Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Massive Black Riot at Selma High School Celebrity Basketball Game... Day Before Marking 52nd Anniversary of Edmund Pettus Bridge Crossing

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No one cares about the world found in 80 percent black Selma, Alabama today. 

Not even when it's the anniversary of the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Known as the Bridge Crossing Jubilee, this years 52nd anniversary was marred by violence, more violence, and littering

But it gets better. [Fight breaks out before celebrity basketball game during Jubilee in Selma,, 3-8-17]:
A large fight broke on Saturday evening at Selma High School gym. There was a celebrity basketball game for the Jubilee.  People were in stands there to see the game when the fight broke out. 
“I was coaching the high schoolers against the celebrity players and just as the game was about to start a big giant fight broke out,” said Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson. 
Jackson said the fight was gang related. The video shows a police officer using mace to clear the stands. 
The event was sponsored by Best of Student Shooters Boss Youth League Fund Inc, a local non-profit organization uses that sports to teach area youth business. 
“They do try to mentor kids and send them in a positive direction and it was sad you have these young people to mar the event with that kind of behavior,” said Jackson. 
Selma police chief Spencer Collier said that four minors were arrested at the scene and more arrests are possible.
What's left of civilization in 80 percent black Selma in 2017 is a reminder why the white leaders of Selma in 1965 dared keep the franchise restricted.


Anonymous said...

Conspicuous by their absence: the names of the "celebrities" at that "Celebrity" Game. Maybe the journalist's apostrophe key was broken.

Anonymous said...

Nelson Muntz is again heard from:

"Hah, hah!"

Anonymous said...

The 2 coonmunity folks in the video sound seriously retarded (no disrespect meant, just fact). Like in so dumb they have a hard time putting sentences together.

I thought the fight looked pretty tame. I don't know why a cop would risk getting close enough to spray mace. Maybe they were playing marchers and German Shepards, kind of a hood style reenactment.

When will people learn that basketball overexcites "teens" and causes gyms, streets and guns to go bad?

Anonymous said...

Don't they know the best way to bring peace to a basketball game is hold it at midnight? Isn't how they ended gangbanger violence back in the 1990s, with midnight basketball?

Anonymous said...

"The event was sponsored by Best of Student Shooters Boss Youth League Fund Inc, a local non-profit organization uses that sports to teach area youth business. "

Best of Student Shooters ???

Bit of nominative determinism, non ?

Mr. Rational said...

These fights and everything else were probably NHI (No Humans Involved), police officers included.

Selma could be neutron-bombed to good effect.  Ditto Gary, Detoilet, several areas of Chimpcongo, Memphrica, Compton (between Blacks and browns, who gives a damn?) and too many others to list off the top of one's head.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how peaceful and loving blacks can be! Aren't these the kind of people we want in our neighborhoods? This reminds me of a black woman tenderly correcting a white woman who had dementia caught on video. Ambrose Kane has a video of a great-grandmother who came into contact with one of the blessed souls.

Now, in this scene we must remember that white people are the fault of their aggression. When we see this, we MUST feel guilt and say nothing but teens were involved so as not to implicate Negroes. We must acknowledge that what we see is not typical Negro behavior, but aggression caused by years of white privilege. So all you whiteys must feel bad about what you are witnessing. Aren't we lucky to have so many Negroes in our nation?

Alex from N. England said...

Impulse control issues...maybe we should treat negro dysfunction as an ilness. Like ADHD or autism. Our NAPAs could be prescribed with medication to lower their abnormal testosterone levels. Believe it or not, it's a great time to be alive. It is getting harder and harder to keep facts and information about negroes hidden. We are all waiting for the emperor's nakedness to be exposed. Folks, also pax attention to white inventions like Bitcoin, which threaten to undermine global banking. Electric cars which will alter America's Middle East-centric foreign policy etc. Amazing, exciting time to be alive.

PB said...

"Best of Student Shooters Boss Youth League Fund Inc."

That's hilarious. A mindless word salad if ever I saw one.

Proudyt said...

Massive fight and just 4 people arrested. See there's the problem. No accountability. They know whatever they do most likely goes unpunished. Same old bullshit.

Anonymous said...

We need to rub this in America's face. Tucker Carlson from Fox News should go do a special report and examine Selma up close. Specifically ask if it is now better because the negroes marched on the bridge. EXPOSE!! And mock!

Anonymous said...

Just another day in (((cultural marxists'))) utopian animal kingdom now known as the USSA

There needn't be any further discussions (except for entertainment reasons; after all, watching and chatting about chimp-on-chimp chimp-outs is entertaining*) of how ethnic Europeans and ethnic Africans can live "together"; it was never, nor ever will be possible for different species to be the same or live together. It's that simple - two very different species, by nature, cannot live "together".

Any and all (((cultural-marxists' arguments))), for continuing to try, must be rejected and ignored, in fact such must be considered as extremely deadly to the survival of all ethnic European peoples and civilization.

The only and best solution, for all involved, is to encourage the ethnic Africans to repatriate back to Africa, where they'll have unlimited opportunities to create their own "White-people-free civilization". In the cases of feral ethnic Africans, such as habitual, genetically-predisposed-to-violence type criminals, welfare breeders, etc., penal colonies must be established in Africa, where the un-salvageable can be shipped to upon being fairly tried and found guilty and or after their third, illegitimate, fatherless, offspring is plopped out.

All (((cultural marxists))) can go with them, in particular, those of the political, academic, and media-entertainment classes.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason for stereotypes.....

Brian in Ohio said...

Sponsored by the "Best of Student Shooters youth league".... Oh the irony..

A more aptly named negro youth program I have never

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

How much longer will PK's books be available on Amazon?

Probably a good idea to purchase any controversial books you might have in mind sooner rather than later. And though I have come to love the Kindle format (though books with complex graphics seem to have problems in Kindle), you might want to get hard copy versions. I remember Amazon was embroiled in a controversy over copyrights and ended up deleting already purchased Kindle versions and giving a store credit.

Unfortunately, Amazon has destroyed local bookstores and Barnes & Noble is a distant second to Amazon.

Might also want to become familiar with

Anonymous said...

"It was sad you have these young people to mar the event with that kind of behavior.”

Like the way YT feels most of the time when black people show up.Thing is, we have to tolerate it from the youngest to old an grey with "that kind of behavior"

Anonymous said...

Did a little research on this Student Shooters Boss League Fund.

"Best of Student Shooters B.O.S.S. Youth League Fund is estimated to generate $120,126 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 2 people at this single location".

An expense to the taxpayers is seen as a revenue. About $60K each for two people seems to be the going negro rate.

If you are interested in signing your kids up you may want them to watch this commercial:

It talks about learning leadership, preparation for the next grade or college, dedication and going on trips. Strange, all I see is a bunch of black kids playing basketball.

This type of self segregation seems good for us. I am not sure what type of business they are getting prepared for, but I suspect it will not be legal. Hopefully they can keep it in the hood and the beneficiaries can sponsor the new BOSS members.

Anonymous said...

If only the "best of student shooters" were present at this game?

Anonymous said...

I know P.K. is a huge fan of Robert Heinlein... I'm sure Paul is familiar with "The Sixth Column" which is about using genetically-targeting biological weapons: either designer pathogens or Nano-biotics that affect only people with specific genetic markers.

P.K. if you're seeing this, how likely do you think it is until something like this is developed and used to either eliminate or sterilize a specific ethnic/racial group in an area (or the world)? I understand that the Israelis once experimented with this in hopes of using it against the Palestinians.

I can't see a Western nation developing/deploying this technology even if it existed, because we're too cucked by altruism, virtue signaling, pandering, delusion and (((you know who))), but I can definitely see an East Asian power like China moving forward with this. With the world's population poised to swell beyond 10 billion this century and our air, land and oceans already depleted and poisoned I see this as an almost Malthusian necessity.

If this technology were able to be developed and implemented, it would not be hard to guess who may one of the first groups of human bio-diversity targeted for removal. However, if the Western World doesn't develop this first to hold as a M.A.D. deterrent to keep others from using it and we continue to increasingly become a globalist, culturally moral-less society, I would say that we (perhaps deservingly) would be next on the list.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts on a possible future. I'm not sure if that is me taking the "black pill" or the "white pill" --- maybe it is a "gray pill"?

--- Jefferson

Paintjob Theory said...

"The Sixth Column" which is about using genetically-targeting biological weapons

Thanks for posting this! I remembered that one of RH's many books had that as a plotline and it's something I often contemplate. I'll have to put that on my reading list to revisit.

I would say it's insane to think that somewhere 5 miles under a mountain in some secret government lab that someone hasn't been working on this for decades. I'll eat my hat if China hasn't been working on the same. It's not out of the question to suspect that such a thing already exists. I have some family members in the military and they have said that the "state of the art" technology we see today is stuff that we had in secret 20-50 years ago. My grandfather told me that IBM was working on AI before he retired 30 years ago.

In any event, even out of pure benevolence and for defensive purposes, failure to pursue the potential of such weaponry would be suicidally irresponsible just knowing that someone else might attempt to use it against us.

On topic, we are seeing mounting evidence that basketball doesn't actually tame these beasts but makes them more violent. It's a shame... I had such high hopes for the effectiveness of midnight basketball and other basketball related "make negroes act whites" schemes. Oh well, back to the drawing board. As long as we go into solving this problem with the idea that they're just like us but with a different paintjob we're bound to find success very soon.

Californian said...

Incidents like this one may seem to be trivial, but they are symptomatic of the wider dysfunction of BRA. Even something as simple as a basketball game has to be turned into a theater of the absurd. As noted on the bridge crossing debacle in the prior article, the most basic functions of a civilized society get turned into low level guerrilla warfare. This means your average non-black has to live in a permanent state of siege as streets go wrong and shots ring out. And it is one of the reason they had segregation, to ensure a modicum of normalcy for people who just wanted to go to a high school game.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to 'Jefferson' post! - on point all the way...yes, these are subhuman animals that are only 'good' for getting used first as slaves and are now to destroy what remains of white cultural groups/lands since whites with our superior intellects/critical thinking skills are the only challenge that remains to the disordered thinking behind globalism (as money has supplanted social group cohesion, this is what ensues & its those traitorous whites who have colluded the selling out quite literally by running after money, e.g. adoration of the 'billionaire' before all else, and thus in their selling their products/their creativity/their know-how to anyone, anything, any group/country, becoming 'diversity whores' in the process and dragging the rest of us down the rabbit hole with them). Currently, USA economic, gov't sanctioned practices exemplifies this social fabric destructiveness as our 'laws' prohibit 'discrimination' in most if not all business driven transactions). I, too, have thought for awhile the push for getting people to have their DNA tested by '23&me' and the like has behind it an aim of devising some kind of biomedical populations control device(s) - frankly, I am of a mind to see that its necessary as the world does not need any more africans or most of the muds for that matter and if they were left on their continent and let nature take its course, via droughts, disease, etc, they would be a far diminished group at this time in history...but with all the propping up being done via NGOs/religious salvation fanatics and having exported too many of them out of Africa for various reasons over the last few centuries, this scourge of a racial group has been artificially spread around the world (something that NATURE never intended, especially with the sub-saharan variety, given their geographical isolation being bound by an ocean on one side and a vast desert on the other). As the video clearly demonstrate, these are nothing but throwback animals all to given to revert to their innate ape-like rabid group behaviorisms, even when placed in a 1st world setting. This can't be allowed to continue to grow and we, whites, have to get over the abuse of altruism by applying it to outside of our own race, and take control of this impending disaster, by any means possible (however the more discrete the better - perhaps this is what the rise in autism is about over the last few decades- a test-run of a type of biomedical weapon? Given the immunity given by our gov't to the pharma companies involved, its possible...I believe there are reports that the CDC tried to bury that many of the inoculations outcomes that produced autism like symptoms had a particularly detrimental effect on black children....)

Anonymous said...

Wow. The comments are sickening. May God have mercy.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that you NEVER see stories like this covered by the major cable "news" shows?

Anonymous said...

"Wow. The comments are sickening. May God have mercy."

Our COMMENTS are sickening?

What about the fact that negroes are incapable of attending a parade, party, CROSS A BRIDGE, or high skoo bakkaball game without committing major violence?

What about the fact that everyone major city is rapidly becoming one big ghetto because of them?

Isn't THAT sickening?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Wow. The comments are sickening. May God have mercy.

No, the negro behavior is sickening. The comments are on target. Negroes are a plague wherever they appear. The other day, I was chatting with a fellow who had immigrated from war-torn Bosnia twenty years ago. He told me that the blacks in his department spent more time trying to avoid doing work than accomplishing anything.

Interesting, because in this country we exalt negroes of even slightly less than average intelligence to graduate schools and law schools, while more qualified whites and Asians are thrown under the bus. That is what is sickening, you whiny, little troll.

We now have an artificial negro middle and upper middle class in Fortune 500 positions who barely have the intelligence and ability to keep toilet bowls clean at Interstate restrooms. These self same negroes retire at 55 and bitch, moan, and complain that Trump "doan do nuf fuh muh people!" Christ, they cannot sit through a basketball game without a major melee erupting. That, my p*ssy, libtard, friend, is what is disgusting. And if God has any mercy, he will put an end to this vile negro population explosion before it gets any more critical. gnome sane?

Anonymous said...

mostly any black "organization" always has the word "fund" in it.

Anonymous said...

"Best of Student Shooters Boss Youth League Fund Inc."

That's hilarious. A mindless word salad if ever I saw one.

And created by the talented tenth.

Sorry libs but the fantasy is coming to an end.

Even libs in Chicago are considering the National Guard option:

I actually don't know how much the Guard can help if they are going to be afraid of ending up on CNN over a shooting.

Are we supposed to expect them to get in car chases with gangs? In their hummers?

I also don't like the idea of sending some 18 year old country boy to risk his life cleaning up the mess of liberals. In a just world we would have a Liberal Guard made up of Al Franken, Clinton, and Schumer. Give them pepper spray because guns are bad mmmm k?

Anonymous said...

Wow. The comments are sickening. May God have mercy.

Which comments? Here?

God surrounded them with predatory animals and isolated them with a massive desert barrier.

Not sure how anyone could construe that as a suggestion to embrace multiculturalism.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Just ignore the event that happen. Ignore the black dysfunction at large. Just ignore the blight, the carnage, the crime. All that matters is attacking anyone who notices this. Gotta virtue signal you know.

Anonymous said...

Just watched some video on youtube where a negro in Selma way complaining about the how the houses are falling apart and making it difficult for people that live in them. Would someone please explain to Blacks that there actually isn't a White Government House Repair Corp? Houses take effort and yes they fall apart if you just live in them and never fix anything. I normally work on my house or yard every other day, and in summer it is most days. I'm not convinced that most Blacks are even capable of responsible home ownership.

If you look at Black areas of the tropics you see the same thing. Shacks with half-assed repairs and falling apart from neglect. Very little built in terms of decks or ad-ons. Just a basic frame with open windows.

I was watching the show Lost and this White woman had built a nicer shelter than the typical shanty in Haiti. And this was in a few weeks only using gathered wood. Lost is actually a decent show and not filled with paint theory fantasy propaganda.

Anonymous said...

The only and best solution, for all involved, is to encourage the ethnic Africans to repatriate back to Africa, where they'll have unlimited opportunities to create their own "Whiivilization".

South Africa should return to White rule with the exception of the Zulu homeland. The majority of Africans there are not native and much of South Africa was actually uninhabited a thousand years ago. But don't expect your typical college history professor to point this out. The liberal narrative of course is that Whites stole land from what would have been a Black utopia.

In reality the Zulu prefer Whites to the Black majority (Xhosa). We could see a future where racial realism goes global and the Whites/Zulu align to take the country.

Anonymous said...

We need to rub this in America's face. Tucker Carlson from Fox News should go do a special report and examine Selma up close.

Am going to guess that this will not make CNN.

Oil 'n Water said...

"Wow. The comments are sickening. May God have mercy."

Want sickening? Try this:
I suppose with your present mentality, your answer would be, 'Well, whites do that too.'
This is the pat answer from people who take no time to find out on their own what is increasingly taking place in this and other countries. Study up, and then come back with an educated statement.

Anonymous said...

I buy most of my books at goodwill, thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. I don't think I've ever paid more than $4 for a hard cover book, and those places have a lot of variety.

Anonymous said...

"Wow. The comments are sickening. May God have mercy."

Check out and get back to us. Commenters here are merely engaging in observational science. You Lefties are all about science, right? Except you somehow believe that evolution/adaptation applies to everything living thing except modern humans.

Negroes are living proof that either God doesn't exist or isn't infallible.

Anonymous said...

If the Guard is deployed in Chicago, then there will most likely be a curfew in effect. Will it happen? Governor Bruce Rauner claimed the Guard wasn't an option.
Mayor Emanuel said the Guard was "totally out of the question." CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson is singing the same tune, namely that federal dollars for local programs are what's needed. Most of the 50 aldermen are doing some Sha-Na-Na doo-wop backing vocals to the same music. For the time being, the local politicians seem to be just fine with the chaos and carnage.

The cops are continuing to keep a low profile, especially since the IPRA (Independent Police Review Authority) has started re-opening shooting investigations from several years ago - these were police shootings that were reviewed by CPD brass AND the IPRA and found to be justified at the time. The facts of the cases haven't changed, but the political climate has.

Over at

there is a new statistical graph towards the bottom of the front page, the 2017 Homicide Trend Graph. This graph keeps a running YTD body count and shows the YTD figures from 2009-now. As of 3/7, 2017 was exactly even with 2016, with 111 homicides for the year to date. This graph is updated daily. With warmer weather on the way, 2017 will almost certainly start to pull ahead of 2016 by Memorial Day. Look for the Guard and/or martial law by the middle of June, 4th of July at the latest.

Game of Drones . . . Summer is coming.

Anonymous said...

Alex from N. England said;
"It is getting harder and harder to keep facts and information about negroes hidden. We are all waiting for the emperor's nakedness to be exposed. Folks, also pax attention to white inventions like Bitcoin, which threaten to undermine global banking. Electric cars which will alter America's Middle East-centric foreign policy etc. Amazing, exciting time to be alive."

Don't forget "We need security cameras everywhere so we can see who's really committing all the crime"

How's that working out for you?

Great times indeed.

Anonymous said...

...using genetically-targeting biological weapons: either designer pathogens or Nano-biotics that affect only people with specific genetic markers.

Left to their own devices, blacks will self-destruct and cut their own numbers down to manageable levels. Hunger, disease, tribal fighting and assorted massacres will do the job. The dilemma is that White people have not left blacks to their own devices. Instead, Whites have provided blacks with food & medical aid, improved sanitation, infrastructure (from wells to hospitals), peacekeeping forces and a veneer of civilization, whether in Africa or America. The result is that black numbers explode all out of control and they eventually migrate out of the lands they have wrecked into civilized territories.

These processes doomed White South Africa because eventually black numbers got to be too many to control. The same thing can be seen in the USA and now the "refugee" invasion into Europe.

So there is no need for a black-specific bio-weapon. Just let them alone and they'll do the job for you. But you also need to keep them confined to their own territories, which means any black who crosses the border into White lands is treated as an invader -- and disposed of accordingly.

Californian said...

Alert! Dialog on Race in Progress!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow. The comments are sickening. May God have mercy.

Well, again, we must ask, which comments does the interlocutor find "sickening." Perhaps we can get specifics? And then have a real "dialog on race." But one suspects that the interlocutor is incapable of a real dialog.

Anonymous said...

Gorillas At The Nets.

Or in the mist... interesting about Dian Fossey who that movie is about...

Writing in The Wall Street Journal in 2002, Tunku Varadarajan described Fossey at the end of her life as colorful, controversial, and "a racist alcoholic who regarded her gorillas as better than the African people who lived around them."

She LIVED there and knew actual monkeys were better than n*ggers!!

Anonymous said...

Simple question...can anyone answer this? Liberals...?

When the negoids were running around Africa years ago and people grabbed them to be slaves, why couldn't they fight back and protect themselves? Why couldn't they figure that out?

Low IQ maybe...?

Anonymous said...

The short version? Take money from primarily Whites (and other non-orcs) and give it to negroids. Because they are uncivilized savages. Because genetics...

Oh God, when will this END!!!!

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Sixth Column, I have imagined something like that before as well. The number of humans alive is so huge that only a deadly disease could make a dent at this point. I wonder if sickle cell is one such genetic marker?

My twist would be to make white people immune but still carriers of the disease. Better stay away from Whitey now if you know what's good for ya.

Bird of Paradise said...

Cant these heathen monkeys ever do anything but riot? Frankly if they can act civilized they should be returned to africa one way

Bill in St Louis said...

"The comments are sickening"

Which ones, specifically? What is sickening about pointing out the obvious? Is it sickening to observe, (Correctly) that blacks cannot cross a bridge withouy a fight?

I hope tou are slightly overweight, so when EBT stops working, you can help feed your pets,

Anonymous said...

75 year old Grandmother in an electric wheelchair attacked at a Georgia Wal-Mart.
Grandma was in the bread aisle when she was attacked by a customer- who called Grandma a "white bitch" and pummeled her in the face. You have to look at the video to see her bruised face. The attacker left her cell phone behind, came back to get it, was unsuccessful, and left again. The phone helped identify her. No picture yet, but I am pretty sure that if she called Grandma "white bitch" that she is black.
In other news, group of "teens" get into big fight at Southlake mall, in Clayton County, right outside South Atlanta. Talk is that the parents of the "teens" may be in trouble. If only.

L in Atl hell

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Wow. The comments are sickening. May God have mercy.
March 9, 2017 at 9:13 AM

And this isn't even that hot of a topic. Just more everyday negro dysfunction. The type of ruckus that the veterans here don't even bat an eye at.

You should scroll back through the articles some. Check out some where Fmr. Miss. Greenbaum or Paint Job Theory go on a tear, or Ex New Yorkers sage words. Good stuff there.

If our "light days" sicken you, our thoughts on Amanda Blackburn or Dorothy Dow might send you into cardiac arrest. Best to keep your blinders on and not venture out of your safe space, snowflake. You`ll only find reality around here.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

The more I see the way things are going, its likely that there will be a balkanization of the USA these subhumans will not voluntarily leave - we can't kid ourselves about it things are far too good for them here and if Dems ever get hold of the head office again, its a certainty that the importation of the worse there is in the world will increase exponentially. Its that i feel utterly dirty most days now just by doing my job or going about buying my 'daily bread' needs as so much of my actions inadvertently supports, via taxes collected or due to a lack of a preponderance of wholly white-owned businesses to patronize, groups / areas in this country that have nothing to do with being in MY best interests as a caucasian woman. and it infuriates me no end. Personally, I have been actively shifting to living on less (never did get one of those spy, er, I mean 'smart' phones & I chucked my TV/cable several years ago) so I can lessen my active participation in this push to supplant whites and our 1st world culture. This is one way of how our collective anger can be rightly used. Think about it how much $$$ do we really need folks to be happy & live a good lifel? Don't buy into the hyped, very contrived 'good life' BS pushed ad nauseum out of every media source nowadays. Reality is that many of us aren't as gullible as are typical of NAPAs & other muds, these groups that the consumer products corps 'love' to cater to (which is why they are constantly popping up in commercials, tvs, movies,etc) because the shit-stained can so easily be manipulated into spending everything they've got due to they're being generally pathologically insecure, mentally ill, lacking in sufficient critical thinking skills & impulse control. This is why the globalist /multinational corporate entities love them because they make up so much of the world populations and these masses can be 'trained' into being rapid, unthinking consumers (this is the real driver of the 'benevolent' push to provide 3rd world with computer tech and ISPs - so much easier to train the subhuman masses that way. That these muds breed like rats is another 'plus' for them, from the multinationals p.o.v.!) More and more I find that I am disengaging from so much that is found around me - I live in a major metro area in northeast and I used to be so social, so welcoming to all, no matter the color/the group/the race. Yet, in hindsight, I am aghast at what I have inadvertently contributed to via it taking me so long to overcome all the BS 'diversity is good' social engineering I got earlier in my life...(cont'd below)...

Anonymous said...

(cont'd from above)... I have hopes now of returning to Europe (should the Brexit populist movement spread to the Continent) where I have been before many times, as I have ancestral roots there, and be among a mono-culture as much as possible (I hate that people in other countries have told me that they perceive that most if not all Americans are 'mixed' as its only USA, along with the Caribbean and Africa, where 'blacks' come from! But its true in a way for we've imported the shits here and made it worse by never exporting them back out, actually allowed more in and supported their integration into our white based towns/cities! Turns my stomach) I believe that taking a step off the fast track corporate job world here in this polyglot and instead engage in more hands-on menial tasks in a mono culture village in my ancestral country would afford me, in a very salient way, a deep sense of happiness/fulfillment for as long as I am supporting/working for/with my own kind - whites! Every time I have been to Europe, it has AlWAYS felt like home to me though I didn't grow up there so I couldn't quite get why I felt so at ease in the Old World but now that I have a far better understanding of my ancestry, I suspect that its an innate recognition of whats 'natural' for me. It took me a long time to understand that what I loved most about my American life are the places/people/areas that were reminiscent of what one finds in the environments found in our founding stock, the 'Old World' of Europe. I want to fight for Europe to be Europe and for America to purge itself of the parasitic muds - they need to be in their native lands and we, ours - America was built by & for a 'diversity' of whites of European descent (this is the only diversity that works!) We need to stop catering to the 'needs' of muds in this country and elsewhere and stop going along with the creeping white genocide by complicitly engaging in the economics that are driving it- its schizoid inducing crap! Please stop chasing after the marketed false ideal of the good life/ 'Billionaires' worship/emulating since most are psychopaths and do not care about any 'social cohesion' other than the ones that 'feed' their obsessions with $$$, above all else. This is why i do not 100% trust Trump, most gov't 'officials' anywhere as too many nightmarishly personify that adage of money is the root of all evil. Its getting harder and harder to have any peace of mind just going about one's day with NAPAs / imported muds making our streets/neighborhoods inhabitable and white collar psychopaths chipping away at our overarching 1st world quality of life. Take back ownership of your folks - pull back from supporting the economics/policies that are pushing us into non-existence.

Anonymous said...

o/t but like selma and so many other efforts at 'uplifting' the subhumans among us- what a waste of money/resources!

I am, by nature a very kind person, but enough is enough as Ive had that kindness abused by too many nogs/muds over the years to ever bother giving charity to them ever again in this life. This is altruism gone totally amuck..too many docs out there looking for 'savior' status points anyway they can get them (same misapplied efforts happened with the ebola outbreak - all those western trained docs/nurses running over to save what wants to engulf us!) please wake up and focus on saving our own kind, the best there is the world are whites & we are the minority in total world populations!...How can any intelligent person rationalize contributing to what will be 4 billion(!!!) africans by the next century!...

The Umpire said...

Look, all these poor kids need is a magic-negro mentor. Y' know, like Sidney Poitier in "To Sir, with Love." Wow, with a mere $625,000 budget, that magic-negro-hyping propaganda raked in $42,432,803 from the sheeple! Pff, suckers.

"Conspicuous by their absence: the names of the 'celebrities' at that 'Celebrity' Game."

Yeah, what celebrities? Sidney Poitier, the strict (yet cool) magic-negro novelty in "To Sir, with Love"? Morgan Freeman, Eastside High's magic-negro messiah in "Lean on Me"? Michelle Pfeiffer, the parrying ex-Marine in "Dangerous Minds"? The Williams "sisters," the epitome of fair play? Bill Cosby: the strict (yet sensitive), gentle, caring, mentoring, devoted, faithful family man from "The Cosby Show"?

Or maybe Cuba Gooding Jr.: the meek, modest, mild-mannered genius in "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story." It's the story of "Doctor" Ben Carson: a magic negro who decided to hit the books (after trying to hit people over the head with a baseball bat and trying to hit his mom over the head with a hammer). It's the fascinating tale of a black kid from Detroit who--after unsuccessfully trying to stab someone in the guts--has an epiphany: that he'd rather use pointy things for more constructive purposes (e.g., performing pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins). What's particularly inspiring about this bleeding-heart-warming film is the "fact" that it's based on a "true" story.

Scuttlebuttin': "Wait wait wait, hold the phone. Are you trying to tell me all those heart-warming Hollywood movies and TV shows that told us all the 'bad kids' need is a tough but loving teacher and they will be transformed into superpowered wonder students WERE LYING?!?!?!?!"

Anonymous said...

When you're sick you don't ask the surgeon to just leave a little, manageable, spot of cancer in your body. You cut out the whole tumor.

If you leave ANY negroids in your society, you have an infection; it will become a bigger problem. It's genetic.

So, now how do you look at your politician's suggestions for a safe future for your kids...?


Proudyt said...

Anon 9:13 am. What's sickens me is people that turn a blind eye to behavior like this. People that make excuses for them. I'm sure you think somehow the blame falls squarely on white people. Gimme a break.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I remember several years ago while touring Alcatraz Prison, in the Mess Hall where many Prisoners gathered there were Gas Ports in the ceiling where Tear Gas could be dispensed at a moments notice if a riot were to take place. This feature should be incorporated into every School and building where Blacks gather in groups. Nomesayin?

PB said...

"On topic, we are seeing mounting evidence that basketball doesn't actually tame these beasts but makes them more violent. It's a shame..."

Maybe they started too early? Midnight is of course the proper time because then they are occupied and have something to do. Teens need something to do or they get bored and streets go wrong.

Anonymous said...

No comment on Amazon. you never know abebooks might do the same to PK books down the line

Anonymous said...

It's call fake news

Anonymous said...

With the increasing expansion of China into Africa, I can easily see this as a colonization building technology. China has little arable land.

Bud said...

It is not like this is rivalry gone bad. Usually supporters of each team sit on opposing sides, but this is one side attacking each other.

What was a police officer doing at the scene? I don't remember seeing one at a youth basketball game when I grew up or raised my kids.

Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson sure reminds me of Bubba Blue from the Forrest Gump movie. Perhaps Mykelti Williamson can play him when they make the sequel to the Selma movie.

Let's face it. At best blacks will spend all day playing basketball anyway until they get old enough to get a job in a hood gang. The people that staff these "programs" are nothing short of witch doctors extracting payout from the village and offering false hope to the patient.

Why is it we never see stories that go back and show even a minuscule measure of success (rhetorical question)?

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that rival gang members would chose to disrupt a positive organization like Best Of Student Shooters BOSS Youth League's event. They do a lot of good. This was a Celebrity Charity Basketball Game for the community to enjoy. It was a good game after security and staff gained control. Fights at school, fights at the park, fights at skating rinks and bowling alleys. This gang violence has to stop!

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Just watched some video on youtube where a negro in Selma way complaining about the how the houses are falling apart and making it difficult for people that live in them.

It's funny you should mention this, because I just finished reading The Hoax of the Twentieth Century by Arthur R Butz, and at the end he describes the behaviour of a group of people who were known as Displaced Persons (D.P.) Contemporary accounts say that they refused to lift a finger in their own behalf, demanded everything be given to them, trashed their (free) quarters and complained about everything.

The odd thing is that these people belonged to a racial group that has the highest average IQ, has won the most Nobel Prizes, of all races. They were also the bedraggled remnant of the most discriminated against, most persecuted racial group ever.

So there you have it. We've been wrong all this time. TNB is not caused by genetics; it's caused by Racism!

Anonymous said...

Comments like this will never create unity. It makes sense though. White supremacy.

Truth-hammer said...

It was a basset-ball game gone wrong.

Mr. Rational said...

In the cases of feral ethnic Africans, such as .. welfare breeders, etc., penal colonies must be established in Africa, where the un-salvageable can be shipped to ... after their third, illegitimate, fatherless, offspring is plopped out.

Not third.  First.  The 'hood must be a baby-free zone.  Give them all the means to avoid reproducing before they are self-supporting in THE PRIVATE SECTOR (not a no-work government job) and deport if they evade the restrictions.

Depo-Provera is a lot cheaper than WIC and Medicaid.

Wow. The comments are sickening. May God have mercy.

I notice you don't say the commenters are actually wrong in their claims of fact.  Nope, it's all about your feelz.

Guess what, cupcake?  White people of a century ago would be sickened by what we have allowed Africans to turn our once-great cities into.  Probably lots of Black people would too.  Margaret Sanger would probably have redoubled her efforts, though.