try to stop them!

Anonymous said...

We should have never put them 'at the back of the bus'. We should have never let them ON THE FUCKING GODAMNED bus in the first place!

Negroes have RUINED public transportation. The recorded chimpouts of blacks behaving badly on public transportation is just pathetically egregious. Don't even get me started on their chimpouts in public school.

Another DWL Fucking FAIL (my apologies for the profanity, I'm just disgusted).

This is simply intolerable. It's vile. The pavement apes need to be contained and restrained.

Lorraine said...

So two groids can kill a kid on the playground in Upper Darby, PA, and get punished with just a suspension, but a 14 year old minding his business wearing an NRA shirt gets cuffed and stuffed.

Go Amexistan!


White Mom in VA ( formerly of Turdburg aka WDC)


This story is so full of sickening "holes" that I want to vomit.

They whine about no jobs for blacks (who want jobs?) yet 20,000 people move in to do jobs? We all know the 20,000 were white.

Don't they need people to rebuild? Black men can't swing a hammer? Only a crack pipe or 9mm?

Who taught White men to get a job? What race helped White men learn how to be a good dad, go to school? Why must we baby sit this retarded race? WE DON'T NEED THEM.

Whites automatically set up schools where ever they go, world wide, and have done this for eons. When we came to America we set up schools and built our own homes. Nobody needed to "give us a hand up" or have an "outreach program" to teach Swedish and German men how to be a daddy.

Blacks are sickening. They are truly the disease of this planet.

Jay Santos said...

Reverend Bacon said...

Saving the country would require:
- mandatory birth control for anyone on welfare or on public works jobs
- close the borders. Make illegal aliens felons, and put all felons to work on chain gangs
- Massive pubic works programs to build high-speed rail and better roads, paid for with gas taxes and welfare cuts
- end birthright citizenship
- offer job to anyone who can work; deny welfare to anyone who won't work
- begin skills-based legal immigration rather than random or worse-than-random (i.e. pick the dumbest, not the smartest) selection process
- reduce military spending, and/or charge other NATO countries for our protection services
- raise gas taxes to make new energy sources more attractive, and make Arabia irrelevant within one generation
- legalize drugs to make black gangs irrelevant, and limit their ability to buy government officials

It's a good list, I would add to it:

- end all US aid to foreign countries
- end government employee unions
- end affirmative action of any kind, including grants and employment
- design prisons that are fundamentally humane, but so awful that no one would want to be imprisoned or return
- Congress becomes a group that meets for 2 months a year
- all political entitlements like specialized health care, travel budgets are removed
- all legislation passed since 1940 is sunsetted in 2015, we start over with all federal legislation

Pat Boyle said...

The situation is simple and clear. Whites earn twice as much as blacks and have half the unemployment rate.

This doesn't surprise very many modern people. But it is a result not predicted by either classical or Keynesian economics. Marx too would be surprised.

In classical economics Say's Law would predict that unemployment went up because wages were held too high. Usually that would come from minimum wage laws or union restraints. This undoubtedly is at least partly true, but unions are declining in influence and real minimum wages (accounting for inflation rates) are lower today than when they were first introduced in the New Deal.

Keynesian economics also is confounded by New Orleans wage and unemployment rates. In the Keynesian view point governmental interference in the market should be able to equilibrate wages and unemployment.

There is however an economic theory that does account for the facts as experience them. If that theory is correct it is very bad for black people. Very damn bad.

In their recent book 'Race Against the Machine' Brynjolfsson and McAfee argue that mechanization and automation have reduced the number of humans we need to produce any level of goods and services.

When I was an economics undergraduate when the consequences of labor saving automation was raised as a potential problem, it was quickly dismissed with the observation that we needed someone to build that labor saving machine and the studies seemed to show that automation increased jobs in the whole economy even if they destroyed jobs in one part of it.

That may very well have been true - once. But it seems to have changed in the 1970s. Real individual incomes haven't gone up much since then although corporate incomes have soared. Corporations no longer need people to make products and earn income.

Another momentous result has been that there is now a premium on brains in the job market. This is new. Formerly there was no reason for unskilled workers to be less employable than skilled or educated workers. But that is no longer true. Increasingly the job market has dried up for less educated and skilled workers.

Education and skill have a strong racial component. There are black doctors and lawyers but not many. There are a lot more black assembly line workers. But there are no longer very many of these jobs anymore.

The scary thing about this is not the situation today - lots of black poverty, unemployment, and violent crime - but the prospects for the future. Much, much more.

Automation will drive black unemployment up to about 75% within the next few years. A black man with an advanced degree in engineering or medicine will still be fine but these men are a mere handful. The bulk of the black population will look back on today as the 'good old days'.

The point isn't that things are bad today in black neighborhoods but that there is a powerful mechanism (automation) in place which will make things ever so much worse in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....The death of America came when the Holy Ones that rule over you decided to put a senile old movie actor in office. His job was to play the part of president while Big Daddy Bush the Bolshevik ran the stage show from behind the curtain. Remember, politics has always been a stage show. The well trained dog and ponies put on a good act and are well paid for their services.

The tele-screen zombies are now watching ACT THREE of the famous Washington reality show called BEING OPPRESSED. The "Being Oppressed" scam has been so successful that now your hidden rulers want to bring in 30 million more people to rant and rave about BEING OPPRESSED. Of course the poor and suffering Mexicans will be given welfare checks and the faithful and loyal Muslims will be running the 7-11 stores.

The producers and directors of the STAGE SHOW have a special plan. They are planning on killing the audience and burning down the theater. Of course the audience members (Joe Six-Pack and his fat wife Mary McBurger Queen) could give two shits about their planned fate. If you doubt what I am saying take a good look at what the S-Men are doing in Europe. It is called Ethnic Cleansing. You are the Ethnics being cleansed.

Quinnotaur said...

Let me tell you, I went to a vo-tech (vocational technical) program (airconditioning and refrigeration) in high school. I graduated and then joined a union. I then went to school with the union for 4 years at a grand total of $6800. No student debt an within 8 years I was making $130,000.
Mind you, in northeast PA, vo-tech was meant for "dummies".... Tell me who's the dummy now college boy?

Anonymous said...

Blacks are New Orleans greatest asset as cancer is the greatest contributer to good health.

Anonymous said...

Big Bill:

The Mexicans are going to create jobs for the blacks, so the blacks have money to hire the Mexicans.

Bogolyubski said...

What can I say? Duranties just gotta Duranty. There's really nothing new about that - they've been durantying for decades on end. That's why they're known as the Ministry of Truth, after all. The ones who continue to amaze me are the dumbass white folk who continue to spend money on their lying publications, media outlets, etc. so they can continue to worship the BIG LIE. They're like Rev. Jones' Kool-Aid swillers. In a sane society, the Times-Picayune would have been belly-up decades ago. Of course it helps that the TWMNBN who own and operate the propaganda sheet don't actually have to make money at it. When you have access to Uncle Ben's trash-for-cash discount window, profitability is a secondary or even tertiary issue because Uncle Bennie and the Feds are pulling fresh cash out of their asses every day. It always helps that there are plenty of stupid ass white cattle willing to pay for the latest and greatest shit-sandwich*, though.

*taken from a classic rant from Ex-New Yorker.

Anonymous said...

-all legislation must be hand written, longhand, in ink, by a single congressman.
-all bills thus penned must be brought forth for a vote.
-before voting yes on a bill, each congressman must copy the entire bill (again, in longhand in ink by himself).
-any bill that applies only to a small segment of the population, or only excludes a small segment of the population, shall be declared null and void.

Anonymous said...

The rainbow utopia is glorious comrades! To each according to his needs! Workers of the world unite! Can't we all just get along while flying beautiful rainbow flags and singing kumbaya?

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
Big Bill:

The Mexicans are going to create jobs for the blacks, so the blacks have money to hire the Mexicans.

The symmetry is beautiful. Jeb Bush might be interested in using this during one of his speeches on the matter. He can go on to explain that since the Mexicans are so fertile, they'll be even more of them to make even more jobs for the negroes. Eventually the negroes will be working three and four jobs!

rjp said...

Lorraine said...

... a 14 year old minding his business wearing an NRA shirt gets cuffed and stuffed.

In West Virginia everybody hunts. The first week of deer season, a 33% absence rate would not be odd.

It would be guess that this was some Teach for America type of teacher that started the whole thing because no West Virginian would bat at an eye a a t-shirt like that, might refer to him as a redneck but that's it.

Anonymous said...

As blacks get more and more violent, liberal whites (and disingenuous conservatives) try ever harder to find a non-threatening black to try and dissuade people from realizing how much of a threat blacks are. As blacks fail at school, business, politics, etc., the Black Idolatry Machine in the media and Hollywood is in overdrive to create propaganda that will lull those impressionable whites into believing that none of this failure is the fault of blacks. "It can't be ALL their fault. . . there HAS to be a racism component to it" whites will tell themselves. They do this because whites can't fathom an entire race being such a dismal failure, and their inherent guilt will preclude them from admitting what they see with their own eyes.

Anonymous said...

WOW - if you have some time you have to read the Loyno report on Black Fatherhood. So many PC terms and just think how much govt and state money is being funneled to pay for the salaries and staff of this organization. Oh thank you US taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Since when is it the job of New Orleans, or any city government, to benefit specific demographic groups? Whites there should just leave and let it collapse to prove the point.

Sounds like they want to get black men on the government job gravy-train like black women are (the only thing propping up the black middle class).

If "educational attainment" is critical for black men, then black men have a big problem given their generally lower IQ. I've never personally observed a black software engineer, for example, but I'm told they exist.

Anonymous said...

Re-settle them to the East

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a NEPAer myself and I always thought it was 'Most dummies went to vo-techs but not all vo-techers were dummies'
Did you see that The Pittston city council now voted to have some divershitty committee, it's all downhill from there, goodbye to our beautiful whitetopia, I just want to cry