Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Because of Incessant Black Violence/Dysfunction, Funeral home directors in Chicago call for law to reduce violence at funerals

Somehow, this is all white people's fault. 

Before we get to a problem obviously on the shoulders of white people, can you spot the great quote from this immortal passage in Nicholas Lemann's The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America?:
Chicago was home to the Chicago Defender, the country’s leading black newspaper, with a wide readership in the rural South. Robert S. Abbott, the Defender’s publisher, a small, round, well-dressed man who artfully combined the roles of race crusader and businessman, launched what he called "The Great Northern Drive" on May 15, 1917. The object of the drive was to exhort Southern blacks to come to Chicago, in order to make money and live under the legal benefits of citizenship. Abbott invented slogans ("The Flight Out of Egypt") and promoted songs ("Bound for the Promised Land," "Going Into Canaan") that pounded home a comparison to the events described in the Book of Exodus for his audience of extremely religious children of slaves. 
He persuaded the railroads to offer "club rates" to groups of blacks migrating to Chicago. At the same time strong-back businesses like the stockyards and packing houses, desperately short of labor because of the war, hired white labor agents and black preachers to tour the South recruiting. Black porters on the Illinois Central, who at the time were a prosperous, respected elite in black America, spread the word (and passed out the Defender) on their stops in Mississippi towns. E. Franklin Frazier, the black sociologist, reported that, "In some cases, after the train crossed the Ohio River, the migrants signalized the event by kissing the ground and holding prayer services." 
The black population of Chicago grew from 44,000 in 1910 to 109,000 in 1920, and then to 234,000 in 1930. A local commission on race relations reported that 50,000 black people had moved to Chicago from the South in eighteen months during the war. --  p. 16
Did you see it? 


I'll make it easy for you. As black migrants from the South entered the northern portion of the United States, they rejoiced at the their new found freedom:
"In some cases, after the train crossed the Ohio River, the migrants signalized the event by kissing the ground and holding prayer services." 
So what type of world did the black descendants of those who 'signalized the event by kissing the ground and holding prayer services' create in Chicago? 

Obviously, one we can blame entirely on white people...[Funeral home directors call for law to reduce violence at funerals, Chicago Tribune, 3-21-17]:
June Williams, director of a Gresham neighborhood funeral home, worries about getting shot at work. 
In the last two years, Golden Gate Funeral Home has seen several acts of violence, including an instance where a staff driver was shot. 
In the past, Williams said she’s had to turn over to the police funeral home guest books signed by gang members who were attending funerals of their rivals. Among grieving families and friends mourning their lost loved ones are revenge-seeking guests that compromise the safety of everyone at the funeral home, 2036 West 79th St., Williams said. 
“Regardless of what caused the death of a loved one, I have mothers and grandmothers that are standing with me. ... We deserve to be safe at a funeral,” said Bishop Larry Trotter, senior pastor of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church, 8621 S. Chicago Ave., in the South Chicago neighborhood, where a Tuesday press conference was held calling for legislation to keep violence out of funerals. 
Chicago funeral home directors and activists at the conference said they are working with Sen. Napoleon Harris, D-Harvey, on writing a bill that proposes tougher consequences for offenders who commit crimes involving a weapon at funerals. The bill will mirror the stiffer penalties for certain gun crimes near schools and along designated Safe Passage routes, Trotter said. 
In the last year, there have been at least 17 acts of violence at funerals, according to Bishop Tavis Grant of Antioch Network of Churches & Ministries. But churches and funeral homes don’t have the means to provide security, he said. 
The violence, which Trotter said often stems from unresolved gang-related incidents involving the deceased, is a threat to the bereaved. Along with the shooting at Golden Gate Funeral Home, Williams said a visitor was stabbed at a service while standing at the casket. 
But staff members at funeral homes and chapels are also at risk. 
“There used to be a code amongst different types of folks,” Williams said. “You didn’t bother the people at church, and you didn't bother them at a funeral. 
“We have to be concerned when men come into the funeral home and we ask them to take off their hat,” she said. “Some of the gang members, that’s their colors, they don’t want to take them off. Or somebody steps on somebody’s foot then they’re ready to fight.” 
Sweet Holy Spirit Church spokesman Sean Howard said the proposal is under review this week and is being vetted to become a bill.
No words for this one.

Just a reminder Jim Crow wasn't about racism toward blacks, but it was our ancestors attempt to legally protect their civilization from black dysfunction for their posterity.


Anonymous said...

"Chicago funeral home directors and activists at the conference said they are working with Sen. Napoleon Harris, D-Harvey, on writing a bill that proposes tougher consequences for offenders who commit crimes involving a weapon at funerals."

Racist MoFos! Just tryin to keep the black man down!

Anonymous said...

Hey, here's a thought... stop providing funeral services for gang members.

Anonymous said...

So this is where "we" are at now- funeral homes gone wrong. It amazes me how they can always find a new low.

DoubleTap said...

I have recommended in the past that funeral homes always keep at least one and maybe even two extra caskets ready at negroes funerals. Don't be so negative...the violence is good for bidness. Trust me, they won't go unused!

Bird of Paradise said...

Chicago whos name in the indian language means SKUNK or BAD SMELL still stinks up to that name especialy when its still run by the demac-RAT party nothing much has changed in the Windy City(Demacratic Windbags)since the days of AL CAPONE just listen to the song THE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED by PAPER LACE its still a battle zone and run by a idiot mayor who is a big gun control fool

Alex from N. England said...

Low impulse control. Poor future time orientation. Negro traits. Blacks seem to be psychologically and intelectually stunted at around age 10. This might also explain their child-like mysoginy. Add to that the fact that they reach sexual and reproductive maturity earlier and BRA is the result. We worship and protect these evil, violent retards, and they seek only more bizzare and irrational preferential treatment. They (like evil children) are never satisfied. Maybe, just maybe after we muster the courage to expose and expel the negro and his enablers, 200 years from now on a Martian colony, little white children will be playing "gangbangers and cops" the way we used to play cowboys and Indians.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to start a funeral business in the middle of the ghetto and offer half off for people who were just "turning their lives around." We will never be safe from these animals. Two to the body, one to the head.

Anonymous said...

i salute jim crow. if he was an actual guy.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is a City of the Dead, and not just the voters. Most people are at least passingly familiar with the days of Capone and Elliot Ness's band of Untouchables, but Chicago also has the distinction of being the hunting grounds of a Herman Webster Mudgett, better known as H.H. Holmes.

Holmes was a drifter, a bigamist, a con artist and serial murderer who claimed quite a few victims during the 1893 World's Fair. The "World's Fair Hotel" was a building of his own design, which had some very unusual features -including an on-site crematorium, acid pits for disposing of remains, stairwells that led nowhere, rooms with doors that could only be opened from outside the room, and a room that could only be accessed through a ceiling trap door.

His spree inside the "Murder Castle" was chronicled in the 2003 book,"The Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson. There is a movie adaptation in the works involving Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ex New Yorker said...

Of all the shoot outs between "kids" the funeral and hospitals shootings are my favorite. If the fucker is still breathing when the meat wagon take him to the local fix it shop (aka...hospital) the shooters will go to the hospital to finish the job. And of course the ever more famous and popular "funeral shoot outs" which as we all know is a perfectly normal way to express our grief after the heavy lose of a neighborhood gang member and drug dealer.

Now don't get me wrong about my liberal views of mass murder. Some of my other favorite shooting events involve back yard barbecues, picnics in the park, movie theaters, churches, shopping malls, front porches, birthday parties, high school graduations, peace marches, basketball games, weddings, biker rallies, restaurants, New Years Eve parties, city buses, beauty parlors, prayer vigils, PTA meetings, Halloween parties, bowling alleys, county fairs, rap concerts, MLK day parades, schools, pool halls, nightclubs, strip malls, pot parties, recording studios, firework displays, bars, swimming pools, subway stations, beach parties, pizza shops, night clubs, grocery stores, barber shops, yard sales and the ever popular and unforgettable BABY SHOWER SHOOT OUT.

A few years ago a woman showed up with her gift goodies at a BABY SHOWER. She got there a little to late and there wasn't any chairs left for her to sit on. She got mad and got into a big fight. After she was thrown out of the party she came back with her boyfriend and he emptied a couple clips into the house. Of the 6 or 7 people that were wounded and killed one was a dead 9 year old girl. I think I read about that story on this very site.

I hope nobody thinks that I am one of these uptight asshole right wing conservatives. My view of slaughtering members within the local community are very liberal. I still believe that this is a free country and the "kids" have a right to kill each other any way they see fit. They have their rights. Who am I to judge another and interfere with their lifestyle and inner desire for self destruction.

Mr. Rational said...

stop providing funeral services for gang members.

I suspect that gang members are a large part of their clientele, that they could not survive without.  Also, if they refused business from gang members they could become explicit targets (not just victims of acts of Spontaneous Blackness).

Wherever Blacks go, there Blacks are.  It's really that simple, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Negros Need Not Inquire Within, or something like that.

Californian said...

Chicago...where are the Blues Brothers when you need 'em?

Anonymous said...

“There used to be a code amongst different types of folks,” Williams said. “You didn’t bother the people at church, and you didn't bother them at a funeral.

Yes, there was a code which once upon a time kept this inane violence from breaking out at churches, funeral homes, schools, black expos and anti-crime marches. The name of the code...(drum roll, maestro)...segregation!


I mean, honestly, the article reads like some madcap satire put together by the folks at National Lampoon on a coke binge back in the 1970s. Africans take over a city and then proceed to shoot up funerals. Guess there are not enough live bodies to ventilate, so they have to target the dead.

And that's the thing about BRA. No matter idiotic it is, you can always be sure that blacks will find some way to make it totally insane.

BRA = Burial Rites Assassins

Anonymous said...

Here in East Cleveland. A lot of funeral directors don't even publish funerals because people get their houses broken into while they attend their dead famblies interments.

Anonymous said...

Odd how they think a new law will have any impact on people who shoot up funerals.

Bill in St Louis said...

I didn't realize you needed a funeral service to chuck a corpse in a trash can.

Anonymous said...

“You didn’t bother the people at church, and you didn't bother them at a funeral."

But it's OK to "bother people" anywhere else, no problem. This is your so-called black culture that everyone holds in such high regard.

It seems the only legit, successful, black-run business in da hood is the funeral home.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Hey, here's a thought... stop providing funeral services for gang members.
March 21, 2017 at 8:12 PM

And deprive blacks of a prime opportunity to kill one another? I think not!

If anything we need more marches, more vigils, more "celebrity" basketball games. Because when blacks get together in large...or small groups is when shots ring out and streets go wrong, leading to more funerals...which lead to more violence. Its the circle of life.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

They keep passing laws in this shit hole because of the never ending (black) "gun violence" which are absolutely worthless because they don't enforce them anyway.

Dozens of arrests for having a gun, robbery, rape, murder, you name it and, because there are too many "people of color" in the clutches of the judicial system, they are simply given a pass, or home monitoring, or such a light sentence in our state prisons that there is effectively no consequence anymore.

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock wrapped it up succinctly when talking about a new business in a black neighborhood. Grand Opening, Grand Closing! The only way even a few of these people succeed is under the heavy handed guidance of whites.

My mom told me a comic/tragic story about funeral homes. She worked at a charity hospital in the early 50's. At the time, funeral homes provided ambulance service (no conflict of interest there). Whenever a black person was in a car accident, they would beg the cops to call a white funeral home. A black funeral home would drive them around until they died. Somebody, usually a church or charity, would pay the bill. The threat of discontinuing services was worse than EBT being cut off now.

Anonymous said...

As a White man, your sworn duty is to protect your family. Negroes will destroy your family. You must separate from them as much as possible. Don't be fooled into thinking they can live amongst us peacefully...

It's genetic...

Proudyt said...

Perhaps they could burn their dead in large funeral pyre's. They enjoy burning things especially white people so it would make it convenient for them to throw any rape victims or old people rolling by on wheelchair's into it.

countenance said...

Truth table:

Black homicidal violence = p

Black funerals or memorial services or anti-violence marches = q

p <=> q

I call it the "Dynamo of Bell Curve City."

Paintjob Theory said...

“There used to be a code amongst different types of folks,” Williams said. “You didn’t bother the people at church, and you didn't bother them at a funeral. "

Interestingly enough, in all white societies we have a "code" where you don't commit murder or mayhem at all, whether at a funeral, at a basketball game, while crossing a bridge, or whatever other daily activities drives these primates into a murderous frenzy. This code is known as the "rule of law", "white European genetics" or simply "western civilization"

I'm not sure if in these simians didn't get the message that we already have laws against murder or if they really believe that just phrasing it a little different or more often will make their fellow tribesmen take notice. They ignore current white man's law against murder, they ignore their own "code" about slaughtering each other at church and funerals, yet we are to believe that writing down another rule will solve this problem? Do they ascribe so much power to TY's juju that is written language?

To quote the great negro philosopher Oscar Gamble "They don't think it be like it is but it do".

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am friends with an individual who worked at Baltimore Shock Trauma hospital. He relayed to me a story of an incident in the ER of that facility. A dindu was received into the trauma bay for a gunshot wound and as the team was stabilizing the dindu 12 or so sheriff deputies came in and surrounded the team in the trauma bay, wearing helmets, baring full body shields and facing the entrance. This happened frequently. The other dindus were GOING TO ATTEMPT TO MURDER THE PATIENT IN THE HOSPITAL.

Anonymous said...

Bill in St. Louis, you reminded me of a joke that I heard from realists at work:

Why are there only two pallbearers at a black funeral?

Garbage cans only have two handles.

Paintjob Theory said...

Off topic, but not. An interesting topic of research is the concept of charity to strangers in the ancient world.

The tale of Philemon and Baucis which can be found among Ovid's books is likely based on tales of older oral traditions, and this tale has been reheated and served many times in the west.

The ancient Chinese and Hindu cultures also have proverbs about charity being virtuous. The Hindu concept of Dāna reads like something that would have come from the Sermon on the Mount.

The point being, eternal spiritual truths are true regardless of the names given to the players in the parables or who says them. These truths have become imprinted in the subconscious of our cultures largely because they have proven a good foundation for the sorts of societies that have succeeded. The societies modeled around "love thy neighbor as yourself" planted their flag on the moon and created the modern world, the societies modeled around "eat they neighbor if you are strong enough" never invented the wheel. The tragedy is that none of the truths passed down from the ages that have culminated in all of our accomplishments took into account the black African.

Just food for thought for you thinking types.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hav'nt these people been civilized yet? after thousands of years and their still a bunch of uncivilized brutes with no sign of ever being civilized as all looks like their no hope left for them unless they streighten out

NC Realist said...

The bill will mirror the stiffer penalties for certain gun crimes near schools and along designated Safe Passage routes, Trotter said............... Lord have mercy I've never heard that before..."Safe Passage Route" ? WTF is that..? Damn I hope all the GPS providers are going to add this option...should I even come close to a negro infested city. Hell...better yet....the safest route is to not even come within 1000 miles of such city. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

It seem like by that everyone is afraid of the walking dead

Anonymous said...

So the term you using us taking out the garbage for minority funerals

Oil 'n Water said...

"…somebody steps on somebody’s foot then they’re ready to fight.”
All of the above commenters missed the essential part of this article.
Don't you realize how important the sneaker is to the black culture? You just don't get the amount of time and work (?) that went into acquiring those Jordans. What would the other gang members think if you showed up with scuffed shoes at, say, the next group chess meet? How embarrassing. Your fellow bangers themselves just might take a shot at you for this serious faux pas. Thus, it's perfectly understandable why they'd spray a funeral home with lead over such an affront.
Seriously, as Ex-New Yorker pointed out, there is virtually no safe place, no event, no activity, held sacred by this group. None. Death over trivialities.

Mr. Rational said...

Of all the shoot outs between "kids" the funeral and hospitals shootings are my favorite.

They've got heaps of their enemies IN ONE ROOM, and they're too dumb to just take them all out en masse with one of the tricks all helpfully described with step-by-step directions in magazines by the likes of ISIS.  Nope, they use handguns and generally don't even score one fatality per attempt.

Not even good for farm equipment any more.  A race of morons.

Anonymous said...

Any law like this shouldn’t even be considered. Why? Wouldn’t any law of this sort disproportionately affect the negro population and be subject to rants of racism & discrimination by the negroes charged with it?

Tell them and make sure they understand, we’ve been here before, you made sure it was declared “unfair & biased” every time. Sorry my negro, we’re all done here.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Paintjob. It should be instructive to any thinking person that the majority of prison converts to religion are Muslim. Which isn't hard to understand since it's a religion in the only form blacks can comprehend - limitless virgins for defenders of the faith, beheadings for infidels and the white Devils, and a 7th century judicial system that whips, dismembers, or kills convicted criminals...."Lawwwd you betta' behave yo' self wit' dem Muslims, dey ain't like dem candy ass Christian crackas, dey don't turn no muffugin cheeks and Sheeit, dey cut cho' muffugin HEAD off, FO REAL my nigga..."

- Tired

Anonymous said...

No more laws! We have the answer in our hearts!

We, as the white race, need to show sympathy & understanding towards all that the negro endures. If we could just “Listen” and have more thoughtful appreciation for all they contribute. Go out of our way & Let them know, we are more than greatly concerned for their well being & future needs.

Then, and surely then, they’ll accept the white way, putting down their guns, stopping the violence & really making a difference in their communities for now & forever more. Know this in your heart, they are waiting to prove that diversity is our strength & show us the multicultural experiment has been a success. All we need to do is climb aboard, and be a part of the greatness they bring.

Anonymous said...

"Chicago funeral home directors and activists at the conference said they are working with Sen. Napoleon Harris, D-Harvey, on writing a bill that proposes tougher consequences for offenders who commit crimes involving a weapon at funerals."

Don't you see the inherent problem with this bill? While the knee-jerk reaction of the local blacks might be to support it, won't the "black leadership" in this country eventually condemn this bill because it UNFAIRLY TARGETS BLACKS?

Anonymous said...

A very definitve list. The only additions I would make would be strip clubs and Tupperware parties.

Oil 'n Water said...

@Paint Job Theory

Excellent post. One of the best I have read on the blog.

Anonymous said...

So those 1950's hearses were a mobile prototype of the Roach Motel?

Tyrone be checkin' in . . .

All together now . . .

But he don't check out!

Anonymous said...

Since the new Thor movie is having more black actors playing Norse deities, a Viking funeral would be appropriate.
Or would it be a "Vikang" funeral?
Either way, they'll work hard to keep putting the "bitch" in obituary.

Malcolm Xcrement said...

Why can't calypso Louie's people handle security for this ? Isn't the NOI (Niggas Of Islam) a bunch of badass bowtie wearing MFers?? ....Again, let the Monkey entertainers and affleets pay for this shit. Stand down Leos, let the feces species rot.

Anonymous said...

ambrose kane blog,

In this case, we have do-gooder foreign aid organizations trying to feed the usual suspects who are always starving, continually engaged in uprisings and governmental coups, and unable to run their countries with any semblance of stability.

Foreign aid specifically directed at four neighboring countries (South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, and Yemen) keeps getting ripped off by militia groups. In one case, 20 million dollars in food and vehicles were stolen from a warehouse in South Sudan!

Instead of recognizing that such efforts are futile and never reach their intended target – namely, starving Africans – the foreign aid organizations continue priming the pump of their donors hearts for more money, you know, ‘for the children’.

The brainless and bleeding hearts that donate monthly to these kinds of organizations are never told about how little of the money actually goes to the starving women and children. They’re never told how many African warlords have to be bribed to not take all of the supplies when they arrive at their destinations. The donors are never told about how precarious the routes are that must be taken to get the food and medical supplies to suffering Africans, and just how

Anonymous said...

Project Veritas is taking down the teacher's union over teachers hitting students.

I went to majority black public elementary and high schools. The black students are extremely aggressive and violent. Most likely the students being strong-armed by teachers are the blacks. You can't control them with words, all they understand is force. And they have savage killer genetics.

I think hitting black students should be legal. I don't see the problem here.


Anonymous said...

I had lived in Chicago for a short time and I was deeply upset, mouth open in shock, upon seeing what can only be described as 3rd world conditions in the south & west areas of the city. I at times now do not know what to make of the hellish directions that some pols are pulling us down into, with continuing to deny the OBVIOUS. Im ashamed that the rest of the world looks at USA as one of a few regions in the world where 'blacks' are seen these days as hailing from: Caribbean, South America, Africa & USA - what a LOUSY 'distinction'! I've grown to hate the term 'melting pot' - who the f**k wants to have anything to do with something thats been constructed out of a unveiled, mixed-up mishmash? Like who would eat a stew/soup that had every spice/herb throw into it? It's probably kill you to do so. And such is the state of affairs in many of our once great metros! There is no easy way out of this growing debacle that is USA, under current conditions. Trumo didn't go far enough - he needed to shut down ALL immigration into this country for a set period of time (1-2 years at least) as too many shit-stained from every cesspool on the planet are running around sans trace and grafting our social security system no end, sans impunity. Completely agree that the current mayor is a total DWL jackass 'Demorat', along with his other traitorous, sell-out brothers, "Dr". Ezekiel and Hollyweird's "Ari" (no loyalty to this country whatsoever, only $$$$). To the Chicago cops or any cops that read this blog: let them kill each other, slow down responding with cars/ambulances/medics, etc. They will not willingly leave our country we have to know this as its too good for them here, so only 'reliable' route out is to allow them to kill off each other - hell its what they do in their native mother land to this day! where you have blacks, you have africa. Don't sell to them, push back against those who would sell a home or apartment to them in white area...keep them corralled in their self-created ghettos and allow them the only 'freedom' they have 'merited'- the right to kill off each other.

Anonymous said...

You actually list to Chris Rock comedy. And thats the first time I heard about an black funeral home the victim around town until dying

Sick n' Tired said...

Every time a black pastor/bishop is quoted in a news story, they are always asking for something. Whether it's "mo' money for dem programs", shaking down corporations to prevent boycotts by the "community", or like in this story, urging law makers to make tougher laws when it comes to funeral home violence, which would turn it into a taxpayer funded endevor if the law passes.
I have attended a good amount of funerals in my life, I didn't realize they were such dangerous violent places, since nobody was shot or stabbed at any of them. I would like to see a break down of demographics where all this funeral home violence is taking place, I haven't heard about to many white, asian,jewish, or Indian funerals gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

Chicago been dangerous since the cow set the town on 🔥 fire to the days of Chicago outfit

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Municipal landfills and solid waste incineration facilities usually have security guards and tall fences. Why not, for safety's sake, relocate all future black funerals to these purpose-built sites?

Californian said...

Chicago funeral home directors and activists at the conference said they are working with Sen. Napoleon Harris, D-Harvey, on writing a bill that proposes tougher consequences for offenders who commit crimes involving a weapon at funerals.

There are already in place some mighty "tough" consequences for things like homicide. This does not prevent Africans-in-America from turning their 'hoods into shooting galleries. What makes anyone think that more laws will create civil order?

Not only that, assuming such laws are actually enforced, we will then hear a chorus of "civil rights" activists attacking the police for hassling funerals. Can't a bruthah or sistuh say a final goodbye to a homie without The Man arresting them? How come when YT has a funeral the cops aren't sending in the SWAT teams? That's part of your "white privilege," having a funeral that is not treated like a war zone. CNN is gonna do a three hour special on this!

The bill will mirror the stiffer penalties for certain gun crimes near schools and along designated Safe Passage routes, Trotter said.

i.e., an African-in-America dominated locality's de facto state is one of an insurgency, where "safe passages" must be declared to go to something as somber as a funeral. We need not comment on how similar "safe passages" are required for basketball games, street fairs and memorial bridge crossings when large numbers of those Africans-in-America are present. Things quickly descend to the level of a Liberia.

Again, I will point out that the USA has had six decades of civil rights, wars on poverty, wars on crime, enterprise zones, black "history" months, anti-violence vigils, positive role models on the telescreen...and yet we see Africans-in-America descending into the lowest kind of behaviors. It's a downward spiral, one which is dragging down all around them.

Anonymous said...

OT - The Suidlanders are a group of people in South Africa anticipating an eminent genocidal crises in that country. They are making significant plans for the evacuation of whites which comprise only about 9% of the population. The group presently has representatives here in the U.S. in an effort to generate support. My understanding is they are now leaving Arizona and are on their way to San Francisco and then on to Orange county. Anyone interested in knowing what to expect when whites become a minority should probably attend one of the events. White people need to get serious about producing white babies before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of 'dysfunction'...Sesame Street I realized awhile back was just another 'weaponized' educational programming to come out of 'kumbyaha' BS of the 60s, a very subversive one at that, brainwashing the youngest of minds. Spoonfeeding us kids the paradigm of 'multi-cult' acceptance under the 'legit' stance of televising a means of ingesting actually useful things, like learning our ABCs. We got brainwashed/soft-pedaled to accept the abnormal, the lesser among us as 'normal','ok' to be around/be together with in all areas of life, accepting that 'all are equal' and capable of the same things (now innumerable interracial couple/half-breeds have resulted, as was intended & all that intermixing has had the effect of 'dumbing down' of population's capacity for educational attainments and a sense of discernible social cohesion/values. And look at whats coming down the pipeline - now we have the next steps in the continued acceptance of the decimation of our populace's capacity for intelligence and survival - encouraging children to show their acceptance by acting like and encouraging them to be autistic-like, with active shows of hand-flapping & erratic responses to environmental stimuli! This is NOT ok, autism is a scourge, IMO, an artificially (pharma/CDC) created one that is/has been deployed to decimate the collective capacity of this country (1-68 birth will be autistic is the current diagnostic rate!!!), same as was the all the multi-cult/civil rights programming we've been plagued with for the past 60 yrs. We shouldn't be brainwashed into 'kind & accepting' it but protect ourselves from allowing to grow! This is another from of soft-pedaling the destabilizing of our society. Do not accept the 'sanctioned by gov't' policy of inoculations as they accelerated the amount and timing of them (btw- given pharma immunity from lawsuits). Like encouraging all the DWL /SJW - same BS. These autistic children/adults will be adding to the social services drain, sans any capacity for critical thinking or resisting 'NWO' constructs.This is by design, IMO, much as has been all the efforts to prop-up the nog & allow for massive influx of even more muds from every cesspool exists. Im not advocating for allowing harm to come to autistics but we can't allow ourselves to accept that this is the new 'normal' & just give in to being 'ok' with having even more 'created' (e.g. submitting to gov't expediting/pushing ever more shots on the population and accelerating the rate at which they are to be given).Sad to say,its undeniable that Sesame Street has & continues to undermine the 1st world social standards that built this country. How I used to love that show as a kid & yet thats exactly the way it works its BS into the mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Like another law on the books will make any difference to blacks. HaHa.

Anonymous said...

....they even tryin' to keep the dead bruthus down!

Anonymous said...

I thought that the black funeral home was the only growth industry in Chicago....they ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I remember back in early-mid 90s when there was a funeral in Wicker Park (now a trendy hipster neighborhood) for an "imperial gangster". The "maniac latin disciples" pulled the deceased shithead from the coffin and emptied a full mag from an uzi-type gun into his stupid ghetto-fied body. That kind of crazy shit was commonplace among the PutoRicans/Mexicans in shitcago but the darkies have now taken the crown for savagery. Every day they earn that crown too.

This bullshit with gangbanger funerals ain't nothing new around here. Their funeral processions are straight up disgusting. Beware if you find yourself in traffic near one.

Unknown said...

This is frekin hilarious. Dey don't be nuf ded foks heah,les keel mo,we already be at de funnel hom. What kind of creatures are these things. All dem good boys turnin dey life aroun dindo nuffin. I wonder if they might be safe at a death march.

Anonymous said...

Meh. Simple solution. Charge admission and no one will come.


(In regards to the Post about negro women playing the role of White Women, etc...not exaclty on topic, but relevant.....)

A few months back, for some bizarre reason, I caught an old movie, called NEW ORLEANS, made in 1947. The first scene I caught was a nice looking, young White woman sitting in a "Jazz Club", obviously in New Orleans, talking to the White owner, while watching and enjoying a Jazz Band where the main Black character was Louis Armstrong.

Ah, my RACE BS DETECTOR lit up and I had a few hunches and theories that immediately popped into my head, thus I sat down to watch, study and look for what I would imagine to be the real reason for the movie...yep.....

This movie is 70 years old. I could sense and see a pattern. I kept getting a gut level feeling that I was being sold a very soft bill of goods. I was being sold Extremely Soft Porn and a beginners course in Race Mixing 101. I could see the real intent of the movie....to glorify Black musicians, make it hip and cool for young White girl/women to go out, ON THEIR OWN, and hang out at negro clubs.....So, I did some research and...guess what? Just read these names:

Producer: Jules Levy
Associate Producer: Herbert J. Biberman
Director: Arthur Lubin
Associate Director: Maurie Suess
Screen Play: Elliot Paul & Irving Hyland
Music Director: Nat W. Finston

You will notice that the young White woman is cute, BLONDE, totally White.....no light skinned (((woman))) to play the role of a negro-jazz-loving hip girl? Huh? No, it has to be a totally Nordic White woman who gets brainwashed. So the audience of White girls buy bull.

So, if I had the time, I would love to really study the movies shoved on us right after the Slaughter of World War 2 where MILLIONS of healthy White men were killed for a totally disgusting worthless war,leaving MILLIONS of single White girls/women "alone".

I see a pattern. Either I am insane or I am a genius with what is going through my mind. The longer I live, the easier it is to see the pattern....see the threads....see the propaganda, from it's "oh so innocent" beginnings to the totally Anti-White filth we have today.

Always look at the Producer, Director, too. Common thread there. Always. Always.

FOR EX-New Yorker: I'm afraid you left out a very significant event where the shootings occur: "Stop the Violence" Marches, Parades. These are very important. Every "Stop the Violence" event deserves at least one killing since, isn't that what these events are for? In a way, if a "yout" gets killed at a "Stop the Violence" event, then, one DID stop the violence.

Clever little Sambos aren't they?

I enjoyed you "Multi-Cultural" understanding of the way the African settles arguments. I, too am Liberal, open-minded and very tolerant of other Cultures. Who the F am I to force my Eurocentric White Male Privilege Bigoted Jew-Christ culture on others? Who is to say my narrow concept of "Law & Order" is better than the free spirited, on demand, Justice Now methods of a race that is older than mine? The way the African settles disputes have been proven to be successful for, what, about 1.5 Million years? We up-start White Blue Eyed Genetic Mutants have no business telling such a species how to handle minor disputes.

Anyway, arrest, lawyers, judges, court time, etc is expensive. Probably about $10,000. A nice hollow point .357 is about 56 cents. The negro just may have a point here.

Anonymous said...

You probably don't know this, but I had the special fortune to grow up around ghetto blacks and actually you're exactly RIGHT. The mortician is very often the wealthiest, most respected, and highest status black in the ghetto. They sure do a cracking business with untimely showy unerals and usually collude with a local black preacher to direct business.

This is not viewed as a creepy profession for weirdos by them but rather something to aspire to. The guy with the purplest suit and purple homburg hat - he'll be an undertaker

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

We are forever faced with forcing a square peg into a round hole. The negro is and always will be incompatible with Western civilization. For nigh on one hundred years we have spent good money feeding these third world degenerates to breed like rabbits. Now we are dumbfounded as to why they cannot do so much as attend a funeral with shots ringing out?

Funerals are no different than weddings, reunions, graduations, birthday parties, and the like. I guarantee you, you can pick up a chimp at the local zoo, dress it in a tuxedo or ball gown, take it with you to any formal function, and you will get a lesser violent reaction. However, take five, ten, or more of these chimps to that same function, and you have a catastrophe.

It's been said before but bears repeating: It isn't the negro's fault. It is who he is. The problem is, we have carried on for a long time expecting him to adapt to the white man's ways. It just ain't gonna happen. Sorry.

A commentor above mentioned the fact that negroes are drawn to the Muslim religion while in prison. Makes perfect sense. In Islam, no active discernment between right and wrong exists. Hence, your little girl smiles at a boy because she thinks he's kinda cute, well, you douse her with acid. Her hijab slips while she is eating dinner? You crash her skull against the floor until she's dead.

Makes perfect sense if you are a negro. They do NOT belong here. Never have, never did.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the upcoming PK article on black people complaining about the upcoming movie "Life", where a martian life form first kills off a lab mouse, then a black scientist, then the asian scientist, and finally goes after the rest of the white crew. You know one black talking head or DWL will say claim that racists are responsible for the film because the alien seems to be "working its way up the white supremacists' evolutionary ladder on the space station".

Anonymous said...

Someone tried to do exactly that with a phone app several years ago. Of course one the dindus and their supporters found out about it there was hell to pay. I don't think the app is still around to my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

"The societies modeled around "love thy neighbor as yourself" planted their flag on the moon and created the modern world ..."

Technological civilization and planting a flag on the moon as the flip side of pathological altruism? Could be. I guess we should all revise our opinions of helping negroes then, and adjust to a borderless world, with white extinction an inevitability. After all, planting a flag on the moon makes all of that worth it.

Anonymous said...

Pk new topic about Europe getting 💣 bomb like England and France recent.

Anonymous said...

Orc dna in the royal line soon...?


rexfreeway said...

Problems at funeral homes? They need a box to put guns in and if you show up without a gun you can 'borrow' one of the many pistols that were found on the corpse when the coroner conducts an autopsy. Funeral homes cannot stop Negro violence. So the best they can do is profit from it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is not true. In the area I am from the local negro "send away" was busted after they sawed a tall dead negros legs off at the knee because well, "day put him in da cheap casket" not the one they were supposed to. My pale face friends, jaboonary has no low. It is truly the "black hole".

Anonymous said...

Oh, so NOW it's ok for the police to stop by and patrol the area regularly, now you'll be more that willing to help the po-po out with their jobs.

Isn't it just grand how picky and choosy these people are?

So another black comes upon a problem and how does he solve it? He runs to whitey, that's what he does!

Couldn't pay for your own security to protect yourself from your own clientele, could you? That would be responsible, i.e. acting white.

Anonymous said...

I looked up Safe Passage Routes, they are for the skool chilluns that live in da hood.
Bullets magically swerve around those on the S.P.R.s and keep all the future lil dindus free from da bilence and "streets gone bad"

I haven't google mapped any of the schools yet, I'm sure they are all in lovely areas.

Unknown said...

I wonder if a negro was a Hindu would that make him a "Hindu Dindu"...

Unknown said...

This true of the sneaker. There was a car accident on interstate I 95 not long ago and 4 dindus tried to outrun the police. They took an exit doing 104mph and 3 of the 4 were killed on impact. The 4th while in the hospital, his first question was and I shit you not "did muh shoe get mes up".

TheOtherNorth said...

OT, but strange poster.
I went to a meeting at a local college last night. When I walked in the door, I noticed a large poster with the heading "Celebrating Black History Month".
I really didn't pay much attention to it then, but on the way out I decided to see what or who they were celebrating.
They were celebrating a black transgender.
Her accomplisment?
She threw the first brick at the Stonewall riots in 1969.
I thought that may have been a prank or joke at first so when I got home I Googled it.
It just got stranger.

Anonymous said...

You probably see an Viking funeral in the new Thor film. So the new diversity cast will be in the next film lead

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell who's funeral procession that is in traffic but just keep my mind on other things in life

Anonymous said...

Why are Americn n*ggers even worse than Africn n*ggers? Genetics.

My theory...

First, the dumbest,lowest IQ negroids we're captured by their fellow blacks as slaves. Smart ones got away, or were the capturing negroids. So you have a selection process for which apes get sent to slavery in America. Then they are bred for strength and stupidity by the slave masters in America for generations. They want strong, dumb, bipedal oxen. So, make them big and dumb.

Now liberate the beastly apes via 'cibil rites', and let them into our Human communities. Welfare makes them breed dysgenically, favoring the most violent laziest orcs in the bunch. Then start mixing them with Humans. Except the majority of the Humans they breed with are the worst of that group. The ugliest, dumbest White women that the White men don't want. Inject their slightly higher IQ dna into the mulatto offspring and you've created the perfect monster - the American Negroid, aka the savage nigger beast.

That's why today's Africans can't even stand the American nigger.

It's all genetics folks. A perfect storm of dysgenics. Pure humanoid garbage.

They MUST be segregated and repatriated.

ps. not mention infecting their minds with (((propaganda))) telling them to hate White people.

Paintjob Theory said...

'Technological civilization and planting a flag on the moon as the flip side of pathological altruism?'

No. Both are the logical end product of high trust societies which whites have valued and thus created for thousands of years.

Again, if you are in a "turn the other cheek" society, someone stepping on your Air Jordans isn't cause for an escalation of insult to the point of murder. This is why (absent black Africans and other muds) whites don't have streets going wrong and other social dysfunction. This is what creates surplus of resources which allow things like space exploration.

Of course I know you're only being purposefully obtuse and actually understand all of this. My comments aren't actually for you, nor even for the regulars here. They are for the sake of someone who might stumble on our discussion here mid-stream.

Anonymous said...

The guy teaches math and science, how can he be expected to teach those subjects to classrooms full of blacks? I grew up attending largely black schools, though as time went on the herd, or should I say, the "troop" thinned immensely. The din dust became worse as time went by, but even in elementary school the differences were glaringly obvious. Middle school (7th-8th grades) were where the chipping really started getting bad. Thankfully, my high school was less than 1/2 black, but who wants to live in a city that's 40% black? Not even them!

Anonymous said...

And po' 'ol Crispus Attucks was the first to die in the Revolutionary War. My brother always made fun of that guys name growing up!

Anonymous said...

ALSO: Every couple of years we're blessed with a horrifying story of a funeral home tossing corpses out back, digging up graves and reusing them, mixing corpses up or desecrating them. These are invariably black-owned and -run funeral homes. And remember even St. Emmett Till's body was tossed about and his coffin broken open. On the lighter side, blacks in Africa and the Caribbean like to design for themselves elaborate custom-made coffins resembling racecars, sneakers, tropical fruits and the like. Ever so colorful!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Surprised you remember or know his name

Anonymous said...

"The tale of Philemon and Baucis which can be found among Ovid's books is likely based on tales of older oral traditions ..."

Ovid is the only classical source for this story, so it wasn't part of the culture, and seems to have originated with him. The fact is kindness for the sake of being kind played a very small part in Roman life, if it had any at all. Rome was far more famous for its cruelty, as the many Christian martyrs torn to shreds and devoured by wild animals in its arenas (their form of public entertainment) attest. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damnatio_ad_bestias