Friday, July 24, 2015

No More "Hulking Up": Hulk Hogan's 'Racist' Comments from 8 Years Ago Make Him a Non-person to the WWF/WWE

In June of 2013, Paula Deen became the No. 1 public enemy for using the dreaded n-word... in 1986

To describe a black criminal....
Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan: Real Americans

In July of 2015, Hulk Hogan has become the No. 1 public enemy (with the World Wrestling Entertainment organization not only terminating Hogan's contract, but scrubbing all mention of him from their site in a move normally reserved for murderers like Chris Benoit) for using the dreaded n-word... in 2008. [Hulk Hogan Fired from WWE After Reports of Racist Rant, Hollywood Reporter, July 24, 2015]:
The wrestler has since apologized: "Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation. It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it." 
The WWE has fired Hulk Hogan after reports surfaced that the wrestling legend went on a racist N-word-filled tirade. 
"WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan)," the company said in a statement Friday morning. "WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide." 
The WWE has not confirmed the specific reason for ending its contract with Hogan.  
According to a "joint investigation" by the The National Enquirer and Radar Online, the decision came down after additional footage from Hogan's 2012 sex tape leaked, showing the wrestler making racist comments about his daughter Brooke's boyfriend, whom he believed to be black. 
"I’d rather if she was going to f— some n—er," Hogan reportedly said on the tape. "I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n—er worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! 
The WWE has since scrubbed all mentions of Hogan's name from its website. A source tells THR that a replacement judge will appear in Hogan's place on Tuesday's episode of WWE Tough Enough. Further details will be announced on Tuesday's episode. Additionally, the WWE will no longer air previous episodes of the series that involve Hogan. 
According to USA Today, Hogan is also no longer present on the WWE Hall of Fame page. All merchandise has been removed from 
According to a separate report by Marc Lamont Hill, citing transcripts from the tape, there is additional audio of Hogan calling The Rock, real name Dwayne Johnson, the n-word as well as "samba." 
In a statement to People, Hogan has apologized for his comments, saying: "Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation. It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it."
Oh. My. God.

A conversation eight years ago becomes grounds for terminating an employee who is indisputably responsible with building the very foundations Vince McMahon built his entertainment empire upon...

Welcome to life in the USSA, an open-air Gulag, where every man is his own commissar...


Anonymous said...

Never apologize

Anonymous said...

This explains why celebrities always have to either look non-partisan or blatantly liberal.

Truth Corps said...

Check out what ESPN just did to radio host Colin Cowherd.

Anonymous said...

The only one who I recall surviving this kind of crap and coming out stronger is Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. The show was doing so well that money trumped racism. He didn't pull an O'Malley and insert his head up his butt. People like Hogan can (and should) use their fame to go around these people and upstage them with another act. Do the things that all the corporate bureaucracy won't do- like take race realist stances or air view points that the Saturday silver-spoon man-hating lesbo crowd would hyperventilate over. People have respect for someone that can stand by and fight for their beliefs. All this chicken-sh@t let's-not-offend-anyone attitude is making people wonder where all their real leaders are. The ones who can figure out what is the best course of action without having to throw a second-guess victim consensus party. Someone who doesn't second guess themselves and who makes decisions easily, because they know what their values are. If you feel that you have what it takes to spearhead issues and act on them like Paul does we could certainly use you.

Mutant Swarm said...

After reading this story, I have gained a greater understanding of why some men join outlaw motorcycle clubs. They absolutely DO NOT put up with this kind of bullshit.

There's some pretty rough people in those clubs, but at least you can say what you want (if you can back it up with your fists, if need be).

Anonymous said...

Remember, Hold your head up high and say whatever words of truth you want to say. The age of PC must come to an end.

Anonymous said...

I DON'T GIVE A SHIT that he said the word n*gger.

Anonymous said...

Now that he's no longer chained to the dictates of the media, Hulk Hogan can start calling a spade a spade once again.

Anonymous said...

Thought police in action. Imagine another 5-10 years in the future at this rate. If anyone admits they even had a vague thought that negroes are inferior or deserving of derision, then they will be shipped off to Elba and banished from the rest of humanity........

Anonymous said...

ALL of the taboo words are a part of my vernacular. I use them day in and day out. And yes, I even use them at work. It's great to work around Asians and Whites who are like-minded. It makes the day go so much faster. And so much more fun.

Word of advice to anyone seeking employment. See who your perspective co-workers are going to be. If you have to watch your words among them, then find another place of employment. Small businesses are always the best place to work.

We just happen to say what the rest of us non-blacks are thinking but afraid to say themselves.

Anonymous said...

Watching the absolute intolerance for anything that isn't effeminate men who bow to any call for them to stand down when confronted for their opinion, I can't help but realize that unless white males stand up and refuse to cave, they will only further their demise. Once the negro, liberal and leftist realizes they can push this to the edge, they most certainly will. We are witnessing the emboldened protected classes exercising their will without any consequence. This must stop now, or it will consume everything.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Stories like this will just make us use the "forbidden words" more and more. If I could only hear what Hulk Hogan is now saying behind closed doors.

Welcome aboard, Hulk.

The incessant demands of the wailing negro has become tedious and tiresome.

In the famous words of Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Be Bold, Be Vocal, Be Fearless. Do not surrender to their tyranny.

Philadelphia Mike

Philadelphia Mike said...

And another thing.

We should start demanding that EVERY black entertainer and athlete who has used language offensive to Whites should lose their contracts and past honors and titles.

Flood the networks with complaints. Maybe it might have an impact. Who knows?

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

The only one who I recall surviving this kind of crap and coming out stronger is Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. The show was doing so well that money trumped racism.


But did he slur the gays or the blacks? The blacks hold a much higher position on the totem pole of protection from criticism.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Ok time to boycott professional wrestling until the Hulk is brought back, I dont give a shit how many of these negroe primates are offended.

Anonymous said...

August is right around the corner-the hottest, most dog-day month of the year. If we think June and July were bad I shudder to think how much of America will turn into something akin to The Road Warrior come August.

All hell is going to break loose with something terrible coming to a head before Labor Day.....

-Artemis Rand

Anonymous said...

Hogan has already made enough $$ over the decades that he shouldn't need worry.

I'm only questioning why he sounded like he was partially okay with his daughter marrying a neegroid as long as it's a millionaire bakkabawl neegroid.

Anonymous said...

Hulk Hogan, tough white guy apologizes to negroes. Why? He wants his money. He's a coward, always has been, always will be.

SC Native said...

Now this is Orwellian, the speak write and the memory hole are working overtime lately.

Anonymous said...

You got that right

Whiskey said...

The President, however, can say the N- word all the time, even on media interviews. Well, he doesn't have "White Privilege" or something.

Anonymous said...

What baffles me is that it was the word 'nigger' that got him into disrepute and not the creepy sex tape BS. Not that I care about the dude's sexcapades on film but seriously, none of these moral crusaders who demonize H.H. said a friggin' word about the smut, only the nigger comment. What does it say about lib-tard values when they basically tell all the young kids who actually watch professional wrestling that saying the word 'nigger' (eight years ago no less) is far, far worse than public fornication as a spectacle by a dude who's supposed to be a 'sports hero' or whatever you call him? WTF?

Anonymous said...

Colin Cowherd. He always came off as he thought he was "the smartest guy in the room".
I detest that guy. Anyway, what he said was on air, Hulk was gleaned from a private conversation and is a completely different circumstance.

rex freeway said...

Everyone in a position of authority needs to say something deemed racist. When no one is left to run America but bottom feeders, this shit will stop. Oh BTW why isn't Farracoon erased for his race hater remark? Hmmm....

Gwoobus Harmon said...

The major rule of history is that "the more things change, the more they remain the same." Theocratic regimes learned a long time ago what "the carrots" and "the sticks" are that drive human behavior. The only thing that changes is the available technology and methods in a given era and the gods being worshiped.

A staple of a theocracy is highly visible public displays of punishment for acts of heresy. This is because there will always be a segment within any population that will not fully and voluntarily embrace a particular dogma, but everyone responds to fear and pain, and that is an effective way to deal with suffocating a competing ideology in its crib. This kind of social arrangement requires a regular stream of examples, but with a controllable enough volume that it does not appear to be overly aggressive, lest the population recognize they live in tyranny and overthrow it.

People do not realize it but we actually DO LIVE UNDER a full fledged theocracy. Every Western society has converted to Egalitarianism (women and men are the same, the races are the same, sexuality is mutable, anything resembling normalcy is archaic, oppressive, and insensitive, etc...)

Anyone visible who violates the foundational creeds of this religion will pay, preferably publicly to make people such as you, me, the other readers and commenters here, those in society who are too afraid to even visit a website like this in the first place, those who might even potentially think a heretical thought ---- moment to pause and ponder if taking such a stance is worth it.

These celebrities burnt publicly at regular intervals are the grist for this mill, to instill the fear of the theocracy that cannot even be named nor engaged head on.

Paula Deen?
John Rocker?
Hulk Hogan?
Donald Sterling?
Dog the Bounty Hunter?
Phil Robertson?
Mel Gibson?

Whether it is people in stocks at the commons during the colonial period, or public beheadings in Saudi Arabia, staked burnings during the Inquisition, Medieval mutilation displays, and any number of historical examples, the punishment is really more symbolic than anything - those messages were less intended for justice upon the violator, but rather for those within society itself who could potentially harbor similar thoughts **AS** the violator. None of these modern public executions was meant for those various celebrities. It was meant to send shockwaves to the regular folks to watch their P's and Q's lest they lose everything, like "fill in the blank" person.

Anonymous said...

Every White person is one thought-crime away from being thrown under the bus. This guy made the WWE a billion dollar company, does that matter? Nope, RACIST! When this terminally ill nation finally takes its last breath, things are going to get interesting. I can't wait to see the backlash.



At least the Hulkster didn't cry like Dwayne "Dog" Chapman and Paula "she's real mean" Dean did when they were both outed as negro disliker's!
I say Hell yeah to that brother. Though I wish he would of went at it like the Donald does. No apology's ever! If you say it stand by it for it will make you stronger in the long run.
And as for Hulk's daughter where is she now? All that talk ten years ago about this singing career went belly up. So as it stands now she will be relying on Daddy's money anyway. And if I were Terry I'd tell her to get fucking lost. She obviously couldn't make it on her own talents unlike her father. Cause her father was the one who opened those tight doors for her in the first place and the record labels just shut those doors on her career soon after.
Just for the record(no pun lol) I can't stand when White women lower themselves to the levels of the lowly common negro. Where I'm from we call that a "Jig and a Pig!"


White Heimdall said...

So a bunch a stage magicians calling themselves wrestlers is shunning one of their most successful moneymakers because he dared to speak candidly in a private conversation. That shows 1) what a bunch of chicken droppings cowards those "wrestlers" are, 2) what complete shameless communists they are, and 3)how eager those cowards are to submit and prove complete subjugation and subservience to the various low IQ, and one high IQ, minority groups who hate whites. Furthermore, I bet nearly every single one of the members of that league of stage magicians has used the word at least once in private. I bet that they have used many of the synonyms also. What a bunch of cowering sissies!

In addition, it is important to note how much of a filthy communist country this has become when private speech is exposed as a crime! Nothing is private, everyone is a stoolpidgeon for the state, and people are punished obscenely and out of all proportion for speech and thought! If you think that you are not exposed to problems of diversity, like the rural people mentioned above, consider that you are subject ot the totalitarian left's ongoing inquisition and witch-hunt. They supposedly do not kill one for these huge transgressions but many would consider public shaming, shunning and denial of any chance to even make a living and surviving to be worse than death and a much harsher attack than a murder.

Down with the multiculturalists and inquisitors! FOAD anti-whites! Now.

Anonymous said...

Most people, even the awake ones, simply don't understand: they're not going to stop. Ever. They are going to take everything, and they are going to mow down everyone in their path. (That's you and me.)

They will not stop until they ARE STOPPED. That's the part to remember.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I remember seeing a clip from WWE where Booker T. called The Hulk the dreaded "n-word." Booker T. even looked away from the camera afterward with a facial expression saying "Oh Lawdy! I done f**ked up now!..." And guess who is announcing on "Monday Night Raw"?

I'll just chalk it up to the claim that American Africans can use the word, but no one else can.

WEE-GEE said...

To hell with all this politically correct bullshit.

Anonymous said...

It's about time NBC denounced and fired Al Sharpton, the man our current president has installed in the White House as its "point man" on racial matters. Sharpton of course has made numerous racist statements, such as:

"We (blacks) taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

“So if some cracker come and tell you ‘Well, my mother and father blood go back to the Mayflower,’ you better hold your pocket. That ain’t nothing to be proud of. That means their forefathers was crooks.”

"If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.”

Again, these are the words of an NBC show host whose most frequently discussed topic is alleged white racism. These are the words of the White House's key advisor on race and racism in the United States.

- Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

Truth is dead in America. Ask yourself. If in fact, the negro is equal to others, why did it have to be legislated and codified in law, that others must eat, live and associate with them or face legal penalties for failing to do so?

Anonymous said...

He should have held a news conference and played or show the racist comments of Al not so sharpTon, Jesse " relieved when I see Whites behind me" Jackson, Komrad Obummer, liar Winfrey, and many others. As well as black rap screechers. And not back down.

Then point out the hypocrisy and double standard. Blacks can call for death of Whites and everyone is silent. Blacks can call Whites any name, racist and vulgar and everyone is silent.
But one White utters the "shudder" N word, oh the horrors! Racist, bigot, must be fired, must be flogged!

I am tired of this B.S. Spineless black pandering fools.

Anonymous said...

Hulk was not fired for his comments. His comments were used as an excuse to fire him as opposed to having to pay to negotiate his retirement.

More and more we will see corporations using historical or obscure comments as an excuse to fire employees and save on the severance.

This will become the real threat for anyone who thinks they have a right to free speech.

dondiego said...

Unreal... As a Kiwi kid I used to watch Hulk and Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant et al.I thought it was the coolest!
This reeks of Sterling/Tokowitz, only worse. Now you can't be seen to dislike your own blood getting fouled. There is NO debating the forces of evil working against us.

"They" are attacking YOU on ALL fronts now, whitey. I likely wont learn the Who's What's and Why's of this. It doesn't matter though, what matters is what side the Armed Forces and Police will be on. And that's been spoken of here...

Anonymous said...

Never ever apologize. After that ridiculous escalation (firing, removing his past USSR-style etc.), THEY should apologize, THEY should feel a backlash, not Hulk, who was almost too relaxed about his beautiful daughter being a mudshark.

Anonymous said...

Black guy Bill Cosby was somehow able to drug and rape women (mostly white women at that) for about 40 years before the media began to really talk about him as being a possible rapist. His reputation began to suffer only recently by reruns of his 80's sitcom being taken off the roster of some of those basic cable TV networks that not many of us even watch.

Black guy Mike Tyson actually was convicted in 1992 for the rape of a teenage black beauty pageant contestant. He was sentenced to six years in an Indiana prison and served three. Despite this, Mike Tyson was allowed back into the world of pro boxing, and then years later, he was allowed into the world of Hollywood acting and the WWE. In 2011, Mike Tyson made very crude sexual and rape-like comments about Sarah Palin in an interview that were published on the Daily Caller website. Mike Tyson suffered no consequences his comments about Sarah Palin and never apologized for them, either. Mike Tyson still has his Hollywood career intact.

The rapper turned actor Ice Cube (black guy) recorded "music" in the 1990's with lyrics about killing white people. He never had to worry about being shunned by the music industry for this though. He then went on in the late 1990's to star in many Hollywood movies and got some acting roles on TV also. He still has his Hollywood career intact. There's even a movie coming out soon about Ice Cube's early "music" career.

White guy Hulk Hogan made some private comments in a sex tape that was recorded without his consent. His comments were about his disapproval of his daughter being in an interracial relationship. For this, Hulk Hogan is being instantly railroaded into pariah status by the WWE.

Double standard much?

The only black guy big name celebrity who has ever really suffered any real consequences from the Hollywood world for what he did in his private life was OJ Simpson. Hollywood banished him with pariah status, and then he wound up in prison for attempting to rob some of his sports memorabilia at gunpoint in Las Vegas. And OJ Simpson nearly decapitated his white ex-wife and her Jewish platonic friend with a knife before that pariah status ever eventually happened.

So, apparently, a heinous double murder is what it takes by Hollywood standards to reach pariah status if you are a black male celebrity. If you are a white male celebrity however, all you have to do is get recorded saying some words that hurt the feelings of any type of protected and venerated minority group.

Anonymous said...


Groids can use the word "nigger" all they want; in fact get paid richly for it through the so-called rhythmic ebonic grunting known as hip-hop.

Not one of the anointed black ones? Those are words you cannot use and will be punished for. Unbelievable. Don't nigs want equality? Can't we equally use the language?

I hear orcs referring to Whites by the correct taxonomic term Caucasian... may I refer to their kind as "Negroid"? Rhetorical question.

Anonymous said...

Again....O/T but worth noting : ("We're right where we need to be, we're right where god wants us to be," David said.) I TOTALLY agree....please stay there. NC Realist

Anonymous said...

If ESPN, WWE, and other companies are going to fire white people for having uttered the dreaded “N” word years ago, then it would only be justice to fire blacks who have done the same. If Hogan can find one instance of someone having said “nigger” then he should sue WWE if for having not VIGOROUSLY sought ALL people who have uttered that word.

I remember that Jesse Jackson called a section of NYC Hymie Town. Shouldn’t all companies
stop business with Jackson immediately? If we are going to apply the word nigger, then why not red necks, crackers, YT, chinks, spicks, and any other word such a Hymie?

Hulk Hogan apologized and that should have been enough, but to show complete loyalty to coons who don’t even support WWE, they fired Hulk Hogan! Isn’t NASCAR doing the same with the Confederate Flag? NASCAR completely surrendered to the left when their customers are white people and many (not all) respect the Confederate Flag and the sacrifices of the dead southern soldiers. Where is NASCAR on the digging up the grave of a Confederate General in Memphis because the coons can’t wait? Why doesn’t NASCAR condemn that act? I know: because they are cowards like many other white liberal pieces of shit.

You know why Trump is a breath of fresh air? He doesn’t kowtow to any left wing newspapers like the Des Moines Register, or the New York Times. People are very tired of Negroes! We just want to be free of their goddamned stinking black asses!!!

Folks...this will not end here! Next to be dishonored are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and any other of our forefathers who BUILT this nation but happened to have owned slaves. This will continue until we (white people) have had enough. Black people will continue to rob little white girls' lemonade stands, and whites will be beaten to a pulp for being white until white people have had enough. Blacks know they have the upper hand because of Obama. What surprises me is the length white people will go to contiune this bullshit. Black people are no good now; they have never been any good, and in the future will be no good!

Technocratic Union said...

This is just Gawker doing a spin job on Hulk because he sued them over showing his sex tape illegally. (Because it can't be sexist if it's against a man, goy!)

Anonymous said...

Where's Hulk Hogan when you need him...?...... Atlanta based negro federal employee steals 12,000 dollars of YT's tax money and gets probation. Previous poster said
"never apologize".....I sooo agree. NC Realist

Dan said...

He shouldn't have apologized.

He went on a rant. It's true enough what he said. His daughter must be a sack of shit.

Dan said...

This is why women should not be trusted with political power. He's trying to make sure his daughter isn't abandoned or beaten. He's anxious. All dad's are.

Anonymous said...

You know someone had been keeping the recordings until they decided on a good time to use them. This is all orchestrated by our government to keep a steady drum beat of white evil/black good. Beat down YT. Ruin him financially. Murdering is ok too. Hulk's mistake was apologizing. Never, ever apologize!

Anonymous said...

So Hogan apologizes for using "offensive language" (8 years ago) and he's still scrubbed from the WWE universe. Screw that. This is ridiculous. We're talking about Hulk-freakin'-Hogan. "I SAID NIGGER 'CAUSE I'M THE HULKSTER, BROTHER, AND THE HULKSTER SAYS NIGGER WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT," is what the Hulkster should have said (while ripping his shirt off).

But no, the Hulkster apologized like a p*ssy and now he's being 1984'ed.

Never apologize. Double down when necessary. Furrow your brow, speak calmly and clearly, and double the f*ck down.

The Engineer

Earl Turner said...

To the posters who scoff at the idea of a white homeland, guess what? That choice has already been made for us by those who seek to oppress us. You and I have no representation in our government. Not at the Federal level, not even at the state nor local level. You and I will not receive the same justice as a negro in court. When we are fortunate enough to get a decent job, and that will become ever harder thanks to our "friends" the Republicans, we will always be just one imagined "microaggression" away from losing that job and everything we own and being permanently blacklisted.

And yet in spite of all of this, so many of my fellow whites still believe that the next election will be the one that makes it all better, that enough votes cast will "take our country back", that somehow just giving Republicans more of a majority and the Presidency will be different this time.

It won't. America is hostile territory and always will be. Our only choice is to separate and form our own white homeland. It can be the Northwest, it can be the South, it can be several different states scattered around the continent, at this point where matters far less than the realization that it must be done.

Brooklyn born said...

Never apologize EVER!!!

You immediately cede the moral high ground, and give the advantage to the enemy.

Anonymous said...

His stock went up with me a lot after I heard about the comments, now it's pretty low after a groveling apology. What a pussy.

Mike Isbell said...

The world has officially gone insane.

Anonymous said...

Up until a year ago I would use my real name. When my wife found out, well lets just say I stopped doing that. I believe that if they want us, they can find us real quick. Im retired and thought, what could happen to me. Now im not so sure that indeed it could very likely happen to anyone.

I think the Hulk went through bankruptcy a couple of years ago, or at least came close to it. Now this is the final nail, I have read he needs the money.

Negroes did not bring this man down, DWL did. Damn them.


Anonymous said...

"Real American" Hulk Hogan is another Southern (Florida) cultural artifact that the Marxists want erased from history. Nothing or no one below the Mason-Dixon Line is safe from the purge.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, could this all be a ploy, to garner support for the Hulk. Some smart (those people) promoter could have come up with this idea, to jump start his career.

Just saying. EX-DETROITER...

riptapart said...

I was enjoying the story and respecting the Hulkster, until he apologized.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that we should never, ever bow down. Never apologize. Never give in. IF people do not like what we say or our actions forget them If they are going to drudge up crap from years ago, they are willing to use anything for their agenda. Look at Paula Deen. She was thrown under the bus for an incident where SHE was robbed and she is the enemy??? Who thought of this crap?

Anonymous said...

Weeding out the "racists" is turning into a modern day witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

Good thing hulk hogan set his daughter straight when he did. Shame the politically correct police have to ruin a good mans life from an incident that happened 8 years prior. Who's to say this article below wouldn't happen if hogan did not intervene and keep his daughter away from orcs.

This story of the missing 20 month old white baby is just sickening. Mommy is a stripper the Orc boyfriend drops her off at da club to make money to pay for his ass and has the 2 and 5 yr old kids with him at 2am while using cocaine. Car is stolen. Blah blah. Blah my ass. The Orc did it. The mother is fully to blame as well for having anything to do with this muh dik. This story will not end well. If by a miracle this little boy is found alive his only chance is to be adopted. Make me want to puke.

North Floridian.

Fed up in MD said...

I've believed for a while now that the reason Republicans stand by idly while the Obama admin demolishes the country is because they suspect (rightly) that a phone conversation, text or email in the NSA collection can be used to hang them out to dry just like this.

Unknown said...

The Hulk actually didn't do anything wrong, but what he should have said was, "Why in hell is my daughter going out with a black any way, doesn't she know that that is sin, and that she is destroying her heritage?" God condemns race mixing. Deuteronomy 7 and Deuteronomy 23:2-3 states that a bastard shall not enter into the congregation of Yahweh up to his tenth generation or forever. The word that is translated bastard is the Hebrew word mamzer. This world only means mongrel. In other word, the bible is saying that a mongrel is not to enter into the congregation of Yahweh up to his tenth generation. The Hulk should oppose the relationship that is daughter is having with the black guy. By being with the black she is polluting herself. She lost any ability to having eternal life. She needs to repent and break her relationship with the black guy and find herself a white man. The bible is only about white people, and God commands the separation of his people the white Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people from other races.

Anonymous said...

Hulk Hogan is guilty of thought and speech crimes and the New Inquisition has declared him to be a heretic who has gone against their PC religion. Now that he's confessed his crime and apologized, he can be (figuratively speaking) burnt at the stake.
On the other hand, if he'd been a convert and used anti-white speech and the terms "honky" and "cracker," the PC crowd would have been applauding him but it wouldn't have been turned into a big deal as he'd only have said the types of things they approve of and it wouldn't really be all that notable. There'd be no furor over "all people being represented" and "inclusiveness." No diatribes against unacceptable speech and no retribution/retaliation would have been forthcoming.
On that note, I once worked as a radiation worker with a government clearance. We had to be careful of everything we said lest someone claim to be offended. If they did so, we would be terminated. We had a table we'd sit at during lunch which we called the freedom of speech table. All people who wanted to sit with us were advised that this was so and if they had thin skins, it would probably be best if they chose not to sit with us. A new hire came in, approached us at lunch and was given the same advice and seemed to have no trouble with the concept. She was a lesbian (as we were soon to discover)and began to regale us with tales of sex parties she'd have as a teenager and all the rather gross (to us) things she'd done. We just wished she'd shut up about it but knew she was a "protected species." However, during the course of one of her explicit tales, one fellow made the mistake of saying, "Did it make you wet?" She immediately threw a tantrum, went to the bosses, claimed to have been offended and he was immediately fired and escorted off the property.
That's the thing I despise most about the PC crowd- they feel they have the right to say anything they want and no one should object but if someone says the tiniest thing to them, they throw a fit and want retribution and revenge. In other words, free speech for them but no one else.
Yes, we said we were offended by her conduct and behavior and didn't like all the nasty stuff she was bragging about but that was ignored. I'm sure that if when she first began her "tales" if we'd told her that we didn't like it and didn't want to hear it, she'd have been offended then too and retribution against us would have been forthcoming. The "being prejudiced, divisive, non inclusive" rubbish would have started.
The only thing we could do is start ignoring her and stop listening. Anytime she began to babble, we just continued our conversations as if she hadn't spoken and responded to nothing she said. And made sure our conversations in her presence were innocuous. After a few days of that and being ignored, she gave up and went elsewhere and things returned to normal at the freedom of speech table.
At least we still had the right not to have to be her captive audience and weren't forced to listen! After all, she was interrupting our conversations, being rude by doing so and talking about things we weren't interested in hearing, right? Her obnoxiousness wasn't something she could claim was a right and that we had to listen and respond lest she be offended by our lack of interest. Checkmate.

Anonymous said...

He may as well stand by his actions since his career is destroyed anyway. Why not say "I'm as much a racist as Obama, Jackson, Sharpton or any so-called black leaders. Where is their apology?" But no one ever does this.....pathetic, nutless wonders.

Anonymous said...

You show me 50 White people over the age 15 years old that claim they have never used the 'n-word' in the past 10 years and I will show you 50 liars in that same group. That is unless they have never been around 'n-words' in real life only what they see on TV or have been told in school.

Anonymous said...

I am doing my part to end racism here at my house, I haven't used the 'n-word' today but that may change, I am planning on going to Wal-Mart later today, so probably will have to start all over tomorrow.

cecilhenry said...

The First rule of ‘Diversity': Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘Diversity’.

The Second Rule of ‘Diversity': Nobody must EVER point out the First Rule of ‘Diversity’

When it comes to ‘Diversity’—- “Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.”

Diversity means chasing down the last white person. Freedom now. Freedom from enforced, genocidal 'diversity'.

Anonymous said...

So how is it some get a pass and others don't .

Riley Cooper " i will fight every n1&&er here"
Pass .

Paula Deen " career trashed"

Dog the Bountyhunter "pass"

Hulk Hogan "career trashed"

Its almost as if the media gets to decide who does and does not get to use the word "n1&&er"

Ssd state we are in indeed

Pat Boyle said...

Thanks, Paul. Very funny posting.

The dreaded 'N' word seems to be just fine to use in a comedy routine (if you're black). But it is verboten if used seriously. Most of this odd verbal evolution took place in my life time.

There used to be a lot of 'ethnic' comedians just as there were 'insult' comedians and even comedians who specialized in jokes about their lawns.

I never use the 'N' word myself because I assume that everything I write is being recorded and I don't want some prosecutor reading out some time I called someone an 'N' word in court. I don't think I'm not important enough for anyone to track me but on the other hand, disk space is cheap.

Around 1960 the big deal was the word 'Negro'. All the black people I knew wanted to be called negroes. Just a few years later they insisted on being called blacks and later yet African-Americans. This is similar to the naming of some government agencies - especially those that continually fail at their mission. For example the Unemployment Office became the Employment Office and then the Human Resources Department. They never could get anyone a job so they had to keep shifting their name.

When I was really little I could still hear people try to insult me by calling me a 'Mick'. But there's not much sting in being identified as Irish. The real life spy on whom the character of James Bond was based was Sidney Riley - the Irishman who nearly personally captured all of Russia. But he was only Irish by choice. He was actually a Russian Jew. He explained - 'Everyone hates the Jews and everyone loves the Irish', so he chose to be Irish.

As soon as medical science advances enough so that blacks can look like whites or Asians I expect that we will begin to see the number of clearly identifiable blacks to drastically decline. They don't really believe that 'Black is beautiful'.

A few decades ago the blacks tried to develop a deprecatory term for whites to compete with the 'N' word. But it failed. No white much cared about being called a 'Honky'. That neologism was a corruption of Hungarian and most people admire Hungarians. Einstein, for example, though Hungarians were too intelligent - they must really be Martians.

Poor darkies - they can't catch a break.


Anonymous said...

As a huge Hulk Hogan fan, I was seriously disturbed by his comments about how he would accept his daughter having sex with a negro as long as it was a wealthy negro. That is offensive and disgusting and as a father I can't even imagine saying anything like that. Is a billionaire negro any less awful than a homeless crackhead negro? Of course not.

And he spent 3 MILLION dollars on her music career!? WTF!? That should tell any sane person that she lacks the talent required for a music career. She can dance, play piano, and sing (not very well) and she is an attractive young blonde white girl. It doesn't take 3 MILLION dollars to start any type of career, much less in music. She had ONE hit song (a negro song with a negro rapster) and then her career tanked hard. THEN she decided that Country music was her passion. And ziltch happened there. She dates negroes, she has negro friends, she makes negro music and only wanted to identify with white culture as a last resort after falling to become rich in negro "culture".

So F her. She seemed nice in that Hogan tv show but her personal decisions and actions have sickened me.

As for Hulk, he has an estimated worth of nearly 10 million. That is a VERY small fraction of what he would have had he not gotten divorced and his drunken son had not killed a guy drunk driving, but I'm not feeling too sorry for a guy with millions in the bank in his 60's when i know so many people struggling to get by and who will never be able to afford retirement. He should sell everything but his Hogans Beach Shop club/restaurant/memorabilia and spend the rest of his days relaxing on the beach and porking his new wife thats half his age. He should also continue to sue everyone he has even half a reason to, including Gawker and WWE.

But his being ok with his daughter mating with a negro IF its a rich negro is stomach-turning.

Anonymous said...

The Hulk has a very bad back, from years of fighting in the ring. His fighting is even more fake then the usual. At this point his career is in the toilet. What better way to jump start his career then to get white support. Look what happened to Paula Deen. After a little time she is back stronged then ever.

So lets say this is all a set up, I say great, go Hulk.

EX-DETROITER... Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

To the guy calling wrestlers "stage magician"

Pro wrestling has always been a very poorly kept "secret" my grandfather used to go see Gorgeous George in the 1950's and he assured me that everone in the crowd understood they were watching a performance and not a competitive wrestling match.

When the topic of pro wrestling comes us, the people that insist on letting everyone know that THEY know its a performance and not competitive come across as kind of mentally slow. Like an autistic 10 yr old that has to loudly tell everyone THEY know Santa isn't real.

Watch WWF from ANY era and any intelligent person can see in 2 minutes that its theatrical and not the Olympics. As a small child I could see that nobody aims for the forehead when punching, or stamps their feet, and nobody takes 50 punches to the head.

So calm down, guy. You don't have to work so hard to let us know they aren't fooling YOU.

Anonymous said...

In Tulsa they shut down a wal mart at Admiral and Memorial. I kid you not ......Wal mart told the press it was due to a "plumbing problem" and that they were going to open it back up......They never did , and now the wal mart in my town is infested. I will not be shopping there again.

Here in lies the opportunity for a powerful corporation to just tell the truth and say.....

"were closing the store due to theft"

Sorry .... If a location can't generate profit we shut it down.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson spit in White peoples food when he 'worked' in restaurants in the 1960's, know how the blacks fixed that? They made him a leader.... Some Whites used the 'n-word' 8 or 25 years ago, and they fix that by ruining them.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum, here.

Chimpouts. We've all seen them. Some of us have experienced them first hand. I'm not sure I fully understand the five categories, but feel free to edit as you will.

Cat 1: Cries of "Dats rayciss!", accompanied by eye rolling, clicking of the tongue, hands on hips (negress), and various variations of "Sheeit! dat ain't rye!"

Cat 2: Bitching, moaning, wailing of how "America be rayciss, blacks built dis country!" accompanied by fists in the air, stare downs, perhaps some pushing, minor shoplifting, vandalism, not limited to spray painting "Black lives matter!" on statues, walls, buildings.

Cat 3: Yelling, screaming, verbal assaults, not limited to physical assaults such as sucker punching, polar bear hunting, looting of stores, "teen" aggressive assaults on YT swimming pools, restaurants, etc. Usually entailing the aggression/violence toward po po.

Cat 4: An escalation of Cat 3, markedly different in the animated "leadership" of Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and the like. Entire blocks in city coonmunities being roped off, murder, rapings, stabbings, shootings, car-jackings, etc.

Cat 5: Complete and utter chaos. Businesses closed due to violence, threats of violence, lootings, burnings of entire city blocks. Yoofs dancing in the streets, sneering at po po, dragging dead, lifeless white bodies through the streets, not unlike scenes from Rawanda and Mogadishu. Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and the like demanding YT head on a stick. Reporters being assaulted, robbed, and raped. Constant screaming about injustice, equal rights, white privilege.

We are bound to see various categories this summer. Stay alert and well armed.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here? I know you said that Mr. Greenbaum didn't like to talk about coons (did you ditch MR. GREENBAUM), or did you just get lazy like me and just start posting as anonymous? Acstually that is much easier because there is no way in hell I would give out my real name.

I think there are a lot of realists in America who are starting to awaken from a long held DWL induced coma.

A person can't get away from Negroes anymore! I watched Sharnado I, II, and III and all were full of coons. The head general in Sharknado III was a coon with an IQ of 70. Sharknado III showed a tall teenage coon going after a young white girl like there was nothing wrong with it. The problem is that young girls are stupid enough to believe what they see on television. Each time I see a coon on TV I want to turn it OFF!

Blacks cannot understand how repulsive they are!

Michigan Jim said...

Anonymous at 8:20 said: "People have respect for someone that can stand by and fight for their beliefs. All this chicken-sh@t let's-not-offend-anyone attitude is making people wonder where all their real leaders are. The ones who can figure out what is the best course of action without having to throw a second-guess victim consensus party."

This is why a guy like Donald Trump resonates with people and continues to be the front runner despite massive bashing by the MSM. Will he stay the course and maybe win, or cave to the unrelenting pressure of the leftist media? Time will tell.


He should have NEVER apologized. It gets you no where and they hate you even more.

He should just say he's human and speaks his mind at times as does everybody else.

The first time a famous White Man DOES NOT Apologize, the dam will break and he will become a White Hero. Hulk could have been that MAN.

Anonymous said...

Non American here. I am confused. Latino man says nigger a few times, years ago, gets fired from organisation he helped make what it is today. Negro crapper writes, craps, records and sells music riddled with the word nigger he is worshiped, praised and idolised by thousands. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought all people are equal in the USA, it seems the black man acts with impunity, to be racist, rob rape and murder human races, as well as blame others for their failures and shortcomings. Sorry my white brothers, just a view from the outside.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Non American:

That was the plan, that everybody was equal. Unfortunately Social Justice Warriors intervened. See this post for an explanation:

Californian said...

The question is: why do white people do this to themselves? Why this endless, mindless witch hunt? That's the weird point.

I have discussed this sort of thing with white people, and they tell me it is totally just for someone to become an unperson over using a racial epithet. And when I point out that they could be the next victim of the witch hunt over using one word their response is something like this:

"I would never be like that! I'm a good citizen of the world! I can look down my nose at a Donald Sterling or Hulk Hogan and be one with all goodthinkers!"

The injustice of canning someone over the use of a single word does not enter into the equation. The fact that they too could become an unperson does not enter into the equation. It's about status. It's about feeling good.

Pass that crystal methodism.

Californian said...


The thing I want to emphasize is that it is not just blacks who are responsible for turning Hulk Hogan into the thoughtcriminal d'jour. It is whites. And not simply those who run professional athletics or the media. It is your average white person who buys into the system.

That is what we gotta work on.

Californian said...

This is nicely summed up:

The First rule of ‘Diversity': Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘Diversity’.

The Second Rule of ‘Diversity': Nobody must EVER point out the First Rule of ‘Diversity’

When it comes to ‘Diversity’—- “Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.”

PvtCharlieSlate said...

The WWE headquarters are in Stamford, CT. The CEO is Linda McMahon who twice ran a largely self-financed campaign as a Republican for the US Senate. She talked a good game but she lost both times. Seems like she really wasn’t much of a loss after all.

I thought it was odd that, after a campaign in which the Democrats in Bridgeport boasted in public of how they were going to “deliver” the vote, McMahon basically said “Oh well, what the hell” and walked away. That same “Oh well” scenario had played out in a previous congressional election.


Can anybody give me ONE EXAMPLE of a current Non-White "celebrity" who has lost their job/career for making any "anti" White comments? Just one.

Now, don't give me Cosby. He got in trouble ONLY after raping 30+ women. Remember, the first to come forward were silenced. BUT, Colin Cowherd says one stupid joke (and it was a joke) and he gets FIRED.

I hate this f'n country and burn the bitch down.

Anonymous said...

I understand the first couple of whites apologizing, thinking that would fix things. But after they were hung out to dry you'd think the rest would quit apologizing. Phil Robertson did well with refusing to bow down so why on earth would Hulk Hogan grovel. It just doesn't make any sense. If you're going to the gallows and nothing is going to save you, at least go up the steps shouting the truth, unrepentant to the end.

Just think how different this could have been if Hulk Hogan would have started rapping an old Ice T "song" and said "Are those the words I'm not supposed to say? I loose my livelihood but Ice T makes millions saying them? Is that what we're talking about?"

Unknown said...

Don't get mad, get even. WWE thought if they didn't do this they'd suffer economically through cancelled contracts and bad PR. So? Bankrupt them. Tell everyone to cancel their subscriptions and not buy ANY MERCHANDISE. Not until he comes back, FOREVER. Want to make a statement? Don't boycott, BANKRUPT THEM. Don't support them until they go BELLY UP BROKE Chapter 13 GONE. Make an example these fuckers WILL NEVER FORGET. Bankrupt a Fortune 500 company. Show them what White people can do to make them FEAR YOU!

Anonymous said...

That better be a pretty big place.

Uh,....see you there.


Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis , well stated.

And the press and social media are the public shaming devices now used. "digital stocks" if u will.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in wrestling... Hell i bet just about every white democrat uses the word in private. Especially Bill and Hillary.

Were slippin in the polls Bill!

Time to fire up the " n1&&3rs and get em to vote Hillary. And have one of em bring me a scotch while your at it babe.... I got "stuff" to do on our private server.

D-FENS said...

"Can anybody give me ONE EXAMPLE of a current Non-White "celebrity" who has lost their job/career for making any "anti" White comments?"

Well..... Rick Sanchez got sent down to the minor leagues of journalism for pointing out the actual privileged position of TWMNBN. Apologized and did everything short of visits to Auschwitz and the Wailing Wall. No soup for him!

The exception that proves the rule.

Anonymous said...

A taIent scout from the Chicago BuIIs went to Kenya to possibIy recruit a potentiaI pIayer. The scout watched the kid play one game and decided to sign him to a contract.

They immediateIy brought him back to America to pIay for the BuIIs. He spent most of his first game on the bench but in the finaI quarter they were behind by fifty points and going nowhere. The coach, beIieving the game was beyond them decided to put in his new recruit. The Kenyan boy entered the game, singIe-handedIy scored fifty one soIo points straight and won the game.

He became an instant basketbaII super star. The pIayers Ioved him, the fans Ioved him and the media Ioved him. ln the change room he was so excited about his first game he decided to caII his famiIy and teII them about it. As soon as his mom answered, he began teIIing her aII about the game, his success and his new found fame. After he was done his mother was oddIy siIent.

He asked her ''is everything okay?''

His mother repIied ''No, Iet me teII you how our day as been. Your father was shot to death on the street, your brother has joined a gang of vioIent criminaIs and your sister was kidnapped and repeatedIy gang raped for hours.''

Shocked and saddened the Kenyan boy couIdn't think of anything to say, eventuaIIy he just said ''l'm sorry.''

His mother repIied, ''You're sorry! ls that aII you can say? This is aII your fauIt, you're the reason we moved to Chicago in the first pIace.''

D-FENS said...

Bernice's Chimpout Categories lend themselves to a nice graphic along the lines of the old Homeland Security Administration's color-coded terrorism threat levels. Ah, the good old days when we had to "fight them over there so we wouldn't have to fight them over here."

Anonymous said...

It must be very difficult for someone who has built his whole self-concept around having people admire him suddenly be threatened with disgrace. It's one of the disadvantages of fame. Unless it comes to you by accident (a somewhat rare occurrence), having fame means you have pursued it as an end in itself -- an indication of a bad, shallow character. That's why all of these white celebrities always issue groveling apologies. In a celebrity culture, fame goes to the least principled people, those willing to do or say anything to be famous (or in this case, to try to remain famous). Hulk Hogan may be physically impressive, but he's a moral midget.

Anonymous said...

"Hulk 'Ben Dover' Hogan"

Anonymous said...

Ultimately this leads to all our public spaces and national memorials all dedicated to Negroes. Why a "White House" or a "Washington Monument". How about an MLK House for the president and a giant Al Sharpton statue in the center of every city.

We can have murals in every city of Nat Turner ripping a White infant apart, or of Blacks shooting down White joggers with a red, black and green african background.

Instead of a two-minute-hate, we can have thrice daily apology hours where we all bow toward Africa and beg forgiveness from Elijah Muhammad.

Whites will slowly, systematically disappear from the history books - largely at the hands of other Whites desperate to please the permanently angry Negro.

Blackie has an average IQ of 85. Without White support, he's a starving, violent savage who dies early and often. Why are Whites letting it get this stupid?

R_Moreland said...

This is something to consider if you are in law enforcement.

You may have used a racial epithet some time in your career. Or you have a buddy who did. Do you want to see your career destroyed because of some inane witch hunt? Because you could be next. That's the way these witch hunts work.

You need to make a stand against this insanity. The real criminals are those destroying careers over the past use of a racial epithet. These are the same people who take the criminals' side in court. Who cover up the racial composition of flashmob attackers. Who accuse you of "racism" when you shoot a thug in self defense. Who order the cops to stand down when rioters burn a city.

The people pushing the "diversity" agenda are not on your side. They are the real criminals.

Stand up and fight for free speech. There are plenty of Americans who will stand beside you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....Just yesterday or the day before I was watching the movie "Wild Hogs" on, I believe, AMC. In that movie, Martin Lawrence, a black actor, called a white character in the movie a "cracker".

Is that racial slur going to be used against Martin Lawrence? Is he going to be expected to apologize for using a racial epithet? Of course not. Racism only applies to whites.

This country is a pathetic mess. I will not mourn when it destroys itself.


Anonymous said...

Y'all are missing the underlying logic:

1. The paint job theory says that black people are equal to white people in everything except appearance.

2. This country has a history of state-enforced racism against black people, including slavery and Jim Crow.

3. This history of racism has kept black people from accumulating economic wealth.

4. Poor people commit more crime, have more bastards, and so forth.

5. Some white people are still racist because they confuse the effects of poverty with the effects of race.

6. Since black people are equal to white people, racism is not logical and racist white people are bad.

7. Black people are still doing worse than white people by every metric, even 50 years after the end of state-enforced racism.


8. Racism on the part of bad whites is still unfairly holding black people back.


Hulk Hogan is a bad white who, by his words, is perpetuating a racist system where black people are being unfairly held back. If all the bad whites learn the error of their ways and stop being racist, then black people will achieve economic parity with whites, and the black underclass will become law-abiding citizens.

Note that since state-enforced racism and overt "hate crimes" on the part of whites have become rare, DWLs, blacks, and their friends have turned to increasingly arcane explanations for black dysfunction. Institutional racism, microaggressions, police violence (usually deserved), and the occasional white-on-black murder are now the major causative factors.

Why is the black male high school dropout rate in Chicago 56%? Why are 72% of black children born out of wedlock? Why do 33% of black men go to prison at some time in their lives? Why does the average black family have 10% of the wealth of the average white family?

Because Hulk Hogan once called his daughter's boyfriend a nigger, that's why.

Thought-Criminal said...

As pointed out by Pat,

"A few decades ago the blacks tried to develop a deprecatory term for whites to compete with the 'N' word. But it failed. No white much cared about being called a 'Honky'... "

I've always thought it humorous that "neegars" have failed repeatedly to come up with derogatory insulting names for whites. Honkys, turkeys, crackers, etc. etc. just doesn't have their desired effect. After all, they're still Neegars and we're still white. And superior. And it pisses them off.

Too bad.

Anonymous said...

"....kind of mentally slow. Like an autistic 10 yr old that has to loudly tell everyone THEY know Santa isn't real."

Not cool, my autistic 6 yr old boy is 2-3yrs ahead of his peers in literacy and numeracy. Shows interest in science, engineering and music.
His current hero is King Harold of 1066 fame but I'll try him on WWE lol.

I thank God every day for his GIFT to us.

English Iain

Anonymous said...

Happens over here too. Toss up who is a greater loss to civilization, Starkey or Hogan. I kid it's Hogan (rolls eyes)

Incidentally my region had no riots because it had no diversity. Social engineers changed that quick though. It's like Rorkes Drift outside the Benefits Office.

English Iain

Anonymous said...

My grandson is autistic....he's a mechanical wiz....I don't think the poster meant harm....ironically....isn't that EXACTLY what this post is about...? I love my grandson too. As a Realist......i'll go down for the 10 count if I'm wrong. NC Realist

Unknown said...

Good posts Pat, I have come up with similar situations. I have worked with Blacks and Hispanics when I worked in hospital security and in the mental health center. What is interesting is how much they hate each other. Blacks hate one another because of tribal affiliation. Tanzanians, hate Mozembiquens, who hat Nigerians, and so forth. Blacks in America know the difference through looks or by the way the other black moves. They hate each other. Hispanics are also the same way. Mexicans (which comes from Metezo or mixed) hate Puerto Ricans, who hate blacks, who hate Mexicans. It is amazing that whites get blamed for this also, which is another way to hide the fact that these minority groups hate one another. I have been told what great workers Hispanics are; but I tell these people, only when they are with family members or with Hispanics from the same areas. Hispanics from the east side of town won't work with Hispancis from the west side of town. Besides, you are probably an Israelite and don't even know it. True Israel and Hebrews are the white Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today.

Anonymous said...

Thats what im talkin bout. Quit goin to nascar till they bring back the Stars n Bars, Quit goin to WWE till Hulk comes back. Etc. Etc.

If whites would act collectively like that things would change in a hurry.

Gaurantee you if every white Nascar fan quit buyin tickets ......overnight that beautiful battle flag would be flyin again real quick.

White America. Your power is your dollar .... And you can win.

Nobody can call you a "racist" for deciding to save money or spend it elsewhere.

Unknown said...

Back in the mid 1990's Jessie Jackson also stated something like this, "When I'm walking down the street and her foot steps behind me. I always turn around to see who it is. If it is a white man walking behind me I feel relieved. Because if it was a black man, I would probably get mugged."

R_Moreland said...

I understand the first couple of whites apologizing, thinking that would fix things.

You can not show weakness in front of blacks. Never. They have a tribal mentality. Once you show any weakness, they will pile on and not be done until they have destroyed you, your village and your tribe. This is how it is in Africa. Boers and Rhodesians could maintain white power as long as they stood strong. The moment they agreed to majority rule, it was over for them. Blacks saw "majority rule" as white surrender.

(In fairness, both the Rhodesians and Boers were heavily outnumbered and betrayed by their fellow whites in Europe and the USA.)

Now you see this same pattern in America. Blacks could care less about the putative "insult." What causes them to mobilize is the weakness showed by organizations which grovel before their feigned cries of outrage. They smell blood and got out the pangas.

The real problem is not so much blacks but those whites who seem to enjoy grovelling before blacks. There is really something wrong with them.

Remember the movie Zulu: Dig in, stand your ground, and repulse all attacks. That is the path to victory.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"Thats what im talkin bout. Quit goin to nascar till they bring back the Stars n Bars, Quit goin to WWE till Hulk comes back. Etc. Etc. "

I made this same point a few articles back. If you want to protest NASCAR disrespecting Southern heritage, please don't buy tickets and merchandise from NASCAR! Some fans paid their admission and got their flags out during the race. Friends, that isn't punishing anti-White actors! You don't buy your tickets and hot dogs and cokes and then get your flag out to protest. You stay home, and NASCAR loses some income. Just imagine if every White who didn't like NASCAR's flag ban had just stayed home! That would have caused some hurt.

I'm not asking Whites to march on main street for White causes; I'm not asking you to proselytize at work and risk termination. I am asking you to just stay home instead of spending money that flows into traitors pockets.

Same with cable tv. I'm still seeing people post here to complain about the race-mixing and outlandish pro-black programs and commercials. Kill your cable instead.

Starve the Beast, Don't Feed It!

Anonymous said...

PS To the obnoxious, rude, overbearing son of a gun who complained about my stage magician term, that is not what makes me angry, Bobo. What makes me angry is that his organization is abandoning him and giving in to PC witch hunts and that the society is giving in to PC witch hunts and anti-white bias, in a white country that they are trying to swamp with enemies. If I am angry about that it is none of your darned low IQ business. Who do you think that you are? That's a rhetorical question. A rhetorical question is when a question is made without the questioner really wanting or expecting an answer in order to make a point. Don't try so hard to dishonestly claim to have any intelligence whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

This is perfect timing, when you think about it. All these big bad wrestlers who wouldn't last 30 secs with a MMA guy, are exposed as the money grubbing sobs they are. The fans will see this pandering as a sign of weakness(like Nascar) and stop paying for this crap. It's the only way to knock these billion dollar corporate entities a few notches. All this cumulative PC nonsense will ultimately take down Bra. The only question is, will it be permanent this time around?

Anonymous said...

Well, to be honest the outlaw clubs have their own borderline insane politics as well.

What confuses me is why we can endlessly tolerate rape, murder, gun charges, and drug charges from rappers, but if poor whitey says even one wrong phrase, he/she is unpersoned on the spot.

Anonymous said...

"This is perfect timing, when you think about it. All these big bad wrestlers who wouldn't last 30 secs with a MMA guy"

Like Brock Lesnar, who beat Randy so bad they had to stop the fight and award him the Championship, and only lost it after being beaten by an intestinal disease?

Hey guy, even Brock Lesnar and Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle have publicly stated that pro wrestling is the most physically demanding and dangerous sport there is.

They would know. They've all done both and more.

Have you?

Anonymous said...

"PS To the obnoxious, rude, overbearing son of a gun who complained about my stage magician term, that is not what makes me angry, Bobo. What makes me angry is that his organization is abandoning him"

Then you wouldn't have made such a point to discredit wrestlers by calling them stage magicians.

You were called out for being childish and ignorant so don't double down.

Who's "bobo"?

Anonymous said...

Damn, brothers, stop the arguing about the validity or not of Pro Wrestling. Some folks enjoy it, others don't, like just about every other possible thing you could mention.

The point we should be focused on is did the group in question seek to punish a fellow White man for using a "bad word"? If they did, guess what, they deserve a place on our "enemies list".

Did I lose some admiration for Hogan when I read his equivocation about his daughter and a black "boyfriend"? You bet I did.

But even that isn't the real issue. The issue here is the PC punishment of a White man for using a word in a private conversation. That punishment and the whole controlling pro-black anti-White attitude behind it is the problem.

Let's keep the argument relevant to the White cause.

Anonymous said...

The point we should be focused on is did the group in question seek to punish a fellow White man for using a "bad word.

Hmmm. Perhaps you're not up to speed as to who owns professional wrestling (and virtually every other entertainment and media venue). If you dig deep enough under any of this anti-white bullshit you'll find the usual suspects nearly every time.

Anonymous said...

What is an SJW?

AnalogMan said...

D-FENS said...

"Can anybody give me ONE EXAMPLE of a current Non-White "celebrity" who has lost their job/career for making any "anti" White comments?"

Well..... Rick Sanchez got sent down to the minor leagues of journalism for pointing out the actual privileged position of TWMNBN. Apologized and did everything short of visits to Auschwitz and the Wailing Wall. No soup for him!

The exception that proves the rule.

Sorry, disqualified. The test specified for making any "anti" White comments. Anti-semitism is a whole different crime.

Anonymous said...

This instance is case in point for why white male liberals are doomed. You could dedicate your entire life to black issues and causes, make a million black friends, and even donate organs to them that you have duplicates of.

All this gets wiped clean if any racist remarks ever come out of your mouth, no matter when, no matter what the context. Your 1000s of points accumulated over a lifetime become a big fat 0 if you manage to do anything along the way that offends BRA. Donald Sterling had awards given to him by the NAACP for cripes sakes, how many white-skinned males (including all DWLs) can claim that? His opinions in a private phone conversation were used to force him to sell a multi-billion dollar team that he had wisely invested in for years. You could be the next Rachel Dolezal and surround yourself with nothing but blacks but you are always a single incident from being stripped of your possessions and the life that you knew. I know some people are altruistic to a fault, but why would even one DWL want to fraternize with the black community if they knew that the odds were stacked against them? The only option is to be a good beta-white boy and shut up until an agreeable peanut gallery is needed. If you want to be a sadistic doormat then so be it. Just do it with your personal funds, not all of ours.

Anonymous said...

You can look up all those terms either at the SBPDL Glossary:

If that fails, you can use Or just Google it.

It means (s)ocial (j)ustice (w)arrior. Noticed it is not in the glossary :

From Urban Dictionary:

A pejorative term for an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation. A social justice warrior, or SJW, does not necessarily strongly believe all that they say, or even care about the groups they are fighting on behalf of. They typically repeat points from whoever is the most popular blogger or commenter of the moment, hoping that they will "get SJ points" and become popular in return. They are very sure to adopt stances that are "correct" in their social circle.

The SJW's favorite activity of all is to dogpile. Their favorite websites to frequent are Livejournal and Tumblr. They do not have relevant favorite real-world places, because SJWs are primarily civil rights activists only online.

I would add that someone who likes to give money to other people to "make things right" even though that money comes directly from its legal owners, the taxpayer.

They would be the kind of person that would egg black people on with victimization stories and would feel so "moved" by injustice that they must go around bothering people about it. It's like complaining about the big things knowing that no one can logically expect you to be able to fix complex societal problems on your own. Therefore you can b@tch about things but never really do anything to help the situation.

Another word that I didn't hear until I started reading SBPDL was squids. It is in the glossary, but basically the 400 richest families in the U.S. who own half or more of the wealth and make the real decisions that SJWs could only dream of.

Another good one to know is Crystal Methodism: the religion of equality. We are all the same and need to keep giving, giving, and then giving some more until black people pull their own weight and tackle responsibility like normal people. Basically forever.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of this black privilege. I didn't realize how thin skinned the subcontinent race. Or have they found that acting thin skinned gives them more "power" to control the situation. I'm sick of the pandering.
No body cares about the black. Dem's don't care there getting there vote no matter what. Rep's don't care cause no matter what they do they don't get there vote. This is why both parties care about the Latino vote. There a bigger minority's and haven't taken a side yet. The blacks squandered there time and now in the natural world they should just die off but they will be put in as an endangered species and the lib's will make it there #1 job to protect there pet negro.

WWF built there empire on that mans back. It's disgusting what they have done. I'll never watch or discuss them ever again.

Anonymous said...

Never was a Hogan fan, he was sub-par as a wrestler, and acted, (in concert with whoever he was working for) to hold down smaller, more talented performers. In this case I am glad to see the PC machine run him over, simply because I am a wrestling fan, and he, quite frankly sucked ass. Even if it isn't right that a private conversation should be posted, after 8 years, and cost him all that he has worked for, I am still happy about it.

(I know, I know, it is wrong that this kind of thing could happen, but I am still happy about it)

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......The old Hulkster is another good reason for a new cable channel. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but my idea is for the APOLOGY CHANNEL television show. This would be where people can grovel and humiliate themselves 24 hours a day before the public. For white boys like Mr Hogan it would be at least a full week special.

The channel would cover all kinds of freaks and perverts who were offended by what someone had said in public or private. ESPECIALLY if it was a word used 20 years ago while you were shit faced drunk or flying high on drugs. Rewards could be paid to informants to rat out old college buddies or people you worked with that heard you use the n-word back in 1992. An old girlfriend could become an overnight star by revealing how you had said something offensive about midget drag queens 10 years ago.

There are millions of people in different religious, social, racial and sexual groupings that would tune in EVERY NIGHT so their sense of victimization could be fulfilled. The victims can gloat as the evil bigot groveled in public begging for their forgiveness and mercy. The geeks could call in and degrade the hate monger as he or she cowardly crawled on their hands and knees in shame. No misspoken word will slip past the agents of the TOLERANCE AGENCY. A slip of the tongue and your career is done with.

All the commercials would have cool hip and wise black people giving advice to dumb stupid white housewives about what brand of deodorant to use for her dirty stinky armpits. The commercials MUST ALWAYS portray whites as dumb toothless hillbillies and ignorant buffoons and morons who don't know what brand of dog food is best for Fido.

Anonymous said...

These guys ALWAYS apologize, and they fired and become pariahs anyway. Never apologize.

Anonymous said...

Yes... like how Black Lives Matter and similar campaigns are exclusively about attacking and criticizing YT, when blacks easily murder ten times as many blacks each year as whites do. It's completely deranged, divorced from reality. Someone here pointed out a day or two ago that we're currently undergoing our own equivalent of Mao's cultural revolution, and I think they're right.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that too. The pornography aspect was no problem. But say the wrong word a couple of times and BOOM you're done for.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and so true.

Anonymous said...

And even now OJ is only regarded as a pariah by whites.

Anonymous said...

This seems like the most rational explanation. I've never, ever seen the GOP bend over backwards to please a Democrat president like this in my lifetime. They submit to Obama even when there is no objectively apparent reason for doing so.

Unknown said...

Tell the truth, and never look back.

Anonymous said...

WWE is going to regret this. According to Forbes, it's already cost them 50 million in lost stock price. I think that is the result of angry fans selling their stock because of the way WWE treated Hogan over this nonsense. I already cancelled my WWE Network and know at least 4 friends that have also cancelled because of this.

Anonymous said...

This pc BS must be stopped and the left taken down a few notches they're not real Americans and they don't give a damned about our freedom, our rights nor our constitution they're free to leave this Country anytime with their poisonous hate! They'll fit in better elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you the last thing anyone should do is cave to these leftist types and stand your ground and don't apologize for a damned thing most are ignorant and self loathing whimps!

Californian said...

Tell the truth, and never look back.


Anonymous said...

Only Whites can be excluded in our totalitarian societies.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Hulk Who ???? :)

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Whatever their reasons, incidents such as this make it impossible for the liberals to deny America and the rest of the West are anything but a totalitarian states.

It used to be "unclean"

Anonymous said...

It's not just around blacks that you can't relax but libtards also.

Never make the mistake of thinking hey are one of us.

Anonymous said...

No black or Jew ever lost his/her job for making derogatory statements about Whites.

Where is the social justice ?

Anonymous said...

Call a spade a spade and what do you get? Condemnation from so called liberals so sick of this shit. Look what negroe control has done, and remember this is 12-13% of population of US not 50%. Minority rules. And yes I stay anonymous, have a lawsuit against a negroe run city with a white mayor with ties to a former mayor now in federal prison. Hint, hint.