Friday, July 31, 2015

In an America without Whites, How Long Until a Collapse? 65% Black Baltimore Ties Deadliest Month Ever with 45 Homicides

Before we start, a quick history lesson. [Census data show segregation goes on, Baltimore Sun, July 7, 1991]:
Racial makeup changes 
The most significant change in the Baltimore area's racial makeup since 1970 has been the 25 percent growth in the black population. By contrast, the white population has only increased by 7 percent in the same period. 
But it was not black population growth that transformed Baltimore from a majority-white city (46.4 percent black in 1970) to a majority-black one (59.2 percent in 1990). The city's black population edged up a scant 3.7 percent in two decades. 
Instead, white population decline -- a drop of more than 190,000 residents, or about 40 percent -- changed the city. The white withdrawal, due to deaths and migration, was nearly twice as fast in the 1970s as in the 1980s.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. [ City ties deadliest month with 45th homicide, Baltimore Sun, July 31, 2015]:
 Baltimore Detective Roderick Mitter was at his desk at the police station when he got a call from his mother telling him a family member had been shot. 
Within minutes, the 10-year veteran was at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where his 18-year-old nephew, Jermaine Mitter, was pronounced dead Thursday. "I was telling somebody yesterday, 'You get numb to it. It's just work,'" the detective said Friday of the violence he regularly sees on the job. 
But with family, he said, "It's totally different. I wasn't just Roderick the police officer. I was someone who lost someone." 
Jermaine Mitter was among 45 people killed in July, the deadliest month in the city in at least 45 years. July's total surpassed the 42 homicides in May and tied the previous record monthly homicide count in August 1972, when the city had about 275,000 more residents. 
As the month drew to a close Friday, police also announced the death of Donte Dixon, 29, a popular local rapper known as "G-Rock," who was shot Thursday night in the 4500 block of Edmondson Ave. 
Police have not announced arrests in either case. City violence has surged since the April 19 death of Freddie Gray. The 25-year-old died after suffering a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. Six officers involved with his arrest and transport have been charged and are scheduled for trial in October. 
All have pleaded not guilty. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake fired Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts in early July, and immediately replaced him with interim Commissioner Kevin Davis. 
She has praised Davis' leadership, calling the department's recent response to the violence "more nimble" after it announced several arrests this week. 
The mayor has begun holding regular public safety forums, and is planning an anti-crime walk Monday at the AME Zion Church on Pennsylvania Avenue. 
Detective Mitter said when he arrived at the hospital Thursday, he believed his younger brother, Jermaine Mitter Sr., had been shot. "I was kind of in pieces at that point," Mitter said. "I told my partner I had to call my mother," and he broke the news to her.
Baltimore was 54 percent white in 1970, when the city had 275,000 more residents; now, Baltimore is only 26 percent white and is roughly 65 percent black.

Do you understand now what a world devoid of the white man looks like?

Where a world completely dominated by a democratically elected black power structure exists?

We call this Baltimore.

Most normal people would call the conditions collectively created by individual black people, and governed by almost entirely democratically-elected black people, hell.



Anonymous said...

Here in central Maine we don't get the deadly months... just the normal kind.

Anonymous said...

Recently read an article saying that, prior to the death of Freddie Gray, cops would set up on the corners and the drug dealers would vanish like roaches.

Now, the residents are screaming that the cops don't do that anymore, and the trafficking and the violence have escalated.

Well, you can't have everything. The young brothers are still dying, and at increased numbers, but at least they aren't being killed by racist white cops.

You know what might help here:one of Mayor Rawling-Blake's Crime Walks. Now THAT would inspirational!

Anonymous said...

With the latest round of "bad cops arresting/killing blackie", I am utterly amazed that any cop would continue to actively thwart negroes doing anything outside the law. Eat your donuts, take a nap, chat up some hookers, but leave blackie alone. You cops act like you want to spend the rest of your life behind bars, away from your family, reputation ruined. THAT'S what arresting the negro will get you in this day and age.

I'm trying to feel sorry for this Cincinnati cop who killed the drunk driving negro, but I can't. Where has he been these past two years, with any law enforcement officer policing negroes gets publically shackled and thrown in the MSM stockade for humiliation? Let's be clear on one thing: The PTB have made it well known that you as a police officer are not to touch a hair on the nappy head of the negro. Ignore the rapes, robberies, drive by shootings, car jackings, and murders. It all good, Holmes!

As what is left of society continues to devolve toward hell, it should be clear to even the thickest headed white boy or girl out there that there is no place for YT in Barack Obama's world. Common Core is geared toward the negro, as chanting, dancing, undulating in rhythmic convulsions is accepted as "coursework" Being able to draw a picture of 2 + 14 = 16 is greater proof that you can understand and solve First World problems than being able to work your way through a quantum physics equation. Again, It all good, Holmes! Welcome to the New Age - where what you FEEL is important, not what you THINK or KNOW.

Are we now beginning to see (awaken to) why the negro is a more sought after follower for the PTB than YT? ......Bueller.............anyone???????

Anonymous said...

The mayor has begun holding regular public safety forums, and is planning an anti-crime walk Monday at the AME Zion Church on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Well the best safety for the human public is not to live in a negroe filled environment, as for the negroe there is no safe environment when they are around their own kind.

Medic Bear said...

I keep hoping to see the Black on Black murder rate in Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta and other BRA bastions reach 1,000 a day. THAT would be awesome ! Let them wipe each other out, hopefully before being a baby daddy to 20 (like the latest POS in Cincinnati) and having a rap sheet 6 miles long.

Those who have posted that our best weapons are taking the power out of the word "racist" and firmly stating, to any and all who will listen (especially the politicians and PTB) "I don't give a shit !" are spot on.

Maintain and improve your situational awareness, protect yourself and your loved ones as much as you can and ride this out. If you can somehow safely help an orc-on-orc crime, especially murder, do so. Barring that, have 911 on speed dial and use it to turn the evil, criminal beasts in at each and every opportunity.

They are a different species (sub-species) and the genetic and physiologic data is there to support those statements - suppressed by the DWLs and White-guilt PTB, of course. I keep waiting for some North Korean, Chinese, Russian or other scientist to release the irrefutable proof on-mass to the internet so it can no longer be suppressed.

Sadly, anyone who tells the truth of the billions of dollars, immeasurable effort, multitude of laws, programs and rules all aimed to "lift up" the Black that have failed - as this is not possible - they would be punished. Every single program fails. Because they are not like us.

With Blacks, just like with a wild, feral animal, you eliminate it or if that is not possible, let it kill itself.



Yet the negroes at the top of the heap or the negroes in academia will tell you this city is a direct result of institutional RACISM! Never will those big black negro leaders point the finger at their own kind.

Man just wait till in the near future when we Whites will be living around only fellow Whites. Their part of this country will be a black negro nightmare within just a few short weeks. My only goal is to be alive to see this real segregation/separation happen.


Mr. Rational said...

We call this Baltimore.

Bodymore, Murderland.

Most normal people would call the conditions collectively created by individual black people, and governed by almost entirely democratically-elected black people, hell.


Sartre had it wrong; hell is Black people.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned Alex Jones in the last thread.

If I know one thing it is that both Rush and Jones are on the way out.

They were always a weak front against liberalism.

Unions and abortion are still the ills of the country, huh Rush? Go get doped up and leave the debate to the adults.

Anonymous said...

Tribulation is imminent

Ricky in Cali said...

Since we're posting about our favorite sub-species and homicides, let me stay on the subject with something a little closer to home for me.

As you may know (hence my name) I live in California. There is a disgusting thing happening on social media right now called "#100days100nights" and this is happening in Western and Normandie avenues in South Los Angeles. Civilians have been told to stay clear of these areas because two rival Gangs of Dindu's have a bet of who can be the first to kill 100 people in the next 100 days and that means ANYONE!! One of the victims killed has been an 11 year old and a 4 year old and were talking about 6 shootings in one night. The Summer time must really be cooking, today is the 1st of August and its HOTTTT outside!

Just a friendly reminder to the SDBPL brothers and sisters to stay inside and stay the hell out of South Los Angeles. The stupidity is at an all time high right now. But I'm sure this doesn't surprise you.....

Anonymous said...

One thing the black community doesn’t realize is that for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a common law of physics that can be applied to other situations such as murder rate in Baltimore.

When the mayor chose to give those thugs room to vent, she opened a door that will take a long time to close, and I doubt she has the will or wisdom to close the door she opened. These are common thugs she is dealing with; she needs to crack down HARD on them. This is the only thing they understand. The high murder rates will continue unabated until the black citizens of Baltimore wake the hell up! It is not white people or the KKK killing their citizens; it is young black males. Without blacks our cities would be some of the safest in the world. Blacks should hold their heads in shame, yet they point their fingers to others to place the blame of their own downfalls and shortcomings.

Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Cleveland, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and many other major black cities…what do these cities have in common that is wrecking the infrastructure, job availability, property values and safety: black males! Young black females having babies out of wedlock and forcing taxpayers to foot the bill comes in a close second by the way!

I understand that academia, the press, and the Federal Government tell blacks that they are oppressed and all these things are caused by influences outside of their control, but that is a lie. Blacks have had control of their own destiny for years, but fail to work together to make a better community for themselves. Instead, they chase after the white man because that is the only thing they know how to do. In a stand alone community with only blacks, the community devolves into a cesspool of garbage, crime, and violence which reflects the mean IQ of 85. The media and government have taught them to point their fingers at others whenever things go wrong. They simply don’t have the cerebral capacity to understand that they have created their own environment.

After hundreds of years and countless dollars spent on trying to lift these people to a civilized standard what do white people have to show for their efforts? Seriously the experiment has failed! Because of the black undertow, civilization cannot support black communities any longer. I’m not saying this to be mean, but I am stating it as fact. Blacks simply take too much and give nothing in return but grief; trying to uplift them only drags whites down…this must stop!

If the black community would accept its own failures and accept it is they who are their own worst enemies, then a moment of light could burst though! However, after years and countless struggles with blacks, I don’t think any awakening will happen. Less than 1% of blacks are enlighten to the fact they are their own worst enemy. Some may use Alan West or Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas or Dr. Ben Carson as enlightened, and I agree, but they are like diamonds in the rough among tons of sandstone and cement blocks! The average black leader is like Rawlings-Blake, Al Sharpton, or Barack Hussein Obama. They use blacks to get gain; nothing more and nothing less. Blacks follow these leaders like sheep and are too stupid to know they have been used! As President Johnson said: I’ll have these niggers voting democrat for a hundred years! Blacks thought Civil Rights and the government would lift them out of their problems, but it can’t; it is they who must do the grunt work. They simply can’t understand that fact!

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

News headline: (Yahoo) "Baltimore Homicides At 43 Year High". Puzzling. I mean, didn't we get the impression those clowns of #blacklivesmatter had the whole thing under their control now? Guess not!

Anonymous said...

Negro hellholes like Baltimore are simply the external projection of the inner genome. It's like an architectural plan - you can look at a piece of paper that shows the design to build the cathedral at Chartres, or you can look at the finished structure; they're related.

The violent festering monstrosity known as Baltimore is the result of the inferior negroid genome, with it's lower IQ, low impulse control, more violence, poor future time orientation, etc. Those attributes, together, equal a lowered level of civilization.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Very simple really, but so many fail to see the obvious.

And oh yea, take my tax money so you can breed more of these things!

D-FENS said...

If Whites leave an increasing negro population center, it's condemned as "White Flight" and "racist" as it harms the negro by eroding the tax base which sustains him.

If Whites move INTO a negro area, it's condemned as "gentrification" as it drives up rents.

If Whole Foods wants to put a store in a negro area, that too is "gentrification".

If NO stores are in a negro area, why we now have a "food desert".

If a negro area is plagued by drugs and violence (Duh!), the negro wants increased policing.

If the policing incarcerates too many negroes, why that's racist and a result of racial profiling.

If the negro can't succeed academically, it's because of "bad schools".

If the school attempts to create an orderly environment where learning may theoretically take place, the negro is unfairly punished.

Fuck the negro. Fuck the negro "pastors". Fuck the negro churches. And Fuck the Whites and TWMNBN who enable the negro.

Anonymous said...

Catcallers at gas station throw metal pipe at teen girl's face

Anonymous said...

"Negro hellholes like Baltimore are simply the external projection of the inner genome"

'Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny' is the genetic formulation.

Readers might be interested in this synopsis of a piece written by a Harvard Medical School student (PC title: "Playing With Fire"):

"The race to map the genetic underpinnings of intelligence is on, and Chinese sequencing powerhouse BGI is in the lead. In August 2013, BGI (formerly the Beijing Genomics Institute) set out to determine the genetics of genius using next generation sequencing technologies and is arguably the most capable entity in the world to find the truth. With more than 150 sequencing machines, it has the largest genetic sequencing facility in the world, and it has already sequenced more than 50,000 genomes. BGI has previously applied its sequencing throughput to unraveling the genetic nature of several diseases, including autism and obesity. To accomplish its next sequencing tour de force, BGI has spent the past several years investigating the genomes of approximately 1,600 highly intelligent children, and it is in the process of probing the data.

Attempts to identify such genes are usually met with criticism and embroiled in controversy; many experts claim that it will forever remain impossible to predict IQ, even with hundreds of thousands of genomes sequenced. The intellect is a complex trait that relies on the interaction of thousands of genes. And even if IQ could be mapped down to specific mutations, intelligence is still thought to be approximately 50-60% environmental.

Many scientists shy away from studying the genetics of intelligence due to ethical considerations and public pressure...The ethical implications of sequencing controversial traits like intelligence have not resulted in any policy restrictions yet, but these could be on the horizon.

Some warn that success in mapping intelligence could herald a dark and gloomy future, with eugenics regaining popularity and societies scrambling to raise their collective IQs. ...

Is it fair for people to be destined to a certain life of prison or poverty because of their genetics?

The present day issue of sequencing intelligence might bear similar fruits. A genetic map for intelligence could help screen for children who have a strong genetic intelligence but might not be realizing their full potential due to environmental causes or could even help isolate developmental problems in these children from birth.

There is enough that is uncertain in the world – let us not hesitate in answering the rare questions we are poised well enough to ask. Fear of the worst case scenario will keep us from realizing the best. Entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg is someone forging ahead in this spirit. After having helped sequence the genomes of a Neanderthal man and James Watson, he announced in October 2013 that he is now embarking on a study he calls “Project Einstein”. Rothberg plans to uncover the roots of mathematical genius by sequencing 400 mathematicians and theoretical physicists from top institutions around the world.

Big steps in the history of mankind have often been met with skepticism and intense criticism; I would argue that understanding the genetic underpinnings of intelligence and having a map that would allow us to maximize it are great potential steps that lie close ahead. As we delve deeper into our biology and acquire more tools to probe our makeup, we must not shrink from the topics that unsettle us. Knowledge is power.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when negroes get control. The politicians of them rip off the stupid ones and blame everything on the white man and 400 years of slavery. I am so sick of this black lives matter shit. Hey stupid negroes, follow the fucking laws and your dumb black ass's will not be shot by police. Your fellow negroes, well that is YOUR problem since you make excuses for all the black on black crime and it all boils down to "it's the white mans fault", never mind that whites built what you destroy daily and your brother politicians and preachers pimp you out and laugh about how stupid you are. If you are black and are reading this take a look in the mirror, what you see is the problem.

Anonymous said...

45 dead in one month. Wow!

I know things cool down a bit in winter, but just suppose that rate goes on for a whole calendar year. 45 x 12 = 540 per year. Baltimore, city of 622,000 equals 540/622000 = .000868 x 100,000 = 87 deaths per 100,000. Yikes. That beats the Congo! (and virtually every other African hellhole) Way to go Baltimore!! YOU'RE NUMBER ONE! YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!

Anonymous said...

OK…DFENS, I see your point! White people are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t!

No matter what the circumstances, blacks tend to blame those who are not responsible for the crime as the reason for the crime.

In this article from the Baltimore Sun, Detective Roderick Mitter lost a loved one to a black thug devoid of any conscience. Two young black men died during one of the most violent months in Baltimore’s history. Jermaine Mitter, 18, and Donte Dixon, 29, lost their lives to the city’s evil black thugs who move around Baltimore unfettered like stalking predators looking to leap on anyone who crosses their paths.

This article shows the pain, but does not go into the root cause of the crime or even who is committing these egregious acts. I learned a term a long time ago when studying German poetry called “etiology.” This is basically the deconstruction of a poem to find its deeper roots or causes. What the story in the Baltimore Sun lacks is the villain! Who is the antagonist in this story? The blame lies solely on the heads of the black community in Baltimore, and also throughout black America.

As a white person looking in the bottle, I can clearly see what I believe is the problem. The people are Baltimore have elected incompetent leadership based on race. These same leaders made horrible mistakes of judgment during the riots concerning who they trusted. As I remember, the leaders put their trust in black street gangs to help them bridge the gap the city had with black youth. This was a horrible mistake. These people are bad and evil and prone to mischief! It’s like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. The mayor should be removed from office.

Back to the root causes of the suffering in Baltimore! Here is what the Baltimore Sun leaves out: black people are the root cause of all these murders. That fact needs to be printed in BOLD LETTERS so that “black” people understand WHO is doing the killings. Streets and guns don’t kill blacks; other blacks kill blacks! Until blacks understand the root causes of their suffering this misery will continue. They simply will not look in the mirror and name the culprit. The media has made it too easy for them to blame anything other than who is responsible. Until this dynamic changes, no progress will EVER be made concerning the violence. All other races and cultures address their own problems, blacks need to do the same.

Anonymous said...

If only the negro had been left in his sub-saharan environment, none of these issues would be getting raised or be cause for concern. All we'd be hearing is stories of some far off sub-saharan cesspit where people kill each other with abandon and breed like flies to the point where their population is constantly on the verge of starvation since they're too stupid to do anything except engage in subsistence farming. And we'd hear stories of vast mobs of negroes running from one place to another in an attempt to escape from the conditions they create only to re-create them everywhere they go.
Oh yeah- and we'd read stories about how they're too stupid to dig water wells and thus drink polluted ditch water and come down with illnesses and diseases.
However, since the African curse has been imported to these shores, we read about negroes killing each other with abandon here, negroes bitching that water should be free (you now, since it comes from the magic juju piping and the water done fall from da sky anyway), and negroes complaining about food deserts etc. And negroes bitching about how someone should take care of and feed their numerous bastard chilluns.
The only difference is that since negroes are in America, they have someone else to blame for their stupidity and the conditions which they create. If they'd been left in Africa, they'd be blaming the next negro tribe over for their problems, blaming evil spirits, bad juju and witches. Then, they could go on a rampage and burn down their straw and cowshit huts instead of being in a first world environment and burning down our buildings and turning entire neigborhoods and cities into no go zones.
Oh well, they're just expressing their genome, their low IQ/stupidity and the culture it produces and sheeit.
The only discussion really needed is how to cut their numbers and how to get rid of them to the extent possible. That is the only realistic solution. Anything else just guarantees more of the same negro dysfunction, stupidity, destructiveness and parasitism. All programs and initiatives to "lift up the negro" is just an attempt to make the symptoms of their dysfunction go away which is an effort forever doomed to failure. Like treating the symptoms of a bacterial infection instead of cutting to the chase and giving the patient a strong dose of antibiotics to eliminate the pathogen.
Oh well, here we go again with another magic juju negro march to end da violence. They should drop the pretense of being civilized and just have witch doctors in masks dancing down the streets, drummers drumming and crazed negroes leaping into the air. Maybe a few chickens being sacrificed too. That's their speed.

Unknown said...

#BlackLivesMatter – oh wait… it was a black cop beating the shit out of a non violent and handcuffed white man, so no public outrage, and no mainstream media coverage. Shocking… Not!

On December 23, 2011, in Huntsville, Alabama, black cop Brett Russell brutally yanked a restrained white man from the back of a police cruiser, and instantly unleashed brutal beating upon his helpless ass, while repeatedly yelling the fix all police brutality phrase bleated ad nauseum for recording purposes: “Stop resisting!”

Gary Wayne Hopkins had been arrested after a domestic violence call. He was beaten so badly, the correctional officers were unable to accept him, and sent him straight to a hospital.

In the police report, all present officers reported that Hopkins was combative, and that Russell who beat him to a pulp was just defending himself because he feared for his life. The report also said the man was taken into custody “without incident,” withholding the fact that he had been beaten.

As is customary in established police states, the word of a citizen killer would be arbitrarily believed over anything victims of their brutality could say. But miraculously, after years of silence out of fear of getting fired, officer Joshua Bates who witnessed the beating with his own eyes, broke down and admitted that the victim was not combative at all, that Brett Russell beat him up for shits and giggles, and to keep his property as “trophies“.

Thanks to the confession (albeit late) of good officer Joshua Bates, and the damning dashcam video, citizen bully Brett Russell now faces federal charges of deprivation of a person’s civil rights under the color of law, and obstruction of justice. If convicted on both counts, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

I highlighted the race, to wake everyone who thinks that blacks are the only victims up. It’s time for us to see the problem for what it is – not a race issue, but police brutality issue. We all have the police problem, regardless of our ethnic background. The media trumpeted race card keeps us entangled in pointless arguments with each other, while citizen killers keep murdering and beating us to submission.

Anonymous said...

District att. Mosby, and mayor Blake, are incompetent A- holes that were elected by stupid negroes, because of skin color. In Detroit a couple of years back, they voted in a white man to change the situation. Impossible the city is to far gone.

Blacks ALWAYS vote skin color. So how is that going for them.


Anonymous said...

There was a psychological experiment once. They put ten monkeys in a room with a latter, they put bananas on top of the latter.

After a period of time letting the monkeys climb the latter for the bananas, they started spraying the monkeys with a water hose when they climbed the latter for a banana.

After a period of time, the monkeys would not climb the latter, even for a banana to live, so they stopped using the hose.

Then they took one of the monkeys away and replaced him with a new monkey. This one was new to the group and the whole program.

When the new monkey started to climb the latter for a banana, the others went ape, and fiscally stopped the one from going up the latter.

They continued this cycle until the ten monkeys in the room replaced the original ten who started the experiment.

All ten monkeys in the end of the experiment had never been sprayed with water to stop them from climbing the latter for a banana, yet not one would climb the latter.

Think about that. Not one of them was there in the beginning. They don’t even know why they won't climb the latter.

In my book, they have done a great job with negro’s psychologically. All these symbols (confederate flags, white sheets, the color grey, just about every thing under the sun.) all through movies and media, the schools & colleges working over time to teach and build their victim mentality. Not to mention, the rap music to give them answers and provide a guide for proper behavior.

IMHO, it’s proof that the blacks keep themselves down { like we didn’t already know that? never saw that coming!} until they straighten up their own history, in their own way that’s positive. It’s like we say out here in the country, “we’re just waiting on a cow to have a kitten”

In the end it all boils down to the same for me. “I owe black people nothing.

10mm AUTO said...

Readers on here should understand the depth and level of depravity the negro will visit on us.

Many of the casual readers may think that SBPDL commenters are over the top in their desire to either create a separate homeland or to drive the negro out of their communities. "That is too harsh!" or "That is uncivilized" I offer the following tome for your perusal. This is the latest book out that is being praised by all correctly thinking leftists and the damage it does will stretch into the future. Please understand, it is not a "we shall overcome" book or a "Whitey is getting us down book, but we gots to be better than them" book. This book, called "Between The World And Me" by "Ta-Nehensi (da dash be silent and sheet) Coates, the author openly calls for White genocide. It is being praised by the following:

""Publishers Weekly set the tone: “Coates’s compelling, indeed stunning, work is rare in its power to make you want to slow down and read every word.” Slate predicted that the book is “destined to remain on store shelves, bedside tables, and high school and college syllabi long after its author or any of us have left this Earth.” Vogue wrote: “[I]t’s hard to think of a book that feels more necessary right now. Urgent, lyrical, and devastating in its precision, Coates has penned a new classic of our time.” Vice, which I thought tried to stay out of stampedes, assured us that the book is “as important and necessary as everyone says it is.” David Brooks, the New York Times’s lap-dog conservative wrote: “Between the World and Me, is a great and searing contribution to this public education. It is a mind-altering account of the black male experience. Every conscientious American should read it.” "The Atlantic" published an 8,500-word excerpt.""

Here is a sampling of the type of thinking that gets accolades from the Saturday People media reviews:

"“that (White) racism is a visceral experience, that it dislodges brains, blocks airways, rips muscle, extracts organs, cracks bones, breaks teeth. You must never look away from this.”"

For those who think that they can get away from this by fleeing into suburbia, Coates has a special vision

""There were little white boys with complete collections of football cards, their only want was a popular girlfriend and their only worry was poison oak. That other world was suburban and endless, organized around pot roasts, blueberry pies, fireworks, ice cream sundaes, immaculate bathrooms, and small toy trucks that were loosed in wooded backyards with streams and endless lawns....I have seen that Dream all my life. It is perfect houses with nice lawns. It is Memorial Day cookouts, block associations, and driveways. The Dream is tree houses and the Cub Scouts. And for so long I have wanted to escape into the Dream . . . . But this has never been an option, because the Dream rests on our backs, the bedding made from our bodies."

It is, in short, one giant hateful negro lie. We can't live with this thinking, exposing our children to negros who have been taught this way; the spawn of this book (and others like it) merely exposes our kids to violence and death without them being on guard against it.

A fine review with more detail by Jarad Taylor is here: ( )

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

I'm getting a little tired of some of the commenters here saying things like, "If only negroes would think about who really is the cause of their woes..."

There's something missing in ya'lls logic. There IS NO NEGRO LOGIC! Never has been, never will be. Or as Upton Sinclair once said: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

Actually, I attribute that quote more to the DWLs than the negro, who simply parrots what the DWL wants him to think or speak. Screams of "We alls be oppressuhd and sheeit!" will be followed by murder, looting, and "burn dis beeyatch down, mo fo!" whenever a negro fails to conform to First World, White civilization. Always. There's no other option. It's always somebody else's fault. As another poster said earlier on this threat, "bad juju". The belief that man is inherently responsible for his own destiny is lost on these creatures.

I harken back to the days when my siblings and I got into minor trouble as "yoofs" (hint - we were under 18 - but then, we're white, and adolescence ended for us at 18/19...for the negro, 50 seems to be when adolescence ends - but I digress). Dad and mom would rake us over the coals for even minor infractions. We'd hear things like "What on Earth were you thinking!!!" "How do you propose to fix this thing (that we f*d up). The responsibility, shame, and solution was placed completely on our shoulders. Any defiance we gave them was met with the response of "Okay, ass**** (my words, not theirs), you're own your own if you think you're so g'darn smart. Lots a luck, pal!" The result was that we learned responsibility and became productive members of society. This is something not possible in the negro community. I'm done commenting to people about negro dysfunction. Let them march, riot, scream, bitch, etc. Nothing has changed in 50 years except things have gotten catastrophically worse. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Anonymous said...

Two questions:

I hear a lot about good ol' Jermaine in this story. But, what was Jermaine doing when he got shot? A little information about Jermaine's activities might shed light on the mysterious world of all effects and no causes that this story suggests.

Second question: Where was the Crimestoppers Van, wasn't that Baltimore that had the van that was gonna reduce killings?

Anonymous said...

10mm AUTO said...
Readers on here should understand the depth and level of depravity the negro will visit on us.

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

Funny, I just finished reading Jared Taylor's post on Amren and then I read your post. I am (was) one of those who still believed separation/segregation, different "homelands" was impossible. I still have my doubts. However, there is no getting around your premise that the negro wants us dead. The Saturday people are salivating over a race war. I maintain that I do not want a race war. I cannot abide killing someone simply because they are African and stupid (repetitive, I know), even if that is their wish for me. I will defend myself and my family from whoever tries to harm us, but I will not become like them, viciously attacking people because of their race. I'm beginning to see the light of separation/segregation. Why, oh why do we have to continue to learn the lessons our forefathers knew so well?

Californian said...

Oh well, here we go again with another magic juju negro march to end da violence.

Here is a question: when has any march to stop violence ever stopped violence in the 'hood? Seriously. What march, what public program, what budget, what law enforcement policy, what amount of DWL groveling, what whatever has ever stopped violence in the 'hood?


Is there something, anything, that works?

I suppose you can say that segregation kept the violence contained. I suppose you can say that apartheid keptthings orderly. I suppose you can say that a whites-only immigration policy forestalled black violence from the get-go by excluding them.

The dilemma is that nothing seems to keep black violence in check. Certainly the USA has tried ever manner of social policy and law enforcement strategy. The result? Flashmobs, drivebys and rioting.

Maybe a few chickens being sacrificed too.

Well, at least they might hold a barbeque after the march!

Ja Marcus Welby said...

We lost G Rock? Damn da violence!

Californian said...

Ta-Nehensi Coates: "But this has never been an option, because the [white] Dream rests on our backs, the bedding made from our bodies."

Note the black ego at work here. The assumption that the American Dream rests upon all that black "labor" which supposedly created the wealth. The assumption that blacks are soooooo vital that the American Dream would not exist without them.

The fact that black labor functions only when under some sort of white control does not enter the picture. Nor that blacks, when left to their own devices, trash neighborhoods, cities and countries. Nor that blacks have been extended every opportunity to live that Dream since Brown vs Board of Education and they have repaid the offer with endless violence, dysfunction and race hustling.

None of that counts.

Truth of the matter is, the American Dream would be much better were there no blacks. We'd probably have American colonies on the Moon, if not Mars. We'd be able to enjoy our cities instead of having to go armed just to buy groceries. And just about everything else.

What Coates is railing about is not the White American Dream. Ultimately, he is raging against the inability of blacks to build their own Dream. Their dream world invariably turns into Haiti, Liberia, Detroit and now Baltimore. His voice is that of the savage when faced with civilization. Unable to apply rationality, he gins up magical explanations to the city's glittering towers, then throws a tantrum.

Something to think about in the coming chaos ahead.

Dan said...

No black dreams of such a world.

If the dream were genuine they'd construct this wonderful world under their own steam.

They are the nightmare.

Californian said...

As a white person looking in the bottle, I can clearly see what I believe is the problem. The people are Baltimore have elected incompetent leadership based on race.

Which goes back to why segregationist states limited the franchise. If you let blacks vote, they would elect total incompetents based on race, as well as falling for the lowest demagoguery.

Look at it this way: what city has ever been improved its economy, graduation rates or law & order by having a black majority government? Baltimore? Detroit? Birmingham? Selma? Etc.

But it's not just a matter of a black electorate making intelligent choices and voting in the best man or woman. A city is more than its government. It is its people. Really, even if blacks would elect the best possible candidates regardless of race, would it make a difference? Would their average IQ then leap upwards? Would they stop the mindless violence?

I doubt it, not if the record is any indicator.

Even had Baltimore's government crushed the recent rioting, the city would be back to square one the next day. Which pretty much describes America since Brown vs Board of Education. And once again, shows the wisdom of segregationists. Because the fiascoes they predicted if segregation were ended have all played out in corrupt city governments, rampaging flashmobs and trashed cities.

Anonymous said...

I took my son to see a doctor yesterday and while I waited in the waiting room I read the latest copy of National Geographic Magazine. It spotlighted northern Kenya around the Lake Turkana area with Ethiopia. There are a number of dams going up along the Omo River that feeds Lake Turkana and these dams are slowly killing the lake. This is also affecting the people around Lake Turkana in the amount of fish they can get, and also the salinity of the lake.

As I read the article, I realized that it was like stepping back into time to the Stone Age, or the age of cave men. These people have lived the same way for thousands of years without any appreciable change. No wells, no carts, no real farming equipment, these people live directly off the land and what it can provide them. It is astonishing to me that a people could be so backward, but this case is not an isolated case.

I noticed how pathetically skinny these people were; these are the kin of present day Negroes in America. Blacks are so lucky to live in America and have white people feed, clothe, bathe and generally take care of them. They are so lucky to be able to use one word and have the national, state and local governments jumping through hoops: RAYCIS!

Folks,I’m not sure if a Negro is capable of work anymore! Can they even think? Do they have a brain to think with? If a Negro took a shit in his pants, would he be able to decide where the smell came from? I have my doubts! Why did 1.5% of our ancerstors who owned slaves leave us (98.5% of the rest) with this fucking mess to deal with?

Dan said...


When the black looks upon the glittering architecture of the city or the bounty of the commercial farm it's the look of incomprehension and inferiority.

When a white man looks on such things he's mathematically figuring out how it was made and thinking up improvement to the existing model.

How many black kids made Airfix, Revell or Tamiyama models? How many played with Mechano or Erector Set or Hornby trains?

A statistical zero?

Mr. Rational said...

The only discussion really needed is how to cut their numbers and how to get rid of them to the extent possible. That is the only realistic solution.

It's really simple:  pay all unemployable females to take Depo-Provera or get fixed.  Let them come to the office once a week to get paid (to make it a habit), and every 3 months the ones on DP get a booster shot.  Let them volunteer to be fixed at age 18 and give them a higher payment until age 35 (the ones with no future time preference won't worry about being cut off because it's too far in the future).

Maybe make the payments available to any male with a serious criminal record also, but only for vasectomy.  Anyone dumb enough to commit crimes to be eligible for payments needs to be removed from the gene pool.

Don't discriminate on race.  The program should be open to all unemployables.

Anonymous said...

Lol it's even worse if you use black homicide victims as the numerator and black population as denominator.

Anonymous said...

How interesting that white "extremists" are always calling to be seperated from blacks.

We just want to live away from them. Either they can leave or we can leave, but we only want to live among our own kind without them.

Black extremists are always calling for whites to be KILLED OFF.

They want us dead, but at the same time they follow us to every suburb we flee to.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

In economics there is a principle called "spontaneous order" that posits over time and with enough interplay and interactions, eventually a clearer picture results and develops its own rules and order to maintain the balance of that economy. The accumulation of millions of people, engaging daily in millions of different actions and behaviors, making all manner of decisions, all voluntary and without design, eventually crystallizes and creates its own visible, culture and institutions that follow their own logic and have their own internally understood rules and parameters. Perhaps the best example of this is the way that language developed and works. No one sat down and decided to create from scratch the English language and all of its nuanced grammatical rules, it developed its own form and pathways over time without purpose or design.

We tend to think of "spontaneous order" as something that is, well, orderly. However, there can be examples of things that form an "order," or identity, that would not necessarily be seen as desirable, such as the spontaneous order that people create when they come together in large numbers. Millions of people, making millions of decisions from large to small, choosing their own pathways and directions, eventually synthesize in such a way that a discernible pattern develops and becomes at that point a culture.

The kind of "order" that blacks create is one of discord. Subconsciously, that is why whites and others move as far away as possible from it, and why blacks wherever they are on planet earth create societies and cultures that have violence embedded within its core values. This can be observed in scales large and small. It may take the form of an entire city (Detroit,) an entire country (Haiti,) to an entire continent (Africa,) all the way down to smaller units like a specific part of town, to a neighborhood, all the way down to a single apartment complex or single classroom.

The blacker a place becomes, the more that this form of "order" based in their cultural values manifests itself. No amount of "planning" or attempts to steer or direct mass human behavior will ever overcome the millions of daily decisions being made unless they are the ones voluntarily making them. Don't hold your breath waiting for that day to magically come. Cultures do not turn on a dime, especially when there are overriding biological impulses that influence the kind of order a population is comfortable with.

Anonymous said...

"Ta-Nehensi Coates: "But this has never been an option, because the [white] Dream rests on our backs, the bedding made from our bodies."

Note the black ego at work here. The assumption that the American Dream rests upon all that black "labor" which supposedly created the wealth. The assumption that blacks are soooooo vital that the American Dream would not exist without them."

It always amuses me when negroes make statements like this. They really seem to think picking crops in a handful of States means they "built this Country" LOL!

The only "White Dream" I have is to make enough money to move somewhere I never have to see a negro ever again.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on IQ are that it is a measure of potential and that it its a leading indicator. Point: We all know someone who either claims a very high IQ for themselves or their child, while the behaviors they exhibit lead you to believe that their information is BS, or that other factors are at play (environmental, psychological, lack of empathy, etc). When we look at blacks as a whole, they have fewer outliers on the proper end of the bell curve and as their bell curve has so many more people of much less than average intelligence, even the ones who may have been able to pick crops or be marginally productive with proper oversight are dragged down by friends, relatives and members of their community. Its a terrible thing and I wish nobody had imported them!

They are the gift that never gives back!

Anonymous said...

"I'm trying to feel sorry for this Cincinnati cop who killed the drunk driving negro, but I can't. Where has he been these past two years, with any law enforcement officer policing negroes gets publically shackled and thrown in the MSM stockade for humiliation"

I'll tell you where he's been: he's been watching ESPN rambling endlessly about deflategate, the World Series hell maybe even his golf swing. White people have tried to ignore the descent of civilization around them and I'd say they've been fairly successful. The only problem is when you have to finally confront this. Individuals like this cop Darren Wilson and others learned individually. We will all learn with affirmatively furthering housing coming to your neighborhood soon.

But until then more sports center . . . .

awakened white said...

someone even commented they're surprised nothing has happened yet, Cat 5. IMHO Just wait until this fall. I reckon from what I've read they will be econ. collapse, riots. etc.

Pat Boyle said...

Indulge me yet again by allowing me a mini-lecture on biology. I'm not really an expert but I know a few things. I'm motivated because when racial realists make elementary biological mistakes it tends to call all realism into question. This is a shame because the weight of scientific is unquestionably on the side of racial realism.

It is a mistake to call African blacks a separate species for several reasons. First of all the term species isn't really all that definitive. In general two animals (or plants) in different species are further apart than are two animals that only differ by sub-species (races). The Linnaean binomial system starts with the big divisions (kingdom, order, etc.) and goes down to the smaller differences (genus, species, races) but at any one level the distinctions are a little fuzzy.

Biologists and taxonomists often differ in their classifications. But it doesn't matter all that much. Some species are so similar in appearance that only experts can distinguish them while some races are very, very different. There are for example some species of wolves that look nearly identical and some races of dogs as different as Chihuahuas and Great Danes.

The principal criteria for a species is interbreeding. Chimpanzees and Bonobos are considered nowadays different species because they don't interbreed. They don't interbreed because they don't swim. One lives north of the Congo river and the other south. Hence they are considered today different species. Formerly Bonobos were considered merely a fourth of the known races of chimps - but they were reclassified in all the textbooks about a decade ago.

Chimps and Bonobos could interbreed if someone brought them together, just as Lions and Tigers can produce Ligers (or Tigons). But these don't count with taxonomists. Most of these cross species creatures don't breed true but some do. A lot of what gets called a species and what isn't seems to be just the current consensus of professional taxonomists.

All taxonomists today call Africans a sub-species not a species. Part of that is because blacks obviously can interbreed with the other races (Barrack Obama). Being interfertile isn't the only criteria but it's an important one. So it's probably wise not to call blacks a separate species.

Realize that black pathologies are not diminished by calling blacks only a race not a completely different species. Liberals have an agenda to diminish the distance between blacks and whites. First they say 'race is only skin deep'. Or they say that 'race is just a social construct'. Both statements are total nonsense, of course.

Blacks are a separate race. They aren't different just by a convention of language and they aren't a biologically separate species. But the race difference is quite enough.


Anonymous said...

Allowing blacks to freely kill each other is a win-win solution for everyone. By not interfering with the bruthahs and the sistuhs icing each other, no white runs the risk of being killed, sent to prison or having his reputation ruined. Plus, with a decrease in the black population the already overburdened American taxpayer isn't forced to fork out more money for La-a and Latrina's bastard babies.

(Keeping negroes does not come cheap)

Anonymous said...

It is true that whites and blacks can breed, but that doesn’t mean it is a good thing to happen. They may be a sub-species of human, but given enough time I think they would have mutated enough a split would have occurred where breeding was no longer an option. Breeding with blacks only lowers our people’s intelligence, while it raises the black IQ levels.

Here is the deal and I agree with some other posters on this point: we need to stop encouraging them to breed, and we need to let them die off naturally, or help them along some (abortion).

I have to be honest. I really don’t think that PK believes black on black crime is such a bad thing! Anything that lowers the numbers of blacks is good!

I know Pat said that blacks are not another species, but one has to divorce himself from the idea that they are like us. For me it makes things easier to not consider them as human. Intellectually, I understand we are all Homo sapiens, but I choose to think of them as wild animals. In a race war, I would look at them like I would cockroaches or mice.

Anonymous said...

Jones and his Planned Parenthood kick is turning off a lot of readers. If religious nuts had their way with regards to abortion, there would be 40 million more dindus infesting the country.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Sotomayor is lightyears ahead of West and Carson, which is why he's constantly threatened each day on his Yt channel. He's funny as all hell too.

Anonymous said...

Seems likeif they had a frigging boat load of racist cops, the jails would be fuller but there'd be a lot more africans walking around.

Instead of a bunch of expensive body cams, police cars should have confederate flag decals. At least in the South!


Anonymous said...

That is why the term "African American" is so utterly offensive. These whining, violent heathens wouldn't last 24hrs on any part of that continent, nor would any local accept their sorry asses.

Anonymous said...

I was just perusing some of the newer posts and noticed that Californian spoke to something I had written earlier about black people voting for poor leadership. His contention was it made no difference.

OK…I have to completely agree with what you said! After all that is said and done, blacks are still blacks and nothing can change that fact. I don’t care if they had the best leadership money could buy, or had the best educators, or the best schools, or the best opportunities via Affirmative Action, they will still return to the level they understand and can live.

Baltimore’s former mayor was O’Malley I believe (a white man)! I don’t think things in Baltimore changed too much for blacks since Mayor Rawlings-Blake took over. Sure, the death toll is much higher, but Baltimore was a black cesspool before, and it is still a black cesspool. I’m not sure of the suffering level of businesses and white people! These are the people who make the city work. Actually, I don’t see how they can exist is a city that is antagonistic towards whites and business, but hey…it is their choice.

If I were a businessman, I would check what color the mayor was; if the city were majority black, and the crime rates of the city. The first two checks would all that would be needed!

If I were white, I would leave Baltimore, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and other cities full of these “sub-species” because they kill business! Their mere presense cause property values to drop.

So…you are right, no matter were they go they take their misery with them. There is nothing that can be done to help them, and the outcome will always be the same no matter how much money is thrown into the black hole.

Medic Bear said...

Anonymous said...
"Negro hellholes like Baltimore are simply the external projection of the inner genome. It's like an architectural plan - you can look at a piece of paper that shows the design to build the cathedral at Chartres, or you can look at the finished structure; they're related."

What a wonderfully profound statement ! You are spot on ! Inner: uncivilized, violent, amoral, unethical, uncaring, no future sense and hedonistic to a fault on the inside equals: chaos, blood and death on the outside. It's a logic diagram !

Yours is one of the best summaries for the Black problem I have ever read. The genetics and physiology back you up 100%, too.

Dan said...

Intermixed couples result in elevated levels of spontaneous abortions.

Mark Suckerberg and his wife for example.

They can produce elevated numbers of sterile offspring.

Who's to say we are not speciating already? I accept evolution as fact. We are 70,000 years evolved away from blacks. With our Neaderthal admixture we are 250,000 divergent. That's enough time for a new speciation. Sterile couples are a good sign of some divergence IMHO.

John Wick said...

""I cannot abide killing someone simply because they are African and stupid (repetitive, I know), even if that is their wish for me. I will defend myself and my family from whoever tries to harm us, but I will not become like them, viciously attacking people because of their race. I'm beginning to see the light of separation/segregation. Why, oh why do we have to continue to learn the lessons our forefathers knew so well?

August 1, 2015 at 9:12 AM""

Because we don't do what we know we must, which is drive them out. One thing about the Northwest Republic is that their will be few laws; with most non-violent crimes will be punishable with Exile. The hope is to drive out the negro with as little violence as possible, but drive them out nonetheless.


Interbreeding is not necessary the criteria for different species. The "Liger" a mix of the Lion and the Tiger does not take away from the fact that the Tiger and the Lion are separate species.

DNA "distance" is now considered the gold standard of species separation. The classic number (some exotic bird species are even closer than this) is 0.025% DNA differences. Negros are separated from White/Asians by 0.25% or 10 times that difference. The designation of the two species as Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Homo Africanus entirely appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Californian said:

"...The assumption that the American Dream rests upon all that black "labor" which supposedly created the wealth. The assumption that blacks are soooooo vital that the American Dream would not exist without them. "

This is a bedrock principle of BRA. All the Universities explicitly teach it, and I suppose that all the Public Schools at least suggest it.

It's one reason the black hand is always outstretched for the White dollar. They are taught (especially at higher-ed levels which produce their loudest advocates) that their ancestors have essentially *already* done all the nation-building work, and that since it was performed by them as slaves, we Whites owe them everything we have.

They believe in their hearts that anything and everything they can get from us is justified based upon past (slave-era) performance, and that in fact they should by rights be given the whole works, lock stock and barrel. That would be "justice" in their minds.

Medic Bear said...

On another front: how much taxpayer money was spent to provide the "security" and other police services for this bullshit? I may be mistaken but I think the average taxpayer could give a shit about Whitney Houston's sprog, even if she died in much the same drug-induced drowning as her momma.

If you're on FB, look at the f'ing clown's pictures - one with the entire pallbearer/escort line dressed-up like the thugs they are. How many violent felonies are captured in this one picture? F'ing uselss POS.

And, of course, oh the "looks at meez!" drama!

Anyone who thinks these animals are the same as us is lost, I fear. And deserves whatever befalls them.

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus Harmon said:

"The kind of "order" that blacks create is one of discord."

While technically that statement is a near oxymoron, in context of your post it is entirely apropos. Actually, I would argue that the black model of behavior still represents "order", in that cause and effect are still operative within the sub-system. The problem is that the dynamics of their order, in which actions are based on impulse, sexual urgency, anger, resentment and fear do not overlay harmoniously on White models of order. Result: apparent chaos.

Let's compare blacks to monkeys or chimps for a moment. They may be sometimes seen at zoos screaming, throwing feces, or sitting in a stupor. Anything they do will be a part of "monkey-values order". But place that population among another group of animals (including humans) and chaos will result. That chaos will in fact contain it's own "order", but it will not be one that is conducive to sustainability.

What we have in black communities is dominance, preying upon any weaker members, territorial competitions, reckless breeding, harem building, child-abandonment, and immediate reward strategies that prevent or compromise long-term goal strategizing, which is at the heart of White organization. It has it's own internal rhythm and logic, but one which is incompatible with White civilization.

For proof, please see any interaction with White culture by black populations. The higher the ratio of black to White, the higher the "chaotic" element that tends to undermine civilized (aka planned) behaviors.

Medic Bear said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum said :The Saturday people are salivating over a race war.

I don't think they would be (and I agree with you on that) if they knew just how many of them would be worm food as well, since many, some might argue most, are DWLs to a "T". They may be too arrogant to see that or think they're so smart they'll figure out a way to continue to pull the puppet strings but I submit they're wrong.

Before anyone starts with the "You're an anti-Semite" crap, I am a staunch Zionist who supports Israel, was born a Jew (who has discarded religion) and continue with some of the social aspects of my heritage. The hubris I see among relatives and friends of the family is astonishing, though, and I can see why many think Jews are behind the Black menace, including the lock-step partnership of Jews & Blacks going back to the pre-civil rights days. Those that are enablers for the orcs are too arrogantly stupid and are race traitors to me.

If we do have a race-based conflagration, my hope is there will be FAR fewer orcs, DWLs and orc supporters on the other side of things. That will be the true measure of success.

hondo said...

Is there something like a pool or betting line reference Baltimore. I want 20 on the 350 box for year total. I'd be interested in additional lines for #shootings, wounding by week/month.

You go Baltimore!

It's only just a game. God help them when it truly gets serious as in "The Most Dangerous Game". They can all change their names to Dquan'Zaroff.

Blackbeard said...

Baltimore WINS the negro shootout! Taking over from Jamaica: In 2005, Jamaica had 1674 murders for a murder rate of 58 per 100,000 people.[4] That year, Jamaica had the highest murder rate in the world.

I know things cool down a bit in winter, but just suppose that rate goes on for a whole calendar year. 45 x 12 = 540 per year. Baltimore, city of 622,000 equals 540/622000 = .000868 x 100,000 = 87 deaths per 100,000. Yikes. That beats the Congo! (and virtually every other African hellhole) Way to go Baltimore!! YOU'RE NUMBER ONE! YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!

Higher than Baghdad, Afghanistan or Mogadishu. It's all Whitey's fault, of course.

riptapart said...

"The Mayor is organizing an anti-crime walk"

And that will accomplish about as much as an anti-crime cookie sale. Why not try something new, like an "anti-crime 5K Run"? They are near the ocean. How about an "anti-crime swim". These groids and their magical thinking believe the answer to every issue, mostly wrongly perceived injustices, is marching and sometimes prayer. "Hey Rashawn, I'ze no gonna buss a cap in deyz azzez townight. Deyz be habbin dat wok and it mex me not wuntsta keel nobodiez. Nomesayin mofo".

These "people" would be comical if not for the suffering they cause for humans.

Thought-Criminal said...

"It always amuses me when negroes make statements like this. They really seem to think picking crops in a handful of States means they "built this Country" LOL!"

Yeah, it's a ridiculous fantasy they try to nourish. When they were slaves pre-1865 they were compensated for their menial labors in the cotton fields with food and shelter and the necessities of life...probably more than they were worth and no doubt a hell of a lot safer and better than Africa. After 1865, any black who worked at any menial construction job or factory job (as they would claim, "building the country") was compensated with wages. We owe them nothing. Their miniscule efforts toward "building this nation" have been FAR MORE than fairly compensated.

What they've actually accomplished is more like destroying this country.

JaMarcus Welby said...

Re Pat Boyle:I disagree that blacks are NOT a seperate subspecies.We mated with Neanderthal,tho they surely were a seperate subspecies of man.

Simple Man said...

A word of advice to the negro...

1. If you choose to behave like an animal then you should likewise expect to be treated like an animal.

2. If you choose to behave like a wild animal then you should expect to be treated with a heavier hand in accordance with your level of danger.

3. If you choose to behave like a wild animal that threatens the peaceful inhabitants that live near you then you should expect the same result that would befall a similarly behaving wild animal.

This isnt complicated and doesnt even require a great degree of forward thinking.

Consider the fate of a rabid dog for instance.

Continue on the path youre on and your fate will be that of the rabid dog.

over and out.

Anonymous said...

It seems every time I read New Nation News, another article pops up that is ignored by the mainstream media. A young teenage girl named Jessica was severely hurt by 5 rampaging black coon freaks for minding her own business and trying to check out of a store. I scanned through the article and could not see where the station lists that the attackers were black pieces of shit!

The five coon freaks said something nasty to Jessica, and her boyfriend got into a fistfight with the five. I have to ask the question again? Suppose Jessica were black and she and her boyfriend were attacked by five whites. Do you think the media would be on that kind of story?

People like Mr. Harvard educated black fool asks the question why whites want to be loosed from the chains that bind us to these feral freaks of nature? If he has to ask the question after reading stories like this, there is no hope for him.

If there were segregation, we could deal with punks like this where they would not do this in our neighborhoods anymore. I’m sorry Jessica got hurt and disfigured, but now she can see blacks the way a realist can! Jessica, there is only one solution to this problem. I know it and everyone who reads this knows it as well. This will all end when we white people have had enough!

Tommy Sotomayor tells the hair hatted holligans what he thinks of them, but he does not talk of his coon brothers. I can respect most of what he is doing because he is trying to awaken brain dead black women who are pumping out these thugs on the world to take some responsibility in their lives. His mission is futile!

Mr. Rational said...

I noticed how pathetically skinny these people were; these are the kin of present day Negroes in America. Blacks are so lucky to live in America and have white people feed, clothe, bathe and generally take care of them.

This is why we should REQUIRE every recipient of welfare (especially EBT) to say a daily prayer of thanks to America's producers.  They would have to look at the producer's face on their Obamaphone screen, read off their name and thank that person by name, verified by video feed back from the forward camera... which also verifies that they are looking at the screen.  Every member of the recipient household over the age of 3 should have to say thanks.

Every day it would be a different face, a different name and a different thing to thank that producer for.

We need to REQUIRE expressions of gratitude before they get one red cent.  Then we'll see how long their attitude of entitlement lasts.

Anonymous said...

Whites have been beaten down to the point of being afraid of telling the truth. Politicians have catered to gays, blacks and now muslims, because they are spineless and reelection is more important than telling the truth to address the decay of this country.
Anyone that dares to speak the truth about how the minority in the population has hijacked our government and constitution will lose their jobs, be harassed, beat up or killed, etc.
The gays, blacks and now muslims, have bullied to get their own way. They cry everyone is intolerant of them while being intolerant bullies themselves.

We are a step away from being like Canada. In Canada a person can't even express any opinion on gays if it is negative for they will lose their jobs. If a person gets a degree from a religious university that has traditionally opposed gay marriage the person can't get a job.

The U.S. is almost there regarding gays, blacks and muslims, promoting democracy, pro gun ownership, etc. Any negative expression about these poor bullied, down trodden groups is grounds for prison ( hate crime) and job loss.

I really wish White cops would back away from black areas. Give the cop car a flat tire, do anything to not go to a black area, but don't get caught doing it.
By the time the majority of Whites wake up it will be too late. All of us who are race realists will have to help one another survive or help her out of the country. But Europe caters to muslims the way America caters to gays and blacks. What are we going to do?

Anonymous said...

Jared Taylor gave a good editorial on Cuckservatives.

We are at a pivotal point in history white people. We need to come together on this onslaught against white people.

1. Non white people are not our friends and do not believe the way most of us believe.

2. If you like the way America used to be, you have better stand up and be counted now.

3. The days of niceties are over and I hope cuckservatives wake the hell up!

I honestly think that Rush Limbaugh believes that blacks are redeemable and that conservatism can save the ghetto. Our friend from California was right; there is nothing that can help the black race.

Jarad Taylor does not think that the black race is redeemable, and neither do I.

Anonymous said...

I was watching, by accident, a program/ documentary, about the college basketball team at Michigan when the team had all Freshmen starters, I think in 1995. I don't know what year this documentary was done. The documentary interviewed these five as adults many years after college. These black freshman hated Duke because Duke did not recruit blacks like them. Duke recruited Uncle Toms like Grant Hill. They said that Grant Hill was an Uncle Tom because Hill's parents were college educated and had money. Hill's mother was a college roomate of lying Hillary Clinton. They were upset that their mothers had to work hard and the blacks like Hill, who were lucky enough to be born into a good black family, was a traitor. Wow! The mentality of blacks came through loud and clear through these five players, who now have wealth from playing basketball. I would like to know what good they have done with their wealth. They don't realize how blessed they were with a talent. Idiots!

They think all Whites are wealthy and any black who is born into a good family is not really black, they are automatically Uncle Tom's. Unbelievable.
Hell, I was not born into wealth. I am still poor. I don't qualify for any help because I am White, same with my kids. Me and my family fall through the cracks! Make too much for any kind of aid but not enough to pay for food, medicines, dental care, etc. We can't make ends meet. My husband is disabled. I am sick of hearing about White privilege. I have never had White privilege.
If these idiot blacks would quit blaming everyone else, and realize other races are just as bad off, then maybe something good could be done for ALL poor people. But no, they are the only ones who are mistreated.

I told my kids to start putting "other" on forms that ask for race. When questioned they are to say that they were raised in a majority Hispanic town and they identify as Hispanic, plus they have Native American ancestry, and Jewish and Middle Eastern.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.....This is very upsetting to hear about 45 dead blacks. On Yahoo they said there were 366 wounded for the same period. What bothers me is there must be a better way to go about killing each other. 366 wounded and only 45 dead. Can't these psychos do something to improve their aim. Once a wounded guy is on the ground the shooter should get up close and put a couple shots into the head. What the hell is wrong with these guys. Don't do the job if you can't do it right.

I am tired of this SHOOT AND RUN bullshit. So what the fuck is wrong with taking a little bit more time and some extra ammo to finish the job you started. Are they trying to save on ammo. What kind of schooling have these scum bags had. I blame it on their home upbringing. Poor parenting is the cause for this lackadaisical attitude about killing. If they were taught about being more responsible all these half ass attempts at murder would come to an end and the body counts would increase almost overnight. The money saved by the tax payer would be massive. It cost less to bury these little bastards than it does to patch them up.

riptapart said...

At least Rush doesn't go out of his way to make sure everyone knows he adores and has sympathy and compassion for the Afrillas. Hannity, and the Fox crew types all make sure to mentally fellate Martin King and Ben "The Great IKAGO" Carson. Every other day Hannity has some negress on the phone to show how "post modern" he is. Beck masturbates to copied phrases stolen by Martina King. Rush might not spit out what we would like to hear, but he does nothing to show his belief in Black "equality".

Anonymous said...

Hey PK...some good reading tonight! The people who post here are very good writers; I don't come close to their ability. You do a great job my man. Did you hear about the white girl who lost 10 teeth from some monkey boys down in Sheveport, Louisiana? She had a boyfriend who took on 5 jigaboo teens. Things like this are more common than I thought.

Oh well, I need to sleep off the bourbon! Hope you have a good article for tomorrow; you have a really good blog.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

Another thing that has me pissed off is there has not been any GOOD FUNERAL SHOOT OUTS lately. What kind of gang bangers are these guys to not take revenge at a funeral and turn it into a nice good old fashioned killing field. I think these cold blooded demented psychopaths are turning into a bunch of chicken shit pussies. Maybe we should close down all these YOUTH HELP CENTERS that are run by dope dealers and gang members.

Unknown said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in central Maine we don't get the deadly months... just the normal kind.

That can and will be rectified. It sounds like you need a few more Somalis. Don't worry Barry will be shipping some more in soon enough!

riptapart said...

The only thing that surprises me about an article like that on Yahoo is how the majority of comments have changed in the past couple of years. White people never made comments in such high numbers like they do now, belittling and blaming Blacks. Not on Liberal rags like Yahoo they didn't with many passing the censors. I believe the population has a lot more race realists now that just a few short years ago. All the brainwashing in the world cannot overcome what most people witness. Thank you Internet.

Anonymous said...

"The Mayor is organizing an anti-crime walk"

These walks and marches are a remnant of the Civil Rights Era playbook. Blacks were making history back then by marching around and holding signs. It worked then because the target audience was White. Whites saw the marchers, read the signs, heard the chants, and felt pretty bad; bad enough to accept desegregation and a host of social changes.

Like some cargo-cult from an old back-issue of National Geographic, the blacks keep right on marching in hope that it will affect some kind of change. Nothing comes of it now because the only audience capable of social change and behavior modification, the Whites, aren't the ones shooting up the 'hood. The thugs don't give a shit about the marches, but the black "leaders" keep organizing them, because they once worked.

Anonymous said...

Trillions of dollars.

Anonymous said...

Still haven't heard where the crime-stopping van is! Hey, we need to put a tracking device on that van and track its whereabouts. At the end of a year if it hasn't stopped any crimes it should be sold and the money put into a fund for cops who got hurt during the riots.

If we could chip it, we could also play a "Where in the City is the Crime Van?" game. Map out where it was when a crime happened, how far from the crime scene the van was, and what was the van doing at the time instead of preventing a murder or shooting.

Anonymous said...

Racism is anything that whites do other than groveling on their knees before the Holy Negro and promising to pay his bills forever. Blacks' complete incapacity for fairness and reciprocity extends to their political beliefs as well as garden-variety street crime. It informs everything they do.

Anonymous said...

Blacks aren't good at scholastics, technology, or anything else involving pure intelligent, but they are very good at politics. A small number of vociferous blacks and their enablers have held our country hostage for the past 50 years, at immense cost to us.

Anonymous said...

Great comment. You can't hope to solve a problem if you refuse to identify its cause. Until they (1) accept responsibility for their actions and (2) find the resolve to change them, blacks will continue to wallow in a nightmare of their own making.

Anonymous said...

"The skreets be killin our childrens!" No, YOUR CHILDREN are children are killing your children.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of violence breaking out and blacks being killed at black non-violence rallies. More than once.

Anonymous said...

Coates: “I knew that some inscrutable energy preserved the breach and I felt in this a cosmic injustice, a profound cruelty.” This "energy" is called DNA. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

"Negros are separated from White/Asians by 0.25% "

I am 3% Neanderthal. True blacks are zero percent neanderthal. I believe 3% is more than .25%,

Anonymous said...


The last paragraph of your comment above is perfect and I'd like to see it posted on Amazon, Slate, Salon, CNN, and any other site that is parading this book.

"What Coates is railing about is not the White American Dream. Ultimately, he is raging against the inability of blacks to build their own Dream. Their dream world invariably turns into Haiti, Liberia, Detroit and now Baltimore. His voice is that of the savage when faced with civilization. Unable to apply rationality, he gins up magical explanations to the city's glittering towers, then throws a tantrum."

Anonymous said...

Sad but true..... I work with the same type of simpleton. These people more than likely couldn't even pass a U.S. Citizens test to become a U.S. Citizen. They always are talking about sports, and watching ESPN on TV. If you have something educational on, they will change to a sports related show. Quite sad actually. The younger generation is worse.

Anonymous said...

The old saying goes, "here becomes there" when the orcs infiltrate a YT area is true. I know a black and she wants to live around whites. Quite telling she doesn't want to live around here own kind. But you see she will have relatives and friends visit and they do want to live in a nicer area. Then what you have is entire broods wanting to move where YT is because "it be nice". Their words of course not mine. Then here becomes there and whites move away to get away from the cesspool created by our wonderful orcs.

Just imagine how many nice areas have succumbed to the fabulous Orc. America is going fast. If blacks could live as a productive citizen and produce instead of take, then sure they should live the American Dream. The middle class now have all this mess on their backs paying for the American Dream for the takers

riptapart said...

"The belief that man is inherently responsible for his own destiny is lost on these creatures."

Unfortunately it is spreading like a virus and the same can be said for a lot of us humans. But generally, people who are successful say things like.

I screwed up
I should have studied harder
I should get a second job
I am trying to get at least a 3.5 GPA.
I saved up for a good down payment to buy this house.

The Afrillas say things like:

Dey is rayciss.
They shouldn't be allowed to take my home because I cannot pay my mortgage every month.
That teacher isn't fair.
They shouldn't be allowed to make me work overtime.
Duh teechuz, banks, employuz, pohleese, White wimminz, chudge, neighbuz, potilishuns, grocers, bahtenduz, coaches, cah deeluz, priests, and eben duh mailmenz, is all rayciss mofos, an duh gubmint should make dem like me.

Anonymous said...



The last paragraph of your comment above is perfect and I'd like to see it posted on Amazon, Slate, Salon, CNN, and any other site that is parading this book.

"What Coates is railing about is not the White American Dream. Ultimately, he is raging against the inability of blacks to build their own Dream. Their dream world invariably turns into Haiti, Liberia, Detroit and now Baltimore. His voice is that of the savage when faced with civilization. Unable to apply rationality, he gins up magical explanations to the city's glittering towers, then throws a tantrum.""

Californian. I tried, tried all of them. But every review the Amren cited, when I clicked through all had either closed the comments, or flat out had no comment section. All of them, like Slate, Vogue, The Atlantic, etc. I was shocked, but really not surprised. TPTB know it's almost done, we are close to game over.

Simple Man said...

For the past couple weeks Ive been posting comments on any Yahoo news articles that have a racial spin. I always take the realist line and push the envelope as much as I dare...amazingly I have had most comments published.

Im clearly seeing an overwhelmingly realist POV being expressed in the comments on YN. Its not enough, but its definitely a start and a huge change from the not-so-distant past.

Additionally, I always post a link to SPBDL with every comment.

on a different note...

I attempted to make a lukewarm realist comment on Topix chat forums only to be immediately and permanently banned. If youre on Topix, and I do encourage to go there and try to be heard, do mind your words regarding anything approaching a rational view on race.

Keep the pressure is being felt

Anonymous said...


Mr. Rational said...

The thugs don't give a shit about the marches, but the black "leaders" keep organizing them, because they once worked.

Cargo cultism.  It's what comes from going through the motions because there is no ability to reason about cause and effect.

what the what said...

blacks cannot survive w/o whites. it's in their nature to be violent & act uncivilized. it won't be long before entire states r segregated.