Sunday, March 12, 2017

Nine Black Teenagers, Including 12-year-old, Assault White Man in Broad Daylight in 65% Black Baltimore

When your public school system is nearly 95 percent black, and the police have to speak to elementary and middle schools in a last ditch effort to convince students to abide by the law (instead of attacking members of the white minority as a sport), you should easily discern there is absolutely no hope for 65 percent black Baltimore.

Demography being destiny, the nearly 3/4ths black Baltimore is firmly on course to being a representative of Africa in America. [9 arrested after assault by teens caught on camera in Baltimore, ABC 2, 3-9-17]:
Nine juveniles, including a 12-year-old boy, were arrested for beating up a man in the middle of the afternoon in Baltimore.  
Police have the entire incident on cell phone video.  
It happened Tuesday right in front of the state attorney's office. In the video, the victim didn't provoke the kids at all and still they proceeded to hit him, kick him, even throw objects at him and steal his cell phone.  
From the very beginning, it's startling video. A group of teens wrestling with an unsuspecting man in the middle of the afternoon.  
"We're fortunate that this situation didn't end with anyone seriously injured whether it be a victim or a suspect," Chief T.J. Smith, with the department, said. He adds the situation did leave him concerned.  
A witness caught the teens attacking the man on cell phone video who, according to investigators, didn't provoke the kids in any way.  
"This is problematic. We can't have things like this happening," Smith said.  
The juveniles are charged with robbery and second degree assault -- the pack managing to steal the victim's cell phone.  
"It's one cell phone with a group of people. What are they going to do with it? I mean you get cellphones free these days," Smith said.   
Now Smith is calling for action inside the home.  
"Talk to these young kids because they're out traveling in groups and in these groups, they're committing crimes," he said.  
Crimes that could've been so much worse.  
"Whether it's you punching me or grabbing my hair it's a bit surprising when I don't expect it and it can be frightening to see that many people surrounding you," Smith said.  
The group tried robbing another man on the 300 block of Holliday Street, sending him to the hospital.   
He's OK.  
Commissioner Davis is now planning on speaking to nearby elementary and middle schools about the incident and about going down the wrong path.
This, Commissioner Davis, is actually the right path for black youth to continue down.

For black crime maintains depressed property values and keeps law-abiding white people from settling in a city their ancestors long ago abandoned because of... intolerable levels of black crime.

You see, black elected officials in heavily black major U.S. cities can never, ever crack down on black crime, because that is the primary method for keeping their position of power: black people only desire having black people in office, regardless of the quality of government or quality of life provided.

Gentrification requires white people colonize cities long ago abandoned (interestingly, also built) by their ancestors, who hope to see the quality of both government and quality of life improve. This requires the people who reduced both voted out of office and removed from the neighborhood/community/city.

But in 2017, a nearly 100 percent black public school system requires a police commissioner to speak to elementary and middle school students about why they shouldn't attack white people in broad daylight... but if they deviate from this path, black control of the city will collapse...


Mr. Deplorable said...

I have noticed lately that in most of these stories printed in the local press and seen on local news channels that the new word to describe these animals is "kids". I guess calling them "teens" is no longer the correct word. In about five years when the word "kids" is no longer used they will be calling them "babies" such as in "A group of babies beat up an old man in a wheel chair last night".

Anonymous said...

Throw the teend into jail and hold the 12 year olds parents responsible time to start punishing hate crime crinimals and no more kids gloves threatments time for them to realized there should be server conciquinces for their crimes

Anonymous said...

Being that the average breeding cycle for the black female is age 15 we are now into the fourth generation of fatherless welfare children. Since Johnson's Great Society which started in 1967 we have seen fifty years of women being paid to breed children. Nearly all the violence that is happening now is caused by the third welfare generation. When the fourth generation comes of age things will get even worst.

The government spends billions of dollars and all they get for their money is cannon fodder for the street gangs and drug cartels. The money spent of incarceration goes into the pockets of the stock holders of the private prison industry. Crime has become a very profitable business. Follow the money.

We pay to breed them and Soros pays to lead them. He pays rioters to burn down cities. So much wasted money that could have been spent on things like school buses and bridge repairs. We are witnessing total and complete insanity in a world gone mad. This will never end. Nothing will change. It will only get worst. This is the new America and tomorrow is already here.

Anonymous said...

One more punch, stomp, kick, ook and eeking outburst of spontaneous negritide to the mass happening going off. Always bring enough skittles for everyone at the party.


Anonymous said...

There's a new video making the rounds that purportedly shows Saint Michael Brown The Innocent trading something - possibly drugs - with the convenience store clerk for those cigars before the big confrontation that led to his sainthood. Lefties are on it like flies on shit, of course.

Turns out he wasn't a thief, after all - he was merely a drug dealer! Don't we look foolish!

Anonymous said...

man should of had a 17 shot beretta, enough for double taps

Anonymous said...

nukes might fix it

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

It would be far more constructive if Commissioner Davis were to fingerprint, take a DNA swab, and register Baltimore elementary students than it would be to "speak" to them. What doe he plan to do? Ramble on in ebonics and pantomime? Beat a drum? This is a problem that is best addressed not in the "home", but at the pharmacy.

Steve Smith said...

"It's one cell phone with a group of people. What are they going to do with it? I mean you get cellphones free these days," ...

Seriously?!? You think THAT'S the problem?!?

" Now Smith is calling for action inside the home. "...

Because that's worked SO well in the past.

This whole article is nothing but blatant spin.

Anonymous said...

New topic but nothing new here kids attack people from time to time if you heard about it

Brian in Ohio said...

Talking to them isn't going to work. Just like prayer, outreach, money, free ice cream and the rest hasn't.

They attack white people because they know they can. They don't fear the repercussions, if there are any. You want the attacks to stop? Blacks need to be afraid to attack whites. Until then, this will continue.

Off topic, but funny.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Go time...?

Mike Brown back in news as a (((filmmaker))) is out trying to say footage he has shows negro mike brown was innocent. The low IQ orcs will believe this and riot.

Let's let them have at it. Need to get the big one going and have Trump crush.

Spread the story and let's build this up...

Bill in St Louis said...

TJ Smith: "It is fortunate that this situation didn't end up with anybody, victim or SUSPECT.."
Stop there. Turn in your badge. Go home and place your head in a gas stove. First, it wasn't a suspect, but suspects. Multiple. Given the video evidence, lets call them.... perpetrators. Second, why is it a good thing none of the PERPETRATORS were injured seriously, perhaps killed in righteous self defense by the victim? Are you afraid that the riots this time will affect the UA project? Or maybe that the ferals masters will direct them to burn down better neighborhoods this time?
Finally, talking to them at home, unless it is "here is your boat voucher for africa. One misdemeanor and off you go" is useless. Just get a revrund/ witch doctor to ook and eek in the street. It will have about the same effect.

Proudyt said...

9 juveniles huh ? Let's see,3 future rapists ,2 future murderers,2 future postal workers,1 future revrun and 1 future turning his life around.

Anonymous said...

Another teen, Mike Brown is a zombie!!

Back from the dead to haunt us again...!! Get ready to rummmmbbbllleeee...!!

Shark said...

I watched the local news about these arrests. All of the juveniles were to be released the same day as the arrest. How does that teach ANYONE that criminal actions will be punished? talk to the local kids in school...hilarious...they've been preached to enough, they know there is no real punishment for their crimes. Only when an intended victim is armed (a very remote possibility in gun-grabbing Maryland, much less Baltimore) and prepared to defend himself/herself is any justice meted out.

As always, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Unknown said...

Anonymous Mr. Deplorable said...

I have noticed lately that in most of these stories printed in the local press and seen on local news channels that the new word to describe these animals is "kids". I guess calling them "teens" is no longer the correct word. In about five years when the word "kids" is no longer used they will be calling them "babies" such as in "A group of babies beat up an old man in a wheel chair last night".

Later to be followed with "A group of cherubim beat up an old man in a wheel chair last night".

Anonymous said...

In Illinois, they are teaching "kids" how to act in a traffic stop from the mean and awful po-lice. Talk about a dumbed down, dumb-assed country!
More social engineering please!
Can you see this country in 10 years? The new "normal" is something we might have not though of, or seen 20, 40 years ago.
More dumbing down, more lefty professors, more one sided media = what we got!

Anonymous said...

Paul: Please complete this online Penn State survey on #AllLivesMatter and #BlackLIvesMatter hashtags. Don't forget to mention (((alien tribe))) behind these civilization-destroying efforts.

Anonymous said...

You can't tell the players without a program.

Babies = 0-6 years
Kids = 7-15 years
Teens = 16-31 years
Adults = 32-45 years
Disabled = 45+

This be a Pubic Service Announcement and shit from Local 73 of the United Gang Leaders Youth Motivational Foundation, Inc. (Known informally as UGLY Mo-Fo, Inc.)


Mr Deplorable:

I prefer the term "toddler". Babies can't walk nor form hyena packs, yet. Anyway, a negro toddler is "equal" to a 9 year old White boy, thus, with race-norming practices, "Toddler" would be the new PC way to describe these ignorant, low IQ, retarded street monkeys.

The GOOD news is that all of this will bet worse, and worse FASTER. One thing nature teaches us about "change" is that it is exponential and then sudden. Let me explain.

When a critical mass of people get mad, they influence others, as in the Trump election. A movement starts off small, on the fringe, and then, at some point, enough are involved to have a geometric effect on family and friends. THEN, the exponential change comes when those out-side the family loop pick up on it, and then you have your moment of "change".

Now, the actual moment of CHANGE is sudden. Like an earth quake. To those unaware, they think the earth quake just happened, not realizing in has taken hundreds, if not thousands, of years for that pressure to build.....only to be released at one time. Societies are the same.

At a certain point, a group of White men will observe a robber or assault event like this (It can only be White Asians, never mexicans and certainly not White women) and they will spontaneously defend the other White man and beat the shit out of the street monkeys...sorry "toddlers". .....That moment of change, which the media will do EVERYTHING they can to hide, will go viral and we will have the earth-quake we have all been talking about.

Once a group of White men fight back, and cause real and serious harm to these monkeys, it will be impossible to go back to this sickening nightmare PC BS we have endured for over 50 years.

I can feel the pressure. The ground is so, so, so ready to crack and split. I am sure all of you can feel it too. They say certain animals can sense a coming quake. They get nervous, they get uncomfortable...they get agitated....

You nervous?...........?

Arm up. Have 6 months of food. Prepare your redoubt, and remember....we just had our last election.


Remind Commissioner Davis to bring the Ice Cream in the pink squad car.............

Anonymous said...

"Now Smith is calling for action inside the home.  
"Talk to these young kids because they're out traveling in groups and in these groups, they're committing crimes," he said. "

How naïve. If they had decent parents to begin with, they very likely wouldn't be out
running the streets and committing crimes now would they? So telling their parents to "talk to them" is going to be pretty redundant.

Anonymous said...

The police talking to the negro children of Baltimore (or anywhere else in the USA for that matter) will have zero effect as they don't respect the values of the larger culture. They look to their own dysfunctional "culture" for guidance on how to think, act and behave. They couldn't care less if the larger culture approves or disapproves of their actions and neither do their mothers or absentee fathers. They simply resent and despise the larger culture for trying to make them behave in a law abiding and civilized manner and view it as an attack on their "community."

Any attempt at "outreach" will only be viewed by the "cooperative" adults as an opportunity to go for "mo' money for programs" so that they can pocket much of the cash for themselves.

Go ahead and give your speeches, Mr. Smith. The overwhelming reaction from the negro "kids, children, teens" will be a contemptuous "whatever!" Maybe next you can go to a muslim mosque and give a speech on the deliciousness of pork chops and bacon. Might as well double down on stupid while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

A white man standing around? Going about his business? Thats highly disrespectful, offensive, and makes light of the evil legacy of segregation & slavery.

Considering this county was built by the sweat, blood and hard work of slaves...these fine youth & future upstanding pillars of the community, have to confront their dark ancestral past, because black-Americans are constantly reminded that their ancestors gave the government free labor. Any passive behavoir signifies their past relatives died in vein!

After all, TNB gets nullified in The big B dosen't it? Right out in front of the states attorney's office? Broad daylight? Seems the little bugers know something we don't. Just IMO.

Anonymous said...

As a white man who grew up in the seventies near Baltimore, MD, I can testify from personal experience that institutional racism exists ... AGAINST WHITE MEN! First, the gov't took away our right of freedom of association and bussed me to failing inner city black schools where I was exposed to institutional racism for seven years. Next, during 3 years in the Army, I observed the institutional racism of tribal blacks and hispanics getting promoted and favored over white men. Busting my ass to get into college, I noticed institutional racism against white men when I learned that negroes were held to a far lesser standard and obtained college admission despite poor SAT scores. White college men were further discriminated against by refusing their right to freedom of association while they had to watch black fraternities form, scholarships and grants created only for negroes and never the white college men, and various other black-only student clubs and organizations. Even then the blacks were bleating about institutional racism because white men were far superior in taking standardized tests, which of course must be racism. After graduating, I observed institutional racism when I applied for law school, reminded yet again that blacks only needed a 2.5GPA in college and merely sit for the LSAT to obtain admission regardless of how poorly they performed on the standardized test. Passing the bar exam was a one off event for myself, but again institutional racism raised its ugly head again as I knew of a negro who failed the bar exam for 7 years in a row! In the workforce I again noticed institutional racism when I, as a white man, was turned down for government jobs due to Affirmative Action, diversity quotas, and preferences for negroes regardless of merit. I suppose all this institutional racism is the reason why I am now a multi-millionaire and retired at 45. Because of institutional racism against white men, it had the unintended effect of iron sharpening the iron of my will, creating opportunities each time a door was closed, and calling up the resources of my intellect to become even more adaptive and creative and resourceful in pursuing financial freedom. Thank you, my niggas!

Anonymous said...

Yeah you talk and spread the word of 👄 Micheal brown documentry next year so it be nominated for a award in Hollywood like the hidden figures

Anonymous said...

Yeah welcome to the real world

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know there's a lot of documentries and films on black this hold year of 2017

Anonymous said...

I bet everyone on this site didn't voted for Goldwater in 1964

Anonymous said...

If you Nuke the 🌍 earth and be living on the 🌙 moon with hidden figures

Anonymous said...

I heard that skittles is out of business

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
One more punch, stomp, kick, ook and eeking outburst of spontaneous negritide to the mass happening going off. Always bring enough skittles for everyone at the party.


We`re due for another Bernie Goetz.

115 or 124 grain skittles?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bird of Paradise said...

No more kid glove treatments for hate crimes like this they need to be held liable and responsible for their crimes and no more idiotic excuses and no time off for good behavior and have the 12 year old's parents liable financialy liable

Earl Turner said...

Cut off their mothers' welfare, food stamps, and Section 8.

Anonymous said...

In the video, the victim didn't provoke the kids at all and still they proceeded to hit him, kick him, even throw objects at him and steal his cell phone.


Ah, of course. Well, it could have been worse. It could have been "teens."

The group tried robbing another man on the 300 block of Holliday Street, sending him to the hospital.

He's OK.

He was sent to the hospital.

But "he's OK?"

Well, I suppose in BRA, anything less than being crippled by "kids" is OK with the authorities, such as they may be. A body in the morgue may be difficult to explain away, but a trip to the ER, all routine.

By the way, did Baltimore have packs of "kids" attacking white people when segregation was in force?

Californian said...

As always with these incidents, we have to look at the political component. How much of the motivation is because blacks have been indoctrinated with the belief that they are "oppressed" by 400 years of slavery-segregation-micro-aggressions. Thus, flashmobbing becomes an act of righteous insurrection against YT.

Commissioner Davis is now planning on speaking to nearby elementary and middle schools about the incident and about going down the wrong path.

This may be a noble effort by the commish, but the anti-White agitprop system will overwhelm it. After the lecture, the "kids" will go back to their Black History Month classes (which lasts all year), turn on their telescreen to see Michael Brown sanctified, shuffle into theaters to watch Hidden Figures, and look with anticipation to the latest Emmett Till extravaganza. And while math may not be their strong point, they can still put together 2 (400 years of etc) and 2 (wreckage of Baltimore) and come up with 5 (take down YT).

The "kids" may not have high median IQs, but they can do the math of BRA:

B: Black
R: Revenge
A: Arithmetic

As for YT, practice the three "As:"
Stay armed, stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

This be a Pubic Service Announcement and shit from Local 73 of the United Gang Leaders Youth Motivational Foundation, Inc. (Known informally as UGLY Mo-Fo, Inc.)

Heh heh heh.

Perhaps UGLY Mo-Fo can network with the "BOSS" organization noted a few articles back.

Californian said...

As a white man who grew up in the seventies near Baltimore, MD, I can testify from personal experience that institutional racism exists ... AGAINST WHITE MEN!

This is so.

The objective to the Civil Rites Revolution was the dispossession of White people. All the blather about "equality" and "freedom riding" was the mask for the actual agenda which PK sums up as Black Run America. This has been a fairly standard pattern for most revolutions of the last 100 years, starting with the Bolshevik: replace one ruling class with another and much more oppressive system. Look at post-colonial Africa with its parade of one-party states, ethnic massacres and purging of White people. And as you note, here in the USA White people have been dispossessed in any number of ways.

We can see this more recently as black city governments remove Confederate flags and monuments from the public venue. And there's the ongoing black muscle in the streets (aka "teens," "kids") assaulting White people in streets built by their ancestors.

Civil Rites are just that, the funeral ceremony for any kind of civility in America.

Something to think about in the coming chaos.

Paintjob Theory said...

"It's one cell phone with a group of people. What are they going to do with it? I mean you get cellphones free these days," Smith said.

Did this guy just arrive to Baltimore from some other planet this week? This dolt is not only a police officer but the f**ing chief!?

"Talk to these young kids because they're out traveling in groups and in these groups, they're committing crimes," he said.

Yeah, I'm sure these "kids" fathers will have harsh words for them when they get home from work.

When I was young when we got together 9 or 12 friends we would pick up a game of stick-ball, hockey (street or ice depending on the season), try to meet girls, or at worst try to find someone to buy us some beers so we could go hide out in the woods and get buzzed around a bonfire. It never even crossed our minds to go commit violent crimes and certainly nobody had to be told that that was inappropriate.

In any event, this act of jungle savagery is straight out of a nature documentary of a pack of dingos or hyenas or any other jungle predator/scavenger. The pack of wild beasts scent a prey species that is weak, confused, crippled, or otherwise infirm and they just attack out of instinct. Just like fire ants all biting at once, no one member of the troop of nogs even has to say anything, they all just sense weakness in the straggler from the prey herd and the whole pack pounces.

As in nature, this is actually beneficial to cull the herd of those who are unfit. Nature long ago pruned the gazelles that thought they could share a water hole with lions and their species is overall fitter for that. Here we see in the jungles and savannas of darkest African America the same culling of the herd of docile prey. Invariably those who have such a broken sense of self preservation to not recognize the danger and either flee or defend themselves accordingly will be eaten and their defective lines will become extinct. This is an excellent bit of karma in that these same DWLs who believe (or pretend to believe) that "they're just like us but with a different paintjob" (tm) are the ones who created this mess to begin with. Eliminating them strengthens the white race as a whole, eliminates the traitors in our own tribe who fight against our own survival, and their sacrifice has the double benefit of serving as an example to others who can still correctly react to danger if shown enough evidence to allow pattern recognition and fore-brain cognitive processes to put two and two together.

In other encouraging news, comments at CBS Baltimore (get 'em while they last) could be cut and pasted here at SBPDL and you'd think it was our usual readers.

Peak negro fatigue may be closer than any of us thinks.

Oil 'n Water said...

A poster previously pointed out that part of intelligence is the ability to recognize patterns, and in this case it cannot be clearer: These assaults happen with regularity, yet continue to be reported only locally.
Can you imagine the national attention roving groups of white kids assaulting blacks would produce? Suddenly, a definite pattern would be ascertained.
Depending on the source, up to 60 people were killed in an avalanche of garbage in the capital - no less - of Ethiopia. People who were killed actually lived inside the dump, making huts presumably out of stuff at hand.
Sixty people dead, yet this story deserved only a couple of small paragraphs toward the back of the local paper. I guess the moniker, black lives matter, applies only to blacks within American borders who are subject to white "oppression." Otherwise, never mind.


A @ 7:44 AM was correct in that terms and ages for the negro are a bit different than the rest of the World.

I would use this:

Kids: Age 1 Day... to 12 years

CHILD: 13 to 19

TEEN: 20 to 45

YOUTH 46 to 65

Citizen 65 until dead (which with their shorter life-span (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Drunk Driving, Crack, Malt-Liquor, cigarettes, rap sheet......would be about.....oh, 66?)

To use any other scale? Dat be Raycisss

Anonymous said...

Whites need to start carrying bear spray in these areas.

I get taking the Glock but in a downtown area you run the risk of missing and hitting someone innocent. In a libtopia you will also run up lawyer fees defending yourself over using a firearm. Better to spray the whole group with bear spray and walk away. Just be careful if it is windy.

Anonymous said...

The Mike Brown filmmaker is an idiot and getting a pass from the media.

Even if Brown believed some employee owed him cigars that still constitutes stealing if he takes it from the store without permission of the owner.

But I read that Jason Pollock is a protege of Michael Moore.

Expect more intellectually dishonest documentaries from this piece of self-loathing garbage.


A @ 8:36:

It is not that these teens can not respect the values of the larger culture: THEY HAVE NO IDEA.

As respectful as your comment is, you require them to comprehend: 1) A culture 2) a Larger, different culture, 3) then to under stand the "value" in that culture, and last, and least of all, 4) to RESPECT it.

No f'n way.

These attributes can not be learned. They are innate. They are genetic. They are an instinct.

A race, like us Whites, which were FORCED by nature to create these tendencies, had to suffer through numerous Ice Ages...(there were at least 7, not counting the one coming).

Assuming our original European inhabitants got there 100,000 years ago, we had to endure perhaps 3 of them (I am not totally sure). Either way, they were long, brutal and killed off those who could not, nor would not, cooperate and see the VALUE of this "larger" culture....survival as a group. 20,000 years of an Ice Age will teach the dumbest White to get along.

The negro never had an Ice Age. They slept, shat, ate, f'ed, slept, shat, picked the flies out of their noses....ate........squated....peed.......f'ed...... etc. etc. for at least 5 million years. No genetic drift..No genetic bottle-necks...NO environmental genetic selection.....just eat and f............. That is what they do today.

Another mistake so many of us make is to assume they have no culture. They do. They are perfectly adapted to Sub-Sahara Africa. Hot, all kinds of edible stuff growing on trees, no seasons, etc. The african has a perfect culture, but not one compatible with or near White people.

They are an "invasive species".....and what do all government agents say we are to do with invasive species................(I'm far too polite to put it into words, and sine the NSA, FBI, CIA, Mossad, KGB read everything I write on the internet, I prefer not to answer my own question...or I may get that signature sign of the One World Order..a bullet in the back of the head.........)

A @ 8:49, I have had the same experiences, in a different field.

Medicine, just like in Law can handle a lot of B.S. and rotten work, just as long as it is hidden. A negro can be admitted, get a law "degree" and then be hired by numerous companies or every government agency, since some White fool (like you dear sir, will do the actual work) while this Silver-back ape gets the corner office, fancy title, company car, expense account, and cute 21 year old White Blonde Blue Eyed secretary....and you get Nurse Ratchet....)

Same with Medicine. The negro gets the M.D. degree with a C- grade, but NEVER has to pass any State Licensing exam since he his hired by the largest Medical Hospital network in the State to deal with "community relations"..."out reach programs"...."Public Relations"....etc. Get it? The "title" of J.D. or M.D. or C.P.A. is NOT for actual work, but for show and strutting and dignity...he gets paid big bucks while the white fools, who will NEVER get his job, do all the work.

It is called the "Plantation" System, or the "Feudal" System, or "Rent Seeking" system. You have the Top 1% collecting all the goodies while a bunch of loser do all the work.

Anonymous said...

The unspoken thing is that the talk the kids get will be telling them to take their games a block or so away from the State's Attorneys office. All those no brains/no shows didn't go to the trouble of sitting in a classroom in college just so they could possibly get caught up on the wrong side of monkeyshines. The black power brokers know first hand how dangerous feral mobs can be and that once they're riled even tasers don't slow then down.

It feels like 1968 to me except white people need to be much more careful defending themselves. If you don't own a black hoodie go get one now. When in Rome dress like the Romans.

Anonymous said...

The poor ol' racist YT had it comming, he couldn't bring himself to admit the atrocities his ancesters committed against theirs. He thought he could hide his shame behind his privilege. The truth hurts.

He should be made to feel bad that people of color are still being treated like it's 1565 in this country, that people of color are being gunned down in the streets by the gang in blue!, for no reason! He should have got on his knees, begged forgiveness for his race, offered reparations to the true chosen youth.

Maybe, he now feels bad that a racist like Adolf Trump was elected, and how scared people of color are that racism is mainstream again! YT needs to open dey eyes and stop being selfish!

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis: Uppity ass black bitch reporter at Indy Star Suzette Hackney, criticizes a white man who flies Swastika and Tea Party flags at his home. Has the NERVE to also write this article about a black woman, "Shaherah Smith-Hughes" who is grieving her dead child, who was shot by another black Dindu Nuffin at the Popeyes.

Hey you stupid bitch. A German Nazi did not shoot that little Dindu. A white GOP Tea Party member did not shoot that little Dindu. A white Confederate soldier did not shoot that little fucking Dindu.

A black dindu shot that little fucking dindu.

God I hate these people. We need to ship their retarded black asses back to the Congo.

Anonymous said...

Why do 'blacks' even bother 'wiff' school? ... Ans. .... Free breakfast, lunch and a warn place to play on their 'Obamaphones'. That plus indoor basketball and access to White girls (and boys).

Anonymous said...

Even if you get everything on video, they are obviously underserved teens and youth and are the perfect candidates for a 2nd chance, 37th chance, they need more opportunities as a reward for horrible behavior or they might get even worse!

And to think that the rest of us pay to subsidize these creatures so that they can continue breeding and turning our former neighborhoods into hellholes. They find it funny to not only assault and terrorize random white people but to mug them as well. No remorse or feelings of unease over attacking elder individuals in a pack without provocation. They sure like violence but they also don't care much for fair fights.

I think Based Stickman had the right idea- stop reacting to these anti-white anti-capitalist groups like victims. Don't put up with any of their bullshit. You have a right to defend yourself.

Anonymous said...

There's an article on The Daily Caller today about white supremacy on campus. The comments are surprising. People are no longer bleating the required line of "that's racist". Young white men and women are fed up with the BLM/white privilege bs. It's about damn time!

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis is unrevealing at the seams. We are plagued by violent breeding street apes.

"40-50 juveniles..."

Anonymous said...

What is it with blacks and "sail foams"? No speech by anyone is going to do any good to these little racist grown up retarded "crack babies"! While Whites teach their kids to be good citizens and "we're all the same", black parents teach their kids to hate "Whitey" and be a thorn in their sides whenever possible. With any luck, the young White guy that this happened to is on his way to becoming a race realist. It's shit like this happening to me over time that finally opened my eyes - and once they're opened, common sense keeps you from shutting them again!

bubo said...

Look up the case of Zach Sowers. Young professional white guy who was beaten by a black robbery gang into a coma from which he never emerged. He lived in a "good" section and thought he could walk a few blocks home from a bar.

His attackers received mostly slap on the wrist sentences.

His wife tried to get the black mayor and justice system to do something about the out of control violence. Pointless endeavor in a black run city.

She had to find black victims to gain sympathy because no one cares about white victims in Baltimore. It didn't matter. She was called a racist and eventually left the city because it's a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Mic drop. Of the week.

The Umpire said...

"[...]I knew of a negro who failed the bar exam for seven years in a row!"

Who? Christopher Darden? Hey, remember this gem from the Simpson trial?

Christopher Darden: "I looked back at the Constitution last night; I sent my clerk to go get it for me. And I looked at the Constitution and you know what I saw? I saw some stuff in the Constitution about Ron and Nicole. And the Constitution said that Ron and Nicole have the right to liberty. It said they had the right to life. It said that they had the right to the pursuit of happiness. It said that Nicole didn't have to stay with him if she didn't want to stay with him. That's what the Constitution said."

Good grief, he sounds almost as dumb as "Doctor" Ben Carson.

Anonymous said...

Sound like a 20th century second reconstruction for you

Anonymous said...

Sound like you need the ghost of John c Calhoun in your sentence

Anonymous said...

Last person I heard that had a pink squad car bull Connor and talking about the comminust and Marxist in 1960s

Anonymous said...

This is about Race, even though you may not think so:

I'm gong Anonymous on this only to protect the though I know the Mossad, KGB, CIA, NSA, FBI, SAS, Gestapo, etc. already know everything about me...."Hello, Boys"....

I'm in the health care rip-off business. Most, if not all of you, don't know that the amount of paper work, to be in this sleazy corrupt business, has sky-rocketed over the last few years, mostly due to Medicare, Medicare, and Insurance company Bull Sh*t.

None of it, and I mean NONE OF IT, has anything to do with health care for the patient. They are using us providers to gather information.....why? be used against you? If your doctor uses any Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system then EVERYTHING about you is on the internet.....every have VD? Any abortions? Any Prozac? Ever taken Xanax? Patched up for bar-fights? Anything indicating you might be gay?.....hmmmm? Well, Putin now knows all about you.

So, I wish to let you know, (that my suspicions that other "health care providers" have adopted my way of doing business) has reached epidemic (that's a medical term) proportions.

When we fill out form, Electronic Records, etc. we make up Sh*t just to get the crap done. There is an International coding system called ICD-10 were EVERY SINGLE problem you may have has a code. This is needed to bill the aholes at Medicare, Medicaid and the sleazy Insurance Company....your insurance company...but, if you do it properly it takes forever and may even prevent you from being paid. A Medical Office learns quickly which codes pay fast, with not, you use them regardless of why the patient is there. Who is ever going to notice when BILLIONS of codes are submitted each year......overloaded systems have an advantage....especially when Government and Insurance company offices are stuffed with Affirmative Action employees....(that's the RACE part)

You can tell by the "10" that this is edition.."10". It is HUGE and complicated and detailed and disgusting...thus more and more of us "providers" are short-cutting the system and doing what ever it takes to simplify the coding.... in other words....making things up or just putting down what ever gets us paid.

Now, this means massive amounts of FUBAR is entering the medical world. (FUBAR, from World War 2 means: Fucked Up Beyond All Reason)...Useless diagnosis. Useless exam, etc., but to actually comply with all this Government-Insurance (GI) Industrial Complex would put most, if not all, of us out of business. I can safely say that the average Medical Office spends more time on paper work than...than you.

It has reached the point of chaos and thus collapse. I actually enjoy it. I, and my entire staff, just make up crap, that will pass the filters of the computers of the GI complex (get it? in system?..ok, that is an inside joke) so that we can get paid and stay open. My office is not interested in your health. We are interested in being paid by the "Insurance Company", and their only goal is to make ever effort NOT to pay are a nobody...

Health Care, today, has NOTHING to do with Health Care and poor Trump has found out he can not stop the insanity. Nobody can. It is like is too far must must die of a huge heart attack, be carted off, stuffed in an Auschwitz oven and disposed of....and new life created.


Anonymous said...

Jim Davis I heard you hate that Monday's 😀

Anonymous said...

Yeah black history in Hollywood forever and always will forever

Anonymous said...

Another concept about "health care".

I, personally, had some radiology work done on myself. I went (referred to) a clinic owned and run by a huge Medical Hospital group in my area. They sent me a bill for $2,700.

Since I deal with Medical Billing and Coding all day, I know the games. I thought this was a bit high so I checked other, independent Radiology centers...and guess what, they did the SAME procedure for $275-$310.

Knowing this, and knowing the mind bending, revolting, horrific mess insurance is, I delayed, played games, made useless phone calls, insulted everybody who called me....etc... By the way, calling to talk to anybody about you medical issues is a total waste of time. You'll get some guy, Punjab from Pakistan, who calls himself "James". So, I called all over the place INTENTIONALLY gumming up their systems. Each person you call has to take "notes" and that just gums up the system. When they ask "How much are you willing to pay" tell them: "I'll pay $10 per month, for the rest of my life.Then sue my dead body". You will enjoy the dead silence since they know there is NOTHING they can do to stop you.

The larger the Medical entity you deal with, the better. Why? Everybody you will speak to is going to get paid at the end of the week. The "money" involved comes out of the hide of the corporation, so, in a way, everybody you talk to does't give a shit. They get paid whether you pay anything. Knowing this means they are either indifferent (Affirmative Action Employees) or some minority employee who hates YOU and the White Ass Crackers who run the Medical firm. They don't care if you pay and neither should you.

Anyway, to make a short story long, after giving them hell, for about 5 months, they settled for $350.

Never, ever, pay what a large Hospital corporation bills you for. Ignore all the bills you see with all the confusing (it is done on purpose. I know, I do it) codes and letters and words. Wait till it goes to collections and then call them and tell them you will PAY nothing. They will send more pathetic pleading and threatening letters. Tell them you will PAY NOTHING (so when you do settle, it is better than "nothing". You must convince them you are out of your works...)

Anyway, the short of this is you can play the game back. They don't think you have the guts to take them on as they take you on. They think, and will treat you like a total fool. Don't buy it. It is all a game. It has NOTHING to do with health care.

Maybe I'm on the wrong blog..............Why do I bring this up on this blog? It all has to do with RACE. You are paying for the Billions of dollars in health care for the MILLIONS of illegals who don't pay and laugh at you, White Boy Sucker. The Insurance companies and major Hospitals (with Emergency rooms) are broke. Call centers are in India and Indonesia since they can't pay real humans back in the US. The systems is collapsing due to RACE. YOU, White boy don't pay enough to pay for the Haitians, Nigerians, Somalians, Colombians, Kenyans, and other mystery meat who have flooded into America to get FREE health care from YOU...White Boy Sucker.

I know. I see it every day. Join the Resistance. Don't Pay. They are counting on your genetic alleles of cooperation, altruism, love of family, decency, fair play.....DON'T buy into it.

Evil will use that which is good about you, against you.

Anonymous said...

I attended a high school that was probably 60 percent black. Believe me when I say that black students love intimidating white students. Many a day white students had to be safely escorted out of the building due to threats of violence. Don't turn your back on black teens, you'll wind up regretting your decision.

Anonymous said...

If there's a God, some individual or group will be worthy of this honor by the middle or end of the 21st century!

F'n disgraceful.


Anonymous said...

You went to college,? Your a millionaire and hanging around with a bunch of working class bigots, how smart are you???

Wide Awake said...

Well said.

Sadly, I believe it to be true.

The only way out will be when the surviving whites of a negro destroyed America decide to retreat. Retreat to a place where the black population is forbidden by force.

Bud said...

I don't care for the Baltimore police commissioner. Every time one of these incidents surfaces he goes down to Annapolis and pushes for more gun control, then gets on talk radio and discusses improving police relations in the community.

If the victim in this case pulled out a pistol or knife to defend himself, I would bet this commissioner would come down on him and he and would bemoan vigilantism to appease the blacks in Baltimore and keep his well paying job.

Once you get a black majority voting base there really is no win. Baltimore has a black mayor and city council. They either appoint corrupt and lazy black officials, or they appoint soft stepping liberal white officials that make them look good and seem effective.

Then of course you have local talk radio hosts that refuse to say the word black (whisper, whisper), refer to them as "teens", and are convinced that all they need is a father at home. Plus the message that life is cheapened when so many young black babies are being aborted.

Towson Mall north of Baltimore recently implemented a curfew because packs of blacks are terrorizing shoppers and looting merchants. Ironically a black man called in to a radio program and was wondering where to move, since his kids were in a private school and he couldn't find a neighborhood that was safe to live in. A white man said all neighborhoods become unsafe once the government moves blacks in, and the host starts tap dancing about how wonderful his neighborhood is with all of the white, brown, yellow, etc. people living together in blissful harmony. A black man also said that blacks ruin communities and the host attacked him - "well, is your neighborhood bad because you live there? Hmmm? Hmmm?".

Here is the interesting thing. Pat McDonough, a Maryland state delegate, also has a talk radio show. For many years he has not been afraid to talk about young blacks swarming through downtown Baltimore attacking whites. He talks about this topic frankly and sincerely, and he is the ONLY one in the state of Maryland to do so. Yet, he keeps his elected position and talk radio show. If someone brings up the R word he just shrugs it off as ridiculous. It is like being open to blackmail. If not forthright you are more open to attack because the aggressor senses you have something to hide.

Anonymous said...

US congressman Steve King from Iowa is a true American hero. Look at what he wrote recently on Twitter and look at the Leftists attacking him. We gotta get behind him and show him our numbers. Don't let them crucify him for this; stand tall real Americans.

The fight is heating up...

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised a hateful moron like you even know where the Congo is located!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here I go again: another example of the lowly American negro attacking those who can't fight back. In this vignette, it was a hapless 65 year old man. Then it's children, the disabled, woman and the elderly. My 80 something parents no longer go outside unescorted; they will not be subjected this one way assault. This is why the American negro garners little to no respect. Is America really a free country?

Anonymous said...

Please stop taking drugs while your doing paperwork!!!

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
There's an article on The Daily Caller today about white supremacy on campus. The comments are surprising. People are no longer bleating the required line of "that's racist". Young white men and women are fed up with the BLM/white privilege bs. It's about damn time!
March 13, 2017 at 1:18 PM

Nothing will do more to open white eyes to the reality of race than to have it shoved in your face every day, and campuses are where its been the worst. There was bound to be push back eventually.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

Im pretty sure it is in NE Illinois. Oh wait, tthat's Chicongo. No real difference.

Tarczan said...

Anon at 3:12- great post.

Anonymous said...

"I'm surprised a hateful moron like you even know where the Congo is located!!!!"....says the fat ugly she-boon.

Yes indeed bitch.

We tried to civilize you filthy monkeys. We even let you ook and eek within our media and society to make virtue-signaling white liberals feel good about keeping you as pets. But our patience is running thin. You negroes are genetic mistakes.

A "hateful moron" is any proud white man who tells the truth about degenerate black savages.

Why should i GIVE A DAMN about some shitty negro calling me a moron? All I have to do is cut off your fucking food stamps, insulin, and government job, and once you have digested all your chunky, twerking ass fat, you will all die from starvation.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I win. Plus I won't wake up as a negro in the morning and you will.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care where the Congo is located, I just want your black ass to fucking GO THERE.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that enough of them haven't been aborted. Total free planned parenthood clinic services available 24/7 in the ghetto. That's one entitlement I can get behind.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

"In other encouraging news, comments at CBS Baltimore (get 'em while they last) could be cut and pasted here at SBPDL and you'd think it was our usual readers."
I've noticed this on a lot of MSM comment sections when it comes to stories like these. I see the term Dindu used a lot, and just a general sense of mass negro fatigue.

Anonymous said...

They do this because they want the consequences that behavior like this used to bring. It's what they are hard-wired for, and without it they get itchy and eventually more and more violent.

Blacks are atavists. Also bottoms. They want to be brought up hard then laid low. They are tribal. When they don't have a big man pushing them around, they get testy. Plus they're constantly jockeying to challenge the current big man.

For feral niglets, any white person and any older person tweaks the "big man" neurons in their programming. They attack like chimpanzees--in groups.

I base this on surviving a large-majority-black city for over 20 years. I learned early that the only way to deal with the bruthas--AND sistuhs--was batshitly disproportionate response to any attack or slight.

A few flat noses made flatter and lots of blood flowing (dey skaid o' blood), the message gets across. Of course it means having to live on the edge of violence more than is my nature. Which is why I left for whitopia as soon as I could afford it for me and my family.

I loved not having to live that way for the next 30 years. But if they're going to bring it on again, OK.

Anonymous said...

Most, if not all of those 4 generations are either 1)on welfare
2)in prison

Anonymous said...

They want a lawless society, not thinking of the end result of a heavily armed and trained populous fighting back. It will be a slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Yup, and it will be a tidal wave of death and destruction, God forbid something should happen to Trump. He's practically got the entire military, law enforcement, veteran and patriot on call. These idiots like Snoop and Bow Wow will be forever marked.

Anonymous said...

And there it is in a nutshell. The city will waste another few million on some bogus outreach program to keep the pastor's nice and fat while they have sex with their congregation.