Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stand With McKinney Texas Police Corporal Eric Casebolt

McKinney Texas Police Corporal Eric Casebolt represents exactly the type of individual you want enforcing the law and trying to keep civilization alive in the face of the encroaching Heart of Darkness

To those who produce the propaganda keeping alive Black-Run America (BRA), and those those who eagerly consume this pablum, Corporal Casebolt is the personification of evil. 

In actuality, he represents the true hero (similar to Officer Darren Wilson). 
Texas Police Corporal Eric Casebolt did his duty in protecting the taxpayers of McKinney from the type of environment eroding away civilization in Dallas

Having spent much of life enjoying the peaceful serenity of country club, subdivision, or private pools, it must be stated there is nothing quite as enjoyable as a swimming experience free of bandaids floating on the water, unsupervised children screaming, and glass on the bottom of the pool. 

But such is the hallmark of civilization, which requires structures in place to protect it from barbarism (the barbarism of the proletariat, hilariously depicted in the White Trash episode from season six of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

What happened in McKinney, Texas is obvious: a private pool for residences of a particular subdivision (who pay large home owners association fees to maintain said pool) was overrun with black people, who failed to understand what it takes to keep the pool in such pristine, swimmable conditions. 

Police officers were then called to restore order (the question of why white people never try to swim in pools in majority black areas or why whites don't follow black people wherever they move - indeed, the opposite is true - must not be asked). 

Order was restored, with Corporal Casebolt merely requesting the black youth to comply with his demands: those who failed to cooperate with the police were immediately dealt with as anyone who fails to respect the law should. 

Those who found Eric Casebolt's actions inexcusable (namely the mayor of McKinney and the police chief of the city) have sided with the Heart of Darkness currently chipping away at the civilization whites labored for centuries to build out of the wilderness of the North American continent. 

Forced to resign, Casebolt and his family are now in hiding after receiving numerous death threats. 

White Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) in America are in a dangerous position, with the Obama Administration putting a bullseye squarely on their back. It all started with the "acted stupidly" comment in 2009 by President Obama and only grew in intensity during the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown saga, with former Attorney General Eric Holder and Obama both routinely siding (and encouraging) the #BlackLivesMatter mob. 

All white officers must now ask themselves if trying to maintain civilization and upholding the law by arresting a black person is worth the risk of becoming the next Darren Wilson or Eric Casebolt. In so doing, merely asking themselves this question is proof the Heart of Darkness has now taken root in America. 

An America where the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of blackness is one already on display in 65 percent black Baltimore. Why risk your career (or even risk being thrown in jail) by trying to uphold the white man's law, when the only reward is watching civilization continue to decline? [Baltimore police officers break silence on riots, murder spike and Freddie Gray, CNN, June 10, 2015]:
Forty-two people were killed in Baltimore in May, making it the deadliest month there since 1972. 
When asked what's behind that number, a Baltimore police officer gave an alarming answer. Basically, he said, the good guys are letting the bad guys win."The criminal element feels as though that we're not going to run the risk of chasing them if they are armed with a gun, and they're using this opportunity to settle old beefs, or scores, with people that they have conflict with," the officer said. 
"I think the public really, really sees that they asked for a softer, less aggressive police department, and we have given them that, and now they are realizing that their way of thinking does not work." 
He was one of two active Baltimore police officers who spoke to CNN on Tuesday about crime in their city. They also touched on the death of Freddie Gray, a young black man who died in police custody, and the riots that followed. 
The officers were not given permission to speak from their department. Because of that, and in an attempt to allow them to talk candidly, CNN agreed on their condition of anonymity. 
Both said the Baltimore Police Department is simply reacting to events instead of being proactive. They talked about feeling abandoned by their leadership and feeling scared -- not about being hurt, necessarily, but about being charged criminally for doing what they see as their job. Six officers have been charged in Gray's death, which has been ruled a homicide. 
"Ultimately, it does a disservice to the law-abiding citizens. It does a disservice to the business owners. It does a disservice to everybody except the criminal element," the second officer said about operating in reactive mode. 
He denied the existence of a work slowdown but said he couldn't promise proactive policing. 
"Even though you have reasonable suspicion," he said, "nine out of 10 times, that officer is going to keep on driving." 
'They feel betrayed' 
Worry has overtaken a lot of officers, and now morale is low, said Lt. Kenneth Butler, who heads a police union in Baltimore, the Vanguard Justice Society. 
"They feel as though, if I make a mistake -- which we all do make mistakes -- then what is this administration going to do to me?" he told CNN's Miguel Marquez. 
"Am I going to be the next one to be suspended? Am I going to be the next one who is going to be criminally charged?" 
One officer called the union leader to ask if he'd be liable if a suspect he was chasing ran into traffic and got hit by a car, Butler said. He couldn't answer the question, so the officer told Butler he'd stop pursuing suspects on foot for now. 
Normally, officers would do their duty more robustly, Butler said, but they don't feel like their leadership has their back anymore. "A lot of guys ... they feel betrayed," he said.
The feelings of these anonymous Baltimore Police officers are the future for all LEO in America, with the law being cast aside so black people are free to engage in criminal activities without any consequences. 

The "bad guys" in Baltimore are winning because the black community refuses to snitch or identify the black criminals overthrowing white civilization there; such is the future for all of America once LEO has been de-venomized and turned into nothing more than toothless "community outreach" specialists. 

McKinney Texas Police Corporal Eric Casebolt did his job in trying to restore order to a pool party gone wrong. Those who failed to cooperate with his orders were in clear defiance of his authority, and before he drew his gun it was obvious numerous black males were moving in on him to attack. 

As a white police officer, Casebolt was in clear violation of failing to understand this is a black world, one where the rule of law must constantly be written to enforce the reality blacks must never be held accountable for the dysfunction they breed. 

Civilization or Barbarism (as epitomized by the Heart of Darkness): the choice is yours white America. 


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    Anonymous said...

    To Anon at 1:51 AM: Wonderful post, thanks for sharing your memories of social engineering in action.

    Anonymous said...

    The rule of law broke down many years ago in B'more. There's a documentary called "The 12 O'clock boys" which follows a young negro in B'more from 12 or so to 15 years of age. 12 o'clock boys refers to the negro subculture that seems to think that the traffic laws regarding 4 wheelers and dirt bikes don't apply to them. In B'more, as in a lot of other majority ghetto cities, police have been instructed to not chase negroes riding dirt bikes on the streets, for fear the poor darlings will get hurt. That has been the rule for years.

    SwampThizzle said...

    Allow me to reiterate my position: why do most of us hate and/or avoid black people? Because they are stupid, rude, foul-mouthed, crazy retards who like to wave guns around, right? So when a white person fits this description to a T, I would be a hypocrite if I didn't also judge him harshly for it. "But he's one of ours"? We're much better off without the Eric Casebolts of the world on our side (with the possible exception of open race warfare, where guys like Casebolt would make excellent cannon fodder).

    Anonymous said...

    Dear FlowerBell, Please do your BEST to sell to blacks. You might make more money, and those asses next door DESERVE it.

    ....P-town Correspondent

    Anonymous said...

    1:51-1:59am - Thank you so much for your post about your lost swimming pool. We are fortunate to have this medium to record, recount and spread first-hand experiences. Without the internet and forums like these, stories like yours would be relegated to oral historians (and quickly forgotten, by the offspring of "eccentric racist grandparents"), or possibly an out-of-print book. And even a book would be overshadowed by The Official Narrative -- from "Slavery ruined them" on the Left, to "Welfare ruined them" on the Right.
    Speaking of the Right, your story is a perfect illustration of the destructive power of LBJ's Great Welfare Society. Why, in only two short years, those strong, religious, conservative, hard-working, black nuclear families turned into pool-shitting, lifeguard-harassing, toddler-raping, vending machine-wrecking, thieving savages. Who knew that cash money was such an effective weapon of Blitzkrieg genetic warfare. Dr. Marvin Looter King PhD must have shed a big shiny tear, looking down from Heaven at the horrible damage done to His beautiful race, by those disingenuous Democrats. Hopefully He will return to Earth soon, and use His powers to restore the content of their character.

    Brian Peters said...

    It is truly a sad day when the wrangler is surrounded by animals wanting to pounce and kill, he takes control of the situation, and the outcome is fine yet he loses his job. How long before the simians can do whatever they want, flee the police and not be chased, or get their way EVERY time? We will have a white police force policing whites. You better have plenty of your own firepower behind your multiple deadbolts and security barred windows.

    Anonymous said...

    I read on another site that hates the lying liberal media about the pool incident in Texas. The history of the "teen" who is 20, and her mother advertised a pool party, charged everyone, and did not have permission to use the pool. Evidently this orc duo operate like this to make money. The orc duo who caused all this have removed all traces of their "party planning" operations and other social media sites. They told bold face lies and the media ate it up because we Whites want to keep blacks down.

    Disgusting. Interesting how the media did not investigate how the whole thing started.

    Annie Oakley said...

    To all white cops who are still in mud infested cities. GTFU now while you can.

    My little white town is looking for cops. The pay is decent and the cost of living where I live is so cheap, he/she could live quite well on what they’re paying him. Plus full benefits.

    If I were the TX pool cop, this is what I’d do. I’d move to an all white town like where I live now. I would go to the local probate judge and request a name change for myself and my entire family. I’d ask for the same name change a woman receives who is fleeing a domestic violence situation. I would also ask that my past records are sealed, sort of what they give someone in the witness protection program. This TX cop and his family has received death threats, which could be carried out if he doesn’t leave.

    He could relocate to a whitopia, buy a house cheap and live out his life in a quiet peaceful town. Sure there are no Starbucks or Target, but the Ma and Pa restaurants and truck stops are just as good.

    And now to this poor family in Florence Alabama who were attacked by muds in a park. This park is in a decent area of Florence. The family is probably very naïve about blacks. They are clueless as to what they’re capable of. If 30 monkeys are running towards you, they’re not looking to discuss MLK. They are there to maim and possibly kill you.

    This is how I would counsel that white family or any other white family in today’s society. If you’re concerned with a gun, carry wasp spray. Most women carry large purses. Put a can of wasp spray and dad can carry mace on his belt. Most can spray 20-30 feet. I would have given the keys to the kids and told them to run, get in the car, start the car and wait on us. Momma and I are going to spray the monkeys with wasp spray and run. By the time we get to the car our old asses are going to be fried. Just drive son. Don’t worry about the seat belt, just drive.

    Flowerbell, don’t stop posting. Your white neighbors are assholes. You got some good suggestions about what to do. Don’t let these losers chase you off. If they’re charging, I’d report them to the IRS for under reported income. If they have an ATV riding business, call code enforcement and turn them in for improper permits. It could possibly forestall their little bullshit happy times. I don’t like being a snitch, but when our people behave like this, we have to do what we have to.

    Anonymous said...

    Quite a bit late in posting this, but it occurred to me that the subject had not been discussed here or elsewhere. Within seconds in the video clip, two back-up cops cops arrived on the scene when Casebolt was trying to subdue the teen girl and had to draw his gun against the two males about to jump him. These two other cops saw it all, but to my knowledge have not been identified, nor allowed(?) to give any input as witnesses. Even the MSM have been silent on this. Did the Chief of Police and Mayor threaten them into being quiet? Something fishy here, because the cops would probably stand up for Casebolt which would likely make the visiting Black agitators riot, loot, and burn in McKinney. So where are all of Casebolt's police buddies? Didn't he have any? No brave talking Texan among any of them?

    Anonymous said...

    That tale of 3 days of horror was chilling. They are such vile animals. I have no problem with a harsh, unapologetic approach to these orcs but so many people just can't accept any actions taken that involve dealing with race, such as freedom of association, no blacks allowed etc.

    It's still a long road until any positive change will come about. Talking reason is an approach that seems not to work, so maybe the primitve masses will have to do the convincing for us. Please remember, the whole Western world is experiencing this attempted white genocide, not just America. And if only you knew how terrible the situation is for all of Europe (bar the former East) you would not ever use this continent as an example of homogenous countries. We are in deep trouble. I had quite the political showdown with my elderly mother and her husbond regarding the invasion of boat africans that plague our country. They could not get past 'we are all humans' and realize that we need to say NO and only NO to these effin' moochers. I tried in vain to explain that we are not all equal, and that the insane birth rates of africans will not cease and all that we achieve by letting them in our countries is certain death. They will keep breeding and our societies will die. Sweden already has 30% 3rd world population from 0% in 1975 - perhaps the quickest death of a nation, demographically in modern times. In 1985 Ethiopia was the big story because of the famine. A country of 35 millions. We saved their asses, celebs made sob songs, yada yada, and today there are over 70 million in that poo-hole of a country. Sigh....!!!

    AnalogMan said...


    Increases in Ethiopian population

    Ethiopia ended 2013 with a population of 94,100,756 people, which represents an increasea of 2,371,907 people compared to 2012.

    Anonymous said...

    Flowerbell. Stay.

    Anonymous said...

    I knew there would be one. Rev. Arnold Wright, a local busybody who saw this and thought "This is my chance to make it big. I could be the next Al Sharpton.

    JoJoL said...

    Your correct

    JoJoL said...

    I agree whole thing was a set up ..officers beware u r being set up by racists black haters ...please be careful they are evil inhumans who hate white .

    Anonymous said...

    OMG, reading anon's post about the poor teen girl who was at a lifeguard at a pool... it really sickened me.

    I am an American of Asian heritage. I know some people on this site don't like Asians, but, here is my POV anyway. I support the cop in McKinney.

    Watching the original short video of the cop man-handling that girl did shock me. But there is an expression - "everyone likes to eat sausage but no one likes to see it made" and I think that applies here. We all want to live in a safe society but we don't want to understand what it takes to get there. The reality is that in order for cops to ensure our neighborhoods are safe, they need to be able to enforce the law. While I hated to see a young girl being physically handled that way, the reality is that if cops allow that kind of disrespectful behavior to go unchallenged, they will not be able to control a crowd of people. This policeman did not injure the girl or anyone else, and I was upset to find out he'd gotten so little support from the chief of police.

    I also am surprised that not more people pointed out that if the girl had been properly respectful in the first place none of that would have happened. My parents taught us early on to be calm and respectful when talking to the police and guess what, I've had positive encounters with them.

    I was brainwashed by teachers, etc., to think of blacks as equals. So when my Dad would double-check to make sure all our car doors were locked before we drove through a black neighborhood - I thought he was being a racist. Now I know he was being wise. One thing that should have tipped me off looking back - when I rode the subway, the black kids were the ones that the rest of us avoided. They were scary. If I passed a group of white kids or Hispanics or Asians, the worst that would happen would be a catcall. The black kids though would challenge you if you looked at them, and were prone to fight at the drop of a hat, even the girls.

    I grew up in a household where my Mom got up every morning to make us a hot breakfast before we went to school and she made sure we were in bed at a decent hour. We had to do our homework before we could watch TV. Dad read to us when we were young and helped us with our homework when we got older.

    Because I volunteer, I have come in contact with the black underclass. Things I've noticed - a lot of the black kids never have a home-cooked meal. How could a mother raise a child without cooking healthy food for that child? A lot of black kids have no curfews. Children need to go to bed at a decent hour, yet some of these black kids are out and about at midnight with no adult supervision. And the music they listen to, the focus on sex - it's disgusting. My parents taught me to be modest. Modesty in girls is beautiful, I think. If I was a man I would much rather marry an average modest girl who respects herself than a skank with a "smoking body".

    Now that I am older and wiser, I no longer believe the racist narrative blacks use to guilt people. America is one of the least racist places. Of course racism exists - among whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. A few times I've had people say racist things to me. I ignore it. I don't use it as an excuse to start a fight. Whining, fighting, protesting, etc., is asinine. If the blacks spent half the energy they spend protesting actually working a real job and raising their kids they would not have all these problems. The problem is not "white oppression". The problem is black culture.

    Anonymous said...

    Also, another thing I will say - you can tell a lot about a culture by the music they listen to.

    I grew up listening to classic rock. My parents listened to Indian movie music. When I got older, I fell in love with classical music.

    Here are my observations, for what they are worth. The German operas have grandeur. I once went to see Das Rheingold performed by the Cleveland Symphony and it was almost a religious experience. The Italian operas can be quite silly in terms of story line but they lyrical and have pathos. Bach is extremely mathematical, Beethoven is majestic, and to listen to Mozart is to fill your soul with delight. Modern rock can be raucous and loud but great groups like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Rush (I know I am dating myself!) have complexity and depth. Country music and modern Western folk music often have a great story to tell. Modern "white" music is seldom vulgar.

    Classical Indian music is extremely complex. The sitar takes a great deal of dexterity and training to play as it has 18-20 strings. The Beatles used the sitar in a few of their songs, including one of my favorites, "Norwegian Wood". Indian movie music is pretty silly, usually, but the lyrics are often poetry and love songs are never vulgar. Occasionally the lyrics are profound and metaphysical or philosophical.

    I don't know much about Japanese classical music, but I do know that it is very mathematical. It takes effort to appreciate it. South American music can be beautiful - I have a recording of a Peruvian wood flute that is gorgeous. The popular music is more raucous but I don't think it is vulgar.

    Rap music is a total debasement of the term music. Only a truly debased individual can like it. It is vulgar, crude, disgusting. Older black music, such as the Negro spirituals, were not like this. I can listen to black jazz from the 1940s and find it moving and lovely, but modern black music is satanic. It does not elevate, does not soothe. The few times I have heard it I felt sick.

    BTW, regardless of what music one listens to - it's bad manners to blare it and force all your neighbors to hear it!

    Anonymous said...

    Two biggest treats are blacks and muslims.So it is safe to say that black muslim is the most dangeuros specie and that's what we have in half black house. Divide and conquer never been done in modern first world country, only in those pos third world countries run by criminals.
    Took a main muslim negro in charge to insite riots against law and order. That noncence has to stop, white victims should sue bra for rasism and fight for their jobs back. I wouldn't want to be po now.

    Anonymous said...

    Where is George Zimmerman when you need him?

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