Tuesday, March 28, 2017

..."people are afraid to come into the city”: Sports Bar in Business for 27 years Closes in 65% Black Baltimore Because of Unmentionable Epidemic of Black Crime

A city can recover from an atomic bomb.

But it cannot recover from losing its founding population and watching it demographically replaced with Africans (who are then responsible with running the city politically, spiritually, and economically).

This is the story of hundreds of cities across what is formerly the western world, from San Domingo to South Africa, from Detroit to... Baltimore.

In February of 2017, we learned one of the costs of doing business in 65 percent black Baltimore: Park Cafe in Bolton Hill was robbed five times at the end of 2016, so the owners made it a cashless establishment to deter black crime.

Roughly 100 years ago, Baltimore was nearly 90 percent white. Today, it's white population is roughly 25 percent, and with this decline comes the inevitable loss of tax-producing businesses. The reason why white people abandoned Baltimore? Black crime and the fear of being the victim of black criminality, which no mainstream reporter dare mention as the real reason behind the demise of Baltimore.  [Sports bar Camden Pub closes after more than 25 years, Baltimore Sun, 3-28-17]:
Camden Pub, a Ridgely’s Delight sports bar in walking distance from Oriole Park at Camden Yards, has closed, said owner James “Pat” Liberto. 
After opening in 1990, the bar became known for attracting sports fans, University of Maryland Medical Center staff and students, and other members of the community, along with its wings and pub fare. 
Though Liberto considered opening for the upcoming Orioles season, Camden Pub’s final day of operation was Feb. 1, he said. In January, Camden Pub opened for limited hours and eliminated its lunch service due to lack of business, according to Liberto. 
Calling it a “tough decision,” Liberto said a combination of factors — including declining revenue and rising operational costs — led to the closure.  
“It got to the point where I was opening on, say, a Monday, and I’m just trying to make enough money to open the next day,” Liberto said. “It finally hit me one day: What am I doing? I had to stop the bleeding.”  
As recently as 2014, Liberto was optimistic about Camden Pub’s future. Thanks in part to the Orioles’ American League East division crown and postseason run, Camden Pub had its best financial year to date, Liberto said. 
But in April 2015, the rioting and unrest that followed protests surrounding the death of Freddie Gray caused Camden Pub to lose $30,000 in potential revenue that week, Liberto said, and the bar never recovered. That October, he put Camden Pub up for sale, but it continued to operate.  
Though he blames “a lot of factors,” Liberto said, “things just started to change” after the unrest. Now, he believes “people are afraid to come into the city.” 

The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore tells the story of why Baltimore died and dare point out why "people are afraid to come into the city."


Nothing more. Nothing less. 


Malcolm Xcrement said...

Stories like this as well as the hundreds or perhaps thousands of other businesses forced to close due to the American negro are the true Hidden Figures that should be reported on 24/7 BLM....Business Losses Matter

Bird of Paradise said...

And of course to liberals with their walnut sized brains the answer to crime is always the same Gun Control,Gun Registration and gun confiscation becuase liberals like to get all teary eyed about the deaths of innocents in these black held areas of all our major cities and to liberals Big Goverment solves everything in their drug and booze infected minds

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is a nasty mess anyways.

Went through there on greyhound and the station was just ridiculous nasty.
All black and lazy.
Greyhound should be embarrassed as well as bodymore 😔

Anonymous said...

//But it cannot recover from losing its founding population and watching it demographically replaced with Africans (who are then responsible with running the city politically, spiritually, and economically).//

Let me fix this for you: who are then responsible with ruining the city politically, spiritually, and economically).

Detroit Refugee said...

I could take you on a tour of Ecorse/Rouge, then Detroit proper & point out former locations of my families vending co.
SW Detroit has a couple dozen alone.

Lots of fields & burned out bldgs. Once full of blue collar whites enjoying a beer after shift.
We've lost more than we know.

Denise said...

I used to love Baltimore. I used to watch the Orioles games all the time. They were "my team". I had so much fun there, but that was years ago. Baltimore was a wonderful town....I didn't really hate Negroes until they forced the O's to play before an empty stadium.

Negroes ruined that beautiful city, like so many other places.

Anonymous said...

In February of 2017, we learned one of the costs of doing business in 65 percent black Baltimore: Park Cafe in Bolton Hill was robbed five times at the end of 2016, so the owners made it a cashless establishment to deter black crime.

"Cashless?" Perhaps they can take EBT.

Ex New Yorker said...

The violence in these Negropolitan cities WILL NEVER END. There is nothing that can stop this bloodbath. It gets worst by the day with no end in sight. These mindless psychopaths are the by-product of an ENDLESS WELFARE STATE that produces nothing but bloodshed and death. A lot of these retards start shooting each other as early as ten years old while mama be sitting at home smoking her crack pipe.

Multi-billion dollar entitlement programs that have done nothing but turn out three generations of depraved and degenerate children that are only good for butchering each other on our city streets. Fifteen year old welfare mothers who are breeding nothing but armies of predators, stalkers, psychotic killers, rapist, parasites and gangsters. How proud these useless mothers must feel when the "peoples in da neighborhood" done built a memorial with teddy bears, candles and beer bottles for her dead son who got his shit blown away on the street corner. She must feel really good that "DeAdrea done be remembered an sheeet."

Hundreds of cities across America that at one time were safe. Places where you could raise a family and walk down the streets without getting raped or murdered. A sad goodbye to those days that are now long gone and never to be seen again. These same cities are now killing fields.

The medical bills to patch these "walking targets" up so they can go back to the streets and get shot again must be massive. A comment left last week put the cost in Chicago at $55,000.00 per casualty. Over the years the total cost for hospital bills must be in the billions and billions. In Baltimore bodies are being dragged into emergency rooms with 5 to 10 bullet holes in them. For many of these thugs this is not their first time getting shot. Un-fucking real.

I will repeat the opening line. THIS WILL NEVER END. It is not planned to come to an end. There is someone hiding behind the curtain who likes what's going on. Black violence is like a steam roller crushing everything in sight. On and on it goes. The slogan in the hood is that you are not a man until you "make a life and take a life." This is what these people do. They get pregnant and kill each other.

The worst days are yet to come. Find a safe place to ride out the storm. May God bless and watch over all of you.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are a blight on the planet. How can anyone possibly argue this from any angle?

Bill in St Louis said...

"A lot of factors" = Black Crime.

$30,000.00 in one week lost due to TNB, encouraged by... I never gave much thought to the theory, but a thriving landmark small business, can now be had at firesale price. Follow the money indeed.

Brian in Ohio said...

Your establishment just got a little too close to ACTUAL blackness for your cucked sportsball patrons comfort, Mr. Liberto. I have no doubt you would do well in a snow white suburb where they can cheer for their favorite negro through the safety of a television screen.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Michael Dean Miller said...


The presence of blacks causes the absence of whites.


Anonymous said...

The irony of it was the cucked White men visiting that bar were watching and celebrating negro "affletes".

Proudyt said...

In my town they would come into our bars and look for mudsharks. Where ever yt goes they want to be. It's sad how many mom and pop establishment's they've destroyed.


There is a lost opportunity here. When the negro fails, HE BLAMES WHITE people, right? And actually uses the words "White People".

This man should come out and say: "The presence of Black People has destroyed my business and any future for my business".

Why not?

He wants to "Stop the Bleeding", then why is he cut and wounded? Why is he bleeding? What is causing the bleeding?

Black People.

OR, he can have fun. Hire off duty cops to stand IN FRONT of his business greeting people. (Just like Pro-China, Anti-White WalMart has there 90 year old "greeters"....). Check ID's. He could even go so far as to photo every person who enters, and tell them why. This would make 99% of the White customers feel safe and happy, yet cause 99% of the negroes to run away. A simple security camera, above the door, with a nice small signs saying:

"All Patrons are Photo-Graphed and All Video Feed is kept for 5 years."

Also, he could state his pub is a Pro GUn Zone and that most, if not all, staff, etc are armed at all times

He could also make his entire place of business by "Credit" only. In otherwords, not only is it "No Cash" allowed, but all patrons have pre-checked their credit, and the club has their Credit Card on file, as do most, if not all Internet businesses. In other words, there is NO CASH in the place, patrons are asked to bring none, patrons are encouraged to carrry a gun, and your credit is already established. This will keep 99% of the negroes out.

Therefore, if a negro approaches, the security can really check out this person. It is also easy to by hand-held metal detectors like the Gestapo use at the Airports. Every negro can be scanned for metal...then ask what is it, why do they have it, etc.

Even go so far as to have the simple, quick fingerprint scanners used at Disney and on the latest iPhones. Then, anybody with a record, or wanted, will be apparent. This, too, will keep the negro out.

Also, play country music out front. Maybe not INSIDE the bar, but outside will keep the negro away. Also, though the interior may be dimmed, for atmosphere, the outside of the pub, and parking lot should be lit up like daylight in Cancun. BRIGHT. Birght lights is a negro-repellent.

If possible, his staff should be all white men. That's right. White men. He can hire college kids. The bigger the better.

You see, he doesn't get it. He thinks blacks are the same. He doesn't get it. They are at war with him, but he doesn't see it. He thinks running a nice, clean, fun business is how you do business. You do in a WHITE population, but in a negro-ville, you must have a TOTALLY different business plan.

A bunch of "good ol' boys" should take over his lease (for cheap) since they will get a completely set-up pub.....he has to leave behind all attached fixtures....)

Then, if he is every challenged, he can tell the public WHY. Just as White People oppress and lynch the poor negro, the African destroys White businesses.

Say it.

Anonymous said...

Wise decision Liberto. For you and your customers. If you want to live.

Anonymous said...

We used to live in Northern Virginia, 50 miles from Baltimore, and took short weekend "staycations" in Baltimore over 20 years. Even after moving several hundred miles away, we would occasionally return to visit relatives in Virginia. As a side trip, we'd go back into Baltimore for nostalgic reasons and visit our favorite restaurants and bars. After noting the Freddie Grey riots, seeing mostly white people corralled inside of Camden Yard in a baseball game to keep the wild simians from killing them, also knowing a 'groid-murdered white bartender who worked at our favorite bar, we reasoned it best to avoid the area until it gets cleaned up (if that ever happens). A sarcastic "thank you," to such politicians as Stephanie Rawlings-hyphenated-last-name-black bitch and AA Hire Marilyn Mosby for giving your fellow negroes "space to destroy" and thank you to ALL crumb-bum blacks who think they're entitled to their crime and rioting. Most pathetic of all, to a man you are all too damn dumb to realize you're cutting off the gravy train when rich white people either move or refuse to visit and patronize your establishments. Nice touch! Oh, and at one time we were seriously considering buying a place near the Inner Harbor. Thanks, oh negroes, for saving us a PILE of grief and hassle, loss of our money, and possible physical injury.

Paintjob Theory said...

he blames “a lot of factors,”

Really? Name two that don't involve Africa.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that the article you highlighted didn't blame whites somehow, or at least attack and insult them. Of all the articles that I have read today, blacks always find a way to blame or bash whitey in every single one.

Take for example, the missing black girls in D.C. Majority black city, lion's share of crime there is committed by blacks- it would be a safe bet to assume black kidnappers. So how can we bash white people, since they have nothing to do with it? Claim that when white girls go missing that there is much more response and support! Please tell me you saw that coming...

Next we have the Africans in Somalia and the like who are on the brink of one of the biggest famines in the last seventy years. But it is all Trump and the U.S.'s fault for cutting aid when it is needed the most. Because it should not be up to their own governments and people to feed themselves and to stop breeding like rats.

They are looking for a fight. Bring it to them, they will not let up.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore isn't the only city with dangerous streets! http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/19/health/savannah-georgia-high-murder-rate/

Maybe the formula for asphalt needs to be tweaked?

Oil 'n Water said...

"You are going backward, not forward.
You neglected things others had left you.
What's more, you completely destroyed them.
It will take generations to put things right.
It's like that here."
Think it's a quote from an Sbpdl commenter describing, say, Detroit? Or Baltimore? It could be.
Actually, it's a Chinese supervisor, speaking out of frustration to his black translator on conditions in Congo, as he tries to build a road there, relying on black labor and the Congolese government to furnish supplies; incompetent, unreliable workers and government supplies that never come. Finally, he is forced to redirect his efforts to buy material and supplies on his own. His upfront taste of the black mean.
Thanks go to the commenter who posted the link to the video "Empire of Dust, Chinese in Africa." Well worth watching.

Anonymous said...


I guess that's the "white privilege" I have heard about.


The Chicago Police (especially the White ones) are on our side. Here is a quote I got off of "Second City Cop" blog:

"Stay fetal and don't get in the way of ICE doing their job."

It concerns an immigration raid on a nest of mehicans. One of the aztecs got shot and they ICE agents found illegal guns in the illegals nest. WTF?

Anyway, it appears the (White) Chicago cops are going to help ICE by not acting like buttholes and resisting them. It would be really great if the (White) Chicago Cops informed ICE whenever they find an illegal crawling about.......if the Democrats can play rotten games, then our side can do the RIGHT thing.

Viva La Resistance.

By the way "Fetal" means to Stand Down, for the Chicago cops. "Fetal" as in don't move, etc.

They also use the phrase, "For Survival it is Vital to stay Idle".......YOU go Chicago (White) Cops!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Detroit also deteriorated after the riots and its destruction was not the fault of the auto industry as theorized by liberals and even some conservatives.

NAFTA was signed by Clinton and Detroit was a hellhole long before then.

Black rioters burned down the Jewish business district in 1967 which then caused a mass exodus of Whites and business owners. To this day the Black/Jewish aspect is unmentionable.

But of course in the schools and media everything about Detroit is blamed on the auto industry because that is much more convenient than admitting that Black people ruined what was once called the Paris of the Americas.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...


Cleveland, Ohio. More security is hired and metal detectors brought in for the **reopening** amid "flash mob" styled riots at the IX center amusement park in order to keep the environment safe for families to take their children to, all courtesy of black people. Nothing is safe or sacred when the lowly knee grow is present. This IS life in America in the 21st century in EVERY major city across America!!


Anonymous said...

"..."people are afraid to come into the city”: Sports Bar in Business for 27 years Closes in 65% Black Baltimore Because of Unmentionable Epidemic of Black Crime"

Perhaps this is an opportunity for DWLs to put their money (literally) where their mouths are. They can patronize these bars, thus bringing money into the 'hood and demonstrating their "anti-racist" cred. I mean, they can park their cars on Baltimore's streets without fear of break-in, safely walk about the streets while inebriated, and patronize establishments such as Camden Pub without a care in the world. Since race-is-just-a-construct(tm) they would be just as safe in downtown Baltimore as if they were in one of their gentrified brew pubs.

Anonymous said...

This pub was less than a 10 minute drive from Ft. McHenry.

The star spangled banner is not seen these days. And it ain't the British who raged in fury to make it go down on that once fair city!

I used to live in Baltimore, many years ago. Even then, nearly 30 years ago, the rot was entrenched,the streets unsafe. I knew people who had been mugged, one woman raped... Pulled into an alley and assaulted. Even then, the liberal mind was never to name the elephant in the room. Back then I was young and adventurous. I rob my inherent decency would keep me from harm. A nice little bohemian having fun in a dark, kinda scary but ultimately liberating place where wine, women and song were the order of the day. I move away and eventually ranged much farther abroad than I'd ever imagined.

Nearly 30 years after the fact, I live farther away,geographically and racially speaking. I still know a few people there who (for no apparent reason) live there, ekeing out a living, never even blaming any of the ills on what is so painfully obvious.

I remember visiting a relative who lived there as a child. My dad and I drove up to meet him. I remember pulling up to my cousins place on a blustery, grey day. Getting out of the car, I could see out across the city and though it wasn't a nice day out I remember thinking how wonderful it was. It actually seemed magical. I know this sounds weird, but being used to the nation's capital it really seemed like a real city. Growing up in Maryland,we were taught its history,how it was part of a manufacturing powerhouse, a great trading city. Perhaps ten years later I moved there but didn't stay too long. I know now it was a tough, dying place even then.

When I lived there,I remember talking to a retiree who said that in his day if you took offense to a crappy boss, you'd simply quit on the spot and the next day you'd go get another job because they needed workers and a willing man would find work for the taking. Now in what used to be a working man's town there are no jobs and a tavern next to the stadium can't sell enough beer to remain open.

To every ape-appeasing twit who thinks racism killed Baltimore I say you are correct to a degree. It is the racist African't-in-America who has mortally wounded a once great city and it is these same low IQ apes with no future-time orientation who will dance, gibbering and madly howling who will savage the remains and desecrate her corpse.

Anonymous said...

Sports Bar? With every TV tuned to Bakkaball or the Negro Felon League. If you have an infestation of vermin, quit feeding them before you complain about finding their crap everywhere.

Anonymous said...

The figure of $55,000 per victim is from


That is the average short term cost of ER care to stabilize each victim. This doesn't include any of the long term care, physical therapy or rehabilitation.

For the ones who die from complications, there is the additional expense of $800 for the autopsy, plus whatever the taxpayers end up on the hook for in funeral costs.
Transport via CFD ambulance works out to $800 per victim. My original post had the 2016 tab in Chicago at around $245 MILLION.

Anonymous said...

Hey Centurian, I've been trying to tell you this for a while. I haven't responded to your posts in a few months but I enjoy your thoughts. There are plenty of realists who know what time it is within shitcago. Anyone with a functional brain and 2 weeks otj here will instantly know that the blacks are a protected species here and their criminality is just the way it is. Even the blacks know they are fuckups but they will rarely admit it in front of other blacks. But before you lump ALL the white cops of cpd into the good guy column, let me assure you that there are still plenty of backstabbing cunts in this department. I don't trust anyone here.

Also, in terms of secondcity, there are definitely some rhythms of truth on that blog, and its moderator does a great job, but remember...it's regular posters are also a lot of keyboard cowboys and Monday morning quarterbacks who have never been in shitty situations. In my humble opinion, the posters here have far superior perspectives and much better prose.

Oil 'n Water said...

We continue to prop up these people for what purpose? So that they may be enabled to behave like negroes behave?
We finance our own genocide, yet must not speak of it openly.
We decline as they proceed unhindered to act out their most primitive instincts.
I keep asking myself the reason why all of this is happening with no resistance, no concerted condemnation by Whites. To anyone with two brain cells to rub together, the destruction and carnage for which this group is responsible wherever they go can be no more obvious, especially when today's internet news sources, not including the agenda-driven (((msm))), feature such information almost instantaneously; where even those with minimal computer skills can easily find on their own the un-spun truth of black behavior and the toll it takes on this and other countries.
It is always surprising and in a strange sense, amusing, when some people stumble onto this site and are appalled at the "awful" comments directed toward blacks. I feel like shaking them and shouting, IT'S RIGHT THE HELL IN FRONT OF YOU IF YOU'LL OPEN YOUR EYES AND STOP LETTING OTHERS DO YOUR THINKING FOR YOU!
Call that which we believe, racism or bigotry, I really don't care. It's gone beyond simple labels or head-shaking apathy to a point I never thought it would be.
History recalls The Iron Age, The Bronze Age, the Age of Reason. Today's climate can only be termed the Age of Ignorance.

Ohio born said...

The absence of whites and yt's commerce!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this man should be given congratulations for the white lives he will save by closing the bar. The blacks knew that this was a sort of urban happy hunting ground for their usual assortment of criminal behavior. Now with the bar closed a prime demographic group of game will be moved a little further out of the reach of the Freddie Gray Battalion of the FSA.

Anonymous said...

Go Humans!!!


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but why would a city 30% black be all hot and bothered about a school trying to have a Stand down of whorishness at a high school prom? In a county with over 16% of households being run by a single mom?

I can't put this two-and-two together. Oh! I can! It's all about color and denying youth sprog factories to doll themselves up on their high-skoo grad-ja-aishun prom.



He says:

“people are afraid to come into the city.”


Anonymous said...

Just like the Plague or a swarm of locusts, blacks destroy everything they touch.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing worse that a white person spending money and time away from their families worshiping these "affletes". I'll never spend another dime watching NFL, NBA or MLB again. Rugby and Hockey are far more enjoyable, without the chest thumping "looks at me" antics.

Bud said...

I used to enjoy taking the light rail to Baltimore. We would get off at our stop and walk by this very pub on the way to the inner harbor. They always had patrons sitting outside on the patio having a good time. Looks like a very nice place.

After this rioting business, and the general temperament of blacks in MD, I vowed never to go to that city again, unless it was necessary such as a medical appointment.

During the past week the big story has been how Baltimore has a $130M school budget shortfall of which the state is contributing $26M. Some people think school vouchers will be a solution to education problems. I see this voucher business as another form of section 8. We know that whites will not choose to go to black schools - quite the opposite.

So the city has lost another tax payer. In the meantime the city council has been trying to raise the minimum wage to $15 which will of course drives more business away.

It is like rolling a big snowball. As it goes forward it get heavier and wider pulling up all of the whiteness in it's path.

Anonymous said...

Just don't ride or take greyhound since it through black neighborhood of Baltimore

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for bloggers and PK to mention or talk about the missing girl from DC

Anonymous said...

Most of USA cities are dangerous from anything or anyone believe it or not

Anonymous said...

I heard that black about to move out of the neighborhoods and move into the suburban areas even to Wyoming and Montana. Believe it or not

Eddie in St. Louis said...

A Bar that I go to from time to time in Alton, Illinois, a 60% Black area and always have a good time in has the right ideal. They have cheap eats and play Country Music only, but they strictly enforce that you must buy at least two drinks and they don't put up with any shit, no Ni**ers there only for cheap food or they get tossed and no kids. It's actually like Fort Apache. The Po Po is right next door and is there in 2 minutes or less if there is any monkey behavior or even lip service to the staff and I've seen them come in and toss out the miscreants both Black and White. Good behavior can by achieved if you grease the right palms and set the standards. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

Blacks Ruin Things

Anonymous said...

//CENTURION said...
If possible, his staff should be all white men. That's right. White men. He can hire college kids. The bigger the better.//

I just realise something, I've been hearing complaints for years that lowly entry positions require college education on the application forms - I think that exist to weed out we know what.

Re: Oil 'n Water said...
I second watching Empire of Dust, the whole movie is on youtube, as well as excerpt clips such as the one containing above quote. The black man that the Chinese supervisor was speaking to is Eddie, one of the talent tenth who is multilingueal, thing is, when push comes to shove, he sides with the dumb lazy blacks.

I don't know what it is with American blacks, with North Americna blacks, those who were descendent of slaves, and many more who came after the end of slavery! How can they be so ungrateful to the government who let them in? If North America is so racist, why don't they Go Back To Africa? The ones who came recently from Somalia, Jamaica, Congo, have no excuse about not knowing where they came from. They came here, and instead of learning about the history of their new country that they chose to be in, instead of learning about the culture - they dismiss it as 'too white', well, GTFO!

That said, I do love how the museums and heritage parks are free of darkies, except for the kids on fieldtrips, and most of them aren't that bad as kids, especially when they are the minority headed by a white/asian teacher.

I'm mad though that even in Canada, pioneer history is being replaced with black history and its attendant black inventions myths. I was in school in the 90s and I snapped up a lot of pre-diversity era books that my school library was moving out, even though they were in near-mint condition, and the Pioneer Cook Book can definitely be used - I baked Johnny Cake from one of its recipes and it was tasty.

In Canada, how the pioneers weathered winter is much more relevant to Canadian history than Harriet Tubman, which was read in class in elementary school. Where was pioneer history month? Heck, how did Blacks get a month before the Aborigianls did? Oh, they riot and cry raycist for it. People like these should be set out on an ice floe, I suppose I should still be thankful for Old Man Winter who have raked away plenty who have passed out drunk.

- Chinese in Canada

PB said...

- Chinese in Canada

I couldn't conceive of going to live in China only to demand and whine that they be more like me. Apart from being plain old rude, it doesn't even make sense. Demanding they be more like yourself is akin to admitting you lack the brains and will to make life work in their world.

BTW I find your take on things quite interesting. I really feel for the Americans here, and as goes America so goes us (Australia) eventually, and sure enough, its happening chip by chip.

Anonymous said...

That's like putting a bandaid on a cut throat. Business was already failing due to the nog. Why would he dup more money into. I see what you're getting at, but it was better to dump and run to the golf course. However, moral of the story, without blacks none of the stated measures would ever have to be considered.

Anonymous said...

My Dad tells how the entire quality of life changed once nogs began to move into Brooklyn, NY. Locking the doors at night now became a necessity. Locking your car became a must. Steel grates began appearing on store fronts. Bullet proof partitions began showing up in local convenience stores and cabs. Kids had to start locking their bikes. Trash became a common sight in parks and streets. Taking a stroll with the wife on a hot summer night was discouraged. Muggings and robberies, which were virtually non existent, became consistent.
The focus is on murder but we tend to forget all those pesky modifications we have to make in life due to the urban and suburban 'oil spill' known as the negro.

Anonymous said...

Nomesayin? Your a jackasses and you being from St. Louis probably patronize black hookers and drug dealers!!!

Eddie in St. Louis said...

"Anonymous said...

Nomesayin? Your a jackasses and you being from St. Louis probably patronize black hookers and drug dealers!!!

March 30, 2017 at 3:19 PM"

Wow! The truth must sting you real bad. And for the record I've only patronized your Mother, so she must be a Drug Dealing Black Hooker! Nomesayin!

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Nomesayin? Your a jackasses and you being from St. Louis probably patronize black hookers and drug dealers!!!

Don't you have homework to do?

Marc B said...

Anonymous Ex New Yorker said...

"The violence in these Negropolitan cities WILL NEVER END. There is nothing that can stop this bloodbath. It gets worst by the day with no end in sight. These mindless psychopaths are the by-product of an ENDLESS WELFARE STATE that produces nothing but bloodshed and death".

The welfare stated propagates the worst of their lot. Whites are subsidizing the breeding of enemy populations.