Thursday, March 9, 2017

Alabama's Lone Black Congressional Delegate Mad GOP Healthcare Plan Does Away with Indoor Tanning Tax

OMG! Debating the GOP Bill repeal of tax on tanning. $600Mil tax break to them! Not fair! Some of us don't need a tan! We need Healthcare!
The only African American on Alabama's Congressional delegation is blasting a GOP plan to do away with a tax on indoor tanning.
Rep. Terri Sewell, who is also the delegation's only Democrat, took to Twitter to criticize a repeal of the tax included in the Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

The Republican plan would eliminate a 10 percent tax on indoor tanning that was included as part of 2010's Democrat-led ACA. At the time, supporters of the bill touted it as a way to fight skin cancer.
According to the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, the tanning tax brought in about $78 million in 2015, far short of projections.
The American Suntanning Association, which has fought the bill since its passage, said it has resulted in the closure of nearly 10,000 small businesses and the loss of 100,000 jobs.
"We applaud Congress for taking action to repeal this onerous and unfair tax, which has crippled an industry and hurt small business owners across the country," said ASA President Melinda Norton. "The tan tax is a perfect example of misguided government policy, implemented with little forethought or regard for the American public, and we applaud Congress for taking action to repeal it."
 White people must always, always be taxed to support initiatives benefiting non-whites.

Any deviation from this agenda is obviously racism.

Some of us, Congresswoman Sewell, don't need a relaxing of standards to survive in the world our ancestors built (and that they dared protect with racial laws protecting their posterity); but, as ice people, a tax free tanning session shouldn't be too much to ask. 

In one tweet, Alabama's lone black Congressional delegate reminded us all what taxes truly represent: a racial transfer of wealth from productive white people to unproductive non-whites.


Baron Münchhausen said...

Years ago I said that the Tanning tax was a racist tax because it specifically targeted White people. I always enjoy validation in life.

The Baron

Anonymous said...

Ah, the reminds me of the following "story" from The Root:

She is mad because increasing police presence on public transit will lead to more black males getting ticketed/arrested for fare-skipping. Apparently black people should not only be allowed to terrorize everyone else on public transit, but it should also be free to those who just don't feel like paying.

My favorite part of the article:

"Speaking of fare-evasion citations, it’s worth noting that according to a civil rights complaint filed by the Labor/Community Strategy Center, from 2012 to 2015, although black riders make up only 19 percent of Metro riders, they received more than 5o percent of all fare-evasion citations and made up 60 percent of all arrests on Metro."

So rather than correctly blame the discrepancy on black behavior, "racism" is the cause once again. Some things never change.

Ex New Yorker said...

About ten years ago I went with my wife to a small strip mall. She needed a new hair-do. After we parked I noticed there was a tanning salon next to the beauty shop. I started to laugh and said how could a tanning salon make any money in this town.

I sat in the car listening to the Howard Stern show. While my wife was taking care of her female needs I saw nothing but a constant stream of traffic going in and out of the tanning shop. I was in shock.

Where was this tanning parlor. It was in KEY WEST, FLORIDA. It was a hot and sunny day. About 10 or 12 blocks away there was this thing called a "beach" where people were lying on these things called "blankets" where they were sunny themselves FOR FREE.

About a week later a friend of my wife's told me the reason she goes to a tanning parlor rather than the beach was because the beach had this horrible stuff called "sand". While in Key West for the Winter I spent many hours around this "sand". Not only was there "sand" but there was also these nasty ugly things called "palm trees" and about 50 yards away there was this stuff called "water". I learned later that this water was a small part of the "ocean".

When I was younger I was crazy as hell. Even in my old age I am still some what batty. As more and more time goes by I am starting to feel normal. Feeling "normal" is no way to live. I am starting to get worried that it could become permanent. I've heard that "normalcy" is very hard to cure.

In my old age I am still waiting for those "LSD flashbacks" they promised me back in the 60's. Lied to again. But I am starting to believe that I might have crash landed on the wrong planet. Never volunteer for a "war in heaven".

Only on the planet Earth would you find tanning salons on a four mile hot sunny island surrounded by water and beaches that are covered in "sand."

Bird of Paradise said...

No more stupid taxes just so liberal demacrats can fund some pet project of theirs we dont need any more taxes on everything from ammo to big macs just so the demaccrats have money for the crooks that support them

Anonymous said...

From the looks of her she wouldn't be too happy if there was a tax put on weave shops. If black women don't wear wigs to make themselves look non-black then they don't get laid- I get it. Guys all over the world like long silky hair, not something that looks like it should be growing on someone's crotch or under their arms. It promotes an unrealistic expectation to PoC and is therefore damaging to black women everywhere and should be taxed. Deal?

Anonymous said...

You don't get it, do you?

The reason for the so-called Tan Tax is that white people use so-called tanning salons to appropriate the skin color of beautiful black African-Americans! That's right, you see white people are jealous of beautiful black African-American black skin color, so they go to so-called tanning salons so they can look darker. Like beautiful black African-Americans. The so-called Tan Tax was really about reclaiming skin color for beautiful black African-Americans. But white supremacists can not stand a redistribution of skin color so they had Congress repeal the tax.

If anything, we need more of these taxes, like requiring all white people to pay a fee when they go to the beach to get a tan. It's only a short move from this so-called tax repeal to Ku Klux Klan meetings at the campus Emmett Till memorial safe space.

I know this is true because I was told so by my university program, From Slavery to Salons: 400 Years of Oppression.

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Proudyt said...

Imagine their outrage if higher taxes were applied to fried chicken,grape soda and hot cheetos.

Brian in Ohio said...

Blacks always have, and always will, represent a tax burden. Their hand will always be out. They will always use the threat of violence to keep the money coming.

Sometimes, in extreme cases, when a limb becomes some damaged or infected, it must be removed to prevent it compromising the rest of the body. Amputation. Its never pleasant or easy, and not without risks. But the right decision in the long run.

We need an amputation.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I think these two lines say things more eloquently than any of the others and subsequently hit the problem square on:

"White people must always, always be taxed to support initiatives benefiting non-whites.

Any deviation from this agenda is obviously racism."

I really wish to be free of the Negroes. I'm tired of them hanging around our necks. I'm tired of black women having 10 children by 10 different men and expected me and other white people to pay for them.

At this point, I don't care for them as a race anymore. They have leeched on us enough. Let them die. Let them shoot each other in the street and die of blood loss. No other people are having this violence. It is in their genes to kill, steal, and do violence.

They hate me, and I most definitely hate them. So...what is the solution? Separation would be the easiest. Give them land and it will be their country. They can make Al Sharpton or Calypso Louie their leader...I really don't give a rat's ass who they want as leader.

When they look to us with bloodshot eyes and bulging stomachs from starvation, let them sleep in the bed they made.

No more handouts to them. They sink or swim on their own!

Anonymous said...

Good lord, these creatures have ZERO shame.

Anonymous said...

If we're taxing tanning, let's just go ahead and place that same tax on every negroe, mexican, arab, and Indian- only double it for them since they are twice as dark.

Then you'll see them demand the tax be repealed.

Bird of Paradise said...

If anyone can remember the Robin Williams movie POPEYE where he gets taxed for everything even for asking questions this sounds a lout like the demacrats laying taxes on everything

Anonymous said...

Maybe to many on the beach or the sun to bright so people to the salon for tanning. PS lsd is OK

Anonymous said...

For those people who you mentioned the tax won't be good

Anonymous said...

Help is on the way America!! These bots will gather up the criminal orcs soon enough!!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious.......Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ah, the reminds me of the following "story" from The Root:

March 9, 2017 at 9:24 PM

And EXPLAINS what is in plain sight in forever with crime and statistics amongst the dindu population.Without realizing this quote EXPLAINS everything wrong with the Dindu,

"although black riders make up only 19 percent of Metro riders, they received more than 5o percent of all fare-evasion citations and made up 60 percent of all arrests on Metro."

Just as in any criminal statistic known to man the Dindu is always first.Notice the stats 19% ,received more than 50% and 60%,just like in the overall picture.The dindu makes up ,what,15% to 20% but more than likely 25% of the US population and lead in crime.It never ends.It's not the Amish or Albanians or Native Americans...

Mark in NC said...

I am all for replacing the tanning salon tax with the tax on all skin whitening and hair straightening products.

Anonymous said...

Yeah soda tax in different cities now. Is Cheetos chips still around. You do know it different style it chicken that blacks eat hard to believe and hate burst your bubble. Just in a restaurant when a group came in

Paintjob Theory said...

Back in my school days I did a large research paper/business analysis on De Beers. If anybody has 8-10 hours to read up on the history of this cartel it's an absolutely fascinating case study in both monopoly and marketing.

In a nutshell, diamonds are semi-precious stones at best, with little true scarcity and limited industrial uses. (((Oppenheimer's))) success was largely due to marketing. "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" was one of the earliest examples of "product placement" or "sponsored content" (marketing masquerading as entertainment then becoming pop culture). Color/Clarity/etc. was all invented as important through De Beers marketing as was the 1/5 salary. All of the conventional wisdom and mystique surrounding diamonds has been injected into our culture by clever and consistent marketing, and this is long before focus groups, data mining, and predictive computer modeling.

The stones were given the illusion of scarcity through monopoly. De Beers has mountains of diamonds but they only trickle them into the market. In the past, when other smaller cartels attempted to undercut their set market prices, De Beers just dumped prices until they knuckled under and agreed to follow their set valuation.

Further cinching their monopoly, re-sale value on diamonds is only a tiny fraction of MSRP, (((Jewelry stores))) get their diamonds on consignment from the De Beers cartel. Why would Schlomo's Jewelry store buy your old ring and tie up capital when they have a case full of diamonds that cost them nothing until they sell? De Beers certainly won't buy them back because they have as many as they need in 100 years. This is compounded by the sentimental value that their marketing has put into diamonds. Would you dare buy your bride-to-be a used ring?

In any event, this is what I remember from 20 years ago, there was more to the story, but it is a fascinating case study. The moral of this tale, is that you can indeed sell an ice box to an eskimo or a sun tan in Key West (actually Florida is loaded with tanning salons).... or for that matter, you can sell an unwitting public on the idea that dangerous, obsolete farm equipment is our greatest natural resource. If you can convince people that a little bit of carbon with roughly the scarcity of garnet is worth the cost of a new car, selling them on the idea of paintjob theory is no more far fetched.

More on topic, the nanny state is a logical necessity to collectivism. "If I've got to pay for your health care, I'll be damned if I'm going to let you damage your health with smoking/drinking/over-eating/tanning/etc." Expect more of both to come.

Mr. Rational said...

Only on the planet Earth would you find tanning salons on a four mile hot sunny island surrounded by water and beaches that are covered in "sand."

You'll see things like this everywhere there are humans.  Paying a tanning salon instead of lying on the beach for free is a status-signalling thing.  Women are all about social status.  This is why they are so "anti-racist"; they see race-realism as low status, a marker that someone can't afford to stay away from "crime" and "bad schools".  So even if they can't afford it either, they posture to appear high-status.  They're only thinking about themselves, not broader consequences.

Is it any mystery that we got Cibil Rites only after women got the vote?

let's just go ahead and place that same tax on every negroe, mexican, arab, and Indian- only double it for them since they are twice as dark.

We can call it the Cosmic Consciousness tax, since they have all that magic melanin.

Oh, and Mr. Klewless... your talents are badly needed over at the Field Negro blog.  You could trigger those fatuous monkeys into apoplexy.

Sick n' Tired said...

That was one of the first things that surprised me when I moved to Florida. The amount of tanning salons there were, and the fact they were able to stay in business and turn a profit.

Sick n' Tired said...

Add a 10 cent tax to blunt wraps and Trump could finance 2 walls in 6 months.

Anonymous said...

We called it the "Cracker Tax", however I've heard DWL's say Latinas use tanning beds (which I doubt). Well, we know damn well the negro doesn't use them....then they change the subject.

Anonymous said...

The federal government has made whites into economic slaves.

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor and stop listening to the degenerate (((Howard Stern))).

Bill in St Louis said...

She was correct though, in her meandering, totally missing the point way. It was racism, plain and simple that got that tax addded into Obumblecare in the first place. Tax something black (ahem) people don't do:tan. How exactly taxing someone is going to fight skin cancer was never explained, nor was it the goal. It was racist to impose it, now it is racist (the other way) to repeal it. Guess what? Too fucking bad, toots. Don't worry though, we can make up the lost revenue from these things called "jobs" that Trump is bringing back,
So more white people can pay to support your worthless ass.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...


I am transitioning into a position at my company into one that does not deal with the public. Before you make assumptions, understand that my previous position entailed dealing with a 95% white, middle and upper middle class clientele. Also understand that around 85% of my co-workers are Caucasian. The reasoning behind my moving into a position where I will not have to deal with whites? Because for the most part, they are lock, stock, and barrel, liberals who hate Donald Trump, are pro-immigration, and pro LGBQT folk who see nothing wrong with a "chick" with c*ck and balls using the ladies room.

My suggestion is, next to the negro, our greatest enemy is the SJWs who insist on creating and promoting Marxist ideology, taxation being just one of the ruses to bring YT to his knees. Like Anonymous mentioned yesterday in her cogent post, we are getting hit at all directions by the (((folks))) who are happily sitting back, watching our continued destruction. It is therefore necessary to withdraw as much support in the way of taxation and purchasing to those who wish to destroy us.

I could definitely afford to cut my hours at work to part time, 20 hours/week. Sadly, that is not offered at this time, only full time. While still a few years away from retirement (five or less), I have decided to scale back my involvement with this completely unfair system as much as humanly possible. Nothing grieves me more than seeing these silly, affected, young people screeching and hollering about how Trump and his followers are "rayciss". The (((ones))) pulling the strings behind all this nonsense are going to bitch slap hard these SJWs in a heartbeat should they ever succeed in their Utopian Socialist Paradise. Too stupid to understand this, the youth prattle on about "social injustice".

As far as tanning booths and taxes go, I look at getting a tan the same way I look at lighting up a Pall Mall filterless, which I used to smoke back in my college days to appear "cool" - in other words, an excercise in vanity most likely to be paid off with cancer. Already I have had a cancerous tumor removed from my body due to sun worshiping as a youngster. So allow me to not become too excited about getting taxed to increase the likelihood of getting skin cancer.

Try not to play their game, folks. Next week cable is off. One less act of patronage to the kindly (((folk))) who wish to destroy us. Cut them off at the knees, folks. You cannot even begin to imagine the degree in which they hate you.

Anonymous said...

I really don't have a problem with a tax on tanning salons.

TEEVEE tells young White women that they need to waste their money on tans to look healthy.

Anonymous said...

A white student made an "angry, vile, and racist" post at a metro Atlanta school.
What the student posted is available to read here:
Admittedly, the post is nasty and overboard, but black people have posted some pretty "nasty and vile" stuff threatening white people, and there is very little blowback about those. Usually no consequences. It will be interesting to keep up with the story and see how it plays out.
P.S. I searched the net to see if the black woman that attacked the Grandmother in the Georgia Walmart has been arrested. Even though the attacker left her cell phone behind, 2 days later, no arrest has been announced, and the Grandmother had bruises on both eyes and was bleeding. They have the attackers name and phone- what is the holdup?? If this were reversed, every "cibil" rights leader in America would be up in arms. Guess whites don't have "cibil" rights these days??
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Imagine their outrage if higher taxes were applied to fried chicken,grape soda and hot cheetos.

I would add hobo wine and malt liquor to that list.

I live in near a military area and even the grocery stores within 20 minutes are stocked with grape and strawberry malt liquor. If you see Joose advertised in a mini mart window then do not move that area.

It wasn't long ago that liberals would mock anyone that suggested the African preference for sweets was genetic. But now we are seeing that there are genes for taste that are not evenly distributed in all racial groups (SHOCKER).


I wish I was computer smart.

I wish I knew how to have a "Blog" or at least to do on-line Marketing and make money off this blog. I have a head full of ideas for items to sell, etc. and make a fortune off of White people, just like (((they))) do.

I just got a simple phrase in my head that won't go away: (IMagine a bumper sticker, or T-shirt that says.......)


(If this is ever put into print, etc, I will not sue nor whine. I'm White, thus I won't sue like (((they))) due. BUT, I want recognition to satisfy my shallow ego, ok?)

Anonymous said...

Tax on everything is high for the 30 years

Awakened white said...

As The Cesspool says you can't make this stuff up.

I don't know why our women tan. I prefer pale anyday.

Anonymous said...

OT, but it's funny to see realistic comments in the Washington Post. ;)

Anonymous said...

I once got ticketed for riding a light rail train in the winter. I had just gotten off work, and would have to wait for the next train if I didn't act quickly, so I hopped on the leaving train without paying.

At the next stop, the cops got on and began checking people to see if the far was paid. Needless to say, I got busted. I was paid $7.50/hr. at the time and I was kinda pissed, but took the ticket and managed to get it down to $70. I didn't like it, but I didn't do anything but plead my case and literally paid for it.

Why should blacks be any less willing to be penalized for screwing up than me? Screw 'em! Figuratively, of course.

Anonymous said...

The 13th Amendment to the now outdated US Constitution forbids "involuntary servitude." In non-legalese, it means others can't steal your labor; you have to be compensated for your toil. The government's seizure of my money to pay for Medicaid, section ape, school lunches, EBT cards and so on clearly violates the 13th Amendment. My labor is being stolen against my will to support those who I would not give anything in the best of circumstances. I know it's OK to support air traffic control, national defense, police and other essential services but this is an outrage. To add insult to injury, I pay for my own health insurance yet I have to pay for Shameka too. This is a criminal act.

More people have to awaken to this treachery. I pray that those who go to work would throw off the negro sports leagues and spend some time to research these issues. Until our liberators arrive, I'm nothing but a cracka slave.

Gavin Newsome said...

"Not fair! Some of us don't need a tan! We need Healthcare!" Then why don't your people pay for it, nigga?

Anonymous said...

guess who

Forty years ago this week, armed terrorists stormed three D.C. buildings and took nearly 150 people hostage.

To commemorate the anniversary of the three-day Hanafi siege, a photo exhibit is currently on display at the Wilson Building.

Many of those photos are from the Washington Star archive, and some were never published. WTOP put together a video (above) that includes these photos.

Although the siege has largely been forgotten, a former WTOP newsman remembers it well.

Jim Bohannon, now a syndicated radio talk show host, was anchoring on WTOP on March 9, 1977, when word came in of trouble at three buildings, including what is now the Wilson Building.

“It quickly became apparent that these were three interconnected incidents, three hostage-takings, by a group known as Hanafi Muslims,” Bohannon told WTOP.

via drudge

GOTCHA said...

Dear White man,
You'll be paying for this --

February 28, 2017

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC), the leading U.S. home loan lender, today announced a $60 billion lending commitment to create at least 250,000 African American homeowners by 2027.

---Keep working boys!!!

Anonymous said...

I swear if I was in the tanning business, I'd switch to spray tans for everybody (wink, wink) because they're tax-exempt. The mafia and most recent immigrants know how to work around our stupid system. I'm assuming the reason the tax didn't bring in near the revenue projected is because tanning salon operators are a good bit smarter than legislators.

I proposed a 10% tax on grape drank and spicy hot Cheetos. It's for the children.

Anonymous said...

Her district includes Selma, which is the focus if your previous article. Not surprising. I actually watched the congressional hearing on Obama care repeal where she am do makes dis very point. She talked about all da hopitals dat be closing in her district and how repealing this tax is a subsidy for those who tan. Not surprisingly a majority of white democrats on that spoke echoed tha same themes. Repealing a tax would hurt the treasury, not that it would allow people to put that money to use in other areas of the economy where it presumably would also be taxed. Progressives really do have shit for brains

Anonymous said...

I always find it extremely absurd when blacks claim that whites go to tanning booths because they "want to be black." Nothing could be further from the truth but believing otherwise gives blacks a sense of importance and an ego boost. Never mind that the belief is utterly ridiculous, stupid and downright retarded. Whites go to tanning booths (or the beach)to get a healthy looking honey colored tan- not a fecal black skin tone. Getting a tan has absolutely nothing to do with black people whatsoever but in their colossal egotism, they have to interpret everything according to their blackness.

As is, since so many of them try to lighten their skin and the females want to wear weaves made of human hair to appear as non black as possible, they're simply projecting their own neurosis upon others and assuming others have the same kind of motivations and mentality albeit in a different form and direction. They really do need to get over themselves. Sorry, negroes- you ain't all that despite your belief to the contrary and are entirely mistaken in your delusional assumptions.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

OK, fine. Keep the tanning tax but also tax black cosmetic products like skin lighteners and hair straighteners.
BTW: I used to work for a cosmetics manufacturing company. One of our lower volume products was a hair straightener for blacks. This stuff had so much sodium hydroxide in it that we called it "Afro-Drano".

Anonymous said...

The Affordable Care Act was designed as nothing but a huge tax, targeting certain segments of society. It was also designed to destroy America on many fronts.

Obamacare was written by hard core racist, war mongering, violent, evil Communists. It did exactly what the DemonCraps wanted it to do.
(One person who wrote a few pages of Obamacare was in federal prison when he wrote his portion.....Robert Creamer, and his wife, a registered Communist, is a Senator. Obama had the most corrupt cretins, federal convicts, pedophiles, drug dealers, moslem terrorists, American hating, White hating, Christian hating scum bags in his fraud administration.

Anonymous said...

ive said for many years, we treat them as human when they are not

D-FENS said...

Looks like Amazon's ban of "holocaust denial" books is real and complete. I have one of the forbidden titles and it is (for now) still available in my Kindle cloud and my personal devices. I'm still concerned since Amazon has in the past deleted already purchased Kindle books from personal devices and giving a store credit in return. The stated reason for that incident was a copyright dispute. But it shows what Amazon has the capability to do.

I like the idea of reading PKs books on my lunch hour or at the airport while negroes shuffle around me completely unaware. How long will it be before the $PLC pressures Amazon to do the same with "racist" books?

Anonymous said...

That ho had the nerve to call it a "tax break."

Anonymous said...

Why don't they put a BIG tax on malt liquor and menthol cigarettes!

Anonymous said...

OT: Spring Break is upon us. Care to take a guess who is giving law enforcement headaches by breaking the rules and trashing the beach? Visit the link and look at the pictures and see for yourself...

Anonymous said...

He doesn't care squat about plane old health care. He wants "FREE" health care for himself & negroes. Any money that doesn't support that is "RACIST"

Black people need it, need it now & need it free!

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous March 9, 2017 at 9:34 PM said...From the looks of her she wouldn't be too happy if there was a tax put on weave shops.

My first thought was a heavy tax on skin whitening procedures and products. Charge more to be like YT.... they'll pay it.

Sal said...

Effect of PC. Reality Denial and Narrative Conjuring.

Reality is blacks commit lots of violence. But PC narrative sanctifies blacks as MLK people. So, black violence is disappeared by under-reporting, false reporting(violent riots called 'peaceful protests), or semantic tricks('youths' or 'tens' done it). Reality Denial.

But denying reality isn't enough. Just like UFO nuts are desperate to bear witness to UFO's and just like paranormal people want to believe they've sensed the presence of ghosts, Paranormal Politics or Parapolitics must have 'evidence' or 'witness' or 'revelation' of White Ghosts since PC says whites possess evil spirits.

It's like if you tell people there is Bigfoot, many people mistake anything for bigfoot and day they saw it too.

Or, to gain attention, affection, and approval of the Big Foot community, you tell a tall tale of how YOU saw one too. These tall tales are esp appealing to those who want attention but don't get any. What better way to win affection than by serving as prop for the narrative. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the way to the Current Culture's radar is through hysteria. The Coakley Coax or Coax Hoax.

Every society has its taboos and sacraments and myths. And those who seek approval and attention within that community conjure fantasies or visions in accordance to the Narrative. So, in Catholic societies of old, people claimed to have witnessed Jesus or the Madonna.

In Muslim societies, people claim to see Muslim miracles.

Even though secular people are thought 'factual' or 'rational', they too have human psychology that is essentially mytho-conformist. or conformystic. And PC is neo-religion or neoligion. It has its own Conjurers.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic but relevant: Excellent article on the situation in South Africa and the future of the whites that still live there.MUST READ.
The white Afrikaners are being targeted, especially the farmers by ANC thugs and the rogue black government in place. The Afrikaners are white and Christian, Dutch,German,French, Scandinavian stock, settled S. Africa in the 1600's and now facing genocide. Need to write Pres.Trump to start allowing these people to immigrate to the USA.

Anonymous said...

Pay a tax and give yourself skin cancer, a bad deal all around

Anonymous said...

Again a (prominent at that!) black can make a racially tinged remark and will suffer zero consequences. Black-Run America indeed. I'm truly sick of these bold, entitled negroes (pardon the redundancy) and I was always the most tolerant/friendly one in high school and into my 30s. They've burned away any altruistic concern I once had. I care for my people and only my people now. Let them fix their own affairs.

Sick n' Tired said...

A guy I know is a cop on South Beach Miami, he says the entire department dreads when the black colleges have their spring breaks, because most of them come down to Miami. South Beach is a shell of it's former self as a premier party destination like it was in the early 2000's. Now it's mostly over priced mediocre restaurants/bars that cater to tourists, and groids hanging around to rob the tourists. Memorial Day weekend is also "Urban Weekend" in South Beach, where groids from all over the south come down to party, which as anyone who reads this site knows, always ends in shots ringing out, violence, assaults, drug & gun arrests, and robberies.