Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"In the world I see - you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center": Inching Closer to the 2015 Cincinnati #BlackLivesMatter Riots

"You grew up way too fast. And now there's nothing to believe. And reruns all become our history." -- Goo Goo Dolls, Name

Will this be it? 

The energy of the #BlackLivesMatter movement keeps growing, reminding one of exactly the synergy Nat Turner felt on the morning he awoke to lead his historic rebellion. 

  • What John Brown felt when he prepared to march upon Harper's Ferry. 
  • What Trayvon Martin felt when he tried to kill George Zimmerman; what Michael Brown felt as he prepared to charge at Darren Wilson. 
  • What Nkosi Thandiwe felt as he prepared to open fire on three white women in Atlanta, ultimately murdering Brittney Watts for daring to possess unearned "white privilege."

Perhaps we are far nearer to this energy being released than anyone wants to admit. [Mayor: 'We're prepared' for police shooting decision, Cincinnati.com, July 28, 2015]:

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said he's confident police are ready for whatever happens this week after prosecutors release video of a fatal shooting by a University of Cincinnati police officer.
Cranley said city officials are preparing for the video's release, as well as the conclusion of a grand jury investigation, in two ways: They are making sure police have the resources they need to respond to any protests or unrest, and they are reaching out to community leaders to prevent trouble from getting started.
"I think we're prepared," Cranley said Tuesday. "Everyone has the right to peacefully protest, but we will not tolerate lawlessness."
Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters has said he expects the grand jury investigating the shooting to complete its work this week, at which time he will announce whether UC Police Officer Ray Tensing will be charged with a crime and also will release video of the incident from the officer's body camera.
Tensing shot and killed Samuel DuBose, 43, during a traffic stop on July 19. The officer stopped DuBose at Rice and Valencia streets in Mount Auburn for having a missing front license plate.
Many questions remain unanswered. The police incident report said Tensing was "dragged," but there was no mention of the dragging in the police dispatch call. Deters has refused to release video of the incident until the grand jury's work is done, saying it is part of the investigation.
Cranley and other city officials say they have not seen the video, but City Manager Harry Black said Monday he has been briefed on what it shows.
"My reaction is that it is not a good situation," Black said. "Someone has died that did not necessarily need to die."
Cranley said he's optimistic the response to the video and grand jury decision will be civil. He said the city has changed since 2001, when the streets erupted in days of violence after a Cincinnati police officer shot and killed an African-American man in Over-the-Rhine.
He said the relationship between police and the community they serve is far better today than in 2001 and City Hall has open lines of communication with activists, ministers and others whose opinions carry weight in the city's neighborhoods.
"These are personal friends of mine," Cranley said. "We're staying in constant communication."
He said he's also scheduled a private meeting with DuBose's family members, who buried him Tuesday. "I want to express my condolences," Cranley said.
The mayor said another significant difference between this shooting and the one in 2001 is that this one didn't involve a Cincinnati police officer. That shooting led to sweeping police reforms and a "collaborative agreement" between community leaders and the city about the future of policing in Cincinnati.
Cue up the Goo Goo Dolls, signing a song detailing the false premise of so-called "white privilege" far greater than you could imagine:
 And scars are souvenirs you never lose 
The past is never far 
Did you lose yourself somewhere out there? 
Did you get to be a star? 
And don't it make you sad to know that life 
Is more than who we are
One day, sons and daughters of Europe will understand we are far more than individuals and realize our future will be predicated largely upon present actions of which we have literally no control; but it's how we collectively decide to respond to these actions that determine the future.

Life might be more than who we individually are, but when we collectively decide life is about who we will become (and must overcome), well... "collaborative agreements" from the past will no longer burden our future.

So few understand where the #BlackLivesMatter is inevitably leading, but it will ultimately birth a movement of far, far greater importance: that White Lives Matter.

And when this moment occurs, reruns will no longer be part of our history.


Anonymous said...

If all the constant rioting and "looks at muh" doesn't turn the white tide, affirmative fair housing surely will. The cat is out of the bag and many whites, including former DWLs like myself are doing the unthinkable. We are taking a second look at the negro race and community and realizing that they are a problem. Like children, they will push and push until adults step up and control the situation. Placating them gets them nowhere; it certainly hasn't earned whites any more respect or safety. You don't stop a bully by placating him and laying down for a beating. You stand up, call their bluff, and prepare to show them that you will not be f@cked with any more. I don't care if I personally am never a target. Seeing them prey on the young and old in our communities and former communities makes my blood boil. Realists are reaching a critical mass- each day becomes more promising. Keep following Paul's lead and remain on point. There are many more eyes to be opened.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for this site I would never know the racial goings on in this country. This stuff is never reported. I'm sure that most Americans are clueless. Sad indeed.

hondo said...

Goo Goo Dolls??? Well, to each their own. Maybe my age is showing, but if I'm watching everything around me fading and falling, and I'm willing to make just one more stand, I prefer to do it to the unofficial philosophical anthem of aging senior NCOs - Bob Seeger's "Like a Rock".

Truth Corps said...

I mistakenly thought the Occupy movement would bring great turmoil, civil unrest and rioting. I think the same thing about the BlackLIESmatter movement. I do know this, it is the best thing to happen to race realists since sliced white bread. Everyone I know is talking and they are saying they are sick to death of blacks and their monkeyshines.

Think local, local, local. Don't be behind the eight ball when the shoe drops. Oh- and when this is all done & over, we'll be licking our battle wounds and have to fight the Chinese & Russians too. Nations don't last forever, or haven't you heard?

Got ammo?

PS- my hat was tasty. The murderer of little Madyson Middleton
looks to be hispanic.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Take it easy, Friend. You're doing hard work; "it's lonely where you are."

Solid post.

Anonymous said...

This country will collapse due to negroes. Negroes are uniquely destructive and they will destroy everything we know as civilization. But the final destruction will not result from American negroes, the "African-americans". It will come from a tsunami of African negroes that will arrive in this country as refugees and illegal entrants over then next fifty years.

The Mexicans and central Americans will continue their flood into the nation. They will attempt to establish a country based on picking the carcass of what Europeans have built. Ultimately they will be overwhelmed, killed and subjected by waves of negroes from Africa. The Africans will wander around the countryside trying to understand how to make it all work again, how to make the Coke machines work again. Their leader may be the current Pope or Louis Farrakhan, but none of that matters. There will be slaughter from coast to coast. The negro leaders will wear leopard skin capes and will use the severed hands of white people as a talisman. Obama's face will be shown in crudely constructed signs and carvings across the land.

It sounds terrible does't it? Well, this is the inevitable "browning" of America. Don't think about it. Just look at your phone. That thing is awesome. Also, there are many sports events on this weekend that you should watch on the big screen. Play some golf.

Anonymous said...

The negroes are going to chimp out no matter what. The fabled "out of town troublemakers" are turning their vans around on the highway and heading for Cincinnati.

Will this be the turning point? Will white people finally say "no more" and crack down on the dindus?

Or will we just have another ruined city that no one will want to live in or invest in?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see "Black Lives Matter" fizzle out. Every time they rack up a headline, though, from our cheerleading media, I can't help but view them as a group whose message was built on a lie (their insistence that a cop murdered Michael Brown) and their inability, or unwillingness, to grasp proportion; that is, to understand that the wrongful killing by cops of a black man is extraordinarily rare. It is literally less common than a death by lightning strike.* Then there's the simple fact that cops kill white people too; in fact about twice as many.

* Over the past 30 years, the average number of lightning strike deaths in the US per year is 49. There are an estimated 100 to 200 blacks killed by cops per year in the US. Of course, the vast majority of those are legitimate killings. There are 850,000 law enforcement officers in the US - this figure further underscores the rarity of a BLM-sparking event.

- Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

Some background on Cincinnati city manager Harry Black, who's been there a year and came from... Baltimore:


Seriously, Cincinnati? You couldn't do better? For example, check out Baltimore's $100 million giveaway to a water meter installer, a crony of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Or Harry Black. Or both??

-Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

More evidence of the #BlackLivesMatter hate whitey rebellion.


Anonymous said...

So with the Sandra Bland and Samuel Dubose incidents is it now a legitimate tactic for blacks caught breaking the law to just refuse to get out of their vehicles? Do blacks now get to pick and choose what laws they feel like following?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I had a friend in the 101 Airborne that went into Detroit during the riots. He said that many of the buildings that were burned and destroyed were places where black people lived. Everything they owned was burned to the ground and they had no place to go. He also said they lied about the body count.

The same thing happened in Watts and Newark. Homeless black people caused by black people. In Newark the black businesses had written SOUL BROTHER and SOUL BRO on the front windows of their shops. When the National Guard came in they smashed all the windows on the SOUL BRO stores. If the wind was right you could smell the smoke in NY. Friends told me they could see the columns of smoke from the West Side waterfront. I forgot how many building were lit up, but it was in the hundreds. Six hundred I think. What Watts and Newark had in common was both riots were started by a loud mouth fat black woman yelling at a cop for "Giving a traffic ticket to a brother." A crowd of about 30 people had gathered in both cities and that was all it took. It's freebie time. An underground cartoonist who's name I recall was COBB did a cartoon of the White House with the SOL BROTHER painted on the side.

Two black neighborhoods burned to the ground over a fucking traffic ticket. Does it get any better than that. The jungle man will burn down his own building because he is oppressed. Truly amazing shit. Any excuse will do for these demented losers to loot and burn. Remember when they were talking about burning down the country if Obama lost the election.

Black lives matter and they butcher each other on a daily bases with no end in sight. My favorite is when they shoot each other at funerals and hospitals.

Some years ago I did a lot of traveling across country. I was truly amazed at how many times I saw stores with the workers encased in a cage of plexi-glass. South Florida had the most. Even in Oklahoma out in the middle of no where I saw a guy encased in his cage with a snub nosed pistol on his hip. This is no longer the country I grew up in. America has become an armed camp and we all know why.

I only go to a half dozen web sites and all I see is blackie getting all pumped up and ready to go on the warpath over some two bit shit like a flag or statue. These people are filled with hate and want to kill the ones who feed them. Thanks to the controlled media they believe white people are stalking them on the streets and trying to shoot them. The further you can get away from these creatures the better and safer you will be. The suburbs are no longer a safe place. If they start the race war they keep talking about you will be safer out in the country.

Anonymous said...

Cincy On Fire. Coming soon....

Are you allowing your children to be infected by the liberal culture and school system? Are you allowing the anti-White brainwashing? Burdening your offspring with the White Guilt that is then used to control them for the rest of their lives?

If so, stop it now. I suggest we start a nationwide movement...


Let's break the chain of indoctrination that keeps White Guilt alive. Do your part to spread this movement.

Anonymous said...

To find the reason negroes behave the way they do, which makes Humans react the way they do (aka 'racism'), you need to get to the root of the problem, and study genetics.

If you do, you will see that the allele frequency differences between negroes and other races create the following ENORMOUS differences in temperament and general cognitive makeup:

1) Nogs have lower IQ's.
2) Nogs have poor impulse control.
3) Nogs have poor future time orientation.
4) Nogs are more violent.
5) Nogs have higher testosterone levels, more aggressive.

Stupid, violent, unable to see what future effect a present action will have, impulsive... = not fit for a First World Society.

Back to Africa, negroes. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I would rather see "America" in ruins and thrown on the dust-heap of history than to have us continue down this cultic worldview of the globalist trash.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Off topic, but too good not to share this new term "Cuckservative"



chattanooga gal said...

You know, when I see video after video of roving mobs of blacks attacking people and destroying things, it reminds me of the Interahamwe in Rwanda who orchestrated all the mass murders of Tutsis. They , too, were mainly armed teens looking for a " good time". Is all this " blacklives matters" gangs just the American Interahamwe?

Anonymous said...

Burn that muggafugga down! I always say the only real antidote to DWL is TNB. Worse is better.

Anonymous said...

From the article it appears Tensing is in deep do. Hang on to your hats realist Cinci is about to implode. At this point I dont think anything can stop this.

Many new realist are about to be born. Keep your powder dry.


Anonymous said...

""I think we're prepared," Cranley said Tuesday. "Everyone has the right to peacefully protest, but we will not tolerate lawlessness."

Yes you will. The negroes will riot and destroy and the police with stand there and watch them do it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post PK.
I would like to study the past a bit, what has brought about the "need" for AFFH.

West Palm Beach police could not do anything about crime in this hellish apartment complex in West Palm Beach. The gang rape victim screamed for three hours and nobody called police for her.

"Mayor Lois Frankel wanted to improve crime by replacing the complex with mixed-income housing. ”

This was 2007. The MSM did not say the problem was the black single moms having welfare babies who would return and gang rape the single moms. The problem was the Federal Gov't that needed to "relocate" these crime breeders into middle class areas.


Dunbar Village still exists. Built in the 1930s as barracks-style housing for the blacks.

What we have seen, since 1930, is that free housing does not raise blacks out of poverty and crime.

I blame religion tricking whites into believing that Christ would have loved pitiful blacks most of all.

But Christ never forgave a crime like what happened at Dunbar Village. He forgave a hooker and a tax collector.
Christ never headed out to the crucifixion part of town and complained about the Romans methods of maintaining law and order.

Californian said...

Off topic, but too good not to share this new term "Cuckservative"


And I'd give you that the popularity of this term is a payoff for years of websites like SBPDL pushing a solid infowar line. This is especially true on the racial issue.

It is a sign of the growing strength of race realism that a wider segment of the right is standing up against the sellouts in the GOP. What websites like SBPDL (and many more) do is provide a party line re race to take on Conservatism, Inc.

We need to keep up the pressure. It is paying off.

D said...

I live in New Mexico. It's amazing to see white Hispanic people - the product of colonial Spain's expansion and then isolation in the high desert for generations - framed against the Mexican mestizo. It's like night and day. Genetics really are a hell of a drug.

Anonymous said...

All we have left is our wits and flyover country. Oh, and a brick to throw through the television screen before we leave Nogsville, USA. Eeeeek eeek, ooook oook!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I had a friend in the 101 Airborne that went into Detroit during the riots. He said that many of the buildings that were burned and destroyed were places where black people lived. Everything they owned was burned to the ground and they had no place to go. He also said they lied about the body count.

The body count in the Long Hot Summer Riots is something that someone needs to look into.

I was a kid when these riots were occurring, and the general consensus was that far more people were killed than were officially reported. Part of this was a lot of bodies which may never have been recovered. Part of this was in the cops shooting people and then not reporting it in order to avoid legal blowback. Part of it was to keep the middle class in line by minimizing the danger which blacks were posing.

Regardless, digging up the bodies, both literally and figuratively, is called for. It goes back to the reality that having large numbers of blacks in a polity leads to a permanent state of war.

Truth Corps said...

Negro lifeguard (oxymoron anyone?) caught sleeping on the job: Video link

Notice also the young negress in training beside the loafer, the baby in the carrier and of course, all the discarded trash. What Affirmative Action program put this subhuman in charge of guarding and protecting human life? I say no way this negro knows how to swim, let alone do CPR correctly or use an AED.

Anonymous said...

Not to challenge you, Miss Greenbaum, but, well, maybe I'm no longer able to read. But no where in the article did I see PK's name or anything about SBPDL. Could you please specify the paragraph?

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here.

My apologies. It was one of the commenters who mentioned Paul's site in the Zero Hedge article.

Thought-Criminal said...

Here is a great article about the DWL Pittsburgh media by Colin Flaherty, a fellow race realist. His findings corroborate PK's perfectly. Although focusing on the Pittsburgh media, it is typical of the media in any big city and big media in general.

Wake up, America!


Anonymous said...

Just read an article about a waitress who was fired for writing "black couple" on the receipt of a couple of negroes. The delusional and obviously libtarded owner of the restaurant comped their meal and offered them free meals for life.
There's nothing racist nor offensive about the descriptive phrase "black couple" but the negroes claimed to be offended. They should have simply been told, "Oh, get over yourselves and stopping behaving like hyper-sensitive whiny assholes!"
What's the point? The point is that negroes will always find something to chimp out about and the purpose is to push the boundaries of what other people will put up with. The more you give in, the more they will demand and act out. The more you tolerate their obnoxious and feral behavior, the worse it will become. The more their lies, bullshit and false outrage is paid attention to and "validated" the more they will spew it and expect people to kowtow to them and surrender to what they want. It will never stop and only grows worse with time.
Negro riots are simply the ultimate expression of this principle. It's a testing of the boundaries of what will be put up with and how much they can get away with. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad or justice verses injustice. It's simply negroes pushing the limits and seeing how far people will let them go and how much they can get away with. Ultimately, it's a test of how stupid the authorites are.
The only answer is to crack down on them hard and in a firm manner. Sure, they'll whine, moan, bitch, complain and howl about it because it thwarts their purpose but all that is (once again) just a way to test the limits and see how far they can push things and how much of their crap people will swallow.
If riots break out in Cincinnati, I hope the authorities have the courage, the backbone and the determination to put these whiny assholes down hard. And when they start moaning and whining about the treatment afterwards for the authorities to simply tell them, "Oh Shut Up!"

Anonymous said...

Looks like Prof. Crunk was in the crowd when the police took the 14-yo into custody for being drunk as a skunk:


She's getting schooled in the comments.

Sheila said...

Cuckservative is hardly off-topic. It goes to the heart of what this blog is about: White people and blacks are different. Without White genetics there is no White civilization. Whites matter.

I'm tickled pink by the howls the term is eliciting from all the cucks out there - to say it's long overdue is mincing words. I've been reading quite a bit this week, and have discovered a couple of new (to me) and useful websites - may I recommend therightstuff. The Radix Journal is also brim-full of excellent reading. I hope Paul will allow me to post this excerpt from a blog post by Gregory Hood about cuckservative:

"It’s unclear why “tribalism” (I'd call it loyalty) towards our fellow European-Americans (and Europeans worldwide) with whom we share kinship, identity, and interests is somehow wrong. It’s even less obvious why service to a self-defined “proposition nation” composed of mutually hostile ethnic fiefdoms and ruled by people who want to destroy us is a sacred duty.

Conservatism Inc. keeps invoking ritualistic phrases that no longer elicit the usual response. We don’t think it’s clever to talk about “liberal fascism,” “Democrats are the real racists,” or that “Martin Luther King was a Republican.” We think it’s shallow, self-deluding, and most of all, pointless. Such phrases actually further the interests of an increasingly hostile elite anyway. And these hoary clichés simply won't suffice for a generation that has been propagandized with lies their entire lives. If alt-Right activists and thinkers were the type who believe what they're told, they'd be Social Justice Warriors.

The term “cuckolding” works because it speaks to something primal. At its core, it’s less about sexuality and more about a creature that actively works against its own interests, knowingly or unknowingly. The term comes from the cuckoo bird which tricks birds of other species into taking care of its eggs. The bird doesn’t know it is devoting time and resources to a competitor, indeed, the very competitor that just destroyed its own offspring. Clueless, it serves the interests of its enemy.

Some cuckservatives know full well what they are doing and are either cowardly or filled with inverted moral righteousness about their actions. Others, just like the victims of the cuckoo birds, might be ignorant. Yet in the end, the result is the same. European-Americans are being used to further the interests of every group except their own, even as they are targeted on specifically racial grounds . And however Whites define themselves, the words of Sam Francis remain true:

At a time when the self-declared enemies of the white race define themselves in racial terms, only our own definition of ourselves in those terms can meet their challenge. If and when that challenge should triumph and those enemies come to kill us as the Tutsi people have been slaughtered in Rwanda, they will do so not because we are “Westerners” or “Americans” or “Christians” or “conservatives” or “liberals” but because we are White.

"What do you want us to do?” conservatives may ask. The answer is simple. Stop pretending it is illegitimate for European-Americans to work in defense of our own interests. Stop pretending to be offended about “tribalism,” when you accept the “tribalism” of non-Whites and glory in the tribalism of Jews. And above all, stop apologizing.

We aren’t the ones who have the weird hang up, sexual, moral, or otherwise. We simply claim the right every people takes for granted, the right to advocate in defense of our own. For some reason, this common sense suggestion throws our entire political and cultural system into turmoil. And in the end, that tells us more about the inherent perversion of the System that rules us than anything else."

rex freeway said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Looks like Prof. Crunk was in the crowd when the police took the 14-yo into custody for being drunk as a skunk:
What a complete racist this tub of lard is. She wanted the police to track down his parents and let him go. Or to have never got involved in the first place. If the kid would have choked to death on his own vomit or was mugged, It would suddenly be the police departments fault. If you can't win either way then win for the people who live by society's rules and to hell with this crowd.

Anonymous said...

Hello SBPDL readers: I enjoy and concur with most of the content and comments on SBPDL. Various notions, such as "Jim Crow laws were meant to protect whites against black violence", are raised. Would anyone kindly refer me to any info (books, papers, or articles) which address segregation and civil rights (not from a leftist/PC viewpoint). Thanks in advance - John in NC.

Anonymous said...

I was looking to tap the Like button before I realized this isn't Facebook.
I'm with you. America is over. Flush it.

awakened white said...

update: he was convicted, I expect anything regardless. prepare yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ex-New Yorker-

Thank you for your stories. You are rapidly becoming one of my favorite posters on this site with your tales of survival and surviving negrocity. I feel like you're an old relative giving me life-saving advice through tales of your own experiences. You do an amazing job of showing how the negro hasn't changed a bit- we just were forced to think they were all sunshine and lollipops by the MSM, particularly in the last 10 years. I see your stories as both entertainment and cautionary tales.

Mutant Swarm said...

The University of Sin-cinnati cop just got indicted for murder:


To all White cops anywhere, I have three words:


Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find the story at the moment, but a few months back there was an incident where the undertow surrounded a cop car and wouldn't let the cop arrest a teenage girl who they had every right to arrest and detain. Their tactics worked and the girl was given to them, thus emboldening them and leading to this most recent incident. They choose which laws they feel apply to them, and as an above poster astutely noted, they push the boundaries constantly to see how much they can get away with. They are always pushing, and any ground ceded out of some misguided effort at compromise only emboldens them to engage in more boundary pushing- they see niceness and cooperation as weakness. It's not a big mystery why they continue to fail and continue on the same disgusting, destructive path.

Be part of the push-back, even if it means just standing up to that nasty smelly loud-mouthed local sow that makes trips to the supermarket almost unbearable. It makes them even more irate when they realize their usual shtick isn't effective on you. You may even open the eyes of a few onlookers as a bonus.

Anonymous said...

August is right around the corner folks.

The most stressful, dangerous month in the history of the (modern) world:

I am including something that I just posted to my good friend, friedchickenwatermelon below:

Great Northern War (1700-1721) Russia and Sweden vie for northern control
Spanish American War
Gulf of Tonkin Incident from August 2 through 4 of 1964, which started the Vietnam War
Iran-Iraq War
Gulf War (Iraq invaded Kuwait)
Russia-Georgia War

Close - Go-ahead given in August but not seen by Rest of the World until Sept 1:
Germany Invaded Poland Sept. 1, 1939

Research the month of August and you will see the irony of the origin of it's name and how the conflicts above have started.

STAY SAFE FOLKS, liberals and conservatives both. Just b/c you are a liberal does not mean I want you to suffer some sort of terrible thing.

-Artemis Rand

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Goo Goo Dolls? Are future articles going to use lyrics from Tori Amos or Sugar Ray? If this was Around the Horn, it would be negative points for that reference.

chattanooga gal said...

"Do blacks now get to pick and choose what laws they feel like following?"
they've been doing that for a long time now. obviously, they are not held to the same standards as everybody else when it comes to looting, rioting, robbery , hate speech, and assault. remember, only one person was ever arrested for the knock-out game- a white guy

chattanooga gal said...

"Will this be the turning point? Will white people finally say "no more" and crack down on the dindus?"
I would love to see that happen. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the current administration is trying to goad us into fighting back, with ulterior motives- i.e, martial law and confiscation of white people's guns. hopefully, we can legally put things to rights when the current president is out of office.

Anonymous said...

ANON: if you want to understand Jim Crow, read of the events that led up to it. Read how the South was ruled by the Union's installed Black senators, judges, police... many who couldn't even write their name...read about Reconstruction I and the bankruptcies of states brought about by it. The entire section is informative, although for your questions, please refer to Sections 'Black History I thru III.



chattanooga gal said...

wow, that blog by Gregory Hood is right on the money. I hear people ask every day why people are fans of Trump, and my answer is, " because he doesn't apologize" I am sick of being expected to apologize because my hard work, budgeting abilities and common sense has gotten me rewards that someone who did nothing doesn't have. I am sick of being expected to apologize for what blacks think someone who looked like me did to someone who looked like them hundreds of years ago. I am sick of being expected to apologize because I don't want to live next to drug addicts and hoodlums. I am sick of being expected to apologize because my kids actually pay attention in school and do their homework, thus earning good grades. I could go on and on. Someone called me a racist the other day, and I told them I didn't care- that word no longer has any meaning, it has been stretched so far. She might as well have called me an oogly-boogly.nonsense terms, both.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......Back when I was still working with the media I had an account that was living in LA during the Rodney King riots. I had not heard from him in a few months and he finally called from where he moved to in Seattle. This is the story he told......

Everything seemed alright until the strip mall on the corner was set on fire. He drove his wife and kids out to Riverside where his parents lived. His dad was a Korean War combat vet and they filled the car trunk with guns and ammo and drove back to protect his home. He had his art studio above the garage and from there they had a good field of fire to watch the front and back doors of the house. They slept on the floor taking turns to watch the place. They chased away a couple trouble makers and then things finally settled down.

It took a couple months to sell the house and he packed his shit and left. He worked for a major film studio but was still able to run his studio because of Federal Express. He complained about all the rainy weather but was glad to be in a safe place. His one and only reason for leaving WAS TO HAVE A PLACE WHERE HIS FAMILY WOULD NOT BE HURT. He was making less money but his families safety became his priority. He was not the only one to leave LA.

Unknown said...

D @ 6:39 White Hispanics in New Mexico

White people have to learn the CORRECT terms. A person of Iberian ancestry is White and referred to as "Latino / Latina (f)". A person whose ancestry is based in the New World is referred to as Hispanic and is NOT White. Calling a Hispanic a Latino is a compliment, the reverse is a great insult. Of course, a Latino will never tell you that you have just insulted him, that would be rude...and White people are not usually rude.

Anonymous said...

I endured The Rotten Box, specifically CNN, over lunch a little while ago and truly wonder if the DWL Cincinnati prosecutor, mayor etc. saw the same video that I did of the traffic stop, and YES..brief struggle, after the obviously drunken, open container posessing, driver's license-less Negro "rapper" RESISTED the lawful order to undo the seatbelt and exit the vehicle, and then pulled the driver's door shut after the cop started to open it for extraction purposes...before blasting off in his hoopty in stereotypical fleeing Negro fashion.
Prosecutor Deters and Da Mayor sho du like dem BLAK "votes", yo.
That cop is in dire need of a real land shark defense attorney that will help get the kowtowing-to-BLAK-screeching hordes Cincy administration.. to extricate their pointy flawed heads from their stupid butts.
If the cop then WALKS on the trumped up PC, BLAK placating overcharges, I hope he then sues Cincinnati and Deters personally and renders the city and the kisser of collective BLAK ass broke and destitute...and the asskisser disbarred, like the assklown prosecutor in the BLAK smeared Duke Rape Fiasco.

Anonymous said...

@July 29, 2015 at 12:11 PM

Nobody ever used those terms and they are just made up terms by the US gov't. In the past you would just mention the name of the country and people would know, assuming they were sophisticated and had been to different places, what the country and the demographics were.
If you said Mexico, people would know it was 10% Euro from the original Whites who controlled the area to Whites who moved there;90% was varying degrees of Indian/Euro mix with some negro thrown in in certain areas;And then the Indian minority.
Using terms like hispanic or latino is absurd.


Artemis Rand: Don't forget the book: "The Guns of August".

Anonymous said...

chattanooga gal said...
"Will this be the turning point? Will white people finally say "no more" and crack down on the dindus?"
I would love to see that happen. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the current administration is trying to goad us into fighting back, with ulterior motives- i.e, martial law and confiscation of white people's guns. hopefully, we can legally put things to rights when the current president is out of office.


Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

I believe you are correct. They're agitating in a way to make YT go bonkers. The latest white idiot to open fire in that Louisiana theatre is only one of the many nutcases who have been drawn into the fray. The movie he shot up, "Trainwreck", features Amy Schumer, an admitted member of the tribe who openly flaunts the fact that she is a pig. (BTW, I like Amy Schumer and two days prior to the incident, hubby and I went to see Trainwreck-quite raunchy, a bit crude, but somewhat humorous, nevertheless-but I digress).

I'd almost chuckle at myself for thinking about this as a conspiracy, but as Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog says, "This is too stupid to be stupid." Greg and I part ways over his staunch support for Israel. He once called me out for calling him a Zionist. Thought he'd ban me, but he isn't persnickety and seems to tolerate differing viewpoints. And admittedly, it wasn't fair of me to call him that as I have zero proof, other than I suspect he wants to fellate Bibi. Over all, I like Greg, and feel he is sincere in his musings, which is a non-existent thing in the media today. No race realist, he, but again, I digress.

Just by reading the comments here, I surmise that 90-95% of you folks are very discerning and intelligent. Striking out blindly at groups we disagree with is something we white folk generally don't do. It's what separates us from the NAPAs.

Had a conversation with a DWL friend today with whom I converse freely. We discussed Miss Bland and her untimely rendezvous with a jailhouse chandelier. My friend said to me, "You're the most smart-assed bitch I know. Had that been you, you'd have been given a warning and sent on your way!"

I immediately called BS on the statement, telling him that I hate getting pulled over by cops as much as the next person. I smile through my teeth and say, "I'm sorry officer, I don't know what I was thinking!" Then I look at them stupidly and they either, one, let me off, or say, "Maybe this ticket will help your f*ing memory, Miss Greenbaum. Have a real nice day!"........ Just say'n....

Polyphobe said...

Yes, this, ad infinitum until the message sinks in.

....these hoary clichés simply won't suffice for a generation that has been propagandized with lies their entire lives.....

I've been thinking along similar lines since reading about the UK. gov new re-education programme.

I was a SJW who got the wise to the ethnic aspect of the leading group of the Rainbow Coalition. Hypocrisy is an alien concept to this subgroup. As in, the concept of not holding mutually incompatible veiws simultaneously, eludes them. Completely. It is precisely the reason so many of Europe's towering intellects held them in such contempt.

Now, in the late 90s English Iain was known as International Iain and waxed lyrical to all and sundry the benefits of giving away our culture as an example to the World of our moral superiority and rejection of the evil ways of our ancestors. I didn't end up on this site because of some Damacian conversion. Eventually the FACTS took hold. Genetics are the key and when the proverbial penny drops there is no going back.

Hypothesis.....Are we witnessing a misfiring of a genetic adaption that selected for goups of whites who took in other weaker groups of genetic kin in the sparsely populated sub arctic north?

English Iain

(Disclaimer : all members of group A don't belong to group B and group B also contains members from groups X Y and Z however group B is hell bent on deconstructing the traditional European family unit and must be stopped RESISTANCE IS NOT RACISM)

Anonymous said...

Ruh Roh!

Video is out on UC Leo body cam.

Indited on murder charge.

I honestly don't know if I truly believe in any of this story, at all.

I just think something about this whole story smells of something a bit fishy...

Like as if the whole dayum thing was all staged and never really happened ????

WTF is really going on, though? Is my own mind playing tricks on me
or should I trust my instincts, which are unusually correct with a
majority of their outcomes. Not trying to persuade people to actually
believe me in any of it, but to just consider pondering that in it's
own perspective. Who is this of this higher power that is making this
shht happen, if real or even if it's not real at all........and why?

All of this crap is like the best mindfuck they could do to all of us !

Honestly, some times I ponder what it would be like to not have nowhere
to run at all......... but I wouldn't call myself crazy if that came true,
either. Just crazy enough to have to be caught smack dab in the middle of
it all.

I'm simply cursed. Bought house. Right time. WRONG CITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working on a 5 year plan ! Wish me luck, hope I can make it !!!!

No need to say more, if you know, YOU KNOW !!

BUT, if IT IS all actually true, I guess this LEO didn't get the memo....

We've all told em' time and time again to stand back! But nah.

But eh, here we go once again. The focus isn't so much on what the LEO
really did, now is it ?

We've just set out for much higher hopes for these folks than they would
ever be capable of conceiving. Not ALL, but most certainly in these days
the absolute majority of them.

Well I think we can all most certainly agree that these past 8 years or
s have been the absolute WORST as far as race relations go.

The ingredient temperature is HOT outside! Add the fuel to the fire and
what do you get ? Could this be the proverbial spark that lit the flame
in Cincinnati ?

It's like a corporate versus communist war on a much higher level, and
we're all just pawns on the chess board. One move, your dead !

All I want to know right about now is if the stork that dropped me off
is still alive so I can ask him just one question. Is this all a joke ?

If so, okay, I got it, good one !!!!!

Now come and pick my YT ass back up and get me out of here already, dayum !!!

This nightmare honestly can't be true, can it ? I guess I took it all the
wrong damn way when I thought a higher power died for my sins, because if
this is the outcome for me, hell, then they tricked you, too! I'm dying
from sins brought forth to me that I didn't commit. Oh, that's right,
joke is once again on me.....somehow I did commit when you made me born
white in Ameerka....

White............surrounded by blackness..........

Only difference here is that the animal is set free and the humans are locked up !!

Nah mean ?

Black fatigued at a 10 said...

Blacks kill blacks by the dozens day in and day out yet it's a white police officers that kill a dozen or so in a given year and most if not all are legitimate shootings that have blacks in an uproar that black lives matter.

I'm so sick that not one person in the public eye will stand up and call the black agitators out on this.

Everyone's so afraid of being labeled a racist and loosing their careers.

The fact is untill we have an honest and open public dialog to address these race problems nothing will get better , only worse till the breaking point which will be disasterous for the blacks.

Anonymous said...

Well said, before discovering this blog, I was not aware of all that was going on around me. I am definitely a wide awake person now, thanks to all here.

Anonymous said...

Welcome John in NC! Not sure about specific books, but bet you can ask some of the elders around you. That's how I learned.

Apparently Deters has charged this cop for murder. Guess time to get the popcorn ready and see how this plays out.

NC Guy

-Just saw Baltimore surpassed 40 murders in a month again. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

During my conversation with my Gen X YT friend who believes the message that the blacks be oppress and shee-at, I didn't even go there as far as why the blacks always seem to be caught going afoul of the law. My friend is convinced that we both have "white privilege" and are therefore immune to the heavy handed po po.

I'll be honest, I haven't had problems with the cops on the few instances when they've questioned me. I'm always up front and try to kiss their asses. One time I did try to sass a cop, he warned me, "You don't want to do that!" So what did Auntie Bernice do? She immediately stopped her irritating behavior, knowing this guy could jack her up and leave no prints. Yep. Didn't have to tell me twice. I became putty in his hands. Christ, I'd probably have blown him if he let me off of the DWI charge I got stuck with.

I'm a heluva lot older now, and I know that the surest way to piss a cop off is to f*ck with them over minor, petty requests, like "May I see your license and registration?"

"oh, of course, Officer. I'm so sorry to have cost you inconvenience!" and under breath, "freak'n jackoff, getting pretty bored flirting with the waitresses at Waffle House, huh?"

I did mention one thing to my friend and he readily agreed: If I were a white cop, I'd NEVER, EVER pull over a negro. It would be the "goodbye" kiss for my life, career, family, etc. Forever branded the dread "RAYCISS" tag. The Scarlet Letter of our age.

Anonymous said...

As soon as Samuel's voice got high pitched in that video,
the LEO knew he was lying. I can tell he was lying, but
nonetheless, that LEO is going down........hard!

Maybe he feels like a majority of us.

Maybe he's sick and tired of this double standard against
this oh so precious protected species. I thought we protected
endangered species, not outnumbering species ? "You" put down
dumb deer on a constant daily basis, but "You" over breed this
violent natured species?

I honestly wish I DIDN'T get it ! You'd almost be better off
dumbfounded about all of it, but then you'd just be a sitting duck.

One could only wonder if something like this today will set it
all off in Cincinnati ? I guess we're all about to find out or not.

And lest, he used one of our favorites......... but I dindu nuffins !!!

They only believe in complete lawlessness........everything else
is oppression by the almighty man !!!!!! UGH.....dayum them all !!!!

Anonymous said...

Eddie in St Louis-

Bogolyubski (spelling?) would be pleased as punch. It is spreading like wildfire.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is the first day I have not really commented at all, but I thank all those who spent the time writing well written posts. You people give me hope that there still beats a spirit in white America that can defeat the black plague. I can tell that you and I think the same way! Paul is one of the best realists there is in the business. I toast all you (and our good friend Paul) with a good shot of Kentucky bourbon!

I took my teenage boys bowling tonight and didn’t see one damned Negro in the bowling alley, and the Negroes across the street from me are moving TODAY! I know that the next family across the street will probably be another Negro because it is section 8, but for tonight I can have peace of mind. Again…thanks for the time you folks and Paul spend writing well thought out and thought provoking articles!

Anonymous said...

Listening to their scanner feed has actually become mildly entertaining to me. That is one busy ass dump of a city! You often hear of shootings, assaults, robberies, car jackings and murders quite often!

I will also note you will hear dispatch hit the rapid emergency tone out requesting signal 13-officer needs help emergency often.

What is also heard is them chasing those pesky orcs regularly. I am following Baltimore murders. July is at 41 last I saw and that makes 186 for the year. You will not see this in white cities.

Baltimore is a war zone!!!

Anonymous said...

That's it. Negroes patrol negroes...

No exceptions.

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

This race/economic/political mess is all a creation of the Left.

Every day, Whites are pounded with the accusation of racism and blind hatred.

Blacks are programmed to think all Whites are racist bastards.

The government is now a giant transfer payments pump rewarding Blacks for vice.

How did any Leftist think this would turn out? It's all scripted to create a melting pot of (mostly) dark peoples who are "shit stupid" as we say in the South; controllable, scared and dependent on government. If the stupid masses make war on each other, that's even better; it keeps the masses distracted while we remain one of the most poorly governed people on earth.

Don't forget, the Russians are constantly laughing at us. They suffered mass casualties and decades of misery until they escaped the horrible ideas of people like Barack Obama. They know the USA is the most "sovietized" nation on earth, and getting less free every day. The irony is that a lot of this is done in the name of the most unholy negro. They escaped communism. We never will... As long as there is a Sheboon to feed so she can shit out niglets, Whitey must be enslaved to pay for it all. It doesn't matter that the Silverbacks want us dead, the show must go on.

Pat Boyle said...

I just watched the 'body camera' video of the Officer Tensing/Sam Dubose shooting. I haven't reached a final conclusion yet but some things are clear.

1. The camera doesn't clear up all the ambiguities. Even with a camera on the scene and aimed at the parries involved some people will still see it one way and others will disagree.

2. The cop was nice and friendly. He was polite and patient.

3. The suspect was uncooperative if not loony. The cop asked Dubose at least three times for his driver's license. Instead the suspect gave him a bottle of booze.

4. The suspect tried to drive off.

5. The cop apparently shot the suspect but it was very confusing after the suspect bolted.

This appears to be another typical case of where the black person escalates a routine police stoppage into a violent outcome by not obeying the cop's orders. If the black guy had just handed over his driver's license that would have been the end of it. This is very similar to the Sandra Bland case in that regard.

Maybe the cop should have done something differently. But the incident even with the video, is so confusing that I don't see how any fair minded person could convict him of a crime.

Who told black people that they did not have to listen to cops?


Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here (I'll try to preface my remarks on a consistent basis).

Yesterday, a commenter said something to the effect of "Why do ya'll stand by the po po? They are an agent of the enemy. They'd just as soon throw YT under the bus as the negro to get an pension, etc....."

Thank you, Commenter. I just got a call from our friendly "Fraternal Order of Po Po", asking me for mo $$$$$$$. I said, in my most feminine "Mrs. Greenbaum" voice, "Golly, gee, Mr. Police Officer, my husband makes all of the financial decisions in this house. I simply couldn't commit to anything without getting his approval!" The cop kept pressuring me and I finally said, "You'll have to wait for Mr. Greenbaum. I'm a lowly, stupid female who can't manage a bridge club meeting, never mind a household budget. I'll have the white, head honcho call you back!" Oh, he didn't like that. F*** them! You're right, anony commenter. They're not our friends. F*** them. Let it all implode.

Anonymous said...

The muslim communist racist Obummer and henchman Holder gave blacks the green light to play victim, play race card, riot, loot, burn, kill, etc. Black Lies Matter

Anonymous said...

All White, Asian, Hispanic and any non black LEO needs to look for a position in another town or city where there are very few blacks.
The black cities can then hire black LEOs. No White officer should apply in all black cities.

Anonymous said...

Libtards and groid-lovers look out the window; race-realists look at the satellite weather report...

Non-Whites are DESTROYING this country!!

It's coming...

Anonymous said...

Off topic, haven't read PK's work on a few days. I know some of the readers here aren't into what Heartiste might say sometimes but I love the way he puts it when it comes to matters we are all focused on here. Blogs like his and PK's are an oasis of sanity in a sea of bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Check out this story out of Indianapfrica. Nogs throw unsanctioned party at student housing apartments off of IUPUI campus and as usual 'dey gots to start shooting'. Note the article states that residents started moving out the next day remarking that they never felt safe there.


Anonymous said...

In EVERY one of these sensationalized "Cop VS Black" events I notice the same formula:

1. Cop is doing his job, encounters black.

2. Cop gives black a lawful Order, black Ignores lawful Order and/or completely ignores lawful Order.

3. Black launches into arguments and/or starts fighting, or running, or otherwise escalates what would be a simple, non-violent routine encounter for ANYONE who isn't a black- because everyone who isn't a black understands that the Cop is an Authority Figure and compliance is mandatory if we don't want to suffer consequences.

4. Black is killed, beaten, tackled or otherwise defeated by Cop(s).

5. Blacks across America start chimpouts and for some sick twisted pathetic reason the cuckservatives refuse to stand up for the cops.

Again and again. Over and over.

Are the blacks REALLY too stupid to obey simple commands? My Dog knows what "Stay" and "Sit" means and he obeys just fine.

Or are they just taught from a very young age that they don't have to obey?

Or are they just wild, untrained savages who panic when confronted by police?

I really don't know, but I DO know that the answer is NOT to disarm the police, especially when the black population is booming by the day.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but too good not to share this new term "Cuckservative"



Dopey "blame da unions" conservatism is falling apart just like liberalism.

Both are centered around paint theory and not reality.

Rush/Fox/Wall St Journal style conservatism is losing the argument. Corporate conservatives and their dirty alliance with Evangelicals created a narrative that simply has too many holes. It doesn't explain how there isn't a SINGLE black city in the world that can even meet Western standards of the 1920s.

Abortion is not evil and neither are unions. Detroit is Detroit because blacks took over after the riots. Abortion is last chance birth control and the anti-abortion right is in the wrong.

Paint theory conservatives and liberals can push all they want but reality keeps pushing back.


Anonymous said...

Blogger Standup Broad said...
D @ 6:39 White Hispanics in New Mexico

White people have to learn the CORRECT terms. A person of Iberian ancestry is White and referred to as "Latino / Latina (f)". A person whose ancestry is based in the New World is referred to as Hispanic and is NOT White. Calling a Hispanic a Latino is a compliment, the reverse is a great insult


Sorry, Sir. But your analysis is totally incorrect. Could you please reference your sources?

Latino (/læˈtinoʊ/ or /ləˈtinoʊ/) is a cultural heritage used to refer to people with cultural ties to Latin America and people of nationalities within the bounds to Latin America. Whether they speak Spanish or Portuguese, thus including Brazilians.

An Iberian is a European (White) from either Spain or Portugal. They most certainly are NOT referred to as Latinos or Latinas.

Hispanic is a narrower term which only refers to persons of Spanish speaking Latin America.

If we are to present statements as fact, they must be researched.

I am being very critical of your post because people look to this blog with respect and as a source of correct information.

Therefore please check your facts before disseminating incorrect information.


Anonymous said...


They're worth about 3$ in Baltimore:


****Cliff Notes**** One of the nogs earned his batwings over a 3$ debt.... yep. Just like us but with a different paintjob.

riptapart said...

"My reaction is that it is not a good situation," Black said. "Someone has died that did not necessarily need to die."

I would like to hear everyone's feelings on what he is saying with that statement? It leads me to believe the video is going to show the officer overreacted and is going to be charged criminally. And the groids are going to feel victorious, as if the charges are resultant of their pressure. If the officer was wrong, I am quit certain he would be dealt with accordingly. But in the small minds of the Afrorillas, they will believe that the cop would have been left off the hook without so much as an investigation, if not for their watchful eyes. My hope is the officer was totally within his rights and is exonerated of any wrongdoing. If the evidence shows that, no matter how obviously, the Afrorillas will see it as an injustice. "Dat White poh leese shudda done sumfin udder den keel duh brutha. He shudda axed'm tuh stop duh car mo times. Nomesayin".

I really hope they chimpout well beyond what they did in Baltimore. I hope they destroy every Black neighborhood, and then take it to some extremely Liberal suburbs, if any exist. I hate the thought of any White people getting hurt, other than the traitors who enable them.

Anonymous said...

Of course white lives matter.

I could NOT believe that Martin O'Malley was booed when he said all lives matter - black lives matter and white lives matter too. But I should not have been surprised!

I'm not white, my parents came here from India. I grew up in NYC in a working class neighborhood full of immigrants from all over. There were white kids whose parents came to the US from Germany, Ireland and Greece. There were Asian kids whose parents came from India, Japan, China and Korea. There were immigrants form South America too. But, anyway, I never thought any group's lives mattered more than any others. Everyone's lives mattered.

I was fine with blacks when I thought they wanted a level playing field. I am not OK with targeting whites, and particularly straight white men. I mean, I don't want to be unfairly treated, so why wouldn't I be against others being unfairly treated? If you want to be treated fairly, then you must give that same respect to others.

The reality is that American blacks have had it better than blacks anywhere else. Why the heck can't they be grateful to live in a great country, a free country, where they can enjoy so many great things? Why not enjoy the opportunities this country gives us?

If whites don't want to live with them, so what? Create your own societies, neighborhoods, etc. Why force yourself on people who don't want to mingle with you?

chattanooga gal said...

"Or are they just taught from a very young age that they don't have to obey? "
I'd put my money on this one. And, events over the last several years have confirmed that to be true.

Anonymous said...

This is a better link to the apartment party shooting posted above.


Guest said...

I think also they are beginning to see there is a lot of money in the settlement of claims regardless of guilt.

Anonymous said...

What's been happening in our Schools is exactly the same as what's been happening in our Churches and other institutions they've been inflatrated and corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Living in NM it took me awhile to realize that the people of northern New Mexico (in particular) are simply Europeans who farm, ranch and hunt and are little different from my European ancestors in that they work hard, play hard, love friends and family and generally think that respect must be earned. I've met a lot of go-getters from up north.

Kathy loves the Cats! said...

" The more you give in, the more they will demand and act out". AMEN!!! Cincinnati leaders are already rolling over and playing dead. But when Officer Tensing is cleared, all HELL will break loose....and the city leadership will sit back and watch, as the city is trashed and the cops unable to stop it.

Kathy loves the Cats! said...


Kathy loves the Cats! said...

Martial Law and keeping the "Emperor and Empress" in the WH is a goal. 100 million plus in vacations alone at the taxpayers teet is an excellent incentive.