Friday, March 17, 2017

Blacks Declare War on Trump's Budget Plan: Federal Budget Cuts Will Decimate the Artificial Black Middle Class

Never forget whitey: your tax dollars aren't supposed to go to border patrol, national defense, infrastructure spending, or any form of R&D or scientific innovation.

No. No. No. And a big nope.

Your tax dollars are to be forever redistributed to ensure black people (and other 3rd world people) live a life of leisure and enjoy luxurious impossible to recreate in an environment of their own doing.

President's Trump budget proposal, with necessary cuts of nonessential personnel and wasteful programs, is being attacked in the black community. Remember, any attempt at fiscal responsibility is automatically equated with racism.

The artificial black middle class not only exists because of government jobs (federal/state/local), but the proliferation of the black population in America exists solely because of redistributed white tax dollars scandalously helping augment a racial group nature has never stopped trying to expose as unfit for participation in western civilization.

Thus, black news sites (lavishly funded by Fortune 100 advertisements) have writers who understand even the tiniest cuts in federal government spending will send shockwaves throughout the black community. [What African-Americans Have to Lose From Trump’s Budget Plan: President Trump's new federal budget could cut crucial programs for Blacks ranging from education to business to community development,, 3-17-17]:

College grants. Heating and power bill assistance. Community development funding. The delivery of meals to homebound seniors who would otherwise starve. Free civil legal aid for poor people. These are just a few of the things that African-Americans and others — particularly those with low incomes — “have to lose” with President Donald Trump’s federal budget plan for fiscal year 2018, which was unveiled Thursday. 
Although it leaves entitlement programs like Social Security untouched, the plan features massive cuts to social, education and community development programs, while boosting spending for national and homeland defense.
“We’ve heard all of this talk from President Trump about African-Americans not having anything to lose under his Administration. The truth is that we have a lot to lose and his budget proposal is proof of that,” said Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, in a published statement. 
“Although President Trump promised a ‘New Deal for Black America,’ his budget slashes the federal workforce and cripples domestic programs (e.g. federal student services TRIO programs, LIHEAP, grants for after school programs, Community Development Block Grants, and Community Services Block Grants), and we’re likely to see even more cuts in these areas if he gives tax breaks to the wealthy, as expected. All of this hurts the African-American community.”Last month saw the photo-op (and visual gaffe) created when the presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities crowded into the Oval Office for the signing of an executive order placing the federal HBCU initiative under White House supervision. 
They came seeking additional funding for their financially-struggling institutions. Yet the proposed cuts to higher education funding would deeply affect the ability of their students to afford schooling.Trump proposes slashing 14 percent from the Department of Education budget, erasing $9.2 billion in funding. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, which go to low-income students, are to be eliminated altogether, and there would be significant reductions to the federal college work-study, which enables colleges to employ financially needy students in part-time campus jobs. 
“This budget slashes critical funding for institutions, students, and their families,” said North Carolina Rep. Alma Adams in a statement, citing “a nearly $4 billion rescission in Pell Grants, an almost $200 million cut from TRIO and Gear Up, and no increase to HBCU specific funding.” She added, “This budget guts the support programs that build a pipeline of deserving students to these colleges and universities.”Advocates of K-12 charter schools and private school vouchers, on the other hand, would receive an unprecedented $1.4 billion boost. 
The Department of Health and Human Services budget would lose 16 percent of its budget, or $12.6 billion. This would include the elimination of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps elderly and low-income people pay their heating and power bills, in order to save $3.4 billion.The Commerce department budget would be cut 16 percent over 2017 levels, losing $1.5 billion in funding. 
Among programs getting the axe include the Minority Business Development Agency, which funds a nationwide network of business centers to help minority-owned business stay competitive and create jobs. 
The premise is that the MBDA is “duplicative” of other federal programs, but the move would only save $32 million.The budget of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, headed by Ben Carson, would be cut 12 percent over 2017 levels, losing $4.3 billion in funding. 
This includes saving $3 billion with the elimination of the Community Development Block Grant Program, which currently covers Meals on Wheels and a variety of programs intended to revitalize and develop low-income communities, as well as fight poverty. 
Also on the chopping block are the Legal Services Corp and the African Development Foundation.“This budget proposal is not a new deal for African Americans,” Richmond said. “It’s a raw deal that robs the poor and the middle-class to pay the richest of the rich.”On Wednesday the CBC had unveiled an “alternative budget” that it says reduces the deficit by approximately $2.87 trillion over 10 years while preserving social safety net programs and “pathways out of poverty.” Part of that reduction would come from raising $3.9 trillion in additional tax revenue in ways that lean more heavily on corporations and wealthier Americans. 
It would add a public insurance option to the Affordable Care Act exchanges, boost college Pell Grants, reduce federal student loan interest rates and it “invests in HBCUs.”The path between Trump’s proposal and the final budget that passes Congress may be long and rocky. Black lawmakers are set to meet with President Trump on March 22, according to a Tweet from the CBC’s account that did not specify what is on the agenda.
You can have fiscal responsibility or you can have an artificial black middle class (if you choose the latter, you also get deteriorating infrastructure, a never-ending crusade to lower all standards, and no money for R&D or scientific innovation).

Rolling back the size of the federal government (and budget) also means rolling back Black-Run America.


Brian in Ohio said...

Blacks have nothing to lose because it wasn't theirs to begin with.

The only thing keeping the paintjob theory fantasy going is tax dollars. WHITE tax dollars.

I want my money back.

stay alert, stay alive.

Malcolm Xcrement said...

HBCU....Hysterically Black Crap Ultimately Let the Affleets and Rappers and Oprah and Jay Z and the rest of the feces species fund their education and housing needs. Cut all this money that enables the BDA (Black Dysfunction Army) to survive. Let the Hollywood Idiots pony up the cash for these animals. White people YOU MUST keep your foot on the neck of the beast and it's cheerleaders and destroy them both. If not, you and America are no more !

Anonymous said...

Maybe more "black stars" should make more public statements about how they want to kill him and "pimp out his wife". Keep calling Trump a racist and Nazi. There is nothing better than making threats to someone if your trying to get on their good side.

There is nothing that gets the FSA (Free Shit Army) more upset than knowing the gravy train don't be stopping at all the stations. What I am waiting for is someone to make a law that says if you want free welfare you have to pee in a cup. The middle class working man has to "piss in a cup" to keep his job. So alright already....hey mama, if you want free shit just squat down and stick that cup between your legs.

Ex New Yorker said...

One of the community programs that were not mentioned in the above story was the "Neighborhood Outreach Underwear Exposure Program (NOUEP). This was a new program that taught disadvantaged youths on how to apply for a job. The three primary lessons were.....

Always wear a belt so as not to expose your underwear.

Never call the interviewer "mo-fo".

And never use the word "motherfucker" more than five times during the interview.

Of course there was nothing in the program about knowing how to read or write. We all know this is not an important factor when looking for work.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

The proof is in the name: Enough is ENOUGH !!!

I hope this is only the beginning of the budget cuts Trump proposes in the future.

More for military, less for jaboonery !! Gotta love the sound of that !!
He's preparing our military with MORE FUNDING while cutting off funding for the lowly negro. You know what that spells, right? It's coming....

Blacks declaring war on Trump's budget plan also includes blacks declaring war on YT !! Oh, that's right, they already did that years ago. Ha, sorry negroes, you forget that it's YT's money to begin with, not yours, hahahahah !! stupid retards that they are!

I declare war on blacks where I speak with my wallet first !!!! Less for y'all, more for me, and rightfully so. I work for my money. You lowly bastards steal and loot it. That's a BIG PROBLEM !!! And I'm happy to see that we elected a president that's finally going to do something about it. Hell, I could care less if more of my money went to the rich than to the lowly negro right about now. Anything to release the cold hard truth of the reality that the lowly negro is not capable of assimilating in a first world civilization. One they could never build, one they could never maintain, one that they simply don't deserve to enjoy off the backs of hard working Americans. One has to go and it isn't this hard working American right here !!!

Sorry negroes, your time is up. You had your chance to prove your worthiness to mankind.

You failed.

Your time is up.

The TRUMP TRAIN is rolling, and guess who it's leaving behind ???

"Cues demonic laugh".

Sorry lowly negroes, you don't even deserve to ride in the back of the bus !!!

PS. Thanks to the poster (sorry, don't remember who) that mentioned in a comment about the lowly negro explaining the difference between being unemployed and unemployable. YT's technology is leaving them in the dust, and they know it deep down inside, even though very VERY few would actually admit the truth. This is grand! Just knowing what they know is true about themselves, well you know, that's rayciss, and I freakin' love it. Hey negroes, stay away from this intelligent rayciss YT if you know what's good for you !!!! hahahaha, Trump knows what we all know here; that the lowly negro is a liability to mankind and the most worthless race in all the world! I approve Trump's federal budget plan for 2018 !! Since I'm a working class man and pay ALL my bills out of my own pocket, I'm sure that there isn't anything in this budget plan that affects me directly, but indirectly, well that's an entirely different story. Expect for the lowly negro to be even more brazen against us YT's! As Brian would say, and even more so now than ever, stay alert, stay alive !! If my instincts serve me right like they do a majority of the time, I would also agree that it's going to be a long HOT summer !!!

PS. The Ecar Raw is already alive and well here in America! The overwhelming majority of negroes absolutely HATE YT !! The reality is that there are too many YT's that have been brainwashed and made to think otherwise. Luckily for us they'll be devoured by their pets before we ever will, and rightfully so. That's the silver lining of it all for me :))

Bird of Paradise said...

Big cuts on Afirmative Action the NAACP cut backs on the BLM and cut backs on all black Prilages no more diversity no more special rights end this experiment

Anonymous said...

I can't wait. All the double standards and set asides need to be dealt with one after another. If I saw Affirmative Action fall in my lifetime I would be able to die a happy man. If constant infusions of assistance, help and direction are needed to keep blacks and their "communities" afloat then can we at least be honest about it?

Most people would shut up if they were the weakest link sucking up way more than they ever contribute- not black people. They whine, complain, hustle, bully and deceive and then wonder why everyone hates them. It's not the smell or the cranial pubes, it's the highly predictable sociopathic behavior. Hence the reason that they need to put bars on their doors and windows.

But hey, you can't really blame them. They have used violence and threats of violence and it has more or less gotten them concessions, at least in the last half-century. During black history month they should cover all of the black riots that occurred during the 1960s, and show that blacks would often riot because they felt that concessions weren't coming soon enough. They are completely propped up through Affirmative Action in schooling and "work" and every other aspect of our society. Constant black agitprop must be pumped through the telescreen and any forum possible to counteract the hard reality that we all see on a regular basis.

EVERYONE has an Affirmative Action hire story and how they basically got away with murder while being paid for it. The U.S. government in particular is chock full of such surly, lazy and worse than useless hires, particularly females since they have to pay the bills once the black males abandon all responsibility and accountability. I would love it if Trump had teams go office to office to see just how well certain people are performing and what they actually do. If I am right in assuming that many of them do nothing or next to nothing for a good salary and benefits then we know a great place to start right there. And best yet, you can probably split the pay for that job into two or three actually useful ones that most people would be happy to have.

You pay people to do things that they either don't want to do or wouldn't do for free. That's why it's called work. Trump could use the "giving them more meaningful jobs" approach, something that pushes them out of their comfort zone. You know, actual work and not talking in Ebonics on the phone all day while taking two hour lunches. Personally I would have an undercover boss type situation and they could play the new employee who got to see from the ground just how bad things had gotten. Tally up a list of violations for all offenders and go from there.

Hey, one dream came true last year, why not another?

Anonymous said...

God, can you imagine? Competent people working at govt. offices, the airport, the post office? People who got the job because of their skills instead of skin color?

I can. And it's probably not going to happen - the left isn't gonna let Trump do it.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have had 53 years since the civil rights act to become educated, get a job, and assimilate into human society. Their genetic failings make such assimilation impossible, and taxpayers are forced to sustain the illusion of negroe equality.
A human lives in a $350,00 house he is paying for it, a negroe in a similar house receives Section 8. A working person buys chicken, while negroes enjoy steaks courtesy of EBT.
A human child has to pass rigorous testing to get into a good college or school, the negroe is admitted because it is black and racial quotas apple for the negroe.
A human driving a new car is paying for his or her bills by working,negroes driving a new car are usually selling street drugs and have no job.
If the negroe is crying now about President Trump's budget cuts, just wait until he gets around to Welfare, Section 8, TANF, AFDC, Head Start Programs, WIC, SSI for phony disability claims.......Then we shall see these negroe primates rally howl!

Ex New Yorker said...

Now for the next month the media will be parading leaders of the "black community" before the masses so we can all watch them bitch and moan about how all these poverty stricken lazy ass "low-income" FAMILIES will be suffering and soon starving to death because they be losing their freebies. The victim card is always the big winner when it comes to the suffering "community" that is incapable of feeding themselves.

These "black leaders" and "reverends" will be on all the news shows crying the blues as they sit in their thousand dollar suits. We be suffering.

What the hell are "Community Development Programs". What do they mean by "Additional Funding". Where I live we don't get none of that "funding". After Desert Storm the government sold off a bunch of used Army trucks. The fire department bought a tanker truck and converted it into a fire engine. They had two fund raisers to pay for it. About ten years ago a two story four apartment building was built for senior citizens. A wealthy local rancher paid for it. A library was converted from an old office building. A local business man and his wife paid for it. For about ten years I and a friend paid 50 percent of the expenses for the 4th of July fireworks. Now the city pays for it. The new museum was built by the local community club who spent ten years having bake sale and "ice cream socials" to raise the money. At Christmas they have "Santa Day" at the local VFW Post. Each kid gets a free toy. Guess where the toys come from. If somebody has a big medical bill we have a dance and auctions to help raise money to pay the bill. This town has seen many improvements since I've been here and none of the money came from any government "community programs". The money came from the community.

I am amazed at how many millions and millions of these people are unable to care for themselves. Every thing they get is free. We pay for their food, rent, school, cars, electricity, water, medical and everything their little heart desires and they just sit on their ass asking for more. We be suffering. We be poor and hungry. These welfare queens have asses the size of a mack truck. They don't look hungry to me.

Remember a couple years ago it was decided that these overweight and underfed women had PTSD because they be suffering and in misery because they not be getting enough free shit. Dey be in poverty.

After the media interviews all the poor sobbing community leaders maybe the "kids" can start setting more of their neighborhoods on fire. They be protesting and shit. What I like is after they've burned down their own houses and cars along with local black owned businesses they tell the news cameras that "We want jobs".

Anonymous said...

DT is just taking all of this like a chump, just an observation.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Cut the artificial funding! Lower the curtain...!

ot: this is a nice story!

Mr. Clean said...

Has anyone pointed out to the negros what they cost the nation in terms of law enforcement (police, courts, prisons, etc.), and increased security costs for individuals and businesses? What about the losses in property, productivity etc. that their monkeyshines cost us? What about the medical costs (to say nothing of the personal costs) when they commit violent crimes? I could go on and on.

Do the negros and their fans understand that if we did a full cost/benefit analysis of the negro race in America, what that would look like?

I wonder how many people (particularly younger ones) know history enough to appreciate that 100 years ago, federal social spending programs were virtually nil. Veterans' benefits, pensions, maybe a few bucks to the Indians (casino, not curry). The thought that the federal government was responsible for an individual citizen's food, shelter, utilities, health care, education and more would have largely been seen as outrageous.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

90% of Gov't Jobs are do nothing and would not be missed at all in services rendered to the Taxpayer. What the CIA, NSA, FBI etc. does could be done by 10 uber hackers in a Basement somewhere. They drain the wealth away from the rest of us due to the higher taxes we must pay to keep slackers employed. As far as College goes, I would take funding away from all Liberal Arts Institutions and fund Medical and Trade Schools only. What can be done with a degree in African Studies anyway? A career in grievance mongering and agitation? Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

I don't think most White people realize the scope and size of all the scams that are run by black people. They can only be described as parasites on Society, and they are killing the host. I have a Dream, too-that dream is to get negroes out of my wallet.

Plaga Negra said...

Excellent. Cut funding and gibs. Repair infrastructure (gentrify) forcing them into ghettos. Wall them off. Let the hunger games begin!

Anonymous said...

PK and bloggers get ready for the long protest because of the cuts from Trump administration believe it or not

Unknown said...

They've tried that, it be racist.

Alex from N. England said...

Amazing! In South Africa, which you highlighted yesterday, blacks are the majority the negro bigwigs are propped up by BEE(Black Economic Empowerment)
While in the US it's still more alphabet soup. What is the common denominator? Blacks can't compete with whites on an equal footing. Maybe whites should be allowed steroids (a white invention) to compete with the groids at track and field in the Olympics.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

" Anonymous said...

DT is just taking all of this like a chump, just an observation.

March 18, 2017 at 2:55 AM"

You're just seeing things through the Lens of the Lying Nose Media aka The Lügenpresse. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...


Google has a 160 pages of how to push censorship. to improve search for us.

see AP newswire.

Unknown said...

All talk to appease the people who voted for him. The real cut will most likely be to the elderly whites. Remember that all the so called entitlement cuts they always talked about were always social security, medicare, paid for by the working class. Never ever a word about cutting welfare, medicaid, or a cap on the number of butt monkeys they get paid to crap out. I'm afraid nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

I’m the one that post last year or so, about buying a bone heads food card for 50 cents on the dollar. She lived with her grandmother in subsidized housing. She had a good mill job. Her G-mom would get those meals on wheels.

Every time my wife stopped by for the card, she’d load her up on the ones she didn’t care for. It all worked out pretty good. We got through some tough times eating very well all the way.

Those programs are a huge waste. All the negroes ride by in their new cars, with local, state, or federal government jobs, being all oppressed and discriminated against, held down by institutional racism smothered in white privilege. It’s so sad!

Californian said...

Blacks have had 53 years since the civil rights act to become educated, get a job, and assimilate into human society. Their genetic failings make such assimilation impossible, and taxpayers are forced to sustain the illusion of negro equality.

Blacks claim that the government has in the past given White people all sorts of entitlements. That may be so, but White people used any entitlements to build great cities, create mighty industries and go the Moon. What have blacks done with half a century of EO offices, AA, grants, bogus "history" months, legal aid, housing vouchers and midnight basketball? Aside from wreck every city they gained control of?

The obvious comparison is a Detroit under White rule and a Detroit under black rule.

If the great experiment of "equality" had any chance of working, it would have done so by now. But equality failed. The fact that the Obama administration's final legacy was a wave of rioting is the payoff for decades of black entitlements.

Anonymous said...

You bet everyone is going to be protesting the Trump administration over the years to come

Anonymous said...

I said exactly this a while back under the theme of "Always vote republican, and thus cut their funding". I was torn apart by a poster, who said "How's that going for you?" The answer is,- very well. Of course I understand that President Trump is an iconclast and revolutionary, but historically Republicans aren't undertow friendly, and literally phase them out of existence by cutting their funding. It is exactly akin to a solution for roaches or any other pest, or even halon charges for putting out fires. Introduce an agent that removes the targets the pests ability to thrive, while at the same time removing the hosts ability to thrive and continue.

Mr. Clean said...

Eddie in St. Louis said...What can be done with a degree in African Studies anyway? A career in grievance mongering and agitation?

No, silly, you get a job teaching your worthless area of study to the next generation, who won't be to do anything with it except get a job teaching it to the next generation... and so on.

Anonymous said...

Surely Trump did not stop "midnight basketball"? That would decimate the Negro community peace keeping efforts. We need blacks to get along with themselves and others. Whites need to promote peace by have barbecues dedicated to Negroes that come with free barbecue ribs, fried chicken, watermelons, menthol cigarettes and malt liquor.

White need to acknowledge the wisdom of Negroes such as Snoop Dog and proclaim his words greater than Shakespeare's.

Negroes should be given free guns loaded and ready to go at these barbecues - and make sure the malt liquor runs freely. Loud rap music that calls for violence should be played to put Negroes in the right state of mind. A large screen video should be put up with Jared Taylor speaking about white people could help put the Negroes in the right state of mind...also...don't skimp on the malt liquor!

When all of this is DONE...immediately cut back on the barbecue ribs, malt liquor, fried chicken and menthol cigarettes. Insure there is not enough to go around for everyone, and insure that each Negro has a gun, continue to play Jared Taylor on the video talking about white people and how blacks have low IQs (actually TURN UP THE VOLUME SO IT MAKES THEM HAVE TO YELL).

I GUARANTEE this barbecue will be a success and lower crime rates in whatever cities these events are held in. White people would just need to step back and watch nature take its course.

Ambrose Kane could watch and learn. Not ONCE have I recommended anything be done to ONE nappy hair on the Negro's heads. (one final note: these can be done inside at Chuck E Cheese in bad weather.)

Hick'ry Stick said...

Double standard. Nah.
Just because black "reverends" can advocate directly for blacks and blacks alone does not mean that priests and pastors can't advocate only for whites……errr.
And just because black civil rights leaders can proclaim injustice upon injustice against blacks, well, white leaders are certainly welcome as well to criticize other races in defense of their white brothers and sisters……double errr.

Anonymous said...

And it appears NY state is keeping the steady stream of Affirmative Action teacher hires dumb as dirt, by eliminating any literacy testing that would root out the good from the bad. The teachers union are fighting tooth and nail to cover up the majority of black hires, who possess a reading and writing level of a 4th grader. Good God, NY and CA can't fall in the ocean fast enough!

Pat Boyle said...

This is funny - or at least ironic.

About a month or so ago I wrote that the way to get the negro problem under control was to reduce all the welfare or transfer payments to blacks. I also wrote that America was slipping into trouble with our National Debt. At one time most of our national expenditures were for the military. This was at the height of the Cold War before the Soviet Union collapsed. More recently the single biggest item in the national budget has been transfer payments - basically taking taxes from productive white people and giving it to blacks and illegal immigrants.

My proposals were quite moderate and mainstream. Almost any standard political conservative is against budget shortfalls and national debt. You don't have to be a "racial realist" to want to bring our transfer payments problem under control.

But I was criticized when I made these proposals a month or two ago. Some commenters here thought my proposals were unobtainable or unrealistic and that I shouldn't propose far out ideas. Yet yesterday President Trump has proposed much the same thing - albeit not quite so candidly. President Trump has proposed large cuts in programs that transfer money and benefits to negroes. He is at some pains to conceal his motives because he has also proposed to solve the negro dysfunctional issue.

I wrote at the same time that while I think the President is sincere I certainly didn't believe he would be successful - blacks cannot be saved. Look at the record. For many decades now every politician has promised to improve the public schools and raise the negroes out of poverty. But as I'm sure every reader here knows, the performance gap between whites and blacks has never closed. Politicians can reuse their speeches from the fifties about the need for better schools. The public never seems to catch on.

The same story is seen in jobs programs - they don't work and never have worked. Jobs programs are basically education programs for those who didn't do well in school the first time around. You take high school drop outs and send them back to high school. How likely is that to work?

There are lots of fertile new ideas that a businessman like Trump can bring to the economy, but he has no new education or jobs program ideas because there are no new ideas. The problem is simply that blacks can't be helped much more than they already have been. They are coming up against their genetic ceiling.

So I recommended that we simply cut back on the programs that we have put in place that subsidize the negro lifestyle. Now I'm gratified to see that our President has proposed much the same.


Nightowl2548 said...

Squandering money on this multiplying, useless, "Wards of the State" element reminds me of a crazy old lady putting all she's got into feeding stray cats, starts with one, soon there's two, five, ten, thirty, fifty, two hundred feral cats milling about all completely dependent on the fortune she's wasting on cat food. Just a completely unsustainable situation.

Anonymous said...

Not just blacks but people of different ethnicity who has peace of the Pie will fight the Trump administration for this

Anonymous said...

You know this AA experiment has gone wrong, when half the minority NY state teachers have the literacy of a fourth grader.

Anonymous said...

It will fall on deaf ears, the fake media is circling the drain and will soon be expired. If these single 'teen' hood rats knew how to read to their chilluns, they'd know the outcome of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. The rest of us are still trying to emulate 'The Pied Piper'!

Anonymous said...

Right, we've all heard that before.

Anonymous said...

Most libtards and their pets simply think money grows on trees, ready to be plucked. Just read how the Cubs WS win cost the city over $20M for clean up while the BLM cretins are screaming about that money should have been paid out to the ghetto lottery fund lol!!! Someone wisely posted the cost of treating gunshot wounded dindus dwarfed that amount. They're literally retarded children.

Anonymous said...

If you consider the latest 'blacklash' directed at all forms of media and entertainment, I'd say the fatigue level will soon reach epic proportions? The eternal victim card has long since expired for blacks, and now they're bottoming out on the liberal's pecking order.

Anonymous said...

Let them have their chillun games, if the NFL has taught us anything, whitey is sick and tired of their antics.

Anonymous said...

Nobody on this site or even PK don't care about the NFL games or watch it

Anonymous said...

Let me guess blacks and Latinos who failed in NY

Anonymous said...

So I'm seeing 12% cuts, 14% cuts, 16% cuts and am angry because those numbers are a small fraction of what they need to be.

This was a MUCH better country before the taxpayers became responsible for housing, feeding, and health care for people who won't work to provide these things for themselves.

And even worse is once these deadbeats breed they get even MORE "free" stuff.

Our welfare programs should only be available to people with a history of paying into the system first. And our veterans, and police and firemen and paramedics.

Anonymous said...


This is the result of passing them on at the University level.

NYTimes turned off the comments of course.

Breitbart article on it

Paintjob Theory said...

I'll admit, it's pretty shitty that Trump would cut funding for "Minority Business Development Agency" and not cut funding for the White Christian Business Development Agency. What a vile racist.

Oh, and let's not forget he would have us gut funding for the African Development Foundation while continuing to fund the White European Development Foundation.


If white Europeans are only about 8% of the world's population how are black Africans, Chinamen, Pajeets, beaners and Sand people "minorities"?

I'm going to post another lengthy comment here below. It's amazing how desensitized I've gotten to the daily black atrocities, lawlessness, and destruction of our cities. I can shrug off the old women being beaten and raped, the good Samaritan being murdered, and even the crumbling decay of our once safe and prosperous cities, but this article hit a nerve with me. This sort of shit makes me want to grab my rifle and throw on a tricorn hat and begin marching.

Anonymous said...

If you're on welfare there should be mandatory birth control until you're off.

Txson said...

Thank you, Ex New Yorker, for getting back to posting. I have read your comments for the last couple of years and have really enjoyed them. I believe that you live in the great state with the Teton mountains. If so, it is one great state. I was born and raised in the cornhusker state and know how you feel. I also came from a small town and when things needed to be done, the local population pitched in, rolled up their sleeves and took care of the problem.

I am semi-retired now, drawing my entitlements (SS), entitlements hell, I paid into it for nearly fifty years. I have been helping Habitat for Humanity build houses for the "poor people" who are too lazy to get a job and buy their own home. They have to put in a certain number of "sweat equity" hours which usually consists of setting on their oversized asses and watch a bunch of white guys build their future home. None of them have any skills that they can lend. Most if not all of the helpers have worked a full lifetime and acquired skills along the way and enjoy doing the work. I always ask why they didn't ever learn anything in life. Oh, I forgot, they didn't have to learn anything, it has always just been handed to them. I am so happy that our wonderful President is doing what he is doing. They guy really has an uphill battle trying to correct the problems that have been created in the last thirty or forty years.

God Bless President Trump.



Californian said...

This fracas is one more thing which small government advocates ought to consider: that blacks are philosophically opposed to tax cuts. Remember, since blacks are "affected" disparately by tax cuts, YT had better fork over his money or the tantrum will begin.

One wonders where all those "natural conservatives" are among blacks? Perhaps there is a lack of outreach.

It indicates a bigger issue: when you have a large essentially dysfunctional demographic, its Big Men will always expect government support. No matter how many programs, budgets or cities are handed over to them, they can not sustain a White level of civil society on their own. In a sane society, this would be recognized as a truism.

Anonymous said...

So here's how I as a white person explain these cuts to distressed blacks. I ask when was the last time they saw any money from a "program"? Hmm? And they all say they've never seen anything from all these programs they hear about. That's because most of the money is stolen by a few Jesse Jackson types and no black thinks they've ever been given anything no matter how much they've gotten for free. They also don't remember yesterday much less last year. And the Pell grant didn't do anything for D'ontstudius because evil YT failed him out of college after his first semester.

So I say Trump is getting ready to do great things for blacks but he's got to cut loose all the grifters first to get the money and really get it on the streets. Blacks are very easy to convince of anything if you appeal to their greed, envy and poor memory skills.

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

I've been waiting for the bitching to start about these budget cuts putting our wonderful government Negroes out of work. Sure didn't take long for said bitching to commence. The self-righteous reality-twisting protestations should be quite entertaining to watch.

Anonymous said...

In Africa blacks don't give whites a free ride in fact Mandel caused them to parade in the street with sign reading no more ride Boars (whites) they don't give housing welfare or healthcare and whites by law are not allowed to work there. Plus they can't get refugee status so they can leave.

Anonymous said...

If we deport tens of millions of low-IQ illegal aliens, who suckle off the government tit, and stop allowing Mbubu to import his 85 yo grandparents into the country, cuts could be offset.

I agree with the cuts but a bonus to all this is that it will force government officials to make hard choices. We simple can't afford to keep blacks and third world exotics who sneak in.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle, the ones that need the welfare and government benefits cuts are the illegal immigrants and their children. AND any AA program in any corporation. Cut the money for the diversity training's, diversity offices and any of that.

The problem with civil service jobs is that blacks have gotten control but up and coming are the very aggressive illegal immigrants. Males from Muslim countries like Bangla Desh, India and Pakistan are particularly obnoxious when interacting with them as customer service agents or welfare workers. The South Americans are pretty lousy too, because these are countries with caste systems and they let the American worker know that they are on the lowest rung.

Anonymous said...

I discussed my experiences as a 16 year federal employee here many times. It's been over a decade since I resigned "to pursue other career opportunities." But I'm still in touch with several who (have the misfortune) are still employed. In my time, before paperless initiatives and other technologies, the Feds would hire en masse, mainly negro females, file clerks to handle the reams of documents. From the file clerk position, they would be promoted to the higher GS (the pay scale) level and to jobs that required superior intelligence.

Since I left, the higher GS positions are being filled by so-called outstanding scholars who have GPAs in excess of 3.5. The black females were now rare in the training classes. The new hires were mainly Asians and other non-African ethnics. From what I hear, they are hardworking and, above all else quiet. If this isn't a tacit admission by management that it's program to staff the agency with negro females was a failure, then I don't know what is. Yes, the negro middle class is as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

God bless the Trump Administration for doing away with useless programs and agencies. It's been a long time coming. For those who have GOP reps, immediate contact them to have Trump's budget passed. Even though detractors say it's only $1.35 each to support PBS, I don't want to give them a penny. The African Devlopment Agency (!!!!)? Heck no.,

Anonymous said...

It was also noted on an Amren comments section that the NBA discriminates against paraplegics, dwarfs, and blind people. Black people are not the only minority in this nation. I think the NBA should practice what it preaches and allow more disadvantaged groups to play basketball.

Tax dollars should be given to white women to have WHITE babies!!! NOT MULATTO!! We had a mulatto for 8 years and we saw how that worked out. Somebody on Amren was complaining that whites were not having enough babies. I suggested that they FUCK MORE! Each woman should have 10 babies like they did in the 19th century. White women are capable of getting pregnant, and to be honest, the man's job is the easiest of all. It is their patriotic duty to out produce Negroes and Muslims.

All 50+ million Negroes should be resettled in Monrovia, Liberia. It will be bigger than Tokyo, Japan. Think of what kind of city that would be?

Anonymous said...

For the last couple of months I heard people calling Donald Trump the new Andrew Jackson

Anonymous said...

Don't we miss TNUSA?

Anonymous said...

PK new topic Secret Service at the White House detain 4 people just with in 8 days.just my point everyone is going after trump

Anonymous said...

Any negroid 'achievement' visible in this country is due to White tax dollars funding it; it's all a facade, an illusion. Pull that tax money away and it's Congo in a short matter of time. Can't fight genetics.

ot: watch the video in article below. That's America's future (and present) as we mix the mud people with the degenerate orcs. How can this filthy violent animal be allowed amongst us?! Thanks Democrats!

OK, let's start cleaning this place up!

Anonymous said...

Trump needs to be more careful with his cuts, he is giving the media too much to work with.

Community Block Grants at least build things in rural areas. I'm sure there is corruption and YT dollar redistribution but it should be on the bottom of the list.

What he really needs to go after is SSDI and EBT.

D-FENS said...

Back in January, a menorah fashioned out of PVC piping in AZ was transformed into a swastika. They finally arrested the culprits and they are ...... NEGROES! Oh the limbo dancing that must be done to reconcile this event and the progressive negro's bomb threats against jewish community centers with the anti-semitism unleashed by Trump's election. Hell, even the wind is anti-semitic, given the jewish tombstones it has toppled. Must be Trump's climate change denial policies.

Anonymous said...

RE: the phony thing known as the black middle class. Most of the filth that emanates from America's "entertainment" industry is nothing more than "diversity" propaganda. When the content deals with government agencies, such as police/detective shows, negros are portrayed as wise and fair employees and managers who do everything by the book; they get along with YT and are harmless buddies who share beers after work. (It is a Hollyweird wet dream to have blacks portrayed as uniformed by-the-book negroes. They do everything correct. Most of Denzel Washington's roles are like this).

In my years working for the federal government and dealing with the government in the private sector, this was farthest from what was presented to us. When I was employed by a medical billing agency, we had to bill a local VA hospital. Before the bill went out, we had to verify if the patient was eligible. I left about a dozen messages for an employee with a ghetto name to get back to me. She never did and I could never get a hold of her. In exacerbation, I advised the patient to contact his congressman or US Senators. This ghetto dweller didn't do her job yet probably got paid $50K per year with pension, the government thrift saving plan and medical coverage. (The unfortunate patient soon got contacted by a collection agency).

This is why I pulled the plug on cable and don't go to the movies. Industries that lie to me don't deserve my business. Anybody who respect themselves has to follow my example.

Anonymous said...

"What the hell are "Community Development Programs". What do they mean by "Additional Funding". Where I live we don't get none of that "funding""

I live in Indianapolis, which is very committed to civilizing ghetto street apes. Here are a few examples. And most of these are run by Jews or stupid liberal white women hustling for grant money. Here are just 10, but there are thousands just like this. How many billions of dollars have they received? I know that the Arts Council of Indianapolis gives out over 10 $10,000 artist renewal grants each year. Mostly to blacks and women for their shitty art installations and travel expenses.

Let's begin!

1. Mid-North Quality of Life Plan (with shiny new website!!!), where most of the funding is laundered through by rich Jews at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Picking winners.

2. Comm-UNITY Action of Indianapolis, pays black people's heat and water bills., summer feeding programs.

3. Dirty Dozen Hunting and Fishing Club, Inc., serving teens and "youths.", funding through CICF foundation.

4. CICF Central Indiana Community Foundation, funds all sorts of left-wing communist organizations and nonprofits, just browse.

5. Indianapolis Parks Foundation (helping negroes appreciate nature while laundering tax money.)

6. KIBI Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc., notice the website's photos of blacks and libtard white women hugging each other.

7. Midtown Indy, working to make Indianapolis more inclusive, liberal, gay, walkable, and friendly.

8. No Mean City Indianapolis, nonprofit working to make Indianapolis less white and more gay.

9. The Department of Public Words - LOVE NOT HATE!! hope and LOVE though art. Famous "You Are Beautiful!!" campaign.

10. Great Places 2020, local part of UN Agenda 21

I could go on all day long. I didn't even touch transit or Burmese/Mexican immigrant outreach.

Anonymous said...

It might hurt blacks, but I see white women all over these nonprofits.

This woman is also going to be commissioned by the taxpayer to paint shitty urban murals all over the 85% black 38th St. corridor, "Maple Crossing", where a black was recently shot at a the 365 McDonalds.

Here are her murals on the Monon Trail. All funded by NEA and Urban Development grants. She's a big commie parasite!




JPMorgan Chase Foundation
BMO Harris Bank
Buckingham Foundation
Central Indiana Community Foundation
Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority
Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS®
Reconnecting to Our Waterways
Lilly Endowment

Anonymous said...

While I agree with most of what's said on SBPDL, I did notice an error in the latest article, and that is this: Social Security (meaning the retirement benefits earned over a lifetime of employment) is not an "entitlement"; it is a pay as you go program. Employees pay in to the fund during their working careers and then draw out SOME of the interest that money earned over that time period, once they are retired.
So, just remember, Social Security retirement benefits - NOT an "entitlement"; you pay in early, you draw out late. In other words, the money you pay in; that's YOUR money. After you retire. if you're lucky, you'll be able to receive some of the interest your money earned over your lifetime of paying in.

Anonymous said...

On Wednesday the CBC had unveiled an “alternative budget” that it says reduces the deficit by approximately $2.87 trillion over 10 years while preserving social safety net programs and “pathways out of poverty.” Part of that reduction would come from raising $3.9 trillion in additional tax revenue in ways that lean more heavily on corporations and wealthier Americans.

so if raising an extra 3.9 trillion in taxes yet only reducing the deficit by 2.87 trillion . wheres the extra 1.03 trillion going ? let us guess, more gimmemedats for the useless community ?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Diversity Is Our Greatest Liability...

Look at that shit!! Lock em up!!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that Paul and Co. have not mentioned Google's new anti-reality algorithm- users can dub pages offensive and then sites like this one will be buried deep in search results when the newly-awakened come for answers. Whites will find a way around it of course, I think it will be too little too late anyway a this point for the multicult. Racial realism is way past the tipping point- millions of opened eyes will never be shut again.

But what I find most interesting is that Google too is finally overtly succumbing to the the multicult of diversity- they will restrict reality if it is dealing with taboo issues. Of course this will create an incredible window for rivals to really get a foothold, some could even specialize in realism and employ people like P.K. to tell people what they suspect and without pulling any punches.

Blacks and freedom of speech are like oil and water. They feel they should get to pick and choose which laws they feel like following while holding white people to a different moral standard.

If we can get sites like this one to be household name then it won't matter if Google hides it from the rest of us. We will tell others and name drop on any message boards/social media that we have available and spread the word so people search for it directly.

As for a new link I've found, a guy named Richard Gladden looks like he's giving Colin Flaherty a run for his money. Watch one video and/or surf the massive collection of TNB on tape! People with big hearts can learn from other people's mistakes (i.e. awareness) by seeing how the negro will treat a "fellow man" when given the opportunity.

One of the more popular searches on Youtube is footage of bullies getting beat down. A lot of time blacks end up having frantic final encounters with police officers because they finally meet someone who will not put up with their bullying, intimidation, and rude defiance. When they realize violence and shouting isn't going to solve their problem they are screwed because they seem to run out of solutions at that point. There seems to be an explosion of videos lately, probably filmed by the dindus themselves.

Anonymous said...

OT...just an observation. Just saw a commercial for USAA insurance. It's mostly for military families. Of course their latest commercial features the black "veteran" with the pretty, muds hark redhead wife and their mulatto kid. Just more of the shoving of race-mixing in our faces by these companies.

AR in Illinois

Californian said...

Black leaders do not see themselves as fellow Americans fighting for common ideals. If they did, they might support the concept of tax and regulatory cuts. Instead, blacks see themselves as a distinct group, demanding moneys and services from the rest of America. And give nothing in return other than trashed schools, trashed neighborhoods and trashed cities. In the end, it's not about what is good for America but what is good for blacks.

This is why other races see blacks as something separate and apart. Not because of the color-of-their-skin(tm) but because blacks declare themselves a separate interest group. And they must exist at the expense of everyone else. The expense might be in higher taxes for White people, or moving gangbangers into a suburb via Section 8 housing.

When YT wakes up and says to blacks: "Enough!" blacks refuse to understand that it is their own parasitic tantrums which caused the reaction.

Proudyt said...

Had one come to an interview where I work wearing a bandana and a FUBU shirt. Probably gave him a management job on the spot.

Bill in St Louis said...

I did read something on a "bing" headline from msnbc referring to colon kapernick is being blackballed by the nfl owners, even if they claim it is about his stats versus his antics. This gives me hope, that as more and more TNB is acknowledged, and humans wake up and vote with their wallets, that the eternal coddling of the NAPA will not be seen as cost effective. When that happens, well whites are usually very efficient in trimming the deadwood.

AvoryGirl said...

'Migrants' from Africa chimp out at Italian market:

Antidote said...

I don't mind PBS; over the years I've enjoyed a lot of their programming but I despise NPR and the National Endowment for the Arts. So if President Trump finally pulls the plug on these he'll be doing something that has been promised since Gingrich was Speaker.
I love these cuts he's making; besides these deep cuts down to the bone you're gonna see actual amputations. Personally, I'll be able to die and go to heaven when he butchers and kills National Head Start. About four years ago they came out and admitted that Head Start was a totally useless money pit that should be eliminated. They said the first year it operated (1965-66) it improved the White kids IQ marginally, and then after that it didn't help anyone at all. It's just a boondoogle for milk and cereal concerns--but the kids don't eat the breakfasts; it all gets thrown away. It also fluffs up the bl@ck boojwahzee with those fine teacher's aide and food handler jobs.
President Trump, please! Wield the cleaver!

Anonymous said...

Fuck 'em all and feed them fish heads. And that's too good for them.

Anonymous said...

its been utter madness to have ever propped them up!...Im fairly certain that trump will NOT run for a 2nd term so we must get as much 'trimming' and culling done in his first....cut the damn funding here and abroad - what the hell is this country spending vast sums of $$$ to prop up what nature would have decimated long ago if not for the infusion of all our minted green! in point, happening to turn the radio to catch some 'news' and the local station was playing audio of '60 minutes' and what I allowed myself to listen for few minutes had me cursing out loud (& I used to love watching it on TV when a kid for not knowing that its mostly an hour long loop of social engineering propaganda). So on tonight's episode was the usual bleeding heart, human interest - tear jerker on the need for $$$$$ in aid for war torn, starving Sudanese (and of course so much of the 'aid' hails from USA). Why are we bothering to save these subhumans? All that propping up is leading to an utterly unnatural & exponential burgeoning of africans, a race that does not enhance quality life on this planet. Thiis is what is meant by' pathological altruism" Sickening to hear one of the sudanese being interviewed and whadda know, just like their NAPA relatives, these ape-like beings cried out to 'demand more help' be sent to them to alleviate all their problems, asking for their problems to become our burden, problems that they brought on themselves! Everywhere these animals are found, chaos & destruction are as well. No more we need no more of this shit-stained throwbacks - STOP funding the things, here and abroad. Billions - BILLIONS drained down into black, good for nothing hole.

Anonymous said...

" . . . This is why other races see blacks as something separate and apart. Not because of the color-of-their-skin(tm) but because blacks declare themselves a separate interest group. And they must exist at the expense of everyone else. The expense might be in higher taxes for White people, or moving gangbangers into a suburb via Section 8 housing. . . "

True but the same applies to other groups too. Hispanics get paid cash for work but still sign up for EBT, SNAP etc., Asians work in their restaurants, nail/hair saloons getting lots of cash income while also eligible for these programs which they use too. At the high end of the Asian societies they benefit enormously from AA favoritism in education and cheating on standardized testing goes unpunished too.

The hard working, honest, smart, natural conservative immigrant just trying to get ahead may be hard working, but at our expense. They may be honest, in dealing with their own kind but YT is fair game. They may be smart (some Asians are) but they are usually like robots who aren't averse to cheating to get ahead of YT. Only cuckservatives like FOX TV and the Republicans would call them "natural conservatives", they are just opportunists given their opportunities at our expense by the U.S. government and business chasing cheap labor.

Deport them all, now.

Unknown said...

If you want to see the performance level of some of the aa hires in the us postal service check out this postal blog

Literally pages and pages of "postal worker convicted of theft of mail/mail dumping/identity theft" some involving hundreds of victims. Theres even (at least) one conviction for receiving bribes in exchange for addresses and names that received ballots. Shady!

And when i google to get a photo of said postal worker surprise's "Thems that cannot be seen at night."

Turns out usps can hire those whose "felonies were more than ten years ago" as long as they've been "out of jail at least 5 years"!!!

Meanwhile more and more states push for ever increased amounts of people to vote by this never happened before everyone got their sibbil rights!!!

Unknown said...

For some reason that comment made me really hot!

The whites fucking part, i mean.

The all 50 million dindus in their own city far away is uplifting in its way, but only thinking of real men whitely fucking white real women makes me wet!