Thursday, March 2, 2017

When All Else Fails, Turn to African Tribal Warriors to Convince Blacks to Stop Killing/Shooting Each Other in Chicago

No amount of money has worked to solve the problem.

Highly publicized liberal reform programs have failed, providing case studies entirely ignored.

Prayer hasn't worked.

Shame hasn't worked.

Basically repudiating the 2nd Amendment hasn't worked.

Town hall after town hall after town hall meeting (even those televised) have failed to put a dent into the problem.

Marching hasn't worked. Fasting hasn't worked. Blaming pilgrims or Sarah Palin didn't stop the violence. 

Spike Lee's rip-off of William Shakespeare in Chiraq didn't even work.

Pretending the blame the problem on "Democrats" is a shameful tactic exonerating the real culprits and failing to note the placid existence found in heavily Democrat-leaning Boulder, Austin, Seattle, and Portland. Only one group is missing in critical mass in those four cities, whereas in Chicago 

So when all else fails in persuading black people to stop shooting/killing each other in Chicago, who you gonna call? [Tribal warriors from Kenya help Chicago men turn their lives, Fox 32 Chicago, 3-1-17]:

What do tribal warriors from Kenya have in common with residents of Chicago’s South Side? Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says there are a lot of parallels. 
Duncan has started a non-profit group aimed at impacting Chicago’s growing violence problem. 
A group of almost 30 Chicago men sat mesmerized, listening to the story of two Massai warriors who have traveled from Kenya to talk about what it means to become a man in their tribe and how community is everything. 
The group of men are part of the ‘Pullman Pilot Training Program.’ Some are victims of violence, some are ex-cons, and many are high school dropouts. They all have one thing in common, though, and that is the desire to turn their lives around.And they're doing it with the help of Duncan. 
"Our guys’ journey has been extremely difficult. The journey of the Massai warrior to become a warrior is extremely difficult, but you can get through that and you can give back,” Duncan said. 
Duncan came up with the idea to bring these warriors to Chicago after spending the summer in Kenya and learning about their community. 
After his time with the Obama administration, he knew he wanted to come back home and make a difference. So, he started Chicago CRED: Creating Real Economic Destiny. 
"The level of violence is obviously catastrophic,” Duncan said. 
His goal is to replace guns with jobs, to forget the feds or the National Guard and focus on community and the people who commit the crimes. 
"We can't arrest our way out of this. Mass incarceration has been a disaster,” Duncan said. 
So, Duncan and Chicago CRED are putting these men to work by joining forces with several Chicago non-profits and encouraging companies to give these men a chance. 
Many of them are now involved in beautification efforts in the city's historic Pullman area. 
"What brought me to this program was a life of violence. Trying to find something new…trying to find a better life for myself,” Curtis Toler said. "This is my first job. They helped me get my GED." 
Curtis Toler is a community change leader. 
"Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people. That's something to think about, have we turned our backs on these young men,” Toler said. 
Just like the Massai Warriors, Duncan and Chicago CRED believe it takes a community coming together to make  change. 
"We want to help stop the violence, but I'm not the one that's shooting. They are going to lead the community where we need to go,” Duncan said. 
The goal of Chicago CRED is to expand its program to more communities on the South and West sides.
Seriously, no words to this one.


Anonymous said...

For $30,000 a year (minus taxes) he will stop shooting people?

Why would we pay him 1$ when we could just let him shoot another negroe and then lock him up for 20 years?

And does he realize that a job that pays $30k usually requires at least a high school diploma, maybe an associates degree, and definitely a clean criminal background check and drug testing? Oh, and pulling your pants up, dressing like an adult, speaking English, no cussing, no excessive jewelry, no constant singing or rapping, and you have to show up ON TIME at least 5 days a week. Sober? And you have to actually work and produce profitable results for your employer, not just punch in and chit chat or sleep or harass women or gamble or talk bakkaball all day?

Nah, I would bet my house that this negroe and every one just like him will never earn 30 grand a year, unless it's selling drugs that gets them shot.

Big, stinky, overgrown self-important entitled foolish mentally retarded childish MORONS.

Anonymous said...

He says "give me $15/hour to stop shooting" like he's in ANY position to demand anything.

Hey, Shitavious, we don't care how many negroes you shoot. In fact we wish you were a better shot and had a better weapon.

Antidote said...

I do wish Duncan and the Chicago Negroes all the best. I hope the CRED program works and then spreads like wildfire. But I have to admit, I have very little faith in Arne Duncan or the Chicago Negroes; both have been chronic, epic failures. I've heard this stuff over and over again for my entire life:
CRED=Creating real economic destiny
Turn their lives around
Replace guns with jobs
It takes a community. -This is a good site to follow the progress of the CRED program---and the actual murder stats.

Ironsides said...

What peace would have ensued if they had "colonized" all the freed slaves back in Africa after the Civil War. SMDH.

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

"Mass incarceration has been a disaster,” Duncan said. 

It's only a disaster because these soulless cretins commit such an overwhelming amount of crime that nobody can keep up with it. It's time for mass capital punishment with no ridiculously long appeals.

Evil people don't deserve to live, and I include evil white criminals in there too. We know, however, that the greatest percentage by far will be the usual suspects. When you insist on showing that you can't live in a civilized society, then you don't deserve to live anymore. Let the disparate impact begin!

Original Ex-Detroiter

Anonymous said...

"His goal is to replace guns with jobs,"

A: blacks want guns, not jobs.

B: if he really wants this then why doesn't he hire them and give them jobs? Oh, that's right, HE doesn't want to hire these low-IQ druggy drunk lazy criminal selfish losers he expects US to hire them. Well sorry, homie, to work for me you have to pass a drug test, criminal background check, credit check, have 3 professional references and have a degree from a reputable school. That's how the real world works when you're White. Remember that the next time you're bleating about White Privilege.

Anonymous said...

Sigh . . .

More "programs"? Really? Chicago has a long, long, LONG history of "bilence in da communerty." It also has a very documented history of "programs" that not only failed to have any positive effect, but where the money was used to further promote criminal activity.

Cease Fire has several board members with gang affiliations - not a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,
but ongoing here and now.

How about Operation PUSH? Jesse Jackson's race baiting and racketeering outfit? Ol' Jesse has ties to a dude by the name of Jeff Fort, the leader of the El Rukn street gang - but that little tidbit seems to get overlooked by the media.

How about Father Michael Pfleger, who has been a festering boil on the scrotum of the Catholic Church in Chicago for decades?

All of these people pose for the TV crews and try to out-talk each other to come up with the best sound bite for the 6 o'clock news . . . they have all done quite well for themselves but haven't done fuck-all for "their people."

"Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is a good definition of insanity."

The money could have just been given to the Joker and set on fire like in the Dark Knight . . . at least there would've been some entertainment value.

Anonymous said...

Massai Warriors? I am to dumb-founded for words.......No comment.

Ex New Yorker said...

I think the violence among the street creeps in Chicago is caused by the Russians. They have some how HACKED into the minds of the street gangs and dope dealers and are making them kill each other. How do I know this is true. I saw it on CNN and read about it in the Washington Post.

Tyler Durden said...

Oonga boonga

Anonymous said...

"Prayer hasn't worked."

Boy, isn't THAT a surprise!

Bird of Paradise said...

Why dont they just resort to using voodoo dolls and tickle the dolls make someone laugh while their still trying to disingage a trigger lock liberal demacrats would force all gun owners to place on their firearms

Paintjob Theory said...

"to talk about what it means to become a man in their tribe"

The ritual circumcision with a can top? Installing a lip plate? Cannibalism for powers in battle? Huffing jenkem? Washing your head in cow urine to turn your wool orange? Neclacing a witch? Killing some endangered species to make a fancy garment from it's teeth or fur? Yes, I'm sure the way of the click-click-durk tribe has a lot to offer "at risk youth".

"They all have one thing in common,"

How about HIV positive, low IQ, high testosterone, poor impulse control, no future-time orientation, and high instance of low repeat allele MAOA gene? Oh and a handy color coding and offensive scent as nature's way of warning other sentient creatures to steer clear. They have plenty in common by my estimation, and I'd wager if you dressed our domestic Bantu in grass skirts you'd not be able to tell the difference.

"The level of violence is obviously catastrophic,” Duncan said.

Just a few more years of trying and a few tens of millions of dollars invested and Chicago may achieve the crime rate of Kenya, wouldn't that be a triumph?

If they're bringing in literal mud-hut, jungle, headhunter, cannibal tribesmen to try to teach our local spades some sense of decorum and civilized behavior, can we just admit that ours are actually devolving? When the life of a Bushman hunter gatherer is lauded as a high tier of aspiration for our domestic African population it's time to admit this whole 'equality' thing isn't working out.

"Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people."

Or let's re-phrase that "If TY doesn't pay me 15$ an hour I'll kill other negroes". Or, "If I can't earn 15$ an hour, I'd rather just hang around the block and kill my peers."

Considering the negro minstrels and gladiators who make millions of dollars per year still practice regular TNB, I'd say this is unlikely, though it just shows how cheap life is to these congenital savages.

"CRED: Creating Real Economic Destiny. "

Why not just call it "spear chuckers for spear chuckers". FFS, do they not feel even a little ashamed that they are being lectured on how to behave by jungle primitives? No sense of embarrassment that all these insane programs have to be created to try to get them to participate in civilization? Do they even understand the joke?.

I'll give them credit though, this is certainly an original new idea to try to fix blacks. I guess now that everything else has been tried and failed, you really need to think outside the box to get all that grant money. Enjoy the show, white America, your children's taxes will be paying for this.

Truth-hammer said...

Jumping Jehoshaphat! I am going to do what that pillow-biter, Arne Duncan, did and start a non-profit to help our poor, down-trodden negroes. Except I will not bring Africans here to work their voodoo ju-ju on our Afro-Americans. I will instead send our Afro-Americans to Africa where they will not be subject to evil YT's oppressive rules and laws and thus, they will be able to go on to lead lives of religious fulfillment--in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Can we contribute to send 50,000 blacks from Chicago to attend class in Kenya? Maybe with a one-way ticket?

Californian said...

One can at least respect the Masai, who have a real warrior tradition. But if you put your average Chicagoan gangbanger in Kenya, pretty soon we'd be getting reports of jungles going wrong. Fortunately for the Kenyans, the lions on the Serengeti are not as forgiving of African-in-American shenanigans as BRA.

Anonymous said...

They all have one thing in common, though, and that is the desire to turn their lives around.

One thing in common? How much do you want to bet that:
* they are teens
* they are the victims of bad schools
* they are suffering from the terrible legacy of segregation
* they dindu nothing
* they are black

Anonymous said...

Way off topic, but a helpful hint from your confederate redneck: I have discovered a natural negro repellent!

Bees. I kid you not.

Way back when, I got my education in beekeeping. LSS, a negro female came running inside our shop, her car coated with bees. Someone said get a can of spray. I called 911.

So, short time later, I'm a guest, watching as this old coot backs his truck to the car, and begins the process of bee removal. A new nuke, some capped brood inside, a little equipment and a smoker, and he's all professional about it all. Inside a few, he's showing me this plastic clip, and there she is! The fat lady herself! Banded to a frame, inside the nuke, and we all stand back and watch....the march. Two hours later, the nuke is coated with these little ladies, the car about cleaned off.

"When they swarm, they are the most gentle, there's no hive to defend." I learn. I learned to stand still, relax and allow these cute girls float all around me. Finished, he smokes the car, the rest scatter. Nuke, owner and all disappear for a farm out in the sticks, there, to pollinate more of our food.

It was then I noticed: The negro crowd stood WAY back from us. Superstitious, fearful and cowardly, all. Only we crazy old crackas would deal with the bees, eh?

Then, the lecture: Imagine a supermarket, shelves bare of all the foods the bees help create. No fruits, no veggies, and what foods there are, priced out of their reach. No cereal for the kiddies. And one of the favorite snacks of negroes, the fabled honeybun.....gone. Forever.

It's strange, but negroes could learn from the honeybee, true? As soon as they emerge from the cell, the worker gets to work immediately, cleaning, tidying, helping the queen, making new cells, or, flies off to gather pollen and nectar, to return to more work, capping cells, making honey. One single worker puts out more work hours than 50 negroes. And they are all quite dedicated to the sanctity and protection of their beloved hive. Imagine negroes doing things like that.

So, at work, the other day, I'm seated next to a trash can that's got quite a few workers darting in and out, foraging for a snack. I ignore them, they ignore me.

The negroes won't come CLOSE. Terrified! "You crazy old man, wat dey bat you?"

I shrug. "I leave them alone, they leave me alone, unless I stink of sugar, that is. Like you do?"

I'm seriously thinking of a getting me a nuke for the yard. Who'd mess with me then? LOL!!

-Carolina Cicero

Alex from N. England said...

What the f**k is CRED?! Creating real economic destiny? Does anyone really believe black males want jobs? Even 5' 6" midget blacks believe themselves to be alphas who should be top of the food chain. "Mass incarceration has been a disaster" I agree. It hasn't gone far enough. Penal colonies are a viable option. We can start with Guantanano Bay because it is already etched in the American conciousness. Sterilization for all sex offenders is another option that I believe ALL Americans could agree on. Regardless of race, sterilization of all sex offenders. As witnessed with the recent Oscars fiasco, this would also have "disparate impact", given the NAPAs proclivity to sexual "misadventures" I think these are measures the majority of the population could agree on. I don't believe for a minute that we are a nation of suicidal negro lovers. All it takes is a spark. As I've said before racial awareness is instinctive and reflexive. The same instinct that tells you that offensive odors mean death, decay and disease, tells us that people who do not look like us threaten the thousands of years of genetic selection that have created our kind. It's completely natural.

Anonymous said...

Chicago been dangerous since the 1920s

Anonymous said...

They should ship those clowns to Kenya to learn how good they have it in America. A few lion bites, butt rapes and grubs for dinner, they would learn to hate the white man a little less.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

English doesn't have a word ft is adequate to describe Arne Duncan. the Spanish word "putisima" translates to something like "most whoreful" or "greatest of whores".

Is Mr. Duncan seeking to solve a societal problem, or is he in search of an angle, a gimmicky stunt in order to obtain a government grant? A new program that he alone is qualified to administer? (and keep himself well fed, and in shiny suits).

Still, even a blind hog occasionally finds a truffle. Becoming a full-fledged African warrior is not something that one can just play at. No, it takes decades and decades. Total immersion is the best way.

We are told time and again that to be captured and be involuntary shipped across the Atlantic is a uniquely afro American experience. There must be hundreds of old coal ships around the Great Lakes mothballed during the Obama years that could do the job. Upon landing in Africa, the young convicts and drop outs can be issued their loin cloth and nose bone. Let the African warrior mentoring begin ASAP.

Brian in Ohio said...

Pretty funny. But completely predictable. Every liberal program to "uplift' the black man has failed because they were based on lies in the first place. So just like any pathological liar, their lies become more and more ridiculous to cover for the previous lies.

This too will fail. And that's fine. Because why would I want blacks to stop killing each other?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

The killers here aren't n*ggers, but close enough to discuss here.

President must COMPLETELY REMOVE gangs like this from America. Illegals in gangs like MS13 are not allowed to be here. 100%

Remove every last one of them. Zero tolerance. Your people demand it and support whatever you have to do to cleanse the nation.

Anonymous said...

"The goal of Chicago CRED is to expand its program to more communities on the South and West sides."

So "Mo' money for dem programs"?

Anonymous said...

Every single day, the lowly negro demonstrates why it is a lowly negro.
Off topic, Trump will visit a school in Orlando, the Pine Hills section. Pine Hills is also known as Crime Hills, an extremely dangerous area.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

What an absolute farce. BTW, it's time to retire " turnin their lives around ". Come up with a new schtick why don't you. That one is as tired as a '79 Ford with half a million miles on it.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

"We can't arrest our way out of this. Mass incarceration has been a disaster,” Duncan said

Gee, worked in New York. Worked stupendously, in fact. 2397 murders in 1992, 609 in 2015. Where black lives ACTUALLY matter, sending bad guys upstate works like a charm.

Anonymous said...

More white taxpayer money wasted on these ridiculous programs. So they say for $14 an hour they may stop shooting? Somehow I think they will take the money and still continue. Anyway who cares if they keep killing each other as long as it stays in the ghetto.

Anonymous said...

ot: look at this filthy, nasty, uppity she boon disrespect our president!! Unreal! Fifty lashes and out to pick some cotton.

This really is a stupid field negress. She must be utterly exposed, humiliated, and kicked to the curb. End her career now.

And look at genetics involved!! Can't "contain her enthusiasm against Trump", or something like that?! Yea, lowered impulse control due to allele frequency differences in the negroid! That why niggaz be capping each other over shoes too!

Anonymous said...

words fail...the incredible antics to avoid stating the OBVIOUS! So, let the 'warriors' from the dark continent come over only add the caveat that they MUST reclaim the long lost 'tribal' members & take back to the homelands thousands of their brethren with each trip.

Anonymous said...

All smoke and mirrors in chi-town.........

Fled The Undertow said...

Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people.

Wow. I thought blackmail and extortion were crimes in this country?

Negroes are so childish. Like the four-year-old in the grocery store who pitches a screaming tantrum unless his mother buys him a candy bar, these nogs keep acting like spoiled brats who have their filthy hands out for more gibs "or else".

At least the toddler could be momentarily appeased.

Anonymous said...

"Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people. That's something to think about, have we turned our backs on these young men,” Toler said.

It warms my heart that Africans in America are willing to be paid hourly to extort the rest of us.

I can totally see the future for this: instead of pickup trucks approaching groups of Hispanic laborers for work, we can now drive up to groups of blacks and give them money with the "promise" that they will participate in less crime that day. For a premium you could pay them to not be loud, not to break into anyone's house and not to rape anybody. Not cussing around children and the elderly would require a premium, because that would actually be effort for them.

Forget the fact that there are millions of people who not only need full time jobs paying 15/hour and up, but are willing to perform some of the most miserable jobs imaginable for the "privilege". They even spend time going to school and learning skills and disciplines that are actually useful in a modern day society.

What about the rewards for the rest of us who aren't felons or who don't need to "turn our lives around"? Keep rewarding the least deserving among us, it's working wonders and not insulting to the rest of us.

Unknown said...

"We want to help stop the violence, but I'm not the one that's shooting. They are going to lead the community where we need to go,” Duncan said.

Please lead them back to Africa. It's where they belong.

Anonymous said...

And here is why our society is running so amok, from the top and the bottom 'rungs', from the insanity of importing in 'tribal warriors' to psychopathy in making money that rips apart social cohesion/cultural group allegiances....'LendIt' is a finance conference/convention that basically informs others of how others are exploiting the system at the 'high' end. Notice in the posted link below, the 'polyglot' assemblage of the speakers at this thing (& yes, as one would expect there aren't any nogs to be found as 'speakers/presenters' at this event though there probably will be some 'tribal' nigerians in attendance looking for another 'investment' phishing scam to co-opt) and that is the underlying disease that is running USA/EURO to the ground - its the narcissistic, self-serving running after the monies - no matter what the locale - this is SOCIOPATHY on a grand scale...(this is why China has become such a menace - all the domestic corps that willingly screwed over Americans by moving factories, investments and so much tech overseas and what did the passive - aggressive chinks do? Steal all of the valuable know-how / tech we developed and then created their own even cheaper (shittier) knock-offs that incredibly, our gov't allowed in to flood our markets. Because its psychopaths at the helms of multi-nationals, running after one another just for the thrill of getting another 'killer' deal or get-over scam going. I would think that by now most, if not all of us, have heard the saying that its psychopaths that are running the world, this is a truism, and living in NYC as I do, I've encountered quite a few of these types, a lot of them, some times they port the 'guise' of a DWL, as it would suit their purposes as long as it makes the $$$$/funds/access to even more roll in. This is why I distrust Trump to some extent, though I voted for him since there was NO alternative. Trump has 'business' in all parts of the world (interesting how those countries that he didn't put into the 'ban' have Trump developments going on there )-at best Trump is just protecting his "American' brand by appearing to protect he is off to visit a FL school where 'tax funded' vouchers pay for the education of some young NAPAs. Must he promote and sanction this DWL BS with his actual presence?...

Anonymous said...

Could this be an Obama boondoggle to try to shove more Africans into this country via non-violence programs? One thing works, a brutal form of Jim Crow or for the South Africans, apartheid.

CHI GUY said...

Can we just send them all to Kenya then?

Anonymous said...

"Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people. That's something to think about, have we turned our backs on these young men,” Toler said. 

What other race says they'll stop shooting people if they get so much money an hour???? Whites, well no, Asians and Hispanics, also no. It's only Blacks. Also, nobody turned their backs on Blacks, quite the opposite, Blacks in America are favored in just about everything. These young Black men are the ones that turned their backs on everyone by their bad behavior.

dc.sunsets said...


Arnie is just doing the usual NGO shakedown of the US Treasury, setting up a "social work" front to join the millions of others who work on "grant-funded" or other welfare-state systems whose only purpose is to simply milk taxpayers.

These people don't have jobs. They're a Political Patronage Army, always agitating for more LOOT to Save the (fill-in-the-blank.)

And the "job" one of their charges celebrates is nothing but another Make-Work community "activist" who might as well have a "degree" in Black Studies (where sitting around doing NOTHING is the highest ideal.)

Rainbow Push shakes down public corporations. Arnie and his pals shake down taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

When I was in fifth grade, we got a couple of kids in school who were from Vietnam. Their dad worked for the American government during the Vietnam war and he had to get the family out of there when the tanks started to roll into Saigon. Long story short, this family arrived in the US with the clothes on their back. Admittedly, they received some charity and welfare at the start, but within a few months both mom and dad lined up janitorial positions. The kid in my grade, Chin, was lost at first, but adjusted. I saw him on FB recently and he is now a CFO of a 300 person organization. Chin's sister is not doing too badly either. Both are married and have children ranging in age from high school to mid-20's. Granted, there are probably too many Asians in the US, Chin and his sister seem to add value and are not a drain on the system.

Contrast this with a black kid who sat in front of me in a couple of classes in high school. Charles was convicted of manslaughter at age 25. It was similar to the scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta shot that guy in the face. Charles actually had a decent paying job with a local electric utility. Even though this happened around 25 years ago, Charles may still be in the joint. Yeah, 95-98% of these people are walking boat anchors.

Anonymous said...

I am for once left stunned. First we need tribal warriors to stop violence. ( The Kenyan part is just waaaay too funny} Secondly $15 an hour and I'll stop shooting people. Not a chance 15-20 years ago the Phila Inquirer ran an article with $8 and $9 as the price for activity let alone peace. When does the Danegeld stop?

Bird of Paradise said...

When all else fails turn to new age mumbo jumbo cast a few spells sacrifice a virgin of child throw a few wacky weed leaves into a fire and sit there go OOOMMM OOOOMMMM OOOMMM like the eco-wackos do for earthday

Bill in St Louis said...

""Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people. That's something to think about, have we turned our backs on these young men,” Toler said. "

I have some words for this. starting with, MOTHERFUCKER.

WE haven't turned our backs on anyone. WE didn't breed a bunch of kids we weren't prepared to raise, both emotionally and financially. WE didn't run around and fuck anything from 12 to 60, calling ourselves "Men" because we could find a hole, willing or not, to stick it in. YOU did this.

Now, WE can fix this. Every single father on welfare of any kind to be sterilized. Any single mother on welfare of any kind to be sterilized. Any child on welfare of any kind to be placed on the pill/depro-provera, whatever. No excuses, no exemptions. Get pregnant? After baby is born, sterilization.

Anonymous said...

"a non-profit group aimed at impacting Chicago’s growing violence problem."

Bring in the real savage to quell the modern savage is a joke. We that see know, It'll go over like a bottle of whiskey at a mormons wedding. complete with the famous stamp of "Waste of time, money and effort." Of course we also know "who's" flipping the bill.

Just another way to squash, subdue, suppress, soothe, pacify and overcome the magic cash flow from YT's over flowing and monstrous bank accounts.

Hey!, are the natives going to be resettled here after their dance around the bonfire? Is this the beginning of another type of seeding a strong diversity needed and required in our rural backwoods areas and vast federal forests lands?

Anonymous said...

OT: lets just have a look see where these tide turning magic tribal worriors are from. A little peice of news from their homeland across the pond:

On February 10, 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta declared the current drought in Kenya a national disaster and has appealed to the international community for emergency support. 2.7 million people are affected by the drought which has killed livestock and caused crop failure - creating food shortages. Without livestock and crops, farmers and pastoralists have lost their livelihoods. Additionally, the drought has made clean water even more scarce.

Among the 2.7 million affected, are over 412,000 children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years old and over 43,500 pregnant and lactating women who need emergency treatment for acute malnourishment. Children in the most affected regions are dropping out of school to help their families in search of water and food. Cases of water-borne diseases like cholera are increasing, and the situation is expected to worsen by the day.

"What do tribal warriors from Kenya have in common with residents of Chicago’s South Side?" Here or there, it's all the same with the negro, chock full of "wants & needs", attached to a huge price tag, what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Yes...we have a violence problem with blacks in Chicago, so let us turn to that apex of civilization, the black warrior from Africa!

What kind of cuck/freak is Arne Duncan? I mean, I get wanting to save the world when you're 18, 20—but when you're a grown man?

And how the hell can he say in one breath "over incarceration" is a problem when you have these animals shooting each other on the street, daily? Sounds like under incarceration to me.

Anonymous said...

So wait the solution to help rampant violence in the black populace is to turn them into spear chuckers?

D-FENS said...

CRUD - Chaotic Reality of Urban Diversity.

Anonymous said...

I'll stop killing people for $15 an hour and I'll pick up the trash in my yard. (Do I have to have killed anyone to get the money because I haven't. I've also picked up trash without pay - hope that isn't a problem either.)

Arne Duncan and the black grift sure does pay well. He just bought a Chicago house for $1.3 million. You'd think he could do with a little less and help da bruthas more.

OT: Did you all see they got a guy for the Jewish bombing threats? Three guesses what color he is and the first two don't count. Go to the link and read how he blames it on his white ex-girlfriend and what he says about her. These people are messed up in the head.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Let me see if I got this right. We don't have enough n*ggers here, so we need to import them from Kenya. The ones from Kenya are the "good" ones. They're going to help the ones who have been in this country for over two hundred years get their ax (sic) together. Did I get that sorta right? All I know is my head kinda hurts right now, especially after reading this gem:

"Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people. That's something to think about, have we turned our backs on these young men,” Toler said.

Yeah....We are going to pay someone "15 dollar an hour" who doesn't even know how to speak properly, to do what, exactly. Am I missing something?

Please don't get me wrong. I don't fault people in general for being stupid. Most cannot help it, most demonstrably, negroes. But demanding "15 dollar" an hour is a bit beyond the pail. In what universe do these people live where idiot negroes get paid $30K a year to sit on their duffs and look stupid?

Oh,'s called America.

Mr. Rational said...

"Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people. That's something to think about, have we turned our backs on these young men,” Toler said.

All BS.  They know they're illiterate and emotionally explosive, thus unemployABLE even as farm equipment today.  They can handle heat but you couldn't rely on them to properly de-tassel corn, and that would only make them useless 51 weeks of the year.

They aren't going anywhere except six feet under.

Anonymous said...

"Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people. That's something to think about, have we turned our backs on these young men,” Toler said."

Wow! Really? $15 an hour to not shoot people? I'm surprised they are holding out for such a low amount! At that rate, does their fambly keep their current level of Gibson or not?

PB said...

Yeah, but now that they're in, you'll have to get the Masai warriors out again. Once they work out there's White women on tap they won't go be going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

So for the measly sum of $15/hr. these creatures will stop da bilence? Amazing they sold out for such a low amount? Does this tentative brokering of a treaty for these Kenyan warriors of Chicago include their fambly keeping their gibs or not?

Sick n' Tired said...

That might actually be the best option. You'd be able to tell who was armed, and there is much less danger of being hit by a stray spear than a stray bullet. Especially since we know groids can barely hit the broadside of a barn with any type of firearm. Look at the story from Charlotte the other day, 100+ rounds fired, zero wounded or killed.

artaud said...

"Spike Lee's rip-off of William Shakespeare in Chiraq didn't even work."

Hate to be a pedant, but it was a take on Aristophanes, specifically "Lysistrata," not a rip-off of Shakespeare. And despite my not being overly fond of Spike Lee (although I must confess that Do the Right Thing was actually a very well-made movie), as an adaptation of Lysistrata it was in fact in the completely correct Aristophean spirit. No flag on that play. It was the most literate thing Spike has done in a dog's age. Doesn't mean you have to like it, but you reeeeally can't find fault with him over it.

Meanwhile, in ubber news, de trrrrrrble slabery. 'Spains evvvythang.

Anonymous said...

CRAP, Coonery Ruins All Places

Anonymous said...

"Some of these guys say 15 dollar an hour, I will stop shooting people. That's something to think about, have we turned our backs on these young men,” Toler said. 

"Turning our backs?"


Is there some lack of affirmative action? Corporate-government grants for blacks? Black studies programs? Media pandering? Does Chicago need another MLK, jr, Blvd? Heck, we just had a whole month of black history to inspire them to new levels of rocket scientist achievement while making the calculations which put YT into space.

The reality, of course, is that blacks have been the recipient of more benefits than any other ground in American history. And the best they can do is demand $15 an hour to not shoot at each other.

Stay armed.
Stay alert.
Stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it works, everyone in my neighborhood has been getting paid to not commit murder and keep their yards clean for years, it's called having a job and respect for where you live.

Anonymous said...

In what universe do these people live where idiot negroes get paid $30K a year to sit on their duffs and look stupid?

Oh,'s called America.

Amen, sister!

Sick n' Tired said...

People never have an answer when I ask why people who have been born & raised for 10+ generations in America, still can't speak proper, understandable English.



We have a reliable, real-world value of dead negroes

All you can kill for $15/hour.


$15/hour, times 40 hours (good luck with the Obama Negro Health Care getting a 40 hour/week job), times 52 weeks (I'm accounting for paid days off, vacation time, etc) equals = (Now I will use White Privilege) = (NOT taking anything out for taxes is....$31,200/year.

That sucks.

I have been showing my oldest son how much money different "professions" pay. I have been showing him the family house payment, car(s) payments, electric bill, water bill, etc.

He is learning. He is shocked.

Now, since I have a good day job, and I am "self employed", I really don't know what I make, but according to the lady who does my taxes, I make something around $200,000 a year. So, working my White Privilege back-wards, I have shown my son, that after a combined 40% theft of my pay from all kinds of taxes, I "take home" about $120,000 or $10,000 per month...or about 57-58 per hour.

Then, I ask him how is he going to live, like we do, a nice middle class life, on a school teacher's salary? Policeman? Fireman? etc. Bartender? etc? etc?

He is learning really fast just how expensive this White Privilege thang'is.


A @ 1:47

To be exact, Chicago has been a disaster since 1927.

That was the year of the Great Flood that drove ol' Dixie down. It rained for days upon days up and down the Mississippi Valley up into Ohio, etc. The flood destroyed farming in the deep south.

This was the beginning of the end of the Northern Industrial towns since it occurred right when the Auto industry was taking off, (and all the factories supplying parts to the auto factories). Throw in the radio industry, aeronautical, etc. and the demand for dumb labor was exploding in the North.

This is also when the Unions really started to grow. They were a direct response to the negro labor since most, if not all Labor Unions had as one of the PRIMARY goals to keep the workers White. Just read the original by-laws of the Unions. They were to keep the jobs for White Men and to, sanely and rightfully, keep the negroes out. IT worked until the Socialist/Communist, Anti-White Roosevelt ordered the munitions plants, around 1944, to hire negroes.

The 1920's was also the time the KKK was at it's peak power and Henry Ford was researching, for all of us, the truth. America had it's last chance then to be and stay White. But, when the (((FED))) pull the plug on cheap credit and created the Depression, that was the end of White America and the beginning of all we endure now.

Our enemies are at least 50 years ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

We had a Kenyan in charge of the negroes for 8 years but he just made things worse. Perhaps our homegrowns can relate better to the hunter-gatherer variety. I'll bet a spears-for-guns campaign would yield positive results.....with ice cream and cake.


I remember, DECADES latter, the scene from the GODFATHER where the Italian Dons, all meeting together, decide how to handle the drug trade......(for you youth. You need to watch the GODFATHER movies to learn when crime, real adult crime, had dignity, respect, honesty and coolness and not the pathetic, random, insipid, monkey-crime today. Bring back the Costra Nostra)

Anonymous said...

I heard that the government try but after 400 years here in America the blacks say forever

Anonymous said...

The Chinese know the proper way to deal with these anti-social miscreants: Make them march into a packed stadium, make them kneel and give them each a bullet in the base of their skulls. Bill each of their families for the cost of the bullet.

Problem solved.

The Umpire said...

Hey, Arne Duncan: Instead of starting a non-profit group, start a for-profit business, hire lots and lots of blacks (including lots of ex-con's), and show the nation how easy it is. Instead of joining forces with other non-profits, you should join forces with affluent liberals, pool your resources, and create even more employment for blacks. Instead of "encouraging companies to give these men a chance," why don't you give 'em a chance? But of course, that would require you to put your own money and psychological well being on the line.

Homeboy reminds me of this liberal dude I used to know. He loved to denounce businesses for not hiring more blacks, not paying higher wages, etc. So I said to him, "Dude, why don't you just start your own business; hire lots of people, including lots of blacks; pay everyone great wages; and show the world just how is it is?" Of course, I was being purely rhetorical.

"'We can't arrest our way out of this. Mass incarceration has been a disaster,' Duncan said."

Here we go again. Blacks and white liberals don't want mass incarceration, racial profiling, stop & frisk, etc. Ah, but when there's a homicide spike, they march and complain because the police, "The Man" and this...this...this...SOCIETY haven't made the problem magically disappear. But of course, they want SOCIETY to make the 'hood safe, but without any...any...any...GENTRIFICATION!

Anonymous said...

"What peace would have ensued if they had "colonized" all the freed slaves back in Africa after the Civil War. "

"They" (meaning white people back of that time) had as little taste for it then as now. No negro was ever involuntarily sent back to Africa. Even when Lincoln assumed dictatorial powers he didn't do it, though at one time he lied and said he favored it. The whole thing was based on voluntary emigration, and so of course it didn't work. Over the course of its existence, the American Colonization Society managed to assist only about 12,000 negroes to return to Africa, just 3% of the roughly 400,000 that landed in North America.

Those Christian white men of the 1860s knew exactly what they were doing when they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their fellow whites to free the slaves, make them US citizens, and give them voting rights. In their eyes, what they did was virtuous.

Of course, we have to remember (((who))) owned all the TV and radio stations back then, and (((who))) made all the movies, etc. That's our cover story. It's vital!

chattanooga gal said...

"In what universe do these people live where idiot negroes get paid $30K a year to sit on their duffs and look stupid"
in every government job they occupy.

Anonymous said...

If they can find people to clean the cities of America Go for it! In Michigan, it seems like only union road commission workers are allowed to clean the roads, and they don't! Filthy expressways and highways. Filthy surface streets everywhere you look. If cleaning the highways and byways for fifteen dollars an hour seems to expensive then make it mandatory that low level offenders do it. Oh yeah, adopt a road is a joke. April, July and October clean ups by accountants and bankers just isn't cutting it.

Anonymous said...

Africans from africa seem to despise so called african americans. They see things in a caste system way.
Now there's a way to make 15 bucks an hour!; put on some loin cloth and furs and get down with some african twerking.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said, I have a real problem with this voucher talk. El Presidente Jorge Boosh used the same schtick. No good comes from this voucher program. It's just another form of affirmative action.
Mr Turner

Rafiq Jennings said...

With 70% of the household being headed by Black women, the Black community is matriarchal. And as far as the praying and marching, that's from the Black churches and look at who is the majority in Black churches. Those mesmerize by the Masai warriors could be because they are the closest to a positive Black patriarchal role models as many never had a strong father presence.

Also, don't expect the Democrats to address & solve the root causes of the problems of the Black community as they would have to come to reality that their policies and beliefs like socialism, feminism, blaming Whitey for everything, etc are failures. Flying in African warriors appeals to their sensibilities and it is political correct for the Left.

And African-Americans won't go "back" to Africa. This includes the most pro-Black or Africentric or Conscious of them. Remember, there's no welfare in Africa.

SKIP said...

Chattanooga gal said: ""In what universe do these people live where idiot negroes get paid $30K a year to sit on their duffs and look stupid"
in every government job they occupy."

To which I say every god damn job in the Amefrican government, to include all government contractors and most all state, county and city government positions. No offense meant of course, just my personal experience with blacks and government.

Left Coast White Guy said...

In California, highways are cleaned and cared for as part of mandatory community service for charges of crimes such as DUI. I'm sure there are many negro who'd rather clean the side of the freeway on a few Saturdays than spend 6 months in jail...wait a minute. Scratch that. Lol

PB said...

"But if you put your average Chicagoan gangbanger in Kenya, pretty soon we'd be getting reports of jungles going wrong."

Do spears ring out? Do big-game hunters serve ice-cream?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the idea of freeing negroes and killing their brothers were of absolute importance! The whole war was fought so we could let negroes be free and vote! You're so correct! It was sooo popular that Lincoln suspended habeus corpus, locked dissidents up in jail, and the idea of killing fellow whites and giving negroes equal rights was sooo appealing that Lincoln had to institute a draft to keep enough men in the Union army (GAR)! And everyone was so excited about that that there were many riots, especially in New York! They apparently couldn't get to the recruiting office soon enough! And, it was so vitally important to free and give equality to negroes that it only took two years after the start of the war to free the negroes with the Emancipation Proclamation!! Yes! And then the only states that were subject to it were the turrible confederate states. Maryland and Kentucky could keep their negro slaves!! That's how important freeing them was!! During reconstruction, after da turrible ebil rayciss conferderacy was whooped and put to shame, folk like the Rothschilds had a field day. And in all honesty, the negro was still under strict control until around 1965, you know Jim Crow, Sumdown towns and all that. The rayciss whites dud that cause they wanted to give the negroes equal rights and voting and sheeit. And yes, (((they))) were profiting from all of that then too. Don't take my word for it. Do your own fucking research.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Those Christian white men of the 1860s "

Of course none of them are alive today to let us know what they knew or didn't know, and our friend Hiram doesn't back up his statements with any verifiable quotes, books, or evidence of any kind.

Bear in mind, the topic here is about Chicago today, yet you're once again trying to distract and divide. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!

Of course this guy is just a troll with an agenda, but anybody who is interested in the forces behind the war between states (and many other modern revolutions and wars) can look into the book "Scarlet and the Beast" (50$ or so for a hard copy but I've also found it as .pdf for free download). There's a lot he misses and some of his sources are dubious, but the experienced researcher can use his research to put the pieces together and see the other half of the puzzle.

Mentioning them by name has got me banned from every single "conservative" site I've posted on and many of my comments about them don't get posted here. That's the true third rail and our friend Hiram knows this when he feigns ignorance about the hidden hands at play in the destruction of western civilization.

Anonymous said...

This is so true.

Anonymous said...

Umm it's "da random violence out here in the com-mune-ITAY" in dese streets,

Race said...

Thank you for your post, mind didn't pass muster, haha.

Anonymous said...

First, this is Arne (not Arnold, not Arnie, but Arne) Duncan. Havhad educated twit. Obama crack sniffer. A real piece of work. A thinking outside the box kind of guy.

Second, I remember a really big white guy who worked with me up north. People said why do you work? If I was as big as you, I would walk down the street and make people pay me not to hurt them. So there's that going for the gang bangers,

Then, there is Big Al "Chicago" Capone. Of course he wanted more than $15.00 per hour, but he had a larger brain and a better plan than Shitavious.

Finally, can we deport these mofos under the new Trump plan? You say no, they won't go back because there is no welfare in mofo ugly Africa. Go figure.

Negro fatigue here.