Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Isn't This Exactly What Happened?

All the monuments will come down.

Every one.

Confederate or American, it doesn't matter what they celebrate, they will come down.

For they celebrate white men fighting, living, dying, and ultimately thriving to defend the interests of white people. The monuments were erected to celebrate the lives, deeds, exploits and sacrifices of those white people who had perished so white people living long after the statute had been built could understand their connection to the past... so future citizens would always remember the men who had once existed so that they could exist.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson knew what was once at stake, as Ron Maxwell powerfully captured in the Ted Turner financed Gods and Generals.


The Man said...

That's what the last 50yrs of this country's history has been all about.

Anonymous said...

Every white monument WILL come down. And white people WON'T do a damn thing about it.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, America is walking a plank. Below....gators and sharks. Sickening feeling for sure. The president called ISIS the junior varsity team. Sir, you are definitely in charge of the varsity team. Shame!

jassi said...

"Every white monument WILL come down. And white people WON'T do a damn thing about it"

Resistance is growing and growing fast. Rebellion is natural for youth and many reject the current paradigm.

Where is Bogyubski? I want to hear his take on the flag issue.

Anonymous said...

Every white monument WILL come down. And white people WON'T do a damn thing about it.


...and blacks will rule the galaxy!!!

I don't always condone affirmative action,

but when I do,

I remind everyone that I got a 675 on the test.


Anonymous said...

I find that streets named, MLK blvd.. Are offensive. I find streets named rosa parks blvd. offensive. I find civil right monuments offensive. I find the F.D.R. Monument to war offensive. I find public schools named after presidents I don't care for offensive. I find catholic hospitals named after saints offensive. I find department stores named after their Jewish owner offensive. I find cities named after people I don't like offensive! Is this what this country has become? Changing everything I have named won't make me younger, smarter, richer, prettier, or better in anyway. It won't help anyone taking down Americas statuary. Those proposing such actions are IDIOTS!!!

Julie said...

Hillary Clinton on the flag of the confederacy via the NYT

“It's a symbol of our nation’s racist past.”

Speaking at an African-American church just outside Ferguson, Mo., an impoverished black community where protests against a mostly white police force erupted in violence last summer, Mrs. Clinton made a forceful plea to remove the Confederate flag wherever it flew. And she encouraged other retailers to follow Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Sears in discontinuing sales of items that display the flag.

“It shouldn’t fly there. It shouldn’t fly anywhere,”

The leftists/statists will crush you into dust, because they are in power and they believe.

Anonymous said...

If they take them down, vote them out in the next election, and elect people who will bring them back.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

Orwell: Whoever controls the present controls the past. Whoever controls the past controls the future.

Taleb quotes a similar idea in Antifragile: a "man without a past has no future," an idea he credits to the Mediterranean. An Israeli friend told me "a tree without roots cannot grow."

Make no mistake: they know exactly what they are doing.



Only if we let them! And I for one ain't going to let that "just happen" on my watch! And I know for damned sure that 99% of us that visit here WON'T let that happen without the spillage of White blood once again.
So take your defeatist attitude the Hell with you and don't come back here no more!
Pfft. Bitches!


Dan said...

Quantrell's flag.

Black with the letter Q stitched on it.

Might even be good to use the Jolly Roger.

Anonymous said...

We are witnessing destruction. Destruction of history--the memory hole now exists along with the "party" that controls it. Destruction of wealth as private property becomes the property of the "king" once more. Destruction of knowledge as the most ignorant, reactionary and non-productive become little tyrants, crying in their cradles with a nanny state that says slavery to the state is legal, and you will feed them under threat of death. Destruction of agency, as dependency and fear have replaced self-reliance and responsibility. Destruction of truth, as the truth is inconvenient and must be replaced by the self-created reality of the controllers. Destruction of health, as an populace more constrained and poisoned by the mass-controlled food and drink they consume get ever less nutrition, rest, or sleep than any generation before it. Destruction of life, as the cult of death in all its forms: perversion, apathy, degeneracy, theft, violence, hedonism, solipsism, and lying become the means by which unsound and corrupt people maintain their positions and lifestyles at the expense of their fellows. Destruction of freedom, as the ability to travel, speak, write, associate, work, think, or dissent becomes a phantom of some poorly-recalled past that fades as the new generations grow up not even knowing these things, let alone remembering them.

Anonymous said...

If you have not read "The Killer Angels", you should. Unbelievably well written.

Sorry to disagree, but those blue coats were marching on the orders of real live Marxists, and they very effectively overthrew the Federal Republic of Jefferson. The tribulations, and pending death of this nation took it's first step from the Appomattox Court House. A state, as a stand alone entity, as described in the last paragraph of the Declaration, would be able to easily deal with the hoards that plague us. Not so with the iron fist of the central authority. Jefferson warned you of this, you did not listen.

Anonymous said...

O/T but I saw this on Facebook and thought it worthy to share.

"Mentally ill" nog shoots own grandmother, white neighbor shoots nog dead, grandmother has nerve to complain that her grandson be daid an sheet.

Crawford says she knows Sellers was just trying save her life and she thanks him for that. But she thinks he got carried away.

"I understand that he didn't know what was going on, he probably felt that here's this man out here trying to kill this woman. But my thing is, when he shot him one time, he didn't have to shoot him again. My baby is gone. Thirty-one years old. Gone," Crawford said.

My baby dindu nuffins, blah blah blah blah blah.

On the bright side, no charges have been filed.

Anonymous said...

But the new remake of "Roots" is going to be epic, and forced down the throats of idiots choosing to watch it.
For just as the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah were, so the last days of man will be.
We see how savages, sodomites, and a generation of degenerate offspring of slaves has defined the end times. Time to hide, confronting it physically only leads to downfall or misery. Sure is weird seeing it happen.

AZ Ray said...

I never thought that in my 53 years so far on this earth that I would live to see such days. During Mao's "cultural revolution (1966-1976) the communist Chinese intentionally destroyed a great deal of China's vast cultural heritage. It was thought that they could only achieve the glorious future it they rid themselves of the "backward, un-progressive past"

Well, WE are now doing the same thing to ourselves!. And WE do not need the heavy, oppressive hand of a ghastly totalitarian police-state. The left has done such a bang up job of indoctrinating the masses that we are now gleeful lemmings heading to that cliff. It is as if an entire people, an entire civilization has been afflicted by some bizarre form of self infected brain damage?!..

"you maniacs, you blew it all to hell, damn you all, damn you all to hell" Hestons words are prophetic, and we do not need a nuclear holocaust to destroy our civilization. We seem intent on dismantling our history, ergo: our heritage willingly.

I am ashamed at what we have become as a people..

Medic Bear said...

And anyone who makes comparisons to 1930s Germany is ridiculed and called a conspiracy nut. White equals the new Jew in Herr Obamaland.

Anonymous said...

The masses of whites will go along with removing all traces of white accomplishments in the effort to appease the perpetual victims. This is done in the desperate hope that somehow we can finally make them happy enough that they'll behave like humans.

By my estimation that's all any of us really wants is for the shwooogies to just act civilized and carry their own weight. A few articles ago someone mentioned how delighted whites are to have an interaction with a negro that is actually pleasant and doesn't end in bloodshed, rape, or theft. We are thrilled with the thought that maybe, just maybe they will finally be able to assimilate to a point where they will peacefully coexists with us. As most of us here know, due to genetics this is simply impossible. If history has shown us anything it's that absolutely no amount of appeasement, money, programs, initiatives, setasides, handouts, coddling, or anything else will change the bestial nature of the sub Saharan African.

Anonymous said...

I think it's from a Monty Python comedy sketch but I think we should copy the dynamic: a long line of soldiers is standing and being addressed by their commanding officer. They are standing side by side. The CO asks for a volunteer for some ridiculous and dangerous mission and asks that the soldier step forward. They all hesitate for a moment, and then in unison all - except one- take a large step BACKWARDS! The appearance is that the soldier not in on the plan has now volunteered.

So, I suggest all us non-negroes get organized and take one large step backwards, isolating the negro from our line. Enough with their f*cking complaining and savage behavior. Let them sink or swim on their own.

Anonymous said...

0bama did say he was going to fundamentally transform the U.S. I always thought it was his very short Mein Kampf. And his "wife" added "Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed." She might have meant it as a heads-up to the blacks that they'd be needed for riot duty but it works well for whites. Face it, communists are running our government. Pulling statues down is a scene we've watched from afar while we were glad to live somewhere sane. The commies are here and in charge. Truly, I believe we're in dangerous times.

Since we all need a laugh where we can find it, here's a link to the image Google messed up and labeled a gorilla. Judge for yourself the quality of Google's facial recognition - I'm saying it's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

The "Dukes of Hazzard" has been pulled because of the Confederate Flag. What complete $*&%×in insanity! They will not stop til the last yt is daid!
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this negro mass shooting a racist attack? How many of the victims were black?

Why don't we hear about that? Killed more than Dylann.


The ruler always eliminates the past and renames the land.

We have already been defeated and conquered. The vast majority of stupid whites don't now what we know.

Our enemies, for the last 200 years, have acted brilliantly

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but of interest: The Justice Department has just issued crime statistics, with Hispanics being for the first time shown as a separate category of offenders, rather than being lumped in with whites:

Anonymous said...

They hate us, always have, and always will. From birth on blacks learn that the white man is racist, and because of that, the black man is kept down. To a ignorant black populace that makes sense to them.

Now the purge is in full swing, no telling what will be viewed next as racist.


Anonymous said...

" . . . As I write, my local community is confronting a peculiar epidemic. Bronze dedicatory plaques are being stolen from our ancestral institutions—churches, halls, clubs, parks—many of which my grandparents and great-grandparents helped establish. No records exist for most of the ancient dedicatory names, so all prior benefaction has been erased from our collective memory—and all for the recycled meltdown that supplies only a day or two’s drugs for the thieves. . . . "

This is Victor Davis Hanson writing about the troubles in the San Joaquin valley, California where the same thing - and worse has been going on for quite a while. He never mentions in this article (he is a college professor after all) that it's overwhelmingly Hispanic/Mexicans who are doing the damage and ruining California. Their motives generally are not ideological as are BHO's and his communist friends, they are simply mercenary but the results are the same, the destruction of memory through the destruction of monuments.

The purpose of a monument is to create a physical, public record of an event for the generation who experienced the event, good or bad and the same thing for future generations. The public destruction of monuments serves two purposes; to demoralize and dispossess the current generation by destroying links to their past and making them believe that they have no future and not to allow future generations to have any material connection to their history either thereby making them rootless without historical memory. This benefits the revolutionary by giving him a 'clean slate' to work with and create his utopia according to his own design without having to answer to history. He can just make up out of whole cloth a new history more conducive to his revolutionary ends with his heroes taking the place of the old ones.

The Left has been destroying history for decades in BRA, first in books, TV and film and now with physical, tangible public records i.e. monuments, living stone and bronze reminders of better people than themselves. The statues, plaques and place names of Confederate leaders commemorates the virtues and sufferings of the men and women of the Old South, what they endured and why they risked everything for their cause. They were not monsters which is exactly how BHO and his communist pals want history to show them.

The monuments in the South and across the U.S. are really an affront to BHO and the scumbags he is flooding the country with because they memorialize everything BHO and his "new Americans" aren't; a people who have accomplished great things, endured hardship and prevailed, made great discoveries benefitting all mankind and built a great nation out of a wilderness. All of these things are common to YT and non-existent in BHO's peeps.

BHO's communist pals have tried to replace YT's genuine accomplishments e.g. the Magna Carta and great thinkers like Aristotle through Jefferson with trivial people like Rosa Parks or MLK who were mere tools used by others. Hilariously they have tried to create their own martyrs and memorialize them but the best they can come up with are a series of petty criminals e.g. St. Trayvon, St. MLK, St. Skittles et al.

In the vast fields of knowledge and discovery BHO's peeps are not to be found. There is no record I am aware of a Dr. Shitavious peering through his microscope and after years of painstaking work declaring: "I found dat MoFo of a germ. Now I cures me of dat syphilis Shaniqua gibs me". Perhaps Louis Pasteur copied from an assistant named Shitavious then destroyed the records? Maybe the records were destroyed by evil YT like the records of the ancient nogs building the pyramids then flying them around. Perhaps BHO's Ministry of Truth can produce a show for the History channel called "In search of Ancient Nogs" instead of "In Search of Ancient Astronauts".

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

OT--but be wary of any black bartender. Either through incompetence or subterfuge, they will absolutely try to screw you over (the idea of good service bringing customers back is a foreign one to them thanks to lack of future-time orientation).

This one black female bartender I was watching yesterday managed to try to screw over two separate customers in three separate incidents in the time it took me to drink one beer.

One couple ordered a couple of glasses of wine. She asked if they wanted 6 or 9 ounces. They asked if there was a deal to be had in the 9 ounces, and she replied that the 9 ounces was a much better deal "because you get twice as much and the price only goes up from 12 to 18 dollars". It took the white couple a few moments to shrug off their liberal tendency to give this girl the benefit of the doubt before they responded, "Well, there's no deal in that at all." The black tried to convince them that it was a good deal, but their knowledge of simple arithmetic made the effort in vain. Meanwhile, when their bill came, they saw they were charged 54 dollars (!) for the two glasses of wine. They said they thought they were 18 dollars each, and the bartender (with a straight face), "Oh, the bottle of wine I was holding in my hands when you ordered was 18 dollars a glass. You ordered a more expensive type."

On to customer two. He's finished his meal and wants to pay. The bartender informs him of a rewards card good at that restaurant and many surrounding ones that accrues points every time you eat there that can be redeemed as cash at some point. He says great, sign me up. (I believe the server who signs a customer up for these things gets some type of bonus.) So the guy fills out paperwork, they make him a card, and then the bartender goes, "That will be 100 dollars". The guy, surprised, is like, "I thought it was free to sign up." The bartender is puzzled as to why the guy is upset and refusing to pay. The manager comes over and apologizes and then tells the bartender that she has to inform them of the cost of the rewards card before getting them to sign up. First, the bartender tries to lie and say that she did, but when that didn't work she pleaded that "He signed the paypah! He haz to pay us!" as if tricking a customer into signing a sheet of paper entitled her to a cut of the money.

Race said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Another good scene:

Stonewall Jackson: "If the Republicans lose their little war...they return to their homes in New York, Massachusetts, or Illinois fat with their war profits. If we lose, we lose our country. We lose our independence. We lose it all."

Race said...

Well stated!

Anonymous said...


this is shocking and yet funny--more crimes than number of groids,

The Shocking Finding From the DOJ's Ferguson Report That ...

The Huffington Post
Mar 13, 2015 - That means that the city of Ferguson quite literally has more crimes than people. ... for a city of 645,000 people, issued about 2,300 criminal warrants. ... The DOJ report shows not just a racist criminal justice system, but one in ..

Anonymous said...

When I was about 10 years old walking down the street in our hometown with my father, we drew close to a "record shop" (this was in the '50s)and the victrola was playing outside the door. It was loud and numerous teenagers were dancing around it and being stupid and rude. My father stopped within earshot of some of them and turned to me and gave me some profound advice, "Son," he said, "you can always tell how empty a man's head is by how much noise it take to fill it up." With that, we walked on. I had thought that I would not hear anymore profound thoughts from my father as he wasn't prone to philosophy, but as I was preparing to go into the Army, he surprised me again:
"Son, always remember this one rule as you interact with other folks now that you are an adult. Never trust a black man even if he smiles at you and is friendly. Even if he considers you his friend, know this...he hates you...he hates you because you are white and he isn't. Never turn your back on him or let your guard down."
I never have. My dad was a pretty smart man. It also kind of meshes with his earlier advice as negros are the noisiest creatures on Earth.



Donald Trump should buy the N.Y. building where Macy's is located.....and evict them.

Californian said...

Here's a question for all those middle-of-the-road whites who supported de-segregation--how's that civil rights thing working for you? Yes, you, YT, who have seen your property values go down the tubes, whose children are being bused into the inner city, who lost that job to an incompetent AA hire, who have to put up with "diversity" agitprop, who have to cower from flashmobs, who now see the CSA battleflag getting the Taliban treatment.

Are you willing to consider that maybe, just maybe, Bull Conner and Orval Faubus and George Wallace and Senator Bilbo and Lothrop Stoddard and Hendrik Verwoerd and Ian Smith were right? Are you willing to consider that the Alabama cops who made their stand at the Edmund Pettus Bridge way back when were defending your home and family and culture today? Or that apartheid was put into place in South Africa to prevent stuff like this from happening?

Think about it, because guess what--this is not the end of it.

SC Native said...

Sure the Marxists might get a few monuments taken down in nog infested areas but I don't think that many will come down. See the flag issue is something to appease the ni@@ers and a firm line should be drawn after that. Now if that happens or not is the big question.

With the monuments you have a much firmer piece of ground to stand on because many of them serve as grave makers for those who died and are buried on the battlefields. In many cases it took the widows and children decades to raise the money to get them erected and many southerners know this. I've heard violent and angry comments over the flag but what I've heard about the idea over removing the monuments is chilling. I think that would be something that causes the pushback Obutthole wants so it needs to be avoided somehow without giving in, he wants unrest on the part of YT and his frustration is mounting.

As for the union and american monuments I think those that mindlessly wave the flag would get up in arms about that, here you could have a charismatic type leading the masses. With the amount of resentment I see from YT under the surface now and the fact it's growing the idea that Obutthole might get his wish for unrest is a concern for me. I'm not sure how this'll play out but it's very possible it might not be as the Marxists want it to happen. After they get too confident things go wrong for them. I wonder I good bit about how it's going to go wrong for them this time.


Anon at 12:57 AM

Excellent writing.

I sincerely believe the most intelligent and articulate White People are right here on SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

"Off-topic, but of interest: The Justice Department has just issued crime statistics, with Hispanics being for the first time shown as a separate category of offenders, rather than being lumped in with whites:"

One commenter suggested printing these out and discretely placing them inside books at the libraries and bookstores.

SC Native said...

I wonder why the YT decided to help, I promise you I wouldn't. Never ever get in the middle of a tribal dispute because at best this happens and at worst you get killed or go to prison for killing a protected species.

I wouldn't interfere in black on black crime for any reason. Now if it was the far more common black on white that's a different story. I think somebody commented a day or two ago on the lack of gratitude the negroes show and I can't think of a better example than this.

Being negroes, examining bag on the side of the road for gibs on the way to the hospital. Bang! Oh lawdy you be's done shot muh. Bang! Oh lawdy you dun shot Rastus. He dindu nuffins he be sick n sheet. Tanks but why you b shoot him? A lawsuit is comming YT even if no charges were filed. Learn your lesson and move on.

But remember, black lives matter

Anonymous said...

"OT--but be wary of any black bartender."

I am wary of black anything. I wont even walk up to a black cashier, wont eat anywhere blacks are cooking or serving food, i actually just closed my checking and savings accts because i walked in and saw a negro teller. It took me weeks to find a bank without blacks but now my bank has been nigged. I just walked to the manager and informed him i was closing both accts. He didn't ask me why, so i made a point to inform him that I am VERY careful about what type of tellers handle my money, as I have been victimized before. Also, i told him the new "urban" music the bank has been playing belongs in a ghetto bar not a bank. The negro was trying to stare a hole into me the entire time i just ignored it. As soon as i left i sent an email to the banks management explaining how disappointed i am in having to find a new bank because they now have a teller named Jamal who wears earrings, tattooes, plays ghetto music at his station, and said "whassup" to me when I walked in. I would sooner bank at a hispanic currency exchange than tolerate a negro having access to my accounts or have to interact with a negro teller, or have a negro hand me ANYTHING.

I even keep rubbing alcohol in my glove box so i can clean my drivers license off in the even i am forced to hand it to a negro cop,

Living in Chicongo it really limits my daily activities but avoiding blacks at all costs IS possible. No fast food, only country/western bars, only expensive restaurants, no health clubs, no public pretty much anything. Even here, it is possible.

Anonymous said...

You must stand guard as much as possible and beat down whoever tries to steal our heritage, history, and blood!

Anonymous said...

OT: The apologists for BRA over at Field Negro seem to have run out of words (comment thread):

Earl Turner said...

Regarding Anonymous post July 2, 2015 at 7:39 AM about the black bartender.

Was it Blacklebee's or Black Lobster?

I outright refuse store discount cards offered by negro employees. No way in hell I'm putting my personal info out there for them to get their paws on and do God knows what.


7:79 AM Anon. I know your story is fake.

The bartender is "black"
A black female won't work.
A negro is too stupid to be a bartender
She had a clue what an ounce was
She "knew" 9 was bigger than 6
She had extra forms nearby for the second customer to sign.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

Can I predict or what? I need to start betting the ponies.

History is replaying itself.

Email from someone telling me about a brand new group that is pissed as royal hell at the SCOTUS "overthrowing the constitution". Call themselves Christian Independence. No doubt, they and others are to spring up, eh?

And, as I warned many, doesn't this stink of Lincoln's nonsense of overruling the rights of the states? And the result therof? Hmmm!! Could it be? Could it happen...AGAIN????

No, I've no axe to grind with the gays or lesbians, much prefer them to the current crop, yes. But! DAMN! I've never heard such venom!! Breakfast this AM and all I heard all around me....anger, anger and more anger.

And movemet? And where will this go? The nadaland of Occupy Wall St or....another Fort Sumter??

We shall see, kids, we shall see.

Stay low, y'all...

Anonymous said...

On September 16, 2013, Aaron Alexis, a black male, fatally shot twelve people and injured several others in murderous slaughter at the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) inside the Washington Navy Yard in Southeast Washington, D.C. The attack, which took place in the Navy Yard's Building 197, began around 8:20 a.m. EDT and ended when Alexis was killed by police around 9:20 a.m. EDT. It was the second-deadliest mass murder on a U.S. military base, behind only the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009. All but two of the victims that Alexis stalked and murdered that morning were white. It has been well documented that Alexis spent as much as 18 hours per day and night, obsessively playing violent, shooter-style video games. It is also well documented that he had made several claims to his friends that he felt discriminated against as a black man. Why is any of this relevant now? There were no calls by liberals to ban video games. There were no cries of racism, even though nearly every one of the victims was white and the shooter was black. There were no rallies for gun control and Obama did not attend any of the funerals of the victims. No tax payer money was taken and given to the victims of the attack and no TV shows were cancelled.

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

I have a pretty good idea of a statue I'd like to pull down.

Pat Boyle said...

Slavery was not abolished in America because of moral repugnance. There was some moral repugnance but that was only one of several factors. William Wilberforce and the Quakers who had led the anti-slavery did so as Christians for Christian charity. Their argument was on moral grounds. But Christianity wasn't always against slavery.

Christ himself never spoke out against slavery. In fact the Romans who ran a slave state were often tolerant of Christianity because the early church preached submission to authority not rebellion.

The first anti-slavery figure in history was probably Wang Mang a first century Han emperor. He abolished slavery but soon had to reinstate it. As far as I know there were no more antislavery movements in China although Chinese civilization was never as dependent on slaves as Western societies.

The first great figure in history who was against slavery and was for a time successful, was Saint Patrick. Patrick had been a slave. He established the Irish Church which unlike the Roman Church strongly opposed slavery.

The next antislavery effort came from Protestants many centuries later. Slavery had been fading in Europe before the Portuguese discovered blacks in Africa.

Slavery was introduced in America by Abraham Piersay in Jamestown. It saved the colony but in general black slavery was not all that efficient. Free men were always better were they were employed. They needed less supervision and produced more.

There were not that many black slaves in what was to become the US until cotton was introduced in the deep south. For a long time the cotton plantations were rather small and inefficient and the condition of the slaves was very poor, but in the nineteenth century a new form of modern plantation was developed.

Cotton plantations underwent the kind of revolution that was happening in Northern Factories. The scale was increased and the the working conditions improved. The big cotton plantations organized like factories. The slaves were well fed and housed. Families were encouraged. Even the smaller plantations had nurses. the larger ones had hospitals. Slaves were organized in teams. They were not beaten and hardly even guarded. Read about this is 'The Time on the Cross' written by a Nobel Prize winner who married a black woman.

The economy of the North never favored occupations that were dominated by slave labor. But then the North began undergoing the Industrial revolution and workers were gathered together in large industrial gangs. It was always better to be a free man in the North than a slave in the South. Some Northerners began to fear that those robber baron capitalists would be tempted to organize their factories along slave lines. The poor working whites in the North strongly opposed slavery. They didn't want to be slaves themselves. In general they weren't particularly sympathetic to blacks. They certainly didn't feel that blacks were their equal.

Lincoln had been doing poorly in the war. He waited until he had had an all too rare victory and issued the Emancipation Proclamation as a ploy to help the war effort. The people of the North opposed slavery and some of them because of Christian charity but mostly for economic reasons. The North was organized economically around free men and they wanted when the nation expanded for the new states to follow the Northern pattern not the newly emerging Southern pattern.

The anti-slavery movement tends to be portrayed very sentimentally in the media. Those Northern soldiers who fought were seldom motivated by love of the black man.


Anonymous said...

WhiteAmerican-BlackirishStreetUrchin is the statue a light grey granite? Does the fellow have a stern, menacing look? If so I'll help!

Anonymous said...

Forty eight percent of Austin school children are non-white (people of color), but ninety percent of the teachers are white. The white liberals of Austin have a problem with that, but none wants to give up HIS job for a black or Hispanic.

Here a liberal idiot bemoans the fact that a diverse (non-white) workforce is hard to find. Did he ever consider that people of color may be dumber that white people? Perhaps whites were hired because of their qualifications?

The same hiring schema is applied in cities like Baltimore. It is one of the largest diversity (meaning non-white) employers in the nation. Still, the city is falling apart! How could that be seeing Baltimore is a diverse community?

The blacks and liberals moan about diversity: then how do they explain the extraordinary number of blacks represented in television, movies, and the government as compared to their true percentage of the population? In 2011 the percentage of blacks in the NBA was 78% versus white 17%. The white population is extremely underrepresented in the NBA. The top executives in the NBA is 7 out of 30 or about 23%; again overrepresented.

The NFL numbers like this:

In 2010, 67% of all NFL players were black and 31% were white. In 2011, a total of 74.8% of the NFL's league office management is white. A full 100% of the majority owners in the league are white. A total of 22% of the head coaches are black, while 31% of the assistant coaches are black.

Again the people of color (blacks) are overrepresented!

Here is my point, with all the attention to the diversity (non-white) push from the left, why do they allow whites and other races to be underrepresented in sports? Here is what I would think the left should propose in the spirit of fairness. The NBA should have equal numbers of men, women, gays, straight, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans in ALL occupations – and definitely in sports. The fact if they are qualified or not does not seem to matter. Now, this would also mean that blacks would need to increase their presense in golf, tennis, fishing, car racing, and country music; but we would see less of them on TV, in government, and in the movies. I would expect to see many more short Asians and Hispanics playing basketball.I would expect more Nobel Laureates to be black even though they don’t invent anything. The white Jews who win all the prizes would have to be disallowed because of the color of their skin.

You know…what amazes me is that the liberals don’t know what kind of can of worms they are opening when they start to dictate who gets what job based on skin color. The only thing that should matter is qualifications. If the white teachers, police officers, firemen, and other people are better than the people of color (blacks), then they should have the job.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 9:41AM: Fantastic post. Hard-hitting. I wish your post could get cut and pasted all through the internet. It should become a standard response to any whining about Roof, anywhere on the 'net.

Thank you sir, I wish I knew a good way to spread that post until it was famous.

Anonymous said...

re: the black bartender

What behaviors do you associate with average black restaurant customer? For one, they question the price of everything and are wary of everything placed before them. Someone starts filling their water glass, and they ask, "How much does that water cost?" Someone brings them a basket of complimentary bread, and they ask, "Do we have to pay for that?"

When they order, they constantly ask the price of things, possibly wondering it what is says on the menu is a lie. If they are asked to pick sides that come with the meal, they ask how much the sides cost, and need verification that they are included in the price of the meal.

When their food arrives, they will immediately ask if the server brought them the right thing. Even if they got what they ordered, if it's not exactly what they expected, they'll eat most of it, but eventually send it back.

When the bill arrives, they'll question every item on it, suspicious that the server has charged them for things they didn't order.

In sum, if the average black in a restaurant is hypervigilant about being overcharged by their servers, how would you expect them to behave when they are on the other side, doing the serving at a restaurant? They'd likely have a tendency to engage in the behavior that they had grown up suspecting their white restaurant servers of participating in, using bait-and-switches, hiding unpurchased items in the bill to run up the tab, etc.

Ironically, the white guests you described that were told the wrong price/weren't told the cost of the card could have avoided the situation by acting like stereotypical black guests and annoyingly asking and re-asking the prices of what they were getting every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

..."The NBA should have equal numbers of men, women, gays, straight, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans in ALL occupations – and definitely in sports. The fact if they are qualified or not does not seem to matter. Now, this would also mean that blacks would need to increase their presence in golf, tennis, fishing, car racing, and country music...I would expect to see many more short Asians and Hispanics playing basketball. I would expect more Nobel Laureates to be black even though they don’t invent anything. The white Jews who win all the prizes would have to be disallowed because of the color of their skin...."

This has the makings of a GREAT comedy film, if only Hollywood would make it. Which they won't of course. But this thing would practically write itself-and it would be hilarious!

Anonymous said...

To Pat Boyle:

Excellent entry at 10:10 AM. I would add a few more points for additional context:

1. Child labor in the North was horrendous. At the same time the North, collectively, was wagging it's finger at the South for slavery, they were employing actual children in mills, etc., in un-healthful conditions and long hours.

2. The "real" reasons for the War were economic competition and differing regional needs on tariffs and etc. between the North and South. But "real" reasons are seldom publicized. Recall Harriett Beecher Stowe and "Uncle Tom's Cabin". Sentimentalism was used to fuel outrage against the South, just as in our time, sentimental depictions of heroes played by Sidney Poitier helped get Civil Rights sold and swallowed.

3. Slave emancipation was a military tactic. Lincoln was actually the first to employ a "dirty bomb". His emancipation proclamation was intended to weaken the South in several ways, at a very ill-advised eventual cost to the entire Nation. Lincoln is one of the most white-washed figures in history- well deserving of the "tyrant" appellation.

Anonymous said...

Excellent information here Pat, the Marxists know that the negro runs totally on emotion. It's the only way to get them to agitate loot and riot. Of course the negro was always nothing more than a footnote in history until these evil bastards put them way higher than they deserve.

Anonymous said...

". . . Here is my point, with all the attention to the diversity (non-white) push from the left, why do they allow whites and other races to be underrepresented in sports? Here is what I would think the left should propose in the spirit of fairness. The NBA should have equal numbers of men, women, gays, straight, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans in ALL occupations – and definitely in sports. . ."

The whole point of "diversity" isn't diversity, it's to wipe out white people, to make life as difficult as possible, to be rid of us. When sports, TV, advertising etc. are disproportionately non-white that is diversity working well. When these things are %100 non-white they are working perfectly. Diversity means non-white, that's all, it doesn't mean a diversity of races represented. They want us 6 feet under, it's that simple.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

Yeah he's black, a typical AA hire. Was given security clearance that he never should have never had. He had a history of mental illness and a criminal record. The media reported on the story for a few days as well as polititions promising closer scrutiny of employees.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should show your work, as m math teacher would say. I'm not seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, this country is on it's way to Marxism.

My ancestors names are on those Confederate monuments. When I have the money I will make Confederate flags and put them on my ancestors graves. Find a like minded stone mason and have the flag engraved on the headstones.

Pat Boyle said...

As it happens I know a little about wine. My strong impression is that blacks are as rare around good wine as they are in - for example - computer science.

A while back before the level of the competition got too tough, I competed in wine tasting tournaments. The California Wine Tasting Competition takes place over two days in Healdsburg(?). It's nice way to spend a weekend vacation. There were a lot of people participants the years I went there. I don't remember any blacks at all. Nor do I remember seeing any in the many Napa Valley wine tasting rooms.

Good wine seems to be another one of those activities that differentiate whites from blacks. That had never occurred to me until I started reading all these comments about black bartenders.

Segregation shouldn't be all that hard, but the government is intent on painting a picture of perfect racial blending on TV commercials. Sometimes you have to stop and clear your head and forget the TV propaganda. You have to look at the real world. We don't need a whole lot of heavy handed enforced segregation. Whites and black naturally gravitate in different directions.


Anonymous said...

There were times in 2007 when Obama would give a speech and I would watch the faces of the people who were in attendance. It reminded me of the crowds in 1930 Germany. It seems like some kind of mind control. Scary indeed. Not sure what to do. I'm afraid that half the country want this kind of socialism. 18 months of this still to go. Can't even imagine. Not sure if this fits the narrative of this site but it kind of goes hand in hand with what we are experiencing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:57am. Nailed it! Says it all. Scary times!!

Mr. Rational said...

when that didn't work she pleaded that "He signed the paypah! He haz to pay us!" as if tricking a customer into signing a sheet of paper entitled her to a cut of the money.

"Gettin' over on Whitey".  I would have informed the manager that his nog bartender was engaging in fraud, and if she was not fired on the spot I would back up the victim in making a police report and get his business called on the carpet for sharp practices.

You must take all opportunities to eliminate criminal nogs from White spaces.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I see. It's like when you're out hiking and come aross a grizzly bear just ignore it and it will go away.........after it's done eating.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...


'Donald Trump should buy the N.Y. building where Macy's is located.....and evict them.'
Silly--macys been there 100-150 years. I assume Macys owns the place.

just boycott Macys.

Anonymous said...


Here is my point, with all the attention to the diversity (non-white) push from the left, why do they allow whites and other races to be underrepresented in sports? '

BC its not about 'Equality' its about Race Replacement.

ya think if baketbawl was 100% White 'they' wouldnt be demanding dieversity?

Anonymous said...

Great post but when is everyone going to wake up to the fact that all this sudden mental illness is caused from being born an addict to crack. Yes, grown up crack babies! Could be multi generational crack babies!

"Mentally ill" nog shoots own grandmother

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....A machine was invented years ago that is now being used for psycho-tronic mind control of the weak willed American public. Prolonged and daily usage has a profound effect on the thinking and emotions of the people who are being submitted to this machines effects. The entire gamut of emotions can be produced such as fear, sorrow, laughter, anger, conformity, hunger, thirst, loyalty, consumption, enmity, sexual arousal, addiction, happiness, paranoia, rage, apathy and obesity. You can always spot heavy users by the size of their buttocks.

The original home application of this device was free but now the masses pay a small monthly fee. They are portable but are mostly used at home and in the office. This is an incredible piece of gear because it very slowly over a period of time will prevent any kind of original thinking within the mind of the user. Build into the machine is a thought programing selection device so each person can choose what type of outside thought projections they wish to endure for daytime or nightly use. This is a total overt mind control operation. These machines are everywhere. The are sold in stores, mail order catalogs and the internet. If you are lucky you will find a good used one at a yard sale or estate suction. Please take warning. These are not for small children. Even for adults they are an extremely dangerous appliances that can have a very toxic and harmful effect to your mental or emotional health. They have a word for this horrible brain destroying machine. It is called a "television".

Dan said...

It's quite unlike Nazi Germany.

Hitler did not make policy to damage the Germans.

He did perhaps overdo the invasion thing.

PB said...

The Taliban dynamited statues, ISIS wreck ancient artifacts, the Israelis raze ancient villages, Stalin airbrushed pictures, North Korea...well..everything, and now here they are, pulling down your own past so the future they create can have a blank slate. I'll bet most Americans still can't see this for what it is.

What's it they say? History is written by the Victors?

Anonymous said...

I guess I learned something from my fellow race realists, I will probably never see a professional white basketball team because the main idea of diversity means anything but having a white person.

Hey Pat…I suppose Shitavious doesn’t know much about fine wines, but you must admit he has you beat on malt liquor and menthol cigarettes!

I drink Jack Daniels and Jim Beam for my rheumatism. It also helps me relax and write things in SBPDL. I don’t drink wine much at all.

Californian said...

They have a word for this horrible brain destroying machine. It is called a "television".


One more reason to KILL YOUR TELEVISION!

Anonymous said...

A couple of months ago my grandson took me to see a movie with him, it was called "The Kingsman". I wasn't expecting much, but I was rather surprised by the focus of the plot which I wont ruin for anyone except that it seemed to be a total jab at the liberal media, politicians, and celebrities. One scene towards the end of the movie stood out, in it you see every member of Congress, president Obama, his cabinet, and most of the liberal leaders of the world all have their heads exploded at the same time. Also if it is any indication of how small town America feels about our Government, just about everyone in that theatre was standing cheering.

Mich Mike

SKIP said...

"If they take them down, vote them out in the next election, and elect people who will bring them back."

No offense, but where have you been? Elections mean nothing now, nor do they affect anything except perhaps to instill a "I voted" feel good feeling in White people. I would point out that Joseph Stalin said "votes don't matter, who COUNTS the votes matters" Vote! and vote often seems to be the democratic way and to date, I find no mention in the constitution of our country being a "democracy". I am rather anxious for the country to devolve back to being similar to Kevin Costner's movie "The Postman" I rather liked that movie.

Anonymous said...

some here malign Rush Lim.
Today he had the -------
AUDACITY of HOPE [obamas term] TO MENTION THIS FACT-----------


44 OF WHOM ARE --- ----------------fill in blank.

ATL Born said...

So here in Ga. they are bitchin and cryin' over Stone Mountain and the Confederate flag there. They want that flag down and the dumb f#cks don't even get it that Confederate's are carved into the mountain. How do they plan to remove that? So far the states response is that the entire park is considered a museum so they do not plan on removing the flag. At least not for now. Of course all us locals, the ones that are left, know that prior to becoming a park Stone Mountain was kkk land and had many of their gatherings on the property. My dad actually grew up down the road from there and has shared some interesting stories of how he would go there the day after rallies were held.

Also I was at the Dairy Queen in Cumming,Ga recently, it has a really old cemetery on the opposite corner. Generally it is filled with Confederate flags, however, on this day there were none to be seen. What I did see shocked me. Three nog youths with a camera taking pics of the graves etc. No doubt this is trouble in the works. For those that don't know the area, I am sure PK does, in the late 80's or maybe early 90's good old Oprah held a march there and they threw rocks at her and her pals. It seems the new black plague knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic here..

Not that I expected much different, but I just perused the client list of ROC Nation, Jay-Z's sporting agency. As expected, all-black.

Does anyone have some info on his "work" history. Of course I'm looking myself, but it's mostly DWL material. Even some history into his clientele and less-than-reputable associates.

Anonymous said...

I love living in Texas. But Austin isn't Texas. Why any conservative would choose to live there is beyond me.

Race said...

Sadly, it seems most white Americans don't give a damn about their legacy, their inheritance or their progeny. They only care about their immediate comforts and gratifications and that is why we sit in judgement as a nation with the negro as a thorn in our side.


For those of us who KNOW the history of the Civil War, it is both comical and sad that the Negro thinks the Confederate Flag has anything to do with him.

They way over-rate their importance.

Anonymous said...

First post here.
Recently went to the College World Series in Omaha.
One thing I noticed was very, very few blacks in the stands. There were a couple here and there but without large numbers they tend to behave.
Also, there was a noticeable police presence on just about every corner within 3 or 4 blocks of the ballpark.
I know Omaha has blacks...but with this being Omaha's yearly signature event, I'm guessing the police wanted to make sure there were no vibrants causing trouble that would make national headlines.
It was nice to walk around the park, chat with baseball fans tailgating, enjoy some ballgames in a nice, clean ballpark. Didn't have to worry about getting hassled for money, no fear of getting jumped, didn't have to deal with possible chimpouts. Was confident that my car would not be broken into or stolen.
With fewer blacks playing in the major leagues and fewer blacks in general playing baseball (they prefer basketball and football), I'm finding that I'm enjoying baseball and hockey more and more and football and basketball less and less.
Of course it's only a matter of time until someone calls hockey "rayciss" for the symbolism of white guys with sticks chasing something black.

Anonymous said...

If your vote meant anything and was real,you wouldn't be allowed to have one

Anonymous said...

PK, I hope you are getting ready to hit us with a good "Fourth of July" article.

After the rapid disintegration of freedoms of thought and association we've seen just recently, I look around and still see "x" number of dumb-asses waving "U.S." flags and buying fireworks. What in hell are they celebrating?

I saw a clip on the 'net about some USA sport team winning something (against Germany IIRC) and the supporters were yelling "USA-USA-USA!!" as loud as they could manage. All were White females.

I haven't flown my U.S. flag since Obama was elected, and I don't imagine I'll ever fly it again. Too many differences between me and what this nation has become. I'll be looking around my home town to see if the flag count is up or down this year.

What I'd like to do- what I wish I had the guts to do- is fly the Confederate Battle Flag. Trouble is, I've worked so hard on this house and yard, I don't want it getting vandalized-and if I caught someone vandalizing it, I have a weapon handy and - well, is the rest of my life in jail worth making the statement? I'll guess not, for now, discretion being the better part of valor and all that (may my Confederate ancestors forgive me my cowardice).

I even considered flying the US flag upside down-but my neighbors would be offended and most likely wouldn't even understand why I was doing it. So, no symbolic acts from me this year.

Anyway, I hope to see a good piece on the Fourth and the terrible mess we're in here.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm not sure it's wise to identify the current racial realism struggle with the historical Southern resistance.

I was raised in the South. I used to enjoy annoying one of my Data processing Superiors in the management hierarchy with the fact that I as a Virginian and because that 'Virginia led the South' I was more Southern than she was - she was from Mississippi.

But that was just fun and games in management dominance games. Today it's irrelevant that my ancestors fought for the South. Anymore than that my Irish ancestors fought against the British.

The real question is where do you stand on the question of race now. The predominant public view today is that all the races are equal and any deviations from equality are an error caused by white racism.

I believe that view is wrong. It is supported by faulty reasoning and suppressed evidence. I choose to combat that viewpoint through repetition of the truth. I don't think it's wise to get 'hung up' on defending the Confederacy.


Magnifico said...

Interesting, netflix doesn't carry the movie,"Gods and Generals".

Anonymous said...

You guys should check out this new article by the Scotch-Irishman. If fits in perfectly with this article by Paul and is an isnpiring call to action.

I thought it insightful where he said:

"The symbols of your Confederate heritage are symbols of the four out of five Southern males who fought to defend their people when the North invaded the South, and out of them, 260,000 men gave their lives and 137,000 were wounded with many of them losing their limbs."


"Reason and logic will not work with them. To them, you and your heritage are racist. That is it. Nothing more. Their symbols, like the Democratic Party, can evolve, but yours cannot. To them, a man is suddenly a woman if he “identifies” with being a woman and everyone must acknowledge it and accept it. But your flag cannot be anything other than racist hate, regardless of what you “identify” it to be."

"Defend your heritage because it is “your” heritage! Defend it because it is a heritage that you hold dear; and for no other reason!"

Anonymous said...

They want that flag down and the dumb f#cks don't even get it that Confederate's are carved into the mountain. How do they plan to remove that?

Perhaps they might call in the Taliban?

Californian said...

It's worth reading the article PK URLed at:

The thing to grasp is that blacks' history is not our history. For blacks, the real Revolutionary War was the struggle to overthrow white rule, say from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Era. That is what they consider significant.

Washington, Jefferson, Jackson? They're just slaveholders. Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson? They're arch-segregationists. The NASA manned space program? Just a bunch of white guys taking money away from the war on poverty.

In the bigger picture: Aetius, Charles Martel, Jan Sobieski--white guys trying to stop the immigration of people of color into Europe, thereby denying them a "better life."

It gets back to a point: when you have enough blacks in a polity, they will not assimilate. You'd think that blacks would respect the fact that a Washington or Jefferson established the ideological foundations for liberty and constitutional government. But nope. All that counts is that they owned slaves. No matter that no black person in America is a slave today. No matter that no one in their right mind would want to import more blacks into America to be slaves. Blacks still have this mindset that because someone did something a couple centuries ago to someone with similar color-of-skin that it defines them today.

And you have to ask, what is the next symbol to be torn down in the interests of BRA?

Anonymous said...

The entire American experience, all those men who made this place, distinct from all others, it will be brought down for the negro.

Anonymous said...

Simple answera are so satisfying

Anonymous said...

Nick A. Pinny said:

Centurion, nigrahs don't think, except with their dicks and their stomachs. Otherwise the actions of the overwhelming majority of them would appear to suggest they're uniformly no higher in the food chain than, say, a hyena or sewer rat.

Anonymous said...

A race war, black vs white will not happen. A race war black vs white, hispanic, asian, indian etc will happen. Its just a matter of when.

Blacks hate all other races, but hate themselves the most. The rage is growing daily, you can feel it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on 'Field Negro' Payed the site a visit. Talk about people refusing to acknowledge the TRUTH. Of course I had to comment..........

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Andrea Ostrov Letania said...


Anonymous said...

I intend to keep watching that Field Negro post, in case they find their tongues again.

I'm also going to keep archiving snapshots of that post over at

Californian said...

First post here.
Recently went to the College World Series in Omaha.
One thing I noticed was very, very few blacks in the stands. There were a couple here and there but without large numbers they tend to behave.
Also, there was a noticeable police presence on just about every corner within 3 or 4 blocks of the ballpark.

Welcome aboard!

And thanks for the slice of life report. One thing about race realism is how it opens your eyes to the simple pleasures, and how they can be so quickly destroyed by BRA (Black Run America).

N.Ga said...

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another two had sons captured.

Nine of the 56 fought and died of wounds or hardship of the Revolutionary War. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

What kind of men were they?

Twenty four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated, but they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept away from the seas by the British navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress with out pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwenette, Heyward, Rutledge, and Middleton.

At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson Jr. noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General Gorge Washington to open fire. His house was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.

Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and gristmill were laid waste. For more than a year he lived in forest and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished.

So take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank your lucky stars for these patriots. It's not much to ask for the price they paid, and remember, freedom is never Free!

We thank these patriots, as well as those patriots fighting to KEEP OUR FREEDOM!

It's time to pass the word that patriotism is NOT a sin, and the 4th of July has more MEANING to it than beer, fireworks, and hotdogs.


Anonymous said...

Back from abroad and within 24hrs have had multiple bad negro experiences.

South Florida is overrun. Haitians are scary folk. Nog attitude very, very bad; like they have a leader encouraging them to be angry and fight the White... hmmmm....

Unknown said...

I love my country. Damn near died in Viet-Nam fighting for it.
God Bless the white part of the USA.
The black part,,,eh, not so much.

Anonymous said...

What comes around goes around.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone.

Rebel here.

I had to laugh out loud at the ignorant ass story where grandma is bitching about her 31yo "baby" being killed by a white neighbor while he was shooting grandma.

Won't say how I know, but I've worked with our ghetto-dwelling friends (#sarc) for decades. Seen 1,000 variations on this exact same stupid story she offers up.

"We were driving down the road and we saw a black bag on the street by a light pole. We stopped and he got the bag and there was A GUN IN THAT BAG!! Then he started actin' all crazy!"

This is a classic low-IQ story that negroes tell police, probation officers, judges and other white people that they think is really clever. You see, there's no doubt that she and/or "my baby!" was on probation or had convictions. Or the gun was stolen. One way or another, grandma had to come up with some bulshit story about how they didn't actually have that gun. They JUST found it! But they never had a gun before that very instant that the police know about. What a coincidence! Oh, and by the way, she's a turrible, turrible victim in all this. She's a grieving grandmomma, do don't be investigatin' her or asking none o' them white people legal questions!

I'm f------ sick of their retarded shit.

- Rebel

Unknown said...

You can and should give respect to others.
However, you should receive, nay, demand respect in return.
Even if it isn't politically correct.

Dan said...

White people going at each other in a war isn't the same thing as America.

We are overlorded by an African as a direct result of this revolution.

Dan said...

I went to a strip club the other night. I'm a degenerate okay.

Anyway, the stripper I had a private moment with brought up the banning of the Dukes of Hazzard. She was pissed off at the attack on the Battleflag and very annoyed about the statues being attacked. She's a criminology major.

I didn't bring it up but enjoyed the diatribe she launched into. Pert blonde, good head on her millenial shoulders.

Anonymous said...

that's what the English did to the Celts to destroy their culture.
There are about 50 million Americans with Celtic roots many of our Southerners have Celtic roots and it matters for this is what was done to our people and why we are Americans today!
We have more people of Celtic herritage than Scotland.
Celts were very oppressed for over a thousand years and sold as slaves in carribean and here negroe slaves were worth more than Irish slaves also there were signs that read " no negroes or Irish allowed" but the lying left wants this history forgotten.
I think I read that the last ship carrying Celtic slaves was in 1853 not too long before the civil negroes weren't the first Niggers! Nor did Negroes suffer slavery and oppresion for near as long as the Celts did and we need remind the ingrates of history and why it matters!
Slavery had zero to do with race! The damned idiots think it was all about them!
The ingrates can kiss my ass!

Dan said...

Stalin pulled down churches like Christ The Saviour.

He airbrushed out Trotsky (why? You know why)

And Nicolai Yezhov (why? You know why) He was a bloody dwarf married to Fiegenberg.

The image of these two Anti-Christ speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

You wonder what Northern soldiers who fought for the Union would think about what the USA has become in 2015?

Anonymous said...

Today I saw a retarded black person and thought, "Isn't that redundant?"


Anonymous said...

Reading this article and the comments was hard, however this website cheered me up. Tracking the stupidity in Chicago over the 4th July weekend should make alot of contributers chuckle.

Race said...

Turn and stand. That is your duty as a man. Stand.

"Those willing to exchange their freedom for peace and security deserve neither".
Benjamin Franklin

Dan said...

Or the UK after 1945 among the British veterans.

The American civil war occurred before Darwin was widely accepted. The North was a mishmash of Marxist bilge, Pluto's cash and Puritan hypocrisy.

Had social darwinism been around the Union woild have collapsed.

riptapart said...

And an attitude as negative as that can take a considerable part of the blame. White people ARE starting to resist. White people have jobs, and families, and school. They do not have time to have a "cause". And really, most white people have not yet felt the effects of multiculturalism. There are so many all white communities across the country where one seeing a Black person in their town creates a curiosity of, "What is he doing here?". Give it time. Even the confederate flag, and other monuments, though very valuable to many white, just are not a great concern to most of the masses. White people, in large numbers, will need to see and/or suffer direct injustices before they really begin to revolt. It needs to be felt personally by many, and it will be eventually. The greatest weaknesses of the left are, the lies they use, and more importantly, their inability to know when they have gone to far. Leftists are feeling empowered right now. They will continue to become more and more absurd and pushy. They cannot help themselves.

Anonymous said...

Libs are flooding texas to turn the state in to a demo crap dump

Anonymous said...

I used to loyally shop at a st.louis location . They let an employee who was having a heart attack and turning blue lay on the floor for 15 minutes. Galleria. That mall used to be real nice. The employees I over heard outside on the side walk were threatened wi th their jobs to not help her and leave her be. Ffffff macy's and all the liberal scum who are management. Yeah. Mark. Karma will hit all of you 1000 fold.

Anonymous said...

Today was the first and last time I will ever go to Stalinbucks. My barsita/tattooed Liberal metal spike in face, nose, ear ,lip shmuckette proceeded to tell her fellow workers she hates the fourth and flag. I asked her loudly " you hate America" Yes. I called her a communist pig. I will defend my country. For God and Country.

Anonymous said...

Pat you should know that blacks are known to taste a little wine from time to time. One I've heard of one particular club called the " Gulp and puke ". It's a secluded little back alley club where the discriminating, modern black man on the go can take a minute to sample the latest flavors offered by Boone's Farm. They don't use the sip spit method, it's the grab chug. That's where you try to chug as much as you can before the next guy grabs it out of your hand. The first one to kill off the bottle gets shot. Every Thursday they have happy hour between the hour of 6 and 6:15. This months featured wine is purple flavored MD 20/20. Coincidentally right after happy hour is what they like to call the lady night. This is where one lucky lady is selected at random off the street. Then she is gagged, blindfolded, and then taken back to the club where she is introduced to the twelve men of her nightmares , I mean dreams.
But gang rape is never funny,

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

(above) ... " the Israelis raze ancient villages, "...

I call BULLSHIT. The Israelis have NEVER razed any "ancient villages"
In fact they are busy excavating archaeological sites and trying to stop the ruin, the palis are doing to antiquities.

STOP with your pro-Pali invader propaganda bullshit.

If you lived in the middle east you would understand that even the Arabs and Egyptians HATE the 'palestinians" .

They are exactly like American
Spoiled coddled brats. Prone to violence and over-breeding.

When Israel voluntarily left the Gaza Strip as a "peace gesture" the place was ransacked by these .. um...palis.

Now they exist only to make and shoot rockets into Israel' instead of trying to better themselves.

Eternal victims each. just like .. um ..American blacks

If you add up all the monies given to the palis since the 60's, it would add up to a princely sum, so much so that each and every pali would be a millionaire today.

But instead they would rather live in squalor and shoot rockets at a culture that made something of barren desert land that no one wanted and no one lived on.

Anonymous said...

100% agree! Besides that buck shooting his own granny is sure to shoot some more of the black lives matter crowd. By shooting him, not only was grandma saved but a bunch more savages.
However, right at that moment, the white hero may have felt a great deal of satisfaction! Hope he don't get an all negro jury.