Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Does Milwaukee Have America's Worst Black Population?

They came from Chicago in search of the generous welfare payouts the white people of Wisconsin and Milwaukee offered. 

It's no longer debatable that if Milwaukee didn't have a black population the city would be one of America's most desirable major cities to live in (instead, firefighters get shot while they are out rescuing people). 

But it does have a black population (out of just under 600,000 people, the city is 40 percent black and 37 percent white); and because of the individual contributions of black people, Milwaukee is one of America's most dangerous cities to live in. [As homicides climb, no 'simple answers to complex problems', Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 6, 2015]:
An online squabble about a girl ramped up to in-person drama. Someone pulled a 9-mm handgun, and a 14-year-old boy who had nothing to do with the original dispute was shot in the head. 
It all happened after the boy, Tariq Akbar, and his friends watched the annual July 3 fireworks at the lakefront. 
Tariq is now one of 80 homicide victims in the city so far this year, including six who were slain over the holiday weekend. It's nearly double the number the city had reached by this time last year. 
"Too many people want to pretend there are simple answers to complex problems," Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said Monday of the surge in homicides. "There aren't." 
The leading factors in the city's homicides this year have been arguments or fights. The three most common reasons for the arguments or fights: respect, unknown factors and jealously, usually about a girlfriend or boyfriend, according to the city's Homicide Review Commission.
Hmm... poor impulse control, low IQ, and virtually non-existent future-time orientation (oh, and toxic levels of testosterone) are the primary reasons black individuals commit violence. We know this because Chief Flynn once blasted black people for the violence in Milwaukee:
“Well I was on my phone, and yes, that’s true. I was following developments with a 5-year-old little girl sitting on her dad’s lap who just got shot in the head by a drive-by shooting. And if some of the people here gave a good goddamn about the victimization of the people in this community by crime, I’d take some of their invective more seriously. 
The greatest racial disparity in the city of Milwaukee is getting shot and killed.Hello! Eighty percent of my homicide victims every year are African-American. Eighty percent of our aggravated assault victims are African-American. Eighty percent of our shooting victims, who survive their shooting are African-American….” 
Actually, black people are responsible for virtually EVERY fatal and nonfatal shooting in Milwaukee. Courtesy of the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission 2014 Annual Report, black people were suspects in 86 percent of the homicides and 85 percent of the non-fatal shootings. 

Strangely, the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commissions has started to label Latinos as "White Hispanics" (thanks George Zimmerman), but while whites made up 8 percent of the homicide victims they only made up 4 percent of the suspects in 2014; and while white people were seven percent of the non-fatal shooting victims, they were only 3 percent of the suspects in these shootings...

Indeed, blacks have a homicide victimization rate of 28.4 per 100,000 in Milwaukee while white people have a homicide victimization rate of 3.2 per 100,000 (the hilarious George Zimmerman category of White Hispanic have a homicide victimization rate of 9.7 per 100,000. 

It should be noted Black males alone ages 18-29, have a homicide victimization rate at 128.8 per 100,000 inhabitants in the city (with virtually every one of these having a black suspect). 

For shooting rate in 2014, blacks in Milwaukee have a shooting victimization rate of 217.9 per 100,000; white people have a rate of 18.1 per 100,000 (though it seems most of the people shooting whites are non-whites); and the George Zimmerman approved category of White Hispanic have a shooting victimization rate of 31.9 per 100,000. 

It should be noted Black males alone ages 18-29, have a shooting victimization rate at 1,273.0 per 100,000 inhabitants in the city (with virtually every one of these having a black suspect). 

White people (and even the honorary George Zimmerman birthed category "White Hispanic") live in a world of virtual non-violence, while Milwaukee is plagued by black people and the violence they seem to breed wherever they are found in America.

Sorry Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn, the problem of violence in Milwaukee isn't "complex." The problem, like any math theorem, can be easily proven by established facts: it's black people.


Medic Bear said...

I so hope I live to see the day that DWLs like this, in positions of authority, are prosecuted and jailed for the treason they commit. The orcs are killing other orcs, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing (if they actually killed them and didn't just maim & cripple them) but unfortunately they're also killing & maiming Whites and other non-orcs.

Know orcs, No peace.
No orcs, Know peace. And safety.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how black lives actually DO matter more here at SBPDL- rather than gloss over the "crime of the streets" that befell these black individuals, Paul makes it a point to make a note of these people who are now nothing more than a statistic and a memory.

Anonymous said...

Hoping you will comment on this.


Anonymous said...

There is a reason firearm background checks in June were higher than ever before. Coincidence? I think not!! Smart people know that cops cannot protect them and especially around Orcville, USA!! People are wising up what is going on. DWLs, the media and Orcs would have you believe it is all Yt's fault and that damn stars and bars flag is to blame. Segregation is the only answer.

Pat Boyle said...

My rough calculations shows that we have about three homicides per thousand blacks per year in the average American city. This is a very preliminary calculation. I will be refining it in the future. I would like to build a regression model but I'm lazy. Any help with the raw stats would be appreciated.

It is not clear to me if the tempo of black violence is increasing or not. I'm thinking we should not just be anecdotal.


Anonymous said...

If this entire country doesn't start addressing the problem of black criminality we are doomed. Every day after day the news is the same. This isn't poverty, this is CRIME! This is murder, rape, robberies, child abuse, theft from stores, breaking and entering, home invasions, the list goes on and on. there must be someone of stature with a bully pulpit reading this blog. We are drowning in this sewer of denial. We are race realists. I have watched this black shit show my whole life. No one every addresses the real crime problem. City after city is falling to this plague. It's costing trillions of dollars to fund this never ending giveaway. Does anyone out there know the dollar amount of just the medical treatment due to criminal behavior? This has to be part of the high cost of medical care in this country. It's all passed down to us. I've had enough but just don't know what to do to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I actually liked Milwaukee when The Cunninghams and the Fonz lived there.

SC Native said...

"Too many people want to pretend there are simple answers to complex problems," Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said Monday of the surge in homicides. "There aren't."

Well that's not true, the simple answer is old policy. Bring back some sensible laws called Jim Crow.

If you want your precious orcs to behave have a 6:00 PM curfew. That would limit the rapes and shootings to fambily members. Next, any orc caught out after curfew without a good reason gets 40 lashes and a bucket of salt water thrown on the back afterwards. When caught remove all guns and destroy them (unless it's a stolen collectible) or fix them where the won't fire. That would make for some hilarious footage the next day for the MSM. Repeat as often as possible, oh and cut gibs muh dat and dem programs with each racial profiling. For repeat offenders a tranquilizer dart and a plane ride to west africa would be just what the doctor ordered. I wonder how long it would take for Rastus to figure out he was in de mudderland?

You'd think Milwaukee would be too cold for orcs but I guess the lure of de gibs is too strong.

Anonymous said...

Most of you are overthinking black motives.

Y'all are acting like most black people sit around wearing dashikis and kofias and having conversations that go like:

"Now that Obama is in the White House, it is finally time to seek justice for our people!"

"Brother Martin preached nonviolence, but the crimes of the white man are too great! We must seek justice by repaying the white man in the only currency he understands: blood!"

"Tomorrow we take to the streets and seek to avenge past wrongs! I already have calls in to our Semitic friends at the Justice Department, the SPLC, and the media. They will ensure that the white man understands that his time is over and our time is now!"

That's because this is how you would think if you were them.

I promise you that the average street thug's thoughts are something like this:

"Damn, Shaniqua got some big tit-tays! Imma get me Shaniqua tit-tays! Imma also get me some Jordans! Them kicks is hella tight! That mufu RayRay got him some new Jordans. I hate that mufu! I finna bust a cap in his ass and take them shoes and his corner! But first imma go get some Hennessy and chronic and call Shaniqua and get them tit-tays going on! Damn!"

Seriously. They are that dumb. Your dog probably has more complex thoughts and feelings. Your dog probably has a better understanding of politics. Your dog probably has a better understanding of the complex history of race relations over the past 500 years. Your dog probably has more of the "I Have A Dream" speech committed to memory. Your dog definitely spends less time thinking about mounting bitches.

When the riots start, the average rioter is probably unable to state anything about the situation other than, "They shot that nigga Trayvon/Michael Brown/Freddy/whoever! Justice for Trayvon/Michael Brown/Freddy/whoever!"

That's what he's going to say to the camera. But he's really thinking:

"Imma get me my Jordans! Then imma find that mufu RayRay and bust a cap in his ass! Then imma go get me some Hennessy and chronic and call Shaniqua and get them tit-tays going on! Damn!"

There's no tri-dimensional chess game going on. Don't make things more complicated than they need to be.

Jackson said...

Why are we blaming George Zimmerman for the 'White Hispanic' label? All he did was defend himself.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said... I've had enough but just don't know what to do to fix it.


Anonymous said...

"And when you have a 15 year old (black) brain in control of a firearm anything can happen, and it's usually bad."

There Chief Flynn, fixed it for you.

David In TN said...

Shooting at firefighters who are trying to put out fires in their neighborhood has been a favorite sport in the black community for decades.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....It is time to call out the reverends in thousand dollar suits for a peace march. Ship in the "Black lives Matter" crowd and soon everything will be okay. This street violence is caused by white privilege. These poor little misunderstood psychopaths are just "acting out" because they are being oppressed by racist white people. Send in another quad-zillion dollars for better schools, teen centers, yoga classes and roller skate rinks.

I really find it amazing how much these sadistic little fucks enjoy killing each other. Dead zombies with no respect for life. Sick empty hollow shells with no purpose except to cause more carnage on the streets. Teenage psychopaths and turf warriors blowing the shit out of each other over a goddamn garbage filled rat infested street corner. Hate filled welfare spawn prowling the streets looking for their next target.

Once great cities overflowing with this flotsam and trash. Whole cities being destroyed from within by parasites who's only enjoyment is causing more blood and death. Bastards killing bastards. Devouring each other like wild animals. Crack whores breeding drug dealers. Pimps selling their own sisters pussy on the street for dope money. Cannon fodder for the prisons and street gangs. We've all seen the mugshots with those blank empty eyes staring into the camera. When and where will it all end.

Anonymous said...

Yes its black people. You will never see the black & brown supremacist sites like NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Univision, the New York Times, or the black & brown extremist fanatic racist site SPLC ever admitting the truth. They are too busy attacking whites and calling it "anti-racism." The black and brown supremacist organizations and propaganda, anti-white agitprop, outlets are too busy working on the subjugation and debasement of whites.

"Progressives" and "liberals" are the new NAZIs.

Anonymous said...

I know how to fix it: a one-way ticket to Africa.

Anonymous said...

There is a demographic pattern of white Europeans particularly susceptible to white guilt, that absurd concept. There is a similarity to Milwaukee and places like Minnesota and foreign populations in Scandinavian countries. I wouldn't say these origin European populations are soft. I would say that these populations are particularly prone to feminist control. Alright, that could be a definition of soft. But there's my amateur sociologist take on it. Put more plainly, they are happy to engage in cultural/racial suicide, if it pleases the women. It could be a result of excessive concern over what the ladies want. In this case, whether they recognize it or not, it's death.

It might be a better survival strategy to just buy them the fancy bags they like so much. That's better than death. Just buy them the Coach bag. Then they can obsess over the bag and not negroes. They need something to obsess over. One costs you several hundred dollars, the other will kill you. Simple choice.

Anonymous said...

It's not complex at all

Anonymous said...

Old timers might remember when Milwaukee was a symbol of the American heartland. Today? It's Africa, dudes and dudettes, Africa.

Detroit Refugee said...

Way before this site existed, way before I became an outspoken Race Realist, TNB forced me to coin a phrase. "Two things monkeys must never be given; car keys & firearms". Looks like that holds true in Milwaukee.
OT, maybe not, pussified leftist males(?) from the Island are voicing opinions that belong here @ SBODL. The black mob beating of a lone YT guy has many people rethinking their stance on race. Jamall & De'Andre have ratcheted things up lately & city dwelling metrosexual libs don't feel as smug as before!
I use social media, albeit with a variation of my real name. Former classmates & lifelong friends are sounding off like never before.
Now who & what exactly is the Rayciss?



P.K. proves it time and time again that any black male is dangerous. He is a killer lying in wait. Build more jails. Mandatory hard time. Once some of these slubs start breaking rocks from sun up till sun down they won't want to go into the jail system that is like their family reunion with three hot's and a cot! As I said before fellow race realist's NO QUARTER!

I never in my lifetime thought I'd see this mess that is currently going on.
A bi/sexual negro in the White-House destroying the basic fundamentals of our country.
A cohort of his that is a rabble rousing cocaine dealing negro snitch from the 1980's who owes the IRS a few MILLION DOLLARS in BACK TAXES!
A beloved(not by us) T.V. negro comic father figure who has more rapes than he can count.

Yes I want my old America and that's not a hate crime. Our White movement must start soon(like now) or we are in for some troubled times that will make all this shit look like pre-school. Feed up? You bet we are!

The good news is there are millions more just as pissed Whites like us. We just need that moment or a great leader that can make this come together like a fine oiled machine!


bernicegreenbaum said...

If this entire country doesn't start addressing the problem of black criminality we are doomed. Every day after day the news is the same. This isn't poverty, this is CRIME! This is murder, rape, robberies, child abuse, theft from stores, breaking and entering, home invasions, the list goes on and on. there must be someone of stature with a bully pulpit reading this blog. We are drowning in this sewer of denial.....(anony)


Well, the negroes themselves don't care. They don't care about: children and babies being slaughtered, women getting raped, burglaries, assault, drive bys, car jackings, vandalism, etc. No, the only time they care is.....wait......for.......it.....WHEN A WHITE PERSON DOES IT. Which is almost never. Sure, get some 21 year old white kid whose head isn't on quite straight, let him shoot up a darn church filled with orcs who are (surprise, surprise) behaving themselves, and the whole gosh darn world is on a mission to eradicate white on black violence.....a virtually NON-EXISTANT PROBLEM! But our media, our "President" and "leaders" want you to believe YT is the problem. Look at all the stuff being thrown at Donald Trump. It's a veritable poo slinging event. Everyone is up in arms because Trump mentioned that the emperor has no clothes (illegals have, like negroes, free license to commit rape, robbery, and murder on YT). I'm really stuck between not giving a f*ck anymore (because the majority of YTs just DON'T GET IT) and wanting to become like Flower Bell (congrats, by the way....you're LIVING THE DREAM!)

Each and every day, whites are openly mocked as negroes are held up as model citizens, teachers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. When nothing further could be from the truth. The majority of them spend their (few) waking hours running around trying to scam even more from the system - with or without the aid of a gun. I have a new and improved appreciation for Beyond Fatigued. If a nation is to be judged by the quality of its citizens, the negroes make the United States a country to be pitied. The negroes' keepers run this asylum, my friends. Those of you who don't understand that are in for a world of pain. Those dollar bills in you pocket are not long for this world. The era of U.S. hegemony is on borrowed time.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but I laughed my socks off at this ...


Seems like a computer recognizes the truth, DWL's can't.

nokangaroos said...

Comrade Simms did all that a decade ago. Using raw DoJ data without matrix correction (you know the DoJ counts Mexes, Arabs and Saturday People as "white" when they perpetrate but as separate victim categories - a shameless lie) he found a correlation between percentage of blacks and murder rate of +0.77. You know what that means. The piece de resistance was his triangle plot of the fifty largest metro areas White/Black/Hispanic and the murder rates in colour code - a quasi-four-dimensional representation. If you can look at this plot and tell me with a straight face that blacks are NOT the problem you might want to have your noggin examined.
Unfortunately I can no longer access the site (jabpage.org). Maybe your server is more tolerant.
Also, you might want to visit lagriffedulion. A bit lifted off, but excellent math.

Hope this helps :)

D-FENS said...

What IS complex for a public official is being truthful and keeping your job.

Anonymous said...

No no no. The blacks are NOT violent.

The GUNS are violent.

The WEEKENDS are violent.

The STREETS are violent.

The HOLIDAYS are violent.

The blacks are intelligent, noble, honest, honorable, oppressed, innocent victims of our terrible, evil, RACIST society. But don't suggest that they be segregated from us so they can live in peace and harmony with each other in a negro paradise, safe from the horrors of white racism. That's racist.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the same thing that happened in the early 1970s. Liberals got the police and the courts to go easier on black criminals. As a result, homicides in the black community exploded. Murder rates in big cities climbed to highs never seen before or since. Now we have a radical 60s throwback in the White House espousing the same failed social policies and anti-law enforcement attitudes that were discredited 40 years ago. It's only natural that murder rates are climbing again.

quinnotaur said...

Please, please, please for the love of all that is white and holy, start digging into this alleged church shooting. It is just a psychological operation meant to demonize YT. Does anyone find it odd that this kids "manifesto" hits on EVERY legitimate bitch that YT is making in the comment sections? The whole farce is a little too neat and tidy, wrapped up with a bow on top for BRA. Then the "famblies" get 29 mil between them from the feds ?!?!?!? Who ever heard of such a thing? Not to mention the TELEVISED arraignment... Again, who ever heard of such a thing? I smell a giant rat.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Off topic but I laughed my socks off at this ...


Seems like a computer recognizes the truth, DWL's can't.

July 8, 2015 at 1:35 AM

Sound like some White guy, getting replaced by an H1-B from "Inja," monkeyed around with the algorithm a bit while training his replacement (pun definitely intended).

Anonymous said...

Blacks will never accept the blame for any of their antisocial and destructive behaviors. As we all hear constantly, it's always someone else's fault. A prime example is that the negro morons of Chicago are now trying to sue three suburban communities that have gun shops because those communities and those gun shops are the ones causing all the violence and death in darkie town. They're screaming that it "violates their civil rights."
Funny. Their are gun shops in my community but no one is out running around shooting random people or shooting rivals on the street for "disrespek" or any other stupid reason. There's also a sporting goods store that sells bow and arrows and even cross bows but no one has had an arrow or a cross bow bolt shot through their head or stuck in their ass.
THis is just a variation of the old routine. Remember when blacks were screaming about the high levels of drug useage in their communities and blaming it on the white man? "Oh lawdy! Da white mens is pouring drugs into da black community to destroy the black folks of da world!"
You didn't realize that it was all your fault that Shitniqua picks up a crack pipe and Cornbreadavious picks up a gun and robs or kills someone did you?
Next up- FATassia gonna sue da sto' 'cause she done been eatin' 500 honey buns a month and is overweight and got da sugar (diabetes) and cain't walk no mo' 'cause her laigs and feets has swollen up so bad and may have to be amputated and sheeit. It's de sto's fault and her cibil rights done been violated and it all yo' fault and da fault of da company what make da honey buns! MMMM HMMMM! She gonna sue da suburb where da honey bun company be at! Oh lawdy! Da ebbil white man done be puttin' honey buns in da sto' to makes black womens fat as hippo's and cause dem and dey chilluns all kinds of health problems!
All mockery aside.......damn! Black people are so f'ing stupid it's unbelievable!

Dan said...

The problem is a slightly smaller brain.

Around the weight of one banana in brain matter. In African heat a larger brain is a liability. It produces too much heat for the body to regulate. Most teachers have seen the black kid switch off and fall asleep when the lecture or material becomes too demanding.

On the savannah a larger brain would mean you needed to sweat copiously. In Scandinavia the brain could was free of heat regulation shackles so it got bigger. Almost all the behaviour differences stem from the fractional differences in brain mass and the physiological differences that stem from there.

Anonymous said...


Yes, PK, but let's be logical here! Do they have night basketball in Milwaukee? Huh? Huh? Do they have tsx-subsidized Corvettes Huh? Huh? Do they have anymore white "wimins" to rape? Liquor stores to rob? What's the point of them even living anymore?

You racists make me sick!

Anonymous said...

40 lashes is a bit "roots". Give them $5000 and a plane ticket to africa. This is 5 years income in Africa. I'd also throw in a house building manual and a guide to growing crops (These would be just for YT amusement as they would be unread...... the $5k would be spent in 3 days on bling, weaves, prostitutes, sneakers). In fact if you gave them $100k each..... they could last a month. Here is a super plan....if us clever whitefolk gave them $100k and buit KFC's, adidas shops, bling shop and a few porn shops..... the money would be repatriated back to the USA. Economic genius. Every Orc would jump at the chance to go to the motherland..... and they would only last a month without YT's help. The crocodiles and buzzards would have a field day.

Yaspar Kyashred said...

Awesome "look-at-me!" flower hat on the female groid reporter in the second pic. (Just trying to lighten the mood, on another grim day in Black-Ruined America.)

Anonymous said...

Total genius..... thank you!!!! But it does make a good point that we ASSUME that blacks share our thought patterns and logic. The crowd around Brown's dead body were probably admiring his huge Jordans

Anonymous said...


"Baby-faced" 12 year old killer is apprehended.


"Investigators allege that Milton and two other boys--Shuntayvious Primes-Willis, 15, and Jamar Milton, 17--last month lured two men to an Omaha park with the ruse of conducting a marijuana sale."

"Shuntayvious". Fantastic.

Of particular interest to me are the locations that played a role.
"Baby-faced killa" is from Oklahoma, calls Omaha home, and was captured in Minneapolis.

Sheila recently posted the details of the exhaustive search that she had undertaken to find a home in the DFW outskirts. I don't remember where that post is at, but she did her due diligence to narrow down a safe and relatively groid-free place to live. It's important to learn to employ those strategies if you or a loved one will be relocating within BRA.

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

I live on the edge of a pretty tony "community" of multi-million dollar lake-front homes, complete with an awesome golf course. Every 4th, they shoot off an impressive collection of fireworks, right on the golf course. Thousands of people sit on the golf course with absolutely *no* artificial light or police. People get there early and some start playing frisbee or some other white people activity. Of course, they were 99.99% white, out of thousands of people I saw one niglet, no sheboons, no thugs. Until I actually experienced this large, nog-free event I had no idea how relaxing it could be. It felt wonderful! This year it was pretty darn dark, people were using their phones to find their way off the golf course after the show. If there had been a bunch of nogs around, there would have been trouble and they would need both cops and lights.

Get yourself somehwere free of the `groid. You will not believe how nice it is.

Anonymous said...

It's still like that in a lot of negro-free areas. The cops may be there but only to direct traffic after the event.


Anonymous said...


via Drudge..where does it end?


Trigger Nash said...

Tariq Akbar... Yea, sounds like he could've been a future President of this shithole coontry.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that they are all of a piece, i.e. low IQ = poor impulse control and lack of future time orientation. It's the low IQs, stupid!

I used to think that but spending time around low IQ Whites changed my mind. I would take a class of down syndrome Whites over a class of Blacks with average IQs. I would bet a million dollars that the latter would have more behavior problems. IQ tests don't measure everything and if you have been around Black kids you know something else isn't right. You get a sense that they are missing some genes that help with being civilized. Even the bad White kids behave differently and ironically break the rules in a more civilized manner. The bad White kids will not do things like shout "YO JERMAINE YOU GOT SKITTLES?" at the top of their lungs when Jermaine is only 3 feet away.

Anonymous said...

Having the worst black population in America is a pretty big distinction, as blacks excel at a range of anti-social behaviors.

Anti-social behaviors are actions that harm or lack consideration for the well-being of others. Many people label behavior which is deemed contrary to prevailing norms for social conduct as anti-social behavior.

At any given time, Milwaukee is competing fiercely with the denizens of Detroit, Oakland, New Orleans, Newark, and Baltimore. Not to mention Indianapolis, D.C., Atlanta, Birmingham, St. Louis, Memphis...

Anonymous said...

I know how to fix it: a one-way ticket to Africa.

Well, if the USA continues on its current course, it will be on a one-way ticket to becoming an African country.

Anonymous said...

40 lashes is a bit "roots". Give them $5000 and a plane ticket to africa. This is 5 years income in Africa. I'd also throw in a house building manual and a guide to growing crops (These would be just for YT amusement as they would be unread...... the $5k would be spent in 3 days on bling, weaves, prostitutes, sneakers).

This is called the golden ticket plan and has been discussed here and elsewhere.

The main problem with the golden ticket plan is that they wouldn't want to go. On some innate level they understand life in Africa would be much harder. You could increase the payout but then you risk them stealing the money or going and then coming back.

The other problem is that they have no interest in building their own communities. Africans all over the world (South Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Liberia) seem to be content with some shade and a cold drink. Of course they also want all then nice things that White people have but as group they seem incapable of maintaining even 18th century progress without oversight. The men especially seem content with standing around even when there is work to do. You see this in Black areas where the men just stand around like pigeons or strut through a mall without any aim. I saw a recent picture of a volunteer tree planting project in Detroit and there wasn't a single Black face.


This is really helpful:

"The leading factors in the city's homicides this year have been arguments or fights."

Those damn arguments. Why, the next time I argue with my wife, I'm sure the argument will cause a shooting to her head.......Those damn arguments. We need "Argument Control" or "One Argument Per Month" laws. Good thing I have a "Concealed Argument Permit".

Assault Arguments.

But what about "fights" that shoot people. I'm confused. I saw a few guys fighting in a parking lot of a bar once but BOTH LIVED. How in hell can that be? Should they not be both shot to death from the "fight"?

Please, Sheriff Idiot, explain.


A negro killing another negro is not a crime

jrzero said...


Anonymous said...

This is exactly the same thing that happened in the early 1970s. Liberals got the police and the courts to go easier on black criminals. As a result, homicides in the black community exploded. Murder rates in big cities climbed to highs never seen before or since. Now we have a radical 60s throwback in the White House espousing the same failed social policies and anti-law enforcement attitudes that were discredited 40 years ago. It's only natural that murder rates are climbing again.

Liberals have no choice but to stay in irrational cycles. Tough on crime results in more Blacks in prison, soft on crime results in more Black crime. But what else can liberals do? Discuss genetics?

I view hardcore liberals as more of an egalitarian death cult that would rather be shot into the sun than discuss racial genetics in an honest manner. I don't think they are worth bothering with since they are suicidal as seen by how they will live near Blacks and send their kids to Black schools despite basic statistics telling them this is an incredibly stupid idea. I think Nietzsche had the far-left accurately pegged as a dangerous and bastardized offshoot of Christianity. They want the equality of Christianity (which is actually equality of man relative to God, not genetic equality) but without the religion that comes with it. It creates a madness where equality has to be enforced by the state since it obviously doesn't occur naturally. On a side note when we discussed Nietzsche in college he was portrayed only as a critic of Christianity and nothing was said about his hatred of the left. Of course anyone who has read Nietzsche knows this is nothing but egalitarian revisionism just like their censorship of Darwin's views on race.

Conservatives today have their own delusions about Blacks (they just need less government and private schools). But most conservatives hate political correctness which is a starting point for racial realism. Independents are probably the ideal group since they are already skeptical of everyone.

Anonymous said...

"via Drudge..where does it end?



Flash forward six or seven years, the media will be using this same "baby-faced" mugshot after he gets gunned down by a white cop he tried to attack.

Anonymous said...

So does Milwaukee have the worst black population. Answer NO

Its a bad area where ever they live.


SC Native said...

I think there is much more to this. DHS just happened to be in town that week doing a "drill". The pastor Clamidia Pinckney was campaigning with Hiliary earlier that day. Everything is too neat and all of the ingredients were there for a chimpout of epic proportions. Yet the blacks in Charleston didn't deliver and didn't anywhere else. Why? I think this op went too far and scared the negroes, for all of the chest bumping and bix nood they're cowards and always will be cowards. Then the attack comes on southern symbols, yea right that was a coincidence sure. Those symbols remind thinking people of resistance to government tyranny and that's the real problem for the leftists. It's not black lives, nobody cares about those, they're just shock troops who are laughably easy to stir up.

Californian said...

Please, please, please for the love of all that is white and holy, start digging into this alleged church shooting. It is just a psychological operation meant to demonize YT. Does anyone find it odd that this kids "manifesto" hits on EVERY legitimate bitch that YT is making in the comment sections?

Referring to Dylann Storm Roof? He did what any serious leftist would have done prior to committing an act of terrorism: he published a political manifesto. The left does this all the time. Look at the agitprop of the Weathermen, Black Panthers, SLA, ANC, etc., etc. Look at how liberals fawn all over these groups, even though they killed any number of innocent people. For that matter, look at the non-stop atrocities perpetrated by blacks and then rationalized away by liberals as an "uprising" against "oppression."

As for demonizing YT: the entire media-government-academic system is already doing that. They hardly need to gin up a church shooting to make it any worse. But even if it could be proven that Charleston was some kind of false flag MK Ultra operation--so what? Think that reveal would bring down BRA? Or slow down the collapse of white America for as much as two seconds?

Sooner or later some kid was going to have taken the action that Roof did. You have to be prepared to deal with these things politically. Look to the left for examples how they spin terrorism. They do not waste their time going into conspiracy mode. Instead, had Roof been a favored minority shooting up a white church, here is what their party line would have been:

* This is what happens when you silence dissenting voices.
* This is what happens when you systemically discriminate against a group.
* This is what happens when a group is the target of violence and needs to strike back.

The left studies agitprop and applies it scientifically. That is why they win.

Something to think about in the coming chaos ahead.

Anonymous said...


From the people that brought you the Gentle Giant, get ready to meet the Gentle Midget.

Anonymous said...

A prime example is that the negro morons of Chicago are now trying to sue three suburban communities that have gun shops because those communities and those gun shops are the ones causing all the violence and death in darkie town.

The source of that lawsuit is a actually a liberal priest.

This is why the Catholic church should be boycotted by White gun owners and racial realists. The Catholic church gives a home to these (cough) celibate liberal males. Stop giving them money and stop supporting their charities. The Catholic church refuses to allow married men as priests which as a policy attracts liberal activists. The Catholic church should not be viewed as a denomination but as an Italian mob that wants to wipe out Anglo and Nordic Whites for not going with the program. What they want is one big third world that may have state governments but answers first to the pope.

Anonymous said...

In Scandinavia the brain could was free of heat regulation shackles so it got bigger. Almost all the behaviour differences stem from the fractional differences in brain mass and the physiological differences that stem from there.

Liberals are free to prove that the frontal lobe area of the brain (the area used for self-control and planning) is the same in all racial groups. But instead of proving racial realists wrong they stick to a belief that Gould has already done all the work while refusing to discuss questions about brain size and shape.

Gould was proven wrong about the Morton skull studies and liberals still haven't given a response. Morton's study was accurate and yet liberals cling to their belief of Gould as a great genius that debunked the evil racist scientists of the past. Mismeasure of Man is still popular on campuses and often required reading for undergrads.

Gould's fabrication is not even disputed in mainstream anthropology which is known to be heavily left-wing.

Only because of the internet can we know these dark secrets. Mainstream academia would keep them locked away if they could.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

PK: Please take out that "Thanks George Zimmerman" comment. It was the media who came up with the label "white Hispanic," not our man who just defended himself.

That being said, solid post.

Anonymous said...

It is known in the restaurant industry that blacks prefer their steaks to be well done. It seems to go with them just like bad tips and their preference for fruity drinks.

I will avoid BBQ places that appear black since I don't want my meat heavily charbroiled. There is also a McDonalds I avoid since the manager is black and the chicken is always overcooked. I won't even go to a McDonalds unless it is in the sticks.

Anyone else ran into this problem?

Anonymous said...

I just watched a clip on Fox News debating the AFFH proposal...black guest said diverse neighborhoods result in stronger economies, better performing schools, etc., and that "millennials" want to live in diverse communities (probably true, they've been all but brainwashed). The host took some bait about more Whites being in Section 8 (only to pledge she wasn't even talking about race) rather than challenge stats or assumptions about the superior performance of diverse neighborhoods.

I'd really like to see "proof" of those assertions. Stats can be deceptive; e.g. New York is both more diverse and more wealthy than Joplin, MO, I imagine, but the two hardly make a fair comparison.

The desirability of a neighborhood can be measured. Are more people moving in than out? First, define the parameters of a neighborhood. Then observe results of integrating it. Are people leaving, or trying to get in?

Anonymous said...

I don't know which state has the worst black population.

But I do know that Southern blacks are different from Northern blacks.

The Southern blacks are more likely to have pure bloodlines and seem more like....Africans. By that I mean they look more like African tourists than the typical African American that has mixed ancestry. They also seemed smaller than depicted in the media but that is probably true for all black populations. In Hollywood the blacks tend to be depicted as big and strong but the big ones are more likely have mixed ancestry, the results of White slaveowners trying to breed bigger slaves by mixing them with American Indians and mulattoes. I don't think I have seen one strongman competition where the African contestant was not South African White.

Anyways I was surprised by how many blacks in Texas were actually pretty small and of course darker than the Northern blacks.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't feel that sorry for the guy in Cincinnati. I hope he is ok but like the guy on the bus from a while back he clearly thinks he is a dindu whisperer. He isn't a tourist which means he has lived around them which means he knows at least one person that has been attacked. He may even have a couple kids in the public school and up until the beating thought something like this only happens to people that deserve it. There is nothing that can be done for this type of person. Like the guy on the bus he is lucky to have his life.

Anonymous said...

I just watched a clip on Fox News debating the AFFH proposal...black guest said diverse neighborhoods result in stronger economies, better performing schools, etc., and that "millennials" want to live in diverse communities (probably true, they've been all but brainwashed).

They want diverse communities as in living in a concrete adventure with gays, Hispanics and Ikagos until they have kids and move to the burbs. That's when they realize that White rural living is a lot better than depicted in television.

Liberals can praise millennials all they want but I don't see Whites of any age flocking to places like Detroit, Gary or Camden. The plan to hipsterize Detroit with White millennials has failed and there are a dozen Black cities that don't even have a plan.

Medic Bear said...

"Look to the left for examples how they spin terrorism. They do not waste their time going into conspiracy mode"

You are so spot-on I am sharing this far and wide (I hope you're OK with that !)

THIS is what we're fighting - besides the innate barbarism that is the Black - the "own the language, own the debate" Left artistry.

The DWLs, multicultural diversity, Socialist loonies keep defining the terms of debate. They own the media, of course, and have the other disparate special-interest groups on their side (LGBTQXYZ folks and anti-religionists, to name two), so they have strength in vocal numbers & bandwidth.

We need to deny them the high ground. As many have said - and many of us do every day - we need to relentlessly fight their BS with facts, statistics, anecdotes of horror like Knoxville and Wichita - the TRUTH. Yes, it may take 100 discussions to make someone (usually some bystander) to start to think about the truth, but that's the price we pay for having to fight such an enormous & pervasive machine.

Be informed, be unafraid, be discrete (we all have jobs to protect that are sadly in danger just for not being part of the DWL, MCD groupthink), be relentless and be prepared. If the SHTF, the best revenge for being right and ignored will be to live while they don't.

Anonymous said...

"The host took some bait about more Whites being in Section 8"


What PERCENTAGE of whites live in section 8 VS what PERCENTAGE of blacks live in section 8?

Same with all welfare stats, anti-whites want to spew that MORE WHITES ARE ON WELFARE while pretending to not understand what percentages mean.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Totally harmless underserved gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

"I honestly don't feel that sorry for the guy in Cincinnati. I hope he is ok but like the guy on the bus from a while back he clearly thinks he is a dindu whisperer. He isn't a tourist which means he has lived around them..."

The takes on this poor devil's situation are interesting...they run a spectrum from "damn right, no one should be afraid to go anywhere" to "he should have known better".

An interview with this guy would be enlightening. Was he a DWL? Or was he aware of his risk but feeling lucky? Or? Did he know there was a Dindu Festival being held nearby?

The moral I'll draw, for the time being, is that IF he was attending a sporting event and took a calculated risk for his love of the game, he was making a foolish choice. How many blood sacrifices will be paid by White sports fan until they learn this isn't the 1950's anymore?

I'll sound humorless and like a kill-joy here, but damn it, we're under siege. It's a guerilla war at present, and yes, you might make it home fine 9 out of 10 times. But don't we have more serious business to occupy our time than going into unfriendly territory to watch a game?

As I said yesterday, let's starve BRA, not feed it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost-in-Miami here,

Who wrote this? I read it here:


You can only have two of these.

I'll never forget this. It's the first theorem of modern life.

Anonymous said...

The DWLs, multicultural diversity, Socialist loonies keep defining the terms of debate.

This is why the internet is the bane of their existence. They can't win the debate without cheating. An open debate on race where they can't shame their opponents or control the arguments is a nightmare situation for them. They used to try debating race in various internet forums but they have retreated to their controlled venues. In an open debate everyone can see how much they avoid the difficult questions. Meanwhile the evidence in favor of racial realism continues to stack which is why liberals have to make websites like "the power of an illusion" (PBS) or create controlled TV debates. The fact that they call themselves "reality based" makes it all the more insulting.

Pat Boyle said...

I occurs to me that there is a racial angle to today's news.

The new York Stock Exchange closed down today. As it happens a major airline also closed down today too. Both of these were said to be computer glitches not any kind of cyber attack or hacking. But that's not the story. The story is that no one seems to believe the official explanation.

We seem to have developed a permanent and growing credibility gap for the government. Why should that be? Do you think it might have anything to do with all the media's mendacious racial coverage? For at least two years now we have had black rioters and looters euphemistically referred to as 'teens' or 'youths'.

The American public has grown increasingly cynical about the coverage of the news. When I was a kid we used to pity the poor people of the USSR who couldn't believe anything they read in Pravda.

I don't know what happened to the computers at the NYSE and I may never know. Just a few years ago I would have scoffed at doubters and called them 'conspiracy theorists'. But times change. We all know now that the government considers it their sacred right to lie and deceive the public about racial issues. That sort of disregard for the truth is corrosive to the public trust.

If the government lies to us about attacks by blacks how can we trust them to keep us informed about any other kind of attack?


quinnotaur said...

Political correctness IS a religion.

Anonymous said...

But wasn't Bill Cosby a good orc? I mean he actually got after the orcs for some of their behavior, didn't he?

In the end it always boils down to the same thing. You can take the nigga out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the nigga. Same as it always was and is.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee was one of the cities PK thought would be troublesome this summer. He is already right concerning Cincinnati. He mentioned other cities too during his pod cast such as Indianapolis, I believe.

The only answer is to return to the Wild West days when men wore pistols on their sides. How else are we going to control these every present chimpouts that happen almost daily now?

I think the police chief is a realist. He fully understands where the problem lies. More whites are simply going to have to tell things like they are instead of sugar coating them for the very thin skins of blacks. Basically without blacks (and illegals) our world would be a very peaceful place. I can never understand why white DWLs hate themselves so much they put themselves trough this pain for some barbaric monkeys.

quinnotaur said...


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but is there some way to find out who has warrants out for their arrest in a certain area? With technology available today it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to spot a suspect from a distance and then contact some sort of police hotline. Maybe you don't snitch, but I do. I bet a lot of people would get on board as a sort of service to their community effort even if financial rewards were not offered. Many many more if financial rewards were.

quinnotaur said...

 Africans are the most populous people on the planet.
Africans have 50 + countries in the world.
Africa has half the world's natural resources.
Africans have the greatest piece of farmland the world has ever known, africa.
They live with me as a minority, I AM a minority.
There's not much more I can do for them than make them president.

Pat Boyle said...

Also in the news lately has been the imminent collapse of the Greek economy. That too seems connected with our American black problems.

Greece has recently lost most of its manufacturing base (rather like us). Their government has moved to the left (again rather like us). They are now a welfare state with a good deal of entitlement payments. Greece owes foreigners money to fund it's pensions and vacations. We do this a little differently. In America the white population subsidizes the black population rather than the Germans subsidizing the Greeks.

In fact of course it's not the Germans so much as it is only the West Germans. East Germany is also dependent on West Germany but the Germans in the capitalistic West are willing to carry the former communist Easterners. Germany see all Germans as Germans and are willing to spread their wealth. They just don't care to spread their wealth to the Greeks. The same sort of situation exists in Italy. The Northern Italians make fun of the Southern Italians but they do share with them. But the Italians like the Germans have no desire to share with the Greeks. The EU is not a super-nation, it is a loose conglomerate of nations with different peoples, languages and customs.

It seems likely that Greece will leave or be kicked out of the EU because they can't pull their own weight. So in America we might ask, will the blacks just leave of be kicked out also?

The case for dividing off the blacks is pretty good. Germans are in effect paying for Greek schools just as white Americans pay for almost all of American public schools. Blacks increasingly pay no taxes. But it's worse yet for American whites. The noxious presence of blacks in the public schools means that whites dare not send their own children to the schools they are taxed for. So whites have to pay again for a private school. The Germans only have to pay once. Lucky Germans.


Anonymous said...

Does Peter Nolan advocate Jihad against our own women because they are more susceptible to the lies and propaganda of BRA?

First off, advocating violence is never ok, particularly when the government and corporate America can record your each and every word. Plus it is destructive, like the negro. Really something that more intelligent minds try to minimize as much as possible, unless in times of all out war. Derek Roof used violence in what he though would start a race war. He attacked the most lovable type of blacks, rather than the thug variety that takes your wallet in the streets and rapes your sisters in an alleyway. How white feminists can continue to ignore black male rape stats is beyond me. Talk about a punishment nearly on par with being murdered. For his violent and murderous actions, Roof single-handedly got the Stars and Bars pulled down. There were no riots, fires, or calls for black lives matter, because there wasn't a thug involved. The lives of the churchgoers meant little to the black community when compared to the loss we all suffered when Freddy Grey, St. Swisher the Gentle Giant, and St. Skittles the Earl of Watermelon juice were taken from us. Derek was thinking with a white mind as to what would bother black people the most. The names of the churchgoers are not in the national lexicon like the aforementioned thugs names are, and their families were given a huge cash handout, because as we all know, money solves all problems in the black community.

"Here, take a bunch of money that you didn't earn that you never could have in your entire lives!"

"Ok. I guess we be good."

And don't tell me it wasn't a white person who offered the initial suggestion of using these events to get the Confederate flag taken down. After the church shooting it is obvious that symbolism is lost on negroes. All they care about is if a black thug was harmed in any way by police.

Plaga Negra said...

The only way the cults of "equality, multiculturalism, female empowerment, tolerance" and every virtue (pathology) of the left can possibly exist is in a first world civilization with infastructure in tact. Once the infastructure goes, so does liberalism. You think you can build a city or country without the far-right politics? Good luck. It's not possible. Rightists are creators and builders. Leftists can only destroy. Tolerance kills.

Anonymous said...

It would be great to see a study tracing 100 random Negro's journey's to the city. The welfare migration is still recent enough that you could probably trace it back. From there get get the descendants, crime caused, death and damage, welfare payments.
So from that you have a clear numerical example of what importing sub-humans costs. A long time ago somebody did a story about the ducks and the geese. It's really true.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:21 am. You referenced a tree planting in Detroit and not a black face in sight. This happens every time there is any kind of cleanup project in Detroit. Grass cutting, litter pickup, tree planting, it's always suburban whites. Blacks will literally sit on their front porches watching whitey clean up their mess. And believe me it is a HUGE mess. Now a few fine black men of the cloth have zeroed in on 'kid rock' . They want him to stop using the confederate flag during his concerts. The reverend said , that if the flags not gone , he and other black church leaders in Detroit will stop driving Cadillacs. I kid you not! I guess General Motors is a sponsor of the concerts. My head spins from this nonsense. Hey rev.... Stop worrying about the flag, and start cleaning up your 40 year chimp out in Detroit. Next time your out marching to protest some deemed injustice, bend over and pick up some of the crap all over the streets, alleys, and roadways. Your people are a bunch of slobs!!!!

Anonymous said...

If mama sows welfare was cut 25% every time young Jamal is involved in a crime you can bet your bottom dollar crime would plummet overnight.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the black race sits at attention and waits for another white to kill a black. That seems to be their reason for living! It is almost as though they want white people to do something to them so they can justify their violence against us as a people. Revenge seems to be the only reason these black people live. In the ghetto, they kill one another over nothing. An illegal alien killed a black boy because he thought the colors on this backpack represented a gang and there was not so much as a peep from the blacks. It is only when whites do anything to a black that the entire black race kicks into overdrive. If the slightest infraction of a deranged white happens against a black, the entire black nation comes together like army ants going to war. They battle like myrmidons.

If an unfortunate red ant wonders into black ant territory, the red ant is attacked by multiple black ants. They have a hive like behavior that drives them as a group. Africanized bees behave in an antagonistic way towards the European variety, and indeed kill the European hive or make them slaves.

It seems to be in the DNA of African animals to have this animalistic trait. Europeans seems to be tamer and more apt to cooperate as a group and much more altruistic. Africa is a very violent continent, whereas Europe is peaceful in comparison.

You can take the ape out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the ape!

Anonymous said...

The reverend in Detroit is worried about the confederate flag at a rock concert? Hey rev.... Worry about blacks killing each other! Worry about blacks dropping out of school in the eighth grade! Worry about blacks having 8 kids with different daddy's. Worry about the filthy neighborhoods your 'folks' create. Worry about being on welfare for their whole life! Worry about murder, carjacking, robberies, home invasion, child abuse. Yeah... You and your cronies have plenty to worry about! And a flag is not among them!!!

Anonymous said...

Among those whites, what percentage have the prerequisite halfrican thing(s)? Thus making them just another nog in our opinion.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

And LaVerne and Shirley too! Squiggy I'm not too sure about.

Anonymous said...

The native criminals there would also very quickly disbuse any troublemakers of the notion that they were "bad." It would be hilarious to watch soft, overfed American "gangstas" trying to cope with guys who have lived with war, starvation, and pestilence since the day they were born. Not to mention the local police, who are frequently the worst criminals in town on any given day.

Anonymous said...

Given that numerous other groups who aren't exactly known for being rocket scientists themselves do much better than blacks as a whole, I've always suspected that there is something more than low IQ that causes blacks to behave as they do.

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly.

Anonymous said...

Yaspar Kyashred said...
Awesome "look-at-me!" flower hat on the female groid reporter in the second pic.

Didn't realize the brilliance of your comment until I took a second look at the 2nd video still of Paul's post.

Anonymous said...


'"Baby-faced" 12 year old killer'.
And thats the riff the newsmedia [twmnbn] gave us about Trayvon.
A cute, harmless, almost white skin [via photoshop?] 12-14 yr old.

Anonymous said...

Which is why they constantly lie about everything. Why exert yourself and take chances?

Anonymous said...

They're dumb by most objective standards, but they have the cunning of wild animals. They've had us intimidated, jumping through their hoops, and paying their bills for the past 50 years. The accepted wisdom for decades has been that blacks can literally do no wrong: even their most meager accomplishments are trumpeted to the heavens, while their failures are automatically blamed on external factors they have no control over. Conversely, the amazing achievements of whites over the past 500 years are dismissed as the work of racist male colonizers largely stolen from other cultures, and any white failure is trumpeted to the heavens. In media and popular entertainment blacks are depicted as our superiors in virtually every way imaginable: smarter, kinder, better-dressed, ethically superior, more tolerant, more forgiving, more generous, more charismatic, more masculine (oddly the female corollary is missing here: I don't remember seeing black women being portrayed as more feminine), more in tune with nature, etc., etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty wild physiological differences for a banana's worth of brain matter.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but it looks like Mayor-Hyphen just sh@t-canned Anthony Batts, Baltimore's chief of police.

Good job mayor. Pass blame and fire people. I'm sure you can just fire your way out of this mess that you- er just happened.

Anonymous said...

You make a lot of very good points. Very true that hardcore liberalism is a religion, and is thus immune to rational inquiry. It is much closer to Islam than modern Christianity in that it allows no questioning of any kind, and strictly punishes dissenters and apostates.

Anonymous said...

Non American here, off topic a bit, years ago a lived in what looked like a totally white town here in Ontario, was in government building, peeked in welfare office, ALL negroes, sows with kids, I didn't know we even had any!

Anonymous said...

I would like to add my thoughts to what Pat said about Greece. He made parallels between Greeks and Negroes! Both groups are at this point in history a leech to their host. In our case, we have Negroes that take much but give nothing but dysfunction in return to white people.

I can frankly understand the German people’s anger of having to pay for the retirement of Greeks by working much later in life than them. I think the Greek retirement age was in their 50s and they paid nothing for it out of their own pockets. The Greeks live in a fantasy world if they think that kind of arrangement will last.

In our own case, we pay high amounts of money to run police departments that would be virtually unnecessary in a white country, or one that only had peaceful people. Seriously, I believe life would almost be utopic without the presence of black people.

As Europe and the Greeks divorce, so must whites and blacks in America separate!

On the radio today, Rush Limbaugh explained that the DWLs will never be happy. Even when DWLs win court decisions, they are unsatisfied because they not only want us to do what they say; they want us to believe it as well. For example, in the gay marriage decision, they not only want us to accept gay marriage because it is the law, they want us to think it is something more holy and pure than marriage between a man and a woman. They want us to admit that it is not only better than regular marriage, but we were wrong about gay marriage and should feel guilt because we ever questioned it to begin with. NOW… they want us to do the same thing with Negroes!

They want us to accept that whatever the Negroes do as acceptable because we deserve to be punished for holding them back. In their view, Michael Brown was a saint. He was surely going to be a successful businessman even when compared to Trump. Never mind he barely finished high school and had a juvenile record, Brown was going to be great and all whites should never forget that.

They want to us renounce our belief that Brown was justifiably killed by Wilson, and castigate Wilson as a murderer. They want us to prop up Ferguson with new businesses and have midnight basketball; they want a new community center for blacks. Even after all we can do, the DWLs will not be satisfied!

Here may be our only hope: somewhere out there the left will wake the hell up like that woman RT reporter in Baltimore who got mugged by black teenagers. I'm sure she was a DWL before the incident, but is now a realist.

With instant photos, blacks can’t hide their bad behavior anymore; and DWLs cannot hide the stupidity of their logic and love for the barbaric animals we call blacks.

Anonymous said...

Liberals must always cling blindly to their beliefs, because most of them are false and have been legitimately discredited in one way or the other. If liberals were capable of or amenable to reasonable, rational evaluation, they wouldn't be liberals. Thus they will hang on desperately to the tiniest shreds that appear to support their position, and shut their eyes and minds to everything else.

Anonymous said...

Just checking up on Sharpnot when I found this little story-

Disgraced De Blasio Aide Rachel Noerdlinger Covered Up Al Sharpton’s Lie:
Sharpton had a 'taxpayer-funded mole' in NYC mayor's office


As an aide for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Rachel Noerdlinger, who used to run media relations for Al Sharpton’s National Action Network as its vice president, worked to cover up Sharpton’s lies due to concerns about making him look bad.

Noerdlinger was chief of staff for de Blasio’s wife before she was pushed to resign from the $170,000 position after months of controversies including her boyfriend being a convicted cop-killer and her own calls for violent retaliation against police arose.

New emails released by the Mayor’s office last week reveal Noerdlinger was still working on her old boss’ behalf even when she was on the city payroll. In addition to passing along the mayor’s official talking points to Sharpton, she also gave her old boss cover when he told a lie that the mayor’s office easily could have exposed.

So THAT explains why DeBlasio has such a bad relationship with New York police.

Anonymous said...

We can't.

Anonymous said...



Shades of South Africa continue.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the honest and straight forward commentary on an issue so big that people have to deliberately ignore it - even at the cost of peril to themselves and their families. Political correctness is stupid, but worshipping at the PC altar and sacrificing morals, values, traditions and personal safety for it is absolutely incomprehensible.

Hope you check out http://www.heardnotheard.com/ , where civil and productive blacks get death threats from the feral blacks because they call them out on all their ni99ash!t. Most of the contributors have pure motives but there are a few that still have BlameYts syndrome. Still worth a look though.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a few idiots here and there who are outraged that Japan accepts very little immigration and takes virtually no refugees (I think Japan accepted a total of 10 Muslim refugees last year, all highly accomplished and credentialed). These idiots point to Japan's stagnant economy and argue that Japan needs huge US-grade levels of immigration to get its economy humming again. They obviously understand nothing about Japanese culture, including the fact that the overwhelming majority of Japanese like Japan the way it is, thank you, and have no intention of bringing in huge numbers of foreigners to reap the temporary advantages of their cheap labor. When they do allow immigrant labor it's usually from nations like Korea and China with which they share a certain degree of cultural commonality. I also see feminists bewailing the limited participation of Japanese women in the workforce, who are obviously as ignorant of Japanese culture as the proponents of mass immigration are. In point of fact, Japan is a matriarchy, and women wield the true power in the home. Men are deferred to in public for the sake of appearances, but everyone knows who the real boss is. Most Japanese women also invest more energy in being mothers than Western women seem to, and feel that raising their children well and caring for their families is more important than working. The idea of a woman dumping her 11 month-old infant in daycare and going off to work all day as ours do is horrifying and incomprehensible to them.

Gorgeous George said...

"It seems likely that Greece will leave or be kicked out of the EU because they can't pull their own weight. So in America we might ask, will the blacks just leave of be kicked out also?"

One thought is to give them a couple states, say IN and MI, and let them have at it. Of course, we would need to wall them off so that the rot does not spread. The welfare system and all racial preferences in the other 48 states would be dismantled in the rest of the states, and the two refuge states could do whatever they wanted. Oh, and move the national capital to somewhere decent like TX while we're at it, and do the same thing with DC as IN and MI.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the third thing.... The right to vote.

Anonymous said...

I have seen sites like that here and there. They are usually run by the police department of a given municipality or county and thus vary widely in format, quality, and usefulness. Not all police departments provide warrant information publically. I would Google the pertinent police departments of the area(s) you're interested in and go from there. There are a couple of national organizations that run well-organized websites for finding missing individuals or informing communities about the locations of convicted sex offenders, but none I'm aware of that specialize in arrest warrants. There are also some "America's Most Wanted" style sites that are national in coverage, but they only feature a limited number of notorious cases that they think the public would find interesting. They're more for entertainment than sources of information.

Anonymous said...

Keep the flag up

Anonymous said...

Does Milwaukee have America's worst black population?
That's like asking if an incurable disease organism in one region is of a more virulent strain than in another region. Both create disease and eventual death and destruction- one is just faster than the other.
Ditto for negroes- the crime and all the other social pathologies that make an area a no go zone/decrepit cesspit may be more virulent in one area but all areas eventually succumb to the disease. It's just a matter of how long the process takes.
All areas infested with negroes are in a condition of permanent plague with the all too familiar and predictable results. The negro itself IS a pathogen, an opportunistic disease organism that infects and destroys civilization. Cities with a majority black population are like a human body that's carrying an extreme pathogenic viral load. There is only one cure and that's to eliminate the pathogens from the body before it's overwhelmed and either destroyed or turned into a decrepit invalid due to the ravages of the disease.
And libtards want you to believe the pathogen is actually a vitamin! That takes a special kind of crazy and libtards have it in abundance.

Anonymous said...

It occurred to me a while back that the EU is analogous to the US in that the wealthier citizens are forced to pay the freight for the poorer, underachieving ones, just as whites in the US are forced to carry blacks and latinos. As I'm sure you're aware the difference is that the EU is made up of individual nations that have their own unique history, language, and culture, whereas the states of the US are far more similar to one another. High-ranking EU bureacrats have openly stated that nations of the EU will have to become more homogenized and give up more of their sovereignty for the EU to have any chance of success in the long term. One of the ways they intend to achieve this is through the mass immigration of third worlders who will help break down and displace native national cultures, and thus the differences between European nations. They are quite open about this. This is why EU bureacrats are pushing non-western immigration so hard, and why they support the suppression of Christianity and other Western institutions by Islamic ones.

Anonymous said...

White American feminists ignore the tens of thousands of rapes blacks commit on white women in the US for the same reason that Swedish feminists ignore the tens of thousands of rapes muslim immigrants commit on Swedish women. Yet they erupt in a national spasm of outrage that goes on for months if a talk-radio host calls a woman a slut (US), or an advertising firm puts posters on buses which feature women showing too much skin (Sweden). I can think of few better illustrations of the fact that most liberal positions are more style than substance, if they have any substance at all.

Anonymous said...

The only interesting thing I notice about negroes is they really are all the same all across america.

I have lived in Chicago, Phoenix, St Louis, California, Memphis, Seattle, and have travelled all around the country and the white people dress specifically for their part of the country, they speak differently, they drink and eat differently, they prefer different music, ALL based on where they grew up.

Not with blacks. ALL blacks speak and dress and behave the same way. You could pluck a black up from Georgia and drop him down in L.A. OR N.Y and that black would soon find other blacks and they would ALL sound and look alike. Same language, same slang, everything.

Pluck a farm boy up from Iowa and drop him in NY- culture shock.

But every american black seems just like every other, they even have the same accents. It's bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Most of these ideologies that seem so vitally important to the left are only possible because of the prosperity and leisure time created by the capitalistic economies they seem to despise. These ideologies are really more a form of decadence than the deep, portentous, graven-in-stone realities of existence the lefties would like you to believe that they are. They're relative and conditional. If you have to work 14 hours a day just to keep from starving — which has historically been the lot in life of most people until the last century or so — you don't have a lot of time to get outraged because a movie star made a stereotyping comment about his female costar, or the local school board doesn't include enough gay left-handed women of color.

Anonymous said...

Jamal would immediately shape up, or he would quickly become the victim of a retroactive abortion! :-D

Anonymous said...

Even African fish are more violent. Aquarium owners are warned against putting any African species in with South American and European ones. They'll destroy them. Even the African relatives of South American and European breeds are larger and more aggressive than their overseas cousins.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the cops are staying out of the hoods. If that is what PRO-ACTIVE means. This is good because I and many others on this sight have been saying the same thing for some time now. By letting these jungle people roam around shooting each other it makes it much better and safer for the cops on the beat.

Whenever a cop is forced to defend himself he gets dragged through the coals and then hung by the balls. Cops should only be used to fill out crime reports on the dead. By only being used for paper work in these blood soaked neighborhoods it saves him from the ravages of the press and the local communist cells(community organizers, protestors, rights groups). The more street scum shooting each other the better. When someone under 18 is shot that cancels the monthly welfare check. No money if he be daid.

Black people should not be denied their right to butcher, rob, rape and kill each other. Allow them their God given freedom to live under the rule of JUNGLE LAW.

Neanderthal Girl said...

Or but I thought you all would get a kick out of this headline...
"Hot summer months can trigger violent student behavior"


Race said...

To AnonymousJuly 8, 2015 at 5:24 PM,
Do not be so quick to castigate Greeks! They too like us are over flowing capacity with foreigners. The country of Greece does not consist of Greeks, but rather a mixed multitude, just like us, England, France, Germany, Sweden and about every other former White nation. The "nation wreckers©" control immigration and media in every former white country.

Maria From California said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 0725 said: Get yourself somehwere free of the `groid. You will not believe how nice it is.

Your 4th sounded like utopia.

I'm lucky in that my parents were race realists and we were part of the San Fernando white flight in the early 70's. We moved to a nearly 100% white community. Now it's 0.4% black. Close enough to perfect. Wherever they reside, nobody knows. Nobody ever sees them. For all I know, the census is wrong. Nothing but white faces. It's a beautiful thing. And you're exactly right...you cannot believe how nice it is.

eah said...

Mom and Pop who only watch the local news never hear about this kind of crime that occurs in far-away cities.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said... The more street scum shooting each other the better. When someone under 18 is shot that cancels the monthly welfare check. No money if he be daid.

It also purges the EBT system, Section 8 Housing, phony SSI disability claims,Head Start Programs,..................

Anonymous said...

Give them a job if you want to see some self-entitled complaining, social mouth running at every step, time wasting, pretending to work but you betta gibs me a raise fo my foe kids fallout!

Anonymous said...

Spot on! This makes them lethal, but easy to spot when they are the only blacks in a. All white area doing the shuck n jive at evry bus stop, train station, etc. oh yeah whitey so stupid, you ain't drug dealers or nothing.

Anonymous said...

It's like they never mature past 15. They expect expect expect with no output

Anonymous said...

If your on twitter follow hashtag blacktwitter, it is quite amusing

Anonymous said...

To Ex New Yorker at 10:02 - Eloquently stated. That's it in a nutshell. Too bad no one will state this obvious truth to the media.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere blacks exist is the worst black population.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally found a site about the problem with blacks. I am surprised the site is still up.

It shows real photos of African tribes doing horrible things. If blacks were so advanced before the Europeans went into Africa then why are all the African countries shit holes to this day.

Some tribes drink and bathe in cow urine, and rub urine and mud all over the children. They eat/drink menses from cows.....They literally suck it out from the cows behind. They have sex with animals. There are photos showing this!

And blacks have the audacity to tell everyone Egyptians were blacks and built the pyramids, invented math and other inventions, that all humans came from blacks etc. etc., etc.

Africa has the highest AIDS rate among other sexually transmitted diseases, and in America blacks beat gays in AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Yeah what an advanced race. Still live in mud huts. Even after taking everything from the Whites. And voodoo still plays a major role in black lives. Wow. Wow. Wow. When are stupid Whites going to wake up to the destruction blacks force upon us.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It drives me crazy as a black person and former waitress. If they tipped it would make it sort of bearable, but alas....
I prefer any high quality piece of beef medium rare to medium tops.
A white acquaintance of mine is dating a black woman and we ordered ours medium and she went well done.
Over the course of the meal we convinced her to try a bite of ours and she, surprisingly didn't die of E. Coli on the spot!

Anonymous said...

Albuquerque here...

Having grown up on the east coast and having been in the only bus with white kids my elementary school I can say that black kids grow up with so many problems of their peoples making that I'm surprised they survive as a species. The blacks I grew up around were generally poorly behaved and it was obvious that academically most of then didn't belong in school. The behaviors they exhibited showed that the African-African population was likely headed to jail since they didn't know how to act in public, read, etc...

Comparing the abilities of these people to folks with developmental disabilities is unfair. To think you could really make an honest comparison between two peoples, one of whom faces lessened economic opportunity, unreasonable prejudice from the majority population, statistically proven health issues and every disparity you can imagine... But folks with developmental disabilities and their families continue to struggle daily. And folks with developmental disabilities tend to exhibit behaviors such as empathy, compassion, caring and honesty, while we don't seem to find these qualities in the African-American community at large.

Mr. Rational said...

Now who & what exactly is the Rayciss?

The Rayciss is anyone winning an argument with a "progressive".

any black male is dangerous. He is a killer lying in wait. Build more jails. Mandatory hard time.

Why pay for their room and board?  Liberia.  Make their conditions of life hard enough that they'll volunteer for colonization.  Give them a small stipend for a few years, then nothing.  Require that they repay all the expenses they caused before being allowed to return, meaning the DWLs will have to assume the costs of their schemes.  It would be the best money we ever spent.

Imagine if all the orcs of Illinois, and their colonies in Iowa and Wisconsin, were returned to the Mother Continent.  Bliss.

You could increase the payout but then you risk them stealing the money or going and then coming back.

You only give them the money when they get there, in installments too small for their present-oriented brains to save to buy return tickets.  If they are transported pursuant to punishment for a crime, you require full repayment including victim compensation before they're taken off a no-fly list.

If a baby mama spends her check to come home and leaves her niglets in Monrovia with no support, that would solve a problem would it not?

Anonymous said...

The solutions to most serious problems are much simpler than the chattering classes believe them to be. Simple solutions are definitely better than the solutions they have, which are bupkis.

Anonymous said...

Great point! Those darn arguments are getting really out of hand lately.

Anonymous said...

True. Blacks aren't known to volunteer very often for charitable activies, but they are very industrious about reaping the rewards of those activities.

Anonymous said...

That, and the fact that he is an absolute moron.

It made me a little sad to read that someone with a good Scandinavian name like Noerdlinger could be such a scumbag in the service of a creature like Al Barfton.

Anonymous said...

And they wear exactly the same clothes, and listen to exactly the same music, and watch exactly the same movies, and have exactly the same toys and accessories. It's surreal.

Anonymous said...

Hot summer months seem to trigger a variety of inscrutable natural phenomena, like tornadoes and shots ringing out.

Anonymous said...

I am of a similar experience, and I concur wholeheartedly. It is so unbelievably pleasant and nice wherever they are not.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, but I hope it's soon. Probably in complete opposition to his intent, Obama seems to be speeding the process along quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

the Church shooting was used as a mere excuse to take down the Confederate flag they've been itching for a reason to remove it for a long time.

Anonymous said...

This is true its happened in nearly every city where there's a lot of negroes.

Anonymous said...

It ends when we and the rest of humanity finally admits the truth about negroes and return them to thoier natural habitat.
Its not inhumane to return them and care for them in their own environment its honestly what's best for everyone on earth.

Anonymous said...

Women are a big part of the problem they're expected to be soft, the put emotion over logic.
They make terrible decisions as a result.