Friday, July 17, 2015

This Country Needs an Enema: Two 13-year-old White Girls have their Lemonade Stand Robbed by a Black Male

When life gives you lemons... steal from 13-year-old white girls. [Riverside Man Arrested for Allegedly Robbing Two 13-Year-Old Girls Operating Lemonade Stand,, July 17, 2015]:
An 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of robbery after he allegedly stole money from a lemonade stand being operated by two teen girls in Rancho Cucamonga, authorities said Thursday. 
The girls, both 13 years old, were operating the stand in the area of Mountain View Street and Terra Vista Avenue about 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday when they were approached by the suspect, Santini Tate, a news release from the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department stated. 
Tate told the girls he had no cash, but wanted a cup of lemonade. After the girls gave him one, he walked away. 
But within moments, the Riverside man turned around, pushed the stand over, grabbed their money box and then ran off, the release stated. 
The brother of one of the girls confronted Tate a short time later and was able to recover the empty  box. However, the suspect was able to get away with the money, according to police. 
Deputy Beau Butters responded to the area and, in less than 10 minutes, stopped Tate, who matched the description police were given of the wanted man, the release stated. 
The girls were then able to positively identify the suspect. Tate was found to have been in possession of $30 in cash at the time he was apprehended, police said. 
Tate was booked at the West Valley Detention Center on suspicion of strong robbery, according to the release.
This country needs an enema.


Anonymous said...

It makes it even worse after learning that they provided him charity before he robbed them. Basically he robbed them twice- once with the free drink and then of their puny cash box. Such a great metaphor for how the black man operates in our society. Get a bunch of handouts and gibs and then STILL steal from the very people making those gibs possible. Nothing in his undeveloped mind resembling a conscience going off after he got the free drink from kids that thought "don't steal from them, they gave you a free drink for Pete's sake". Most adults that I know buy things for and give money to children, not the other way around.

Think that either of these 2 girls will be dating any Bantus in the future?

Anonymous said...

Another one of Obama's sons. Can't we have him fixed or something???

awakened white said...

girls need AR's like the paramilitary stormtroppers use just to sell lemonade nowadays.

Anonymous said...

section 8 at work already?

Anonymous said...

The best excuse blacks can come up with in the comment sections is "why were their parents not with them?"

For one thing it was during the day, in their neighborhood, and the brother of one of the girls was able to chase the basketball American down.

In comments such as these, blacks are admitting that youth need to be protected at all times so a morally bankrupt black "teen" doesn't rob them blind or do something worse to them.

It's your fault for being in the proximity of Bantus, what do you expect them to do? Not take your stuff?

Anonymous said...

They take kindness for weakness. One of the many reasons the negro will never be able to do anything but take things violently, even after they are freely given. Guess we can add these girls to the newest group of race realists.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the girls GAVE him a free lemonade before he robbed them seems somehow the most telling of details. You just can't show them any kindness, it's an invitation to take whatever they want.

I hope the girls' parents aren't the type to say "now you can't judge all black people by this one experience", when they need to be told "remember this in the future when approached by blacks."

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

"But, but, he was unarmed. Don't put him in prison! It just adds to mass incarceration."

Sad but solid post.

Medic Bear said...

The DWLs are out in force on a couple of the media sites running this story. I've been trying to respond to many of them by calling "bullshit" on their "All colors rob lemonade stands" crap (honestly, that's what one DWL moron posted. WTF?)

This is just yet another in a IMMENSELY LONG list of Black barbarism. This POS didn't give a damn (if it even has the capacity) and I'm actually surprised he didn't assault the girls and try to rape them.

Blacks are feral, useless, criminal beasts who need to go. Even the faking IKAGOs. Period. Box 'em up and ship 'em out or otherwise dispose of them all.

Know Blacks, NO Peace.
No Blacks, KNOW Peace.

Anonymous said...

Lemonade gone bad?

Anonymous said...

If you really think about it, this is a positive event. Two more white kids learned an invaluable lesson at a very early age, and all it cost them was some lemonade money. Had this process been delayed, the lesson may have required a rape, a beating, or a murder.

Unknown said...

I find it insulting when I hear liberals say things like "where were the parents?" expecting the parents to have to hover over their kids until their AARP card comes in the mail.

I point out that when I was a kid, my parents used to send me to the store for a loaf of bread or some milk if we'd run out. They say that those were different times. I ask what's different, and they can't really give me an answer. Because the answer is "diversity."

Unknown said...

Kindness was repaid with violence and theft...kinda says it all, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

RE: The best excuse blacks can come up with in the comment sections is "why were their parents not with them?"

you mean parents like George Zimmerman?

Anonymous said...

Jefferson Goodberry said...
Colin Flaherty had a really great commentary on this story... go check it out on his YouTube channel.
Good stuff. He's fighting the good fight.

David In TN said...

Oh well, you never reach the bottom with these characters. As other have said, the girls learned a valuable lesson, and it wasn't as bad for them as it could have been.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......Hey 30 bucks is a pretty good score. A lady in NY just had her face bashed in for $1.30 in Central Park. In New York during the 60's and 70's people were getting shot and murdered for 2 or 3 dollars. A panhandling hippie on St. Marks Place got a tooth knocked out and stabbed for a couple bucks in change. The really big scores were 40 or 50 bucks when they would shoot and kill cab drivers. Now cabbies ride around in bullet proof cages. How many people in this country have been killed for a fucking pizza.

I got jumped at midnight in Washington Square Park by four African American Ethnic Porch Monkeys. They searched me for half an hour. The score? They found the 4 bucks I had hidden in my sock.

I knew a middle aged Jewish lady that always took $5.00 with her when she went outside. "That way you have something to give them when you get mugged. If you don't have any money they will beat you up".

America doesn't need an enema. It has had an enema STUCK UP IT'S ASS for the last 40 years. Where do you think all this shit has been coming from.

Anonymous said...

Pure unmitigated hatred! Sure that he saw white privileged kids, and anger just bubbled up. Coming soon to the kids you love! Courtesy of the federal government. Section eight hate for all!

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

Arizona mother gets life in prison for killing five-year-old daughter

An Arizona mother was sentenced on Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for abusing and then murdering her five-year-old daughter, whose body was never found despite a massive search.

The 41-year-old was convicted in April of child abuse and first-degree murder after a three-week trial in which a county jury heard how she starved and beat the child.

After the child was killed, prosecutors said, Hunter stuffed her body in a suitcase and tossed it in a dumpster.

Mroz, who took into consideration Hunter's four prior felony convictions for child abuse in California, said she agreed with the jury there was "substantial" evidence that she killed the girl and then "dumped her like yesterday's trash."

Hunter said at the time her daughter disappeared after she left the girl with her three older siblings while she ran an errand.

The woman was arrested a month later, but was then released without charge as investigators searched a landfill south of Phoenix. Their fruitless efforts there ended after 96 days, having sifted through about 9,500 tons of garbage.

No one can tell me that black lives don't matter after teams of unfortunate souls spent 96 DAYS sifting through 9,500 tons of rotting garbage for one black "chile". Wonder how many black individuals there were sifting through garbage for an entire season in the search effort. I'm betting next to none.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.... Another New York story. This happened to a hippie kid I knew. He was going out one night for a pack of smokes. His old lady had borrowed a small kitchen knife from the girl downstairs and asked him to return it on the way out. He was walking across Thompkins Square Park when three spicks mugged him. One had a knife stuck near his chest and told him to empty his pockets. He gave them the money he had in his pants and when he reached into his coat pocket he found the small knife he had forgotten to return. He pulled it out and stabbed the guy under the chin. The spick went over backwards with blood squirting out of his throat. One of the spicks said "Hey stabbed our friend."

He turned and ran down Avenue A until he found a building to hide in. He was under the stairwell at the end of the hall. That was when he noticed all the blood on him. He thought he had been stabbed. After checking himself he realized it was the other guys blood. When he got home his girlfriend told him an ambulance had just left the park.

After telling her what happened he washed off all the blood. Later that night he bagged up the bloody clothes and put them in a garbage can blocks away form the park. No evidence. No crime. At the end of the month he moved out of Alphabet City.

I could write a book about all the shit that went on in New York City. I am 72 years old. The nightmares finally stopped about 20 years ago. You mellow out with age.

SC Native said...

And just when you think a pavement ape can't possibly suprise you anymore here comes a story like this one.

Now kids need armed guards at lemonade stands, we need that enema stat! The primates causing the constipation are the sh!t colored and smelling ones.

If diversity is our strength then cultural communism is our mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Once again a feral negroe primate attacks kids, and to think the negroes believe that they are hated for their skin color?! The shuck young brotha who did this should be sentenced by the court to some Convulsive Electro Shock therapy, 1940's administration naturally.

Ricky In Cali said...

I can't believe you put this story today Pk! Great job, I swear to you guys I took a picture of the story today on Yahoo on my phone and I said to myself "this is an SBPDL gem, regardless of what article PK decides to post I'm going to comment about this story" and you beat me to it!!

I live in California and this was in Rancho Cucamonga. I swear to you within an hour of this story breaking on the news, AN HOUR, there was 837 comments completely destroying this scumbag with every funny comment you could think of. I couldn't even get in a comment before it reached almost 1,000 of them!

Of course, that was this morning and it's been taken off of Yahoos main feed (cause you know, that would be racist to say anything bad about their Pets) but I'm so glad it's on here. Anything we type in here to slander this guy is small potatoes to what the general public did to him today!! Hilarious to see how people really feel

Anonymous said...

The Facebook page of the Dindu-American in question:

He wuz a good boy! Good at smoking weed, throwing up gang signs, flipping off the camera, grabbing his muh dik... in other words, TNB.

Anonymous said...

A process in which a forceful blast dislodges unwanted vile brown matter causing toxemia in a living system? Yes, an enema indeed. Where are we inserting the nozzle first...?

Anonymous said...

But Whites rob too...

Anonymous said...

After some googling, i see that only about 10% of the news sites that covered this story allow comments, and of those sites about half have clearly scrubbed all comments mentioning race because there are NO comments about race and there are only like 6 comments. Then on the other sites EVERY comment is about race and there are a TON of commments. Most are correctly identifying the root problem, with a smattering of blacks and DWL's bleating pathetically "not only blacks rob, whites rob too!" Or better yet "what kind of parents let their kids sit in front of their own house unsupervised!?" Its almost funny.

Interesting how the internet is this amazing tool we can use to communicate and exchange ideas and thoughts and in just a few years it has become so heavily censored all to prevent the masses from discussing the negro problem. News sites have all basically just taken down comments sections just because SO many people were discussing the negro problem. When we're not worried about co-workers overhearing us and Reporting us to HR and costing us our jobs we seem largely eager to discuss the negro problem.

I predict that soon internet anonymity will be very difficult. We'll have to be pretty savvy to keep anonymity online. They'll impose some Law that ties our online activity to our names, publicly so we will be afraid to speak openly about the negro problem. They just can't allow us to keep discussing the negro problem especially as the problem gets drastically worse very very quickly and more and more of us start becoming realists.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Yesterday, I went with a friend to an Auto Salvage Yard in Pagedale, Missouri, an inner ring suburb of St. Louis that is mostly Black. On the way there we passed a former Walgreen's store on the corner of St. Charles Rock Road and Hanley Road. This store was one of the modern Walgreen's built within the last 2-3 years and it's already out of business. I happened to mention this to the owner of the salvage yard who told me that the store couldn't sustain the losses due to theft and robbery. Can you imagine being a Pharmacist in a location like this? Better have your Life Insurance paid up! Blacks f*ck up everything and anything.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised the DWL'S haven't had the girls arrested for operating a concession stand without a vending license or a health board review. So a 13 year old is not safe in their front yard selling lemonade? When I did live in town (99.9%yt) the neighbor kids had a stand every summer for a few days. Little kids between 7 and 13 years old. No issues in whitopia and the town police were their best customers. The closing of a school and the threat of section 8 housing in that school forced me to sell and buy my grandparents home. I lost a lot of money on that house, but the black undertow is non existent here.
Ohio born



If they didn't catch this spook you can bet he would of come back a second time and did the same thing. @ 17/18 years old where's this lazy thief negroes job? My fault I forgot he is badly discriminated against and the only way he can earn some cash to buy his pot is to steal from young hard working White girls.

This wasn't this negroes first strong armed robbery i'll bet any money. Don't this in some way make you think of st. swisher sweet? or at least st. swisher sweet's mother and step father when they beat the his granny up with the ball bat and stole their strong box with the t-shirt proceeds. lol they are all the same yet they are in no way like you and I GREATWHITES!!! Let's just wait till justice is served out by the judge. Don't hold your breath. Right?


Anonymous said...

This is just yet another in a IMMENSELY LONG list of Black barbarism. This POS didn't give a damn (if it even has the capacity) and I'm actually surprised he didn't assault the girls and try to rape them.

Maybe you did not pick up on this part of the story, but after 18-year-old Santini (the not so great) Tate snatched the pink and turquoise money box from these two 13-year-old white girls, the older brothers of these girls gave chase to Santini Tate. The older brothers of the two girls were able to get the pink and turquoise money box back from Santini Tate, but the stolen money was not recovered until the police arrested Santini Tate for strong arm robbery. I would have to say that in this case, there were at least two white males who showed at least some courage by confronting a black aggressor.

Anonymous said...

Hard to perform an enema when America is suffering from a severe case of cranius rectosis.

Anonymous said...

My parents were hardcore DWL, so I approached Blacks early in life thinking they were all potential friends. In college and at my first few part-time jobs, they stole from me (wallet, expensive pens and notebooks) and were always trying to start arguments.

I learned that the Blacks have been at war with us since the Civil Rights Act. They decided that payback was due and now they all grow up learning to hate us and blaming us for everything. It doesn't matter if you try to get along, or forgive easily. They don't learn from us; it is always open war.

Anonymous said...

(cue up the Doors...)

This is the end...beautiful friend, the end...

Anonymous said...

In the Old South were Jim Crow reigned, segregation would have put some space between the Bantu man and the white girls.

Someone mentioned that the Bantus or the Bantu supporters (DWLs) were saying that the parents should have been there. This is a knee-jerk reaction of the left; shift the blame to the victims!

You readers might remember just about a week or so ago when a white man was beaten to an inch of his life in Cincinnati, the police spokesman put some of the blame on the victim because he was “drunk” and had his “wallet clearly visible.” In a laughable sort of way the DWLs are being racist by implying that blacks can’t control themselves when they see an easy opportunity (which is the real truth the left hesitates to mention because it would be racist to mention the obvious.)

If a white man had strong arm robbed two young black girls of their lemonade money, it would have been national news; but since the criminal was a Bantu…crickets!

You know…there comes a point when good white people need to stop and assess the situation! When they do they will find that there is no more room to live with the negro.

It should be against the law for a negro to even approach white girls. They should not be allowed in white neighborhoods. Our national troubles began when certain groups got the vote; and they used that vote to vote themselves a raise. We see what the negro vote has done to cities like Detroit, Chicago, Memphis and Indianapolis. Those cities are now business deserts and the people have to walk swiftly and hunker down to try to avoid stray bullets and stay alive.

This isn’t about racism as much as just staying alive!

One thing people need to do is ignore the word “racist.” I personally find the word “realist” more apropos, but if wearing the word “racist” could free me of these goddamned Bantus, I would wear the word like a badge of honor.

There is a funny thing about words, the more people use them the faster they become trite and lose their luster. The word “racist” is well past the sell date and is starting the smell rancid.

Look at it this way, the more incidents like this happen, the more white people come to their senses!

Anonymous said...

Whhats next stealing candy from babies?
Is there no level of depravity a North American pavement ape won't sink to?
Something really needs to be done. Think of the children and the future that's in store for them if we fail to train these vile beast.

Anonymous said...

Teens Explain Moment A Man Robbed Their Lemonade Stand

13-Year-Old Girls Say Their Lemonade Stand Was Robbed

Black male youths robbing lemonade stands run by little white girls is apparently a thing that has happened before. The video at the link below is from more than two years ago.

Lemonade Girl Robbed

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

On the bright side, we just gained two more race realists.....

Anonymous said...

It was the white girl's fault for not wanting to donate their earnings to this fine outstanding citizen, after all they have white privilege and should feel guilty for not giving this deprived man his just penitence for being born black. Those girls had it coming !!

Anonymous said...

My hero, when I grow up I want to be just like Santini Tate. Dumb ass negroe. Just goes to show they have zero class and conscious, to rob 2 little girls of money. My granddaughter turner 13 yesterday, which pisses me off even more, to think it could have been her.

Throw the jackass in prison, or put down even better.


Anonymous said...

I am a bit disappointed in the Drudge Report today. It showed a man who is seen on the Smoking Gun as having violated a parole violation for pointing a gun (assault). It was probably at some uppity negro for crossing his property.

Now…here is the reason I am writing: the man’s property is covered with Confederate Flags and the Smoking Gun said:

Stars And Bars Fanatic Is Now Behind Bars
Edward Lee West's Confederate flag collection now on its own

By stating the man’s name and showing his house, the Smoking Gun has declared war on this man’s property. This is like sending out an invitation for the Bantus in the area to completely wipe this man’s house out.

Also look at the lead line! Instead of praising the man for standing up for what he thought was right, the left leaning shit stains at the Smoking Gun prejudged this man. Isn’t that the thing the peaceful negroes are saying we should not do: “pre-judge?” I notice they don’t talk as badly about Bantus who commit crimes.

This white man’s crime of pointing a gun is small beans to what the negrotoids do to white people each and EVERY day. If you read the article, you can clearly see that the writer was prejudiced against the man and his flags. I would bet the writer of the article was a Bantu spear chucker!

Anonymous said...

Part of running a lemonade stand when you're a kid is learning about "real world" lessons of owning a business. These girls learned a priceless lesson about opening a business in a place where there are blacks. They're fortunate they weren't raped and murdered as well.

Every year girl scouts are mugged for their cookie money, Salvation Army santas are robbed, and in general every decent thing that whites ever did is ruined by negroes.

Anonymous said...

Nate Silver: For black Americans, US is about as dangerous as Rwanda

You can take the African out of Africa...

rex freeway said...

Anonymous said...Black male youths robbing lemonade stands run by little white girls is apparently a thing that has happened before. The video at the link below is from more than two years ago.

Does that matter? Scumbag is a scumbag. Go back two years and add the total of people killed by Blacks. Then add the reasons they were shot.

riptapart said...

And here exemplifies one of the major problems within our society. That animal should be caged for at least a few years for doing something so evil. Yes, evil. I know he didn't physically harm the girls and took "only" $30.oo. But someone capable of such behavior can only be a further burden on society as he commits more and more heinous acts against civilized people. But I guess maybe I am wrong and being cold, lacking in understanding and and compassion. I so easily forget that this poor young man is a victim of widespread systemic racism and suffers from a lack of opportunity. He was not born with the privileges that go along with being white, such as having a lemonade stand at 13. His anger makes sense as these young girls were exploiting thirsty Black people who have not been given the luxuries these young white girls enjoy. Their elitist attitudes prevented them from understanding the needs of less fortunate Black people and they wouldn't even take an EBT card.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are a lot like people, you have good breeds and bad breeds. A good person would have thanked the girls because he did not have money, but in this case the barbaric pavement ape was casing the girls and the situation for a strong armed robbery.

White people don’t do this to negro children! Why do we allow the negro to do this to our children? These barbaric cretins will rape 90 year old women, will beat to death old men, and torture other people who happen to cross their paths.

I wonder when white people will say enough is enough!

Of course I do not know this, but I bet the people in that area are progressives and view the negro as a downtrodden race deserving pity and respect. How many white children will get raped, robbed and killed by these bastards before DWL whites wake the hell up?

I watched one of the science channels last night and they were talking about ancient aliens and time travel. Several of the supposed pundits were negroes! We are now inundated with negroes telling us about time travel (which has never been done) and other scientific matters. What percentage of the scientific community is black? Aren’t the science channels acting like Kennedy now by finding even ONE black with an IQ over 100 to put them in front of the public to say: look here…a black man can do scientific things! Imagine dat!

You all stay safe this weekend!

Anonymous said...

And the judge will throw the parents in jail for making the girls afraid of groids.

Mr. Turner said...

I urge everyone here to pay attention to what your city council or township trustees are up to. They are attempting to sneak in two 75 unit section 8 apartments on the outskirts of my area. Since it is outside city limits the township trustees hold jurisdiction over it. None of it was made public, even when a council meeting took place to discuss getting water and sewer put in. This should have been a public meeting, but they held it behind closed doors in violation of our state's so called "sunshine laws". This is going on everywhere folks. Be vigilant. Pay attention. We either fight it, or run. I'm going to try to fight.
Good luck, y'all.

Anonymous said...


This is eerie and yet funny.
Clearly there is a war on Truth [n truth is White]. Re,

After some googling, i see that only about 10% of the news sites that covered this story allow comments, and of those sites about half have clearly scrubbed all comments mentioning race because there are NO comments about race and there are only like 6 comments. Then on the other sites EVERY comment is about race and there are a TON of comments.

Most are correctly identifying the root problem, with a smattering of blacks and DWL's bleating pathetically "not only blacks rob, whites rob too!" Or better yet "what kind of parents let their kids sit in front of their own house unsupervised!?" Its almost funny.

Anonymous said...



I am in Los Angeles. In the LA Times I once read the tale of 'Smelly Kelly'. He was or is a negro [death row]. He throws his feces all over [hence his name].

His crime? Killing a courageous boy [age 11, I just found] who interrupted his kidnapping of a little WHITE girl who he no doubt planned on raping - killing.
The boy saw this and ran over and fought Kelly.

Condemned Killer Is Sane, Awaits Execution
A jury found Thursday that triple murderer Horace Kelly, described by his attorney as a man with a "broken brain," is sane enough to be executed. The verdict means that state prosecutors can move forward with the execution of Kelly, the first condemned inmate in California in nearly half a century to face a sanity trial on the brink of his scheduled death.

In searching I found another case...I wonder what this 'child' looks like?
nknown causes.
Boy, 12, to Be Nation's Youngest Prison Inmate - NYTimes ...
The New York Times
Jan 30, 1996 - The boys were 10 and 11 at the time of the killing. ... Judge Kelly said she accepted the child welfare agency's request to place the boys in the

chattanooga gal said...

I'm shocked they called him a man. usually blacks are youths or teens until they are at least 40

Mr. Rational said...

If a white man had strong arm robbed two young black girls of their lemonade money, it would have been national news

Where could Black girls run a lemonade stand?  Only in Whitopia.  If they tried to run one in the ghetto they'd be robbed of their change before they finished setting up.

Whites need a country where humans can be human.  A country without Bantus.

chattanooga gal said...

" I ask what's different, and they can't really give me an answer. Because the answer is "diversity.""
and that is the heart of the matter isn't it? I, too, remember running down to the store, unharmed for milk or whatever. I remember being able to ride my bicycle all through the neighborhood, unmolested and without a parent riding along shotgun. And I didn't even own a bicycle lock. That was in e. Chattanooga, I rthink it ranks as one the more dangerous neighborhoods in the u.s right now. We all know when THAT came about...

Californian said...

When life gives you lemons... steal from 13-year-old white girls.

Great line, OK. Grim humor in the face of a savage uprising is good for morale.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Rancho Cucamonga where Craig was sent to live with Uncle Elroy in the movie Next Friday when things became to dangerous in South Central?

Anonymous said...

Want to see the face of Africa in America? Check out the webpage of the Lemonade Bandit:

A picture says the 1000 proverbial words...

Anonymous said...

Whats next stealing candy from babies?

How about a "teen" murdering babies:

Look at the photo of the killer for a picture of Africa in America.

Anonymous said...

Welfare system, pumping out worthless groids. Dead eyes, no brains, 60 IQ, totally worthless.


Californian said...

This sums it up nicely:

" general every decent thing that whites ever did is ruined by negroes."

You can't have a lemonade stand. You can't ride your bike on a trail. You can't have Halloween because your neighborhood is overrun. You can't even have a march against violence without "gun" violence.

Schools get trashed. Bogus black "histories" are concocted. Science is perverted to "prove" liberal delusions on race.

Copper wire from street lights is stolen. Buildings graffitied. Industrial sectors disintegrate into the earth. People are dragged from their cars and beaten. The cops are pulled back so rioters can burn down a city. Politics degenerate into Big Man rule.

All this and more when you have a sizable black demographic.

True in America.

True from Liberia to South Africa.

True in the banlieues of Europa.

And coming to a neighborhood near you!

Anonymous said...


Lemonade stands.

Symbols of oppression to beautiful black persons.

Under slavery, beautiful black people were forced to pick lemons so their white masters could drink lemonade. Beautiful black persons had to toil in the lemon fields while their white masters sat on the porch and were served cold lemonade.

Under segregation, beautiful black people were often lynched and hanged from lemon trees.

Did you know that when slave ships threw beautiful black people overboard, the crews used lemon juice to attract sharks to eat them? Is it any wonder that today beautiful black persons see co-called "lemonade stands" as a form of institutional racism, a reminder of the centuries of white micro-aggressions against beautiful black persons?

Now excuse me, I am going to my campus organic vegan fair trade coffee bar where we are boycotting lemons in solidarity with beautiful blacks persons in their struggle against lemonade.

I. M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

D-FENS said...

This country is so fucked up that I would not be surprised if the charges against the negro are dropped, the city is sued for false arrest, the DOJ launches a civil rights investigation and the girls are charged for running an illegal business, health code violations and failure to file a tax return.

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to serve the maximum sentence for strong arm robbery. If he is enough of a predator to rob little girls, then he is a menace to society and not entitled to freedom until he's too old to commit crimes like this. This man has no soul and no chance of redeeming himself until he enters the gates of hell.

Anonymous said...

It seems America and Europe not the only places where white countries are being FLOODED with Muslims and blacks. Australia now has to battle illegal aliens. As usual, you have realists going against people who say it is racism.

Seriously folks, for our children and the sake of our posterity, we need to shed the guilt trip!

The number of Muslims is growing so fast in our country, the FBI is overwhelmed. For any Democrats out there, you can thank YOUR party for the influx of Africans and Muslims. I realize that the Republicans are allowing this to happen, but I don’t think they encourage it.

Obama is a traitor in my opinion. Our nation is led by thugs!

I hope white people here grow a pair soon, or we will be finished. We honestly need to kick back like our white Aussie brothers and sisters are doing.

Anonymous said...

If the idiot was on parole, that means he went to prison (he's a convicted felon), which means this idiot shouldn't have been in possession of said gun.

Californian said...

Where could Black girls run a lemonade stand? Only in Whitopia. If they tried to run one in the ghetto they'd be robbed of their change before they finished setting up.

There are some "solutions" to this "problem:"

* Section 8 lemonade stands. The federal government would provide vouchers to black teens to set up lemonade stands in all-white suburbs.
* Marches for lemonade stand peace. Black clergy and civic leaders take it to the streets to protest lemonade stands gone wrong.
* Midnight lemonade. Put up basketball hoops and keep these stands going into the small hours of the night. Midnight basketball works to keep down gang violence, right, so why not apply it here?
* The DWL media can get involved, by producing telescreen dramas in which white motorcycle gangs rip off black honor students running lemonade stands.
* Black Expo style anti-violence measures: prior to setting up a lemonade stand, black clergy will say prayers, volunteers will patrol the street to keep the peace, and a battalion of cops will provide security. For each lemonade stand.
* And oh yes, the White House can send representatives to imbibe at the Michael Brown Memorial Lemonade Stand.

There is no end to ingenuity when it comes to BRA, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Rancho Cuuckamunga appears to be one ooked up place.

Anonymous said...

"He gave them the money he had in his pants and when he reached into his coat pocket he found the small knife he had forgotten to return. He pulled it out and stabbed the guy under the chin. The spick went over backwards with blood squirting out of his throat. One of the spicks said "Hey stabbed our friend."

Best thing I heard today, applies to anyone at anytime. Kudos ex ny

"Yes, armed robber...I indeed did shove a razor sharp object in your accomplices throat, he put himself and me in danger during the act of your potential mortal crime, and now past me defending myself and taking action, I have to escape this crime scene because in every instance the victim always gets the guillotine."

In addition.... you all seem surprised, innocent, and shocked and act like im a villian now with "Hey stabbed our friend."

Its unreal, and mind bending. They just dont get it, i dont get it, no one gets it.

Anonymous said...

Yes... And when you fight it they will do what they did to my town and convert it to " elderly section 8 only" which means no less than 2 granchillins will be staying with them at any given time while Sheniqua out gettin high and Shitavious doin time in da pen.

I could be wrong ..... But I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Having Sympathy for the (black) Devil is a huge mistake that can only bring varying levels of suffering or harm. A lesson these girls learned the hard way. Hopefully, they won't dismiss this learning experience in the interests of "fairness." If they do, they'll simply be setting themselves up for future "social interactions gone wrong" at the hands of blacks. Once bitten, twice shy.
Also intersting is that when the brothers caught up to and confronted the low life thief, he became belligerant and hostile. Remember now, just as Colin Flaherty says, "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry." The brothers are lucky he didn't stab them or shoot them for sticking their noses in his "bidness" and dissin' him by not accepting what he'd done as his right as a noble black prince. They should have just blamed the girls, called them stupid and told them that they deserved it. Sort of like if you leave a piece of cake sitting out on a coffee table and the family dog gets it.
You can't blame an animal for being an opportunistic animal, can you?

Julie said...

The negro didn't rape and then set the 13-year-olds on fire? I'd say it was a successful negro encounter for these young girls.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link tro story of Baby Antonio's killa.

on the way I saw Googles latest negro worship [I guess its there for children, who else would care about some groid journalist].

and at yr link is another tale, ugly haitian killer wont be send n=home

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, one of my teachers used to show us movies on how people lived. One was of Japan, with the bullet trains the high-rise buildings etc. But one was of the US. It featured two kids, and it showed their lives. One kid was white, wealthy family, large home in the suburbs. The other kid was a black girl. It showed theri bedrooms, that they rode bikes. The bike the white kid rode folded for travel and storage. It was shiny and new and I rather liked it. The bike the other kid rode was her friends and it was a rust pile.
Now in this, we have a couple of girls that were out in front of their house. They were selling lemonade and the blacks are whining that they are the ones responsible for getting robbed because nobody was watching them. In their own front their own home. No wonder blacks hate us so, they are jealous of our no drive by places, no drugs, schools that are a little safer. They are jealous of our children having decent schools that we paid for but that they want because somehow our magic will transfer to their kids.

Not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I saw this link on Drudge to CBS in New York City about a mugging of a white woman for a little over a buck and some change.

Our New York City poster spoke of this! Notice that CBS tells us everything about the monkey except he is black. How tall he is, what he is wearing, and about how old he is…everything except we are talking about a N*GGER!

Oh yes…the New York Post says that O’negroid is farming our personal information to use it to further his black pavement apes! White people on the fence, wake the fuck up! One thing Obozo doesn’t know…white people might kick back.

think about it said...

I think I can hear the clock ticking a little faster today.

tick, tock, tick, tock.

Ex-New Yorker:

I think you would have an excellent story of your life in the big apple. I know I find it interesting and I think many others do as well. I offer my services as editor and co-conspirator if you really want to make it happen. Why not write a book, hell, everyone else does and at least yours would be relevant, truthful, and exciting. Im no expert, but I have a degree in English and could easily help put together a first draft for submission to publishers.

I'll send a private email to PK and he can connect us.

Anonymous said...

live a block from here. it's getting worse. this is but one indication of it.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the Civil Rights act. They are hateful creatures who love to hurt and destroy, and they always have been, wherever they live on this planet. The Civil Rights act simply dismantled the protections whites had put into place to protect themselves from blacks and keep them away from their throats. It did nothing to alter black nature. They have always hated us, and they always will.

Anonymous said...

They are under pressure from the federal government to get as many of these units put into place before Obama heads off in the sunset to tend to his legacy of being the worst president in history. I imagine the feds have drawn up a standardized method of attack here that includes keeping local residents in the dark as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

They vote for Democrats. So TPTB find them quite valuable and are increasing their numbers.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT. And wholly reflective of DWL insanity.

Anonymous said...

And using an endangered species of lemon, not posting a copy of CA labor law on site, not providing a wheelchair ramp or handicapped parking, not sterilizing their table, and using unapproved utensils which could harbor bacteria and/or insult the sensibilities of certain protected groups.

Anonymous said...

That was so good. Especially the Michael Brown Memorial Lemonade Stand.

Anonymous said...

off topic: this sandra bland hanging in a jail thing has gone viral. blacks of course, accusing YT of staging her death b/c "dey be rayciss!" so, she posts a video admitting depression, gets pulled over and goes to the pokey and it's YT's fault "she be daid!." let's just see how BHO responds to this vs. Kate's murder in SF. guarantee, it'll be addressed by the WH. he doesn't have time to respond to everybody's tragedy his spokesman says regarding kate, but it sure the fuck is a fantastic coincidence that the one's he does have time for are AA. a 4yr. old could see thru that shit. blacks are outraged on line and already protesting... meanwhile, in the real world, negro thugs are still robing, raping and killing innocent white folks 1000 fold. just wanna ask these nigs a serious question? if you hate us so much and we treat you so bad, then why isn't your race advocating segregation? in an honest poll, i guarantee if voted on, YT would be overwhelmingly supportive (see white flight) of the measure and blacks equally opposed. so, why are they pushing to get closer to us (sect. 8/affirmative fair housing) instead of farther away if we're all white racist devils? b/c the math just doesn't add up homeboy. ahhhh, it's the gibs & da' white wimmins! ghetto lottery odds be go up yo'! nahimsayin? always the BS agenda behind the agenda.

10mm AUTO said...

* The DWL media can get involved, by producing telescreen dramas in which white motorcycle gangs rip off black honor students running lemonade stands.""

Californian! I Love this idea! Think of the possibilities!


Title: Lem-And-Nade

Director: Steven Spielberg, Benard Groosman, Rabbi Wittgenstein

Written by: Jeff Goldberg

Evil White town full of old White men clash with two 13 year old sweet little orphan female negros (use 8 year old actors) named Lemica and Nadia that are excelling in school, studying MLK and are Spelling Bee candidates. One aspires to law school, the other to be an Astronaut. They run a lemonade stand that is popular with the neighborhood, but Evil White kids tease them and harass them as stupid, even though they have done their marketing research and obtained a permit. Sales are good, especially to the local school after gym class and that very special single light skinned negro teacher is proud of them, doling out advice and helping with marketing. The money is enough for the negresses to help the single teacher get her car fixed because it is difficult to get by on a teachers salary in this town.

The head of the local school board, played by a particularly unpleasant looking old White man, has a grandson who hears his Grandfather grouse about the business and is determined to make him proud by bringing the stand down. A first he burns a cross into the wooden stand "Just to frighten them" but the local cop (played by Will Smith) put the fire out in time. This leads to a meeting between him and the single teacher. Love flourishes as he and the teacher have hot sex scene (within PG-13 Guidelines).

Meanwhile, the grandson tries again to burn down the stand, but loses control of the fire and Lemica is badly burned. She will have to be in the hospital for several weeks and use an expensive inhaler the rest of her life. In the hospital, she says some stoic and cheesy inspirational things, references MLK a couple of times and cries a little, causing DWL's to tear up.

Nadia and the Cop find evidence linking the fire to the grandson. Will Smith confronts Grandfather using ghetto style language to confuse the White man. Que hate filled scene as grand-dad calls Will Smith a "nigger" and talks about how negros are generally a criminal class and we shouldn't be living in the same town (thus "inoculating" the audience against hate facts as well as attacking race realists. This same technique was used in the Movie "American History X").

See Part 2

10mm AUTO said...

Part 2
This leads Will Smith to talk to the local Prosecutor (played by Morgan Freeman) about filing charges against the grand-son. Morgan opines that the local government is so shot through with Whites that there can never be any justice. Will Smith has famous scene where he punches the wall and says "The we must make our own Justice!".

Grand-son is badly beaten by a unknown assailant (obviously hinted at being Will Smith) and goes to the hospital. He meets Lemica and feels so sorry for her that he calls Grand-dad and confesses to him. Grand-dad tells him to shut up and everything will be fine.

Final Scene: Courtroom where Will Smith and Morgan Freeman present evidence against the Grandson. Morgan Freeman does a masterful presentation, grandson is sobbing and granddad is stone faced. An all White jury brings back a verdict of "Not Guilty".

Que final Narration: "Despite the setback, Lemica went on to be a lawyer" (shows grown up Lemica (played by Beyonce) driving a Mercedes and living in New York as a high powered lawyer with a White boy as her assistant. "She looks back on the Lemonade Stand as a learning experience whenever she feels she needs inspiration." (Show quick montage of her working in a soup kitchen, helping collect clothes for the needy and defending black men in Court against White Judges.

"Nadia works in the town that did her wrong" (Notice the conclusion is made for you). Cue scene montage of her working and reading to students (all politely sitting in their chairs) walking around the playground and giving a speech to the NAACP) "She teaches and dreams that one day one of her students will be an Astronaut).

Final scene is a black screen with MLK's voice ringing out "I have a Dream that one day little negro girls will be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin."

15 second "Guilt" display: "This Movie was taken from actual events."

Roll Credits

Californian said...

That was so good. Especially the Michael Brown Memorial Lemonade Stand.

When you consider the other absurdities we have seen under BRA, all that may just happen!

Anonymous said...

You might be right. Your posts will get you named publicly. Then you might get the republican nomination for president.


Julie said...

The NY Post hits it out of the park, past the crumbling ghetto and past the freeway.

You knew it was going to be done. You weren't sure how.

This is it boys and girls, you will sacrifice your life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness and you will be enslaved in perpetuity for not just negroes, but all "people of color".

Anonymous said...

Zero class. Hahahaha!!! Just like Sasha and Malia, Obongos sprog. Dressing like they're going to a bar.
But if you're in politics, be ready to apologize if you mention it.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I watched one of the science channels last night and they were talking about ancient aliens and time travel. Several of the supposed pundits were negroes! We are now inundated with negroes telling us about time travel (which has never been done) and other scientific matters. What percentage of the scientific community is black? Aren’t the science channels acting like Kennedy now by finding even ONE black with an IQ over 100 to put them in front of the public to say: look here…a black man can do scientific things! Imagine dat!

You all stay safe this weekend!

July 18, 2015 at 7:41 AM

Lest we forget now...Neil DeGrasse Tyson...the magical negro "science communicator". They put him on TV and in online videos an awful lot these days, so that makes him a totally legit scientist, of course.

I just watched Neil DeGrasse Tyson telling Stephen Colbert all about the recent satellite flyby of Pluto and why Pluto still should not be considered a planet. If they had picked a white guy scientist or astronomer to do this video with Stephen Colbert instead, then it just would not have been as interesting or as informative, of course.

And don't forget now...all of those ancient pyramids over in Egypt, either. The magical ancient negro Egyptians and their magical flying dust enabled them to levitate all of those two-ton stone blocks into place. Yeah, that's the ticket. Then the evil racist whitey's came along, enslaved the negro Egyptians, and threw their magical flying dust into the ocean. If anybody doubts this version of ancient Egyptian history, it can only be because they are racists.

D said...

Probably both

Anonymous said...

No two more white girls learned that black men can take what they want from them with no consequence and white men will not protect them. Their brother should have pounded the Bantu but he didn't. He brought back an empty box. Mud sharks in the making.

Anonymous said...

If you can stomach it. Watch the Atlanta Child Murders on CNN.

Also, 10 mm, have you seen "A Bronx Tale?"

It nearly mirrors your screen play

10mm AUTO said...


I have not seen "A Bronx Tale" but it was Paul who informed me about "A Dolphin's tail", a lighthearted tale about a cute White boy who goes to a magic negro super Doctor/Scientist (played by Morgan Freeman) who rigs a prosthetic tale for a wounded dolphin.

In reality, there were two scientists, both White, one an engineer and one a Doctor, who healed the dolphin.

See what happens when you start to See? TV and Movie Propaganda is never the same again.

Anonymous said...

"...have you seen "A Bronx Tale?"
Young Cologio to his father, Lorenzo the bus driver on the gangster's imparted wisdoms:"Sonny was right! The working man is a suckuh."

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....This is for THINK ABOUT IT....Sorry, no book. I had a late friend who had a blog about art and cartooning where I wrote about a couple underground cartoonist I was buddies with back in the 60's and 70's who both drank themselves to death. Another cartoonist friend had told him about all the violence I went through in NY. He wanted me to write about all the blood and guts stuff but I didn't want to do it.

He later talked me into writing about my adventures in the early 60's of my hitchhiking and beatnik hobo days which he posted on his blog. I turned 18 in 1960 and hitched to NY. I left on my birthday. Most people that went through the 1960's only did a few years. I did all 10 years. My best times were ON THE ROAD. It was one big fucking rush and I would do it all over again without batting an eye. I was into the excitement and had no fear of dying. When I made it to 30 I was blown away that I was still alive. My friends that weren't murdered died from drugs and booze. I spent my life as an outlaw but was never a criminal.

I knew people that later became rock stars. My best friend shared a pad with Janis Joplin when she first came to Frisco. I shared a place in Berkeley where another friend drew the first underground comic book. I hated the peace protestor and all of those shit heads like Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and the biggest turd of all Tim O Thy Leary. One day on the street I almost punched Abbie Hoffman's face in. He wanted me to take his picture and when I said no he tried to grab my camera. When I pulled back to punch him he jumped away.

I would like Paul to edit all the stories from this blog about peoples personal accounts with blacks. Stories by MEDIC BEAR and other ER workers. I remember the nurse in Camden about shoot outs in the hospital. True tales told by teachers and ex-cops. Personal accounts of what happens when a nice quiet neighborhood goes black. A book should be printed with the stories that have appeared on the sight telling about the BLACK EXPERIENCE. No rants or judgement calls. Just first hand accounts. The stuff I've read here are mind-boggling and should be put together under one cover.

The time is right because there are more and more people who are getting tired of all the racist bullshit. I can tell by just the comments on the Yahoo news sight. HEY PAUL...DO THE BOOK. If people agree about Paul doing a book they should let him know. I'll buy ten copies to give away to friends.

Anonymous said...

9:13am- " Wasn't Rancho Cucamonga where Craig was sent to live with Uncle Elroy in the movie Next Friday when things became too dangerous in South Central?"
Not many people here have watched "N. Friday", or any other "N. Movies". I've heard rumors that Cucamonga has become a groid hellhole, so I had to look it up: 2010 census reports 165k pop., 42% White, 35% Bean, 10% Asian, 9% Black, 5% Mixed. Median house price $365k, 65% homeownership, 64% (fell to 55% in 2013).
9% doesn't sound like they've been overrun, but maybe a neighboring town has. Maybe your movie is right, that only The Jeffersons and The Huxtamables and The Fridays live there. Doesn't matter, since all of Socal is one unending megametropolis, with nothing to separate one "city" from the next, or the next-next one.
Ex-NY, I hope you reconsider the book. It would make a great movie or TV series -- "The Hitchhikers Guide to America", or maybe something Hunter Thompsonesque. I am thankful, anyway, for the table scraps you bless us with here.

R_Moreland said...

This story is something to consider if you are in law enforcement. How safe are your children in a city dominated by blacks? Can they do the things which children have done traditionally in America? If a lemonade stand is not safe, what is? And what are you going to do about it?

You have to speak up against the forces which are wrecking life for your children, for everybody's children. Yes, I mean the driveby shootings, the flashmobs, the "activists" who throw rocks at officers performing their duty.

And it's not just the criminal element in the streets. There's the media which glorifies thugs like Michael Brown, the politicians who pull back law enforcement when rioters torch a neighborhood.

Make a stand, You'll find there are plenty of Americans who will rally behind you.

Anonymous said...

Luckily the little girls didn't meet the latest gang operating in Detroit. They grab couples, strip them naked, gang rape the woman while making the man watch. On Drudge now. Victims non-black?

Anonymous said...

OMG, I had to take a moment to actually post a message after
a comment that I read by anon:

Anonymous said...

"If you can stomach it. Watch the Atlanta Child Murders on CNN.

Also, 10 mm, have you seen "A Bronx Tale?"

It nearly mirrors your screen play

July 18, 2015 at 7:09 PM"

Man, this is by far my most favorite movie of all time. ALL TIME FAVORITE !!

I've watched this movie more times than I can count on every part of my body.

I will also admit that this is pretty much a spitting image of my own life.

I believe that since we are, in fact, the melting pot of the world, I
personally have no problem loving anybody, but they absolutely have to harbor
a likewise intelligence that I harbor, or else they're no good. I personally
don't really care what color or creed they are as long as they have something
positive to contribute to society. Simply put, it's not what your country can
do for you, it's what you can do for your country. If that "do" part offers
something positive to this country, I'm all down for that. But nothing less.

My grandfather was 100% Italian. I'm 50% Italian. I hung out with my grandfather
a lot as a child. He taught me how to become a man and how to maintain being a
man for myself and my family. I admit that as a child my grandfather would speak
to me all the time about life. It never really sank in as a child but as I grew
into adulthood, I would ponder many things that I remembered that he explained
to me as a child. It has all come back to me 5 times over. My grandmother also
had the same positive influence on me, too. She was the one who taught me that
crime causes poverty and nothing of the opposite. She grew up on a farm and was
considered the black sheep of the family, in the barn everyday at 5:30am milking
the cows to get ready for breakfast.

I simply cannot thank both of my grandparents enough for the many life lessons
they have taught me. The many things that they did teach me are the same that I
practice today, which is pretty much everything positive you can say about someone
who practices living a civil life each and every day I awake. Self respect, respect
for others that respect me, dignity, pride, morals, values, and all other words
associated. Nothing less.

My grandparents really helped me open my eyes and see the bigger picture for
exactly what it is. Actually, they ARE the ones most responsible for me opening
my eyes and seeing it exactly for what it is. There are simply not enough thanks
in the world that I can give them for the many life lessons they have taught me.
But knowing them as well as I do, they would accept the thanks from me but more
importantly so would think that the only way they'd really accept my sincere
thank you is by nothing more than practicing them same lessons in my own life
every day, in which I try my best to do.

I truly wish my grandparents were still alive today, they are dearly missed.

RIP Grandma Calabrese and Grandpa Calabrese. These are 2 people that I believe
all of you would have appreciated and enjoyed to have a part of your lives,
I'm surely happy that I was blessed to have them both a part of my life and
a major part of my life at that. I will love the both of you for as long as I live.

Anonymous said...


Interesting that this appears to be their only story with comments disabled.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Always that pouty look. I would say they are feigning boredom as a sign of contempt, but that implies a certain depth of interpretation. Depth is not the strong point of imbeciles. Rather it appears they are genuinely annoyed because no one in the police station will simply let them go back home to chill. Like, why can't I go home, man?

Anonymous said...

Take. Your. Country. Back.

Anonymous said...

The Black Undertow.

Examine how it is influencing your life.

It is...

Race said...

"Under segregation, beautiful black people were often lynched and hanged from lemon trees."

Must've only hung the pygmies from them lemon trees as lemon trees are short.

Anonymous said...

I can agree with most of what is said but this particular matter os a bit different. Someone like Neil Degrasi Tyson is an anomaly. I would not look at him in any negative manner. He shows the genetic transformation that took us from spear chunkers to builders of society. He is the very proof that we diverged and surpassed them. Also his work in theoretically physics is very sound and well documented.

Steve Smith said...