Thursday, March 30, 2017

Courtesy of blacks, Baltimore averaging almost one homicide a day in 2017

The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore tells the story of why Baltimore died and dares point out why "people are afraid to come into the city."


Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Which brings us to this insanity. 


First, you must be reminded that in 1917, Baltimore was nearly 90 percent white. 

Today, the city is roughly 25 percent white. 

And with a 65 percent black population, you get this... ['Nobody feels safe no more': Baltimore hits 79 murders, Fox Baltimore, 3-30-17]:
BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The human toll of deadly crime in Baltimore is now at 79.
With March 29 marking the 86th day of 2017, the city is seeing nearly one homicide per day. By this time in 2016, the city reached 54 homicides.  
On Wednesday, the city had two murders in the middle of the day. One was at a popular BP gas station at the corner of Reisterstown Road and Garrison Boulevard. 
Shatara Shaw lives down the street from the gas station. She says: “It's just getting out of hand. It needs to stop.” 
Moments before Dante Jones drove his car to the BP gas pump, the entire station was shut down after a man was stabbed in the middle of the pavement. 
“There’s a lot of stuff going on out here, a lot of crazy stuff,” says Jones. “You never know what’s going to happen out here nowadays.” 
The brutal attack happened at 2 p.m., and the gas station’s manager, Abdul Rauf, says it was all caught on surveillance. 
“The way they were killing, even an animal can’t do it like that,” says Rauf. “They were taking him all over the parking lot over there; he held his hand and was kicking all over.” 
The suspects got away, but they left Baltimore with its 79th homicide and an unsettling feeling across the city. 
Shaw says: “Nobody feels safe no more. You can’t even go anywhere in daylight; obviously, this happened in daylight, so you can’t even go nowhere now.” 
With eight homicides in the city's northwest police district already this year, the district’s homicide rate has doubled over this time last year.
No blacks, know peace; know blacks, no peace.

It's really this simple.


PB said...

For the most part, this is a good news story.

Anonymous said...

I watched one of "The Purge" movies for the first time today. I could NOT believe the premise: that a white conservative government encouraged random violence to oppress the poor.

Where do you see that in the real world? Go to the most liberal, democrat voting areas, and they are 3rd-world hell holes of ignorance and violence. Visit conservative communities, and you will find safety, politeness, and civilization.

Needless to say, I couldn't watch more than a few minutes. Total revisionist propaganda.

Anonymous said...

It be, you know, like whitey's fault yo. We needs mo programs and jobs.

Bird of Paradise said...

And as usial liberals will blame guns they will blame the gun makers they will blame the gun lobby(NRA,@nd Amendment Founation Etc)they will blame the U.S. Constitution and theyll blame the founding fathers becuase liberal are so darn stupid

Paintjob Theory said...

(((Joy Lambert))) won't mention the "human" casualties are likely entirely NHI incidents.

“The way they were killing, even an animal can’t do it like that,” says Rauf.

Well I'd encourage Mr. Rauf to return to his ancestral homeland.

The normal screed about black dysfunction aside, it really says something about how awful a world these sand people create for themselves that this shit-toe would rather live in Baltimore than go back to live among his own people in his native sand.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I didn't know if any of you or P.K. has heard about the black cop in New York who tweeted #blacklivesmatter and then claimed autocorrect changed it from #bluelivesmatter

All the links of the story were ad-riddled and black-centric (The root, etc.) so I'll just post the details instead:

After the Twitter account for the New York Police Department’s 76th Precinct sent out a message about recovering a gun off the street, an NYPD cop responded in an unexpected way. Officer Gwendolyn Bishop responded that the subsequent arrest made for a “Sad day for the 76th Pct. #Blacklivesmatter.”

Bishop was soon on the receiving end of inter-departmental charges about improper public conduct. According to Bishop and her attorney, she meant to write “#Bluelivesmatter” and her phone autocorrected to “#Blacklivesmatter.”

(so it is a sad day that they found the gun and brought the perp to justice?)

“I vaguely remember the tweets,” Bishop would later tell Commissioner David Weisel. “If I had to guess, there were a lot of changes in my precinct about shifts being switched, but it had nothing to do about this gun arrest.”

Bishop’s attorney claimed that Bishop later corrected the tweet and sent out messages containing the message of “#Bluelivesmatter.” Bishop’s account was later disabled, and the replies to the original tweet were turned off.

According to the New York Daily News, the tweet was the latest incident of misconduct from Officer Bishop.

“Department heads also accused Bishop of mouthing off to superior officers and for violating departmental rules such as taking a break without informing a superior, going over a supervisor’s head to get approval for time off and conducting vertical patrols on her own,” the paper reported.

Anonymous said...

Shatara Shaw lives down the street from the gas station. She says: “It's just getting out of hand. It needs to stop.”

Shitantra, thanks for telling us that it is on its way to becoming out of hand. We now know that the needle is moving in the direction of the danger zone at one murder per day. How many orcs must be murdered per day before it has crossed the threshold and actually is out of hand?

The population of Baltimore is approximately 615,000 with a current murder rate of almost 365 per year. This is an annual murder rate of 59 / 100,000 population which compares unfavorably with South Africa at only 36 / 100,000. South Africa is considered by many to have a murder rate comparable to the homicide rate of a country at war, yet Shitantra views the Baltimore situation as merely getting out of hand. They are not like us.

Detroit Refugee said...

We won't be reading about Dante and an un-armed/unsuspecting human cought up in shots ringing out on streets gone wrong.

Ex New Yorker said...

Something should be done about these number of killings. This is a real tragedy. When you consider the "Chicago model" and compare that to the large black population in Baltimore there is definitely something not right. More money should be pumped into the community and more programs need to be established. There is a great need for improvements in Baltimore. A town that size with only a dismal "nearly one killing per day" is not good. This is a sign that something has to be done to improve the kill ratio.

If the community leaders, politicians and local church groups all worked together the kill rate could be extended to at least three per day. Since it has been proven over and over again that large infusions of government money has always increased the crime rate I think it is now time for more "federal funding" of death and destruction.

With enough government money and the local criminal element working together the kill rate could be brought up as high as five killings a day. This is not a time to give up hope.

If all else fails the city can bring in some SJW. About 20 or 30 ugly fat white girls with purple hair (or shaved heads), black lipstick, hairy armpits and a bone through their nose will add to the "local color". They will surely add a little flair to the streets of Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

It could be that the goyim are truly stupid cows. They certainly allowed the non-war time destruction of every one of their cities.

Mance Rayder said...

PK, that book of yours("the city that bleeds") is right on!! I have both formats, digital and physical. And your blog here today is an extension of that. O/T here... perhaps in subsequent pressings of your books you could put some photos in there. To illustrate your point. To bring it on home so to speak. Your book on "Selma" had me thinking that. Hunter Wallaces' photos of the Selma area was that idea full circle. Just an idea. Anywho this is peerless stuff here PK. I mean it! And to ALL the awesome commenters on here. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Shaw says: “Nobody feels safe no more. You can’t even go anywhere in daylight; obviously, this happened in daylight, so you can’t even go nowhere now.”

Isn't this, uh, one of the reasons they had something called "sundown towns" back during those terrible, terrible days of segregation? You know, to keep people safe? Well, they got rid of the sundown towns and now people are unsafe both night and day.

Must be those teens...

Californian said...

Come now, Baltimore, didn't you give rioters "space to destroy?" Are you not empowered by the spirit of Freddy Gray? Do you not exult in the justice of railroading cops into court?

How's that social justice working for you?

As for any White person in Baltimore who may be reading this, remember:

Stay Alert
Stay Armed
Stay Alive

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

D-FENS said...

Several years back, it was common to hear stories about how "Africanized" killer bees were making their way up from Brazil towards the US. I don't think I've heard any news about this in at least 5 years. Has the media stopped covering this because it will reinforce stereotypes about negro behavior? Or was this another case of media sensationalism?

Anonymous said...

They need to step it up, Chicago has already racked up 138 homicides, 730 shot.

Paintjob Theory said...

In other news, anti-white SJW activist tortured and killed by one of her pets:

Anonymous said...

C'mon Baltimore, only ONE per day? Chicago blacks are averaging 1.5 per day. Where's your pride, your enthusiasm? Are you going to let the Second City be number one?

Hick'ry Stick said...

Change the scene from a BP gas station in Baltimore to a liquor store in Omaha.
Three blacks left the store, got into their car and an instant later another car pulled up to them and sprayed lead, leaving one dead and two wounded.
And so, a black pastor organized the usual prayer vigil for the slain black man.
After he had said his piece he asked, "Would anyone like to say a few words about ____avious?" (Can't recall the name, but the suffix is almost guaranteed).
No response.
Again, not a word.
One can only hypothesize the "family" was too grief stricken to attend; or possibly for health reasons that they themselves might be on the hit list.
'Splain again how black lives matter.
These folks are a subsidized nightmare.

Mr. Rational said...

Several years back, it was common to hear stories about how "Africanized" killer bees were making their way up from Brazil towards the US. I don't think I've heard any news about this in at least 5 years.

They've been here for more than 20 years.  It's a fait accompli.

One of the things I'd love to see is a scientific effort to make visual/chemical lures for such swarming insects (not just African bees) to pull them into insecticide pastes or sprays.  Preferably slow-acting ones which allow the insecticide to be carried back to the colony and kill the queen, wiping it out.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Paintjob, this brave, selfless sjw is a martyr for the faith. She's now been transfigured into an angel of light surrounded by 5,000 young, negro males in white robes singing her praises. She'll soon be canonized and made a saint of the movement and given as an example of how the power of love can do all things. This is how every sjw hopes to die. Death at the hands of a Negro or Brown Person atones for all their white sins. She finally had the privilege beaten out of her. I can only imagine the ecstatic catharsis she must have been feeling at the time.

- Tired

Anonymous said...

Anonymous PB said...
For the most part, this is a good news story.
Agreed, I dont see any problems there. In the words of mike browns mother, it's just what they do.

Anonymous said...

Depends on what city you talking about

Wide Awake said...

This is hilarious:

It just never ends....the victimization, the blame cast on white people for every aspect of their failed existence.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies lie only with those whites who were driven out of their cities by the dysfunctional culture and criminal behaviors of blacks. I have zero sympathy for blacks who have to live in a huge cesspit of their own making. They need not wail for help, more money or programs. None of that will change their DNA nor change the inevitable results of having a large African population in an American city. Simply put, I do NOT care what they do to each other- not my problem. My only interest is in how to keep the black plague from spreading to unaffected areas and destroying those as they try to run from themselves to new areas, infect those and feast off whites.

So, a black wails that they can't go anywhere day or night for fear of other blacks? Tough. I couldn't care less. In the meantime, I'll go anywhere in my white city day or night without a care in the world and with no fear at all. Well, except for a small black area which is predictably crime ridden and infested with black parasites sucking off the government teat- which I will naturally avoid. And, yes. That area used to be solid white, safe, clean and wholesome until blacks moved into it.

I wish there was a pest control company that had a sign out front that said, "Got N*ggers? We can help!" They'd have a booming business.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous March 31, 2017 at 3:45 AM said... They need to step it up, Chicago has already racked up 138 homicides, 730 shot.

Assuming that this is negro-on-negro violence, then this was my first thought as I read the article.

Come on, Baltimore negros, we believe in you !!!

Baron Münchhausen said...

Courtesy of Blacks indeed.. Saw this story today, from a week ago. It needs to be national news. White teen, raped, murdered, fed to alligators

How many of you remember this:

Brittannee Drexel. You are not forgotten

The Baron

rent slave said...

The Orioles should think about building a new stadium with all deliberate speed.Tonight,the Braves open Sun Trust Park on Atlanta's outskirts and away from MARTA.After more than a century,the Braves may finally have made the right move.

Anonymous said...

Can there be a serious online betting pool for which negroid city racks up most kills? Treat it like sports teams. Chicago vs New Orleans.

Baltimore vs Detroit, etc.


Could get some great attention to the plague and win some money too.

Funny to track the stats in realtime. A whole new sport!!

Place your bets!!

Anonymous said...

They're up to 80 murders now.

Here is a link to a series by the Baltimore Sun, which basically says niggaz now aimin' fo dey headz to kill fo sho:

Anonymous said...

The poor Baltimore negros. If they're not the victim of streets gone wrong and shots ringing out, they're being exploited by Baltimore YT institutions like Johns Hopkins Hospital. I just heard there is a new Oprah movie in the works about Baltimore Negress Henrietta Lacks, who went to Hopkins for cancer treatment in 1951, dying within a few months. After her death, and without paying any $$, they harvested some cells from her tumor and have kept them viable all these years, using them in research. Now HBO and Oprah have a movie coming out, as if this black guinea pig had been a medical research genius. The remaining fambly is suing everyone in sight for "gibs" on this. Sounds like a medical version of "Hidden Figures". Scary thought...they call these immortal cells, as they can be kept alive forever....that's all we need...immortal nogs!

Sick n' Tired said...

I grew up in a town of 25-30k people, almost every household owned multiple guns, and we all had easy access to them as "teens", yet streets didn't go wrong, and the only murder we had in a 10 year period was a guy who shot his wife, and then himself. Of course we had zero groid population.

Anonymous said...

Drunk white IMPD cop calls a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

Virtue-signaling in Martinsville, IN

If you are white and you bend over to sufficiently kiss the black ass, you are "the real deal."

"Before Johnson knew what was happening, he realized Wilson — anxious about venturing into the heart of white America — had fled for cover in the woods."

Anonymous said...

In my town, another negro nightclub has been shut down as a public nuisance due to all the crime spreading throughout the area and several shootings taking place at the nightclub itself. Lots of negro bongo parties/brawls in the parking lot. It's in the same general area where another negro nightclub was shut down several months ago for the exact same reasons. Local businesses would lock their doors at a certain time to keep negro raiding parties out and were fed up with it.

Over the past 10 years or so there have literally been dozens upon dozens of negro-centric businesses closed down by the city for these reasons and that's in a city with only about a 10% negro population. I can't imagine what it would be like if the negroes were 65% of the population. Oh.....wait. Yes, I can! There would be lots of no go zones for humans.

Baltimore is a perfect example of the cultural enrichment negroes bring with their presence and also the perfect example of why there should be segregation. Of course, to destigmatize the black areas, they should be called "Cultural Enrichment Zones." However, I'm old school and just call such areas "n*ggertown." That's the name that truly fits.

Anonymous said...

I use to work near Chinatown in NY on the graveyard shift. A million low income Chinese packed into a small area of NY and never was I harassed nor felt unsafe getting food at 1AM. Once I went to a concert in Harlem, I was lucky to get out with my life.
We are not all the same.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how that fire started in Atlanta yesterday that ended up collapsing a portion of highway and that will cause bad traffic problems for months?

Anonymous said...

If supposed microagressions are such a problem, and though 51% of this area is not white, what the hell does having to live with the macroagressions of being around blacks and having to be outnumbered by Nigroes do to whites? These idiots need a sound lesson to be taught them.

PB said...

"With enough government money and the local criminal element working together the kill rate could be brought up as high as five killings a day. This is not a time to give up hope."

That's a program we could all get behind. Probably safer in front, given the shooting ability of most of them, but still.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, the 8th Street Corridor!

Back in '84 another guy who was released from prison some years early beat and raped two women to death. The black woman (1st victim) apparently had a metal pole shoved deeply into her rectum, the white woman (a woman who grew up in CT) was the second victim and was violated in the same manner (but not with an object).

When will white people quit believing they are like us? I've known too many people who simply HAVE to believe in paint theory. They aren't "colored" They are literally a different breed. Just like there are different breeds of dogs, some of which are more violent and agressive, less trainable, etc than other breeds. Just like different species of chimps can have quite astounding differences yet be of the same species. When will white people use their obviously wonderful minds to reason these issues out? It makes me sad that many still believe in paint theory. It's actually a killer!

Earl Turner said...

Replying to this comment from earlier:

I watched one of "The Purge" movies for the first time today. I could NOT believe the premise: that a white conservative government encouraged random violence to oppress the poor.

Then you haven't been paying attention, or you just need to stop listening to Pills Limbaugh. Both sides allow and facilitate "random" [[[violence]]] to oppress the poor and the working class and anyone who isn't part of the 1% establishment. The cuckservatives figured out how to use a certain biological weapon developed from obsolete farm equipment against their own fellow Americans a LONG time ago and they do it just as well as the Democrats and the (((bolsheviks))) who came up with the idea.

It's what keeps the sheep voting for them. That's all they care about and that's why they do it.

Anonymous said...

Let's suppose Desiree, with the help of welfare in the 1960s have six chillin: Latoya, Precious, Rosa, Martin, Muhummad, Tyrone

By the 1980s, each of her six children already have six children of their own. Now, a buck could knock up much more than six baby mamas, but he could have also been shot by a rival gang before he could get more than one pregnant at age fifteen, so let's suppose that by 1980s, Desiree shoud have 36 grandchildren. In 2000s, she should have 216 great grandchildren.

Subtracting the other parent, each generation could see an increase of negroes by 5, 30, and 180.

Except, they cull themselves by shaking their own babies, making ghetto lobsters and becoming rockfishes, stabbing, shootings. Would love to see some negro family trees with the population checkers labelled (oven baked by siblings or iced in a rival gang hit), impossible because most don't know who their daddy is.

A murder a day, a population reduction of over three hundred negroes a year (granted, some victims are white, but most whites have fled). At some point, will more thugs be killed per day then they can be replaced? I think since the thug incubaters aren't the ones getting removed, and multiple babymamas have the same baby's daddy, the family trees of negroes will just look more like a basket.

Be very careful driving by a blacked city, The Hills Have Eyes!

- A Chinese in Canada

Anonymous said...

Maybe when the perpetrators of these senseless killings are caught, they should be brought up on charges of "Destruction of Government Property".

Oh, I couldn't resist that one! ;)

The Umpire said...

"They need to step it up, Chicago has already racked up 138 homicides, 730 shot."

Mr. Ulterior Motive, is that you again? Uh, might the fact that Chicago's population is 2,720,000--vs. Baltimore's 621,000--have something to do with it?

HMMMMM, why would D.T. and David Muir--during an interview in the White House--only talk about the murder rate in Chicago, even though nearby Baltimore's murder rate is much higher?

Hmmmmm, let's see if he responds like a sneaky devil: in a deliberately confusing, wordy, rambling, convoluted manner.

Anonymous said...

The law-abiding blacks in these areas can blame themselves. They side with anti-white leftist politicians and BLM and similar groups with similar ideas.

Now it's "everyone's" job to figure this out and put a stop to it.

Let the black mayors and black city officials figure it out.

Tom B. said...

Really, this is simply called Darwinism in action. As long as they're simply killing each other, I have no problem with it. What, I'm supposed to weep tears of blood for sixteen-year-old gangbangers La'Quan and Travonius? Hand-wringing?


Bill in St Louis said...

Both you and Shitaria are wrong: This is going well. At 1 napacide per day, that is 365 "good ones" (ie ones we don't have to feed, house etc) a year. It's a good start, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Shatara Shaw lives down the street from the gas station. She says: “It's just getting out of hand. It needs to stop.”

It... It... Shit-tar-a can't conceive of a solution that involves people and choices. It just needs to stop. Yes, shit-tar, it needs to stop. Gubmint subsidization of this way of life needs to stop.

Quanfernius X said...

OT: the bridge collapse in Atlanta is an interesting case study in what is sure to be a more common theme in the coming years: governmental entities staffed by NAMs being unable to maintain white infrastructure.

Preliminary reports are that chemicals, equipment, and pvc pipes were being stored under the bridge and caught fire. If you had to guess, what race would you say comprised the crews moving things safely in and out of this storage area?

Now they're saying it will take many months to repair the bridge. Why? How long doesn't it take to build a bridge? A white crew of engineers and construction workers could probably get the thing rebuild from scratch in a matter of weeks--assuming they weren't laden down with affirmative action hires, mandatory diversity training, government contracts going to women and minority owned businesses, etc.

So the people of Atlanta will endure months of disruption to their lives while shiftless Africans lean on their shovels in between smoke breaks, for months on end.

Anonymous said...

Freddie Gray died on April 19th so maybe the fun has not even got started yet. Once the vigils / protests get rolling around the 15th (the date of Gray's ride in the paddy wagon) the negroes will have shook off their winter slumber and be ready for some real violence. I think Baltimore is a place no thinking and rational person will want to be for the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Shatara Shaw lives down the street from the gas station. She says: “It's just getting out of hand. It needs to stop.”

What is "getting out of hand?"

Shots ringing out?
Streets going wrong?
Somebody not doin' nuthin'?
Aspiring rappers being cut down on their path to rocket engineering?

You really have to ask, what would happen were the US to show some sanity and partition the country, giving blacks a chunk of territory on the grounds that they never again darken White homelands. Supposing all blacks were to move out of Baltimore for (say) Selma? How quickly would the violence which has gotten out of hand in Baltimore suddenly cease?

But what would happen in states which were entirely black? And without YT to prop them up with taxpayer dollars, EBT cards, AA, school vouchers and the occasional blood sacrifice of an Amy Biehl? If 65% black Baltimore has gotten "out of hand" -- this with a surviving White sector trying to keep things functioning, and with state & federal support -- how would blacks manage it entirely on their own?

Well, we have seen Detroit, and we have seen Kinshasha, and we are seeing Johannesburg. Within a generation, a black world would descend to the African mean.

So it comes back to race.

Anonymous said...

Other cities are lagging way behind in terms of black bodycounts. C'mon Oakland, where you at?

Anonymous said...

"No blacks, know peace. Know blacks, no peace." Can we make a bumper sticker for this?

Californian said...

OK, so what would it take to make blacks feel safe in Baltimore?

* Declare a curfew against anyone out after sundown?
* Have the department of public safety use fire hoses against mobs of malefactors?
* Send in paramilitary SWAT teams to take down gangbangers?
* Perhaps supporting cops when they shoot perpetrators who are assaulting them?

The point is, blacks have gotten exactly what they have demanded since the 1950s: an end to all of YT's repressive laws. And the results? Why, shucks, no one feels "safe" any more.

Blacks wanted "space to destroy" in the recent rioting? Fine. They got it. How's that working? Perhaps it is dawning on Baltimoreans that you can not have space to destroy and then suddenly find yourself lacking space to be safe. But that's logic and that's reason, qualities which appear to be lacking in the dominant demographic in that city.

Something to be considered as yet another metropolis descends into the chaos that is BRA.



Baltimore, Chicago, and every negro ass kissing democratic city you can jot down! What the Hell happened to our America?
I'm definitely (as I know you are) growing very tired of the American Black Plague!


Anonymous said...

Let's look on the bright side: every day that there is a homicide in Baltimorgue, the collective IQ in America goes up. Stay alert, stay alive.

Truth-hammer said...

One dead spook a day. That is pathetic. I think we can get those numbers to go up. They just have to put their backs into it.

Mr. Rational said...

So, Truth-hammer, let me see if I read you right:

You're saying that Black Lives Matter... for keeping score in the Murder Games?