Saturday, July 25, 2015

Only a Matter of Time Now: Black Clergy Agitate For Disorder in Cincinnati

Well... only a matter of time now. [Prominent black minister feels betrayed by UC president's decision to release police shooting report: Rev. Damon Lynch III tells Ono to release video,, July 24, 2015]:
Several pastors feel betrayed by University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white UC police officer. And they're challenging Ono to defy prosecutor Joe Deters and release the officer's body cam video. 
A prominent black minister, the Rev. Damon Lynch III, and a diverse group of pastors say it was unfair for UC to release the police incident report Thursday while Deters withholds the video. The pastors say the incident report only give the officer's side of the story, and they're asking Ono to release the video now – with or without Deters' consent, whether Deters sues UC or not. 
"They only gave out the side -- the police officer side -- which serves to vindicate the officer and not the entire story so the community and the family can know what really happened on that fateful day," Lynch told WCPO Friday. 
"We're asking UC, which still has a copy of the tape, to release it." 
Following Officer Ray Tensing's killing of Sam Dubose during a traffic stop Sunday, Ono invited the pastors to meet with him Thursday and informed them that he was ordering UC police to stop patrolling off campus. Tensing pursued Dubose to a Mount Auburn street because Dubose's Honda Accord didn't have a front license plate. 
Lynch has been a long-time spokesperson and advocate for police reform. He stepped to the forefront after the fatal shooting of Timothy Thomas, an unarmed black teen, by white Cincinnati police officer Stephen Roach that led to riots in the city in 2001. 
Dubose's family and their supporters -- as well as the media -- have been clamoring to see Tensing's body cam video. WCPO and other media outlets announced Friday that they would sue the prosecutor's office to release the video. WCPO's editorial board called for the video's release earlier this week. 
Ono tweeted Thursday that he had asked Deters to let Dubose's family see the video. 
Ono said at a news conference Wednesday that he was prepared to release the video after the shooting but deferred to Deters, who said he would withhold it during the investigation. On Thursday, Deters said he wouldn't release it until the grand jury had seen it. On Friday, Deters said his office plans to complete its presentation to the grand jury by the end of next week. 
According to the police incident report, Tensing said Dubose was dragging him with his car and Tensing feared he would be run over when he fired a single shot that killed Dubose. 
Another UC officer responding to the scene, Phillip Kidd, backed up Tensing's account, saying he witnessed Dubose's 1998 Honda Accord dragging Tensing and Tensing firing one shot, according to the report. 
Cincinnati police from Districts 4 and 5 have agreed to increase patrols in the neighborhood areas around UC's Uptown campuses, Ono said in a statement Friday.
The lawless and riots in Baltimore that culminated with the historic empty stadium baseball game between the Orioles and the White Sox on April 29th started off in similar fashion to what we are witnessing in Cincinnati. 

Only a matter of time now...


Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, do not tell black people to shape up. Although that would be an easy solution (every other race seems capable of doing it) we can just blame it on the cops because everyone hates them anyway. If they were fearful of cops then they wouldn't feel entitled to mouth off and scuffle with police, as well as tell the officers what laws they will and won't follow. Something needs to give, and I don't want it to be the law and our safety for a no-win game of capitulation.

Anonymous said...

Well, I never thought that I would agree with a diverse group of pastors. But no matter how much the truth might be devastating, the truth must be revealed. Release the tapes.

hondo said...

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn

Anonymous said...

Telling bl*ck people to shape up would be a waste of time in any case. They won't because they can't.

Mr. Rational said...

I console myself with the thought that by the time it gets to the border, Detroit and Toledo will be kicked out into their own designed-to-fail Black ethnostate and every nog outside of those strict boundaries will be told to shape up or ship out.

Anonymous said...

Police cannot control negroes. Police certainly can never use lethal force against an "unarmed" negro.

We all understand, and the statics bear this out, that negroes are incredibly violent. Negroes exhibit levels of violence that are inconceivable to white America. But unless the negro has fired shots at a cop, the negro must be apprehended in a way similar to a dangerous zoo animal.

Police departments must be reorganized to include a kind of SWAT team bringing tranquilizing dart technology to the issue of negro control. It would be the kind of design that allows African game control agents to put a hippo to sleep with a dart. Instead of shooting these "innocent" negroes when they rampage, tranquilize them. When they wake up, put a voucher in their hands for some Jordan sneakers.

Alternatively, maybe we can tranquilize negroes before they act out. We could certainly distribute huge amounts of calming agents throughout their populations. Those agents, along with plentiful fried chicken should keep them calm and happy. They may become so calm and happy, that you could pet their nappy heads. That would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Open letter to Negros in Cincy & USA:

YT here, just a friendly reminder that it was YOU who wanted desegregation 50yrs.+ ago. Obviously, your not happy with your perceived treatment by white America, evident by the constant bitching about how "yo' pussy alwayz be hurtin" from all the evil inflicted on you by YT. The solution Toby... is and has always been on the table for you to accept and that is "segregation." Your more than welcome to stop moving into our hoods and/or bitching to the gubmint about it (AFFH), your more than welcome to stop chasin' after dose ebil' white wimmins pooty, your more than welcome to stop going to YT tailored events like "A Taste of Cincinnati", your more than welcome to support yourself and get off YT's payroll, your more than welcome to go to your own schools (HA! sarcasm) and your most certainly welcome to seek accommodations outside of the mainland. Your "slabery" act is tired and since you have the gubmint (BHO/BRA) in your back pocket at the moment, why don't you petition your legislators for segregation from the "ebil', white devil empire?" You can corner the market on all the thug life/black "culchur" events you want, all the rap/chimp out concerts, gangbanging drive by's, clocking on the block(crack dealin'/crack ho's), bakkaball & BET... all for you, courtesy of "dem' cracka's." You really want a quick fix to racism in this country? Seriously? Then, segregate... no YT, no racism... simple. We'll take what's ours and gladly move west. But you don't want to do that, do you Toby? Just like the bamblanz & po po, you harass/bitch about them all the time and scare them off. Then bitch when there not around when sum broke ass brutha stole yo' weed and one of yo's babies momma's got shot daid. See Toby, your being exposed right now b/c in reality, you really don't want segregation b/c you know YT would be all over it (actually it's the one word that'll shut your nigger asses up pronto #realtalk). No, you'd rather PRETEND to cry & play to dumbass DWL sympathizers emotions so you can keep YT the golden goose supporting your loser asses. Not so you say? Then riddle me this dindu... Why are we always trying to keep you OUT and your always trying to get INTO YT's world? Anyway, so just to let you know, the offer is there (segregation amendment due to irreconcilable differences) to forgo YT's support payments (i.e babysitter clause) and go it alone. Just call 911 and tell them you want to "axe da' prezdent fo' divooce frum YT", they'll forward your call to an ebonics translator. Choice is yours. You could man up, stop the bitching/blame game, contribute proudly and gain some self-respect for yourself as well as from other ethnic groups in this country. "Den' all da' peeps be stop direspektin' you... noimsayin?"



Anonymous said...

Off topic but I saw a link to this story on race-based admissions:

College Reject Abigail Fisher May Ruin Affirmative Action For Everybody

(Notice the liberal slant in the title, which is why I am not posting the link)

On the heels of a historic week, the Supreme Court announced Monday that it would hear Fisher v. University of Texas, a case that challenges the use of race in Texas college admissions.
In other words, the Supreme Court will deliberate on whether affirmative action — a policy of favoring members of a disadvantaged group who suffer from systemic discrimination — is constitutional, and whether the University of Texas discriminated against a white woman named Abigail Fisher.

The Fisher v. University of Texas case began in 2008 when Fisher sued the University of Texas at Austin after being denied admission. According to Fisher, "There were people in my class with lower grades who weren't in all the activities I was in, who were being accepted into UT, and the only other difference between us was the color of our skin." She goes on to say she was taught that discrimination was wrong and that it has no place at the University of Texas.

While Fisher is the face of this case, it has to do with more than just her claim. She is a pawn in a larger game. Project on Fair Representation — a non profit legal defense fund that challenges ethnic classifications — and its director, Edward Blum, have propelled this case forward in hopes of ending affirmative action. It's essentially the polar opposite of the NAACP Defense Fund.

Things Don't Look Good for Affirmative Action

After hearing Fisher's case in 2012 and before bouncing this case back down to the lower court, it was clear that the conservative judges on the bench were ready to rule in favor of Fisher, thus destroying affirmative action.

Might want to keep tabs on this case Paul, the stakes are substantial.

Anonymous said...

Colored clergy and their churches preach the gospel of negronics, not the Gospel. Here we are.

Anonymous said...

My question to the good reverend is this: what would have happened to Sam Dubois had he cooperated with the officer and his investigation? One might ask the same of the outcome of Freddie Gray! What would have happened to “no limit nigga” Mr. Trayvon Martin had he just continued on home with his purple drank instead of doubling back and assaulting George Zimmerman? ALL of them would have been alive today! Time after time we see blacks being combative with police officers. Isn’t this why the uppity black bitch was arrested in Texas in the first place? She was stopped for a minor offence, but acted like a gorilla in the mist and got what she deserved (to be arrested!)

Black bad behavior is not surprising when one analyses the tweets of people like Trayvon Martin who went by the handle “no limit nigga.”

These kinds of tweets from blacks are indicative of their culture and why whites and blacks should be segregated. This stupidity is genetic in origin and cannot be fixed. The only thing that would have come from this thug had he lived was a lifetime of crimes against humanity.

Dubois was also not an angel like the “good” reverend might say! Black people cannot live in a civilized society without breaking laws.

All that Reverend Damon Lynch III is trying to do is to extort the release of the body cam video by using threats of violence. He doesn’t say that verbally, but it is ALWAYS implied. Frankly I am surprised that Joe Deters has not complied and released everything and given the young Negroes room to vent like in Baltimore.

PK is right: Cincinnati will be the next to explode in my opinion! Day wants de white peeples to feelz de pain of da niggaz! Day were all good boys and “dindu nuffins!”

Anonymous said...

I would like to make a point to one of our posters @ 8:42 PM: if blacks want the TOTAL truth, then give it to them. However, this cuts both ways: the time has come to view bad black behavior in the light of day. We do it here at SBPDL on a daily basis, but sometimes these stories are hidden deep on the last page of newspapers.

We need to spell out that blacks who attack whites via the knockout game are racists. Blacks are the ones causing businesses to shutter their windows and stores. A good example was the recent attack of a Wal-Mart in Macon, GA.

What the blacks will see in the body cam is a black man doing exactly what the officer said he did, and the officer had to shoot Dubois to save his own life. However, you know as well as I that the truth will be distorted as in the Michael Brown incident. The black thug NEVER had his hands up to surrender. The blacks were lying.

I would allow peaceful demonstrations, but not rioting. To be fair, I would put down a white rioter just as fast as a black one. Yep…the race wars are on the way and white people had better prepare for that day. They will need to protect themselves and their families and property. As a white man, I can tell you right now I would not go down without a fight!

Anonymous said...

I like how a big deal is made about having UC police not doing any policing off campus. Why not just have all of the police stay put at police stations all over the country on stand-by? Wouldn't that just be better for all involved? I mean, they are more than welcome to come by once they are called, but there's no need for them to be patrolling the streets, is there? As if jurisdiction is even remotely the problem here....

D-FENS said...

Show me a negro "pastor" and I'll show you a charlatan who is doing one or more of the following: molesting the choir girls (or boys), doing drugs, seeing hookers, extorting payoffs from businesses or engaged in financial fraud.

Anonymous said...

In a sane world the blacks would make demands and the police would tell them the shooting was legal and the government would side with the police and when the blacks riot or threaten to riot the police would simply round them up and lock them up for 10 years behind bars.

Anonymous said...

If they get the tape and it shows the cop being dragged, the narrative will change to this: "Why he haffa shoot him in da haid? Why he dinna shotted out da tyra?"

Medic Bear said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Off topic but I saw a link to this story on race-based admissions: College Reject Abigail Fisher May Ruin Affirmative Action For Everybody"

If only ! If the SCOTUS found for her, it will be a huge step toward justice and I wager many cases will follow - especially in CA and other beyond-DWL states where Blacks are worshiped in the school selection process.

And who knows, maybe it would give fuel to those who then challenge AA in other areas like hiring ! Especially the Fed - I have a friend who works at a local Fed agency that has over 40% Black staff ! Look at the overall non-DoD Fed numbers - it's welfare of a different manner since 80% of them would be unemployable otherwise !)

It would be so nice to see the first brick come out of the "legacy of da ebil slabery" BS myth used to beat-down Whites wall.

Anonymous said...

Harken back the last time there was a police shooting of a black perp that was entirely filmed on a police car's dash camera--April in Boston.

The police took their time in releasing that footage. They made sure to gather all the "community's" racial agitators (ministers, community organizers, etc) together in one place.

The thing is you have to have all these "black leaders" physically present to show them such a tape, you can't just release it on the internet. The police needed to be able to walk these blacks step-by-step through each frame of the tape, explaining away any conspiracy theory they might make up.

This process, though delayed, worked in Boston and the dead black perp wasn't canonized by the media.

If the tape is just quickly released to the public, these same black leaders would claim it was edited, or that a blip of static or a dog running across the screen was a reason to clear their "teen" of the crime and cry racism. Thousands of faults in the footage would be found before the police had a chance to respond.

In order to nip each one of their impending stupid questions in the bud, the police themselves need to sift through the footage frame by frame and pick out any detail the blacks might have a question about and have an answer ready for them. Telling them, "I don't know what that is" during one of these tape releases is akin to admitting guilt to the blacks who are circling for blood. Then, of course, you have to show the tape to the would-be rabble rousers and take their questioning and prove to them without a doubt there has been no editing. Due to the likely IQ of those the police will be trying to convince, this will no doubt be a lengthy and tedious process that can only be made smoother by having one's talking points carefully outlined beforehand.

Such detailed analysis of the footage and preparation of talking points takes time, hence the delay in its release.

Anonymous said...

A little white boy (still in diapers) is dead because his brain dead, bat shit crazy, dumbass white mother had to mate with a coon. I believe this low life black thug killed her son.

After a while, it would seem that white women would wake the fuck up! Groids are no good; they will beat, rape and rob you. I wonder where all the clamor is for an innocent child getting killed by an ape? (No reverends asking for "jussis" here becaue the murderer was a coon!)

There is an answer to this problem! It is a four letter word that begins with an r and ends with an e. Anyway, I will continue to read on a daily basis how blacks don’t deserve to live with civilized men and women.

Anonymous said...

IQTests have been given to children in this country since the very late 1930s. Thats a long time, blacks with a IQ of 85 just cant make it in a civilized society. The few manual labor jobs that this low IQ people can do, has been taken over by the illegals. Blacks dont want those, or any job at all, its a white thang.

85 IQ is the median, half are above and half are below this number. The future for us realist is bright, common sense is starting to return. Its going to be a wild trip, hang on many changes are coming in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Im old enough to remember the riots of 1967 in Detroit. I was 18 at the time and can still remember the smoke billowing high in the sky. What finally stop the riots dead were the solders, that had just finished fighting in Viet nam. The 1st cav moved in and things returned to normal within 2 days.

They are not like us. Never have been, never will be. Hell after 50+ years, what can change with those people, nothing.


Anonymous said...

"A Panel of Pastors". Do churches these days do anything other than SJW "looks at muh" stuff? The Church has a lot of blame to bear in the history of White disenfranchisement. Note those nice White pastors in the video. Bet they're thinking "see, I'm one of the GOOD Whites!". I haven't seen the church stand up to one damned black power grab thing since the Civil Rights era began.

Also note that the result of this contretemps is an area will "no longer be patrolled". Let's cede more territory to amorphous lawlessness. Will that help, Pastors?

GrimmTale said...

IMO A good article regarding the 2001 Cincinnati Riots: (by Heather MacDonald whose many other articles I've found online, over numerous website sources, are in line with SBPDL's website, and reporting of the TRUTH regarding *conjured-up racism* and the prolific media bias behind all of it.) History does repeat itself, and the same cries of po-po brutality, economic badlands blacks find themselves in because of whites, and of course, education systems that fail to teach, are highlighted for each criminal black shot - turned riot event...but of course, our MSM fail to notice, or report these little tidbits.

Medic Bear said...

Anyone who uses "They're just like us" - ala the "paint theory" needs to be forced to read one day of New Nation News -

The above mentioned human baby is yet one more example of the depths of evil these f'ing scum stoop to on an hourly basis - evil violence is as natural to the nogs as breathing.

They ARE NOT "just like us" - they are evil, feral, uncivilized f'ing monsters who aren't fit to be around civilized humans. Even the IKAGOs who are one chimpout away from showing THEIR true colors.

F'k these "reverends" and their lot - f'k 'em all.
Blacks and civilization ARE INCOMPATIBLE.

We need the return of segregation at the very least. Other answers would be better but this country does not have the stomach or balls to do what is necessary.

PNW Realist said...

Santa Ono has quite a list of accomplishments to his name. Contrast his CV with that of even the most "edumacated" black.

PNW Realist said...


"Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
And the fire is so delightful,
And since we don't have to earn,
Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn."

...there, fixed it for you.

Pat Boyle said...

I think about this incident the same way I think about 'Shark Week'. A couple weeks ago it was official Shark week on TV. This is the annual week long celebration on national TV of the shark attacks. This last year the excitement over sharks led to the surprise hit of 'Sharknado' and that movie has been followed by other flying shark sequels.

In my neighborhood we have a real wild animal danger. We have deer. Here in the hills there are plenty of raccoons, opossums and such. There are signs posted not far from my back yard warning about cougars. That sounds dangerous but in fact since cougars kill the deadly deer they probably save human lives.

What are the objective animal dangers? In a normal year sharks kill one or two people somewhere in the world. I don't thing a cougar has ever killed a human. But routinely - year in and year out - about 200 people die each year from deer. And this is not just a theoretical danger. My best friend's oldest brother died hitting a deer. When the Tule Fog rolls in, as it does each winter, we have incidents of people almost hitting some of the ubiquitous deer. I've had several close calls myself.

What has this to do with the Officer Tensing shooting?

It illustrates that the human perception of risk an and violence is not rational. People are afraid of harmless sharks but ignore the deer that are massacring them. So it is with the shooting of blacks. Cops will occasionally kill a black man as in this case. That makes for a big news item. But the real danger to black lives comes from black men themselves and this simply is ignored.

Officer Tensing was caught by the car of Sam Dubose and being dragged down the street. This is a freak occurrence. Just as the Freddie Gray incident was bizarrely unusual. The usual black death is when one black male teenage shoots another one. But this kind of incidence is too common to arouse any media attention - just like a car hitting a deer in the fog. People's imaginations however are enflamed by rare, crazy events like Freddie Gary breaking his neck when the paddy wagon went over a bump or a shark getting caught in a tornado and coming down on land.


SKIP said...

" The police needed to be able to walk these blacks step-by-step through each frame of the tape, explaining away any conspiracy theory they might make up."

Remember what the negro sow said in Fergustan "Facts! we don nid no facts, WE MAD"

Anonymous said...

We need to spell out that blacks who attack whites via the knockout game are racists.

Thing is, to blacks being a "racist" is a good thing. Blacks believe in racial solidarity, blacks organize along racial lines, and blacks use violence against whites to attain racial goals.

White people have disarmed themselves psychologically by making "racism" into a baaaaaad thing. Because whites do not organize or defend themselves on racial lines, they keep losing. The answer is not in calling blacks "racists" but in reclaiming the morale high ground for white racialism.

Californian said...

Very good points:

The thing is you have to have all these "black leaders" physically present to show them such a tape, you can't just release it on the internet. The police needed to be able to walk these blacks step-by-step through each frame of the tape, explaining away any conspiracy theory they might make up.

And again, it shows the dilemma in having politicized black organizations (like their churches). The simplest things--like showing a videotape--become exercises in information warfare. You can not have civil society when you are always one step away from an urban guerrilla uprising.

Anonymous said...

The case of the execution-style Black-on-White murder on a Hollywood street this past Fourth of July weekend took a bizarre turn Friday night with the arrest of the suspect who is now being held on $1 million bail.

Ezeoma Obioha, the 31-year-old man arrested by Los Angeles police for the murder Carrie Jean Melvin, also 31, was known to police—as a civilian member of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Area Community-Police Advisory Board with the title of Secretary.

Obioha was a rapper and entrepreneur who presented himself as being “all about protecting the community” and helping stop young minorities from “gang-banging.”

Euro American said...

About easy admission to the university of texas if you are black...
Unless you have had a DNA test, you have no idea if you are part black.
Why wouldn't you mark "African American", then, on the application form? It helps you get in.
I do not think this is immoral. What, your parents told you you are pure white? Obama KNOWS his mom is white, she raised him white, and he claims he is African American.
Anyway, parents say all kinds of things like "Noah lived 600 years"...
Also, we all "came out of Africa" so even a DNA test shows that.

Are the professors told in English 101 who is black? Will the professor look at you funny if you have straight hair?

Unless it will benefit you, identifying ourselves by race on official forms, really EVER, is a baaaaad idea.

Julie said...

Off topic, but hope PK will use the comment.

Many of us here have an interest in the broader picture, the influences that have made the situation with negroes so much worse that it might otherwise be. The state is behind it, the federal government that is. What do we do? Elect republicans? That hasn't and it won't work out for us. Buy a fancy flashlight for your AR 15? Blame the Jews? Complain a lot?

I've just finished Charles Murray's By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission. It's more than an excellent book on where we are in this country and how we got here. Mr. Murray has an actual solution, one that could gradually change the way this nation operates with respect to our freedoms. He's honest about where we are. He recognizes the tremendously destructive nature of the left. I'll summarize his main solution and I can't help but brutally simplify it. A widely funded defense fund would make it difficult for the feds to prosecute nonsensical "crimes" falling into the malum prohibitum category. If there was a broad common defense fund for these type of things, the feds may begin to ask themselves "is this prosecution worth it?". It's a poor summary of his premise, so read the book.

The interesting thing, the encouraging thing is that here is a solution. Something you could do NOW, donate to his Madison Fund. Cancel the cable service and your subscription to Time magazine and send that money to what Mr. Murray calls the defense fund. That's a two-for, help kill the media and fund an entity that over time could be very instrumental in ending the growth in prosecutorial tyranny upon or freedoms. That tyranny is well illustrated by the fed's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, along with a billion other examples.

Californian said...

Obioha was a rapper and entrepreneur who presented himself as being “all about protecting the community” and helping stop young minorities from “gang-banging.”

OK, whenever a black teen is gunned down, we are told that he is an "aspiring rapper" whose promising career was cut short by YT's gun violence. So now we have a prime example of what happens when an aspiring rapper becomes a real rapper. He becomes a suspect in a cold blooded murder of a white woman.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lost-in-Miami Here,

“Police officer shoots UNARMED Black man . . .”

How much longer are we going to hear this ludicrous meme? When a citizen chooses to start a physical conflict with an armed police officer that person has initiated an armed conflict. The officer has a firearm; if the officer is defeated in the physical struggle is it reasonable to assume that the assailant shall attempt to seize the pistol? Must the officer wait and see if the thug can defeat him first? And must officer wait and see if thug intends to seize his weapon after he defeats the officer with fisticuffs?

YES, NO, NO! . . .

When are the American Africans going to get it? If you resist arrest with violence, you are subject to being shot! And no, dah poelice-ez can’t shoot to wound or incapacitate. Center of mass that’s the target . . . don’t forget it. Oh yeah, and when you attempt to drive off / flee with an officer standing on the street next to your vehicle . . . you are threatening the officer with a deadly weapon. You are now subject to being shot! No, the officer doesn’t have to wait to see if you intend to aim the vehicle at him that may be too late.

Maybe a PSA on TV and radio that says, “If you don’t want to get shot by the poo-poo then don’t resist arrest.” How much simpler can it be?

Unarmed White men don’t get shot by the police because they are less likely to resist arrest, again a plain and simple fact. Facts can be so annoying.

Anonymous said...

And yet ANOTHER bit of info worth noting is this......Remember the girl in Vegas walking down the street with her boyfriend..? Low-life negroe comes by....and shoots her in the back of her head..? The negro's name is Ezeoma Obioha ( pronounced like ebola obama...?) Turns out the CEO name of a black orginization that represents themselves as a neighborhood watch program has the same last name. All black and want to be armed to the teeth in YOUR neighborhood. And funded by none other than George Soros. This needs exposure : NC Realist

Playing Roots Backwards said...

The fact that the video hasn't been released makes me suspect that we haven't heard the true story yet. It's a lot like the pictures of the horribly mutilated Ferguson cop. The cops are just dragging their feet in releasing damning evidence until the abysmally short groid attention span turns back to KFC.

Why should it matter to us whether the shooting was legit or not? Let's just count our blessings and rejoice in the fact that there is one less troubled colored fellow in our midst.

Let our little brothers in Cincinnati have their tantrum. They will only succeed in chasing off more White folks and expanding the food desert they created through earlier bouts of misbehavior.

Everything the descendants of cannibals do from now on will be scrutinized by a new and growing highly-reluctant breed of race realists. I personally know people who used to say N-word in private who now say the whole word in public. We can thank the dark horde for that transformation.

As I have said for several decades, the best cure for Negrophilia is exposure to Negroes.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Mr. Rational: Monroe County sits directly in between Detroit and Toledo and it is 92.5% White. I don't know how those folks have managed to keep their turf free of cultural enrichment, but that would be an important thing for us to learn.

Unknown said...

Anon @ 1:18 am re:Open letter to Negroes

I laughed through my tears...SO FREAK'N TRUE!!!

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Julie: I say buy Murray's new book, make a donation to the Madison Fund AND buy that fancy flashlight for your AR-15. Don't count on words or money to fix everything.

Anonymous said...

They're also guilty of hate preach.
I'm sure that the devil is dancing in anticipation of their arrival.

Anonymous said...

Wow just look at that still shot you have there from the video clip, just look at those blue eyes wide open in Total adulation and praise. Just looking at the negro he is just besides himself standing so close to one of the descendants probably of African kings ,lmfao! He looks like he is going to pop a nut right then and there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the poster who gave the link to the shotgun killing suspect. Remember that beautiful white woman who was seemingly gunned down at random by a black guy? It should have been obvious that something was up when he didn't either rob and/or rape her before/after killing her. He owed HER money and she threatened to get the authorities involved so he tried to be all Goodfellas gangster-like and whacked her. Isn't it usually the one who is owed money who does the killing? And surprise, surprise, he was also heavily involved in an organization that aims to hamstring police. The lack of future-time orientation with this one is strong.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh please the Church dosent do anything that it can't profit from in some way, shape or form lol
Most are as corrupt as our govt, its sad but true.

tradcon said...

If we white folks ever want to have any chance of disconnecting from black folks in this country, then we must, I believe, drop any reference to "segregation," because of that terms unbreakable connection to the "turrible, turrible legacy of the slabery" and Jim-Crow laws. Instead, I respectfully submit that we solely use the term "separation," because that was the very term explicitly used, and the solution expressly urged, by one of the militant black folks' greatest heroes, Malcom X. He vigorously and repeatedly argued (on camera--look it up) that the white and black races simply could not live together and, therefore, needed legal and physical separation into separate countries (he rejected the solution of "segregation" because that had been an evil institution erected by YT). As tensions continue to grow between the two races, few actions could be more appealing to the ever angrier black folks than our agreeing with one of their most militant leaders. Language is fundamentally important in all political endeavors and we white folks must be extremely disciplined in our usage of the same if we are to have any hope of succeeding. Let's urge separation rather than segregation.

Anonymous said...

A poster said we should use separation versus segregation: I could live with that! I would also like to restore freedom of association which would mean segregation, but the groids wouldn’t know that! The ruling by Obama concerning affirmative housing seeks to spread the groids around so their impact is not so bad on any one community. Deep down, even black people know they can’t live with one another. The young rioters in Baltimore were too young to realize why their neighborhoods stunk. To find the reason they just needed to ask one question: how many coons live in this community? I would say somewhere around 25% and the neighborhood is gone. The libtards want to spread the groids out so they won’t kill each other as bad, and will rape, rob, and kill more white people. You see, the white, self-hating liberals will want to protect black lives and insure they are fully supported by white middle class workers, and that blacks increasingly commit most of their vile acts against the people they loath (their own brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers)

Anonymous said...


part of the terrible legacy of slavery...

awakened white said...

crap going down! alert! prepare to batten down the hatches! po-lice pepper spray in cinny!

breaking bookmark if you haven't

its like a drudge

chattanooga gal said...

"Why wouldn't you mark "African American", then, on the application form? It helps you get in."
And, if they question you on it, you could always use the famous line " I identify as black"
seriously, though, we all need to mark the next census or whatever as black or other just to combat being targeted for AFFH.

Anonymous said...

If you're not focusing on the genetic differences in the intellects of negroes and Humans you're just wasting your time...

chattanooga gal said...

you know tradcon, you have a very good point. how could they argue agaisn't Malcolm X's own words? I will use separation instead of segregation from now on. besides, most of them will never figure out that the 2 are the same thing...

Anonymous said...

Week after week, day in and day out we see the same faces of crime! For each coon killed by a white, a thousand whites are killed by coons (at least the ones we know about). How long is the white man going to take this bullshit? Why can’t we break the chains that have us bound to these ungrateful savages? Why do we have to live with them? Are we not in charge of the government, and isn’t the government suppose to support us? Well…that has not been what I have seen in the last 50 years.

Where is the outrage when murders happen in places like Knoxville, or down in Georgia?

The only way to freedom is through power, and we need to stick together to have the power to do this. One way blacks have benefited from white people is that white people to this day remain divided. What will it take to awaken the spirit in white people to protect their own from these animals?

A couple of years ago two nigga boys killed a little white girl in New Jersey for her bike! Now…suppose that roles were reversed and two white boys killed a nigga girl for her bike! You would have the entire FBI and Federal Government seeking to see that ALL white people paid for that crime, but since the murder was of a sweet young white girl who never raised a fist to anyone, her life does not matter to blacks or our current government. How long can this ludicrous charade continue? The fat nigga preachers don’t care about facts when the crime was done by one of their own. We can learn something from the fat nigga preachers: we need to stick together to beat these bastards.

NY Girl said...

"They may become so calm and happy, that you could pet their nappy heads. That would be nice."

No. No, it wouldn't. I wouldn't even want to feed them through the bars.

Anonymous said...

O/T but you already know if it's posted here, it's all relative.

Cleveland, Ohio - July 26, 2015

First "Black Lies Matter" Expo at Cleveland State University
where a situation broke out when a 14 year old "teen youf"
was aperested by a RTA LEO. RTA is our public transportation
network in Cleveland, Ohio, which I heard is better know as
the "Return To Africa" bus line.

LEO's had to use pepper spray to get the ruthless crowd
under control.

PK, let's put Cleveland on the map once again in respect to
Tamir Rice, the 14 year old "teen youf" that was out in the
park pointing a fake gun at other people, where as he got
shot to death by a CPD LEO for not putting the gun down and
instead reaching for it.

Just like the Black Expo in Indianapolis, anywhere these folks
conglomerate, that unless and even if a big police force is
present, anything can happen at any given moment or situation,
making them known to be very volatile and fragile minded ppl,
who ONLY know how to resort to violence to get their mindless
point across, which is "accept our behavior because this is
who we are". We don't have to follow no YT laws, blah blah blah!

Well in that case, I guess there is only one other option for the
whole shhtload of you ALL. One way ticket to you know where.

Strap em all with a parachute, teach them once which cord to
pull and drop em all back off, by plane, to the motherland.

Just as Philadelphia Mike would say.... GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NATION !!!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 7:13 PM

Just as Philadelphia Mike would say.... GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NATION !


Philadelphia Mike, here. Thanks for thinking of me, but I think you might have me confused with one of the other Mikes...maybe Michigan Mike...or someone else.

I have a few favorite lines:

Be Vocal, Be Bold, Be Fearless.

Where There's White, There's Hope.

White Silence = White Death

But the one you posted isn't one of them.

Thanks, anyway.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

At what point do we as a civilized society decide to just throw the towel in? By that I mean stop finding these animals? Stop working, stop paying taxes. I bet is fucking eat better than I do now. Fuck em.

Anonymous said...

Playing Roots Backwards said ”. . . Why should it matter to us whether the shooting was legit or not? Let's just count our blessings and rejoice in the fact that there is one less troubled colored fellow in our midst. . . “

True, any reduction in their numbers is a blessed thing. A couple of advantages to the shooting being deemed “legit” is that LE will be more likely to continue handling these situations in the same manner, and an officer known to be willing to use deadly force will continue to be a LE officer.

Billy said...

Jim Crow was right.

Anonymous said...

Think of how volatile this situation is and this is with EBT, WIC, Section 8 etc. still working. Now think back a few years ago to the Clayton County, Ga. temporary disruption in EBT replenishment back in 2011 during good weather when everything else was working. These people are ready to explode anyway on a good day, no reason is ever necessary, forget about that.

When the financial system chokes again like it did in 2008 they will be screwed. I hope it happens in the late Autumn, it will be too cold for them to riot, they have made no preparations, they will need YT to bail them out again but they have gone to the well too many times, fuck 'em.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...


If no one has posted it yet.

Anonymous said...

Seems like in most cop battery cases.....They were prodded into violence...just saying...

riptapart said...

Now that does sound sensible. It vaguely makes me think of that insurance you can purchase for if you ever have to use your firearm to defend yourself and/or someone else.

Julie said...

riptapart said...
Now that does sound sensible. It vaguely makes me think of that insurance you can purchase for if you ever have to use your firearm to defend yourself and/or someone else.

If you are referring to Charles Murray's concept, you are correct. His plan essentially creates an insurance fund that's used to create a defense against government persecution (he specifically exempts support for those looking to avoid taxes and running afoul of feds in that way, which is a sensible limitation). It reduces government to a hazard that you insure yourself against. His suggestion was that specific industries create their own defense funds. His examples were dentists, whose standards would be overseen by their industry and individual dentists insured against nonsense like installing wheel chair ramps or whatever.

I think it was Milton Friedman who said that we need to create government that forces the wrong people to do the right thing. In other words, we can't depend on the right people being elected or placed in the bureaucracy. We must create a system that forces them to do the right thing. Murray's Madison fund is a step in that direction. Murray is a brilliant guy.

quinnotaur said...

Look at the legaleeze in the tax code. Do you know the legal definition of employee? I'll bet you dont. Check it out and let me know of you are one...

Anonymous said...

Wayne State University Police help Detroit Police all the time, belittling campus police departments is a lame hoax chant. Here we go