Friday, July 10, 2015

Macon NAACP: How Dare Those Black Participants in the Assault on Wal-Mart be Punished!

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You might recall the story of 50+ black people declaring war on Sam Walton's creation just so they could "see how much damage they could cause." [Report: Macon Wal-Mart mob wanted to see how much damage it could do,, June 29, 2015]:
Surveillance video of a wee-hours ruckus at a Macon Wal-Mart on Sunday shows a teenager race inside flashing gang signs ahead of a mob of four dozen or so people who burst in and smashed merchandise. 
Image from security footage of the black mob assault on Wal-Mart in Macon
The commotion, which caused an estimated $2,000 in damage, appears to have been planned. 
Some in the crowd also snatched a man, apparently a shopper at the Zebulon Road store, from a motorized shopping cart and dragged him to the floor, Bibb County sheriff’s officials said Monday. 
The vandals, said to number between 40 and 50, sprinted down the store’s main aisle about 1:50 a.m. Sunday, “destroying merchandise displays and items,” a sheriff’s deputy’s report of the incident noted. 
Floors in parts of the store were “coated with broken merchandise,” the report added. “The length of the store from front to rear was lined with items which had been shattered, destroyed, turned over and thrown about.” 
When sheriff’s deputies got there, the crowd “began to flee into many different vehicles and leave the scene,” the report said. 
The store, next to Lowe’s, is just east of Interstate 475 in one of the area’s most frequented shopping districts. 
The teenager seen leading the rushing horde of young men and women told a Wal-Mart employee “that this was a planned event ... to see how much damage they could cause,” the sheriff’s report said. 
The teen, identified as 17-year-old Kharron Nathan Green, of Ashton Drive in northwest Bibb County, was arrested when he returned to the store to retrieve his cellphone. 
 Come on, Kharron: you've got to always be cognizant of where your personal effects are when you engage in a mob assault on a Wal-Mart!

But don't worry, the local representatives of Organized Blackness know exactly where those black participants in the assault on the Wal-Mart shouldn't be held... [Bibb NAACP asking for release, reduced charges for Walmart suspects,, July 10, 2015]:
The Macon-Bibb County Branch of the NAACP says the charges against five people arrested for vandalism at a Macon Walmart are too severe.
Gwenette Westbrooks, president of the organization, said the parents of the suspects reached out to her asking for help.
The five are charged with felonies including rioting, damage to property, and street gang activity. They all remain in jail.
"Their bonds are too high, and we're asking for their bonds to be reduced and we're asking for them to be released, they're not being treated fairly," Westbrooks said.
"It's not gang-related," Westbrooks added. "Just because more than three people are together doesn't mean they're in a gang."
Westbrooks said she has talked to District Attorney David Cooke, but she's not satisfied with the conversation they had.
Cooke issued a statement on the case Wednesday.
"I take both public safety and any decision to indict under the gang statute very seriously," Cooke stated in an e-mail. "We will take as much time as necessary to identify the suspects and determine what charges are appropriate in each case. I can assure you that as we move forward, I will review all of the evidence and make sure any charges that are brought will be based solely on that evidence. Decisions about whether gang charges will be brought against anyone will be made after a careful review of the evidence."
Wesbrooks says, "These were just young kids, I'm looking at it as a prank which it should not have happened but it did happen but these type of charges is not acceptable."
The only type of charge that would be acceptable to the NAACP obviously are no charges. And you wonder why majority black areas are food deserts...

In a sane world, public executions for this brazen anti-social behavior for both the participants in the assault on Wal-Mart and their parents would be the order of the day; in Black-Run America (BRA), the odds are tragically high the charges will be reduced.


Earl Turner said...

The recent success that American Africans have had in removing the Confederate Flag and Confederate graves and memorials has emboldened them to push as far as they can. This is a perfect example. When the story initially broke here in Macon and before it went national, local blacks were all over the comment sections defending the rioters and using the most twisted and childish arguments.

White people do it too. No they don't.

What about x crime committed by x white person? As if that is some sort of justification. Many whites in the comment sections replied by asking "where did you see any whites defending the white criminals or their crimes?" No answer to that because there weren't any white defenders.

Everyone has done bad things so we can't judge. That's my favorite. It is so revealing in that it shows that in the black mind, this is perfectly normal behavior in the black community so it simply must be normal everywhere else. They simply can't comprehend that this is not normal among whites and just shut down and go into gibberish wall of text mode when that is pointed out.

They are making a stand with this in order to push the boundaries and force the already cowardly white population to accept the new status quo. When their "kids" want to get a little rowdy, submit and remain silent and don't even think of asking for any sort of punishment at all.

I'm glad this happened. It was a wake-up call to the residents of the majority white part of town where this Walmart is located that they are not safe from the black population that they moved there to get away from.

Anonymous said...

"Wesbrooks says, "These were just young kids, I'm looking at it as a prank..."

You reap what you sow. Remember when we were young White kids? If we broke or stole something from a neighbor or a store, our parents would march us over to

a. apologize, and b. make restitution.

We hated every second of it, of course. But we learned something about integrity and character. Our parents knew we would be the grown-ups in charge some day, and we would remember the lesson well.

Only similarity to this black community is that their kids are going to remember this lesson too. And so the cycle continues. It's never, ever, their fault. Dindu nuffins.

Anonymous said...

TNB. They think the whole world owes them.

Philadelphia Mike said...

We Whites did NOT originate from Africa.

Below is the conclusion of the article:

We believe that those arguments upon which the “Out of Africa” theory was based were, in fact, conjectural, incomplete and no tactually data-driven. Therefore, we are left holding the question of the origin of Homo sapiens.

Based on paleo-archaeological evidence, the region, where anatomically modern humans have likely originated, is comprised of a vast territory from Central Europe in the west to the Russian Plain in the east to Levant in the south.

Anonymous said...

These animals are destroying this country. And sadly, I don't anticipate white people ever doing anything about it. In fact, many rejoice in the destruction. I just don't understand the self hate that liberals have.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....OT...ATTENTION SCHOOL TEACHERS....I just read another article on the editorial page of the RAPID CITY JOURNAL about the shortage of school teachers in South Dakota. There is a big need for teachers. Are you tired of dealing with students who have no interest in learning. I don't know if there is a web sight for the paper, but check it out. Pick up the phone and make some calls.

The only large minorities in SD are American Indians. They are nice family people and the kids actually enjoy learning to read and write. Teachers are not being beaten up and the female teachers are not being raped. South Dakota is beautiful beyond words. Miles and miles of wide open space with nice towns filled with white people. A lot of tourist traffic in the Summer because of Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills. The towns are quiet and crime free and some still look like the old wild west. The western part of the state is going bad because of the oil fields. Also no state tax because of legal gambling. Had enough of living in the jungle. Is HUD heading our way.....only time will tell.

There are some Mexicans that work there in the Summer, but no gangs or drug cartels. Maybe a meth lab stuck out in the middle of no where, but that's about it. The farther North you go the more sparse it gets. Kind of like Nevada.

This entire area has jobs for anyone with a skill or trade. I don't know of anyone on unemployment except for a couple lazy fucks.

Anonymous said...

Again, black leaders demanding the right to vandalize with impunity, punishment too severe? Human races would be ashamed if their people did such an act of pure stupidity.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost is that YT taxpayer will foot the bill for all damages for this "prank". The "black plague" knows this and that is EXACTLY WHY they do it. If anyone here thinks that Nig-Mart is going to take a loss for this...keep on dreaming. Nig-Mart makes its own rules and WILL change them for ANY reason and at ANY time to suit themselves. They answer to NOBODY !!!! If you think these statements are wrong....I invite you to talk to present and past workers who have a few years behind their managers...the little pee-ons. Second and lastly are the two flared nostrils from the Negroes Are Always Causing Problems or naacp for short. 98% of negroes have NO assimilation of decency....they are only along for the ride...if it hurts YT in any way they are all for it. The other 2% have to be coached by the dwls to keep the black plague fed and festering. The sheboon and the silverback gorilla think that their little butt dumplings are just playing their little games...but just wait when the new housing rules go into effect and you have 50 of them running through your property or even your home and play their little pranks. You think the sharks are biting on the coast now.....? Oh no...they haven't been fed yet. NC Realist. (looking forward to making my comments on the flag tomorrow)

Anonymous said...

Wild animals on the loose. What would you expect?

President Trump wil disband HUD and end the cancer's spread. Just watch. White America has finally had enough.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the naacp would like to pay walmart for the damages? LOL

Anonymous said...

I've found arguing in the comments with blacks is a waste of time. They love just throw out the word 'racist' if you say something they don't like. Just like white liberals they honestly think it's some magic trump card. Blacks are basically parrots for DWL talking points.

Unknown said...

Has any reader ever visited a PetCo or a Petsmart?
DOGS are better behaved than these not-quite-humans.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Wesbrooks says, "These were just young kids, I'm looking at it as a prank which it should not have happened but it did happen but these type of charges is not acceptable."

******That's the President of the NAACP chapter. "these type of charges is not acceptable." They all talk that way. Even the "college graduates". Subject/verb agreement is not their strong suit. I wouldn't be surprised if the charges are all dropped. After all, "These were just young kids". File that behind, "He was a good keeyid, turnin' he life rown." and "He weren't doin' nuffins."

I was reading an article in RT today about another police assault on our tanner brothers. I had to get through three quarters of the article to find out that the negro had about a gram of crack on him and he bit at least two of the officers a couple of times, requiring a trip to the hospital. Still, the meme is "He wuh a good boy (24) and din do nuffin." The "kid" actually was screaming for his grandma while the police were assaulting him. Oh, did I mention the groid was "autistic"? More of your tax dollars, folks.

Every single day is another episode featuring their stupid, violent, idiotic, destructive behavior. It's not enough that they bring about chaos and disaster wherever they go. No, they have to advertise it. Like the fool who left his sail foam at the sto and went back to pick it up. Dumb coon.

Neanderthal Girl said...

Really OT.
But I had to share. This is a comment from the Washington Post article about AAFH.
Love it. Hope it wakes up some sleepers.

William A. Henslee
7/9/2015 2:47 PM CDT
​There are lots of communities, especially in wealthy suburbs or in "fly over country", who do not have their fair share of black people The majority of blacks--and Asians, Mexican-American, Somalis and Muslims for that matter-- in the north and both coasts have congregated in neighborhoods where they are the majority.

Whether this segregation by race or religion is caused by ties to their culture, by poverty, or consanguinity, this must not stand. The Federal government must immediately proceed to develop:

1. A department in HHS whose responsibilities are to analyze the census figures and determine exactly which cities, towns, and suburbs are lacking their fair share of minorities. These areas will be designated as Evil White Enclaves (EWEs).

2. The results of the census tests will be certified as 'disparate outcomes' by HHS and cash penalties would be levied on these communities to fund desegregation efforts.

3. A dispersal program to transport these minorities from their current racially or religiously segregated communities and homes, by force if necessary, to new homes in the communities in violation of the HHS dictums.

4. Federal tax funds would be distributed via Multiracial Activist Designated Democratic Organizations for Govermental Supremacy (MADDOGS) to build or buy new living quarters and minority businesses in the designated communites. If there are no suitable structures or businessess to buy, the MADOGS are authrorized to confiscate them from the EWEs by eminent domain.

5.The Federal Government will assume control over the EWEs governing bodies, supervising their compliance until they cease bleating about Constitutional rights. Sufficient federal troops will be stationed at or near the EWEs to enforce compliance.

Anonymous said...

Not quite the strong meat we thrive on here, but worth a read for tactical strategy, (and don't let the title throw you off):

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"I've found arguing in the comments with blacks is a waste of time."

Arguing with blacks *anywhere* is a waste of time. What's the best-case scenario- that they become race realists? It isn't the blacks we need to spend our time on, it's the fence-sitters among the Whites.

Anonymous said...

OT but I just seen this come across the KMOV news app from the STL........
Mike Brown Art Exibit in Chicago.....

How good can it get?


Anonymous said...

In the video, the white guy in the green shirt is a prime example of why white people get hurt by blacks. How stupid do you have to be to just stand and stare as a riot goes past your nose? Doesn't he have any instinct for self-preservation?

Wonder what the NAACP would say if a similar size group of white "kids" rampaged through a weave or chicken place? You know, just have a little fun, throw some stuff around and knock a granny out of her scooter? The headlines would last longer than Trayvon, Ferguson, and all the others combined.

Ricky Tucker said...

A friend of mine is a member of management in a Wal-Mart near this Macon location and rumor has it the damages were closer to $30,000...the $2000 seems a bit low. On Friday night's even the Wal-Mart in this small town (8,000 people) is full of kids riding bikes around the store dribbling basketballs, and grazing on five finger snacks.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a nature documentary where a troop of monkeys raid a farmers field, or an outdoor market in a third world country. These are the future leaders of the black community. If anybody out there hasn't figured it out yet, this is black america being all they can be. They be getting one over on whitey, huh?
Does anybody in their right mind think this will stop here? Oh hell no, as one of their darling actors has said in every movie he's ever been paid way too much money to appear in. This will just embolden them, and encourage them to go on to more destructive and antisocial behavior. This is not just a prank, this is felonious behavior, and they should be charged as adults. Furthermore, this is not an isolated incident, these black flash mobs just keep getting more frequent and inexcusable, yet none of the participants are ever punished.
In my little town there were two fatal stabbings by sixteen year old black youth last week. Just youthful pranks no doubt and they shouldn't be done it but they did. Probably mo whites done stabbed people anyway, right? Our town hadn't had a murder in 20 years until this ghetto trash moved in for the welfare. Now we've had about a dozen shootings, all black males of course. Attempted carjackings, rapes, robberies, it's all commonplace now, and people are tired of being polite and are talking about it and confronting city leaders.
One right of "our people", if Holder can say it, so can we, is to be left alone. They are entitled to equal rights, nobody denies that, but they are not entitled to inflict their presence on us without paying their way legitimately. If you don't have a job, don't come here. We don't need mass quantities of uneducated, sociopathic, no work experience, blacks coming on and expecting preferential treatment. They're not going to enrich our lives and communities, and they're not going to respect, or learn from us.

Medic Bear said...

The NAACP is beyond pathetic, but they are empowered by this racist, criminal administration who pretty-much have made it clear that laws do not apply to Blacks. Period. Assault? Nah, they're just frustrated by being held down by the man. Rioting? Nah, blowing off steam as they have no access to conventional recreational venues. Rape? Nah, when the woman said "No," she was being racist. And so on, ad nauseum.

Obama wants to foist orcs onto Whites everywhere, no matter for the hard work and investment we've made toward our homes. He only gives a shit about orcs being killed by Whites, especially LEOs. He wants to (and is) forcibly confiscate the monetary reward for our hard work. As others have posted, it would be cheaper and easier if the Fed just shipped us all 1-2 baby orcs (orclets?) for us to pay for from birth.

WTF? When will this bullshit end? Enough, already. We've past the point where armed revolution would have been the decision made by the Founding Fathers. And this evil, racist POS in the White House has 559 more days to keep screwing-over Whitey.

BOHICA, Whitey!

Anonymous said...

The negro is as violent as the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "youfs" were just upset that Wal-Mart discontinued their Confederate flag apparel Fall lineup. I could see rioting over that.

Anonymous said...

Stores in vibrant neighborhoods really need to start using a device that goes on a alert when a larger than usual crowd comes through their doors all at the same time.

Have multiple hidden cameras pointed at average eye-level that get zoomed in and extra details of the teens' faces. If it is indeed verified that vibrants are beginning their spree of looting and wanton destruction, images can be sent to police who can track them down later at whoever's dwelling they're currently freeloading at.

Negroes got the great idea that if they all swarm at once, no one individual will face consequences and everything within arm's reach becomes "free".

The fact that this tactic wasn't squelched long ago proves that whitey is forced to look away while his mental and moral inferiors continue to rob him blind.

It's not like most of these totally harmless underserved gentlemen don't have a full list of outstanding warrants just waiting to be called in.


Choose any 2.

I know lovers of liberty everywhere will despise me for saying it, but in cities and other urban areas with large concentrations of blacks a massive surveillance state is required, for both our safety and to hold (black) people accountable for their actions when morals have long since lost their hold over large percentages of the population.

I want Jamal to know that sooner or later he will be caught, even if he can excuse away his actions as "no big deal".

There is no way these parent (either Mama up to Great Gramma, who may still be in her 50's) don't know what is going on, when Tardavious is not wrecking and stealing from her home. Out of sight, out of mind. It's not like you're his guardian or anything you smelly old sow. As long as you can mumble forth an excuse, everything done be okay. Beg for more chances and leniency and then just forget about the whole thing later until it done happen agin.

There is no excuse for these basketball Americans getting away with these types of monkeyshines anymore

Anonymous said...

Get ready Paul, next week the subject is going to be reforming the criminal justice system (i.e. helping a brother out).

I wonder if Obama will go cell to cell, looking for black faces and demanding what crimes they committed to be held so inhumanely.

"Rape and murder sir"

The president will brush it aside and quickly move to the next cell with a black person in it, repeating the request for the injustice that inmate is facing to be called out on the floor, into the spotlight.

"Lured two freshman boys into a housing project, decapitated one and set the other one on fire. Bleached both bodies while alive to cover up the evidence. Told the family how much he enjoyed it and how he would do it again if give the chance"

The president shakes his head, and once again moves on... and eventually settles on a case where a man is serving life for repeatedly getting caught selling crack to the neighborhood children from the back of an ice cream truck.

"A victimless crime!"

Anonymous said...

Judging by the actions of its representatives, the NAACP is an organized crime organization and its officers have no integrity whatsoever. They are supporting violence against whites and everyone else. They are lying vicious scum trying to give blacks the right to commit crimes against whites with impunity. They are prosecuting a race war against whites as we speak. Unfortunately, government officials and other whites are complicit in these crimes and are in need of prosecution and punishment. White people had better start defending themselves against these filthy, criminal scum (that includes the criminal scum in the NAACP).

Black people are so incompetent and so lacking, regarding the content of their character, that they cannot control or even set a good example for their young people. Shame on you NAACP enablers. The content of your character is lacking. You deserve no respect whatsoever. In fact, blacks, who's best and brightest are now engaging in voodoo activities like digging up the corpses of those they hate, deserve no respect whatsoever. That includes that communist buffoon occupying the oval office who is nothing but an enabler of black crimes and excesses in a national level. Shame on all of you. You are the racists! And you are worse!

As for these young "people" being in a gang, there were 40 of them, they planned it ahead of time, they committed acts of violence including throwing a wheel chair bound man out of his wheelchair and, as planned when they conspired, tore the store apart. That is nothing but gang activity.

White "people" who are complicit in defending (you narcissistic holier than though communists of the luxury enjoying variety), enabling, lying to cover, and hiding such activity, everything I said about the NAACP goes for you and then a lot more. You are the scum of the universe. Pond scum and feces are clean compared to you. You ought not to even exist, even in the spirit realm. You are some of the vilest creatures in the universe. That includes but is not limited to the mainstream media wh*res.

Sick of it in MD said...

So today I learned of a new destructive antisocial "game" played by black youths. A coworker found his car hood completely dented in. He lives in an area that is nearly overrun with a black scourge which has him trapped in a home worth ten of thousand of dollars less than he owes. At first he thought the damage was caused by the marauding black youths jumping up and down on the hood. But both the insurance appraiser and the body shop were certain it dent was a "whole body dent". A little research unearthed "PUT EM IN A COFFIN" - a game whereby the destructive antisocial black runs across the roof of a strangers car then flops onto their back on the hood caving it in. I kid you not. Go to you tube and search "put em in a coffin". It truly is a moment of truth for whites to risk standing up and being destroyed by the BRA leviathan or becoming nomadic.

Anonymous said...

I am Asian but I don't have problems with whites. Also with most other people, but I am DISGUSTED with blacks. IT is NOT OK TO rampage in a store like this! My parents taught us to behave ourselves. We'd never act that way when we were kids.

A few years ago my husband and I saw a great movie in the theaters, "Cinderella Man" about the true story of a great boxer, James Braddock. I remember clearly that even though it was the Great Depression and they didn't have enough food, the Dad taught his young son it was wrong to steal. What a great scene that was, and what a great man. Could you imagine that scene happening in Detroit or Baltimore today???

I remember growing up, my parents were poor. My Dad wore the same coat for 10 years 'cause he couldn't afford a new one, Mom just patched it up. We never stole anything, though. My parents worked their butts off and scrimped and saved and they were still glad to live in a great country. My brother and I went to colleges, we make good money. WE help our parents now and take them on vacations they could never afford when we were younger. It feels good to give back.

But I'm wondering what is wrong with this country??? When you see with your own eyes the evidence of criminality - why wasn't EVERYONE in that video charged and arrested? And what about the illegal alien crime waves?

What kind of idiot thinks open borders is a good idea? During the Ellis Island days, immigrants were screened. You can see that in the Second Godfather movie, or if you actually read a history book.

LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are much less likely to commit crimes than the general population, but ILLEGALS are much MORE likely to commit crimes. They always say immigrants commit less crime but the problem is they lump all immigrants together, when illegals by their very nature are more likely to be criminals. I mean, think about it. Why would you come here illegally instead of going through the legal process? Maybe because you have something to hide... like a criminal record...

But I think blacks are the worst and they are getting emboldened because no one on the MSM tells the truth. And that actually also hurts blacks because they live in chaos, vs. if there was actual profiling, support of the police, equal enforcement of the law, etc., they would also live in safer neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

BTW, for the idiot blacks who claim everything is racism - it's just an excuse.

For example, the reason people don't like to give home loans to blacks - they don't pay them back. I had a friend who worked in that business 40 years ago. (He's since passed away). He told me that even back in the '70s there were loan officers who would be happy to give out home loans to Asians, because they knew that they would not default on the loans. It wasn't that they liked Asians - according to my friend a lot of these people didn't like Asians, they would never invite one to their home for dinner, but they were happy to loan them money.

Or when I ran a business, I remember that I could count on respect and hard work if I hired a white or a Hispanic or an Asian. But if I hired a black it was hit and miss. This was 20 years ago. It was often just one headache after another. Who needs that? If I hire someone, I want them to do the job and not make excuses. Plus I want them to speak proper English. If I can't understand them or communicate with them how can I work with them?

Anonymous said...

As usual: they was just clownin
They dont have community centers
They have no hope
Nobody perfect
Only God can judge
They got no skills
They got no summer jobs

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Your last post was the gold standard. Go with that.

Californian said...

This incident is in a straight line with the tactics that emerged from the Civil Rights Revolution:

Stage 1 = the Legal Struggle: 1940s to mid-1950s, mainly peaceful protests and court cases (Brown vs Board of Education, etc.).

Stage 2 = Civil Disobedience: late 1950s to early 1960s, with sit-ins, illegal demonstrations, confrontations with the cops (Bull Conner, Edmund Pettus Bridge).

Stage 3 = Urban Uprisings: late 1960s to early 1970s, Long Hot Summer riots, Zebra killings, Black Panthers, SLA Shootout; beginning of "white flight" (i.e., ethnic cleansing of whites from the cities due to black violence).

Stage 4 = Urban Guerrilla Warfare: mid-1970s to Obama's first term, gangbanging, drive-by shootings, flashmobs, the occasional limited offensive (Rodney King Riot); black regimes stake out territories in ethnically cleansed cities.

...and now...

Stage 5 = Consolidation of Power: Obama's second term to ?, marked by open collaboration between the administration (government, media, academia) and black criminals; open hostility to law enforcement (L'Affaire Trayvon, Ferguson Fracas, Baltimore Bash); increasing legal defense and ideological justification for black violence against YT and YT's civilization.

Let's note several things:

* At each stage, blacks have been given everything they have demanded (civil rights, forced integration, war on poverty, control of cities, their Big Man in the Oval Office teleprompter reader chair, the striking of the CSA battleflag, etc.). Yet they keep upping up their levels of violence as well as dysfunction.

* There was a counteroffensive by whites under the cover of the 1980s War on Crime and the supposed "end to welfare." The counteroffensive may have slowed down the process for the short term, but in the long run failed because it refused to squarely confront the racial aspect of the situation.

* Blacks are in many ways just the cannon fodder for hostile elites. Rank-and-file blacks pull the triggers, beat citizens on the street, go to jail, get shot, live in disintegrating cities, etc. But the real advance is in the entrenchment of Black Run America as a dominant system in the USA.

I want to emphasize the overall trends listed above. Once YT showed weakness by conceding power to what PK terms BRA (and this was back in Stage 1), the floodgates were open to escalating levels of black violence -- and that violence was combined with agitprop similar to that seen in any successful insurgency. The NAACP could care less about whether or not the perpetrators here go to jail or not. What BRA wants is to give blacks free rein to destroy as much as possible. And why not? Blacks have gotten away with illegal behavior at each stage of the "struggle." Bear in mind I mean blacks not as individuals but collectively becoming the revolutionary avante garde. Again, the thing comes down to a racial struggle--but a most curious one in which only one side sees itself at war.

Technocratic Union said...

Laughing histerically at this! My last ex and one of her feminazi-SJW friends are from around there.

SC Native said...

The NAACP is nothing but the Klan with a tan.

Can you imagine the crap that would roll out of the closets if this tribal lobbying group was investigated for corruption? Lord please let me see that day in my lifetime.

SC Native said...

I think studies like this really worry the left. Once the Russians or Chinese find the biological evidence that the dindus are not like us as we all know then it opens the door to have that honest discussion about race.



You don't even have to look closely at the stupid coming out the tops of these White people Haters. All they have to do is just speak.

"I sometimes go into Wal-Mart and knock things of the shelves." Said the naacp front-man. As a way of justifying what lil Shitivious and friends had done that night!

Or the T.V. station saying that 40/50 kids went into the store. No! They should of said that 40/50 BLACK KIDS went into the store causing $2000.00 worth of damage.

Then there's GIANT Sugar Butt Boo automatically referring to White kids burglarizing a black church(Oh Lawdy) and receiving a lesser charge "cause they were White!" Maybe she has gotten in contact with that less than stellar prosecutor Marlyin Mosbey of Baltimore who directed her to bring up anything White in a case that involves no Whites at all.

Chalk up another notch on the board of being stupid while acting ghetto by trying not to act so ghetto. They are not like us and they will never be like us liberals.

And remember what P.K. told us "We owe them nothing!"


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Maybe the naacp would like to pay walmart for the damages? LOL July 10, 2015 at 6:44 PM

Well Walmart DOES accept EBT cards!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Wesbrooks says, "These were just young kids, I'm looking at it as a prank..."

Ok and Dylann Roof was just guilty of a prank too!

Anonymous said...

Gee I wonder if any of theses NAACP "leaders" voiced their complaints that the Baltimore Six have been overcharged?

Since, so far, they are only prosecuting 4 out of the 40, it seem very likely most of these charges will be dropped or reduced when the 4 start naming the others involved. In other words the charges are just leverage to get these 4 to "snitch" on their fellow thugs.

Anonymous said...

When reading of Kharron, I was reminded of a line from the movie "Goodfellas".

Henry Hill speaking to his wife:

"C'mon Karen. There's nothing to worry about. I'm not gonna get caught. The only people who get caught and go to jail are nigger stick-up men who fall asleep behind the wheel of their getaway car".

Life imitating art or art imitating life? You really couldn't make this shit up.
And it goes on day after day after day after day.......

Ricky In Cali said...

This is off topic but just something that was on my mind (without the tin foil hat).

Many SBPDL commenters have told us to embrace the hot summer and here we are. Whether 40 negro youths looting, 50, 100, we all knew it was coming but I want to touch up on this confederate flag issue without boring you. Living in California I watch from the sideline and can only offer my opinion........

Regardless of the Liberal war cries "the flag stands for HATE", "the flag stands for RACISM" and all the other diarrhea that comes out of their mouths, we all know the flag was during the time of a civil war. CIVIL WAR! Regardless of what interpretation the history books may try to come up with on why the War was waged, America went to War with it's own.

Fast forward to today and technology is becoming rampant. Cell phone cameras with clearer mega-pixels, surveillance videos in almost every place of business, and things are only going to get more advanced as the years roll on. You will no longer be able to sweep all the Black on White crime under the rug and eventually people are going to snap. Regardless of race, everyone wants to live a quiet life raising their children without fear and working to support their families except for the Negro undertow. What will happen is A CIVIL WAR will occur. People will fight back eventually.


Take down the Flag. Re-write the history books. Civil War was ONLY about slavery, Blacks are wonderful people, clip the nuts of Americans and push back ANY IDEA of having a Civil War or any thoughts of having one and maybe they can keep shoving this garbage down your throats. The only reason they would ever even show video footage of Negros being wild is because it was caught on camera and released. If it wasn't we would have never heard about it and in the future we'll keep hearing more and more stories and I believe they are trying to do damage control. They don't want the people to remember the days when they fought back!

It might sound like a tin foil right-winger conspiracy (as they love to call it) but I honestly believe they don't want a Civil War and are trying their hardest to make everyone forget one ever happened. They can't keep shoving this crap down our throats forever, one day we are going to snap

Earl Turner said...

It's not the NAACP. What color people other than black do they help?

It is the NAABP. National Association for the Advancement of Black People.

Pass it on.

Anonymous said...

Yes they're parroting the dwl which is why we must keep our focus on the ignorant dwl and educate them whenever possible most are blind to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Loiberals don't just hate themselves they hate life for being unfair. Lol
They're never happy and resent those that are.
They're mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

The zoo animals seem so civilized when compared to African un Americans if only we could get them to trade places. Lol

Anonymous said...

Time for Whites to protest.
All of us need to write to the NAACP joke organization and tell them exactly what is being said here.

Namely that when we were children and broke something, accidentally or planned which this wanton destruction was, our parents made us pay for it and we were punished by parents and the law if applicable. Ask these naacp orcs where their morals and ethics are. How would they like it if these same kids destroyed their property and not be held accountable! If these kids are let off it gives them license to do it again.

Write the DA and say same. These gangs need to be held accountable. Destroying property is no prank. Let them know being black does not mean they are above the law.
I am writing anonymously. Doing it now. I contacted Trump's campaign and told of my concerns about the police being neutered, the race baiters, the special treatment of blacks when committing crimes against Whites, reminded of the whistleblower on racist Holder, etc. I said I am not racist but a race realist, and blacks know they can get away with anything thanks to commie obozo and holder, and it needs to be brought under control. Told him to look at crime stats of blacks....gave some stats myself. May not do any good but I am trying.

It is going to boil down to these stores in black cities having to hire off duty police, which means some jobs will be cut to pay for security.
This is just getting so out of control and it is appalling that there are Whites that defend these black pieces of shit!

Anonymous said...

Watch the video of this incident. What in the world was the white dude in the green shirt thinking here? Sure he was perplexed but such behavior can get one seriously hurt. One must run for cover in situations like these.

quinnotaur said...

Anonymous said...

I've found arguing in the comments with blacks is a waste of time. They love just throw out the word 'racist' if you say something they don't like. Just like white liberals they honestly think it's some magic trump card. Blacks are basically parrots for DWL talking points.

July 10, 2015 at 6:54 PM

Brothers and sisters, here is a tool to defend thyself from the dreaded "R" word. Anytime anyone, black or white attempt to label you in such a manner, your ONLY response should be: "you're just saying that because I'm white. Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white." You cannot argue with people that are calling names, you must call names back. In this case we are calling them anti-white.

Anonymous said...

of course black people want a free pass for their bad behavior. maybe they should understand that a civil society has laws and when these out of control black kids decided to cause damage to this store then the restitution has to be made. Hey black people its not the plantation anymore. also Gwennette should learn to speak the English language when speaking in public. her inner low IQ moron is showing.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

This, is in essence, a microcosm of what is wrong with the justice system in the US. Andy Griffith and incompetent Barney Fife are really all that is needed in YTville.

Along come muds and their savage ways lead to stiff penalties to deal with out of control mayhem. Muds get hemmed up more than YT because "racism", and are left off the hook so they can accrue 18 page rap sheets by 19 years old so the judge and prosecutor aren't targeted as "racist" by the race hustlers.

Meanwhile, the odd YT offender gets the full force of it, and people wonder aloud "why is it still messed up? We've made the penalties harsher."

The light bulb then clicks on and we are led to believe, "hey, tough anti crime measures don't work". Voila, DWL's push for reduced sentences for offenders caught up, and they are let loose to continue their mayhem, all the while we all wonder why nothing seems to be working to stem, much less reduce, the crime.

I say let them all go. Give them all 2500 dollar a month checks to assimilate back into society. Forever. Kind of like a lottery. Sorry we arrested you for killing that white grandma Shitavious. Because slavery. You now qualify for 30k a year until you die. In fact, lets end all law enforcement period. It worked wonders in Baltimore when the police just responded a little slower.

Guys, stop debating them. I was called a racist today for questioning the context of the percentages given in the Ferguson DOJ report saying "YT be racist an shit"

I didn't question the numbers; I just asked what context were the percentages developed for the assertions, based in, and I'm suddenly the Grand Dragon of the KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. The debate limitations have been institutionalized, and will not let you question, much less get a straight answer from doing it.

Learn a real skill. Get into shape. Suck down every benefit you qualify for. Kill this monster by bleeding it dry. Violence is not the answer.

You guys and gals effen rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Two dozen people decide to do as much damage as they can do at a Wal-Mart. Result? Some disruption, and $2000 worth of damage.

If it had been (lets face it, white) adult men seriously intending to do damage to the Wal-Mart, they would have gone for the water and electricity mains and done hundreds of thousands. These uneducated hooligans don't really understand how the world really works - the goods come from nowhere and appear on shelves by magic. They are angry because they live in a world not of their own making, that they don't understand, that they do not contribute to and that they cannot really affect.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video and refute any idea that this was anything but planned, also if the man who led the group flashed gang signs, would that not mean gang activity was used? Contrary to what the black woman said on the newscast, these were young people; not children. As many have noted on SBPDL, at what point do we stop calling these young people children?

I saw a large white man at the entrance of the store standing in amazement at what he was seeing. I posit that what he was doing was stupid. Standing around and gawking at a riot scene with at least 100+ negroes is dangerous. But for the grace of God he did not end up like the man in Cincinnati! He did not know what these blacks were up to! In a race war, the people who think they are being brave are being stupid should they not take cover. Think of blacks as animals and you will live longer. Contrary to the man in Virginia who accosted some blacks in his driveway (and was killed for it,) think the worst, but hope for the best!

I suppose that many white people have not got the news that they are hated by blacks. Maybe the guy in Cincinnati now knows what large groups of negroes are capable of doing. Well…I hope THIS one gets through!!

Anonymous said...

Blacks are basically parrots for DWL talking points.

Blacks are basically magical talking apes for regurgitating DWL talking points.

There...I fixed that line for the sake of better accuracy.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off-topic but one NAACP guy is in trouble about refusing to do a lesbian wedding.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Mike said...

We Whites did NOT originate from Africa.

I have always said that the 'out of Africa' theory was basically bullshit ever since I first heard it.

Mr. Rational said...

Second and lastly are the two flared nostrils from the Negroes Are Always Causing Problems or naacp for short. 98% of negroes have NO assimilation of decency....they are only along for the ride...if it hurts YT in any way they are all for it.

This is part of the pattern that suggests that Dylann Roof was a BRA asset.  If a gunman had shot up a meeting or press conference of the National Association of Always Complaining People and several defenders of blatant criminal activity bought it, a great many would consider it just deserts.  Shooting up a church instead elicits no sympathy.

I've found arguing in the comments with blacks is a waste of time. They love just throw out the word 'racist' if you say something they don't like.

Or censor you outright, even if you've been totally temperate (even icy) in your language.  Anything less than full agreement with them is "hate speech".

We need a divorce from Blacks.  "Hispanics" too, but definitely Blacks.

Anonymous said...

As President Abraham Licolnton said to blacks, called Negroes then, to paraphrase, We are too different we suffer in each other's presence, so I'm for shipping yall back to Africa.

It is unlawful, a felony, to plan or communicate over phone lives or social media to commit unlawful illegal acts in addition to being charged with the criminal acts and so where is the Feds, FCC, states, cities, counties etc in arresting these thugs?

Anonymous said...

Westbrooke is guilty as well, his organization along with colored churches order their cultmembers to terrorize the land. Do these crimes fall under RICO criteria? If so, could these organizations be finally put away and dismantled like a Confederate Flag?

Anonymous said...

Those "teens" should be made to clean up the mess they made as well as pay for the damages!

D-FENS said...

My company gave $100K to the Charleston, SC church (ie. negro political action center) and will match employee donations. This after to Dept. Of Justice is giving $29 million to the victims.

Anonymous said...

Putting a Kick Me sign on someones back is a child's prank.

Ringing a doorbell and running away is a child's prank.

Organizing into a mob of dozens of vandals to cause thousands of dollars in damages and assualting disabled people is a CRIME and they ALL belong in JAIL for at least 2 years, then forced to work off restitution of at least 5 times the damage they caused and put on probation with random drug and alcohol testing for at least 5 years. The thug that assaulted the disabled person should get 5 years in prison followed by 10 years probation.

Anonymous said...

OT. I consider the Progressive Liberals in this country to be solely responsible for the actions of Dylan Roof.

If you watch Selma, you'll notice that the director will only show the white persons' face if they are being portrayed as ignorant trash. The few exceptions are the few whites (to include Johnson) who began as "normal" racist white people, but changed throughout the movie to become activists to advance the cause of the poor, noble, innocent, oppressed negro. The other white person the director portrays is the faceless horror. The faceless horror model is a psychological tool used to dehumanize your enemies.

White Privilege theorists have created a belief that all of black peoples' problems have been created by a faceless horror, and that faceless horror has a white face. When a black is denied a mortgage application, it isn't because their debt-income ratio and payment history is subprime, it's because of white racism. Whenever a law enforcement officer commits the crime of "noticing" that a black has broken the law, it's considered racist that the black has been held accountable for their actions. When both black and white applicants are applying for the same job, it's considered racist for the white to receive the job, even if they're more qualified. Add Billions of $$$ in social handouts, given to people that hate you, and you have a recipe for anger and resentment.

Dylan Roof grew up hearing that the suffering of the poor innocent Dindonuffin was all his fault because he was born white. He watched movies, shows and commercials that glorified black man white woman couples, and he felt forced to accept this because his ancestors "enslaved" the blacks. Progressives are directly responsible for his actions. They pushed a dog in the corner and kicked him until that dog bit them, and there will be more in the ECAR RAW.

Sic Semper Tyrannis, Virginia

Anonymous said...

These "children" destroyed a store. If a group of white kids did this their parents would have beat teh smack out of them and made them pay for the damages and clean up the store. But no, not our precious AA raised yoofs. They are privileged. They have The Race Card, serving blacks from 1954.
When they did this, did they think there would be no punishment for what they did? Did they think the NAACP would ride to their rescue? No, these kids need to have the punishment they deserve. They need to understand the consequences of their actions and that adults cannot enable them forever.

D-FENS said...

"President Trump wil disband HUD and end the cancer's spread. Just watch"

Whether Trumps actions are intended to disrupt the GOP, reflect a grudge against the Bush family as Perot, or are a genuine expression of his real beliefs, I welcome his airing of the Illegal alien issue. Though I also wonder if his purpose is to discredit opposition to illegal aliens to remove it as an issue in the general election.

I think the man owes favors to those that bailed him out of previous financial troubles and is certainly indebted to creditors who loaned him money for his real estate empire. Perhaps his financial disclosure to the FEC will shed some light on this aspect of his financial independence.

Even if he does get elected, he can't unilaterally disband HUD, as desirable as that would be. It would have to be approved by a congress that has long benefited from HUD spending.

Sorry for the wet blanket skepticism. There have been too many hopes placed upon political action that have not only failed but have failed from betrayal. Why do you think it's called "the political stage"?

Mike Isbell said...

They should get as many of the 40-50 perps involved and charge appropriate fines and each do some house arrest or forced community service for a few months, or better yet, permanently revoke their EBT cards.

Anonymous said...

Some material for tomorrows "stars n bars" topic. Here in Oklahoma ( which means "land if the red man" we have a black guy on the local news last night who is makin a mint selling ......... Wait for it...... Confederate Flags! Bwaahaha. When asked if he thought it was a symbol of hate he just said he didnt really think about it.

Might be orange and blue to you but its green to him. Hahaha.

True colors will always shine through.

Anonymous said...

Watch the second video for a true taste of African's in America. A bunch of invasive hive-minded insects. Anyone who watches that video can not tell me with a straight face that we are all the same.

Pat Boyle said...

Black people are not going to be around forever. In the long run a race that is so dysfunctional simply isn't needed. Races arise in an animal population when different sub-populations become geographically separated. The classic example is chimpanzees and bonobos. They are separated by the Congo river. These apes can't swim. If there were to be built enough bridges the two species would become one.

When I was in school I learned that there were two and a half billion people on earth. That meant that there was a fair amount of open country between the different races. But today there are around seven billion people. We are building bridges across the Congo river.

You hear liberal politicians always defend illegal Mexican immigrants by saying - "They're good honest hard working people". This is a racist code word phrase. What they mean is that they may be undesirable for many reasons but at least they are not blacks. I have two maids come in and clean the house every couple of weeks. I have some guys rip up the weeds in the yard every so often. These domestic workers are Latinos of some sort. Some are Mexicans but more are Mayans.

Why no blacks?

No one asks that question. You'd have to be crazy to let a black person into your home. They are not honest and hard working. As long as we need maids and yard men we will have illegal immigrants. Here in Oakland we have plenty of idle black people available but the jobs that they qualify for are all taken by Latins from far away. It's hard to deal with people who don't speak English. Our native blacks speak English of a sort but - believe me - it's easier and safer to hire a former stone age peasant from the jungles of Guatemala than it is to hire a black 'youth' who we have already educated at taxpayer expense.

Everyone currently is remarking on Donald Trump's candor. But he like any of the other Presidential candidates is not willing to speak about the underlying issue. The Americans 'who won't do these jobs' are mostly black people. Why work if you get Food Stamps and Section 8 housing? Why not just run amok at the local Wal-Mart?


Anonymous said...

I think there should be an enhancement if a crime is done by more than one person, example if 1 person does a crime and the sentence is 2 years double the sentence for each additional person so 2 people would be 4 years, 3 people 8 years, 4 people 16 years 5 people 32, 6 people 64 etc, if the crime is 3 years then 3, 6, 12, 24, 48 etc. if the crime is 10 years 10, 20, 40 etc.

This would reduce these mob attacks, home invasions by multiple invaders, assaults, attacks like the guy in Detroit who was in an accident got out to help and was attacked by a mob.

The enhancement I suggested will greatly reduce crimes done by more than 1 person, and when the mob crimes do happen, the predators will be in jail for a long time.

This will neuter gangs and crimes with accomplices.

Crime especially crimes by more than 1 person, should be a major issue for the Presidential candidates.

Anonymous said...

"I think there should be an enhancement if a crime is done by more than one person, example if 1 person does a crime and the sentence is 2 years double the sentence for each additional person so 2 people would be 4 years, 3 people 8 years, 4 people 16 years 5 people 32, 6 people 64 etc, if the crime is 3 years then 3, 6, 12, 24, 48 etc. if the crime is 10 years 10, 20, 40 etc."

You are mistakenly assuming that blacks understand risk and consequences. They don't. They never have. The only deterrant that works is having them SEE police RIGHT THERE near whatever crime they are considering.

They're a lot like dogs in that way. They see, they want, they take, unless the punishment is RIGHT there looming at that moment they don't even consider it. They're not capable of it.

13% of the population makes up HALF of the prison population for this reason. They steal cell phones and are SHOCKED they are caught becuase cell phones have GPS. Then when caught black-handed with the phone they scream denials. Like small children. They just can't comprehend consequences and that EVERY other race is FAR smarter than they are. They don't form complex plans, including an escape plan and getting rid of evidence and having an alibi, they just run in and stick a gun in a clerk's face and run away like a cat running from a dog.

They just don't think: "Hmmmm....ah beez wants ta steels me sum stuff but if ah do ah maht jus get lahked up en sheeit. Ah betto naht do datz den. I sho don wanna gets lahkeded up muhfugga."

They just don't.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess the police arrested a black man in connection with the severe beating a white Cincinnati man took after he was evidently robbed.

An orc by the name of Raeshaun Hand was the black thug that did most of the damage.

Now I am sure the president of the NAACP coons will come out and say that Raeshaun was only a toddler. Nowadays coons are teens until they reach the age of 40; although white people reach the age of accountability at 18 and on really serious crimes as low as 12 or 13 olds can be charged as adults.

I got this off New Nation News. I had a theory that about 90% of black mug shots are of men with their heads tilted up and a bit backwards so their entire nose with flaring nostrils can be seen. A brother or sister on this site spoke of flaring negro nostrils and that make me think to look at mug shots and low and behold almost all have the appearance of a gorilla.

Computer software looked at a picture of a man and woman orc and classified them as gorillas, so even software such as siri would probably mix an African in America as a gorilla.
Let’s see: black, (check); flaring nostrils, (check)…this pretty much describes a gorilla.

The ecar raw is coming to get you Barbara! A famous line from Night of the Living Jigaboos.


This Walmart Store was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Also, this is just a simple case of "shoplifting gone bad"......

or perhaps a simple misunderstanding of "vadalism gone bad".

Anonymous said...

If only the WalMart could simply ban all negroes from the store. Like the good old days. I think the White guy was so shocked, he couldn't move. I think he'll move next time.

NJ Woman

P.S. If you make any annual donations to charities, make sure they don't benefit negroes in some way. Ones like United Way - umbrella charities.

Anonymous said...

Can we all agree that different inputs will yield different results? Even though Negroes will always blame YT for their own failures? There is, by default if nothing else, a process by which families/communities raise their children.

Now, imagine for a moment that the marauding group at Wal-Mart was White. Let's imagine that for a moment.

Can you then picture the parents or representatives of the White community standing in front of microphones excusing the behavior and demanding leniency? Hard to picture isn't it?

Now imagine a group of black elders in front of a microphone apologizing for the incident and promising to make good on the losses. Can't be pictured at all, can it?

chattanooga gal said...

"they are only prosecuting 4 out of the 40"
I suspect these 4 are the white ones?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to refer to P.K.'s post on Wednesday, and ask any negro involved.......

“It goes right to the heart of our divide from one another. It goes right to the heart of whether you believe that African American people’s lives matter, that you respect them, that you believe they can be your neighbors, that you want them to play with your children.”

My answer is "NO" and I'm okey with that. I owe black people nothing.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational said:

"This is part of the pattern that suggests that Dylann Roof was a BRA asset..."

I think so. I'm not sure we've seen the full play that BRA expects to get from this event. The Charleston church has been made wealthy beyond their wildest dreams; the Battle Flags are down or on their way down. And now we read that there was some error in the permitting process that resulted in DSR getting the gun(s). I keep expecting the big gun-control push...

This whole event has too many touchstones to pass the b.s. test. "Manifesto" so that ideas themselves can be discredited or outlawed? Check. A church the scene of the violence? Check. Vacant-eyed, drugged or programed looking perp? Check. Old-fashioned race rhetoric that some aged hippie radical would likely put in the mouth of a "racist" asset? Checkity-check-check.

It seems that little has been developed here along these admittedly "conspiratorial" lines. Is anyone researching this?

chattanooga gal said...

"When they did this, did they think there would be no punishment for what they did? Did they think the NAACP would ride to their rescue?"
seeing as that has been the response for the last several years, yes. they do think that. and they are right.

Anonymous said...

lol, wal-mart ban blacks? way way back in the day, K-Mart ruled but ruled in all the wrong places, wrong neighborhoods...any Sub-Saharan not pigging out at local buffet type restaurant was working off the calories shop-lifting at K-mart.

Then Wally-world started opening stores. Smartly, they located their stores a long, long way from K-marts out in semi-semi rural areas that where basically all white.

Presented with an opportunity for african free shopping whites flocked to wally werld's & did they ever prosper

But nowadays, since they expanded everywhere, wally world is an african's paradise & a very non-safe place to shop or even park your car...especially park your car

Don't spend your hard earned $$$ on africanized bidnesses. ie - Wal-Mart (all chinese junk anyway), MickeyD's & others of that ilk.

Why do you think that Wally & Mickey's tv ad's are all black? They know who their customers are :)

Support your local white (or azn) merchants when possible. Keep the money circulating around your hometown as much as possible.


Speaking of PetCo or'll never see a negro in there. A White enclave.

Anonymous said...

Screw walmart. They set up shop in this area to reap as much federal money as it could from these animals in the form of snap benefits and whatever other welfare the state and Feds give them. I see this as a simple cost of business when operating in theses areas. In fact since no one was seriously injured I call this quite a success.

When Walmart gets tired of this they'll do what the other big box stores did in ferguson. They left. That's the only answer.

People on this site constantly moaning about the fact that these people are animals that have low IQs and lack impulse control are really starting to bore me. While I agree with every bit of that, there is no way to change that in the near future. The simple fact is that they came down out of the trees much later than we did. We will just have to wait for evolution to do its work. Our goal should be to recognize their limitation and stay the hell away from them in the same way you would a king cobra or a mountain lion.

Anonymous said...

Textbook example of how all blacks care about is their immediate gratification. First, the riot in the store, then now the parents of these imbeciles have no understanding of the legal system and want their kids back now. But this happens every time there's some crime that has blacks outraged. They want what they want and they want it right now.

Sorry, that's not how it works. Your kids committed crimes and have to face trial, and only at that point do you get to make excuses as to why the various charges are wrong.

Californian said...

Black people are not going to be around forever. In the long run a race that is so dysfunctional simply isn't needed.

The question to ask is, How long would blacks last if YT did not prop them up? Whether you are talking sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, Detroit or a Paris banlieue, blacks require whites to provide them with food, medical support, education, welfare, water wells, media ops, cell phones and peacekeeping forces (the latter to keep them from slaughtering each other too much). Without all that, black societies quickly disintegrate to Liberia standards.

The dilemma today is that black populations are exploding and overrunning civilized territories globally. Black mass migrations have become the new barbarian invasion, and worse. Blacks may eventually self-destruct, but they are going to drag down the white world with them--if not stopped.

FlowerBell said...

Chatting with my husband this morning on the computer, he is in the airport waiting for a flight to Italy on business. We we're discussing world events and the subject of how every Caucasian country is being flooded with hungry, violent invaders. He then reminded me the good book mentions plagues in the ends. This is a plague. A plague not unlike locusts devouring and destroying everything in their path.

He will report back on how things are going in Italy with their new influx of thousands of African blacks.
I pray for his safety while there and his happy return. Will let you all know what he reports back with.

Californian said...


This Walmart Store was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Also, this is just a simple case of "shoplifting gone bad"......


And considering the nature of BRA, the NAACP will probably say as much in their next press release. That's the thing about BRA, the line between reality and absurdity has long since disappeared.

Anonymous said...

"I think there should be an enhancement if a crime is done by more than one person, example if 1 person does a crime and the sentence is 2 years double the sentence for each additional person so 2 people would be 4 years, 3 people 8 years, 4 people 16 years 5 people 32, 6 people 64 etc, if the crime is 3 years then 3, 6, 12, 24, 48 etc. if the crime is 10 years 10, 20, 40 etc."

This assumes that the laws will actually be enforced. But as we have seen in Baltimore and many more places, when blacks run the show they let other blacks get away with everything from organized assaults to burning down entire city blocks. And DWLs are worse, since they throw in ideological justifications for black mayhem. Riots become "protests" and torture-murders become non-events, at least when perpetrated by blacks.

There is no government solution, at least not in the short term. The government is run by hostile elites. What is needed is a mass movement of White People.

Anonymous said...

A good first step would be to cancel the Obamaphone program, shut down their communication network. It would also thin out their online presence. I suppose, though, that cell phones are a right as stated in the Bill of Rights. Actually, anything nigras don't want to pay for - which is everything - is a right.

Inferior? Yes, we didn't bring them here to help us solve problems, they were enslaved because they were easy to enslave sans brains enough to fight back or elude capture on their home turf. Even the "smart" ones on TV have Asian or White DNA but the stupid coon eventually always surfaces.

Anonymous said...

Thats because they don't take care of their pets any more thsn they take care of their kids.

Unknown said...

I like the way Koreans deal with rampaging Orc yoofs.
During The Rodney King Social Gatherings Gone Bad, images of the ROK Army Veteran with a Desert Eagle plinking, one handed, at Eggplants and the sons of shopkeepers on the roofs with longarms, are object lessons for YT in The School of What's What and Who's Who.
Running Game target practice is FUN and a useful skill, especially during Decline of Empire.


It is actually called "Selective Enforcement".

You have a law on the books. You "select" whom will be prosecuted.

So, a White guy with wife and 3 kids, and concealed weapons permit, forgets he has a gun in his check-on baggage? 20 years for him.

Sambo and Sambette shop-lift a 7-11 and blow cashier Rashid's head off? They plea bargain down to mis-demeanor, first offense, community service, garden-variety robbery.......................

Long Island Guido said...

Interesting observation. Hope your husband comes back safely.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would comment on this from my post yesterday- many thanks. I live outside metro Atlanta- and things like this are just the first dominoes in the link. They want to be in control and are trying every angle available to them- and that is a LOT right now. Where in hell in the Constitution does it say we have the right to not be offended?? I have to look at Malcom X White Devil shirts and saggy pants all the time- are we not allowed to be offended/??We have GOT to stand together now or all will start falling!!
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

I don't like commies but Mao was right when he said: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

Anonymous said...

This is an illegitimate government that does not have the consent of the governed.

Anonymous said...

This may be a bit off topic, but many thousands of people backed Trump in Phoenix. We have two problems people:

1. Negroes.
2. Illegal immigration.

To any other Americans out there of other colors (even of Mexican heritage), I am particularly speaking of illegal immigration; not other Americans who came here legally.
The only group of people that I have completely come out against has been blacks; others can assimilate, but I think they should assimilate to our culture.

Trump had a black father who lost a son to an illegal alien open for him in Phoenix. Granted he will get precious few blacks to change their vote, but he might get a few. The bulk of the Republican Party supports a strong secure border with Mexico. What Trump said about the border was true: we are not getting Central America’s finest.

Trump will need almost all white people to support him because the democrats have done such a good job of securing the non-white people’s vote. For the life of me I cannot understand why a Jew would vote democrat, or even a white for that matter (other than militant gays and feminists.) They are rebelling against their own people!

I read a good article by Pat Buchanan yesterday. I believe there is a giant schism opening up in our country. It might lead to another civil war. Our Congress, President and Supreme Court are going against the will of the people for their own political agendas. When things like this happen, trouble lies at the door.

We are in financial trouble as well: we are another Greece…but a bigger one! I think the coon president is intent on destroying our republic and creating some kind of monster government.

When I see thousands of Americans support of Trump, I see people supporting the truth. This alone gives me hope of a better tomorrow. All the other RINO republicans are the same as democrats and will do nothing for us. We need a true leader who cannot be purchased.

Anonymous said...

@Oingo Boingo:

I remember those days vividly. Never seen that many SKS rifles at once! The rooftops were full of them. No shots had to be fired either, the orcs only pick on unarmed folks.


Anonymous said...

Only in Baltimore!!!

Forty-four charged in Baltimore jail scandal; here's how cases ended

The recent sentencing of former correctional officer Ashley Newton marked the latest step in a wide-ranging prosecution involving the smuggling of drugs and other contraband at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Forty of the 44 defendants have been convicted in a racketeering conspiracy in which members of the Black Guerrilla Family gang maintained sexual relationships with correctional officers — resulting in multiple pregnancies — and smuggled cellphones, tobacco, drugs and other goods into the state-run facility.

Correctional officers were rewarded for facilitating this underground economy with payments, gifts, or a share of the profits, federal prosecutors said. Police say the conspiracy allowed gang members to run their criminal enterprise within and outside the jail.

Twenty-four correctional officers have been convicted in the case. Newton, according to prosecutors, opened cell doors, enabling BGF members to attack fellow inmates, and warned them about upcoming prison searches. Newton, 31, of Baltimore, was sentenced to 51 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release.

Tavon White, 37, the BGF ringleader who fathered children with four correctional officers, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in prison in February.

The scandal was uncovered after the formation of the Maryland Prison Task Force in 2011.

PB said...

A "prank". She sees it as a "prank". It was no more a "prank" than the Dylann Roof event was a "prank". I don't know how you live over there with these half witted useless mouths.

PB said...

"It seems that little has been developed here along these admittedly "conspiratorial" lines. Is anyone researching this?"

I've seen some similar approaches to this on various sites around but no-one seems to have the means yet to pull it all together. The rate at which such events are coming at us the world over means that effectively dissecting them is just becoming too hard. The plan seems to be to overwhelm us and then direct our thinking and actions before we have time to critically analyze things.

chattanooga gal said...

"What is needed is a mass movement of White People."
that is EXACTLY what's needed. we need to throw their own tactics back at them.

Anonymous said...

In other news from the "you can't make this shit up" department, Baltimore dedicates a community center to Saint Freddie. And you wondered what they'd put up in place of all the monuments to white Europeans.

Anonymous said...

If this country has even a small chance of making it, Trump has the only chance. The Dems and repubs are finished and have been for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"Twenty-four correctional officers have been convicted in the case. Newton, according to prosecutors, opened cell doors, enabling BGF members to attack fellow inmates, and warned them about upcoming prison searches. Newton, 31, of Baltimore, was sentenced to 51 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release...Tavon White, 37, the BGF ringleader who fathered children with four correctional officers, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in prison in February."

A perfect example of why I've been saying prison is not a punishment for these people! It's state-sponsored R&R.

Anonymous said...

Rhetorical question: what does it take to get memorialized (e.g. your name on a building) in modern-day America, aka BRA?

It would appear the first requisite is being black. Additional credentials? Maybe being a drug dealer?

When Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown the Brits played a song called "the World turned upside down".

As noble men like Robert E. Lee are vilified, and petty drug pushers like Freddie Gray honored, we are TRULY living in a world turned upside down.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "freddie grey youth empowerment center"...Is the place going to teach the kids how to be better dope peddlers, pimps and low life scum or is the church going to take over his work, killing people with drugs???

Anonymous said...

Sustained applause!!! In white neighborhoods we throw our trash out!
Well said sir!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Regarding the "freddie grey youth empowerment center"...Is the place going to teach the kids how to be better dope peddlers, pimps and low life scum or is the church going to take over his work, killing people with drugs???"

A people (Negroes) utterly without shame. And precious little self-awareness. Our primary purpose under BRA is to live with, propagate with, support and fund and flatter these creatures.

God Help Us. And I say that rhetorically. WE HAVE TO HELP US!

Anonymous said...

I never noticed how big a pussy company Wal-Mart is until the first whisper of negro chimping about the confederate flag. BOOM! It's off the Wal-Mart shelves.
For a company based out of ARKANSAS they're sure a bunch of pussies. Hell, Arkansas is still trying to get past the Clintons.


Anonymous said...

to the anonymous poster at 2:40pm regarding trump.... AMEN! i read rush limbaugh story about trump's momentum and he echoed exactly what you said. a caller to the show said he is witnessing white America react differently to trump. he cited how it's the blue collar, beer drinking, HS graduate types are buying into trump's message. these non-voter's couldn't relate to Mccain and the rest of the GOP, they didn't speak for them, everything went over their head. but trump is talking their language and that's the cause of the soaring numbers. my only concern is his stance on blacks. it may not be good PR to campaign anywhere near anti-white sentiment, but once in office? and i agree about the illegals, like you i have no problem with latino's other than that. hell, i lived in phoenix and i met and liked allot of them. asians, mediterranean (non-radical types), indian, native americans... i have no animosity towards whatsoever. so, how can i be a racist if i have no issue with them? face it YT, the only reason your a race realist now is b/c niggers made us that way. BTW... define irony? illegals have access to a sanctuary city that protects them, but the folks who built this country? we can't have one away from the nigs.

Mr. Rational said...

Once the Russians or Chinese find the biological evidence that the dindus are not like us as we all know then it opens the door to have that honest discussion about race.

I wouldn't be so sure.  We've had impeccable evidence of the differences in brain size, intelligence and a host of other biological differences for a couple of centuries and TWMNBN were able to make it taboo.  Solid info about DNA differences creating the rest cannot be discussed if any mention of it makes you a "racist" and you lose your job and family.

The first thing we have to do is get rid of the stigma of the word "racist".  We can't stop them from using it, but we can make it harmless.

Mr. Rational said...

Gwennette should learn to speak the English language when speaking in public. her inner low IQ moron is showing.

They can't tell what's good English and what's not.  That's why Detroit was clueless enough to elect Otis Mathis to the school board, and the school board was clueless enough to make him its president.  They cannot distinguish ability from posturing, English from Ebonics, fact from fiction.

For the life of me I cannot understand why a Jew would vote democrat

By working against the majority, they try to prevent the emergence of a united interest group that can work against them.

Of course, when that united interest group finally gets together, they are totally furious and have lost all restraint in the struggle to throw off the anti-majoritarian oppression.  We've seen the results many times before.  I have decided that they earned it, every time.

In re:  The Donald, I remember the crash and burn of H. Ross Perot.  Put not your faith in politicians, no matter how many billions they (appear to) have.

festus said...

Walmart accepts EBT and sends the money to the Agro-EBT Complex which is partially controlled by the Chinese.

Every Cheerio sold on the EBT market costs the taxpayers $0.79.

Maybe Walmart deserves a few more riots. By putting up with these shenanigans because they don't want to interrupt the EBT flow they ensure that it will happen again and again.

The Man said...

That's the problem you can't keep running

The Man said...

You know what they would say.

General J.O. Shelby said...

Regarding Roof:" "Manifesto" so that ideas themselves can be discredited or outlawed? Check."
On the contrary. I believe the whole flag fiasco is being used to deflect attention from this manifesto. This is the clincher, in my opinion;
"The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case. I kept hearing and seeing his name, and eventually I decided to look him up. I read the Wikipedia article and right away I was unable to understand what the big deal was. It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right. But more importantly this prompted me to type in the words “black on White crime” into Google, and I have never been the same since that day."
You darn sure don't hear the MSM making the Trayvon connection! That would make them look bad for promoting criminality. Also, did you notice how fast they dropped the Apperson assassination attempt against Zimmerman after it was disclosed that he was a former judges son and had DWI convictions. Did you hear this one?
The government may very well have been spying on Roof, knew what he was planning and just waited.
His manifesto sounds like a young guy who feels he had no future.

Anonymous said...

Please don't use harsh trigger words like "rowdy" here. We prefer "mischievous" or "spunky."

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Whoever that person is, they need to hang out here.

Anonymous said...

And considerably less useful.

AnalogMan said...

Ricky Tucker said...

A friend of mine is a member of management in a Wal-Mart near this Macon location and rumor has it the damages were closer to $30,000...the $2000 seems a bit low.

Hell, yes, I never believed that $2000 figure for an instant. Fifty yoots, given free rein and "space to destroy", with the express intention of causing as much damage as possible, can only destroy $2000 worth? Give me a break. I knew they were lying, and not even trying to make it a credible lie.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a headline that Walmart is going to "melt down" any rebel flag-themed graduation rings they've made, instead of delivering them to the buyers. This seems pretty stupid. I'm sure a huge proportion of Walmart customers are white people who support southern culture, especially for Walmarts in the southern states. Middle- and working class whites undoubtedly spend a lot more money there than blacks do.

Walmart is already facing lagging sales. I hope self-respecting whites stop going there until they restore the flag.

The irony is that like Nascar, Walmart is a southern institution that started in the south, and owes its success primarily to the same people who are offended by its banning the rebel flag. Like Nascar, they can restore the rebel flag, or they can go bankrupt and disappear. They're delusional if they think blacks will be a viable customer base, and the kind of white liberal elitists who support banning the flag don't shop at Walmart anyway. Walmart is attacking their own core customer base.

Anonymous said...

Great comment. The biggest victims of black crime are other blacks living in the same neighborhood. And the biggest victims of feel-good relaxed policing standards that liberals love so much are urban blacks. Liberals are condemning thousands of low income blacks and latinos to death with their Blacklivesmatter nonsense, which is the exact opposite of what it claims to be.

Anonymous said...

But they have mischievousness. That's got to count for something.

Anonymous said...

The outcome of having a greatly reduced capacity for correlating cause and effect.

Anonymous said...

And YT keeps right on doubling down on feeling guilty and finding ways to help them.

Anonymous said...

As much as anything else, blacks asserting their cultural and racial identity by naming something after a heroin dealer and removing the names of our founding fathers from other things shows that we will never be able to live together.

What blacks think of as "equality" is equality in being able to step on and exploit white people in the same way that they do the weaker of their own kind.

SKIP said...

I just now got my very nice Confederate flag....3X5 high quality. If you want to know where I got it just post here and I will offer up the company.

Anonymous said...

Bad is good, hate is love, war is peace. Orwell warned us about this.

AnalogMan said...

Mr. Rational said...

The first thing we have to do is get rid of the stigma of the word "racist".

Absolutely. And the first step is to stop using it.

Every time you say that Obama/the NAACP/the Democrats/negroes are the real racists, you're conceding that racism is evil, and that the accusation requires a defense.

It doesn't. It's no more meaningful than calling someone an air-breather. My usual response is "Of course, I'm a racist. Did you take me for a fool?"

Anonymous said...

Damn John Wilkes Boothe directly to Hell.

Anonymous said...

There is also increasing evidence that Europeans were in North America thousands of years before the ancestors of the Indians came over from Siberia. I wonder how long they'll keep calling themselves "Native" Americans after this has been shown to be indisputable...

Anonymous said...

This also holds true for Muslims. I stopped "debating" them when I realized that they simply make up things to support their arguments, and to attack yours. It's not just that they lie: they lie consumately, consistently, categorically, and comprehensively. Also, their logic-processing capabilities are about on par with those of blacks, with lots of disconnect, false analogy, and magical thinking.

Anonymous said...

They are brilliant at thinking up new ways to destroy things, aren't they? And then about half of them can't even read. It's very strange.

Anonymous said...

We have repaid them far more than we could have ever conceivably owed them by this point, at ghetto paycheck lender-type rates of interest.

Anonymous said...

Funny how thousands of supposedly hard-core gangstas with all their weaponry were intimidated by a small number of middle-aged Korean guys with semiautomatic rifles. They really are cowards when people stand up to them.

Anonymous said...

Trump is our last hope of saving this country. The GOP Elite are working behind the scenes to block Trump from the debate.

They figure whatever backlash they get will be over in a few days and then the sheep will get back in line. If you want to fight back, please sign and share this petition:

Anonymous said...

You just advertised for dindus nuffins to migrate. Dammit.

Anonymous said...

Where else but the ghetto would there be a need for community centers at 3:00 am. Hey dumbasses GO TO BED!

Mich. Mike

Anonymous said...

The two white blonde haired guards are why white men have no allies in our fight against BRA! The wars not winnable when the females of our race believe the paint job theory.