Monday, March 6, 2017

The Based Stick Man: May One Man's Courage Inspire a Million Men to Rise


It's a single word, powerfully describing the action few men possess. 

In our world, a billionaire decided to stand up to "Make America Great Again," all so he could become a piñata for the corporate media on a daily basis. 
It starts with 

He's American nationalist: nothing more, nothing less. But he's also, if ever-so-slightly, opening the door for implicit whiteness to become explicit whiteness. 

If we dare kick the door open. 

Over the weekend, at a pro-Donald Trump rally in Berkeley, California, a man donned a baseball helmet, ski googles, a gas mask and grabbed a stick, knowing he might find himself confronted by the "shock troops of the establishment," antifascists. 

He forged a shield out of wood, merging the American flag with the design found upon the ones guarding the Spartans in Zack Snyder's 300.

And though the Based Stick Man - like President Donald Trump - is but an American nationalist, his actions in Berkeley on March 4, 2017 forced the door toward explicit whiteness open just a bit further. 

His courage in facing the "shock troops of the establishment" will only galvanize others to get off their knees and stand up. [Based Stick Man Legal Defense Fund,, 3-6-17]:

Goal of Bounty 
On Saturday, March 4, 2017, left-wing ANTIFA terrorists descended on the March 4 Trump rally in Berkeley, California. 
They egged a man holding a 'House the Homeless' sign and even pepper-sprayed an elderly Trump supporter in the face. 
All this just a month after the violent, George Soros-fundedANTIFA riot in Berkeley over Milo Yiannopoulos' scheduled speech at UC Berkeley -- when police "refused to intervene" and only one suspect was arrested.But all hope was not lost: enter Based Stick Man. 
Defending free speech with a helmet, gas mask, shield emblazoned with the American flag, and a big long stick, Based Stick Man held back the hordes of ANTIFA terrorists trying to shut down the March 4 Trump event. 
Until the Berkeley Police decided to arrest him. And charge him with up to 6 felonies. 
His name is Kyle Chapman. He defended us. Let's defend him back. 
The very First Amendment to the U.S. constitution guarantees the right of every American citizen to free speech. 
This includes the right to speech that doesn't agree with radical leftism, which is exactly why radical leftist terrorists and their lackeys have been shutting down free speech by conservatives and right-wingers all over the place. 
Arbitrary Twitter bans. 
College "speech codes" and "hate speech" legislation. 
And of course, violent assault and mass rioting, with complicity from the local left-wing city or college administration and law enforcement. 
All of these things are part of a single campaign to undermine and destroy the First Amendment so that opposition to radical leftism disappears. 
The GoFundMe for Kyle Chapman's legal defense was immediately BANNED. What a coincidence. We're stepping in, just like we stepped in for another pro-Trump activist hospitalized by ANTIFA in Berkeley last month. 
It's time to fight back -- head on. 
The funds collected in this bounty will be used to provide for the legal defense of "Based Stick Man", identified as Kyle Chapman, 41, of California, previously Texas, as well as financial assistance for his family if need be. Chapman has been charged with up to 6 felonies in Berkeley, California. 
We are in touch with Kyle Chapman's wife, his friends, and the organizer of the March 4 Trump and they have officially endorsed this fundraiser, which will not disappear, unlike on GoFundMe or PayPal. 
3/07/17 -  
Kyle Chapman a.k.a. Based Stick Man has been FREED from jail on $5000 bail paid out by WeSearchr through this bounty. Watch his Thank You video on Twitter HERE and keep donating -- he still has to fight for his freedom in court.
Antifascists who threatened a Donald Trump event in Washington D.C. the night before his inauguration with a terrorist attack were given no jail time and probation after they plead guilty to conspiracy; the Based Stick Man faces significantly jail time and won't be treated with kid gloves as left-wing terrorists were in Washington D.C.

Donald Trump must make an announcement to hold a huge rally in California, knowing it will be forced to be cancelled after antiracists, antifascists, and illegal immigrants -- all "shock troops of the establishment" -- force its cancellation. The images from this event, especially as his supporters are attacked (and then fight back) will ensure not only his reelection in 2020, but the American people demanding mass deportations and the unleashing of the police to clean up the streets and take them back from violent antiracists, antifascists, and illegal immigrants.

Who knows how many people have energized to rise upon watching Based Stick Man and stand up the next time a Donald Trump event will happen near their home?

This is courage.

May the courage of one inspire a million.


Bird of Paradise said...

gEorge Soros needs to be indited and put on trial along with these berkeley hooligans and terrorists they need brought uner anti terrorists and anti domestic violence laws and they need to tried,convicted and locked up for life no parole,plea bargins,pardons,clemency and no movie deals from Oliver Stone<Micheal Moore and Spike Lee. On good news i see berkeley goon was arrrested fr destroying a GOP sign and frankly i hope they make him replace it with money from his own pocket

Anonymous said...

"He's American nationalist: nothing more, nothing less."

So was Lincoln, and look how that turned out.

"But he's also, if ever-so-slightly, opening the door for implicit whiteness to become explicit whiteness."

The myth of so-called implicit whiteness gradually becoming explicit is the opium of the racial right. Nothing restrains this except white people themselves, and that's why it won't happen. If they wanted to be explicitly racist, they would be by now. In fact, if they had wanted to be "explicitly white", they never would have set the negro free and granted him equal citizenship in the first place, or abolished segregation, or enacted Affirmative Action. Hoping for this is just fooling yourself.

Anonymous said...

It is incredibly inspiring to know that at least one conservative white male in America still has testicles and isn't afraid to use them. I confess, I have remained pessimistic about our future, and still do to a great extent.

The fact that we must celebrate Mr. Chapman as if he is some inspired, ultra-rare specimen speaks volumes. The left has two ideological weapons that conservatives (at least the cuck variety) lack: martyrdom and solidarity. For a group of people who claim to despise anything to do with religion, the communists and their leftist pets have a real zeal for martyrdom. How many stories has PK posted right here on this blog of white sjw's who, despite having been robbed, beaten, raped, or murdered by savages, still cling to "peace, love, and hugs" (unless it's a Nazi)? The left also has unity through the solidarity of their cause - differences of opinion are submerged in the unified hatred of anything white, male, or traditional.

As long as conservative white males are still mortally afraid of "losing their job" or "sounding racist", the left will continue to win. If we are simply afraid of the backlash, then we are cowards. And this is exactly how the left sees it. Most importantly, the authorities are throwing the heaviest book they can at whites who step off the multi-culti reservation in order to keep the herd scared and compliant. So long as whites/patriots remain an amorphous disunity afraid of offending anyone or stepping over the line, they will remain inert.

Western civilization may be the only civilization in history that will die of self-inflicted over-politeness. I know of no other race or people in history who possess such a pathological need for social virtue. The horrifying malediction of "RACIST" or "HITLER" only possesses what power it has over the individual. Collectively, it's powerless, and this is why "they" are so exercised over Trump - innocuous as he really is regarding race relations, he managed to galvanize the silent majority, which is already enough to send the left into a frenzy.

South Africa is the model of the negro paradise. Forced reparations of property, capital, and infrastructure from white management into the hands of negro overlords, with just enough whites remaining to periodically blame and butcher when negroes fuck up. The braying ass Maxine Waters is the prototype for these black overlords in America. In her world, whites would keep the electricity on, the water running, and the food shelves stocked, and any white who dared show the slightest defiance at this state of affairs would be quickly dispatched via machete wielding gangstas. Nor must we neglect the hordes of debased whites suffering from extreme Stockholm Syndrome who would toil and weep with joy for just one chicken bone tossed from her greasy hand to them in mock appreciation.

I hope Mr. Chapman is a sign the winds are changing. But I'm not optimistic. I honestly wonder just how much shit white men will continue to eat. I used to think something would awaken. The closest we have are the men who will fight like lions in foreign wars, yet come home and turn a blind eye to the plight of their own race and culture. I hope I'm just being pessimistic, but if our future is up to the ESPN addicted, yogurt eating, baby ass wiping, suburbanite cuckold, the future is a bleak one.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic, but a Black Student Group at York University is demanding FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION.

I know PK also wants Freedom of Association.

Anonymous said...

We need thousands of stick men to swarm the ghettoes and purge them of violent orcs and illegals. Let's begin organizing. We now know what our uniforms and defensive weapons will look like.

Thank you Based Stick Man!


ps Check out old move 'Walking Tall'.

Proudyt said...

We need another million or so just like this guy. It's time people. It's time to shove back harder. I'd love to buy this guy a beer.

Bill in St Louis said...

Either your link is bad, or the sheriff's dept turned it off, for some reason. I can't seem to find what felonies he is charged with. I know there is 1) being white in Berkley, 2) being a man in Berkley, 3) being a white man in Berkley, 4) being armed (with an assault stick) in Berkley, 5) being a white man armed in Berkley, but what is the 6th?
In cases like these, i really think we should pick our battlefield better. Cede Berkley to the SJWs and their pets, cut off the EBT, and then in about a week just rake over the ashes.

Anonymous said...

What did the police charge the rioters with? Nothing? They probably stood around with the heads up their asses as the rioters tore things down. I have no respect for California anymore; In my opinion, he was just protecting himself from mob violence.

I started to write I would move if I lived there, but you know what, FUCK NO...I would fight. It's time for them to move!

chattanooga gal said...

we are going to need a lot more people like this. Part of the reason ( besides prejudice against white Americans) they don't arrest all these blm protestors is that there are " just too many of them" there needs to be just too many of us too.

Mr. Clean said...

PK said: Donald Trump must make an announcement to hold a huge rally in California,


PK said: knowing it will be forced to be cancelled after antiracists, antifascists, and illegal immigrants -- all "shock troops of the establishment" -- force its cancellation. ...



To any negro or illegal reading this:

I'm that "nice" white man who is FORCED to "smile" at you and act civil. But know this, deep down inside, as I look at you, I am seething with HATE and am just waiting.......

Know that while you are beside me in the grocery stores,.... or you are pumping gas beside me.....I seething HATE YOU.

Enjoy this fraud while you can.

Mutant Swarm said...

I donated $20. For me, that's one take-out pizza. Come on guys, cough it up.

And remember...jury nullification.

Alex from N. England said...

Inevitably, even cowards like me will be forced to take a stand. Cushy jobs with great salaries, perks and benefits matter little when the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake. "The Happening"...? So be it.


Another group of "teens" just doing what teens do:

Gwoobus Harmon said...

The left does not realize the unstable ground upon which they tread. When Richard Spencer was sucker punched they were overjoyed at the prospect of permissible political violence. However that is with the caveat that they will be the only one's punching. How do they react when met with violence?

The only thing with picking fights is that they do not get a say in how or when it ends. I suspect that these idiots don't have the stomach or endurance for a real and sustained fight. Just look how they scatter and flee. They are only brave when they can surround, outnumber, and strike an isolated member from their flanks.

Anonymous said...

Got 556??

Anonymous said...

Slimy Chuckie Schumer and fugly Maxine Waters are Trump's best friends. Everytime Waters fugly mug is shown in the media, thousands of new Trump supporters are created everyday. The same thing happens with that sleezy DemRAT Sen fron New York with his feminine voice.

We also have slim balls on the GOP side: nerdy Paul Ryan aka Eddie Munster, the corpse looking McConnell, Insane McCain and his lover, Miss Lindsey Graham. Please let me know if there're more RINO traitors. The awoken citizen has to do more to get these people out of office.


Changing to another topic. If you haven't done so, please go to numbersusa to join the million plus civilian army fighting for immigration reform.

Anonymous said...

"To any negro or illegal reading this:

"I'm that "nice" white man who is FORCED to "smile" at you and act civil. But know this, deep down inside, as I look at you, I am seething with HATE and am just waiting.......

Know that while you are beside me in the grocery stores,.... or you are pumping gas beside me.....I seething HATE YOU.

Enjoy this fraud while you can."

Exactly how I feel. Exactly.

Bird of Paradise said...

A impressive sight this will scare the pink panties off those U.C. Berkeley and U.C. Santa Cruz snowflakes and liberal trouble makers blocking conservative speakers and frankly the campus that bans conservative speakers need to be sued and defunded by 100%



I miss your posts. Can you do one about Evil-vs-Good, Life-vs-Death? Not only do you have a way with your message, but you actually help many of us through this fog.

Why are people, (some people), so damn BLIND? Are they that insane or is their something we are missing. How do those kind of people mange to get up in the morning, put shoes on....

Sincerely, Centurion.

Anonymous said...

Avengers Assemble!

Paintjob Theory said...

"The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.

The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.

When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up.

Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. "

----Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Unknown said...

Along similar lines, and for those of you who aren't up to speed on this, (((Karl Marx))) defined peace as "the absence of opposition to socialism", and he also said that "Democracy is indispensable to socialism."

Remember these terms and definitions when you hear them whinnied by these anarchists and various media, academic, and political talking heads. Rest assured these folks didn't just miss the part where the US of A is supposed to be a republic, they're trying to change the words and change the meaning. This is straight out of 1984.

Similarly the coining of the term "Anti-fascist" to describe communist insurgents and traitors is quite interesting. Who isn't against fascism? Sounds like a perfectly reasonable platform, does it not?

The acid test here will be whether Trump uses our intelligence agencies to investigate the money trail to (((those))) who fund these terrorist organizations and prosecute them for their treason and insurrection. I suspect he knows full well what they'll find, as do most of us yet doesn't dare for fear that someone might have to actually name our enemies. As it stands he has done nothing to try to control these rebels and it doesn't seem like he plans to do so. Is he playing some long game or has he been told that he is not allowed to act?

As far as Captain America here. I have mixed feelings. While it's great to see these traitors get a taste of their own medicine, on the flip-side when you show up in body armor and with a weapon to an event that you KNOW will devolve into violence you can't so much claim innocence or self defense and you should really expect trouble. (a recent white who had to shoot a few Bantu in Minnesota IIRC recently learned this the hard way).

The real takeaway here is that police and agents of the state exist to protect the state's pets against folks like Captain America. Same as hanging around with blacks and suffering the consequences, buy the ticket and you'll take the ride. Of one thing I am certain, this will get a lot worse before it gets better.

Proudyt said...

I guarantee they feel the same exact way as we do. They just don't have to hide it as much.

Anonymous said...

Yup this is what you get once again for worshiping blacks and allowing them to infect the minds of our white kids.You think it is all just the jews ,BS,all these white people are acting like black thugs and criminals and as long as they keep glorifying black ghetto culture and teaching that blacks invented everything and built this country all this "communist" this and "jew" that doesn't matter.No matter what, when any white conservative or pro white or pro "this country was founded by whites" is out in public you will be destroyed by blacks and white wiggers and white women that breed with blacks and hispanincs. Notice that more and more mixed kids means more and more enemies of the people that founded ,invented and built the greatest nation on earth.Notice that it is all white guys that are pro America and pro American white traditionalists,that defend what America used to be.We will always be seen as the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Standing brave for America or England

Mr. Rational said...

NB:  "TrueNewsUSA", closed by Blogger, has moved:

Update your blogrolls.

paleocon said...

What we really need is for President Trump to preemptively pardon Kyle Chapman for any crime that he may have committed on March 4, 2017. That, more than anything else possible, would energize our side immensely and, ultimately, stop the prog-fascists in their tracks. Of course, that will never happen.

Anonymous said...

That uniform is amazing!! My kids wearing for Halloween this year. Me too.

All true Americans need to analyze the outfit and go buy one right now. Someone needs to offer the package online.

This is our new uniform people. Fight the Trump haters; fight the orcs, muds and illegals.

We want out country back!!

We are TAKING our country back!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you have even half a brain, it is utterly obvious that the USA cannot be "repaired". It must be allowed to collapse (its current trajectory), we survive, then rebuilt as what it should be.

No non-Whites. Period. Or if a few allowed in, just temporary and can't vote. Or interbreed.

End. Of. Story.

Anonymous said...

What is sad is Trump could have his billions and stayed away from all this crap. No other Republican would be as strong as Trump has been. Daily media, news, C-SPAN talk, talk show bias, newspapers, magazines, in-boxes, homepages, etc. All they do is beat down Trump.

He was fine on the Apprentice. Runs for POTUS, and he's a bigot, home-phobe, etc.

OB is a Canonized saint and Hillary is probably on suicide watch!

Just sad, what has happened to America. It started on the campuses. Now those cooks breed, have become lawyers, editors, professors, etc.


One of the good things about AMREN is when they have a teacher tell their experiences with the FUTURE YOUTS of AMERICA .............(all the negro, aztec and other mystery meat students):

This is a good one:

Anonymous said...

#6 is for having an American flag on his shield, the ultimate symbol of racism and oppression.

The Umpire said...

Headline: Ben Carson's Retarded Remarks Shock the Nation

Man people, lower your expectations--it's not as if homeboy was ever a pediatric neurosurgeon.

Anonymous said...

You make think this next rant is off-Topic, but it isn't. And it will hit close to you. The moral of the story is to STAY HEALTHY, find a concierge-style Doctor, and read everything you can about health.

The ObamaCare BS, the new Obama-Lite-Care or anything the Government vomits up, will still be B.S. and YOU will pay the price both in quality of health and the costs.

Somebody MUST pay for the health care of 50 Million Mexicans, Ecuadorians, Haitians, Somalians, Syrians, Indonesians, Vietcong, etc., ........and dat be yu, white boy.

How do they do it. Well, one of the simple scams is ripping off old white people who have Medicare. Every major Health Care Provider (the 5 Majors) have a "Vision Plan" system. The rip off is simple. The get Docs to take their "plan", at a reduced rate. The Doc bills the Majors, gets paid, for example, $45 for an eye exam, BUT, the Majors bill Medicare anywhere from $150 - $275 for the same thing. It is called Medicare Advantage and these programs are sold to the stupid dying white folk. It is just a beautiful scam to get money to the Big 5.

The only way us Docs can make any money is to rush the "subscribers" through as fast as possible. Really fast. What do the Majors do with the "extra" money? It off-sets the "free" health care for 50 Million illegals.

F you White boy.

Anonymous said...

Well The Republican Party voted them in

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see an organization formed that either follows the trump rallies around, or recruits locally, that consists of big capable trump supporters. These people would patrol the rallies, some of them would be filming with hi def cameras. Anytime trump protesters get violent against a supporter, they would be immediately be citizen arrested. All on video, and takes the decision to arrest or prosecute out of the police hands. Unless of course they won't acknowledge the victims right to do so. Get that on video too.

Anonymous said...

I saw the gif of this guy breaking his stick over the head of a man with his face hidden, rushing in to attack him. My only issue with what happened is his stick broke, and he was left with 1/2 a weapon. If he had gone to his local electrical supply house and asked them for a 18" or 2 foot cut of 500MCM, he would have been able to bust a lot more heads. The copper wire under the insulation has the slightest bit of give when it makes contact, so it absorbs and transfers the kinetic energy better than a ridgid object like a stick or hollow pipe. For future reference.


I'm on a roll today, and I have been reading up about the death of Malls in America. I have put in a link to a site discussing the issue, but as we all know, the real cause of the Mall deaths is.........non-whites.

I rarely ever comment on any other site other than this one since I am not going to waste my time, crafting and writing a brilliant essay, only to have it deleted since it simply states the truth. So why bother. Somebody once said, "Don't caste Pearls among Swine."

I'm the Pearl, they are the Swine.

So, I invite you all to find a way to post the comments that might encourage others to note that the Death of the Malls is not really from eBay or Amazon. IT is because of the negro, Aztec and Moore. White women do the shopping. They, and their White daughters used to LOVE the social life at the area Malls. It is where they could (past tense) "window shop", try on new stuff, dream and wish. It was where the daughters could meet their boy friends and where the mom's could meet theirs, too.

But, today? ANY WHITE WOMAN GOING TO A MALL will be harassed, mugged, groped, followed, assaulted, etc. etc. etc. I wonder if the more astute Mall owners/operators know this? If they do, the major Mall REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) will sell out as fast as they can to the stupid liberal State Teachers Pension Funds. Let those idiots take the future financial beating that is coming within the next 5 years. That pathetic college in Vermont, and Berkeley, deserve to have their Pensions go broke......ha ha ha, aholes.

Soon, very soon, the alert investors (private capital) will have to accept that Demographics, (negroes and aztecs) have made the White concept of the Enclosed Mall obsolete. This Mall concept was hugely successful in the 1950' and '60's when America was a WHITE nation. Today, we are a Turd World Dump.

They, if they see this as clearly as we do, will cash out and dump these dumps on the Teamster's Union Pension Fund, the New York State Employees Fund and other aholes who believe in "equality" and other shit.

If I was good at "investing" I would find a way to "short" any REIT holding Malls. Simon Mall company? If one can sell a Put, going out about 5 years, to short the dumps, then do it.

Proudyt said...

Best comments I've read in a long time. 100% agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Two losers, with Proudyt leading the way!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about this Stick Man. A White person will not have to do much to make a HUGE impact. This guy could have just showed up and he would have received attention. Don't fight! No "violence". Just make a SCENE and when the media, which is STARVED for programming, sees you, they will rush to find out what your involvement is. Then you pounce.

Without being rude (i.e. honest) you state your case. You state that White people should have rights (the leftist communist LOVE rights), that White people should have "freedom" of speech (the left will love speech freedom for about 5 more years), etc.

So, this guy is doing the right thing, but NEVER express "violence" since....he is White. Just use the intellectual arguments that comes naturally and easily to us White men. That, alone, will drive the leftist, the communists, the losers, the genetically defectives CRAZY !!!!!

The (((Left))) has cleverly twisted the terms and language that we use. Love of "order". Love of "freedom". Love of "Family", etc. to defeat and destroy us. Today's "Family" is 2buttfuckinghomos or 2carpetmunchingbulldykes...but they call them "FAMILY". WE need to switch and distort and pervert the language too.

We are for rights, too, but that means the rights of White people.

This can really be a lot of fun.............

chattanooga gal said...

"Western civilization may be the only civilization in history that will die of self-inflicted over-politeness"
best statement of the week.


I don't want to sound conceited, obnoxious, and egotistical, (but I am), but, if you leave a positive comment, about a comment, please be polite and let us know WHO'S comment you are referring to. Please? (No, I'm not begging....)

Conceited, obnoxious and egotistical people, like me, thrive and crave such attention.

Thank you, you're welcome.


If PK ever holds a convention..............I will attend.

I will entertain you all, just as Ex-New Yorker, Proudyt, Mr.Rational, Paintjob Theory, Bird of Paradise, Gwoobus Harmon, Mutant Swarm, .....Bill in St. Louis....AnalogMan....10mm...Our one and only Pay Boyle....Ohio Born..........and a hearty "Hello" to Alex in North England...chattanooga gal....Sick'n'Tired (great name).....and the ever so lucid "Formerly Ms. Greenbaum"...........

It is getting very close to the time that we can have a Convention....wear our 9mm Beretta's on our hips, strap a 7.62 x 39 on our backs, meet, give lectures, and tell the muds............."no more".........

I can feel it. We are so close...........

Anonymous said...


My apologies for not being in the caliber of commentary as yourself and other fine folk. I'm all over the conus three hundred and fourty days out of the year with this job. A convention I'd most certainly attend, after all I've done security for almost twenty years before becoming a professional driver.


Brian in Ohio said...

I'm on a roll today, and I have been reading up about the death of Malls in America. I have put in a link to a site discussing the issue, but as we all know, the real cause of the Mall deaths is.........non-whites.

Soon, very soon, the alert investors (private capital) will have to accept that Demographics, (negroes and aztecs) have made the White concept of the Enclosed Mall obsolete.

Enclosed malls, serviced by a bus line, with their free air conditioning/heat and food courts full of greasy food, became day care centers where blacks could loiter all day or simply drop their kids off to be someone else`s problem. And where ever blacks are allowed to congregate, trouble soon "rings out". Then white people with money take it somewhere else...

This whole phenomenon not only brought us the "open air" style mall, which discourages loitering, but made online shopping huge.

I think blacks and their dysfunction deserve more credit than any genius on Jeff Bezos pert for making Amazon the monster it is today. White people simply wanted to shop without having to deal with surly, belligerent blacks.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would do the same and see everyone.

Anonymous said...

That was a tremendously inspirational video. It was fun to watch Stickman break his stick on that fool's head, but that wasn't my favorite part. I particularly liked the part where the large gorilla and the mud shark menacingly approached Stickman, and then the gorilla yanked his mudshark out of the way and presented his most scary Muhammad Ali moves. Stickman held his ground, and the groid predictably backed down. An armed, prepared, and determined white man is more than a match for a groid, and this is something that the groid instinctively knows.

Anonymous said...

short REITS with ETF called SRS, double short I think

Anonymous said...

Went over to Ambrose Kane and came across a very good art/video that explains 'white genocide'- turns out the author has several other videos that I know would interest some of you:

and as a bonus, have any of you ever wondered what it was like for white Freedom Riders in the 60's? Here's a glimpse of how "magical" it was:

Anonymous said...

HOly @#$% Paul, that was the most EPIC and inspirational movie/video that I have seen in a long time. And I burst out laughing twice during the caption segment/history part. The Alt Right should adopt this video it is that good.

Anonymous said...

Abe lincoln kill by the south

Anonymous said...

as far as the police standing down in regards to the protesters this all started in Ferguson will you have police commanders at were more concerned about their political afterlives from the police department then being the police and leading the officers....I have a friend who's in law enforcement and he's about ready to drop his fop membership it seems they are not concerned about these different Police Department standing down as they were when Ferguson was erupting and they did little to support the officers I think any law enforcement officer right now really needs to take a long hard look at the situation is anything major happens this spring or summer regardless of your economic status or mortgages you need to walk away as my friend tells me the command staff's also you down the drain no matter how righteous a use-of-force situation is and as far as the fop goes like he says they pick and choose their battle and sometimes it's who they like or don't like

Bud said...

I almost had some hope when Stick Man Trump was elected but the feeling was brief.

The congress is stacked with representatives from heavily minority states. Go to some of these state web sites and look at the makeup of the state deligates. It will scare you and it hasn't taken that long.

We know this cannot continue, but how can it change in a representative government where a taker majority is given wealth created by the minority? The idea that wealth is created in spite of the government is a foreign concept to them. Almost any black or brown will tell you the best government is one that gives them a payday. So every black or brown country is nothing short of being a third world hell hole.

It seems likely we will eventually have some autocratic form of government to contain the black issue, or the blacks will have another form of government to deal with the white issue. In either case we will have a different problem on our hands.


The "Mall" can ONLY exist in a 99% White Nation.

No 99% White nation?....the Mall is dead.

Sell any interest you may have in the "mall" concept.

Sell NOW.


Race said...

That is where I'm at mentally. Like I said in the last post, I'm waiting for the starting gun.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of illegals.... Stay safe ladies & gentlemen lock n load. God Bless

NC Guy

Race said...

" can't vote. Or interbreed, or own land."

Fixed it

Anonymous said...

"I think blacks and their dysfunction deserve more credit than any genius on Jeff Bezos pert for making Amazon the monster it is today. White people simply wanted to shop without having to deal with surly, belligerent blacks."

Last Sunday I worked a bit to catch up on things and decided I would grab a burger on the way home since my refrigerator was almost bare. I drove 15 minutes out of my way and was escorted to the counter by the manager serving as hostess. After sitting for quite a while with no service I noticed a lone black waitress was busy yakking away at a table with some black customers. No sense of urgency whatsoever. I have been here before and they sometimes have a single white waitress that hurries from table to table so the wait was at least somewhat tolerable. I finally left and told the manager on the way out that I would not be coming back.

Decided instead to stop at an unfamiliar grocery store and just make something at home. When I got to the checkout had no choice but to get in line with a black female cashier. I gave a greeting but received nothing in return but a constant scowl. I noted the name was "Vaneesha" or some such thinking I would call the manager when I got home. Talked myself out of it because no doubt he or she is also a nasty black that gave her a job in the first place.

When my wife got home we drove to a fairly nice mall, which predictably won't be much longer. I needed a pair of shoes but every store I stepped into had black sales people so I went on my way. Just a little tip to store owners - if you have black employees don't put a large screen TV in view while basketball is on.

After this we went to a Korean grocery store. I usually listen to the radio in the car while my wife shops but this time walked around and marveled at the people inside. The checkout people were attentive, proficient, friendly and helpful. Such a contrast.

Blacks cannot even manage a minimum wage job. They can only generate stress.

Mr. Rational said...

Centurion, have you done any checking on the cost of walls per foot, to make a "declining" mall into a protected "Members Only" space which can be protected from muds?

You can even have a bus station on the margin, as long as nobody is let in without a member card.  That way you can say you are "served by public transit" without importing a crime problem.  It would be the most un-used stop on the entire line.

Anonymous said...

In fact, if they had wanted to be "explicitly white", they never would have set the negro free and granted him equal citizenship in the first place, or abolished segregation, or enacted Affirmative Action. Hoping for this is just fooling yourself.

Oh and what was the final vote tally by White People of America for Affirmative Action or forced school integration?

Everything anti-White has been passed by politicians and judges in robes. That includes politicians from both parties.

White people are also indoctrinated from birth to believe that race doesn't exist or at least that racial differences are superficial and not related to economic inequalities.

And yes more Whites will become explicitly White as both conservative and liberal fantasies about race are torn apart by the internet. There is also a growing skepticism of environment-side theories as they clearly haven't worked as planned. Detroit is a monument to how flawed this thinking. Liberal intervention theories have been tried in literally millions of combinations with trillions of dollars and the most African areas of the US look like they have been bombed.

Anonymous said...

Remember Diamond Reynolds of Livestream fame? The one that everyone assumed was telling the truth about what happened when she Livestreamed it? Well she's in the news again...

Anonymous said...

Here is what you do with Black Bloc: rip off their masks.

They'll stop showing up if they can't be anonymous.

I admire stick man for showing some balls but he will lose his gun rights over this.

I'm also not convinced the far-left is even detrimental. Just look at how much free press they give the speakers they protest.

It's the establishment left that is the problem. The black pajama far-left is hilarious and self-destructive. A Marxist clown brigade. If I was selling a book I would thank them for showing up. The MSM can't resist a riot, even if it works against the liberal narrative. The media may be liberal but they still put ratings first.

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

I went to a March 4 Trump rally in Sterling Hts.,MI last Saturday. There were about 250 or so people there and 8-12 "protesters", which the media reported as 30-40. Some of them wore their masks and chanted their idiotic rhymes. I watched them for about ten minutes for a laugh, then walked on back to where the event was taking place. There were police and state troopers there along the march route with volunteers to keep things peaceful, and they did step in quickly when a protester and a Trump supporter got into a shoving match.

We marched about 3-4 miles up and down a main highway and cars were honking their horns non-stop and giving us the thumbs up as they drove by. Only one asshole flipped us the bird. I'm thinking there's a hell of a lot more support out there for Trump than anyone realizes. It was great to be out there with a fantastic group of American patriots who care about there country and are sick of it being turned into a third world hellhole. It ain't over for us yet!

Someone mentioned earlier. I highly recommend them along with I've been supporting them both for years. They both do great work fighting amnesty and illegal aliens. They also support big reductions in legal immigration. They're a fairly easy way to actually fight back and do something to make a difference.

Original Ex-Detroiter

Bud said...


I thoroughly enjoyed your book "The Truth About Selma". Don't normally feel the need to get something in return but wanted to own a book with your signature.

It takes a lot of courage to do what you do. In fact, your rate right up there with Stick Man. Who knows, you could end up as a sliver in history or as a cannibal hors d'oeuvre (in which you would be pronounced horse de-over).

Anonymous said...

As long as conservative white males are still mortally afraid of "losing their job" or "sounding racist", the left will continue to win.

Conservative White males are stuck on Rand and Churchian solutions.

I see that as a bigger problem. Websites like Free Republic shouldn't exist. That style of conservatism has proven to be a failure as a solution and alternative to multi-kult. I appreciate the idealism and sentiment but it just hasn't worked with Africans. We've given it a try and as with liberalism it just hasn't worked. That means Rand was wrong. Oh well, time to move on. I did.

Anonymous said...

Cede Berkley to the SJWs and their pets, cut off the EBT, and then in about a week just rake over the ashes.

Let the Black Bloc destroy Berkley.

It's not like the local businesses they trash are owned by White realists.

Whites on the side of reality shouldn't even stop there for lunch. It's loony land just like SF. Let the local liberals deal with these 21 year old liberal arts majors in ninja costumes.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Chapman a.k.a. Based Stick Man has been FREED from jail on $5000 bail paid out by WeSearchr through this bounty.

This sentence seems to suggest that Chapman's bail was set at $5,000 which seems low for someone charged with five felonies and one misdemeanor. I thought that I read somewhere that bail was set at $50,000 which is more in line with the charges but obviously unnecessarily high for the act of whacking a commie on the head with a dowel rod. The charges of 5 felonies and one misdemeanor probably indicate the prosecutor's intent to teach Chapman and all other Trump supporters a lesson. Chapman and his family will probably need a lot of money to get through this.

My guess is that WeSearchr paid a $5,000 fee to a bondsman to post a $50,000 bail.

Anonymous said...

That was great info. You should get it out everywhere you can.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

"He's American nationalist: nothing more, nothing less."

So was Lincoln, and look how that turned out.

Not at all.

Nationalists don't send their men to die horrible deaths before even trying diplomacy.

Lincoln wanted a fight with the South from the start. He was an egomaniac, not a nationalist.

Anonymous said...

I think blacks and their dysfunction deserve more credit than any genius on Jeff Bezos pert for making Amazon the monster it is today. White people simply wanted to shop without having to deal with surly, belligerent blacks.

The irony there is that Bezos owns the WaPo and pushes anti-White globalist garbage.

Anonymous said...

"Lincoln wanted a fight with the South from the start. He was an egomaniac, not a nationalist."

With all due respect, that's idiotic.

In the first place, if being an egomaniac disqualifies one from being a nationalist, then Trump isn't a nationalist either.

But Lincoln, who every historian of repute agrees was trying to "save the union", in addition to trying to eliminate slavery, was the real founder of America as a proposition nation. After Lincoln and the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, the US became a nation formally dedicated to raceless citizenship in the abstract, not by blood.

Anonymous said...

Obama said something like this it is on drudge.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Mr. Rational said...

NB: "TrueNewsUSA", closed by Blogger, has moved:

Update your blogrolls.

March 7, 2017 at 11:20 AM


Acc to my browser/blogspot, it has been removed by blogspot as well.

Anonymous said...

Never go to the mall. St louis Galleria a ghetto crap hole. I avoid it like the plague. I also have no filter about where i stand on defence of my person i carry at all times. Everywhere. I no longer have designer burnt coffee (Syriabucks). No more designer labels . Local . American made. My days of working with skittles, piñatas and malt liquor are over. Let the malls sheet up and die. Done with them.

Anonymous said...

Years ago i left Union city Ca. This was after the 89 quake. That did not force me out. I came home from work and the grocery store and police were at my door. Burglary. Illegals. Witnessed by my neighbors. One was a rapist. Out on parole. I was done camehome to my 150 population town in the hills of Missouri. Berkeley was insane. All of mexifornia is insane. All of these oppressed Americans let themselves and their families feel the true diverse group kumbaya. Police, fire , strike. Media let the get jacked with sticks. We need to take the country back.

Anonymous said...

Here is raw video of the park/event:

I haven't watched it past about 10 minutes--too much vile language for me.

But you will see that the most foul mouthed, obscene, stupid, and disrespectful members of the anti-Trump-voter contingent is a bunch of seriously retarded looking blacks.

Later the masked white trust fund children come in for the violence.

Who is paying these cretins? Who is organizing them?

Whoever it is has names and addresses and checkbooks and spreadsheets.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln was simply a tyrant. He wanted to preserve the union, yes, but by the time the war started it was obvious thar military force was the only way to do it. . The suspension of habeus corpus, the jailing of opponents, and the institution of the draft are examples. The slavery angle gets way too much play. It was not a primary reason for the conflict. If it had been, why wait two years before issuing the emancipation proclamation? Why let Maryland and Kentucky ( border states) continue with slavery?? Do some more research. The truth is still out there. Remember, history is written,or revised, by the victors. The reconstruction period is an interesting subject as well. Talk about raw deals and tyranny. Check it out.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

"White people simply wanted to shop without having to deal with surly, belligerent blacks."

My employer's health insurance plan has a prescription drug benefit through CVS.

I live in a large urban area, so I specified the closest CVS to my home as my prescription pickup location. My son occasionally needs asthma and allergy drugs. Well, I keep having to deal with this fat black female named "Brittney." She cracks her gum on the phone. leaves me on hold for 20 minutes at a time, speaks ebonics, never apologizes for making mistakes on my refills, shorts me on pills or fails to give me the generic drug that I requested, posts drugs that I did not even refill against my deductible, and has big, ugly, plastic dreadlocks.

She left me on hold for 25 minutes yesterday after she screwed up my refill, and when I complained about it, she said "I's bees the only one here" gave zero fucks and never apologized.

If I complain to her manager, she has my address and phone number and could send her buck after me and my family. They do this all the time.

Every time I use the CVS online feature to refill a scrip to save time, it's never ready by the time that is stated. I have to go inside and wait, watching the dumb negroes bump into each other and horse-play at my expense. The next closest CVS to me is a 20 minute drive one-way. This one is on my way home from work. All of the urban CVS's are staffed by stupid retarded negroes. So I will have to get the 90-day supply by mail so I don[t have to deal with the ghetto trash. Same reason I shop at Amazon instead of Target or Walmart. Too many freaking blacks everywhere. And they really like to steal credit card information and social security numbers.

Blacks are stupid and criminal. I can't trust these people with my personal data. Who in his right mind would give black women full access to my patient data???

I noticed that Brittney keeps auto-refilling a $299 asthma inhaler prescription that I had a coupon for but no longer want. I have to call her every month to tell her to remove the refill claim from my insurance account. I suspect fraud. She is probably charging my insurance company, then taking the drug and selling it on the street for cash. I went to the CVS website to complain, and I was bombarded with their statements on equal opportunity and a "strong commitment to diversity" and Marxist shit like that. If I use a pharmacy other than CVS, then it is out-of-network and I pay double.

Once I had to wait in the actual store for a refill, and noticed that the pharmacist was a dark black African with an accent. 3 of the 4 pharmacy workers were black women with dreadlock-style braids or hideous greasy cornrows.

HOW DO THESE PEOPLE GET SO MANY JOBS?? Are black women filling these jobs while running a prescription drug crime and identity fraud ring? I bet so. I am sick of negroes. And the traitorous white cucks who keep hiring them.

I just can't take it anymore.

Paintjob Theory said...

"... liberal fantasies about race are torn apart by the internet."

Our greatest weapon against these fantasies is TNB. The internet just makes it easier to see and document.

@ Centurion

If you browse the mobile version of the site on a phone or tablet the comments replying to another are under it and indented, also there is a "reply" button under each comment on the mobile site. Folks who only browse/post on a mobile device may take it for granted that others can see the comments ordered in that more logical fashion.

Count me in on the convention. I'd very much enjoy discussing ideas in more depth, going farther off-topic, and hearing all of you folks' stories in person one day.

I've mentioned before that PK ought to chime in on whether one (or a group) of us can make a partner site for this that is a full discussion board where we can continue discussions beyond the 2-3 days PK generally updates comments.

Anonymous said...

O/T yet its an in your face warning of why we can't have and never should have had ANY of these subhumans allowed to come to this country, from the slave trade onwards - they can't manage to survive their own native lands, so what does that tell you? this is nature's way of culling the herd - survival of the fittest - simple as that and yet, the damn subversive tactics of the UN imploring the world to 'save' the shits. - bad enough the USA already subsidizes the feeding and care of the 'pets' here, and we supposed to, as an act of charity, feed the ones aboard as well?!? Hell no! do NOT feed the damn things - 6 million starving to death in Africa is NOT our concern - do NOT give into the 'christian' charity BS - enough of that calculated brainwashing - save the charity for our own race and let africans/muds fend for themselves - do NOT encourages the never-ending parasitic behaviors....otherwise we will be overwhelmed and submerged in a vile, mud-colored sea of subhuman masses - whites are a minority in this world and yet its BLUE/GREY/GREEN EYES among us that have created the 1st world, the best that has even been, that every other race wants to partake of and claim for, let these Africans fail as nature dictates & stay in their own lands...USA already has far too many of these subhumans to deal with...

Mr. Rational said...

I admire stick man for showing some balls but he will lose his gun rights over this.

Vox Day has a new post that charges against Based Stick Man have been dropped.  Apparently the pushback against Berzerkeley's anarcho-tyranny rocked them on their heels.

My guess is that WeSearchr paid a $5,000 fee to a bondsman to post a $50,000 bail.

I've seen that confirmed elsewhere.  And since charges were dropped, the bondsman has his $5k and is laughing all the way to the bank.

Acc to my browser/blogspot, it has been removed by blogspot as well.

Yup, just noticed that.  I hope Detective Shaved L--- C--- finds a home.

Anonymous said...

Black only CPR classes? I guess this is a great way to not go mouth-to-mouth, even using those new one-way breathing things. I wouldn't perform CPR on a black! They already have more than enough black dummies, so they have plenty to practice on.

Anonymous said...

Our "uniform" is not one of standardized regalia but one of hidden badges unseen by eyes. It is not seen with the eyes, but is demonstrable through thoughts and actions concomitant to purpose.

Seeing the charges levelled against our brethren reminds me of the hate crime statutes in the (free for download) books by H. Covington. The laws and the eventual "FATPO" will be a reality.

Prepare accordingly.

Anonymous said...

The S.M. Stirling book, "Conquistador" is an inspiring read about a WW2 veteran from a fine Virginian family who accidentally opens a portal to a U.S.A. which never was colonized by Europeans.

He and his merry band of brothers begin building a world where whites have the technology and will to become great and intelligently stock the new world they create. And they make all nonwhites whom they allow in use depo-provera and limit their time in the white nation.

Hick'ry Stick said...

"Blacks are stupid and criminal. I can't trust these people with my personal data."

Years back, I had a collection agency calling me after a company failed to act on information I had given them, not once, but three times. You can guess who was supposed to be processing the info. When I complained to the (white) supervisor, she had no comment, but I could feel what she was thinking.
As other posters have previously stated, if it's a black voice on the other end, hang up and try again.
In your case, not so easy to do. Might be worth the extra time to go to another CVS.
My policy lists more than one "preferred" outlet for meds. Maybe yours does as well. Or the 90 day by mail?

Anonymous said...

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Anti-Fa(ggot) Son of EX-VP to the monster in the pantsuit up to new hijinks!

Anonymous said...

I just found out that #basedstickman is in my conservative meet up group (yes we have conservatives in San Francisco). Yowsa! Hopefully we'll see him at our next meeting (I can't say when or where it is, because it isn't safe. Seriously.)

Unknown said...

Gotta hand it to those limp dick Cali cops. Finally decide to arrest the One guy fighting a crowd, not many crowds jumping the innocent. Good lord Barney fife.