Saturday, July 11, 2015

Swear allegiance to the flag. Whatever flag they offer...

On a day when a black church in Baltimore will dedicate a youth center named in the honor of the deceased heroin dealer Freddie Gray, monuments to the memory of the Confederate States of America are under assault (strangely the whole #BlackLivesMatter meme falls on deaf ears as the 300 Men organization must march again through the city to implore black people to stop the violence).

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has called for a "review" of the monuments. 

In New Orleans, the white mayor of the city Mitch Landrieu has invoked a "public nuisance" ordinance to try and bring down a statue to Robert E. Lee and the memory of the Confederacy. The same statue would come under assault by the #BlackLivesMatter meme, while the still "Chocolate City" must continue to fund the whole NOLA for Life campaign because blacks can't stop shooting/killing/maiming other black people. 

In Memphis, the push to dig up the bones of Nathan Bedford Forrest has passed a committee and the planned removal of the statue to the same man is well underway. 

All of this goes back to an important story published in the New York Times back in 1997, and a simple maxim expressed in the article. [Blacks Strip Slaveholders' Names Off Schools, New York Times, November 12, 1997]:
By the reckoning of John Riley, the historian at Mount Vernon, there are about 450 schools in the United States named for George Washington. 
Now there is one fewer. Following a policy that prohibits school names honoring ''former slave owners or others who did not respect equal opportunity for all,'' the Orleans Parish School Board voted unanimously on Oct. 27 to change the name of George Washington Elementary to Dr. Charles Richard Drew Elementary. 
The new name pays tribute to a black surgeon who lived from 1904 to 1950 and is known for developing methods to preserve blood plasma and for protesting the United States Army's practice of segregating donated blood by race. 
The renaming of the 74-year-old school in the city's Bywater neighborhood, the 22d name change in New Orleans in five years, is the latest milestone in a concerted effort by blacks across the South to assert their vision of a biracial history that has traditionally been defined only by whites. 
Since the school board's policy was adopted in December 1992, New Orleans schools have purged the names of Confederate generals, slave-owning governors and even the black founder of an orphanage who, like Washington, happened to own slaves. A school once named for Robert E. Lee, for instance, is now named for Ronald McNair, the black astronaut killed in the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986. 
But never before, either here or apparently elsewhere in the country, has a school shed the name of a figure as central to the national identity as Washington. And that has raised questions about whether efforts to broaden history, if taken too far, may sometimes distort it as well. 
Opponents of the decision, and there have not been many in this city in which blacks are in the majority, argue that it does not account for the totality of Washington's achievements or the mores of his times. But in a school district where 91 percent of the students are black, and where the school board is controlled by a 5-to-2 black majority, the decision underscores the maxim that history is written by those with the power.
"History is written by those with the power."

This is a simple, yet powerful, fact underscoring the society we live in and one which will continue to endure.

But another fact remains outshining the previous one: what "civilization" exists these now majority black cities of New Orleans, Memphis, and Baltimore is one teetering on complete collapse.

Were the police to completely pull out of patrolling these cities, the violence in these cities would be of such the National Guard would immediately be called out to restore some form of order.

As it is, all three cities routinely must grant organizations the right to march through the streets in a hopeless bid to "stop the violence." Raising fists to the air and chanting "enough is enough," black leaders in each of the cities call for an end to black violence, when what they are truly witnessing is an end of white civilizational standards: because left to their own devices, blacks lack the ability to sustain the civilization whites built and then abandoned when high rates of black crime drove both white flight and drove down property values.

Which is why the words of Mississippi Senator Theodore Bilbo still remain true to this day:
"If our buildings, our highways, and our railroads should be wrecked, we could rebuild them. If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer and greater ones. Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons who would redeem our power. But if the blood of our White race should become corrupted and mingled with the blood of Africa, then the present greatness of the United States of America would be destroyed and all hope for civilization would be as impossible for a Negroid America as would be redemption and restoration of the Whiteman's blood which had been mixed with that of the Negro."
So yes, "History is written by those with the power."

But never forget an even greater power remains: nature.

And though blacks now politically control Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans, Baltimore, and many other cities throughout the nation (and white people promote the interests of blacks as a way to garner power in what is known as Black-Run America), nature is still in control.

This is why you routinely see black people shuffling down streets they (or their ancestors) had no part in building, as they participate in marches to STOP THE VIOLENCE.

Nature will always win, regardless of whatever "power" is being utilized by those elected to positions of authority.

Because though Black-Run America (BRA) is ultimately leading to a pogrom against white people, the reality is whites still remain.

And as long as we remain, there is hope.

Our buildings, our highways, our railroads, our airports, and our history may be wrecked, but we can and will rebuild.

Because we remain.

And there is no power in the world greater than when individual white people unite to collectively fight for their future.


Eddie in St. Louis said...

"And there is no power in the world greater than when individual white people unite to collectively fight for their future."

Thank you P.K. for the encouragement. I was feeling low today about how much things in America have changed in my 56 years on this earth. May God bless you abundantly!

Anonymous said...

THe best way to defeat this type of behavior is economics. Do not shop in their towns, buy from them, pay taxes, or any other commerce. No money, no jobs, no jobs no taxes...this is the key to their defeat.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the ending of this piece made me feel quite proud.

Californian said...

Again, I have to ask Mr or Mrs Middle-of-the-Road White American: how is that Civil Rights Thing working for you?

awakened white said...

'And there is no power in the world greater than when individual white people unite to collectively fight for their future'.

dang, I have to borrow and plaster that everywhere!

Virginian said... I believe that is the site a commenter was referring to recently. It compares pics Google took in Detroit circa 2008 for streetview and compares them to more recent pics taken by bing. Don't recall if PK has mentioned the site in his writings, don't recall where I came across it. Going to take a look now.
Washington, Lee, Jefferson, Stonewall Jackson...Giants among men regardless of time or place. However, They will soon be replaced by Saints. True noble heroic, magic negro saints, like young Trayvon who died trying to save us all from a creepy ass cracker. Brave and noble he gave his life so that we may be free from white Hispanics.

Philadelphia Mike said...

PK Says:

And as long as we remain, there is hope.


Hey PK, your statement reminds me of what I've been posting over and over again...Where There is White, There is Hope.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

"Dr." Charles Drew had nothing to do with the invention of blood plasma transfusions.

The mingling of black and White blood is the cause of many cancers and diseases.

Anonymous said...

I believe there is a conscientious effort to destroy history the left does not like; never mind others might wish to honor the sacrifices of Confederate heroes who died in battle trying to save the nation. All blacks can say is what is wrong taking down a flag to a nation that lost the war?

After all the time and sacrifice white people have made to blacks, they are still barbaric animals. There comes a point a society must come to terms with the result of that great experiment. The truth is that it has failed. It has failed because black people cannot live in a civilized nation or a democracy.

White people need to come to terms with the fact that they do not want to live amongst Negroes. They are different than us, and will never be us.

After all the Confederate memorials and flags are removed, blacks will still be unhappy. They want what we have, but even if we gave them all, they would still destroy everything given to them like Baltimore, St. Louis, and Detroit. The frustrating part is that blacks do not understand the enemy is not the white man, but the black people themselves.

How long will it take before black people admit that the occurrences in Macon Georgia were because of bad black people? These were not kids! The attack on Wal-Mart was a planned activity to destroy. Why can’t these people understand that it is not racism driving a wedge between our races, but the violence of black people! We do not attack them in large numbers; we do not destroy our stores like they do their stores. We don’t want to live among them because of their barbaric nature.

They can name their schools whatever they want, but wouldn’t it be nice if they paid for their own schools. How long will it take before whites come to the realization that it isn’t white privileged destroying the black community, but black people themselves?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we shall be saved by eric "can't breathe" garner who taught us the lesson of not to struggle with law enforcement. This will allow us to live through a heart attack via lifestyle choices and too much junk food...

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much sick of hearing this crap from people, I suppose you could call them that if you're feeling generous, who don't even have the historical perspective to understand the last election cycle, let alone the lives of the founding fathers.
Yes, some were slave owners. Yes, they took the country by force from the natives. That being said, they were a product of their time, and judged in that context, are still admirable. Life in Europe for the average white man was pretty horrible, as it was in the fledgling colonies. Pull your head out of your ass and study real history, as opposed to chocolate fluff African studies, and revisionist nonsense. And another thing, stop calling anything you disagree with "problematic", it's a meaningless word, it's your problem, deal with it.
The history of mankind is the history of war. If you don't know that, you're living in a fantasy world. Every war every where has been fought over goods and control of the action. Sure people may rally around a flag, a religion, an arbitrary boundry, but in the end it all comes down to possession and control. Again Get Over It!
The American Indians didn't just get this country from the great spirit, they fought each other for their share, although their ideas of ownership was admittedly different than ours. Likewise, the Africans didn't just drop out of the sky into a mythical paradise. They were savage, violent dwellers in a horrible place, rife with innumerable diseases, predatory carnivorous animals, and terrible weather. The american Indians were much more advanced both spiritually, and socially, and even technologically. Therefore they were not prepared to deal with the advanced societies. Again, get over it. If it hadn't been us, it would have been someone else.
One more thing: it's about time the black community learned and acknowledged the role of Islam in slavery. Yes, yes, black darlings, mohammedites were raiding subsaharan Africa for slaves for centuries before america. What doesn't Farrakhan talk about that? Huh? How many of you carpet suckers even know they advised against taking the bloodline of the black into their lineage? Deal with it!

Anonymous said...

And here we go again...

A man in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, died after officers used pepper spray to subdue him when he resisted arrest, police said on Saturday.

Police received a call on Friday night that a man armed with a gun was sitting on a porch at an apartment complex in the city, Tuscaloosa police said in a statement on their Facebook page.

Police later identified the man as Anthony Ware, a 35-year-old African-American, the Tuscaloosa News reported on its website.

When officers arrived, the man ran into nearby woods and was chased by officers who used the pepper spray before placing him in handcuffs as he RESISTED ARREST, police said.

He later collapsed as he was walking out of the woods, police said.

The Tuscaloosa News reported Ware was pursued by six police officers, including at least three white officers as well as a black officer and an Asian-America officer.

Police said they tried to revive Ware when he collapsed and that he was rushed to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The Tuscaloosa County homicide unit will investigate the death, police said.

- So they see a black man with a gun, he pulls a Freddie Gray (running, not selling heroin to children) and then predictably, resists arrest.

Finding out if the handgun was legal was of much less concern to the news as was the racial makeup of the officers involved in the lawful chase.

More cops just doing their jobs, following protocol and they will be hung by the balls for it. All to keep the lie alive that the negro is a wholesome productive member of society that never breaks any laws or does anything wrong. They would all be in MENSA if the organization wasn't so blatantly racist.

Anonymous said...

You have to give them credit for their audacity. Let them rename their schools, streets, and whatever else one might find in black enclaves. It's like fair warning as to someplace you probably don't want to be. I'm not sure how far the blacks will carry this latest grievance they have concocted. Always something wrong with this bunch. Changing names won't change anything and changing names won't solve anything. And on and on it goes. Very tiring indeed.

Anonymous said...

For daring to criticize Latins and not back down, Trump is running neck and neck with Bush III.

While many people write the guy off, he is saying what is not supposed to be said and not backing down from it. He had to reschedule a rally from a ballroom to a convention center and thousands more still couldn't get it.

And he called Al Sharpton a "con man".

His rivals are flabbergasted that he would break convention to give voice to what a majority of those who vote conservatively feel. They are bewildered by a man who would stand by his principles even if it didn't mean following poll numbers. Maybe they'll realize that they want a strong LEADER, not someone who just follows opinion polls and then acts accordingly (Obama, Hillary).

Trump really needs to hit it full-throttle and focus in on black people and how THEY are destroying America in ways that the Latins could never dream of. He never had the black vote, and after deeply insulting one of their political "allies" he should just go for the throat with them. They have so many pathologies and dysfunctions that it is really difficult to know where to start. That would be his only problem.

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Detroit that are found on bing site can't begin to show the devastation. The streets shown on the east side of the map were beautiful up until the 90's. Most of the homes in that area have been destroyed. It spread like a cancer from one end of Detroit to the other. The magnitude of the destruction is like that of a natural disaster. Detroit needs the army corps of engineers. Or has our president done away with them too? It's funny, Detroit is a sanctuary city, and still, no one is seeking sanctuary. 90% black and it just didn't work out. Go figure. Now they're working on the suburbs. Devastation of those ares should be complete in about 10 years. And so it goes.....

Anonymous said...

This noble effort to erase history is going to devolve into a "Saturday Night Live" bit.

In Houston, they want to rename Dowling Street, named for an Irishman who led troops at Battle of Sabine Pass. As far as I can tell, he never owned a slave.

However, guess who did? Sam Houston owned a dozen, so by the current metric, the 4th largest city in America will have to be renamed. Ditto the Sam Houston State University will have to go as well. The Sam Houston Toll Way? It's got to go.

Unfirtunately, other heroes of the Texas Revolution will have go too, even if they didn't embrace the Confederates.

When Mexico invited Stephen F Austin's family to colonize Texas, the importation of slaves was prohibited. Slave holders and their slaves were welcomed anyway.

So.... The state capitol must be renamed, as well as many streets throughout the state and the Stephen F. Austin University in East Texas.

I hope they have a contest to rename the Cap City. I'm going to suggest Mogudishu.

Anonymous said...

Where have you seen white people unite for their future. I have lived around white people for all of my life and have yet to see any kind of unity. The only time I see white unity is for a goddamn stupid football game or a beer bash in the park. When ever I talk about black crime or the Mexican invasion I am told to shut up. "We don't talk about's racist". These dumb whites are being beaten, raped and murdered by two extremely violent minorities and you can't talk about it.

I have a few friends I talk with and that's it. The proof of what I say is there if you look at the flack Donald Trump is getting. I see Trump as a candle in a dark room and am still hoping for a turnaround in this country. All I've ever seen is white people fighting among themselves over two bit bullshit and insane political issues.

SC Native said...

Great piece PK, all over the south battle flags are flying off of the shelves and being raised in defiance. That's what the flag has always been about, defiance of government tyranny. That in a nutshell is why BRA hates it so much.

If I remember correctly the state of Tennessee passed a law to protect its monuments a few years ago because the nogs tried to move Forest. Like other laws I think it reads that only the state legislature can move or modify monuments. I'm not sure if this is correct but we will find out shortly. My guess is the great Forest would not want to lie in a city as shoddy as Memfrica has become.

I've noticed a righteous anger in the south and that's a good thing, let's see where it goes.

The black "leaders" can try and do what they want. Some might succeed in a few cases of removing and renaming things that remind them of their inferiority but in the end they will still be inferior and no amount of renaming or removing will change that. They will always be inferior.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Great article and I love that '80s song! It's been in my brain a lot lately. Anyways, Denninger has a good article entitled, "We are Isis". Short, chilling, and worth the read. As history is actively being erased, historical monuments razed, and wanton desecration of national mores and beliefs (Christianity)continues, it has become clear we are actively under attack.

Take a page from the negroes in the Walmart rampage. Form alliances with your white brothers and sisters. Be really subtle when discussing negroes. The other day a friend of mine told me his mother said she had no idea I was so racist. I just smiled and told him, "I'm a race realist." Try to conceal your utter contempt for negroes, but genuinely express your shock and amazement at their brazen lawlessness. Openly ask your friends, "What's so wrong with wanting to preserve my European culture?" and "Why is it okay for blacks to celebrate everything black yet I can't celebrate nor even value white European culture?" and lastly, "Why am I responsible for slavery, an event that ended one hundred years before I was born?"

There is strength in numbers. Some, like Flower Bell, take strength in religion. Get strength (spiritual and physical) any way you can. This is about survival. You are of no use to us as a white person if you don't have the strength to fight. Get right with the Lord, your husband, wife, kids, parents, brothers, etc. Whatever petty grievances you have aren't worth it. We've got a real enemy here, folks. Let's begin by prioritizing. Use some of that white cerebral power to your advantage.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about this is particularly complicated. They elites want you dead. Somehow, and it doesn't matter how, they benefit from your demise. Here is the important point, the elites are white Europeans. They may be a particular slice of that demographic, but they are among you. There is evil on this planet, make no mistake about it. Even the current Catholic Pope is evil. Deal with the reality of it.

Anonymous said...

K, he did the blood thing. But did he start a whole damn country?

Unknown said...

Powerful essay. It's a shame this could not appear in every editorial page of papers across the country.

Anonymous said...

I used to teach at 99.5% black Jackson Public Schools, Jackson Ms. From what I know about black education, white people have absolutely nothing to worry about for the long term. In a year I would teach around 150 students. I would have 2 maybe 3 that would have some intelligence about them. About 20 would be passable and the rest would be dumb as rocks. I thought of these students as the pre prison program. When I say dumb as a rock Im talking about middle school students who have trouble writing their name much less read anything. Contacting parents was impossible because in an effort to evade bill collectors and repo people,parents changed phone numbers more often than white people change underware. Black parents moved as often also, the average is a new address about every two months. Black children would steal any and everything even if they didn't need it. Fights everyday was very common. When two would get into a fight thats the signal for all the rest to proceed and destroy everything in sight. Get this everyone, the school system in an effort to save black males from a life of prison are not punishing bad and violet behavior so that they wont be labeled. This is how it usually goes. DeAndre would be asked to state one of Newton's laws of motion. He would say why do I have to do that, that man was probably a racist. DeAndre would then get up and throw his desk across the floor and storm out after ripping his book apart and sometimes in the process destroying whatever else he can think of. The police who were already at the school would track him down and take him to the office. He would sit their untill he calmed down then return to class. According to school records JPS is a very safe district, just dont get hit with that book that didn't get thrown.

Anonymous said...




P.K. it's good to see you saying that we do have a chance.
Defeatism sucks especially when the damned fight isn't even over!
No more of that shit! We will come together as a Semi-United White Race.
Leave that defeatism crap for the black race. They have awakened more of us.(just look at the DT-2016 turnout last night in Arizona)
And with their White privilege show coming up on Mtv more will see the kick Whitey while he's down and definitely won't like it either!
No Quarter! I'm all in! What say you? White Heritage=Greatness through and through!


Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

And the timing, the intensity and the targets truly makes me wonder:

2015 = 1934
America = Germany
Blacks = National Socialist Workers Party members
Justice Dept = Gestapo
Charleston church shooting = Reichstag fire
YT = Jews
#blacklivesmatter = "We are coming! WE ARE COMING!!!"

Or am I just hallucinating?

Anonymous said...

We could tear down every last thing that may upset the American negro. Melt down the statues,change all the names.
We could rewrite all the history books to show that the negro had a principal part in building America.
Erase all traces to our country's past.
We could give every negro a million dollars in reparations and it would not change a thing.
They would go on killing each other ,destroying their communities and remain as ignorant as they have remIned since time began.
No matter what happens they will remain failures as a race of people.
The sooner this is accepted the sooner we can rebuild our cities and country.
Five hundred years from now the American negro will still blame slavery ,so why bother ?
The American negro will never accept the indisputable truth that they and only they themselves are what is holding them back.
They are their own worst enemy and that's the truth.
I could go on and on but why preach to the choir.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I don't see a school named after John Elliott; the first person to actually separate, store and perform transfusions with blood plasma. Just goes to show, the negroes have accomplished nothing and rely on mythology and elevating the mere mimicry of white ideas by their own to be considered as great accomplishments.

Glad I found that article the other day, as it fit right in with today's topic.

chattanooga gal said...

' already we know almost literally nothing about the revolution or the years before the revolution. Every record has been destroyed of falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exist except an endless present in which the party is always right. "
George Orwell 1984

chattanooga gal said...

I really do not want to see the face of Harriet Tubman or what ever black they choose in every frickin park in the country. It's bad enough we have to look at it on our money now. Why do all the white statues have to be replaced by blacks? let's all rally over our favorite native American instead!
Actually, I'm a little torn over relocating monuments to private lands. On the one hand, I'm outraged that they can literally desecrate the graves of our ancestors at will, especially when they tell us we " can't judge all blacks by the actions of the 80% that are robbing, looting, etc " and then immediately go on this destroy all white history rampage over the actions of ONE white guy.
But, couldn't we put in rules that would discourage blacks from going to these new parks since they are privately owned? as in, a small entrance fee or rules agaisn't loudness, littering, indecent dress, etc, rigorously enforced. In effect, wouldn't we be creating legally sanctioned whites only parks?

Anonymous said...

Judging by the early reviews of Go Set a Watchman, it looks like Atticus Finch became a race realist! Perhaps he always was and age has liberated him.

“Have you ever considered that you can’t have a set of backward people living among people advanced in one kind of civilization and have a social Arcadia?”

Time Magazine review

Anonymous said...

Best post yet, really touching

Anonymous said...

You should title the piece: "Because we remain" or "Will will remain."

Even after the school that Whites built (but now bears the name of some Black Champion), is nothing but a crumbling, graffiti splattered, burned out ruin, we will rebuilt it...

Same for the over-run, now dark cities we built and the monuments that once stood proudly within their limits.

But isn't it a perfect metaphor to think of a blighted school building in Detroit that sports the name of "Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. High School"?

Maybe we should leave that one be, yes... leave it be: as an eternal monument to what Blacks built.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the PC bullshit and being called a racist for having COMMON SENSE I could explode, and I am sure many of you are tired of this as well.

I have not turned the news on today, but I have already read many links on the Drudge Report to papers such as the Washington Post. In those left wing newspapers, the reporters are supposed to give an unbiased report; what they give is absolutely full of innuendoes calling trump and those who agree with him stupid! They say this because we say that many of the illegal aliens are rapists, robbers and murderers. They take pleasure in quoting Jeff Flake from Arizona who is basically calling Trump…and those who agree with him idiots.

I truly think these RINOs and Democrats…and some Republicans would take a dump on the Constitution if it meant they could stay in power.

Obama (the coon’s president) is fast to jump on any instance where a negro thug gets killed, but says nary a word about the crimes of illegal aliens against white people (or blacks for that matter as was just seen with the man who introduced Trump!)

Where are the liberal papers on the issues? Obama’s spokesman didn’t say a word about the GODDAMNED border except Obama (the coon’s president) needed comprehensive reform before he would act to secure the border. The coon’s president also has the support of the Supreme Court and a Congress is made up of turn coats.

MEANWHILE…we are being fucking flooded with these so-called pillars of society who rape, rob, take American jobs, and arrive with their hands out looking for a freebie from the goddamned Democrats.

How much of the bullshit do we as a nation take before we say ENOUGH! Japan, China, and other big countries don’t take in illegal aliens. They have borders that they control. Why is it that our country (and Europe) must destroy their CULTURES for some goddamned people who fuck their own countries up…and then come here to fuck ours up?

nobody said...

Wherever you have africans you have africa. africa is a shithole.

Mr. Rational said...

OT:  Lack of impulse control plus easy tax-fraud opportunities plus social media = long Federal prison sentences for Black women.

I heard a lawyer say once that voters in Detroit were replacing smart White male judges with dumb Black women; the same phenomenon produced Marilyn Mosby.  When you get down to the unwed moms who never graduated high school, you have to lower your expectations much further.

Anonymous said...

They could change the Edgar Allan Poe House to the Freddy Gray Blow House...wait a minute, I think the have.

Anonymous said...

Renaming streets and buildings/schools and eliminating monuments has nothing to do with anything except blacks wanting to put a black face on everything while eliminating any whites from the record. For example, you will never see them rename a school the Louis Pasteur High School. He's a white demon after all. If someone suggested it (far fetched, I know), some negro would step forward and claim they once heard that Pasteur had rolled his eyes at a negro and therefore he's unworthy of having a school named after him. No, they merely want everything to be afro-centric so they can pretend they built everything instead of just having taken over and occupied it. It would not surprise me to see negroes demanding that the cities they occupy be renamed with African names.
St. Louis? Screw dat! Now it gonna be Shakaville. No, wait, ville sounds white. It gotta be Shaka. Detroit will be Ubundi, Memphis will become Mandeesi.
It all sounds like a sarcastic joke but it's the logical progression of negro afrocentrism which has steadily become more strident over the decades even leading to calls for the establishment of "New Africa" in America.
Throughout the past 50+ years, the nation has engaged in a feed and breed program for the negroes and now that their numbers have reached critical mass, New Africa seeks to overflow like a septic tank that has never been "emptied" while more sewage keeps getting pumped in. The overflow has already swamped many cities and will swamp entire regions if it's allowed to continue unchecked.
Don't believe me? Even as I type this, in numerous cities Shaniqua's are popping out their 8th and 9th worthless and useless to the world bastards for you to support.
Where do you think the overflow is going to go?

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time for us to organize on a national scale and damn the whining and accusations to hell.
What if we simply quit listening to their BS and do as we please anyways maybe its time to not care about them and support our own people that cares about our causes, our history, our future. Maybe we should stand up for ourselves and each other and not any dwl they don't represent us.

Anonymous said...

I strongly oppose BRA's efforts to rewrite history, and my plans are to continue teaching my children and grandchildren the truth. However, the rewriting of history could have some unanticipated consequences that could bite Rastus on on butt. Unless BRA carefully rewrites history it runs the risk of removing the symbols of YT's evil history of slabery and oppression that blacks depend on to explain their continuing failure as a race. In a generation or two when the new historical record appears to show that blacks have created everything and are on par with the ancient black Egyptians there will be no reason to feel sorry for them, and they will have nothing to blame for their inevitable continuing failure. They will continue to fail as a race, and without the support of YT's own laws protecting them Mother Nature could place them back in their correct evolutionary position. It isn't difficult to predict what happens when unrestrained whites encounter blacks without the intent of uplifting them – it is never good for blacks. Erasing the historical record that supports the argument for a need to uplift blacks might be another example of the lack of future time orientation.

Anonymous said...

There are a few things that irks me about blacks but the one that bothers me most is the victimology its total bullshit that they bloviate about slavery as if they were the only one that's ever suffered or been enslaved they weren't they've done all they can to minimize or margenalize the facts reguarding white slavery and especially the Irish slave trade and it damned well matters since many here ARE their people! And blacks go on and on and on about how THEY are still affected by slavery MY GOD they weren't anymore enslaved or as oppressed as the Celts were in comparrison to blacks! The Irish suffered for much longer than negroes were and were oppressed for a thousand years and they don't whine like negroes do they earned respect and worked their asses off because they take pride in supporting their families rather than likening a paycheck to slavery! I'm digressing a bit sorry. My point is this blacls are wallowing in their victimology when in truth they were NO more victimized than the Irish were yet they the blacks are further victimizing the Irish by denying the Irish were victims of slavery as well and furthermore if blacks can still be affected by slavery that lasted at most 400 years then what makes them think that the Irsh aren't still suffering after a thousand years of abuse? Blacks are preaching to the choir when they whine about slavery and oppression to those of us that are decended from Celtic roots in America and they don't understand this and now their taking down our monuments and our flag to further victimize their fellow victims like they don't matter many of our great leaders were from Celtic stock they were survivors and dreamers that wanted better for their decendents than what Europe or the Brits were offering the Brits were slave masters and oppressors now the blacks want to be like the Brits and destroy our heritage and their wrong for this and wrong for ignoring the facts of Celtic oppression and slavery which is in great part what helped make America a great Nation every school should be required to teach this as much as they do black history for they weren't the only slaves in America and blacks need stop preaching to the choir about slavery and stop with the victimology its pathetic, selfish aand wrong!

Anonymous said...

Great article, PK.

In a land where mediocrity is encouraged and praised, the gifted will be viewed with suspicion and enmity. If things devolve far enough, the mediocre will seek to destroy the gifted and above-average. It's called "equality", and it is the sanctioned faith BRA is dedicated to.

Anonymous said...

A person was laughably offended by Confederate memorabilia in Connecticut and dialed 911. The person claimed he almost threw up!

What a stupid douche bag? Somebody should have sung Dixieland while waving the Confederate flag.

He was also offended by Nazi memorabilia. Granted the Nazis were really bad people, but grow some skin! How about a nice rendition of Deutsch Land Deutsch Land Uber Alles! Maybe a nice round of Sieg Heils! People need to grow some thicker skin! I would have tried to make the idiot throw up!

FlowerBell said...


I have enjoyed and borrowed some nice pearls from your comments but if you don't mind I would like to correct you on one point. I do not find strength in religion.
I find strength in Christ.
If you ever need somewhere to flee from the city my new place has extra bedrooms and a lovely territorial view.

Most people don't agree with me but I believe God made black people black for a reason, to make them easy to identify, like the poison dart frog.

chattanooga gal said...

" Erasing the historical record that supports the argument for a need to uplift blacks "
I think the plan is to present white people as having never done anything BUT own slaves- said slaves being the ones to create, invent etc. everything white people wrongly took credit for, but gained economic control over, so, thus, the blacks are still " owed " for what was " stolen" from them.

Thought-Criminal said...

'2015 = 1934
America = Germany
Blacks = National Socialist Workers Party members
Justice Dept = Gestapo
Charleston church shooting = Reichstag fire
YT = Jews
#blacklivesmatter = "We are coming! WE ARE COMING!!!'

No, you're not hallucinating, CC. I've also noted the parallels between Hitler's regime and "ObozoWorld" since the little commieRATbastard became Dear Leader. Similarities between AH and BHO methodology is shocking. If Hussein thought he could get away with "relocating" YT to "The East", he would do it.

BTW, here's one more for your list: Goebbels = The Media

Charlston = Kristalnacht also

Anonymous said...

I wish i could agree that whites are beginning to unite and resist BRA but I just don't see it anywhere. Maybe it's just that i live in Crook County, Chicongo.

Anonymous said...

A black father spoke at Trump’s speech about how when the media found out the murderer of his son was an illegal alien, they hushed the matter up! That black man needs to get on MSNBC and tell his story! I suppose MSNBC is synonymous with the Communist Party and can’t have anything that speaks against the party line. It might break the secret that communism is bad and allows bad things to happen to good people not unlike the nice lady from San Francisco murdered by an illegal alien.

I think Trump will siphon off a good amount of liberals in his cause as well. A person can be liberal and not support the total ruination of his country.

Likewise a liberal from the Baltimore NAACP wanted to invite some conservatives like the current governor of Maryland but was shut down by none other than the mayor of Baltimore. After Hogan went out of his way to help that misguided sheboon, this is how she repays his help.

People are waking up to how really bad the Democrat Party has become! Webb from Virginia said as much in a link from Drudge. He said “this is not my Democrat Party.” It is overrun with radical leftists starting with the President of the United States. We see the result of liberal polices…we will soon be Greece and Detroit. HOWEVER…since Greece is mostly white it will survive. A black nation cannot stand without many getting killed and white help.

chattanooga gal said...

to quote from 1984 again, when talking about a governments fall from power said "either they became stupid, failing to adjust themselves to changing circumstances, and were overthrown or they became liberal and cowardly, made concessions when they should have used force, and, once again, were overthrown.

Anonymous said...

Hey blacks... Rename Detroit, call it "look what we did". Very appropriate and a true testament to your ability!!!!

Anonymous said...

Re: Dr. Charles R. Drew

Even more tragicomically, the elementary school is being renamed for someone whose achievements have been greatly overstated. His accomplishments, which must be admitted are greater than those of most of us, don't begin to approach those of George Washington. Here's a good and fairly brief summary of the folklore surrounding Drew, courtesy of the Internet Archive:

Charles Drew mythology

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

TC, I'm pleased you and others believe me. Ever since that idiot punk went wild in that church, what followed was like...yeah. All we need is a rap version of the Horst Wessel tune...

Anonymous said...

Ah yes , please change the names of all the schools to negro saint names. Make it easier for people to figure out where not to buy homes. The blacks sure do a lot of work for me without even trying.

Honey where are we going out tonite?
That new restaurant on MLK blvd.
Mmmmmm. ... Lets just stay home tonite.

Lets see , prospective resume's ,
Daytron ... Trash
Shontel... Trash
Donel... Trash
Quantavious ? WTF
Ahhh here we go Shane McWhiteguy .....schedule an interview Ms. Johanssen.

Hey honey I found us a home . Ok lets go check it out. That house was awesome lets buy it. Wheres the middle school? ............ only 2 blocks over says the real estate lady.
George Washington Middle School .

But the sign reads "George Washinghton Carver Science and Technology Academy"

Aint buyin that house.

For all the trouble that negroes cause they do make some things real easy.

Anonymous said...

They will never understand. The country has been brainwashed much of the population is being controlled mostly due to sheer ignorance.

Anonymous said...

A person was laughably offended by Confederate memorabilia in Connecticut and dialed 911. The person claimed he almost threw up!

I went on eBay and purchased a Confederate flag bumper magnet there as soon as I began hearing that eBay was going to ban Confederate flag items from being listed on their site. The eBay listing for this same bumper magnet that I purchased was deleted from my ability to view it even before I received my bumper magnet in the mail.

So anyway, I then put this Confederate flag bumper magnet of mine on the tailgate of my truck. I remove my Confederate flag bumper magnet whenever I am parked somewhere in public in case anybody gets any ideas to steal it, or to vandalize my truck. (I have already heard about this type of vandalism happening to somebody's boat somewhere in Delaware.) I put then put my Confederate bumper magnet back on whenever I am ready to drive off from the same spot.

If anybody from here on out makes any type of negative comment to me about my Confederate flag bumper magnet, I am just going to tell whoever it is to be begone and leave me be.

I will also tell them to call 911 and say to the operator that his or her feelings just got hurt by seeing a red and blue flag with 13 stars on it. Maybe the firefighters and EMT's will then rush to the scene to render some hugs and kisses to the poor butthurt victim. Well, I'm sure that won't be a giant waste of public safety resources or taxpayer money, right? Oh, wait...

Pat Boyle said...

The effect of lead poisoning and the politics thereof is currently in the news.

The Washington Post has recently published an article which basically exonerates Freddie Gray from being a drug pusher because of lead poisoning. Mother Jones - the left wing web site - also published a study that claims that the reduction in violent crime from the nineties is caused by removing tetra ethyl lead from gasoline.

The lead hypothesis is put forward by these very liberal news organization as an alternative to any kind of racial explanation. The Post article basically claims that it wasn't Gray's fault that he was lifelong criminal.

The facts are clear, Freddie Gray was almost certainly brain damaged by the ingestion of lead paint as a baby. His blood concentration of lead was at least three times the government tolerated level. Lead poisoning has permanent effects that cannot be cured or ameliorated. Gray was damaged irrevocably.

Lead poisoning causes lowered IQ, increased impulsivity, and more criminality. The studies of Needleman and others leave no room for doubt. Readers of this blog may recognize that these are exactly the same pattern of symptoms and behaviors that we see in all blacks. Lead is a neurotoxic substance that results in a pattern of brain insult that is very similar to what we see in all blacks - not just those who have indulged in pica on lead paint chips as a child.

So Gray suffered a permanent incurable neurological injury that made him a danger to all those about him. I would argue that such people should be humanely separated from normal society. Given Gray's documented lead poisoning we are lucky he wasn't even worse.

Whites suffer from lead poisoning too. In fact in Needleman's later study the whites had even more lead brain damage than the blacks. Although this doesn't mean what you might think. The effect of lead on the brain seems to be to push it to more resemble the functioning of a black person's brain.

So if you think society should partition off the dangerous lead brain damaged people, then it would follow that we should partition off blacks as well.


AZ Ray said...

I've often thought to myself that there are two ways of perceiving reality. The way Hollywood sees it and the way that it really is. In the Hollywood version, every 2nd or 3rd doctor, scientist or inventor is black. They pretend as if the negro actually contributed to the human endevour.

Reality could not be any further from the truth. The truth is the negro is so pathetic. So inept. So utterly lacking in any abilities save for quick bursts of speed & a penchant for inane rhyming. When the negro looks at this world around them, how many realize that their people played no role in its creation?.. The west would still have flourished without the use of African slaves, most European lands did not use them. The renaissance was well under way as was the scientific revolution when the 1st Africans where bought to our shores. The industrial and technological revolutions would still have happened and our cities!.. Our cities would be gleaming examples of white creativity and invention!.. Clean, beautiful, wonderful places to live. Imagine, just imagine how magnificent New York, or Philadelphia say could be had we never brought the African to our shores?!.. Just imagine..

No, they are so pathetic that the only way to feel better about themselves is to destroy the history of others? Or to usurp the history of others (I. E. ancient Egypt. It is a well known FACT the the ancient Egyptians, esp from its old kingdom, it's most glorious period where Mediterranean Caucasians.. Ramses II had long red hair for chrissakes!. Tutankhamen is genetically related to 70% of whites in the British isles!)

And you know what?. Since Americans are so ignorant of history and now so PC and pitiful, the powers that be are getting away with this madness.. Through "white guilt" and fear, they are getting away with it..

The negro is the sword of Damocles over the head of human civilization..

Anonymous said...

If only we could call 911 every time we had to see or hear a negro or negrobilia.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure when Sen. Bilbo lived, but he was a race realist. I did not say he was a bigot, or a racist: he was a race realist. How true are the words he spoke about mixing white blood with African blood. It lowers our intelligence about 50, 000 years. I believe the Cro-Magnon man would have been smarter than a present day negro.

These people rank lower than all other mankind, and indeed destroy all in their path.

Anonymous said...

Non American here, I am shocked at what point it has come to with media pushing the male negroe on human women, the c rap music popularity, the negroe impunity towards law and I could go on and on. The America I loved and admired thirty years ago is gone. I haven't crossed the border in over ten years. Might get a roofie pop from Cosby, sorry Oprah (black=not guilty) Winfry, its true.

Anonymous said...

If it is wrong, these Africans here will find a way to master it, or at least try to master it. Like Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, BB gun boy, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and on and on all found out.

Long Island Guido said...

Trump will never address the negro problem. NO ONE WILL.

I repeat ...NO ONE WILL!

Long Island Guido said...

You nailed it. Its absolutely sickening!

rex freeway said...

Negro's wanting a name removed from a school that they disrupt by fighting, stealing, and raping other students and faculty. One that provides free meals and a way out of poverty. Most would not know how to read or write the words "George Washington", Let alone know the truth of American History. Between these mental midgets and the atrophied brain of Liberals we should easily change history. But to many just wont fight it. America is history. And living proof of the destructive power of the Negro culture.

Long Island Guido said...


Anonymous said...

Digging up the bodies of dead soldiers is ghoulish and macabre. Cannibals all.

10mm AUTO said...

Whites are organizing, coming together and building communities in the Northwest. It was inevitable that the flow would start as a trickle and end as a flood. The rapine, the horrors and now the power grabs and the "gibs" from the negro will ALWAYS increase, till we reach (as Paul Calls it "The African Mean". This is the first stage of a pogrom, the part titled "identification and social discrimination".

The later stages are more unfortunate.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

An article I just read in The Week.

The Coyote in the Backyard:

Coyotes have migrated from the West into suburbs and cities from New York to Atlanta. Is that worrisome?

Right away I saw some similarities right away, and so I changed the word 'coyote' to 'black' and that is when things got a little too similar.

Take for instance:

Where are (blacks) found? Today, almost everywhere. Once mostly limited to the Western plains, (blacks) have moved steadily eastward and established new habitats in and around populous cities. Small packs roam city parks in New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, and Atlanta, and they are becoming a particular nuisance in suburbs in the Northeast.

I guess the article was discussing predators and scavengers so I shouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the negro. I just wish the South had not bought the slaves. What a tragic mishap it was to bring them ashore and integrate them into America.
I hold the South responsible for the chaos and murder in our inner cities. Had they had just paid White men a good wage to do the work slaves were doing, our nation would have achieved so much more. The negro is a cancer where ever he is.

Next time - pick your own cotton, or pay a White man.

Anonymous said...

Blacks turning to Islam as a perceived antidote to the white man's racist, colonialist Christianity is hilarious. As you mentioned, Muslim Arabs were trading in black slaves long before the white man was. They still are: there are tens of thousands of black slaves in Islamic countries. A Saudi guy was trying to sell his black slave on Facebook last year. The Arab word for a black person, abeed, also means slave.

Arabs loathe blacks, as do many other groups of Muslims. For an American black to convert to Islam makes about as much sense as a Jew joining the Nazi Party.

Anonymous said...

Very true, and very sad. The only reason these two groups are able to get away with victimizing us is that no one dares even mention the massive amounts of crime and the social pathologies they inflict on us, let alone take any targeted action to stop it. White people think it's better to be murdered than to be thought of as "racist" for telling the truth. How did things get to this point? It's insane.

Anonymous said...

On reality TV I see convicted murderers saying, "I'm not a racist, but... " It's more socially acceptable now to be a murderer than to tell the truth about blacks and latinos!

Anonymous said...

There were many explores in the 1700s and 1800s who went to the dark continent. The stories they came back with were too horrific for most people to believe. The lives of Africans were of daily violence and bloodshed. The various tribe of any certain area were connsranly at war those captured by either side were sold as slaves. The dead were collected and brought back for the entire tribe to feast on.The royal elite got first choice of the tasty organs. The chief was the absolute ruler of the tribe, if a.commoner was percieved as disrespecting the chief or his entourage it.meant immediate death .There was certain day called the day of the dead were they would.celebrate the dead by sacrificing hundreds of lucky souls. Those sacrificed were cooked and eaten this way they would live on in the bodies of the others.
If the chief wished to tell his departed ancestors a message he would tell one of his consorts and the kill him so he could find the ancestor in the afterlife.
The tribes were of great help in obtaining slaves. In fact without help from the natives there wouldn't have been much of a slave trade at all. Can you imagine a boat full of people going to a village of thousands of Africans and start capturing slaves? The old movies like roots where evil white men chase poor peaceful Ben Vereen and put him in chains just as he was on the verge of discovering interstellar travel.
If only early settlers would have heeded the warnings of those explorers.
Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

I saw someone on a particular forum marveling that SA blacks were still blaming their problems on Apartheid "20 years after it ended." I quickly familiarized him with the fact that since American blacks are still blaming their failures on slavery that ended 150 years ago, he could expect SA blacks to pull the Apartheid card for the rest of his natural lifespan and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Orwell just keeps getting better and better and more and more relevant. Not bad for a guy who passed away decades ago.

Anonymous said...

You can sometimes pull it off by strict monitoring and control of the backward group, but eventually someone will come along and dismantle those controls in the name of whatever delusional ideology is currently in fashion, and then you're in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Because we are very, very stupid.

Anonymous said...

Ideally they would go straight to the homes of the liberals who enable their existence, and simultaneously rob, rape, torture, and eat them. Where is God when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Greece is about 15-20% non-white immigrant and the trend is accelerating. Europe is finished. Even now the small minority of Europeans who can see where things are headed are still being silenced and marginalized as "racists." Europeans won't wake up until the blacks and browns are literally breaking down the doors of their houses.

Anonymous said...

It's somehow fitting that the increased expressions of black identity and self-esteem simply make it easier for us to avoid them.

Mr. Rational said...

I hold the South responsible for the chaos and murder in our inner cities. Had they had just paid White men a good wage to do the work slaves were doing, our nation would have achieved so much more.

Sorry, but no.  It's not that simple.  The colony of Virginia was bringing in Irish and others to work the plantations, and they just died.  Most did not live out a year; the conditions were too hot and had too many tropical diseases for peoples adapted over thousands of generations to the climate of the isles.  The governor was enthusiastic about African laborers because they survived and actually got the work done.

Nobody seems to consider the ethics of sending Irish and other White laborers into conditions producing almost certain death.  But they were White, so killing them like that doesn't count as "oppression" and has no "terrible legacy" which we must accord "victim status" in the present day.

The other thing you must consider is that the English did not bring all the Africans over, and weren't the first to do so.  Florida was a Spanish colony and the Spaniards brought their own Africans, who were of course held as slaves.  If the English had refused to develop the southern reaches and the Spanish had accepted the need, the Spanish would have taken over.

Would the Spanish have tolerated TNB?  Would they have left an ex-slave population in the Americas after machinery had made it obsolete?  Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

As the population of the world continues to explode and vital resources shrink, I have a feeling that blacks as a group are in for big trouble. When one's very survival is at risk, Kum-Bah-Yah idealism goes out the window.

Anonymous said...

They would have showed up anyway, starting with the massive increase in non-white immigration that started in the 60s.

Anonymous said...

Nature can not be fooled - Feynman

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the Africans who originally sold the slaves. We should be burning African paintings, smashing vases in the museums, and since he met with African leaders, tear down the Martin Luther King memorial and rename every street that was changed in his honor.

Anonymous said...

Why the endless quoting of popular songs and movies? Mike Rutherford, who wrote "Silent Running" (the song PK quotes) would call every last one of us an evil, vile, live racist. He would be appalled that his song is used here.

Dan said...

The Mason-Dixon Line, literally follows the contour of Vivax strains of malaria. Below the line Vivax thrives above not a drop. Quite literally white men die from Vivax and blacks are immune (effectively). The heat didn't kill per se. The disease literally gave the Caribbean and American South over to the black.

Additionally slavery was only used for the agricultural cash crop in super swampy areas. You never saw blacks in the highlands or foothills in the south. Only in the malarial swampy areas.

It was simple math as to who would work the land. The Spanish did it, the French did it. Eskimos did most of the trading as well.

Ricky in Cali said...

Mike and the Mechanics - Silent running

Beautiful song P.K and takes you back to the 80's when things were a lot more innocent. Wonderful times to be alive

You started it with the headline, I should finish it with

"Teach the Children quietly......... For some day Sons and Daughters
Will RISE UP and FIGHT while we stood still"

So CAL Snowman said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
They will never understand. The country has been brainwashed much of the population is being controlled mostly due to sheer ignorance.

Yes you are right, see the following post by Carolina Cicero :

Carolina Cicero:

"And the timing, the intensity and the targets truly makes me wonder:

2015 = 1934
America = Germany
Blacks = National Socialist Workers Party members
Justice Dept = Gestapo
Charleston church shooting = Reichstag fire
YT = Jews
#blacklivesmatter = "We are coming! WE ARE COMING!!!"

Or am I just hallucinating?"

She has no idea who or what the National Socialists really were. By making the above statement, Carolina Cicero is playing right into their hands.

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

So CAL Snowman said...

"No, you're not hallucinating, CC. I've also noted the parallels between Hitler's regime and "ObozoWorld" since the little commieRATbastard became Dear Leader. Similarities between AH and BHO methodology is shocking. If Hussein thought he could get away with "relocating" YT to "The East", he would do it.

BTW, here's one more for your list: Goebbels = The Media

Charlston = Kristalnacht also"

*sigh* THIS is exactly why we are losing this war, because it's a psychological war, a war for our minds. The proper standard of comparison you should be using for the modern United States is the Soviet Union or the rise of Mao's Red China. Hitler's National Socialist Germany didn't look to destroy her own native people. The conditions that existed in the Weimar Republic prior to the rise of the National Socialists are eerily similar to the conditions that exist in the Former United States today. If anything our plight is that of the native Germans living under the tyranny of the Weimar Republic. The idea that someone who believes in our White struggle for freedom and self determination would compare BHO to Hitler is incredibly sickening and sad.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
As the population of the world continues to explode and vital resources shrink, I have a feeling that blacks as a group are in for big trouble. When one's very survival is at risk, Kum-Bah-Yah idealism goes out the window.

I see a different outcome. The elites, awash in uncontrollable greed and a general hatred for the common man, continue to use the exploding African population as a weapon to subjugate their own countries and cultures. The weapon's power, both numerically and its inherent savagery, escapes their control. The world, the planet is overtaken by negroes.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Most people don't agree with me but I believe God made black people black for a reason, to make them easy to identify, like the poison dart frog.

LOL! Thank you, Flower Bell! Thanks for the correction, too. I have some very dear cousins who deeply believe in Jesus. They are incredibly strong people and have weathered some very tough storms. Beautiful (white) people! Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Ricky in Cali, "Teach the Children quietly......... For some day Sons and Daughters
Will RISE UP and FIGHT while we stood still"

That is not a cry to rise up and fight the liberals and negroes. It is a call to them to fight people like us.

Stop quoting pop culture. The folk that make music and movies HATE US!!! Quote the ones who would stand for us. Stoddard, Grant, Yockey, Oliver, Butterworth,

Anonymous said...

The north had them too and most of the big slave traders were from the north too. After the Revolution they started to sell them to the south.

If you want to blame someone blame the abolitionists and Lincoln. If the south had been left alone this wouldn't be a problem for cities. If those in the north had paid attention to southern YT instead of thinking we were doing a racism the problem wouldn't exist.

Read and learn

Unknown said...

So CAL Snowman, Well done.

Californian said...

I’m not sure when Sen. Bilbo lived, but he was a race realist.

I read some of Bilbo's works years back. At the time he appeared to be an extremist. But he saw where things were going. That's the thing. Senator Bilbo, Lothrop Stoddard, Bull Conner, Hendrik Voerwerd, they were all ahead of their time.

Anyway, it's worth digging up a copy of his works and then reflecting on where we are today.

Anonymous said...

Greece is about 15-20% non-white immigrant and the trend is accelerating. Europe is finished. Even now the small minority of Europeans who can see where things are headed are still being silenced and marginalized as "racists." Europeans won't wake up until the blacks and browns are literally breaking down the doors of their houses.

I am not so certain. There are strong European nationalist movements on the march. And we can learn from them.

Anonymous said...

To Flower Bell - Yes!! Just like the poison dart frog. And poison ivy. He even made their voices different.

NJ Woman

Race said...

This should be in all bold and caps!

World_War_Me said...

So CAL Snowman, I agree with you 100%!!


The Statue of ALBERT PIKE in Washington, DC, will never be taken down. Ever.

Race said...

You are wrong. Those who control the present, control the past. Those who control the past, control the future. Don't be so short sighted.

rex freeway said...

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Long drawn out name. I'll bet she feels empowered with a name like that. Little does she know the ignorance she exudes by chasing statues down that are holding the Black man and women down. And magically forcing them to commit nearly 80% of violent crime in America. Yes Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, you've found the secret that whitey has been hiding from your ilk for all these years. After you have destroyed every last vestige of the Old South, Your people will wake up and the curse lifted. Maybe a statue can be made in your honor. If there is a civilization left.

Race said...

God said explicitly not to intermix with other races. This is our just dessert for disobeying him and creating a warm fuzzy god of our own imagination that tolerates our son and rebellion.

GrimmTale said...

Once again, the rewriting of history to position blacks as ground-breakers, inventors, etc. Dr. Charles Richard Drew did NOT "develop methods to preserve blood plasma", but instead supervised programs for the collection and shipment of it.

"...The possibility of using blood plasma for transfusion purposes was known at least since 1918, when English physician Gordon R. Ward suggested it in a medical journal. In the mid-1930s, John Elliott advanced the idea, emphasizing plasma's advantages in shelf life and donor-recipient compatibility, and in 1939 he and two colleagues reported having used stored plasma in 191 transfusions. Charles Drew was not responsible for any breakthrough scientific or medical discovery; his main career achievement lay in supervising or co-supervising major programs for the collection and shipment of blood and plasma..."