Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Cincinnati #BlackLivesMatter Riot in Honoring a Habitual Black Criminal with Nearly 75 Prior Arrests Inches Closer...

The fire rises... the inevitability of #BlackLivesMatter influenced riot on behalf of a dead black male - who used his car as a weapon to try and run over a cop - with nearly 75 prior arrests, inches closer. [Protesters to focus on Deters after UCPD video withheld,, July 22, 2015]:

Protesters and family members of Samuel Dubose, the man shot and killed by a University of Cincinnati police officer on Sunday, announced they plan to protest outside Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters' office on Thursday.
A crowd of family, friends and activists gathered at City Hall Wednesday night calling for Deters to release the body camera footage from what originated as a traffic stop but ended in a fatal shooting.
Deters announced earlier Wednesday that the footage would not be released until his investigation was completed, which he estimates will take till the end of the week.
"We have to do the right thing, and that doesn't mean blasting it all over the media when we haven't completed our interviews, received the coroner's report or results of the ballistics test," Deters said. "I'm not going to jeopardize my investigation."
Family and community members plan to pressure Deters with protests beginning at 11 a.m. Thursday.
Calls were also made for Deters to call the officer a "thug," “soulless” and “unsalvageable” reflecting statements he made about the perpetrators of July 4 melee on Fountain Square.
“We want the same language that has been used on the black community to be used on this officer,” said Iris Roley, a member of the Cincinnati Black United Front, an organization that rallies behind equality in the community. “We want to know Joe Deters is serious about prosecuting this officer. If he does not charge him with the appropriate charges, we won’t be looking at a conviction, we won’t be looking at jail time. All we will be doing is looking at each other once again.”
Plans for further protests were discussed as well including a boycott of this weekend's Cincinnati Music Festival, formerly known as the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival.

Never forget: blacks rioted in Baltimore in April of 2015 to honor the memory of a convicted heroin dealer. 

To honor a habitual criminal in Dubose will merely be par the course for the blacks in Cincinnati. 

But that Deters brings up something interesting. 

Remember him? In July of 2014, a white man was targeted by a mob of blacks at the Taste of Cincinnati. [5 indicted on assault, ethnic intimidation charges in attack: 3 assaulted near Taste of Cincinnati,, July 16, 2014]:
Five people have been indicted in connection with a downtown attack that followed the Taste of Cincinnati. 
Jon Deters, 24, was assaulted on West Ninth Street as he was walking his sister to her car on Memorial Day weekend. His father is Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters. 
On Tuesday, Matthew Johnson Jr., 23, Joshua McCoy, 21, Onea Lapsley, 22, Yahdea Brown, 19, and a 17-year-old were each indicted on one count of felonious assault, two counts of assault, one count of aggravated riot and one count of ethnic intimidation. 
A witness previously said the attack was racially motivated, noting "that was quite obvious in the slurs that were being thrown out.” The suspects are black, while Deters is white. 
"If that lady hadn't stepped in, Jon would be dead because he was a white kid and it's disgusting either way," Joe Deters said.
Outside of those watching the WLWT newscast in the Cincinnati region on the night of July 16, 2014, who even knows what befell Joe Deters when he attended the Taste of Cincinnati event? 

By some twist of fate, the very same county prosecutor whose son was beaten by a black mob (his crime: being white) at the Taste of Cincinnati in 2014 is the man who will decided whether or not to press hate crime charges against the black mob which beat McKnight. [Prosecutor Joe Deters reviews downtown assault, Local 12, July 9, 2015]:
Prosecutor Joe Deters said he has reviewed the evidence of Saturday’s July 4, attack on Fountain Square and he does "not" think it was a hate crime. But that doesn't mean the young men seen beating Christopher McKnight were going to get away with anything. So many people saw the video of McKnight, a white guy being beaten by black men, and went right to hate crime.    
  There is more to the story. 
Prosecutor Deters told Local 12 it wasn't just a white guy, he was a white guy who was intoxicated and had his wallet hanging out. 
Deters said McKnight was robbed and he kept coming back, motioning as if he wanted to keep fighting. What he was saying was, “I want my stuff back.”    
  He still doesn't have his wallet or cellphone. It really didn't fit Ohio's ethnic intimidation law. 
Under that law motivation for the assault would have to be about race, color, religion or national origin.    
  In some cases, that motivation was verbalized. That was what happened in 2014 at the Taste of Cincinnati when people were indicted under that law. 
The police report taken Saturday night, July 4, called the assault a "hate" crime and "anti-white." 
Captain Neville said he didn't think that was what it was going to be and Joe Deters agreed. But Deters also said he was going after the men in that video.
It was Deters own son who was attacked by a group of blacks during the Taste of Cincinnati event in 2014 referenced in the WKRC CBS (Local 12) story above... 

There's a frightening lesson somewhere in these two stories, separated by only 12 months: multiple black people attacking a lone person, with one of the episodes victim including the son of the Hamilton County prosecutor and the other including the same prosecutor who quickly brushed aside the news McKnight's beating might have been motivated by racial hate.

But what's the lesson?

Now, Deters will make a decision ultimately condemning the city to enduring more black riots (see 2001 riots in the city) and potential black on white assaults in the name of Justice for Samuel Dubose... just as his own son endured at the 2014 Taste of Cincinnati event.

Regardless of what the body cam shows of the event, this one incident in Cincinnati will bring about a #BlackLivesMatter riot. 


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....A while back I mentioned how a CATTLE PROD made a good weapon for self defense. A small short one would be good in the car in case of a car jacking. A longer one for the home. They work on flashlight batteries and have on and off switches.

One night I'm talking to a local cowboy who accidentally got zapped by one. They were loading a cattle truck and he got hit in the leg. It was OUCH...OUCH...OUCH all the way to his pickup truck about 50 feet away. He laid in the bed of the truck for about ten minutes before he felt like moving. Depending where you live it might not be a bad idea to have one around the house. Keep away from children. You can buy them over the internet.

Anonymous said...

“We want the same language that has been used on the black community to be used on this officer,” said Iris Roley, a member of the Cincinnati Black United Front, an organization that rallies behind equality in the community.

Ok, see if you can follow my logic here.

The respectable Iris Roley is a member of an organization that rallies behind equality in the community. She must be there to fight for equality, because in her and her organization's absence inequality is present. If her organization was to succeed and achieve equality, it would not be disbanded, as inequality will rear its ugly head again. Without her an her organization, it is inevitable actually. It is a constant job apparently.

Isn't this a tacit admission that blacks will always end up being unequal and not on par with other races? If you can't succeed without a steady stream of free help isn't it obvious that you are no where near equal?

And to top it off, it appears that she mainly wants equal punishment and suffering. She "wants" the cop to be ridiculed and harassed with a bunch of name calling. What a heart of gold. Can you imagine a white (or any non-black) making comments like this? Looks like with have a new MLK Jr. on our hands.

Anonymous said...

"A pull-over related to a license plate should not, in the normal course of events, lead to lethal force and the death as it has in this case," Cranley said at a news conference. "Therefore, reform is in order, and it's the right thing to do."

No it shouldn't. Normal people don't scuffle with law enforcement, knowing that they use deadly force. They found him drunk with no driver's licence (since it was suspended and he was not supposed to be driving) and he was stupid/intoxicated enough to hand the officer an open container of alcohol.

The officers had his @ss at that point anyway, so like all thugs he resisted arrest and put officers at risk. Why even go there? Do you think pushing boundaries with the police is a good idea?

You get pulled over. Tough sh@t, happens to everyone, not just the endangered blackie. Act in a civilized (see: non-aggressive) manner when interacting with the man with the gun and jurisdiction to use it and guess what- you don't end up getting killed. You get to go on with your life. It's just that easy. I guess it will always just be whitey's big secret.

Anonymous said...

Tia Edwards, co-chairwoman of Black Lives Matter Cincinnati, told NBC News that a march to the scene of the shooting was in the works for Sunday afternoon, with Dubose's mother and brother at the front of the line.

I wonder if each one of his baby mommas will follow behind them in a single file line organized by birth order.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.......Well it looks like I'll be able to get another memorial tee shirt for my collection. I started my collection with some really cool Travon Martin tee shirts. Now I'm hoping for a really nice SAMUEL DUBOSE BE FULL OF LOVE shirt. Even though Sam was an "older teen" I only want a tee shirt with a picture of him at 12 years old.

Anonymous said...

I selected the gem in "Dr." Brittany Cooper's latest article so you don't have to slog through the grievance sections:

"When I was a kid, my cousins, country boys who spent their days fishing, hunting and riding four-wheelers, frequently teased me for having “book smarts, but no common sense.” Regardless, what I know for sure is that Black women don’t kill themselves when they know for sure that someone is on the way to get them out of prison for a minor traffic offense. Though I have a Ph.D., I certainly don’t need one to tell me that."

She talks a lot about being an "over-achiever" (translation: over-achiever for a black person) but the last line was just too much. What is her degree in? Africana Women's Grievance studies? I wonder if it is as difficult to get a Ph.D. in say, chemical engineering or ethology than it is to get one in say, Lesbo/Black/African/Victim/Media studies? I would love to compare thesis' across disciplines. I bet that would make for a good afternoon laugh.

I've noticed a repeating patterns of victimization data and stories complete with easy to remember and regurgitate catch-phrases that make one "smart". I wonder if getting a degree in some of these classes is basically showing up to class, reading radical literature, and agreeing with it in both class discussions or in those rough 2 page assignments. When subjectivity rules the day you know incompetence isn't lurking far behind. Basically b.s. degrees that are just paper showing mr. or ms. affirmative action can complete coursework on a schedule. Must be fun to be an actual black black studies major and then tying up all class discussions with an assistance that you can't be wrong about anything in the class because well, you be black. Learning about how very very sorry you really should feel for yourself and how you are owed apologies and @ss-kissing the world over and being able to regurgitate it back must be such a chore.

And this is why the job market is flooded with skill-less "over credentialed" people and why a masters degree is required to compete in fields where it wasn't deemed necessary before.

I'm so sick of going along with this act, like they are pulling their own weight, and that they deserve all the attention and pity that they constantly get. All black people and white police day after day, month after month, it isn't hard to see why people are really starting to get fed up with this b.s.

The polish on the turd is finally wearing off. This is a good thing.

nobody said...

As a racist no lives matter except the members of my race. Whites are the least racist people on the planet. If we were not, their probably would be no other races still existing.Thats the way nature works.

Kevin said...

And may I add, 13! Yes 13! children. Jesus h Christ.

Ricky in Cali said...

I have a question and even though it seems like a stupid question its not. It's a question that has been asked many times but I can't get a straight answer.....


Honestly, 3 blacks beat a white guy. 5 blacks beat a white guy. 50 BLACKS beat a white guy. Hammers, gunshots, raping their spouse, when does it become a hate crime? When was the last successful Black on White hate crime conviction?

Can someone please explain to me as if I was a 4th grader what exactly is a hate crime when the perp is Black? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Another sleepless night. Another New York story. In the late 70's I had a bicycle and used to cruise around town at night. I went everywhere and it was safer than walking. About midnight I'm on the East side just South of the Williamsburg Bridge. I stop to light a cigarette by some housing projects. I'm leaning on a guard rail looking across the East River at the skyline of Brooklyn when the voice in my head says TURN AROUND. When I turned I saw A Youthful American Teenage Person of Color from Africa tippy toeing up behind me. He even had his hands spread out like he was going to grab me. I had long hair and a beard and I guess from the back he thought I was a woman. When he saw the beard he froze.

He became nice and friendly and we talked a little. It was hard for him to speak. He told me he had a broken jaw that was held together with wire. He said it got broken in a fight which meant he mugged the wrong guy. When I asked him how he ate he said "I ead thoup wid a thraw."

We parted ways and as I peddled off it hit me like a ton of bricks. Here this fucker was with a broken jaw and he was still out prowling the streets looking for someone to mug. These creatures are from another planet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about a subtle attack on the First Amendment. Now it only applies to blacks. You know, the minority of aspiring rappers and refrigeration engineers for whom our entire legal system is ostensibly being rewritten (by powerful people with their own tribal instincts and interests).

They can beat people and yell racial slurs, but that's "ethnic intimidation," not racism.

If you or I as white men or women say ANYTHING the SJWs don't like, we can be called full blown racists (i.e., latter day Witches) and robbed of money, property, family, home, security, work, etc., and get twitard-mobbed by the Eye of Soros legions.

But now if a gang of feral blacks picks a white target, it only counts if they "verbalize motivation"?

Anonymous said...

How much nuffin would a dindu do if a dindu dindu nuffin ? - a poster on the AK files

Anonymous said...

"Plans for further protests were discussed as well including a boycott of this weekend's Cincinnati Music Festival, formerly known as the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival."

Anonymous said...

The "culture" is that only women and children starve. The "culture" is that even though the USA is dumping enough food to feed everybody from airplanes, that food gets sold and people starve. The DWL would be cursing out a bunch of white people starving their women and kids, corruption, flies in the hospital. He would start a lawsuit against soldiers who rape and castrate. That DWL would find out what "religion" these people have and excoriate it. He would ask whites WHY they would have children when they pretty much are certain that starvation will occur again and again in their country. But, no blacks get to birth lots of children knowing they will starve with a free pass. But they are just so damn cruel, incompetent and stupid, that DWL's gotta love em.

riptapart said...

Again, I will have no hatred for the Blacks who riot and act like baboons in other of this dreg who has been euthanized. They will just be behaving the way evolution and genetics dictate they behave. It is the White Liberal who I direct all my anger toward. They have created this society of "diversity, equality, and acceptance". The religion of Liberalism has indoctrinated so many people, that we just do not have the numbers to bring some sanity back to our country........... YET. But as the indoctrinated drones see more and more Black behavior, and way of thinking on display, those numbers will continue to grow as people see they have been duped.

Anonymous said...

Dashawn Dindu Diddley

Maybe we could give those Planed Parenthood witches the dough to buy to those Lamborginis if they promise to seriously target all our major urban centers such as Baltimore and Cinncinati and "get 'er done" once and for all - however, with the stipulation that they send all those body parts to Haiti or Mozambique or some such place.

Anonymous said...

OT, but surprised this woman in Texas is getting so much libtard news coverage - she was killed in jail by a black. Normally black crime is covered up.

paul marchand said...

Time to split this country.....left there, us over here.
They take care of theirs, we'll take care of ours.

Awake in Seattle said...

"When was the last successful Black on White hate crime conviction?"

I also would like to know what constitutes a hate crime when Blacks attack other non-White groups. Negroes notoriously hate Asians. When a Black attacks a Korean or a Pakistani, is it a hate crime?

It is probably dismissed by the DWL-run culture as the natural result of the resentment of Blacks when seeing Asians run successful businesses in their blighted ghettos.

After all, how dare these people show up to the US impoverished, and build wealth and stability within a single generation? That's obviously more anti-Negro juju, and justifies Black anger towards them.

The Negro inferiority complex is astounding. All the looks-at-muh, demanding "respect", hatred of races that are more able, all of that stems from a deep and profound lack of self-esteem. The fact that the Negro's natural response is violence costs Western societies in so very many ways.

Anonymous said...

Threats by blacks to boycott events are never met with dismay but with utter joy at the thought that none will be present. However, it's their oft mentioned narcissism that prevents them from realizing that truth. No one wants mobs of blacks around for all the obvious and well documented reasons. Of course, blacks would scream, "That's racist!" but it's actually behaviorist- no one wants to put up with their foul and uncivilized behavior. That, of course, results in screams of, "You ain't respekin' black culcha!" Don't ask, "What is there to respect? Please give me some examples" as that only causes a reversion to screams of racism and how "you got an attitude against black folks and is discriminatin'!"
Dealing with their stupidity is too much of a burden for any society to bear. All one can do when they threaten a boycott is say, "Oh God, please, please, please let it be true and let it happen!"
IF blacks would only decide to boycott all malls, theaters, restaurants, stores and parks in white areas and all public celebrations, whites would be absolutely ecstatic.
Hmmm. Now there's an idea- just as we've read stories of blacks being paid NOT to kill, perhaps their EBT cards and welfare and other perks could be dependent on the requirement that they stay in their areas or else the money stops. If such a requirement was in place, Momma Sheboon would beat the hell out of her chilluns with a club if she even heard them whisper about leaving the area. Maybe tie the money to the idea of "one chillun" only and if they have more than one, the money gets cut not increased.
Oh well. Don't mind me. I just got excited at the idea of a black boycott and one thing lead to another.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a few negroes have hit the negroe lotto. The city of Cinci will end up paying millions to be relieved of the negroe burden.

Right or wrong, doesnt matter, in the eyes of the plague hes wrong.


Gwoobus Harmon said...

Incredibility accurate post. One of the main reasons I love this website, because it is an oasis of sanity in the desert of delusions, lies, and insanity practiced in society at large.


White people call it a "riot".

The Negro calls it going to work.

Anonymous said...

That just might be the statement of the day!
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

"We want the same language that has been used on the black community to be used on this officer."

We want. We Want. WE WANT!

Also, is anyone else sick to death of hearing the phrase "black community." KaMUNitee!

Dear blacl community: I know it's difficult for you yo fathom, but we use different language for different behaviors.


Y'all have a good day.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who inquired about what constitutes a "hate crime" if the perp is black, I'm quite sure the system was never intended to operate in that manner.

Hate crimes are de facto crimes committed by Whites against blacks (and I suppose also Hispanics, all other "minority" groups, and the GLBTxyz community).

If a group of blacks attack a White *and also steal his money or phone*, the higher penalty hate crime is immediately thrown out and robbery becomes the charge. This is true even if they are screaming "kill Whitey!" during the beating/robbery.

Anonymous said...

(Formerly Miss Greenbaum)

White people call it a "riot".

The Negro calls it going to work.

Wow. Seeing the words "negro" and "work" together were just too much of a shock this morning.

Earl Turner said...

"...including a boycott of this weekend's Cincinnati Music Festival, formerly known as the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival."

In response, Cincinnati police have shot and killed at least 30 more black men in the last 12 hours.

Anonymous said...

Up is down, left is right, right is wrong, in is out, but never is black white! Seriously realists, the social norms I, and most of you were raised with are not in line with BRA in any way shape or form. I had 2 parents 1 sibling. Cops were to be respected along with teachers, the elderly and your parents. When the sun went down I chased lightening bugs, played hide and seek and I had a curfew with a bedtime. The cops didn't enforce my curfew my "PARENTS" did. When mom and dad wanted to go out with friends my grandparents" watched me or they paid a neighbor. My parents raised me and my brother with 1 income and a stay at home mother who taught me to read prior to kgarten. I don't really have a point to make today other than we as a nation have lost our way. The financial burden to support BRA has crippled productive people.
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

So McDonald's finally got rid of that awful negro CEO who thought the 365Black campaign wouldn't make customers feel nauseous instead of hungry.
Don Thompson, the black CEO, took the idea of blacks as hip and cool and let us feel what the reality is: oppressive and dirty. Broken and smelly. Sticky and unhealthy. Mentally ill and unstable...
Whites just liked the idea of blacks...not the reality. Something rare, not 365.
Get a load of the new CEO. Not just white but British white and that is pretty white.


Cincinnati Black United Front. That says it all.

Will the local/national media please speak to a spokesMAN from the Cincinnati White United Front?

Anonymous said...

"All we will be doing is looking at each other once again.”

Ha! The black community certainly never seems to look at itself, only at whitey. Who would expect anything else at this point?


They threaten to boycott the Jazz Festival? Take them up on it. Boycott it. Then White people can enjoy the event without killings, beating and rape.

I encourage all Whites to take and fly the Confederate Flag.

Also, they need to bring posters that say "WHITE BABIES MATTER". Maybe some of the white female N-lovers will reflect. (No chance of that)

Anonymous said...

"Plans for further protests were discussed as well including a boycott of this weekend's Cincinnati Music Festival, formerly known as the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival."

Promises, promises. They don't understand that their boycott would be welcomed.

Anonymous said...

"Plans for further protests were discussed as well including a boycott of this weekend's Cincinnati Music Festival, formerly known as the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival."

Let me get this straight? Blacks will boycott this Music Festival? What can we expect at this event?

Violent crime will drop dramatically.

Security costs will be a fraction of what they normally would be.

There will be no rap "music" blaring in the streets.

Waitresses will get tipped.

The horror, the horror...

Anonymous said...

We have a segment of the black population that don't see the police or law enforcement the way citizens do and an irresponsible media that pumps up every white authority/black resistance event as if it's breaking news.
So this segment sees every police encounter as an opportunity for discussion, debate and disobedience.
And now their so-called leaders are talking them into what they think is an all-out race war for justice.
No sh*t. Hear it for yourself today at

Yaspar Kyashred said...

Off topic, or maybe not: having seen the acronym "SWJ" several times, and not knowing what it meant, I looked it up, and here's what I found. I don't know who this fellow is, but this essay is awesome.

former liberal said...

Absolutely! Didn't fully realized that until one evening when I was driving home.from work, some black guy having an argument with his woman shove her in front of my pickup. Fortunately, I have excellent reflexes, and was able to time. That experience and others while living in Alabama, taught me that blacks inhabit a separate universe. No doubt about it.


Dindu Nuffin
Sat on a chair's stuffin
munchin his
mutha fukin' muffin

Chantella, a slutin'
told Dindu Nuffin
That stuffin'
her muffin was loven'

Anonymous said...

A physically superior, intellectually inferior race. A primitive culture intentionally loosed on the American body politic to degrade and in the end, destroy Western Civilization and the Caucasoid race.

Anonymous said...

Had a Hayward police officer shot and killed here in the Bay Area yesterday morning during a traffic stop. Guy never had a chance. Perp was sitting there waiting with a gun. I've never had a problem with police because I don't cause them problems. It's just that simple.

Unknown said...

Cincinnati if you aren't armed already get something now. Don't know if you are saddled with a waiting period, but buy something now and borrow something to have until wait period is over. No way you are convicted for shooting an animal busting in your door or trying to burn your place down or attack you on the street.

Anonymous said...

You mean treat blacks like cattle?

There was a book that portrayed America as doing just that.

It was called "Through Darkest America" by Isaac Asimov.

Pretty good read actually. I would recommend it.

Anonymous said...

"All we will be doing is looking at each other once again.”

That is the most interesting comment I've seen. Years ago I taught Spanish to elementary school kids. There was one exchange teacher from Germany that I spoke with regularly. His class was absolutely ordered and high-performing. This was in a rural White area, but he told me he had been placed in a Black school but couldn't deal with it.

Aside from the non-stop behavior problems and disrespect, he noted that the Blacks have NO INTEREST in learning. They find each other fascinating. They pay attention to the fattest girl, the most vicious boy, the best looking or the funniest person. It's all about them looking at each other and chimping out at outsiders.

All they do is stare at each other and rage at outsiders. They don't pay attention to anything but themselves. In majority Black cities, there are 24-hour Black music video channels and non-stop rap radio. It's all they watch or listen to. They are an inward-looking, narcissistic, dumb as dirt people and do not belong around Whites.

Even the delusional Europeans understand this perfectly.

Anonymous said...

75 priors ain't much for an Afrocain male of his age. With only 75 priors he's a pretty well-behaved, law-abiding member of the sub-Saharan species

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Sorry @ 10:31, they are not physically superior. Just watch "Worlds strongest Man", comps. where Caucasions of Viking stock and the occasional Samoan/Hawaiian will always reign supreme. Sidebar: I've been going to the YMCA for thirty years and have only seen one black guy with a larger than average penis. Though still a bit smaller than mine. Myth: debunked. To my satisfaction anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the organizers of that event will be real broken up if no blacks came to infest the festival.

Anonymous said...


off topic -- but very related.

so much for the 'Browns are good for merica' myth,

Anonymous said...

Jefferson said...
sometimes I like to go onto just to get a laugh from the left's insanely idiotic "reporting" of the news.
I wanted to share an actual comment from one of their readers on the Sandra Bland story:


400 years of black experience says if a white person wants to , he will kill you , no matter what you do.

I'm sure that is why so many take off, when stopped by a policeman.

--- this is the mindset of the enemy, fellow readers. You can't reason with this kind of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

"I encourage all Whites to take and fly the Confederate Flag."

On a off-topic sidenote, there was a black guy named Anthony Hervey who supported the Confederate flag who was killed in a car accident. Some said the accident is suspicious. The blog Occidental Dissent have some posts about it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows blacks are bluffing when they threaten to boycott ANYTHING, but especially a festival.

My family and all of my friends and most of the white people we know have given up on Festivals, Fests, Tastes, or any other large public gathering because huge amounts of blacks always show up and ruin the event. My local town had a fest called "Summer Days" that was VERY popular. We tried keeping the blacks out after our 5th year because HUGE groups of blacks, mostly teenagers- would show up and cause all kinds of problems. So we said it was a "local community event" and charged 5$ admission to everyone that wasnt a resident. Didn't help. By year 7 we had to charge 25$ admission to cover the cost of having a big fence put up around the event to keep blacks from wandering in and paying the cops to police the event. Didn't help, they jumped the fences, cut throught the fences, and basically every cop spent the entire event arrresting blacks for smoking drugs, underage drinking, stealing, fighting, you know- general negro behavior. When a group of black teens gather in numbers of 40-50 they feel invincible and it scares the local white residents into just staying away. So last i heard the town council just refused to issue a permit for the fest anymore. It just wasn't worth all the problems the blacks were causing every year.

Remember, these blacks have NOTHING better to do. When they see a free event with lots of whites gathering they see a big group of targets. They see unlimited opportunities to steal, scare white people, strut around with no shirts on, start fights with other blacks, throw garbage on the ground, and the fact that they know white people HATE them makes them even more eager to seek out these Fests.

Anonymous said...

A poster mentioned a bookish black woman evaluating the recent case in Texas of an inmate who killed herself. The black woman with a PhD did not consider the female inmate could have been unstable. Pat preaches all the time about how blacks suffer from major mental illnesses (I tend to agree.) The woman was unstable and took her own life: case closed!

A long, long time ago I used to work with software that was really easy to use. The place I worked required one have a baccalaureate degree in certain selected fields (not necessarily in science.) I remember two of the most dimwitted blacks I had ever met graduated from Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. Seriously…I don’t know how they got out of high school! I wonder if some of these traditional black colleges are just diploma mills.

In government, these black people move around a lot because they are simply incompetent. However, the number of black people in the federal government vastly outnumbers their proportion to the overall population. Women and blacks are promoted because they are women and blacks! Some people wonder why the woman in Washington tried to pretend she was black. The answer is there is money to be made in racism. She went as high as the top manager of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington. There are MANY incompetent black managers in the federal government who do nothing but collect big bucks, but they are dumber than a cement block! The NAACP in Spokane thought they had a very rare, intelligent black, but that was not the case.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker said : These creatures are from another planet. No my fellow Realist friend...I doubt any other planet wants them...they were flung here from the "astro-groid" belt with all the other alien space trash. NC Realist

Pat Boyle said...

A physically superior, intellectually inferior race.

Well the intellectually inferior part isn't very controversial. Lynn and Vanhanen published the IQs of just about all the nations on earth in 2002. The top nations (and cities) were East Asians and Northern Europeans while the lowest IQs were found in Africa. Not everyone was happy about those results but nearly everyone accepts them.

The issue of physical superiority is more complex. It is not obvious just what the concept of physical superiority even means. Right now I believe the longest lived folks are Japanese women. So one could argue that the physically superior human was the Japanese woman. But personally I wouldn't care to be a ninety year old Japanese woman.

Black men as it happens don't live particularly long. And I don't mean just because of the ghetto shootings. They are more susceptible to heart disease and diabetes than other races. This appears according to Ruston because of inherent racial characteristics. There are a whole list of black physical characteristics that are predicted by r/K theory. Blacks - if he's right - are inherently short lived.

But most guys care about physical superiority in sports. It seems to be true that whites are the strongest of the major races - if you mean lifting heavy objects. Blacks have the fastest foot speed and probably the fastest hand speed. East Asians if they have any area where they excel is probably in gymnastics.

I watch ' World's Strongest Men' and in nearly two decades of watching I can only remember one black guy and he was never rally at in the top most rank. yet in body building which at least looks like it requires strength, there have always been a number of black competitors.

So what does it all mean? It depends on the sport. TV sports for Americans are Baseball, Football and Basketball. All of these require good hand and foot speed so you would expect blacks to have the edge - and they obviously do. But in power lifting or Olympic Weight lifting you would expect whites (Nordics and Slavs) to dominate.

Orientals have trouble competing against whites and blacks because they are so much bigger than Asians. They're too short for basketball and too light for American football. But they are probably best at tumbling where they may have advantages in controlling their own body weight alone. This may account for the fact that they are so popular in movie fighting. Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Tony Jaa all together probably don't weigh as much as a single pro football interior lineman. But the cameras hides absolute size.


Anonymous said...

Physically superior? Not a chance.

Negro babies are prone to all sorts of genetic disease that almost never occur in the babies of other races. Diabetes, asthma and lung disease are far more common in Black adults than you can imagine.

Sure, some young Blacks seem like athletic superstars, but the vast majority of Blacks have very poor genetics and have more down time from illness and higher mortality.

Anonymous said...

well, then, let's root for all the diseases that are partial to affecting the sub-saharan primates negatively.....Never donate to like "Fight Sickle Cell Anemea" & other do-gooder outfits like that :)

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

"Blacks have the fastest foot speed and probably the fastest hand speed."

The world's fastest drummers, hands and feet, are White. I know that's not what you meant, but it's true.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment, but you're using facts and reason here. BRA is about power for the sake of power and doesn't care about truth, reason, and those other picky stigmatizing white man things.

Anonymous said...

They'd probably be dancing in the streets. I wish blacks really meant it when they threaten to boycott things. They were supposedly going to boycott Florida a while back, and Floridians were ecstatic about it.

Anonymous said...

That negress in Texas that chimped out after being pulled by the white patrolman and later hanged herself in her jail cell with the trash bag was definitely a looney tune. Her autopsy results were released today. They said there was marijuana in her system and this was possibly because she swallowed her stash bag of weed at the time when she was pulled over. They said there was evidence of self-inflicted cutting wounds on her body that had healed by the time of her suicide. All chicks who cut themselves have mental issues of some type or another. This negress in Texas was no different. This negress also told the jail staff member that she had suicidal thoughts just last year. Her family just does not want to admit any of this this though. They are just trying to get a pay day out of the police in Texas over her suicide with their little negro conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

I read an account which said that he was chased by a carload of blacks intent on beating the hell out of him, or worse.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Bob Munden, fastest draw with a colt revolver of all time. Not to mention all the other white quick-draws in cowboy action shooting. So fastest hands-whites. Lemaitre, a white Frenchman has run sub 10 second 100 meters so it can be done by whites. I think most whites try to use their intellect as their primary future source of income whereas blacks know that some athletic endeavor is all they can hope for and thus focus on it to a higher degree than other races.

FlowerBell said...

Blacks are demonstrably miserable around whites and make an endless display of their misery.
Blacks have decided they want everything changed to make them happy, that's what they want. I'm not willing to put in the effort to change everything for them since they've accomplished nothing throughout history to merit such an extravagance.

I am willing to donate to a relocation fund so they can find their promised land elsewhere. I want a divorce. Irreconcilable differences.

P.S. The land deal we almost closed on fell through. After $500.00 in inspection fees we had to back out, too many issues to deal with. The search is on again for a secluded, peaceful, negro free environment.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi Burning:

Anonymous said...

I know there are some deeply religious people among us, but I don't see a down side to black abortion. Seriously people, could you imagine about 40 million more Shitavious' and Shontiquas' roaming the streets? They produce niglets like rabbits and don't feed a one of them. Taking care of them like pets is very expensive. I also applaud their shooting one another in the hood. It is getting them off the street. What it does is what the preachers tried to do at the Black Expo in Indiapolis, it lowers the incidence of black violence. An unearthly number of blacks have been aborted since 1971; think if those blacks were alive today!

Anonymous said...

The thing about Cincinnati is that every one of the thousands of white people who walks to the Reds and Bengals games downtown (the crowds are at least 95% white) has to pass a prime piece of Ohio River-bordering real estate on which is erected the National Underground Freedom Center, a beautiful monument to diversity that cost at least 110 million dollars. This is the thanks that Cincy gets. You just can't appease this mob.

Anonymous said...

"A physically superior, intellectually inferior race."

I've noticed this "physically superior" argument comes up here on SPBDL from time to time.

I am going to have to at least partially agree w/OP on this. Africans travel around to all the foot races in America and win every one, broadly speaking. Let's give them that: as runners they are probably the superior race in general terms.

Boxing is another area they have indisputably proven themselves. Much of boxing is aggression, and blacks have aggression to burn. But there is also stamina, strategy, and skill. Sorry folks, but the most fit amongst them are excellent boxers. The records are there for anyone to refer to. Let's speak the truth here about this just like we do the many, many things that favor Whites.

So, depending on how you slice it, and which sports you want to focus on, we have to give them some credit for physical prowess. I don't feel like that does anything but underline our most sacred tenet here at SPBDL, and the one tenet that sets us at odds with BRA: we believe in racial difference.

White men can't outrun cheetahs, and we can't wrestle with gorillas. There is no shame in it, we have our strengths and other species (and our own hominid sub-species) have theirs.

Hell, Asians may even have a few *intellectual* properties more heavily distributed in their group as compared to ours, something no serious person could suggest about blacks.

In the final analysis, I'm proud to be White. No other race (or species) has ever matched us for a wide-ranging adaptive intelligence, cultural achievement, scientific development, or even, arguably, artistic expression. I wouldn't trade my spot on the evolutionary scale for anything any other group may have going for them in narrower fields of application.

Anonymous said...

"Physically superior"? All I ever seen an Arkansas jig be superior at was avoiding work.

Anonymous said...

Blacks not 'long lived'.
-- Well I see lots of very fat people, including Blacks. Corpulent and lazy.

This may seem unbelievable BUT at Los Angeles beach today I saw a BLACK lifeguard.

Anonymous said...

Jump on that "physically superior" thing. There's a high proportion of fat in with that muscle. You're physical strength is actually based on the ruggedness of your skeleton. And pumping up your muscles only wears out your joints. As for the genital thing, any black woman will tell you it's pretty much what you see is what you get and that's about it. This has been browbeat at us by obviously physically inferior media types. First noticed it in "Blazing Saddles." Also, somewhat O/T but size does matter and Oprah clones should bear in mind that it is equally true for women - only in reverse.

Finally, I have to say that in defense of the more diminutive physical types like certain (but not all) Asians that big is not necessarily better. What is physically superior about a 160 pound wildebeest plodding around compared to, say, the graceful glide of 100 pound, 5 foot Indonesian woman.

Anonymous said...

All active volcanoes acrossed the globe are awake and rumblin'.

Anonymous said...

He fired a single shot from a sidearm, striking a moving Bantu in the head. Nice work officer.

Anonymous said...

This shooting has some other implications. Since blacks commit so many serious and/or petty offenses, sooner or later when one of them is stopped by a cop, it's going to lead to some sort of confrontation in which someone gets shot. So it may appear to the black "community" that they are being singled out more than other races. But it goes back to a simple reality: if blacks want to avoid getting shot, then they should (wait for it!) -- obey the law!

But that ain't gonna happen owing to the usual factors of lack of impulse control, low future time orientation, and whatever. So there'll be more cops stopping blacks and more incidents which get out of control--and more riots.

This is one more reason why large numbers of blacks in a city make things unlivable. You can not continue this cycle very long without everything self-destructing. Witness Detroit, Newark, Birmingham, and et cetera.

Whiskey said...

Somewhat OT or maybe not, check out Michelle Malkin's latest column at TL:DR summary, Denver has a Black Mayor and Police Chief driving out the White cops and allowing anti-police protesters to tear down the American Flag flying over a monument to slain police officers and deface said monument. Disciplining those cops who tried to stop both.

Denver is 65.3% White, 11.1% Black and 31.8% Latino. That last is the key. Latinos plus Blacks for the moment means Black rule even in places quite White. Denver is still majority White. But enough Non Whites, who are not Asian (see Seattle or Portland or San Francisco) can create it seems Black rule over White majority populations.

My guess is much of the Mountain West will suffer similar fates: take over by Black Mayors and Police Chiefs who make the city uncomfortable for Whites and a haven for Black underclass thugs. The key seems to be Hispanics flooding in and moving Whites below the magic 75% mark. Only 3.7% of Denver is Asian. Asians in sufficient numbers at least bid up property prices so Blacks of the Underclass cannot afford to live there. Hispanic migrants neither, for that matter.

There is a reason why Blacks enthusiastically support mass Mexican immigration into the US. Even though it means sharing Affirmative Action goodies, and a new population with rather hostile attitudes towards Blacks and no guilt and unlimited manpower, Black people intuitively understand one thing. Enough Hispanics can neutralize a White majority population and allow the ten percent or so of Blacks in places like Denver to take political control of formerly lily White cities. And most Black politics and culture and thought seems entirely devoted to animus against Whites rather than say, self improvement or getting wealthier or anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you blacks reading this...WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

Californian said...

400 years of black experience says if a white person wants to , he will kill you , no matter what you do.

If this is the case, then why do blacks continue to immigrate into white neighborhoods, cities and countries? Do blacks have some sort of death wish? Do blacks say, "Oh please Mr White Man, let me move into your community so you can lynch me!" Why do blacks today leave their homelands in Africa and the Caribbean to get into North America and Europe where they can be targets for killings? Especially when they have their own black majority paradises from Haiti to Liberia. You know, those countries of peace, prosperity and progress where blacks lives matter.

Of course, we know the answer. This is just another black guilt trip, a form of agitprop. So here is my rejoinder:

"Dear Black Person: yes, you are right. If you are in white territory, you stand a very good chance of being gunned down by cops, armed citizens and all those KKK members you seem to believe are roaming the Homeland. Maybe this is because you tried to take an officer's gun, or broke into somebody's house and assaulted their family, or knocked over YT's lemonade stand.

Here's how to avoid being killed: (1) obey the law; failing that: (2) follow lawful police orders; failing that: (3) move to any black majority city or country where you will not have to worry about white people killing you simply on account of the color-of-your-skin(tm)."

This has been a public service announcement.

Anonymous said...

TheWickedOne -
Forgive me but I don't actually have an ID with any those mentioned. Tired of just reading and would like to join the conversation. Will posting like this suffice?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I don't even remember the 2001 riots in Cleveland. Of course, due to white privilege, I was working three low paying jobs to make ends meet. None of which payed $15 an hour, by the way. So why the hell don't our so called leaders break out the rubber bullets now? I seem to remember they opened up with full metal jackets on white college students in the 60's. I would think these rioters, I won't dignify them with the term protester, would want to be treated like rich white kids.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a #cincinnatiorcfest2015 countdown clock please?

Also, was thinking, isn't every "good" thing about orcs in the West ALSO part of the "terrible legacy of slavery"? Groids and their handlers just focus on the chains and whippings, but leave out that pro basketball, jazz, soul food, etc, things orcs consider positive aspects of their coonmunity, are ALSO because of slavery. Slavery was the price nogs paid for civilization.

Philadelphia Mike said...

What the blacks need to understand world wide is one very inevitable fact:
Without Whites, the blacks are lost, floundering in disease, famine, tribal wars/gang wars, and cannibalism.

I know the truth is often very hard to accept. The truth really does hurt at times. But if we're going to have an honest dialogue about race, then the most basic of facts needs to be put in the forefront.

Blacks cannot live in a first world environment without White achievements...White self sacrifice...White ingenuity...White sweat equity...White intelligence. the blacks that frequent this site, I ask you this: Instead of placing more and more demands upon Whites...instead of acting out in public with deranged tantrums when you don't get your way...instead of despising us Whites for what we've worked so hard to obtain...How about THANKING us, ACKNOWLEDGING our benevolence, and trying your very best to make an honest effort to contribute to society instead of taking...taking...taking?

You've over-played your hand...and I NO LONGER GIVE A SHIT WHEN I HEAR YOUR COMPLAINTS.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

OT but funny

Anonymous said...

"400 years of black experience says if a white person wants to , he will kill you , no matter what you do.
I'm sure that is why so many take off, when stopped by a policeman.
--- this is the mindset of the enemy, fellow readers. You can't reason with this kind of stupidity."

It's even worse than just running away. Over the last few years, they don't always run, they go on aggressive offense- every negro is now a civil rights attorney, LOUDLY informing the police what they are NOT allowed to do! Look at that Sandra Bland video, she isn't SCARED, she's ANGRY and gets louder and more aggressive every time the officer asserts his authority.


They are being raised to believe that the police will lose their jobs and they will be rewarded with huge settlements if the cops DARE try to enforce the Law on them.

They might be right.

Anonymous said...

TheWickedOne -
This is absolutely fascinating. Imagine my shock to find a place where our now minoity white opinions can actually be heard!
I have given all of this great thought. I have come to a very simple ideology regarding criminal and negro behavior in particular.
There is an age, somewhere between 25 and 18, where unless you have been chained in a closet, beaten, starved and other obvious atrocities, one can no longer blame others for your actions or behavior. Humans innately know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Have we not all had that moment of self realization? That moment when instinct kicked in to correct us?
This is the difference between humans and baboons aka negros and everyone else.

Pat Boyle said...

I was right. No one who commented found anything I wrote about the intellectual deficiencies of blacks to be in the least controversial. There were no comments. That's good because the important issues are mental not physical.

Athletics is much less important. Up until about the fifteenth century physical prowess was very important but today its really only important in sports. Blacks are inherently superior to whites in a number of popular sports. Some readers resist that fact and to them I say - stop thinking like a damn black man. Face facts.

Blacks behave badly often because they refuse to acknowledge their weaknesses. In the words of that great modern philosophe - Clint Eastwood "A man has to know his limitations". Don't be a damn fool like Barrack Obama - convinced that you are more competent than you really are.

You need to face the fact that whites simply cannot run as fast as blacks. I know this because I've read Jon Entine's book and Steve Sailer's columns. All the sprint records are held by West African blacks and all the distance records are held by East Africans.

I was on my college varsity basketball team. But only because I went to an all white college. I loved basketball but white people are at a significant disadvantage on the court with blacks. I found however I could best any black man at just about anything off the basketball court. I took weight lifting in college and judo - no blacks in any of my classes.

My next door neighbor's kid is working out to try to enlist and qualify for some Air Force elite unit like the Navy Seals. That kind of job to my mind is a real test of physical superiority. I knew some of those guys when I was in the Army. They were physically impressive and they were all white.


jassi said...

Haven't read the comments yet,so I'm sure this has been made fun of already, but the typo "announced they plan to protest outside..." was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Tensions are rising in Stonewall, Mississippi. An AA chimped out on a cop and got wings. A liberal paper from Jackson, The Jackson Free Press, is doing its best to get the people to riot. People are talking riots there

Anonymous said...

Pat, never mentioned sports. Music (especially drumming) requires mental and physical. Many great black drummers. Not one even comes near Buddy Rich for outright physical ability. Music is the main thing, however, and that is a matter of taste.
BTW, I played on an 80's semi hit song. Watching the Solid Gold dancers oscillate and gyrate to it is my crowning achievement in life!

Anonymous said...

There is no white privedge,but it is a privilege to be white.

Anonymous said...

TheWickedOne -
I believe in knowing for myself. When I am done researching I will have a lot to say about it. At this point I am trying not to let anger overrule intelligence. It's difficult, even more so as time slips away. We all know the clock is ticking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Californian said...
400 years of black experience says if a white person wants to , he will kill you , no matter what you do.

Look around the humans could not have killed that many negroe primates.

Anonymous said...

Calls were also made for Deters to call the officer a "thug," “soulless” and “unsalvageable”......
Calls should be made for the Dubose negroe to be called a negroe monkey, primate,ghetto ape...

Anonymous said...

Whiskey said...
Somewhat OT or maybe not, check out Michelle Malkin's latest column at TL:DR summary, Denver has a Black Mayor and Police Chief ..


Denver has a negro mayor and a negro police chief.


I don't need to write another word to show how f**king insane this country has become.

quinnotaur said...

RE: a few comments ago. I never had to be taught right and wrong about hurting animals....rather I should say not taught by a human. My parents of course told me about being nice to the dog, or leaving the stray cats alone; but I learned that I didn't like killing animals for fun when I hit a pigeon with a rock. I just NATURALLY felt horrible. When one of my pet mice died, I buried him out back (in the nice projects) under some pine trees. A troupe of young nigglets saw me bury my mouse, then proceeded to dig him up before I could even get back in the building.... I think I was 8 at the time. And I guess I've always been inherently racist. They waved my dead buddy around and called me cracker. I went back, struck one of the rascals, and before I knew it, they had teenage "cousins" swoop in on me (kinda like the wizard of OZ scene with the flying monkeys).

Did I mention I was assaulted by negroes in Brooklyn twice before the age of 5? Thank you black people for making me a realist by the age of 5.

quinnotaur said...

Content of character indeed!

Anonymous said...

Blacks are not animals.............they are vicious monsters. Animals know how to behave, and domestic animals, like dogs, cats, even chickens, can be trained. Animals are smarter than blacks too, more civilized.

Steve Smith said...

I was going to comment that brute physical strength is much less important in a confrontation anyway, but you mentioned that you studied Judo, so you already know this.

We are more likely to have this type of encounter with a typical black anyway, so its best to work on muscular endurance and stamina. You are better served learning an organized fighting system that teaches you to get the job done brutally and without fanfare.

On a gun range, time spent learning to draw and fire one round center mass in under two seconds is much more effective than hours of pure target practice.

Pat, you make excellent points, you always do. I apologize for 'chiming in'. My only point is that whites need to stop thinking that blacks are somehow physically superior and instead spend their time learning practical things that may save their lives. The other type. Of thinking is self defeating.

Steve Smith said...

Amen and amen. This is what separate us from lesser animals; self-actualization.

Anonymous said...


Here the link Michelle Malkin's article on VDare.

It might serve them in the short term, however in the long term, that strategy might return against them when we check and compare demographics of Compton, CA from 1990 to 2010, it's not the Compton of N.W.A anymore. Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer think there might be a coming SJW civil war.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the dindu in the photo at top yelling at the cops in his jama pants. Probably stopped by on his way home from work.

Anonymous said...

Canadian Realist here.
Just wanted to say, Pat, you simply have the most convincing, well-written comments. I read all the comments, good and bad, but when I see you've made a submission, I just can't wait to read it.
Also, why do negros suck at hockey?

Anonymous said...

Canadian Realist. ..

C'mon, Blacks reading?!

Californian said...

Anonymous Philadelphia Mike said...

What the blacks need to understand world wide is one very inevitable fact:
Without Whites, the blacks are lost, floundering in disease, famine, tribal wars/gang wars, and cannibalism.


And again, this is a source of black rage. Because no matter what blacks do they can not collectively escape their genetic destiny.

* De-segregate the schools? Blacks still fail in record numbers.

* Open housing? Black crime explodes and gang-bangers rule the streets.

* Black city council? The lights go out and economy collapses.

* One-man-one-vote? Blacks destroy entire countries from Liberia to Zimbabwe.

The result: flashmobs and riots and farm-murders as they strike out against white people.

Which gets back to a point I've seen made around the internet: when it comes to blacks, do not do anything. Do not preach the Bible to them, do not dig wells for them, do not bus them into your schools, do not hand them the keys to your cities. Let them sink or swim on their own merits.

And oh yes, make sure your own (white) border guards are well armed and know how to pull those triggers.

Anonymous said...

As far as boxing, yeah blacks have done well but when hungry white Russians and Slav boxers came here they were on top. So boxing isn't dominated by blacks. Europeans haven't been brainwashed into believing blacks are superior fighters and don't come to the fight already scared to throw a punch like a lot of white American fighters.

Anonymous said...

Cincinnati is a cesspool and has been for a long time now. Avoid it or stick to non ghetto areas.