Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Moment Like this will set it all Off: Cleveland Cop Surrounded by Hostile #BlackLivesMatter Crowd, Uses Pepper Spray to Restore Order

It will be a moment such as this one from Cleveland today that sets it all off...[Cleveland RTA releases statement about officer who pepper-sprayed crowd during Movement for Black Lives conference,, July 26, 2015]:
 A Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority police officer let loose pepper-spray into a crowd after the crowd surrounded a police cruiser holding a boy in custody, according to an RTA statement. 
The incident happened about 4:40 p.m. Sunday near a bus shelter on Euclid Ave at East 24th Street during the Movement for Black Lives national conference. 
Video of the incident quickly went viral on social media. 
According to the RTA, "officers on routine patrol peacefully removed an intoxicated 14-year-old male from a bus. Police said the juvenile was intoxicated to the point where he was unable to care for himself." 
Police then escorted the boy to the bus shelter, where officers intended to collect information before taking him to police headquarters where he would have been released to a parent or guardian, according to the statement. 
A crowd gathered near the scene within minutes, so officers put the boy in the back of a cruiser for his safety, the statement said. 
"The crowd then surrounded the car, and attempted to remove the juvenile from the car," the statement said. "By this time, several other law enforcement agencies had also responded. 
"The crowd kept the police car from leaving the area. A transit Police officer used a general burst of pepper spray in an attempt to push back the crowd, to no avail." 
The boy was then taken to nearby paramedics and was eventually released to his mother about 5:45 p.m., according to the statement. 
RTA officials are investigating the incident. It is unclear if any members of the crowd were injured. 
The Movement for Black Lives national conference, which was held this weekend at Cleveland State University, meant to draw attention to police brutality and race relations.
There is no reason for a white person to be a cop anymore; daring to uphold law and order (or help a 14-year-old black kid whose under the influence of alcohol) will get your surrounded by blacks prepared to remind the country #CopLivesDontMatter.


American Citizen said...

White policemen need to walk off the job with no notice in a major urban city. The resulting horror will at least give people like us the ability to say "I told you so". Whether or not things will permanently change in this country for the better is the wild card.

Anonymous said...

Another example why force is always necessary- they don't follow police instructions and keep up their agitating until physical force is necessary. Then they complain about unequal treatment. It is hard to say. Cops don't treat other races like they do blacks because they have the ability to heed warnings and promises of lethal force. Each one of these videos makes me think even less of them, which is a pretty big feat in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

It is POTA, leave them be, they are doing a good enough job killing one another.

Anonymous said...

I once heard that when people are young they tend to be more liberal, but as they get older they become less so when they realize that they are the ones who have to pay for it all.

I used to be very liberal- it wasn't liberal polices on the whole or even President Obama that eventually burned me out on that front. It was black people. Every anti-social behavior has been demonstrated with pride by African's in America, and they can always rely on white on the left to go to bat for them, over and over and over again without exception, and always with nothing given in return. The poor black societal victim "causes" (i.e. gibsmedat) always trump every other cause. Always. It's always time to bail out blackie with whatever problems that he has gotten himself into (whoops I mean all the trouble that actively seeks him out) and ask no questions. It is better if you don't talk at all, actually. You are there for solidarity, not to be heard or recognized as any sort of equal partner. And you are to stand by while minority "friends" openly bash white people and white culture at large. It just becomes a game of let's see how far we can agitate whitey until he retaliates and we can go into full blown victim mode.

They can't keep their hands to themselves. They just can't resist touching people (especially white wommenz) and their stuff (and taking it as their own). They can't be quiet and talk in decipherable English. They can't be faithful to their family and those who they screwed into the world. They need attention, even if negative, to deflect upon their many limitations and shortcomings, just as they did when you were forced to attend school with them. They avoid social conventions that the rest of us choose to follow and face no repercussions for it, other than white flight and the complaining that comes with that.

And we continue to try to reason and see eye to eye with them when any trust level you might have had with them is already in the toilet. You can't trust them to be honest. You can't trust them to do the right thing, or to follow the golden rule. It's a game of finite resources where nothing new can be created, so the only solution is to steal/trick other people out of what they have accumulated.

And to those in media, your "love the negro" campaign over the last decade or so has proven to be useless. It has not changed their behavior and has not changed our perception of reality. All it does is insult the intelligence of the viewer the same way it would if you were to inform them that drinking soda is a healthy habit. You've pissed on all of our legs for long enough now, and it hasn't rained once.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

Absolutely brazen negro behavior. I love how the negress charges at the cop after he douses them with pepper spray. That should show you, one, how dumb they are, two, how anything short of a speeding bullet will not deter these animals. That's why I have no pity for the negroes getting shot by cops. One of Paul's books (I think it's the one about Birmingham) shows a negress taunting the white cops...and that was over 50 years ago! Far from the peaceful photos of the era of marches and sit-ins we're used to seeing.

I'm old enough to remember the hippie movement of the '60s. The white boys and girls would shout at the cops, but those white chillen sure knew how to cower when Officer Kick-Ass brought out his billy club. You didn't have to teach those white chillen twice. The negro? Not so much.

The summer is progressing quite nicely. I do believe most of us predicted this. I know damn well I did, and I'm sure as hell not disappointed. We are entering the dawn of a new age, white friends. This is going to get very ugly - on all sides. We have negroes so brazen, so full of themselves, so fearless, they openly flaunt the law and openly defy cops. Witness the negress in Texas who ended up swinging from a jailhouse chandelier. Thankfully she offed herself so the cops wouldn't have to do it. Very nice of her. Point is, she never would have ended up there in the first place is she didn't have a smart mouth.

If you remember the movie, "Psycho", in which Janet Leigh gets pulled over by a very suspicious cop, she is both irritated and scared of the cop, which comes through by her actions. She makes a point of hiding the fact that she is carrying a huge amount of stolen loot right next to her on the car seat. The cop, even though he finds her behavior a bit suspicious, cannot legally detain her. She even suggests that politely when she asks, "Then, may I go?" Which irritates the cop, but eventually he lets her go on her way. Funny thing is, Janet Leigh didn't die at the hands of the cop. She actually reached her destination in one piece. The bitter irony of it is.......wait, I don't want to spoil it for ya'll who haven't seen the movie.

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story, if your a cop do not ever help a intoxicated shuck young brotha or sistuh!

Unknown said...

Thank you Paul for finally joining me in my long-held position that no White person should take LEO employment in any area with a heavy groid infestation. As for the officers who were looking after the welfare of an intoxicated minor, only to be met with hostility, it's too bad they didn't hand him over to "his people". Of course, had they done so, said minor most likely would have later been found beaten to death...a victim of "disrespecting gone wrong".

Anonymous said...

More on the Sandra Bland incident:

Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith said Bland told the county jailer during her intake that she had previously tried to kill herself.

Authorities released jail intake forms late Wednesday that appear to show Bland answering "yes" to the following questions: Have you ever been very depressed? Do you feel this way now? Have you had thoughts of killing yourself in the last year? Have you ever attempted suicide?

But, later, on a different sheet, the word "no" appears next to questions about mental illness and attempted suicide. A reason for the apparent discrepancy was not immediately clear.

Separately, an inmate who was held in a cell adjacent to Bland told CNN she did not hear any commotion or screaming that would suggest foul play before Bland was found dead.

The woman said Bland wasn't eating, and was emotional and often crying during her three days in the jail. She was also stressed about missing her first day of work at her new job, said Alexandria Pyle.

"She found out her bond was $5,000, and no one -- she was calling and calling -- and no one was answering, and then after that she just broke down. She was crying and crying," Pyle said.

Bland was taking a new job at Prairie View A&M University in Texas. She had graduated from the historically black college in 2009 and was returning as a student ambassador, according to family members.

Pissing off a police officer when she could have gotten off with a warning was her first brilliant move. Then (this probably took her a while to process) she realized that if she be in da jail den how she gonna start her new job? She put herself in a situation where she was rotting in a jail, would miss her first day of work (her main reason for being in Texas) and no one seemed to care enough to answer the phone to bail her out of her self-created mess. There is proof that she has tried to kill herself in the past and no signs/evidence of foul play. But no, she wouldn't kill herself. You baby wud nebbar do dat. Well apparently she did.

Anonymous said...


off topic

Paul, major family chimpout

Anonymous said...

We are understanding that those of European and also Asian ancestry have standards of behavior. Negroes will not adjust to those standards of behavior.

What will happen? Will the higher standards of behavior be loosened? That's certainly what we have seen for decades. I am not accepting that, ever. I will never accept the violence, ignorance and indolence of negroes, no matter if they become 95% of the population. I'm not going to do it. You?

Anonymous said...

Here it is more than half way through the summer and no riots yet. Does "Rev." Farrakhan know this? What will the Donald say in response to nogs being nogs e.g. "Burn this bitch down"? Will the Donald come down on negro criminals during the riots like he does on Mexicans at least regarding building a wall on the southern border?

As a real estate guy he knows better than anyone else how minorities especially nogs destroy real estate values then by extension destroy the local economy wherever they squat. It will be interesting to see the responses of the political clowns running for president to TNB i.e. rioting and mayhem.

Will Ron Paul blame negro rioting on too many government regulations? How about the Arkansas Asshole, the Huckster. Will he get on bended knee, make the Sign of the Cross and ask for Jesus to stop the rioting? I imagine Rick Perry will just be befuddled and Miss Lindsay Graham will swoon over the nogs, maybe even get a date with some of them. That bitch Hillary will be in a quandary, she can't condemn the nogs too much but her liberal YT supporters will be shaking with fear when their pets are off the leash. It will be interesting, BHO will probably be jealous that he can't join his bros in the riots but at least he can go golfing again.

non-DWL from NE.
BHO says hello to SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

See what voting does? Look at this cluster of lawless animated turds

Anonymous said...

The cops should have dragged the drunk kid out of the cop car and left him on the sidewalk and then driven away. Anytime these people start recording the cops with their Obamafoams the cops should walk away. Who the hell needs to be bothered by these creeps.

The cops should just let the blacks do their thing and stay away. Who GIVES A SHIT what blacks do to each other. If blackie wants to rob, rape and kill each other that is not something a white person should be caring about. No white cops in black neighborhoods. That way the blacks have nothing to bitch about.

After a few more years of Muslim, Mexican and Somalian immigrants being shipped into cities with large black populations the problem will take care of itself. There will be huge NO GO ZONES like in Europe and the cops will stay away.

paul marchand said...

Black folks need to have their own cops....and pay for them.
Same with welfare.....medical....housing.....schools.
Their own....and pay for them.

hondo said...

Sorry - there is every reason for a white to be a cop today, along with serving in the military. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. Learn - and keep blogging, commenting, twitting to a minimum and anon. Trust me on this.

Californian said...

Well, as Bogoluyski might have put it: "Pay attention to the man behind the curtain."

Who is benefiting from an uprising of blacks?



Never relax around blacks. In that crowd it's ok for a young negro to get his drunk on. In a real world those negroes would be the ones to ask those police officers to get that drunk 14 year old negro back with his mother so she can give the punishment out. It's so clear that what we are seeing is the negro race telling White Americans that they are above any law that is on the books. And will do anything they want from here on out!


Anonymous said...

Context? Who cares! Some stale pale male just decided to spray People of Color with mace for no reason. That's all I need to know.

Now let's riot!

Anonymous said...

O/T: Spent a few days in Indianapolis - related to the big Nascar race, but we didn't attend that, just some of the support races at other tracks.

I agree with the guy who posted a few days back to stay outside the 465 loop, we took our chances inside of it to do a few things and most of the neighborhoods all were shabby and worn with obvious signs of infestation. There were bright spots, like the State Fair Grounds and the Art Museum (where only two blacks were seen looking at art, the others present were employed to shoo you away from any exhibit you were too close to, so mostly a do-nothing job). Then you'd drive a ways away and be in a run down neighborhood with scattered vacant buildings and very black oriented business in those still being used. We only went through those areas during daylight, I wouldn't do it at night.

But outside the city seemed to still be majority white, at least as you headed out the northeast corner, very few to be seen in the places we got to there. Of course, our first time back in a few years in 2013 we noticed it looked like a lot of the white had fled to the north suburbs, areas that had been cornfields in 1999 were covered in retail and housing developments.

And even in Indy a couple guys were driving around with a big Confederate battle flag flying from the back of their pickup. Here I thought we were living dangerously.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% on this PK! I don't think whites should bother trying to help blacks anymore. When they do, this kind of thing happens. The sad part is that the Attorney General and President condone people like Black Lives matter how criminal they become. This simply has to stop. I would stop by having WHITE police officers in black communities. It belongs to the blacks, so give it to the bastards. It is time we "separate" from one another! Since they hate white people so much, isn't that the right thing for all parties involved? Another thing is sad in these Black Lives Matter demonstrations is that white people are involved. Why would a white person do this? Don't they or can't they read what blacks do to white babies and women and old people everyday of the week? For each black that is injured by a white, thousands of whites are injured by blacks. This has to stop! We need to stick together as a community to fight this.

Anonymous said...

White House orders flags to be flown half-staff in honor of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Anonymous said...

With all of these negroe riots,looting' has to wonder could the Jade Helm military exercise be for use on the negroe primate? Or is the exercise training for when the Obama negroe uses an executive order to do something that will inflame humans, like universal gun confiscation in America? This exercise is being carried out for the express purpose of crowd control and dissident removal, so the powers that be must be planning something so radical that they feel the need to be prepared for universal unrest. The only thing I could imagine would be a nationwide gun grab, or negroe riot control.

Anonymous said...

A "general burst" of pepper spray will never do anything. Pepper spray doesn't work like that.

Of course, a cop shouldn't have to resort to this just because a pack of feral gutter apes are surrounding his car.

Anonymous said...

Aw h3ll, the blacks try to pull the boy out of police car, interfering and obstruction, and no doubt the officer feared for his safety, and the cop is a bad guy for using pepper spray! Peaceful attendees my butt!

Holy Shitake. When it comes to blacks all cops especially White ones need to walk away, citing fear for their safety. He could have pulled a taser or gun. I like the idea of tranquilizer darts, for all blacks, even the ones who interfere with cops trying to do a job......charge them with obstruction. It is crap like this that body cameras are needed.

I am sooooo tired of this BS. and the spineless politicians who pander to this violent minority.
I would not be surprised if Komrad Obama sent letters to all blacks telling them to harass cops and interfere.

I was talking to my 85 year old neighbor yesterday about the mess with blacks. He was born and raised outside of Chicago. He left because of blacks. He was in Los Angeles during Watts riots. He never travelled alone and all who were with him had shotguns in plain view during that time. He left because of blacks. Moved to another part of California and then moved to my area because of blacks and their housing vouchers, and incompetent foreign doctors, and his wife died because of the incompetence. He said he never thought in a million years he would see this type of racist crap, and brought on by a POTUS. His daughter married a Hispanic and he hates blacks! He is a cool Hispanic.

Anonymous said...

'There is no reason for a white person to be a cop anymore; daring to uphold law and order (or help a 14-year-old black kid whose under the influence of alcohol) will get your surrounded by blacks prepared to remind the country #CopLivesDontMatter.'

Exactly right.

White cops, stand down. Let them kill each other.

rex freeway said...

It's time to make Obama pay for what he started. Everything has a cost. And you can delay it, But it will come due. Hopefully with lightning fast results.

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

This is looking like a full-blown insurrection. They are moving against police as an enemy. After watching this get worse over the last two decades, I believe the Blacks don't even care about the crime, drugs and murders in their own communities. They want us to leave them alone? That's my preference as well.

There is absolutely no reason for a White person to be a cop anymore.

Anonymous said...

The white cop should have let the savage crowd have the drunk negroe. STOP helping them. They hate us, hate the white mans law. And the feeling is mutual.


World_War_Me said...

Look, cops, you're trying too hard. Don't help them! Give them back their churrens and if the kid dies of alcohol poisoning, so what? Who cares? You're wasting White time, resources, and energy on them and they hate you for it. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

Blacks are running out of time. The biggest part of summer is behind us. Of course Blacks are habitually late for work, school, practice, etc. so it's no surprise they haven't started the Big Summer Riot yet. But guys, don't sit on your hands forever! Quit burning daylight and let's get it on!

Anonymous said...

That was a great way to start my morning, thank you for that video!

Ah, black people.

They really do think any enforcement of the Law on them is brutality, don't they? And as usual the video BEGINS when the Officer uses force without showing us all of the events that LED UP TO the Officer using force. Typical.

When using the spray didn't disperse the mob the Officers should have called for back-up and started arresting those morons shouting at them for Inciting A Riot, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest and whatever else they could tack on to make sure they sat in jail for a few weeks before Trial. Then they should have gotten 6 months behind bars, and every lawsuit they file Dismissed. They could have filled up a few paddy wagons and made a very strong statement to the blacks right there.

We really have reached a point where the blacks feel emboldened to attack the police while screaming that THEY are being abused.

It's madness.

Anonymous said...

Attn ALL White cops... keeping orcs from killing each other is not worth losing your family or your life. Let them patrol their own neighborhoods. Refuse duty in the 'hood. They are actively out to get you now.

Anonymous said...

PK !! You never cease to amaze me !

You're on top of these "low impulse" outbreaks as soon as they take place.

Hats off to you !! Thank you for every moment of your time that you invest
to do what you do here! I think all of us could most definitely agree on
one thing here. That we all are very happy to have someone like you here
to be able to make this all possible for us to be a part of. With the most
sincerity possible to mankind, I personally thank you for everything that
you do here.

psst. donation will soon be on it's way :)

Thanks again, take care & have yourself a great day!

Anonymous said...

Negroes are already claiming the kid had no alcohol, wasn't drunk, was unustly accosted by the cops and slammed to the ground and that the crowd was sprayed with pepper spray for no good reason. They were all peaceful and non-threatening, don't you know?
Of course, with negroes filming everything with their "sail foams" you'd think there'd be video to back up every aspect of their story and yet, all we get is a video that starts at the moment the pepper spray is used.

Johnny said...

Why do the cops even bother to try? Let the animals eat their own, that much they can do without assist.

Anonymous said...

Yep. That should do it. Headline could read, "Police Help Black Teen, Blacks Riot".

Stupid SOB's.


Anonymous said...

So the mob is mad the the police are keeping a drunken 14 year old safe by putting him in a car until an ambulance crew can make sure he is ok. And that his mom will take him home. And a mob gets mad that this young man was protected, cared for, kept safe??? What a bunch of FOOLS!!!
They should be on their knees thanking God they have such officers there, not act like a bunch of idiots that attack a police car and have to be held off with pepper spray. FOOLS and IDIOTS!!!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but news from the big black woman in charge:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the in-custody death of Sandra Bland in Texas and the recently released dash-cam video of her arrest underscores long-held fears many black Americans have about interactions with police.

"It highlights the concern of many in the black community that a routine stop for many members of the black community is not handled with the same professionalism and courtesy that other people may get from the police," Lynch, the first African American woman to serve as attorney general, told ABC News' Pierre Thomas on Sunday.

Was Bland courteous to the police officer any time during the stop? In my world, disobeying police orders and being intentionally rude and confrontational with police is a great way to make your life miserable. Do you think everyone else is polite to cops and on their best behavior because it is a fun thing to do?

What angers me is that the general consensus in the black community is that Bland acted completely appropriately and exactly how any black person should act when just given a warning my a police officer. None of the results seem to fall on her in their eyes- blacks can do no wrong.

Rather than tell their fellow negroes how to act when in the presence of armed police officers, blacks champion behavior such as Bland's as a way to stick it to the white man and his system.

And the cop didn't kill her. She killed herself after she realized she was missing her first day of work and when no relatives would return her phone calls from jail for 3 days.

Pat Boyle said...

You could be right. The big riot of the summer may get kicked off by a cop using pepper spay. But I think it would be more likely to start from a private citizen shooting into a mob of attacking blacks.

In fact I'm a bit surprised that something like this hasn't happened already. Given that there are a number of white people carrying a concealed weapon (legally or illegally) and given that these black mobs try to pull the white victim off his/her feet so as to stomp him on the sidewalk, sooner or later one of the victims will fight back.

I think the law would ultimately side with you if you were attacked by a mob intent on doing you bodily harm, but I wouldn't expect the neighborhood blacks to see it that way.


Anonymous said...

An intoxicated niglet is a target. They wanted to release him from the black of the patrol car so they could sodomize him.

Anonymous said...

The Blacks only understand force. Lawlessness begets more lawlessness. What's dangerous is the Left is egging them on and filling their heads with subversive ideas. This whole situation could get ugly fast.

Anonymous said...

Thank the liberal for Planned Parenthood.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would have gotten the fire hoses out. Give them a good wash down.

Anonymous said...

Examine why Dr Bruce Lahn at the University of Chicago had his funding pulled. Great story; make it public. He got too close to discovering the genetic differences that explain groid dysfunction. Learn his story and spread it.

Hey, let's crowdfund his continuing research!!

Royal oak dude said said...

P.k. time is almost up my friends,arm yourselves while you can ,take a peek at what the stock market is doing,it's about to go south ,then the real fun begins,no one is coming to save you..

Anonymous said...

That's how you deal with the Chappies

Tear Gas , Dogs and Water Cannons

SC Native said...

Man chimp wrangling is a thankless job.

The stupidity of the NAPA never ceases to amaze me, did they think they could "liberate" the nog from the back of a police car and nothing would happen? Well yes I think they did, they get dumber each generation. Time to stop doing anything for these savages, let them stew in their own juices.

Anonymous said...

Let's compare and contrast this event with the recent widely heralded one in which a black cop helped a "White Supremacist" suffering from heat exhaustion.

In both cases, the authority figure (cop) was assisting a member of the other race.

In the earlier case, even though the White man was one of a group, apparently the other "White Supremacists" in attendance took a moment to assess the situation. I don't recall them yelling profanities at the black guy, or trying to grab the incapacitated White away from his "custody".

Now let's look at what happened with the drunk black kid. He was also being cared for, but the blacks immediately assumed he had been "unjustly" detained. They confronted the White cop in a very threatening way, with escalation. While still protecting the inebriated black kid, the White officer was forced to use non-fatal methods to simply restore order.

The first situation was spoon-fed to Whites for a week as a touching example of the kindness and patience of a black authority figure.

The second will be spoon-fed to a black audience in order to further heighten tensions between them and LE.

Whites will continue to be sedated with images of reasonable and thoughtful blacks. Meanwhile, blacks will continue to be riled up with images of suffering blacks at the hands of "racist" White LE.

Could there be an agenda behind all this? (sarcasm).

WEE-GEE said...

Quit policing bonobo areas, exactly, remember:

''Give anybody enough rope and they'll hang themselves''

chattanooga gal said...

"In fact I'm a bit surprised that something like this hasn't happened already"
I suspect they don't do as much of this crap in areas where people are more likely to be armed. hence, no chimpout in s. Carolina after the Roof shootings.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


off topic

Paul, major family chimpout

July 26, 2015 at 9:59 PM"

Thanks for the link. I watched the video then it made me remember when I
read/heard about this incident earlier last year.

At 2:00 in the video, I simply cannot believe that negress would actually
look at the family of the victim and tell them that she hates them.

But, yes, then again I can! Very easily! Their public display is right
there for us all to see. Deep down inside their very dark vile souls, this
is how the feel about ALL of us. They hate us all. Always have. And with
the current road we're heading down right now as we speak, they always will.
Don't let them kid you. They're good at being very deceptive. (As if all of
us here don't already know this much)#AWAKENEDSOUL4LIFE

You all know what needs to be done to eradicate this total menace to society
and everything that it consumes within..... #ERADICATETHEDEVIL

I know there are plenty of safety measures that I now have to follow in order
to protect me & my family. Those safety measures within themselves have caused
us to live a lower quality of life. There are just too many things to list that
we now have to practice in order to "survive" as a standard living condition on
a constant daily basis living and/or just being near these subhuman savages.

Also just wanted to make a quick point of reference and thank the poster
who made mention of using the word "separation" in place of "segregation",
and also for posting the excellent reasoning why and the fact to go with it.
Brilliant indeed! And I completely agree, what do they have to say when we
use the context with all of their own words thrown at us ???

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Pat Boyle: I've told people the same thing in regard to what will be the start of the great riot (which will be on orders of magnitude greater than the LA riots).

IMHO, the SHTF moment will be right after a flash mod descends on a group white men expecting to beat them crap out them. Instead a half dozen or more of the mob end up with ventilated livers. The men who defended themselves will be Zimmermaned x1,000 and it will be open season on every white and asian person (at least in non shall issue states).

There are over 1 million CCW in Florida alone and a rabid increase in permits where states that more recently became 'shall issue' and / or stand-your-ground. The odds are in favor of this happening.

What would we be talking about if the above scenario happened to that flash mob that trashed the Walmart recently?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Here it is more than half way through the summer and no riots yet. Does "Rev." Farrakhan know this? What will the Donald say in response to nogs being nogs e.g. "Burn this bitch down"? Will the Donald come down on negro criminals during the riots like he does on Mexicans at least regarding building a wall on the southern border?"

Hey Anon,

PLEASE, I hope that trump plays his "Trump Card" and grabs the bull by the horns
only AFTER he wins the election if he did when it comes to our negro situation in this country.

I'm more than sure he knows about our out of control negro problem we have in this
country. But this time around I hope someone like Trump plays them exactly for the
ignorant fools they are. That would simply be BRILLIANT in my book. Play the same
game they play with us and totally annihilate them at their own game.

Phuck them savages over only after he gets elected. We'll call it Karma !
But for now stay focused on everything else he says. I hope he is not a
traitor and is on our side. I believe he is.

This would be beautiful and could be the ultimate payback we're looking for,
for all the harm and foul that they have done against our own for the infinite
impunity they seem to harbor so well.


Question for anybody who wants to answer.

I'd like to get a perspective of what other folks on here think about Trump so far?

And what is his real motive for running for Prez ? It's not for the money, right?
He doesn't seem to come off that arrogant that he's doing it for the extra fame
of it all. I hope my instincts serve me right about him. It would be seriously
nice to find out that Trump has also had his own "awakening" and will play these
parasite primates all the way to the slaughterhouse once and for all with all of

You know what I'd really like to hear Trump use as his own Catch Phrase.

Use Obama's.............. YES WE CAN !!!!! You know who "we" is! WE THE PEOPLE!

What WE are not is the subhuman savage cultured negro. Nowutimsayincuz ?!?!?!

Thought-Criminal said...

Anonymous said:

"The cops should have dragged the drunk kid out of the cop car and left him on the sidewalk and then driven away..."

Sounds like a good idea, but the problem with this is that the neegars would then claim the cops had beaten the kid and left him for dead. The lie would spread quickly, "witnesses" would suddenly appear (ala hands-up-don-shoot) and the riots, looting and cat5 chimpout then begins full throttle. The cops are charged with murder and suspended from the force.

I agree with everyone else who advises white cops to just stay the hell away from the black sonsabitches. Let them finish destroying themselves.

riptapart said...

Bad analogy. Drinking soda being good for us would at least be feasible.

1776blues said...

If you look at what happened in Baltimore when Police who didn't walk off the job but instead chose to not put themselves in situations that could have a negative impact on their lives and careers, we can imagine what would happen in a walkout. The spike in murders in Baltimore would translate into an explosion of dead blacks.

However, I'm worried about the violence that will most likely affect whites and other non-blacks. AND DON'T expect the cities to PUT OUT WARNINGS to potential tourists or visitors that experience mass Police walkouts.

We've already read about Baltimore residents who complained about Police not increasing presence in the communities where murders increased. One crazy black woman suggested they replace the Baltimore Police Department with the National Guard. Nobody could convince her that her suggestion was ludicrous since the NG is military and not a civilian policing force.

For what its worth I live in a fairly large city with a majority hispanic population. 52.8% Hispanic, 27.5 White, 14.6% Asian, 2.4% Black.

I haven't had any problems with anyone of any race in my city. Now, I believe if the percentage of Hispanics and Blacks were reversed then we'd have a serious problem. For now the home of Disneyland is relatively safe from what I've seen. Also, I'm not in the worse or the best part of the city, more like the middle and thefts seem to be the largest % of crimes in the entire city.

Anonymous said...

This story right here reminds me of many stories where I automatically
resort to this thought:

Comment sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it !!

Mutant Swarm said...

I'm beginning to think there won't be riots this summer. They'll happen the day after Thanksgiving. You know...Black Friday? After all, that's when all the good things to steal will be out. Plus the disruption to the economy would be more painful, as many businesses rely on Christmas sales to boost their profits.

Or perhaps there won't even be a Christmas this year. After all, that be YT's holiday.

Anonymous said...


Loretta Lynch uses Bland.
Here is Bland in action.

Great commentary from Ambrose,

Anonymous said...

Was watching the Hungarian Grand Prix from Budapest this weekend. Of all the footage taken from around the city during the weekend a couple of things stood out.
1. Buildings, streets, and monuments that have stood for centuries look pristine; no trash, no filth, no graffiti, etc.

2. Nothing but white people walking around. No nogs hangin' on da corner harassing women, begging fo change, cigs, etc. It was quite a contrast to any US city and it's the same for GP's in other European cities.

In America, nogs let a building or house crumble in a few short years. The evidence is right before everyone's eyes yet many refuse to acknowledge it. It be YT's fault no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I have to LOL at the RTA (Cleveland's Regional Transit Authority) LE's on how they
handled this situation. I'm from Cleveland and am well aware of the LE's in the RTA.

They are some brutal folks there, especially if you accidentally park anywhere
remotely close to one of their bus stops. I've been accosted by them a couple
of times myself. I didn't end up arrested or in jail because my cool head prevailed.

I'm very surprised that this situation didn't escalate into a full fledged cat. 5
chimpout. Were they all full from consuming too much fried chicken, watermelon and
grits at their "negro lies matter" expo ?!?!

I can't imaging what it would be like to live in a constant state of agitation,
but then again, yeah, I believe I know exactly what it feels like..........

There are many suburbs in Cleveland that continue to fall into decay after
this cancerous parasite has consumed it in full.

I can name just a few here and the while witness them consume more as they
wash over into even more outlying coonmunities.

We'll start out with East Cleveland. Was a nice city till the early 60's.
All went down hill from there on out. Now it's pretty much the biggest
cesspool suburb outside of the city limits of Cleveland where they are
more than 90% of the population in the city. City is broke, has no money.
Go figure, I wonder why? hmm, but I'm raciss if I point it out eh?
Ahhh, so sad the truth hurts like a knife. Phuck off, I don't give a shht !

But here is a list of Cleveland suburbs that have fallen victim to the
cancerous savages that have now invaded their once nice working class city.

They are: Bedford, Bedford Heights, Warrensville Heights, Maple Heights,
Garfield Heights, Parma, Lakewood, Euclid, South Euclid, Mayfield Heights,
Cleveland Heights, Univercity Heights, and Highland Heights just to name
a few. Each and every one of these once nice working class cities is now
or in the process of being labeled a "no-go" zone for YT.

Most of these suburbs are inner ring suburbs of Cleveland. A couple are not.
Around half of all Cleveland suburbs are "no-go" zones for YT with those
numbers increasing daily as more YT's flee for higher ground away from the

Cleveland (and it's surrounding suburbs) is just one of many cities across
this once great land that is being inundated with more of these cancerous
parasites that it can handle. All sorts of "rob peter to pay paul" budgets
are getting cut yearly in order to fund the programs necessary to keep the
domestic terrorists at bay the best they can to avoid an all out chimpout
god forbid them EBT cards aren't filled on the first of the month or
whatever day these subhuman savages get their next load of fried chicken,
watermelon and grits, and sell the rest remaining on the card for some
colt 45 and some E&J, nah mean ?

FlowerBell said...

Black Americans want their own music, language, lifestyle, clothing, TV channels, laws, police and politicians and black Americans should have what they want. The main concern of our lives as a nation the past 150 years has been about black empowerment and restoration so lets get on with it.

Partition is a peaceful answer.

Anonymous said...


PK said, "There is no reason for a white person to be a cop anymore...."

To which most of us with more than three neurons firing would add, there is no reson to any longer pretend that blacks are even Homo Sapiens and worthy of anything less than being caged like wild beasts.

They have NEVER evolved along the same evolutionary track as Caucasians and Asians, and their beastly nature and total lack of any cultural or scientific achievement to speak of is mute testimony to this incontrovertible fact.

riptapart said...

Why can't he join the riots? Nothing that racist groids does would ever surprise. I mean that literally. If I woke up tomorrow and discovered he sent a nuke into the area of the most "evil white privilege" in the nation and declared Sharia Law will take over there, I would not be surprised. I would not be surprised to find out he is a homo. Looking at Moo Shell, he is already 80% there and can now be legally married. I would not be surprised to find out he raped a women, or a man. I wouldn't be surprised if he has embezzled, shoplifted, nothing. No wrong doing of any groids would surprise me. IKAGOs included.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of separation.

If you look at the map of Haiti and the Dominican Republic,
what is the first thing that catches your eyes ?

The infrastructure itself.

That map would be like what the map of America would look
like under separation. Say, for instance, we give the negro's
everything east of the Mississippi and we get everything west
of the Mississippi. In no time at all it would like the map of
Haiti. One side would have highways, the other side nothing
more than rural routes of dirt roads that lead nowhere.

Negroes not even worth maggot status. Maggots serve a purpose,
they eat a carcass free of any type of disease it could possibly
release. In actuality, negroes do the EXACT opposite. They ARE the
disease, anywhere they go, anything they inhabit, their cancerous
nature is bad for anything around them, which will automatically
be consumed and reduced to nothing but a pile of worthless rubble.
Much like themselves, as worthless to the 21st century as a VCR
would be. Simply out dated equipment that serves no real purpose
to mankind. They're black cause they're ALL like zombies...

Dysfunction, stupid, ignorant, arrogant, repulsive, vile, reprehensible,
and any other truthful word you'd care to add to describe the nature of
the negro in it's entirety......

If the island of Haiti/Dominican Republic the proverbial writing on the
wall of what we need to become as a nation in order to survive?


Anonymous said...

Oh, and hey Philadelphia Mike,

Yes, I surely indeed got you mixed up with another poster,
who happens to be NORDIC CAUCASOID, which I might add that
I like their stories and perspective, too.

I think I was reading one of your posts that got stuck in my
head because of the perfect sense that it made that I also
thought it was you who wrote that catch phrase. Thank you
for the reminder of what yours are though.

I thank each and every one of you on here who offer your
intelligence to state the obvious of what is truly going on
and nothing less. Even though I already had my awakening
years ago, you all sum up everything that I've thought and
felt for years about this whole phucked up situation we're in.

To put it in other words, you are all the pieces to my puzzle
that I needed to make it complete !

Take a guess what the next puzzle will be all about.......

riptapart said...

The federal reserve and powers that be will continue artificially prop up the stock market until the opportunity presents to be able to blame the crash on one of these so called conservatives. They can only go so long and are probably hoping a Republican is elected by the slimmest of margins, so he can be blamed for the economic chaos that Liberal Socialists have created for years, Republicans included.

riptapart said...

You are giving them too much credit. They didn't "assume" anything with this situation. That would entail cause and effect reasoning. No, they are just pumped up on adrenaline. I won't say "emotions" because that is solely a human capability. They are just acting when those adrenaline levels are rising and the pack behaviors burst.

Anonymous said...

I feel for the honest white cops out there. If you so much as exist in proximity to blacks, you're an enemy who can be taunted, vituperated, and assaulted with impunity. The second you so much as react to this abuse, you become a criminal who gets twice what you got before.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

I have become friends with my new neighbor who just moved into town. He is a retired gun store owner and was telling me how Obama was a WET DREAM for gun sales. All these shootings like Sandy Hook, Denver theater and other places would have the store filled with new and old buyers the next day. Anytime some lib would start bullshitting about gun violence it always was good for more sales. A large amount of business was from women and first time gun owners. All that shit a couple years ago about ammo clips in Colorado brought in buyers. School shootings were also good for business. His store was in a nearly all white area with low crime but business was still good.

So it seems that no matter how much propaganda the government spews out the people still want to arm themselves. The more bullshit from the feds the more it helps bring up gun sales. The con job about gun control is having the opposite effect on the law abiding public. The turd birds running the gun control lobbies have not yet figured that part out. The bullshit and fear campaign is not working. People are seeing through the liberal and Marxist propaganda.

What I am waiting for is the backlash from WHITE PRIVILEGE and all those blathering idiots. The more you shove bullshit down somebodies throat the sooner they will finally start to get FED UP (pun intended) There are millions of working class people in this country struggling to pay off their credit cards, medical bills, car payments and other debts. This WHITE PRIVILEGE crap has never set up camp in their front yard. A very large number of people are getting very tired of Leedasha and Auntie Latrina complaining about how they gonna need more money to be feeding their babies and how they got garbage in the front yard and nobody be coming to clean up the mess and the streets are not safe because of street gangs. America is reaching the point that reminds me of a great quot in the final scene from the film GONE WITH THE BULLSHIT. "Frankly my dear, I DON'T REALLY GIVE A SHIT."

Anonymous said...

World is so racist that blacks definitely need their own "country" in North America. Say Massachusetts south to Virginie & from the atlantic to the Mississippi.

This would blossom into a paradise. Whites as well as the totally racist Asian's & Latin's would live in their own country (the rest of North america)

It's to black betterment & white detriment that we seperate but hey we yt'z deserve "detriment" as we have been so awful for so long.

BTW - rumor has it that any yt, chink or spic girls who'd rather live the good life in the new african republic would be granted santcuary

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Black pulls gun on Chicago cops, cops shoot him. The quotes in the article are hilarious and illuminating:

Anonymous said...

From what I saw of the pepper spraying incident, the apes deserved what they got! I cannot blame a white police officer for taking action against a pack of wild animals. Note: these are not humans, but animals. The officer probably saved his own life by his actions.

An earlier poster was thankful for Planned Parenthood and I can second that! I have been a conservative all my life, but as for myself I am thankful for all the blacks we don’t have to deal with today because of Planned Parenthood. Millions of black babies are now gone because someone thought it a good idea not the leave their breeding unchecked.

Black lives matter to me about as much as a cockroach matters! I wish we could get rid of them lock, stock and barrel. These animals are a curse to mankind. They contribute nothing but blight, crime, and death. I don’t hate them as much as I find them disgusting. When an animal kills a human, I look at it this way: kill the animal so it doesn’t kill another human. It has come to the point that I expect coons to behave this way because this is the way they have ALWAYS behaved. They are animals! Animals kill because that is what they do, but usually humans fight back for their own lives.


I'm sure many Police read this blog. In ALL respect, I must say this to you AS A FRIEND:


You are becoming a total fool if you think you can police monkeys.


IF you keep your job find a way to avoid negroville. Don't take the call. Pull into Duncan Donuts. All you fellow White cops feel as you do and you need to form a resistance movement just like in occupied France. Form "secret" groups of like minded WHITE cops. Begin the resistance. Support each other and find a way to take over your precinct so when you don't show up in negroville you can all support each other.

Get dirt on you Police Chief. Find our where he gets drunk, who he's doing, etc and use this to blackmail him to support you. It is time to get nasty, dirty and mean since the RACIAL WAY HAS BEGUN.

I support you, but you are a total FOOL if you make any attempt to bring White Man's civilization to apes.


Euclid Avenue? That is where John D. Rockefeller (sr) had his first home. He and Flagler used to walk together to their offices and discuss the oil business. Flagler was the real brains behind Standard Oil since he knew the tricks to working with the rail-roads, etc.

I wonder if Rockefeller Sr. is proud of his support for the lowly negro. It was his wife who gave money to Negro Schools. I believe one Negro College is named after this race-traitor "white" woman. Spellman College? I think her name before marriage was Laura Spellman.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Black pulls gun on Chicago cops, cops shoot him. The quotes in the article are hilarious and illuminating:

July 27, 2015 at 2:14 PM

Thank you for the link you posted. I read it and could only laugh at
the complete ignorance these feral savages harbor.

Since you honestly can't make this shht up, it only has to be looked at
hilariously because of the simple source it comes from. Wow, these folks
are getting more out of touch with reality each and every day we go on
in this country.

Some of the quotes from these T.H.U.G.S. Totally Harmless Underserved GentlemenS:

“Y’all hiding behind your guns,” shouted a man in a blue shirt. “I’m mad as f---. I’m hurt. I’m hurt, bro.” A nearby man took him in his arms and tried to calm him down.

An officer addressed a different man yelling on the other side of the tape: “Brother, stop it, the f---ing show’s over.” He was met with even louder shouted curses.

“Y’all going to stereotype the f--- out of him,” said a man in a White Sox cap. “Y’all got Tasers, for what? Y’all got mace, for what?”

“Y’all shot first!” shouted the man in the blue shirt.

A detective in plainclothes walked up to the man in the Sox hat and tried to take a statement.

“I don’t want to talk to nobody in no uniform,” the man replied.

“I’m not wearing a uniform,” the detective said.

“I don’t want to talk to nobody in no uniform,” the man repeated.

The detective turned to the man in the blue shirt.

“I don’t want to give no statement,” he said.

LMAO @ Ya'll shot first! You pull or even come close to pulling a gun on me
and I'm wearing a badge, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to try my
best to shoot you first, critical mass area is my bulls eye in my scope !!

Wow, are these folks really this ignorant ? (sarcasm, no need for answer:)

My mind just naturally makes me eyes look the other way wherever these folks
are. I keep just enough peripheral vision on them until the threat is clear.
I can't stop my natural human instincts from popping up a red flag whenever
they are present. Terminator 666. These feral savages need to be stopped dead
in their tracks before any other further movement is made. But then again,
the DWL's that support them while living no where near them need a serious
taste of their own medicine. With the savagery boldness that is ever ripening
from these feral animals, that maybe when they do finally make it to all them
DWL neighborhoods, they'll be so emboldened that they'll treat em like the
brotha that killed that family in DC and then burned the house down. Then
once they finish off all the DWL's then the harsh reality will set in on
them that the only people left for them to take out are the real race realists
that planned ahead and survived! I've been planning on being one of them....
you should too, if you haven't already!

Anonymous said...

All they lnow is aggression, violence and foul language. They are used to treating each other viciously and are surprised when YT does not appreciate or is used to it.
Crime scenes are like a free carnival in these hoods. They show up screaming at cops, profanity, falling out. There deep lack of education shows in yheir lack of understaning how any dam process in the universe. Like spoiled children they complain and give ignorant statements about what the law it, what is right and wrong.

Anonymous said...

This how we treat our citizens? Peaceful? I suppose peaceful by their standards. That's the whole problem, their concept of peaceful doesn't fit into the definition of civilized societies. If that kid had had on a pair of desirable athletic shoes, or had had drugs or money on him 2/3 of them would have mugged him and felt no remorse for it. They'd justify it thinking they "done taught him a lesson".

Hear about the guy who lay on his fathers head until he suffocated the poor bastard? Said he had to show him he was bad. Guess he got schooled, huh? # Black lives matter? # I can't breath?

Anonymous said...

Name two showboating, media whore, bigmouths with lots of cash (one much more so than the other) that milk and manipulate their respective systems with impunity and ZERO legal accountability,have powerful concealed friends that they'd rather you not know about...whose nation wrecking agenda they willingly serve...

Answer: Al Sharpton and Donald Trump

Trump is controlled opposition who COULD break free, take names and kick ass; but I'll lay 10:1 odds that he WON'T.
A way for him to honorably close out his rapacious, self indulgent life and gain a good place in History would be to bankroll a REAL asskicker into The Presidency like TREY GOWDY...on a REAL, well funded Third Party assault on the coven of witches that now rule from D.C. and The Hellspawn that they so cravenly serve.

Anonymous said...

If that new, shiny job meant anything to her she would have followed the instructions given to her by the officer and been on her merry way. Things are coming to a head very quickly and a lot of us are sick to fucking death about it. It's always something being shoved down our throats. Keep the powder dry people. It's coming!!!

quinnotaur said...

I believe PJ O'Rourk said "too be young and not liberal is to have no heart; too be older and not conservative is to have no brain."

And when he says conservative, it's not meant in the sense that current #conserveacuck think of "conservatism.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

I just love the way folks who comment on this site believe that white cops are our allies. They are not.

If we ever get laws here to control hate speech like they already have in Australia and many European countries, it will be those good old white cops who drag you out of your homes and toss you into a cage full of the dumbest Negroes on the planet, just for making the docile, well-screened comments we make here.

The way I look at it, if a cop erases a groid, that's a good thing. If the cop was a power-tripping pig who would be just as likely to shoot you or me for small reasons as he would a big cannibal and he gets his ass nailed to the wall, then that's another good thing.

Cops are not friends to the White man. It was a white cop who split my dad's scalp open in the 1940's for protesting against forced integration in Detroit. Without cops and other enforcers of government whims, Detroit would very likely still be the Paris of the Midwest.

You folks can do whatever you want, but what I do when I hear about another groid who got protected and served I laugh maniacally and clap like a trained sea lion. I do the same if the cop gets screwed as a result of blowing away an unarmed piece of ghetto filth who could have in many instances been knee-capped instead.

That's just me. If you want to swing on a pig's nuts, then go ahead and have a good time, my obedient friends.

Pat Boyle said...

Some reader called Hell_Is_Like_Newark agreed with me that the flash point will probably come when one of the million of whites who habitually exercise Concealed Carry will defend himself/herself against a black mob. This seems almost inevitable unless the situation turns around soon.

There are many whites who walk to the grocery store with a concealed carry handgun under their shirt. There didn't used to be but the Obama administration has been good for firearms and ammunition sales.

If a black mob gets you down you have a good chance of being killed. So sooner or later a black mob out to beat what they think is a helpless white target will come across someone who is prepared.

This is a very bad outcome. No none should hope for that but it is likely to happens.

Remember by far the worst war in American history was the Civil War. The worst war in the whole nineteenth century was the Taiping rebellion - the Civil War in China. More recently we have had the 'ethnic cleansing war' in Kosovo and Ugandan Civil War. These are also called genocides.

Civil Wars are particularly bloody. We lost about 2% of the population in the American Civil War. If we had a real Race War in America that would likely be the magnitude of the conflict. Millions would die. There would be atrocities on both sides.

If an armed conflict broke out between the races in America the fighting would probably bring in the Muslims too. They might bring their nuclear weapons with them. It could be very messy indeed.

Our first priority must be to keep the lid on the racial animosity. If we get into a shooting war nearly every family in America will have one of its members killed or seriously wounded. That's what happened in the American Civil War. If that were to happen again the casualties would dwarf WWI, WWI, Viet Nam and all the Middle East conflicts.


think about it said...

Somewhat off topic, but interesting...

Dr. Wells says National Geographic won't study the brain. "I think there is very little evidence of IQ differences between races,"

Dr. Spencer Wells, head of the National Geographic Society's Genographic Project


Clearly, NatGeo knows where its gravy comes from...

think about it said...

hey Pat;

you said, "If a black mob gets you down you have a good chance of being killed. So sooner or later a black mob out to beat what they think is a helpless white target will come across someone who is prepared.

This is a very bad outcome. No none should hope for that but it is likely to happens."


I, for one, hope beyond hope that this happens and I hope it happens today. This negro problem has festered since the early 1800's and needs to be revisited now. Let's not allow our compassion and moral superiority to prevent us from fixing the problem this time.

Yes it will be bad. Yes people will be hurt and many will die. Its long overdue and inevitable. The sooner it starts, the sooner its over.

I get that your residence in Oakland is not gonna be a very desirable spot when this does happen, but you are a smart guy and you chose to live in proximity to the negroes. You could have chosen to live in a safer place, but for some reason you chose Oakland. Youre probably gonna regret that decision someday soon.

I personally wont be the one to fire the first shot as I dont wish to be remembered as the catalyst of such dark events, but have no doubt that the second shot may very well be from my own hand.

Dont take offense. I like your posts and I feel that you have a well reasoned, intelligent opinion. I question the rationale of your choice of residence location, but thats your thing.

I hope youre well armed.

Anonymous said...

The Amish?

Anonymous said...

EX New Yorker here....An after thought for what Pat Boyle just wrote. Back in the 60's I read everything I could get about Edgar Cayce. One of his prophecies for future America would be a race war. I am only paraphrasing "A race war so bad that blood would flow through the streets like water or X THE UNKNOWN would happen." I have spent over 40 years studying both of these two subjects and can tell you that one is not any worse than the other. A race war has been going on for years. They are moving in massive third world garbage to insure a really good blood bath.

He also (as best as I can recall) talked about the destruction of Atlanta, Baltimore and other East Coast cities. Virginia Beach would be safe. New York and Washington DC would be underwater. He explained that the destruction of large cities from earth quacks would be based on the frequency and spiritual development of the people living in those cities. This was a point he heavily stressed. We all know what the spiritual level of these once proud cities are. They have now been turned into crime infested ghettos. Whole land masses would go under water like half of Italy, England and Japan. Cacye called it EARTH CHANGES. Kind of like a giant cleansing. Our job is to survive.

The Hopi Indians also prophecy a race war and also a war between the Eagle, Bear and Dragon. The Eagle would loose. The stupid asshole neo-cons are trying to start a war with the Bear (Russia). Dumb fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this link, it does show the hate most of them have for whites.

Anonymous said...

Will the Donald come down on negro criminals during the riots like he does on Mexicans at least regarding building a wall on the southern border?

As a real estate guy he knows better than anyone else how minorities especially nogs destroy real estate values then by extension destroy the local economy wherever they squat.

He knows exactly what is happening in Atlantic city because his casinos have suffered.

Indian casinos in White areas are doing great while Atlantic city is in the dumps.

Why wouldn't White people want to visit a beach resort with casinos? Hint: They have a loitering problem.

Anonymous said...

really like playing roots backwards optimism. thanks

Anonymous said...

I personally wont be the one to fire the first shot as I dont wish to be remembered as the catalyst of such dark events, but have no doubt that the second shot may very well be from my own hand.

In a place like Oakland you could be pumping gas and the first shot could hit the back of your head even if you are armed to the teeth. Heck you could take one pumping gas on any day of the week.

The whole place could explode overnight. I don't even think living in a gated community near L.A. is a good idea. You still have to get on the freeway to get to work which would lock up in a disaster.

Californians seem disconnected from reality. They seem to live in denial of their teeming black population that is always an hour away. White Californians act like everyone goes home to a gated community and a margarita. The place is madness.

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing is that they don't seem to see that the "Silent Majority" is watching quietly as these rediculous stories are trotted out, made the no.1 news event in the United States, and further bankrupt the treasury with multi-million-dollar federal investigations.

They - and by "they" I mean top-tier negroes and their DWL allies - surely must realize that each time they do this, they anger many moderate whites who gave them the benefit of the doubt the first dozen times this year, but are no longer willing to do so.

Every time one of these idiots says publicly that things will only change when every white male over 40 is dead, they alienate more white men who previously thought they were part of the Diversity Team but now know they aren't welcome.

One day soon, sone fresh-faced reporter is going to dash breathlessly to her white editor's desk, thrusting a "Sandra Bland"-style story in his face, only to hear: "That's not a story. If anybody gets indicted, we'll take another look "

When the first major outlet declines to cover this bullshit, the rest will follow suit.

They only have power because their enemy - us - gives them power. If we collectively stop, it stops. Hispanics, Asians, and even immigrant Blacks are not going to step up and support them and 12% of the population - mostly kids - can't really do a damn thing.

When that happens, we can simply treat them as we have been trying to do for the last 50 years... by the same standard we judge ourselves.

Anonymous said...

You can talk about partition all you want but when you start talking about giving my area to the niggers, you can count me and hundreds of thousands of other evil whiteys out of your plan. I can think of nothing more offensive, outrageous, insulting and despicable than a plan such as that. And it would guarantee a backlash so severe and devastating that the subsequent mention of the area I live in would cause negroes and libtards to shit their pants while screaming for their momma's.
Some might come up the mountains to fuck with us, be obnoxious and act like carpetbaggers and try to lord it over us but they wouldn't be going back down.
Count on it. Lots of wild country up here where people have gotten lost and have disappeared never to be heard from again and those are just accidents.
Invaders would find themselves having lots of "accidents." It would be a veritable epidemic of accidents.
Why don't he write home? He been up there 5 months and not a word!

Anonymous said...

Cops aren't your allies?! Are you kidding me? I am one of those Caucasian cops of Nordic descent who reads this blog. While you my
like minded friends are blogging I am out on the front lines of the streets shielding most citizens from the hordes at the gate. We are fully aware of the consequences and yet we suit up everyday to hold the line for those who cannot. More than most we know what we are up against and what would happen if we popped smoke.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading a bok on John D Rockefeller, yes it was 'Spellman College' for ex female slaves.
re,Euclid Avenue? That is where John D. Rockefeller (sr) had his first home. He and Flagler used to walk together to their offices and discuss the oil business. Flagler was the real brains behind Standard Oil since he knew the tricks to working with the rail-roads, etc.

I wonder if Rockefeller Sr. is proud of his support for the lowly negro. It was his wife who gave money to Negro Schools. I believe one Negro College is named after this race-traitor "white" woman. Spellman College? I think her name before marriage was Laura Spellman.

Anonymous said...

It went past ugly to nightmare a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays the cop would detain her and take her money, because people who act nervous are probably drug dealer kingpins.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand what is newsworthy about a cop using pepper spray on a mob of blacks who are physically threatening him and interfering with his duties. It's crazy. If this keeps up, blacks will be rioting every time an officer is forced to shoot a negro to keep it from killing him. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
Off topic, but news from the big black woman in charge:
Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the in-custody death of Sandra Bland in Texas and the recently released dash-cam video of her arrest underscores long-held fears many black Americans have about interactions with police. "It highlights the concern of many in the black community that a routine stop for many members of the black community is not handled with the same professionalism and courtesy that other people may get from the police,"

Well if negroes didn't act like baboons, trying to fight with, kill, injure, or run from police they would receive the same professionalism from the police that humans do.

Anonymous said...

Some think Trump, with his past record of supporting Democrats and liberal causes, is a shill for Hillary. His goal is to split the Republican/conservative vote to pave the way for Hillary to glide into the White House.

I don't believe that myself. I will vote for him regardless of what happens, simply because he's not a professional politician and can't possibly be worse than those now in power.

Anonymous said...

If police did walk off the job, I think of a looters would load up and head straight for the upper middle class White neighborhoods instead of wasting their time with the slim pickings in the ghetto.

Anonymous said...

American Citizen said...
White policemen need to walk off the job with no notice in a major urban city.

In any city that is negroefied it would be a joy to behold, why the savings to the working people would be enormous! Imagine if a city of 70,000 negroes were to reduce its negroe population by 15,000 in a week of no policing! 15,000 negroes gone and their EBT, WIC, Section 8 gone as well, what a delight to behold! Why should police to walk off in large cities chock full of negroes across the nation the deletion of these useless eaters, by their own brothas, and sistas could reduce the tax burden upon humans

Anonymous said...

And I'm sure that he considers himself a scientist of some kind. Great. What he really is is a 1500s-era Cardinal in Rome denying that the earth goes around the sun, and calling for the punishment of anyone who says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

The rot has spread past the already infested Richmond Heights area and is now in the process of consuming Wickliffe and Willowick as well.

Anonymous said...

"Dr. Wells says National Geographic won't study the brain. "I think there is very little evidence of IQ differences between races,"

LOLOLOL: 'i'm just gonna stick my head down here in this hole in the sand and keep quiet so I don't lose my career, even though science is supposed to be about finding out TRUTH- the TRUTH is if I tell the TRUTH I'll be done for."

Anonymous said...

Whites (or any one who isn't black) can't be cops in black areas. Blacks would rather be under the authority of gang members and criminals than any form of law and order.

Anonymous said...

If were up to the Evangelical and pro life nut jobs, there would be 40 million more orcs running through the streets unchecked and unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

The black people who rant about white cops had better be careful what they wish for. The last century saw enormous acts of intra-racial violence by whites. The white hate stereotype is "Nazi" as in "Nazi mentality" etc. and this stereotype is trotted out regularly by black political figures. Indeed "Racism" in the popular mind is owned by whites.
It is only however due to the general depreciation of historical understanding that the frightening and mindless acts of genocide by blacks in Africa go unnoticed.
Further, on a smaller scale, but still frightening -at least to me- are the " security forces" surrounding important industrial sites in South Africa and elsewhere are frequently black with white officers. There isn't any holding back when it comes to unleashing bullets at strikers or rioters. Blacks had better hope the white code of professionalism doesn't give way to the easily-bought brutality of black security forces.
Still on YouTube is the slaughter of an estimted 25 black miners who got a bit out of hand during a labor dispute at a platinum mine; tactics that make the pepper -sprayers look like movie ushers.

Anonymous said...

Now in the United States I see people running, but this is a race war. I see a whole group - it looked like the whole continent - running, but they're dark - skinned, they're black - skinned. And they have all types of instruments. I think one is a machine gun that shoots many bullets, and he's tat - tat - tat - tat - tat - tat - tat - tat - tat - tat. Oh - h. (Veronica sighs heavily.) And they're lying on the ground, dead. Ugh, oh, and it's terrible. (1985 prophecy)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rot has spread past the already infested Richmond Heights area and is now in the process of consuming Wickliffe and Willowick as well.

July 28, 2015 at 2:53 AM
You got that right! Thank you for adding them to the list.

More suburbs of Cleveland to suffer the nightmare of what happens to a city
when it becomes negro-infested.

And to think they're trying to rebuild Cleveland up. Ha, you couldn't PAY ME
to risk my life for ANY EVENT Cleveland has downtown.

One only has to go to the Casino on the public square side to get a glimpse
of what negrofestation is. These animals are like no other animal on the
face of the earth. ALL negros suffer from some sort of mental illness.

Heck, who on here doesn't know that much by now, right ?

The only ones who'll disagree are the DWL types themselves, but no worries,
Odumbo is going to make sure they get their share of "vibrant DIE-versity"
very shortly here.......

Anonymous said...

My mother taught me a long time ago when you're stopped by the police, it is "yes sir" or "no sir" and you do nothing to escalate the situation. The other day I was stopped by two police cruisers, wondering why, I opened the door. The policeman yelled, "stay in your vehicle and close the door!" I replied, "yes sir" and let him approach. They were looking for a vehicle involved in a hit and run and mine matched the description. The officers checked my car to see if any damages matches the car in question. My car was OK and checked out OK and they let me go and thanked me or my cooperation and I replied, "you're welcome, glad to help." There are times the cops can get out of hand but I do not see it in my, or this, situation here. They do have a hard job. Even the ACLU says to comply with all orders and not escalate things, the place to fight it is in the courts.

When it comes down to it, with all the trouble that goes on today and within the last 20 or 30 years, I saw a bumper sticker that I agree with, "if there would have been this much trouble, I'd would have picked my own damn cotton." B-)

Anonymous said...

Cops aren't your allies?! Are you kidding me?

You can't be a good cop in a bad system. You couldn't be a good cop in Stalinist Russia for example. Tactically you are defending the white public from black violence but strategically you are protecting and perpetuating the system that sponsors that racist victimization in the first place. Whites don't need protection from blacks, civilization does. Whites would maul blacks in any sort of conflict. Protection of civilization is precisely what the system has no interest in. Of course, there's nothing you can do about all this except continuing to do your job.

Blacks "woof tickets" are issued under the protection of the government. Issued under the (almost certainly true) belief that the law will quickly step in and protect them in any sort of general conflict. And under the (probably true) belief that whites, as long as they still have big screens and HBO, will tolerate a return to, say, 1970s level of violence without a major reaction. What you end up with is a normalization of acceptable violence basically dictated by the system and by the victims passivity. The system has certainly shown that it doesn't care about any victim group that doesn't cause it serious problems.

If police did walk off the job, I think of a looters would load up and head straight for the upper middle class White neighborhoods instead of wasting their time with the slim pickings in the ghetto.

They might do it once, but then genuine racial conflict would break out and the authorities would have to step in lest it threaten to destabilize their power. The Formula is the elite and non-white proles uniting to loot and hold down working, lower middle-class, and middle class whites. Blacks are a dangerous tool for the elite, like some sort of unstable home-made explosive. Should the day come when revolution becomes necessary a smart revolutionary organization would turn the unstable black weapon against the system by continuously goading them into over-reaction.